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Too Many Losing Heroines! V5 Chapter 2 & Intermission

Chapter 2: Reversing at Full Throttle

Translator: Pingas

It’s the next week. The first lesson is PE on Monday. It’s a long run as well.

The cold air in the morning stabs through my thirsty throat when running at the outskirts of the school.

I’m already exhausted. I slowed my pace down.

Running for 3 laps is too difficult. I’m not good at this. Can I just fall behind for a lap and laze around…?

Phew. A summer scent came through just as I was slowly running at the back of the group. This is impossible on a winter road.

A wheat-colored body appeared next to me during my confusion.

“Nukkun, are you already tired?”

-Remon Yakishio.

She’s a weirdo who got really excited when hearing about the long run and got into her gym clothes this morning.

Amanatsu-sensei scolded her in the end, and then her friends started making fun of her when she returned to the classroom to change into her uniform.

“Look, this is just the first lesson. You need to conserve your energy. Won’t you feel exhausted from running for long distances in the morning?”

“Eh, running in the morning is the best. Look, you should run faster!”

Yakishio went behind me and shoved my back with force. Please stop.

“Girls are supposed to run in the playground. Why are you coming to the guys’ route?”

“I was at the finish line already, but it wasn’t enough. I convinced the teacher to let me run in the guys’ route.”

Energetic, as usual.

I’m dumbfounded and impressed at the same time. Then, Yakishio let go of her hand and approached me.

“I heard it from Yana-chan. Your little sister has a boyfriend?”

…What a loudmouth, Yanami.

“No, I’m just suspecting it. I think he doesn’t exist when not observed. In other words, it carries the same meaning as my little sister not having a boyfriend-”

Nope, I can’t talk while running…

At this point, I’m already running out of breath. Yakishio went in front of me and got close to my face.

“Nukkun, I don’t understand at all. In other words, you mean your little sister will have a boyfriend if you observe?”

“I suppose…that’s the part…whether you can tell she has a boyfriend…or not.”

I barely managed to answer.

Yakishio spoke up calmly.

“Then why don’t we just observe her?”

Eh? What does that mean?

My brain is scrambling for an answer despite the lack of oxygen. Yakishio continued.

“As part of my make-up exam, I have to write a report for <Activity for Social Contribution>.”

“Is there…something like that…in the exam?”

“I won’t make it through the normal make-up exam. That’s why I can only use the secret technique. Amanatsu-chan told me it’s dangerous and don’t tell the others. That’s why it’s a secret, okay?”

Uh, I don’t think you should tell me either…

“Does that…have anything to do with me?”

“It’s about the observation. The Track and Field Club in Momozono allowed me to watch their practice. I can use that in my report.”

Municipal Momozono Middle School. Yakishio and I studied there. Kaju’s in there too.

“In other words, …I’ll also-”

“Right. We can just follow her to get the intelligence of her boyfriend. Is your little sister in any clubs?”


Shit, I’m at my limit. I can’t talk while running.

My steps are gradually getting wobbly…

“Oh, I didn’t know your little sister is in the student council. Well, I’ll give a heads-up to the teachers in Momozono!”

Yakishio patted my back and picked up the pace.

Her figure quickly disappeared into the distance. I finally gave up and decided to walk.


That night, I’m stirring something in the pot in my house’s kitchen.

I’m in charge of dinner since my parents and Kaju will be home late.

I turned off the stove and put in blocks of curry.

The door to the living room opened as I watched the slowly dissolving curry blocks.

“Onii-sama, I’m back.”

Kaju walked into the room with blushing cheeks due to the cold.

“Welcome back. You’re pretty late.”

“Yeah, there was a lot of work in student council. We had to bid farewell to the graduates today.”

Kaju dashed toward me and hugged me from behind.

“No, don’t do that when I’m cooking.”

“Nope. Kaju’s onii-sama battery is at 0%.”

With that, she put her face closely onto my back.

…My my, this side of her never changes.

However, such a clingy Kaju is starting to keep secrets from me.

I know this day will eventually arrive-

“Alright, charging complete. I’m all worked up now. Onii-sama, are we having curry tonight?”

Kaju said that as she left me and opened the fridge.

“Well, Kaju shall make salad then. Should I put in some bean sprouts?”

Kaju is just as cheerful as always.

I casually asked her as I stirred the curry on low heat.

“Ah, right, Kaju used to be in charge of general affairs in the student council, right?”

“I started to be the vice president last month. The new term starts at the new year in Momozono, remember?”

…Is that so? I recalled some vague memories, yet Kaju showed a displeased look.

“Onii-sama, you only graduated from Momozono last year. Did you already forget the sweet school life with Kaju?”

Sweet what? All I remember is trying to escape from Kaju’s clinginess.

“No, I was in the Going Home Club. I had nothing to do with the student council. If Kaju’s the vice president, what does the president look like?”

“He’s Kawai-kun from the same class. Onii-sama, why did you ask that?”

“Ah, it’s nothing. I’m just a bit curious.”

…Hmm, is the president not Tachibana-kun? But there are other members in the student council. Tachibana-kun can be one of them. However, it’s also possible for him to be her classmate-

“Onii-sama, it’s better for you to turn down the heat, you know?”

I can’t believe I forgot about that. I turned down the heat.

Kaju washed the cabbage as she hummed a song. I glanced at her.

“Well, will you be home late because of work in the student council?”

“This will probably keep up for the week. I’ll be home at around this time.”

“Hmm, I see.”

I slowly stirred the curry at the bottom of the pot.

-Yakishio and I are going to Momozono Middle School tomorrow after school.

Kaju came back just before 7 PM today.

If the same goes for tomorrow, I can fully observe how Kaju’s doing in school.

“...Onii-sama, are you lonely because Kaju is home late?”


Kaju chuckled and rubbed her head on my arm.

“It’s troublesome when you’re doted on too much. Kaju feels lonely when I can’t see onii-sama, too, you know?”

“Alright, don’t move around when I’m cooking.”

…Well, it’s not like I need to deny that.

I added some haccho miso as seasoning before closing the lid.

I must be careful with tomorrow’s “observation”- I need to act as a kind and gentle big brother as usual.


Next day, after school. I went to my old school- Momozono Middle School’s playground.

No time for nostalgia. Yakishio’s energetic voice resonated everywhere.

“How’s everyone doing!?”


Yakishio raised her fist. The group of girls followed her soon.

-Momozono Middle School Girls’ Track and Field Club. These ladies are as hyped up as Yakishio.

There are students in uniforms too. They must be retired third-year students.

Yakishio certainly knows a lot of people. …The kouhai girls feel like a pain, though…

“Indeed, it has to do with her conduct. A more subtle way to put it is that Yakishio-san is an angel.”

The person repeatedly nodding with her bright forehead is Chihaya Asagumo.

She’s an elite girl who’s going out with Yakishio’s crush. However, at this point, you can say she’s Yakishio’s best friend.

…But what are you doing here? You didn’t graduate from Momozono, right?”

“Uh, …Asagumo-san. It’s a little hard to say this, but why are you here-”

At this point, I noticed several dozens of eyes focusing on me. The Track and Field girls are staring at me.

“Eh, …what…?”

I backed down out of fear. A high-pitched voice blew through my ears.

“Senpai, who is that boy?” “Is he your boyfriend?” “So unfair!” “So slim!”

Uwah, are middle school students this loud? I looked at Yakishio for help. However, she chuckled- and suddenly hugged my arm.


I wanted to run away, but Yakishio’s grip remained firm.

“Hmm, what do you girls think? Yes, please tell me your honest opinions!”

An excited cheer exploded among the crowd.

“Boyfriend! Boyfriend!” “You’re here to show off, right!” “So envious!” “So unfair!”

Ehh, …what’s with this situation? I’m dumbfounded. Yet, Yakishio blinked at me and let go of my arm.

“What a shame. He’s not my boyfriend! The correct answer is Nukkun!”

What was that? Even a middle school student won’t believe that answer, right?

“Nukkun, hello!” “Nukkun, do you have a girlfriend?” “Teach me!” “Nukkun’s so slim!”

The girls waved as they approached me.

It worked. These girls are indeed Yakishio’s kouhai.

I suppressed my emotions. Yakishio took a step forward.

“Well, let’s start running! Is everyone ready?”


My my, they are finally starting the practice.

The plan is to slip away during practice. 

I was about to sneak away. Yakishio then threw her uniform jacket onto me.

“...Eh? Hey, Yakishio!”

I had to call her. Yakishio unbuttoned her shirt in the middle of the playground.

She ignored my attempt to stop her and quickly removed her shirt after getting rid of the tie.

She’s- wearing Tsuwabuki Track and Field Club’s uniform below.

“Look. I’m wearing it inside.”

Yakishio laughed as she pulled open the zipper on her skirt.

Just because you’re wearing it doesn’t mean it’s okay.

I was going to stop her, but Asagumo-san patted my shoulder.

“Right, Asagumo-san, tell her-”

“Alright, please take this as well.”

After that, she handed me Yakishio’s shirt and tie.

“Ah, this…”

“Well, Remon-san. I’ll fold the uniform and put it over there.”

Asagumo-san picked up Yakishio’s skirt and walked toward the corner of the playground.

“Thank you, Chiha-chan! Alright, do your best, everyone!”


I stood there with Yakishio’s clothes in my hands. Asagumo-san waved at me.

Asagumo-san showed a mischievous smile after I dashed to her.

“Nukumizu-san. Let’s leave after folding the clothes, okay? It’s fine. Everyone totally forgot about us.”

Ah, I see. Now’s the opportunity for us to slip away.

Did Yakishio take off her clothes before everyone for this- no, she’s just a klutz, right?

I subconsciously looked to the side. Asagumo-san’s smiling with Yakishio’s dress in her hands.

“...Asagumo-san, you seem overjoyed.”

“Mitsuki-san used to study in this school, right? Honestly, I’m looking forward to it. I have to find all of Mitsuki-san’s traces.”

Asagumo-san picked up the pace in excitement. I followed her.

Well, having someone instead of investigating in the school alone is less worrying.

However, even so-

…Why is she here?


I peeked at the corridor from the boys’ toilet on the second floor.

A sigh of relief followed after confirming no one was around. I stepped out.

After a moment of hesitation, I unhooked the collar button and took a deep breath.

Indeed, I’m not wearing Tsuwabuki’s uniform.

Instead, it’s the male uniform of Municipal Momozono Middle School.

“The sleeves are a bit too short, right…?”

To hide a tree, go into the forest. I’m investigating in secret with my middle school uniform.

While Yakishio’s idea makes me nervous, this isn’t a bad plan since I don’t like standing out.

…By the way, is she still not done?

I turned to the girls’ toilet entrance.

Then, a girl appeared from there.

This girl is wearing a one-piece uniform. She twirled once around me.

“How do I look? It’s a little embarrassing.”

The person before me is Asagumo-san in Momozono’s girls’ uniform.

“Yep, it’s good. You can totally pretend to be a middle school student.”

“Ara, thank you. …But that wasn’t a praise, right?”

Her forehead is shining as she shows me a coy smile.

Really? I thought girls liked being told they were young. People say that all the time online. I guess you can’t trust them.

“This is Remon-san’s uniform, so the skirt is a bit too long. Look, the sleeves are oversized too.”

Asagumo-san reached out her hands and grabbed the sleeves.

“Ah, but people normally won’t notice it.”

…However, the loose sleeves feel kind of nice, you know?

There’s a girl in the Literature Club with loose clothing too, but she feels totally different, okay?

Asagumo-san’s floating from the excitement. She clenched her fists tightly before her chest.

“Alright, let’s start our adventure. Where’s Class 3-4’s classroom?”

“Eh? My little sister is in her second year, though.”

“That’s Mitsuki-san’s previous classroom. With such a good opportunity, let me know more about my boyfriend.”

What are you even here for? Why is she here, anyway.

“I’m in Class 2, so I’m not sure.”

No, wait, was I in Class 2 in my second year…?

“Well, where are the third-year classrooms then?”

“Well, it’s on the third- no, it should be the new building, right? Are we in the old building?”

“...Nukumizu-san, did you really go to school here?”

That’s impolite. It’s just that my middle school memory is a little vague.

Asagumo-san regained her energy and pointed at the end of the corridor.

“Well, let’s check it out then. The second floor is for the first-year classrooms, so the third-year students should be on the fourth floor, right?”

Asagumo-san headed toward the stairs with light steps. It’s almost like she’s gliding.

“Even though I’m fine with it, it’s kind of awkward to bump into an acquaintance in this outfit.”

“Do you have any acquaintance here?”


Asagumo-san nodded silently and got on the stairs cheerfully.

I chased after her.

After passing the third floor and approaching the fourth, I’m surrounded by a sense of unusualness and nostalgia.

The memories are slowly taking shape in my mind.

I always plopped my head down on the stairs every morning.

The seventh anti-slip that had been peeled off for a year has now been repaired neatly.

Breathing lightly, I entered the fourth floor and gazed at the long empty corridor.

It’s lit up by the dim evening sunlight.

Even though it’s been less than a year, it feels so strange. It’s like I’m watching the scene through a phone screen.

“Mitsuki-san’s classroom is the one furthest away. I’ll go check it out.”

Asagumo-san, with her sparkling eyes and forehead, left me behind.

I slowly walked past the corridor and stopped before the Class 3-2 sign.

-This was my classroom.

I heard someone going up the stairs just as I was sinking into sadness.

People will see me if I just stand here…

I immediately dashed into the classroom after checking no one was there.

My seat was the third one from the back by the window.

I hesitated for a moment before sitting on the chair.

The city hall outside the window hasn’t changed, yet the table I have been using feels pretty tiny right now.

“It’s been less than a year…”

From that point onward, I felt like I didn’t belong in this place.

I always looked outside the window. My classmates felt as distant as the strangers on the playground-


Municipal Momozono Middle School, Class 3-2, Kazuhiko Nukumizu.

This is the given name I have now.

My identity as a middle school student ends in March.

That’s why there’s no need to worry about not having friends at all. No worries.

It’s the lesson break. I put my elbow on the table and opened the book I borrowed from the library.

I’ve been immersed in the <The Lapis Lazuli Kingdom> series. It’s an adventure story about a high school girl named Ryoko being reincarnated into a Chinese-style world.

The plot went into overdrive during Chapter 2 of Volume 7. The emperor of the rival empire has proposed to Ryoko. Honestly, I really want to know what happens next.

…Ryoko, that girl’s growing restless just because of the mysterious and handsome emperor’s gentle treatment. Did you forget the tsundere and manly general waiting for you back home?

I flipped the page worriedly. Then, at that moment, a voice from the seat next to me stopped my hand.

“Seriously!? That was 5 spins!”

The person with the cheerful voice is my classmate, Remon Yakishio.

She made a pose with her slim and tanned limbs. The girl’s spinning around as if she’s doing a ballet dance.

Yakishio immediately hit my table before I could even say anything.

“Ow, sorry!”

“Ah, no, it’s fine…”

I closed my book and mumbled.

“Sheesh, what are you doing, Remon?”

“Here. Sit down.”

“Eh, but-”

Even though Yakishio gave me an apologetic look, honestly, I just wanted her to leave me alone. I just want to be the class’s background.

“I’m really sorry.”

Yakishio clapped her hands and apologized before returning to her seat.

Now, allow me to start reading again. I opened the book, yet I felt I couldn’t concentrate.

-Remon Yakishio. I think she’s the captain of the Track and Field Club. She consistently receives heaps of praise during homeroom.

Athletic, all-rounded, popular, and very cute.

The complete opposite of me. She’s someone I’ll never be friends with.

…By the way, Yakishio’s look always reminds me of something-

Her tanned face. Momozono’s uniform is a one-piece skirt with unique line designs-

“Isn’t that just a cute Enoki mushroom?”

I couldn’t help but mumble to myself before raising my head. It’s not an Enoki mushroom- but Yakishio’s face instead.

“Enoki mushroom?”

“Eh!? No, uh-”

Yakishio looked at my speechless face.

“What are you reading, Nukumizu?”

“Eh? Uh, it’s from the library-”

“Hey, Remon. I’m going.”

The girl’s voice covered the words I barely managed to squeeze out.

“I’ll be right there! Sorry for bothering you, Nukumizu!”

“Eh, ah, yes.”

…I can’t believe that girl knows my name.

Yakishio disappeared like a gust of wind. Silenced returned to the classroom.

Alright, I can finally focus on reading now. The battle that decides Ryoko’s fate and the peace of the continent is about to start.



…By the way, isn’t this too quiet?

I raised my head from the book. I’m the only one in the classroom.

“Ah, it’s music next.”

I took out a recorder from my school bag and quickly walked toward the music room-


I looked around the classroom as I was immersed in memories.

Ultimately, I spent all my time until graduation reading novels and textbooks and looking out the window.

It’s not that I regret it a lot. I’m already a high school student right now. I can figure out that much.

Whether I like it or not, this is where I once was.

Where I am right now- is a little lively. The past me would’ve probably run away.

I gave a wry smile and looked outside the window. The Track and Field Club girls are nowhere to be found on the playground.

Huh, did they run outside the school?

“Yakishio, please don’t cause any trouble…”

“You calling me?”

Wha!? Yakishio showed up out of nowhere. She pulled the seat next to me and sat down.

She looks pretty cold in that uniform. However, her body is steaming slightly due to the sweat.

“Phew, that was a lot of running. The kouhais are all pretty good. I’m relieved.”

“Uh, why are you here? Are you done with the Track and Field Club already?”

“Everyone’s playing hide and seek. They say I’ll have to treat them juice if they catch me.”

“In…the school?”

I feel like they are about to cause some trouble.

Yakishio waved her hand toward her face and stared at the blackboard.

“This must be the angle. Hey, I think I used to sit here, right?”

“No, …maybe?”

I couldn’t help but answer vaguely.

Remembering a girl’s seat feels disgusting when we didn’t have anything to do with each other then.

“Look, you still remember, right? Nukkun sat next to me.”

“Eh? Did you know me from that time on?”

“Isn’t that obvious? You didn’t talk to anyone and spent all your time reading. I thought something was wrong with this guy.”

…Well, no objections there.

“Come to think of it, your impression of me was just a guy reading books alone?”

“I don’t think that’s everything. Well…”

Yakishio crossed her arms and started thinking. Then, she suddenly remembered something and clapped her hands.

“Ah! Nukkun was a stalker, right!”

What!? What are you talking about?

“No, no, no, that didn’t happen at all!”

“Huh, no, wait, Nukkun was the one who was being stalked. My bad.”

What a big misunderstanding, …eh?

“Someone stalked me? First time heard of it.”

“Yeah, she’s a petite and cute girl with long hair. Any clues?”

…So many clues. I acted calmly and asked.

“Was that person always there?”

“She was here for most of the breaks. Sometimes during class as well.”

Seriously? I didn’t notice at all.

“Hey, that’s a lot of love. Nukkun, did she ever visit your house?”

She’s here every day. We’re even living together.

“...She’s probably my little sister.”

Even Yakishio’s face turned down after hearing what I said.

“Why are your little sister being a stalker?”

I wonder why. No idea.

“Even if she’s a stalker, my little sister is one of the healthier ones. It’s fine.”

“Eh, is there such a type?”

…Sorry, no. My heart aches at Yakishio’s crystal-clear eyes.

“Didn’t you meet my little sister during the preparation for Tsuwabuki Fest? She came to the classroom, right?”

“Oh, right. I think that girl is definitely Nukkun’s stalker.”

With that, she seemed to have realized something and stared straight at me.


“So, Nukkun is the stalker today.”

…I can’t retort.

However, I’m doing this to protect my little sister. You can say I’m a righteous stalker, a white knight.”

“By the way, now’s not the time to sit around. Yakishio’s still playing hide and seek, right?”

A girl in gym clothes appeared at the entrance before Yakishio could even answer.

“Senpai is in here!” “Hey, there she is!” “I think they are flirting with each other!”

Yakishio bounced up.

“Crap! Well, talk to you later, Nukkun!”

She hastily dashed out of the backdoor that wasn’t blocked yet.

I slowly stood up as I watched the Track and Field girls chase after her.

-Now’s not the time to act all nostalgic. I should start the investigation.

I should group up with Asagumo-san, right?

However, that girl is terrible at secret investigations. How about I just go alone…?

As if she saw through my thoughts, Asagumo-san’s head poked out of the classroom door.

“Nukumizu-san, you two were flirting, right?”

“Asagumo-san, can you please stop messing with me?”

“Ara, I’m not messing with you. Alright, I’ve already acquired the intelligence. Let’s go.”

Asagumo-san waved at me. I went to the corridor.

“Eh, uh, where did you go?”

“I didn’t want to be interrupted. That’s why I was walking around the campus. Fortunately, I found the library.”

“There’s a teacher on duty in the library during the evening, right? Are you okay?”

“Yes, we’re already buddies now. She introduced the school, class reports, and clubs to me- I’ve already checked every student in this school.”

Huh? What is this girl talking about? I chased after Asagumo-san as she walked down the stairs.

“Eh, you mean you went through every student in this school already? In that little time?”

“Yes, I have a special trick up my sleeves.”

Asagumo-san knocked her forehead and continued.

“Remember the necessary pages through images and then slowly reread them in your mind. That reduces the time required for memorization to a minimum.”

I see. I get it, but there’s something I don’t understand. Is Asagumo-san really a human?

I’m a little startled. Asagumo-san smiled.

“You’re investigating the relationship between your little sister and Tachibana-san, right? There’s only one person named Tachibana in this school, not even teachers and staff members.”

Asagumo-san suddenly turned around at the end of the stairs. Her skirt gently swayed around.

“Class 2-4, Satoshi Tachibana. A male student in the Gardening Club.”


The Gardening Club’s room seems to be behind the school building.

I think. Since this is my first time knowing the existence of the Gardening Club, Asagumo-san probably knows more about Momozono when she can remember the school map.

…This person can be the graduate instead of me, right?

Asagumo-san gently nodded at the third-year students passing by as we walked shoulder-to-shoulder in the corridor.

“This is such a grand library. It’s bigger than Tsuwabuki’s, right?”

“It was combined with some other rooms during the renovation. We became something called a demonstration school as well. That’s how they got it this big.”

I still know a lot, you know?

Asagumo-san stopped and looked out the corridor window.

“That’s the Gardening Club’s field. Look, the one next to the greenhouse.”

I looked in her direction. It’s a field around half the size of a classroom. There’s a greenhouse next to it too.

There’s a boy in blue gym clothes in the field. He’s spraying white powder from the bag in his arms.

“That boy must be Tachibana-kun, right? His photo is on the club introduction.”

-He’s Tachibana-kun? My throat is rumbling.

He looks to be on the shorter side of the kids his age.

He has a slim body, like a middle school student.

His eyes are quite long, which makes him look good.

Aside from the freshness, there’s an indescribable sense of attractiveness radiating from him.

…I think he’s a popular guy.

Popular boys are all no good (bias). I have to reveal who he truly is.

“Well, let’s go, Nukumizu-san.”

“Eh, hold on.”

Asagumo-san stepped out of the building and approached Tachibana-kun without hesitation.

I paused for a short moment before following her.

“Hello. Excuse us.”

“Hello. How can I help you?”

The young man Tachibana raised his head. Asagumo-san put her hands before her chest and greeted the boy.

“We’re Watanabe from the first year. It’s kind of sudden, but please let us tour around the Gardening Club.”

Huh!? How unreasonable do you have to be to say first-year students in middle school? Also, us?

A giant question mark hovers over my head. Asagumo-san gave me a mischievous look.

“We’re fraternal twins. Right, Kazu-kun?”

“Eh? Y-Yeah, onee-san.”

Wait, why are we throwing in such a complicated setting?

I nodded clumsily. The young man Tachibana looked at me in disbelief as he put the bag on the floor.

“Well, visits are always welcomed. I’m Tachibana from the second year. Are you two interested in gardening?”

“Yes, I’ve been intrigued by it for a long time. Senpai, what are you doing right now?”

Asagumo-san looked at the young man Tachibana’s feet.

“I’m preparing to plant cabbage. There are sprouts cultivated in the greenhouse. Do you two want to take a look?”

“Sure, we would love to.”

The young man Tachibana headed to the greenhouse with light steps. I grabbed Asagumo-san’s arm before she could follow him.

“Hold on, Asagumo-san. Why did you bring up twins?”

“There are 6 people named Watanabe in the first year. It’s harder for them to check.”

“Even so, twins are more likely to be suspected, right?”

“Well, how about I be your fiancee then? This feels like a rom-com. It’s so exciting, Kazu-kun.”

…Asagumo-san, are you having fun?

The greenhouse is about 8 tatamis. It’s very tidy.

“I’m cultivating the sprouts with seeds. Now’s for the final pruning.”

The young man Tachibana pointed at the big workstation at the center with a pleased expression.

A small pot is packed in a tray containing about one bundle.

The pot is a small plastic plant pot used to grow seedlings before planting them in the ground. Inside, there are sprouts with a few leaves attached.

Some of the leaves are growing out.

Asagumo-san watched them with sparkling eyes.

“Pruning means pulling off the leaves?”

“Yeah, leave the largest one intact. The rest has to be pulled off. You two can try it too, you know?”

“Sure, I would love to.”

Asagumo-san started working in excitement.

“Asa- onee-san is very interested in these things.”

“It’s because practice gives you the knowledge you can’t obtain through books. For example, even the biggest sprout has many factors at play, such as height, stem thickness, and width of the leaves, right? Kazu-kun, don’t just think about it. Use your hands too.”

Even Asagumo-nee-san’s tone changed as well.

I stood there dazedly. The young man Tachibana spoke to me in a gentle tone.

“You’re the little brother, right? Would you like to help me out?”

…Hey, a middle school student is worried about a high school student.

“Ah, yes. What should I do?”

“Can you take off the extra sprouts in this row? Take your time.”

Hmm, so I have to take out the biggest sprout in the pot.

That side- no, it’s this side, right? But this leaf looks better…

“No need to hesitate so much. Just go by your gut.”

“But won’t it wither if I pull the wrong one?”

The young man Tachibana smiled gently.

“It’s right as long as you choose it. This is just a club activity. It’s part of the experience, no matter how you cultivate it. Don’t worry about it.”

…How come I feel this person is more mature than I am? At least his mental age seems older than Yanami's.

The three of us continued working for around 10 minutes. Asagumo-san wiped the sweat on her forehead with a charming smile.

“Phew, …senpai, I’m done.”

“I’m done too. The little brother- oh, I guess that’s fine.”

That’s what people say when it’s not fine.

The young man Tachibana put the sprout tray on the shelf and clapped his hands.

“We’re planting seedlings next week, so please pay us a visit. Which class are you two in?”


…Shit, we didn’t go this far into the setting.

I didn’t know what to say. Asagumo-san pulled my arm.

“Kazu-kun, we have to meet the teacher. Sorry, senpai. We’ll be leaving.”

“Ah, I see. There are always people here after school every day. You can come anytime you want, okay?”

The young man Tachibana showed a carefree smile.

“Yeah, I’ll come again. Show your gratitude, too, Kazu-kun.”

“Ah, yes. Thank you for taking care of us.”

We bowed deeply and left the Gardening Club’s field. I felt like someone stared at us until we entered the building. Afterward, I caught my breath and got my arm out of Asagumo-san’s hands.

“That was so unnatural, right? We suddenly left when he asked about our class.”

“Yeah, but that couldn’t be helped. Actually, Remon-san just texted me.”

Yakishio just texted her? When did that-

Asagumo-san smiled and reached her hand toward me.

“Tada. Onee-chan has a smartwatch.”

Smartwatch. I think it’s connected to smartphones that allow you to do various things.

The screen displayed the secret message from Yakishio.

<Category S approaching.>

…What is that? Asagumo-san swayed her finger before my frowned face.

“Kazu-kun. Even though Remon-san looks like she’s just running around blindly, she’s actually exploring the campus while searching for the target.”

Category S- as in the “S” in “sisters”?

“Ah, we should leave if Kaju’s coming here.”

I turned around and tried to run away, yet I almost bumped into someone.

“Uwah, sorry! I’m in a rush.”

“No, me too. Are you okay?”

The person who apologized was a tall girl with a hoe on her shoulder.

I think I’ve seen her before-

“Gon-chan, where are you-”


I don’t think I have to say who this voice belongs to.

I grabbed Asagumo-san’s hand and hastily left.

We turned around in the corridor and watched her movement in a dark spot. During this time, a petite girl dashed toward the direction we were just in.

Shiny black hair, petite face, slim limbs, and running slowly.

I don’t have to say it- it’s Kaju.

“Nuku-chan? What’s wrong?”

“I heard from the teacher that Gon-chan went to the Gardening Club, so…”

I can hear their conversation faintly.

I leaned my body as forward as I could and listened.

“The new hoe is here. I want to give it to Satoshi.”

“I see. Kaju has something to do with Tachibana-kun as well. Can I go with you?”

“Sure, but why, Nuku-chan?”

“I want to talk about the arrangement on the 14th. It’s a little inconvenient to talk about that in the class. So, can I?”

I knew it. They are meeting on Valentine’s Day.

Also, it’s something you can’t talk about in the classroom…? Gon-chan, say no. Say no right this instant.

“Hmm, well, how about you give him the hoe as well?”

“Huh, are you sure you don’t want to see Tachibana-kun?”

“It’s okay. Well, I’ll leave this to you.”

“Sure, got it. Leave it to Kaju.”

My prayers were in vain. Kaju and the young man Tachibana will be hanging out alone.

Gon-chan left in the direction where Kaju came from.

…I observed the corridor after a while. Kaju is already nowhere to be found.

Should I go after Kaju? But there’s nowhere to hide in the Gardening Club.

I can’t get close enough to hear their conversation…

Asagumo-san suddenly shook her head as I was thinking.

“Kazu-kun, was that tall girl your little sister’s friend?”

“Uh, I think she’s indeed Kaju’s friend. She visited my house several times- are we still going with the whole twin's thing?”

“I like that setting quite a lot. Alright, I have to adjust the device.”

…Adjust the device? Asagumo-san started clicking her smartwatch with sparkling eyes.

“Wait, don’t tell me you did something in the Gardening Club? Didn’t you promise not to use GPS anymore?”

“Yes, I’ve already learned my lesson. Stalking someone with GPS is an action that violates their dignity. It’s unforgivable.”

Yes, that’s right. I’m glad you understand.

“What are you doing then?”

“Nukumizu-san, will you blame someone if he overhears our conversation just then?”

…Eh? I couldn’t help but look around.

There’s no one in the empty corridor. Only the cheers of sports clubs can be heard from afar.

“It’s okay. This is the corridor, anyway. It can’t be helped that people hear us.”

Asagumo-san nodded forcefully.

“Yes, that’s why. A building’s exterior can be seen by everyone freely, right? Well, then accidentally hearing someone’s conversation in public won’t get us scolded, right?”

I see…? I think I get the gist of it.

“So, in other words, you installed an eavesdropping device instead of a GPS?”

Asagumo-san slowly shook her head.

“Humans are creatures guided by languages. It’s not an eavesdropping device, but a Smartbug- that’s what I call it.”

What was that? That sounds rad.

“In other words, listening to their conversation is morally fine. …That’s what you’re saying, right?”

“Yes, exactly.”

“It can’t be helped if that’s the case, but don’t tell others, alright?”

“I know. This shall be a secret between us.”

We both stuck our ears close to the smartwatch after it had been adjusted.

<-Are-you-sure-this will->

A lot of noise is mixed in between, but the voice sounds like the young man Tachibana.

Asagumo-san and I kept our ears close as we moved to the window suspiciously. The noise disappeared.

<-Well, shall we go along with the plan?>

The voice is definitely Kaju’s. I won’t mistake it. I can’t help but hold my breath.

<Oh, I’ll leave it to you. Sorry for making you come to the Gardening Club.>

<Kaju doesn’t mind. It’s a little embarrassing to talk about this in front of people.>

A little embarrassing to talk about this in front of people…? No, wait, just because something is embarrassing doesn’t mean it’s about love. I was a middle school student at one point. One time I called my teacher “mom”.

My confused brain became utterly fried with the following conversation.

<Hmm, about this, your brother->

<Fufu, …make sure to keep what happens on the 14th a secret from onii-sama, okay?>

Ha!? Keeping something embarrassing a secret from me!?

“Onii-chan will never acknowledge something like this!”

I yelled at the top of my lungs. Asagumo-san is shocked.

“Nukumizu-san, they can’t hear you over there, alright?”

“Oh yeah? Then I’ll just go there and-”

“They will see you if that’s the case. Are you sure?”

This is bad. I need to calm down and think about this. I put my hand before my chest and took a deep breath.

…Kaju is there to talk about Valentine’s Day with the young man Tachibana.

It’s just that it’s hard for her to talk about it with others. It’s embarrassing. That’s why she’s keeping it a secret from me-

“No, something’s definitely not right. Don’t you think so, Asagumo-san?”

“Nukumizu-san is the only one not right since then.”

Maybe, but my knees are still shivering.

Based on their conversation, the two of them seem pretty close. Even though I don’t know whether they are going out, there’s not a boy in this world who won’t fall in love with Kaju-

“In other words, he will become my little brother. …Onii-chan is about to become the brother-in-law…?”

“Alright, let’s pause for a moment.”

Asagumo-san put her hands on my pale cheeks.

“Eh, pause what-”

“Alright, take a deep breath-”

“Ah, yes.”

I took a deep breath.

“Then, exhale! Exhale!”

I took a deep breath twice after that. I finally calmed down slightly after the third one.

“Are you good? Your little sister is just flirting for a little bit. Onee-chan and you do the same, right?”

“No, never.”

You’re not my older sister.

“Well, we can do that later, okay? Alright, Kazu-kun. Let’s group up with Remon-san and go back. Here. Wear your uniform properly.”

Asagumo-san reached her hand toward my neck and buttoned the top of my shirt.

Huh, …is she really my older sister? She’s my older sister, right…? I’m Kazu-kun, …Kazu-kun is me…

A petite female student passed in the corridor as I stared absentmindedly at the forehead before me.

The girl stopped. Her eyes bulged in disbelief.

“Huh? Huhhhhhh?”

The girl grabbed my hand and hopped around.

“Kya! Onii-sama!? What’s wrong with you!? Did you go back to middle school again!?”

Onii-sama, …ah, right, …I have a little sister, …is this…my little sister…?

“Are you Kaju…?”

I finally regained consciousness, yet Kaju leaned on me tightly.

“Uwah, uwawah! Onii-sama looks so handsome in our uniform too! Sorry, can we take a photo-”

Kaju took out her phone with shiny eyes.

“Huh? You’re Asagumo-san, right? Kaju saw you in my house before. Why are you wearing our school’s uniform?”

Asagumo-san smiled and answered.

“It’s been a while. I’m Kazu-kun’s older sister today.”

…Wait, don’t complicate things, okay?

Kaju’s eyes began to glow eerily after hearing the “older sister” word.

“Onii-sama’s older sister…? That’s unfair! Kaju wants to be the older sister too!”

See? I told you. Kaju shook my hand in utter excitement.

“No, please calm down.”

“No way! If it’s the older sister, I have to feed Kazu-kun, change clothes for him, wash his back, and sleep with him- ahh, sheesh, one day isn’t enough!”

A normal older sister won’t usually do that.

Well, what she wants to do isn’t that different from the usual Kaju.

“Alright, I got it. Let’s pause. Here. Kaju. Look at my fingers.”

I raised the index fingers on each of my hands.

“These two fingers are chasing each other. This finger is getting closer. It touched this one.”

“It’s going after the other one. Oh, they touched…”

Kaju followed the fingers with her eyes. Did she finally recover?

She returned to her serious look and cleared her throat.

“Have you calmed down?”

“...Yes. Well, onii-sama, can you explain what’s going on here?”

“Eh? Well…”

Shit. This happens when things calm down. Of course.

I looked to someone for help. Asagumo-san nodded and took a step forward.

Alright, I have high expectations of you, onee-chan.

“Kaju-san. The reason why Kazuhiko-san and I are in such a pose here is that-”


“-It’s a play.”


My expectations are betrayed.

“A high school boy and girl sneaking into their old school in their old uniforms playing a siblings game- they must be enjoying an unethical game like this. This is definitely not a secret investigation. No way I can think of something this ridiculous!”

Asagumo-san said all of that before looking at me smugly.

Ehh, …this person thinks that was the correct answer? I’m so sorry if she thinks that will get us out safely.

Kaju opened her mouth and coughed before trying her best to speak up calmly.

“W-Well, please follow me. I’ll hand you two to the student guidance teacher.”

Asagumo-san tilted her head curiously.

“Ara, we’re not here to investigate, you know? This is just a play.”

…That’s enough. Kaju’s looking at me in a way I’ve never seen before.

I’m already prepared for tonight's family conference- then Kaju’s body suddenly lifted.


“I got the vice prez! The meat buns are mine!”

Kaju’s getting princess-carried. The person who let out a victorious cheer is Yakishio.

The Track and Field Club girls followed soon after. They appeared at the turn of the corridor.

“She got ahead of us again!” Remon-senpai is too energetic!” “Wait, it’s not over yet!”

Yakishio looked at her kouhais with an arrogant smile.

“Fufu, …the meat buns are yours if you can take the vice prez back from my hands. Come chase me!”

“Eh, hold on, Yakishio, what are you doing?”

“Leave it to me!”

Yakishio winked. She then started running with Kaju in her arms.

The girls chased after her after that.

“Wait, meat buns!” “Go around from that side, girls!” “I’m attacking from the second floor!”

…What are these people even doing?

Only we remained with our jaws dropped after Yakishio and her kids disappeared.

After standing still for a while, Asagumo-san poked my shoulder.

Uh, Kaju got carried away, but- Yakishio said to leave it to her.

…Well, let’s leave it to her.

I nodded earnestly and unbuttoned my shirt.


My memories as a young child are non-existent.

That seems to be because even though I remembered it, I quickly forgot afterward. Or that I do have the memories, but I just can’t recall them.

I was only 1.5 years old when Kaju was born. I shouldn’t have the memories normally.

So, this is a memory forged by stories from my parents and what I remember after growing up.

I used to be the center of the family, and I was replaced. I threw a big tantrum.

It’s natural to think about it right now. It must have been rough for my parents to care for me when I barely knew how to walk when Kaju came into this world.

My little sister’s name was pretty hard to read. I couldn’t say it correctly.

I think I used to feel lonely and angry about this new character in the world.

Then, I finally returned to the center of the stage on my two-year-old birthday. However, I got really pissed when Mom had to accompany Kaju when she cried.

I threw away the paper crown and curled up in the corner of the room before falling asleep eventually.

I don’t think much time has passed since I woke up.

“Good morning, onii-chan.”

Mom ignored my sulky look and carried me up.

She brought me to Kaju’s baby bed.

I stared at Kaju from above in Mom’s arms. She looked like a human despite being much smaller than I was. It was unbelievable to me.

“Kaju woke up too. Quick, say good morning to onii-chan.”

Kaju woke up and reached her tiny hand out.

I carefully stroked it with my fingers. Kaju grasped my hand tightly.

It was small and warm but felt stronger than I thought.

I froze on the spot. Then, Kaju- suddenly laughed.

I realized it at that moment.

-I’m the older brother.

My first memory of becoming the older brother started when I was 3.

As for Kaju, she kept following me like always after getting into middle school.

So, that’s why I’ve always followed my memory at the time and kept pushing the date of Kaju’s departure on my own.

That day will eventually arrive- but not today. I thought.


It’s already nighttime before I even realize it. The streets are dark.

My sight fell to the stone slabs on the pedestrian walk, and I only paid attention to walking forward.

The pavement ended, while the crosswalk lit up by road lights appeared.

Someone grabbed my arm when I was about to step on the crosswalk.

“Watch out for the car, Nukumizu-san!”

Asagumo-san stopped me.

She looked at me confusedly in her Tsuwabuki uniform.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“...Eh? I want to go home.”

I looked around after saying that. This clearly isn’t where my house is.

I seemed to have wandered off to Toyohashi Station.

“Sorry, did you follow me all the way here? I’ll be fine after this, so-”

Asagumo-san shook her head determinedly.

“I can’t leave Nukumizu-san alone right now. Let’s go rest somewhere.”

Her line can cause misunderstandings. She brought me to a place called Matterhorn. It’s a vintage western dessert store in Toyohashi. This is my first time coming into their cafe section.

I sat down and looked around the antique-style cafe. Asagumo-san showed me her phone.

“Yakishio-san bid farewell to her kouhais as well. She’s coming here.”

The waitress put a cup of coffee before me. I nodded silently.

“Is that all you want?”

“I’m not feeling hungry.”

Asagumo-san has a cake and mixed juice before her. Her smile quickly faded away.

“...You should take care of your sugar intake. An exhausted brain needs adequate resupply.”

“I know. Sorry for making you worry about me today.”

I added sugar to my coffee and stirred it. Asagumo-san handed me a fork with a piece of cake on top.

“Here, ah-”

“Eh? Hold on. There are people here.”

“Didn’t I say we could flirt with each other later? Onee-chan never breaks a promise.”

Is that game still going on?

It looks like she won’t give up. Fine, I’ll eat it. A nostalgic sweetness radiated in my mouth.

Asagumo-san ordered a plate of Matterhorn cake, named after the store. The thin sponge cake is mixed with cream and chestnuts. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried. This is really good, after all.

I’ve always been a chocolate fan, but returning to the classic seems a better idea now…

I saw Asagumo-san’s smile just as I reached for my coffee.

“Are you feeling better?”

“Thanks. I’m a lot better now.”

I can’t be upset all the time when she’s so worried about me.

I reluctantly smiled and saw a sports bag next to Asagumo-san’s seat.

“What are you two doing?”

Yakishio’s looking at us. She’s staring downward with her big brown eyes. Uwah, she saw us doing something weird.

“I’m Kazu-kun’s older sister today.”

“What? That sounds fun! Ah, sorry!”

Eh, that’s all it takes for her to understand?

Yakishio sat next to Asagumo-san after she ordered.

“So? I heard you seemed pretty depressed, but you look fine to me right now. You still have the energy to flirt with each other.”

She put her elbow on the table and spoke up mischievously.

Things will get troublesome if Ayano knows. I have to change the topic.

“By the way, Yakishio brought Kaju- my little sister away. What happened to her?”

“Imouto-sanr? I think she’s a bit confused.”

Of course. That’s not what I want to ask.

“Uh, you did release my little sister, right?”

“I sent her to the student council room. I won the competition!”

I don’t know about the rules, but you won?

…Well, it’s good that she’s okay.

I drank my coffee. Yakishio’s black tea and chocolate cake arrived.

Yakishio’s dessert is a cross between chocolate cake and sponge cake with a layer of chocolate around it. This has always been popular.

Yakishio mumbled in an unusually calm tone as she stabbed the fork into the cake.

“Imouto-san. How should I put it? Is she okay?”

“...Did you talk to my little sister?”

“Not a lot since I was busy running. However, she’s on good terms with everyone around her and has a lot of friends. How should I say it?”

Yakishio took a bite of cake.

“-She’s a reliable girl. She’s determined with her own opinion. I know you’re worried about her, but you should trust her more.”

Yakishio scooped up some cake with her fork and handed it to my mouth.

“Here. Kazu-kun. Open your mouth.”

“Hey, what are you doing, Yakishio?”

I looked away in fear. Yakishio approached me.

“You can eat Chiha-chan’s things but not Remon-onee-chan’s cake?”

“Hey? Hey?”

Yakishio can be tough sometimes. Even Asagumo-san joined in on the fun.

It can’t be helped. I ate the cake. A satisfied smile appeared on Yakishio’s face.

“Alright, this is solved. Here. Let’s enjoy our cakes.”

Solve what? Even so, as the older brother, I have to believe Kaju more.

…By the way, just because they are close doesn’t mean they are going out. I’m the best example, after all.

I nodded by myself. For some reason, Asagumo-san looked out the window nervously.

“It’s pretty late. Nukumizu-san, your little sister is already home, right?”

“She has work to do in the student council. She’s probably still at school. I think she will be home late this week.”

“Then now’s the perfect opportunity.”

…? What does that mean?”

I’m confused. Asagumo-san showed me the smartwatch on her wrist.

“Chiha-chan, what’s that?”

“It’s a smartwatch. With this, I can monitor the bugs I’ve planted all over Momozono Middle School-”

“Stop, Asagumo-san!”

I hastily interrupted her. Asagumo-san nodded seriously.

“...This is a Smartbug. It’s not a normal one.”

Didn’t I tell you to stop?

Yakishio looked at Asagumo-san’s wrist with shiny eyes.

“What’s that? That’s so cool! It’s like a detective’s secret tool, right?”

“Yes, indeed. I can hear voices from afar with this through my detective powers. The noises before the student council room, to be precise.”

Detective power is so scary. Huh, hold on…?

“Can we still get the signal after leaving Momozono?”

I questioned reasonably. Asagumo-san answered naturally.

"I left the main unit of a mobile Wi-Fi in the school. The signals from the sub-units are transmitted from there."

“That’s why you signed up for a Wi-Fi service? Just for this? Seriously?”

Asagumo-san smiled and started adjusting her smartwatch quietly.

…Whatever, do whatever you want. I admitted defeat as I watched Asagumo-san’s detective power.

“Hey, hey, Chiha-chan! What’s with this thing? Does it glow?”

“I can add some LED lights next time. Alright, it’s connected.”

We stuck our ears close to the smartwatch.

…Only faint noises can be heard.

“I can’t hear anything. Is nobody there?”

“Ah! I think it just picked up something!”

We did hear something. All of us held our breaths, yet no voices could be heard again.

Then, Asagumo-san seemed to have realized something and raised her head suddenly.

“This isn’t through Wi-Fi. Instead, it’s the radio straight from the eavesdropping device.”


“Yes, Smartbug.”

I’m glad you understand. Also, if the eavesdropping device is nearby, that means-

“Did someone use the same device coincidentally?”

“No, this is connected to the app. No way.”

Asagumo-san shook her arm as she looked at me. She stopped.

“...Why are you staring at me?”

“Nukumizu-san, what’s in your bag?”

“Hmm? The Momozono uniform I just wore.”

Asagumo-san’s forehead glimmered when I opened the bag’s zipper.

The radio is getting stronger. There has to be something inside.

Eh, no way, right? I took out the shirt and searched. In the end, something dropped from behind the collar. I picked it up. It’s a small black chip the size of the tip of the pinky.

Wait, there’s a number on it.


“This is the Smartbug I’ve planted on the student council room door. …Wait, then this reaction is-”

Asagumo-san reached her hand into her bag.

After a while, she took out the exact same chip.

“No.2- this is something I planted on Imouto-san’s uniform.”

Did this girl really just do something like this? I think now’s the time to call Asagumo-san “this girl”, right?

We fell silent. Yakishio held her fork and watched us in confusion.

“Uh, anyway, what happened?”

Asagumo-san put her index finger on her chin and tilted her head awkwardly.

“It looks like Watson-onii-san got tricked by the cute Moriarty.”

“Yeah, Watson-onee-chan got-”

“Hmm, I don’t really get it, but thanks for the food.”

Yakishio clapped her hands before the two Watson-kun.

Intermission: The Person Who Is Left Behind Spends the Time Leisurely

Clubroom, after school. Yanami and Komari don’t really have anything to talk about. They are doing their own thing respectively.

Yanami was reading a magazine while resting her arm on a pillow and murmured, "Oh."

“Komari-chan, this looks pretty good. It’s a mochi chocolate.”

“Uweh? C-Chocolate…mochi?”

The sudden conversation caused Komari to frown and put a bookmark in her book.

“Yes. In other words, it’s a chocolate-flavored mochi.”

“U-Uh, …is that so?”

Komari’s confused by the lack of increase of information.

“Look, Valentine’s Day is almost here. Didn’t the Literature Club girls promise to gift obligatory chocolate to each other?”

“D-Did we?”

Komari tilted her head. As for Yanami, she nodded with confidence before shaking her head slowly.

“...No, we didn’t. I forgot.”


Komari opened her book again. Yanami closed the magazine in boredom.

“The open day is at this weekend, right? Don’t we have to prepare something?”

“T-The president has been useless lately.”

“Yeah, Nukumizu-kun’s siscon stuff is a headache.”

Normally, they should be preparing for the weekend open day by now.

Apparently, the Literature Club gets a decent number of visitors every year.

“It’s not right for Nukumizu-kun to skip out when we’re this busy.”

“H-He went out with Yakishio, r-right?”

“...What’s that? How come I didn’t know?”

A vicious expression appeared on Yanami’s face. She raised her head.

“Uweh? D-Didn’t they say they were going to Momozono?”

“Middle school? Remon-chan’s starting from middle school again…?”

Perhaps that’s better for her- Komari swallowed her words before she could say them.

“N-No, h-he went to his little sister’s school to stalk her.”

“Oh, right. They studied in the same middle school.”

Yanami shrugged helplessly.

“Sheesh, Nukumizu-kun’s like that whenever it involves Imouto-chan. Well, let’s have some smacks if that’s the case.”

With that, Yanami took out a pack of cheap chocolate cake. It looks to be a very thin chocolate pie.

"I'm really into this lately. Especially the part with the two pieces is nice."

Yanami opened the bag and took out the two pieces of chocolate cake.

“Komari-chan wants it too? It’s tasty, you know?”

“W-Well, I’ll have one-”

Komari reached her hand out, yet Yanami stacked the two pieces together and took a bite.

Komari turned stiff. Yanami handed her a new bag.

“This is delicious when stacked. Do you want to try it?”

“I-I’ll just have one…”

Yanami finished all 3 bags before Komari could even finish her slice. She stood up to make tea.

“Nukumizu-kun is too unreliable. It looks like the open day’s preparation is down to us. Even though we said we were going to make a club magazine, none of the drafts were-”

“U-Uh, I’m almost done with mine.”

Komari said as she ate the second slice of chocolate cake.

Yanami stopped making tea.

“Look, the middle school students won’t be happy from getting a club magazine, right?”

“I-I’m not so sure about that…”

Komari retorted weakly. Yanami slammed the cup before her.

“Komari-chan, we are high school students, you know? We have to fight with something we have that middle school students don’t.”

“S-Something that middle school students d-don’t?”

Yanami sat on the chair and swayed her hair exaggeratedly on purpose.

“-It’s girl power.”

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