Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Please Leave Me Alone V1 Afterword

Translator: Pingas

Nice to meet you. I’m Kabegiwa Aizaki. Even though it’s weird, this is my real name. …Will the readers be scared if I write that? I thought about that. Sorry, but that was a lie. Regrettably (?), this is just a pen name.

I don’t even know why I have to lie at the start of the afterword. This must be sins left by fiction authors, right? (I’ll trigger every single author, right?) It’s also possible that it’s just a miserable monster born from midnight excitement (I wrote this at 2 AM on a weekday). It’s probably the latter.

That should be okay for the afterword. I thought about that as I slacked off, but this won’t do.

Without further ado, let’s show my gratitude.

First of all, it’s F-sama, the responsible editor. Thank you very much. You always make valid complaints during draft corrections. This novel can only be created with the two of us. I really appreciated that. The difficult job of deciding the book title turned into a beautiful memory right now, …or not! That’s just my trauma.

Uda Mamyo-sensei is responsible for drawing exquisite illustrations. The characters are super adorable, and the background is breathtaking. I can feel life is so wonderful whenever I see the illustrations. I can never thank you enough. I really appreciate your work.

Design-sensei, proofread-sensei, and everyone from the bookstore, thank you for helping me during the publication. This novel can only face the world thanks to everyone’s help.

Tsukasa Fushimi-sensei, thank you for leaving me feedback on the book. I didn’t expect a newbie’s novel to receive Fushimi-sensei’s comments. Your words really gave me courage every time I read them. Thank you very much. [TL: That’s the guy who wrote Oreimo and Eromanga Sensei.]

Finally, it’s the readers. A novelist’s greatest blessing is for you to laugh and look forward to the future after reading this book. Thank you, everyone.

Also, this is my debut. I received the “GANGANGAN Special Award” during the 13th GA Bunko Awards. Please allow me to show my gratitude to everyone who participated in the contest.

By the way, the “Grand Award”, “Gold Award”, and “Silver Award” are in front. Doesn’t that make the “GANGANGAN Special Award” out of place? I think this is because this award isn’t related to others.

Moreover, getting this award means that a manga adaptation is guaranteed. So, there will be a manga at some point. I’m not sure how the steps will go as well. Therefore, my reader-sama has to wait in patience if you think, “I want to see the manga as well” after reading this.

Well, I hope we can see each other again one day.

Kabegiwa Aizaki

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