Thursday, April 15, 2021

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Gamers! Volume 11 Prologue & Chapter 1

Volume 11 – Gamers and First Love Multi End

Prologue – Keita Amano and Second Kiss

Translator: your_pingas

Gamers! Volume 10 Afterword

Hello, I’m the hikkineet who’s always worried by the delivery man because I was out a couple days, Sekina Aoi. …Sigh, I’m an insignificant dot in his casual clothes 99% of the day, after all. It’s reasonable to suspect whether I’ve died when they didn’t see me for days!

Ah, sorry, this is meant to be a casual greeting. But then I suddenly started talking about a wealthy author-sama that lives on book tax’s elegant daily lives. I’m just showing off now.

Sigh, but please be generous and forgive me, everyone.

It’s because there are 14 pages in the afterword this time.