Sunday, November 7, 2021

Too Many Losing Heroines! V1 Special Intermission 2

Translator: Pingas

Melonbooks Special

Intermission: Something More Important Than Appetite

In the after-school club room, I’m facing a high school girl over a snack box.

“This box was already opened when I entered the clubroom. At that time, you were the only one present- Yanami-san.”

That girl- Anna Yanami, looked at me calmly. She’s my classmate, a year 1 student who belongs to the Literature Club.

“…Nukumizu-kun, I do agree that this box of soft rea bean daifuku is opened, alright?”

“Well, so the person who ate them is really-“

Yanami slowly shook her head.

“Do you have any evidence that I was the one who opened the box? Or- the evidence that I ate them?”

…She’s trying to find an excuse. I put both arms on the table and covered my mouth to hide my expression.

“I put the box here this morning. I was planning to enjoy it with everyone during the after-school meeting.”

“Uh, wait, this is just a hypothesis. It’s fine even if I ate them ahead, right? I’m part of the club, too, right? It’s okay for me to share them.”

“It’s indeed fine. However-“

I pointed at the empty spots in the box. There are 5 of them.

“You ate 5 of them on your own. That’s ridiculous. I can’t believe you can-“

“Wait! I just ate 4, not 5! The innermost corner is for desiccant-“

Yanami looked up and gasped in the middle.

“I’ve been bamboozled…! You baited me with your evil and tempting question…”

“…The person who took the bait has more issues. Also, Yanami-san is really the one who ate them.”

Yanami nodded in silence. A daifuku wrapping paper fell onto the table after she slowly opened her palm.

“It’s me. Yes, I did eat them. They are so soft and sweet.”

This girl has nothing to lose.

“But, Nukumizu-kun. There are still 6 left after I ate 4. Didn’t I save one for everyone in the club?”

“Everyone? Prez, Tsukinoki-senpai, Komari, me, …there are only 5 people even if you include Yakishio.”

Yanami put a daifuku in front of her without hesitation.

“You’re still trying to eat yours after all that…?”

During this time, outside the half-open door, someone with a small face is peeking at us worriedly.

Chika Komari, a year 1 student who’s also in the Literature Club.

“What’s wrong, Komari? You’re not coming in.”

“I-I just feel like you g-guys are doing something weird. …I-I don’t want to interrupt.”

“It’s nothing. We’re just sharing daifukus. Here, you can have one too, Komari.”

“Oh, …it’s soft.”

Komari wrapped the daifuku with a handkerchief as she carefully put them into her school bag.

“You’re not eating it?”

“M-My grandma is staying in my home t-tonight. …G-Grandma loves Japanese snacks.”

After hearing that, Yanami’s hands stopped opening the daifuku wrapping paper.

I gently shook my head and took the daifuku away from Yanami’s hands before handing it to Komari.

“Hey! W-W-W-Wait, Nukumizu-kun. Stop right there!”

“Yanami-san, just give it to Komari-“

“That’s not what I meant, Nukumizu-kun. I feel like I just lost something more important than a daifuku.”

“Oh- right. That’s what I thought. With this opportunity, you should review your attitude toward life.”

“…Nukumizu-kun should try to help me out here, right?”

Komari listened to our conversation. She freaked out with the daifuku in her hands as she looked at Yanami’s face.

“Uh, well, c-can I take this…?”

“Of course, take it! That’s Nukumizu-kun’s daifuku, anyway. No need to be polite!”

“…Eh? You gave her mine?”

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