Please Leave Me Alone


Please Leave Me Alone

For some reason, she wants to change a lone wolf's helpless high school life.

(どうか俺を放っておいてくれ なぜかぼっちの終わった高校生活を彼女が変えようとしてくる)

Author: Kabegiwa Aizaki (相崎壁際)
Illustrator: Uda Mamyo (間明田)

Publisher: GA Bunko

“Let’s start a strategy meeting for making friends.”

This is a story about her and me. It’s the worst and the best second-life high school rom-com ever.

Love, friendship, and the sparkling joys of youth. The high school life that I’ve looked forward to- still ended with me being alone. Then, just a day before the graduation ceremony…

“Don’t die! Nanamura-kun!”

Sora Hanamitsuji, she’s a beautiful girl that even models can’t compare. My life ended after getting hit by a truck to protect her. …That should’ve been the case.

“It must be because the gods got bored.”

However, with this accident, Hanamitsuji-san and I returned to the day of our high school’s entrance ceremony. The second high school life is no longer as charming and youthful. I was going to spend it modestly and alone. …But, she said that won’t do.

“Well, I’ll help you make friends.”

This is a story about my second high school life. It’s the worst and best teenage rom-com ever.


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