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Upcoming Plans for the rest of 2019

Hello everyone, thanks for still sticking around.
As you might have noticed, I have been translating interesting but unknown stories. Their premises are unique and the first volume is good. However, the subsequent volumes are just kind of dragging the series out, so they will remain one volume teasers on my site.

So far, I have done;

1) There Is No Way a Support Type Character Will Have a Girlfriend
2) Who is the Strongest Appraiser? ~ Eating Your Full in a Different World

Next week's one volume project will be;

3) Ascendance of a Scummy Hero

Then starting on 23 Nov 2019, I will do three volumes of 
4) The Girl Raised by the Death God Holds the Sword of Darkness in Her Arms

... Unless they get licensed. As always early access unedited chapters are available through patron