Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Too Many Losing Heroines! V1 Afterword

Translator: Pingas

Nice to meet you. I’m Takibi Amamori, who got the Gagaga Award in the 15th Shogakukan Light Novel Awards.

If this book is in your hands, it’s safe to say that all ladies and gentlemen here are interested in the losing heroines, right? (I bet)

The bravery and tears of girls in love, the heartache after losing her love, the determination of the smile to cheer their favorite boys up, …losing heroines include everything of a rom-com. The goal of this novel is to convey the attractiveness of the losing heroine to the readers.

Then, being my first debut, please allow me to express my gratitude.

First of all, props to the staff members who reviewed my work. This novel wouldn’t be published without you guys’ suggestions.

Zen Karuro-sensei, who is the guest reviewer, your warm comments became my goals during the first draft editing. Thank you so much.

Imigimuru-sensei drew all these fantastic illustrations for all characters. Sensei created a wonderful world where Nukumizu and Yanami can spend their happy life in. Mere words can’t describe my excitement. Here’s my sincere gratitude.

The staff members and stores who participated in the making and selling of this novel. Thanks to your hard work, this book can be delivered to our readers’ hands.

When I was writing the draft, I-senpai and D-san gave me many suggestions after they read the initial part. Your ideas really brightened up the path for this novel.

T-senpai, N-san, and W-san, who read all of the first drafts and gave me feedback, this work will be presented in a different shape without you three’s suggestions.

Next, it’s the readers who read the web version. The comments and feedback from you guys trained my fundamentals as a novelist. Please continue to support me as a reader and writer from now on.

Finally, it’s the editor, Iwaasa-san. Thank you for accompanying a newbie author who made her debut too late. I can’t express my gratitude enough. Come to think of it, everything’s finished without me understanding it. I didn’t realize, “oh, that’s how it works” before the drafts are made into a complete novel.

Even though I’m just standing in this industry world’s entrance, I still hope to utilize the experience from my senpais.

At last, this book is also for my father. He didn’t say anything and let me stay home when I aimed to be a novelist despite being unemployed. Rest in peace.

[Offical concept arts for Shikiya and Chihaya.]

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