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Too Many Losing Heroines! V5 Prologue & Chapter 1 & Intermission

Translator: Pingas

A slightly bitter Valentine’s Rhapsody.

Kaju’s giving her handmade chocolate- not to her older brother!?

Kaju will never do something like that, even when the skies fall. …Despite my nervousness, the people in the Literature Club aren’t moved at all.

“Imouto-chan has a crush on someone, right?” “Oh, it’s a guy, right?”

…These losers don’t even realize how serious the problem is. Kaju is still in her second year of middle school. It’s 200 years too early for her to give honmei chocolate to someone.

After hearing Yakishio’s suggestion, I will sneak into Momozono Middle School for an investigation- wait, you’re making me change into a middle school uniform?

If Kaju sees me in a place like that, …no, I think she’ll be overjoyed…

The 5th edition of the super popular losing heroine rom-com. What is the fate of the brocon little sister and siscon older brother?


The sudden splashing sound dragged my consciousness from dreamland back to reality.

The raindrops are hitting the window of the living room.

I stretched my back on the sofa and silently closed the reference book.

It’s the end stretch of the final exam.

Even though I made it through today, I can’t let my guard down yet.

“There are two days left…”

I mumbled to myself and glanced at the calendar on the wall. One of the dates is fixed in my eyes.

The following Sunday is- February 14. Valentine’s Day.

As you all know, Valentine’s Day is when family members give each other chocolates. I will not accept any objections.

However, things are different this year.

I received birthday presents from the Literature Club girls last Christmas.

Based on this trend, it’s very likely that I’ll receive obligatory chocolates this year.

However, please don’t misunderstand. I’m not trying to brag about my popularity or getting chocolates from the girl I love.

It doesn’t matter if someone’s alone or has no interest in actual romantic relationships.

Valentine’s Day is the day when everyone’s a bit restless. They will check for things in their desk drawers or the inside of their shoe shelves.

Even so, a high expectation means a high disappointment from not receiving chocolate.

Anyway, I should focus on the exam right now.

…However, I’m making good progress in my preparation for tomorrow.

Let’s read some light novels for a change of pace.

If I remember correctly, <Let’s Talk About the 100 Days It Took Me to Realize This Is an All-Boys School> is in my room.

This is an ambitious novel where all the “heroines” are cross-dressing guys. However, the support from the stans kept this series going.

Also, this is from the Literature Club. It’s not my personal property.

This is extremely important.

“Well, let’s take a break.”

I put the reference book on the sofa and stood up. A sweet scent radiated from the kitchen during this time. It tingles my nose.

My little sister Kaju is humming a song. She seems to be blending and stirring something.

Her black hair is swaying like silk threads. With a petite body and an even more delicate and well-proportioned face, she looks perfect in an apron despite being my little sister.

I subconsciously approached Kaju and looked at the thing in her hands.

“Kaju, what are you doing?”

There are colorful bowls in front of Kaju. She’s stirring a light green substance.

“I’m testing new chocolate for Valentine's. Onii-sama, please try it.”

She scooped up some of the stuff in the bowl with a spoon and handed it to me.

I tried a little. The refreshing sweetness spreads through my tongue, and a gentle green scent drifts into my nose.

“What is this flavor?”


“I ground it into a paste and mixed it into white chocolate. Though, the texture still leaves a bit to be desired after it’s set. This one has black currant paste instead. Please open your mouth and try it.”

I opened my mouth earnestly. I can feel a slight bitterness and sourness on my tongue.

“Both of them are perfect. Onii-chan thinks all of Kaju’s chocolates are very delicious, okay?”

Kaju barely contained her smile. However, she suddenly turned serious and cleared her throat.

“Ara, onii-sama can get chocolates at school even without Kaju giving them to you, right? Or is it that…?”

Kaju’s cheeks lightly flushed. Her eyes are sparkling with uncontrollable curiosity.

“-Are you giving chocolate to someone else?”

Why would I do that? Kaju can say confusing stuff sometimes.

“I don’t know whether I’ll get chocolate or not. Obligatory chocolates are like New Year cards and gifts, so it depends on the mood. Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, but-”

I paused for a moment because continuing.

“There may be obligatory chocolates since it’s also the school open day, but I’m not sure. I mean, it’s not like I want chocolates. This is just the general situation.”

Kaju smiled after hearing my speech.

“Yeah, that’s what Kaju thought. There’s someone Kaju wants to give chocolate to this year.”

Oh, I see. Kaju wants to give chocolate to someone…?

“Kaju, you mean-”

Kaju interrupted me by gently poking her own cheeks.

“There’s some sweet and delicious chocolate on Kaju’s cheeks. Onii-sama, can you wipe it clean for me?”

Didn’t she put chocolate on her face just now…?

I searched for paper tissues but couldn’t find them for some reason.

Fine. I took out a handkerchief and wiped Kaju’s cheeks.

“Alright, it’s clean now.”

“...That’s why I don’t like this part of you, onii-sama.”

Why is Kaju upset? I don’t understand why, but this must be puberty, right?

“By the way, which person is Kaju trying to give chocolate to?”

An unfamiliar ringtone went off at this moment.

“Oh! Onii-sama, can you hold this for me for a second?”

She handed me the bowl in the hot water bath without waiting for my reply.

“Eh, what should I do with this?”

“Please stir it slowly until it’s at 45 degrees Celsius! Kaju will leave it to you!”

Kaju took out her phone as she slowly made her way out of the living room.

Eh, is that what I’m really supposed to do? Anyway, I guess I’ll keep stirring it for now…

I slowly stirred the chocolate and took a deep breath to calm down.

She said she wanted to give chocolate to someone. Could it be that she’s not giving it to a boy?

No, there’s no way.

Also, she was practically saying, “Onii-sama doesn’t need Kaju’s chocolate” earlier. It’s a little concerning. Is she not going to give me chocolate?

No, of course, it’s not like I’m really looking forward to my little sister’s chocolate.

Even so, Kaju has never missed giving me chocolate since she was 1. We should sit down and talk if there are some sort of misunderstandings.

“...Ah, I forgot to measure the temperature.”

Shit, it would be bad if Kaju’s mad. I quickly put the thermometer inside. The screen is showing precisely 46 degrees.

Yep, it’s within the range of errors. I took out the bowl of chocolate from the hot water bath and stared at the door that Kaju had just left.

…What should I do next? Is Kaju still on her phone?

She’s still out after a few moments. So, I took the bowl to the corridor’s entrance.

“Hey, Kaju…”

I called her name quietly before peeking out. Then, I saw Kaju standing with her back toward me. She’s whispering to someone at the door.

“Mm-hm, yeah, but, …hmm, indeed. But are you sure it’s fine? Gon-chan’s- okay, she’s fine with it, right?”

Her phone is pressed close to her ear. She frequently nods as she speaks.

Even though they seem to be having a serious conversation, she can’t even wait for me to give her the bowl of chocolate…?

“Let’s go over the details when we see each other, okay? It’s not good to talk about this on the phone, after all.”

Oh, they are done talking. I sighed in relief and walked out to the corridor.

“Alright, I got it. I’m free on the 14th. Well, see you at school next time- Tachibana-kun.”

…Eh? I was thrown into the freezer by that last sentence.

Kaju put her phone back into the pocket of her apron. She turned around with a swirl.

“Huh, onii-sama, how long have you been standing there?”

“Eh, no, I just got here. The chocolate is 45 degrees…”

I lied with ease and handed over the bowl. Kaju dashed over with a smile.

“Thank you. Sorry, I spent too much time on the phone.”

Kaju returned to the kitchen with cheerful steps and put the bowl in ice water.

“I’ll have to lower the temperature with this. …What’s wrong, onii-sama?”

Apparently, I’m staring at Kaju subconsciously. I hastily looked away.

“No, well, who were you talking to on the phone…?”

“It’s my friend from school. We talked about something school-related.”

Hmm, it’s her friend. He seems to be a guy based on the way she addresses him. Also, it looks like their conversation is about freeing up the 14th.

I watched Kaju humming a song as she stirred the chocolate. Cold sweat is dripping down my back.

Her effort in experimenting with this chocolate- and the February 14 promise with a male friend-

This is, …could it be…?

“Hey, Kaju. Who are you planning to give the chocolate to?”

I asked casually. Kaju immediately what she was doing.

“...Who do you think it is?”

Kaju’s voice is unusually composed.

Gulp. My throat made a voice.

“Ah, it’s a female friend of yours- right?”

I said the opposite without thinking too much. However, Kaju showed me a slightly embarrassed smile.

“It’s a secret.”

Chapter 1: Don’t Even Get to Outsmart Each Other

It’s been 4 days since the start of the final exam. There’s only one day left.

But this exam isn’t the most important.

It’s after school. I remembered what Kaju was like yesterday as I quickly made my way to the club room.

-Kaju plans to give a boy honmei chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

Of course, it’s not weird for Kaju to have a crush on a boy.

But Kaju is still in her second year of middle school. Isn’t it a bit too much to give her honmei chocolate out this early on?

What if the boy doesn’t feel that way?

No, he has to feel that way. Kaju is too adorable, after all-

I thought about that as I entered the west building. Someone yanked my arm as soon as I entered the gloomy corner of the stairs.

The person who drags me to the dark corner next to the stairs without hesitation is- the student council vice president Teiara Basori.

She pressed me onto the wall and glared at me.

“Nukumizu-san, have you been avoiding me recently?”

“Eh? How could that be-”

My voice suddenly trembled, and I paused. I’m a little afraid of this person, after all.

Teiara-san’s eyes looked down after I fell silent.

“...You are really avoiding me, right?”

“No! That’s not it. I’ve been busy preparing for the exam recently. That’s why I don’t have the time. Well, what’s wrong?”

I randomly changed the topic. Teiara-san’s expression seems relieved. She’s so easy.

“Please teach me again. …Of course, this is a trade offer. I’ll thank you properly!”

Eh, aren’t you too late? The exam ends tomorrow.

Indeed, Teiara-san’s grades aren’t good.

She doesn’t want others to know this. We even had a bit of disagreement at the end of the year. However, (for some reason) she still asks me to teach her occasionally.

Please just talk to me normally.

“Uh, it’s primarily social studies tomorrow, right? I’m not good at that. Also, this is a subject about memorization. It’s probably better for you to study alone, right?”

“But there are other subjects! Let me see. What are the other-”

Teiara-san took out a paper from her school bag. She squinted her eyes and looked.

“...Health and physical education.”

Silence ensued.

Teiara-san plopped her head down and shivered. Her ears are red.

“...That’s not what I meant.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“That’s not what I meant!”

“Ahh, I really know. So, let’s just forget about studying together?”

Teiara-san opened her arms and stopped me from running away.

“But I can’t express my gratitude to you if that’s the case!”

…Huh? Basori-san is just trying to show her appreciation with the study meeting?

“Uh, actually, you don’t really need to do that.”

“B-But isn’t that- on next week? You know, that one.”

Teiara-san is writing a “の” on the floor with the tip of her shoe.

What’s happening next week? Teiara-san has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, right?

…Ah, right.

“You mean the open day on the weekend? Will the student council do something for us?”

Tsuwabuki High School Open Day. This is to help the city’s middle school students with their future studies. The guests can also learn about club activities. That’s why we’re considering what the Literature Club should do.

I see. She’s trying to give me a favor for helping her to study for the test.

“Ha? Open…day?”

Teiara-san looks puzzled. I don’t think I’m correct.

“If that’s not it, then what-”

I swallowed my words.

The corner of the stairs is already gloomy enough. Right now, it’s further enveloped by darkness.

“Naughty girl, …I’ve found you…”

The girl appearing from the darkness with a frail body is the student council secretary, Yumeko Shikiya.

Shikiya-san put her chin on Teiara-san’s shoulder and leaned on her softly.

A lot happened to this girl at the end of the year because of Tsukinoki-senpai too. She seems to be a bit happier after that. It’s probably not my imagination.

“Senpai!? Why are you here…?”

Teiara-san anxiously looked behind. Shikiya-san is waving at me.

“Nukumizu-kun, …it’s been so long…”

“Yeah, it’s been 3 days, right?”

I greeted her back. Teiara-san glared at me displeasedly.

“...Excuse me. Can you not flirt when I’m between you two?”

“We aren’t flirting, though…? Right, Nukumizu-kun…?”

“Yeah, we aren’t.”

We nodded. Teiara-san’s face turned dark.

Shikiya-san seems to have noticed it. She stroked Teiara-san’s head from behind.

“How about I teach you homework…?”

“Huh? Uh, but that’s-”

Teiara-san jolted. Her body trembled before straightening. Shikiya-san is gently stroking her back.

Then, Shikiya-san tilted her head in confusion.

“Teiara-chan, …what happened…to your bra…?”


Teiara-san raised her head with an arrogant smile.

“Senpai, if you think you can keep doing whatever you want and untie my bra, you’re dead wrong.”

Teiara-san quickly turned around and puffed up her chest smugly.

“What a shame. I switched to a front-button bra! Now you can’t untie it whenever you want!”

Wait, what’s happening? I’m still here.

“I see. …That’s…good, too…”

Shikiya-san slowly reached her hand out.

Then, between the ribbons lining up Teiara-san’s shirt, she reached her hand into the gap and fiddled with something.

“Senpai, why are you putting your hand in there? Eh-”

“It’s untied, …right?”

Teiara-san hurriedly pressed on her chest.

“Eh, hold on!? It’s really off-”

Teiara-san froze and turned toward me clumsily.

“Ah, well, …Nukumizu-san. Did you see?”

Of course. I nodded.

“So, what kind of play is this?”

“It’s not a play! Stop looking, will you!?”

I’m not going to stop even if you say that, okay?

Shikiya-san waved at Teiara-san and whispered.

“Teiara-chan, …your bra size…isn’t right…”

“What!? I-I’m not putting on airs or anything!”

…Teiara-san, you don’t need to explain in detail.

By the way, I’ll interrupt their flirting session if I stay here any longer, right?

I slowly distanced myself from the two of them.

“Well, I’ll be leaving. Enjoy, you two.”

“Mm-hmm, …have a safe trip…”

“Wait!? Nukumizu-san! That’s not it! We aren’t like that!”

“It’s fine. I know. You girls aren’t like that, right?”

I hastily left after saying that.

I don’t know what else it could be if it’s not that. However, any man who dares to step into a yuri relationship deserves to die, even I know that much.


West building. Literature Club room.

I adjusted my breathing before the door. We’re about to have a brief meeting.

It’s the exam period, but things are serious this time. The exam is nothing compared to Kaju’s crisis.

“Sorry for the wait.”

I opened the door. There are two girls inside. Anna Yanami and Chika Komari.

For some reason, they are standing shoulder to shoulder and looking at the wall. The girls are biting something black quietly- it’s a whole sushi roll.

…What’s going on here?

After that, Komari coughed as she put the half-finished roll on the plate.

“I-I can’t eat something t-that big…”

She finished the tea in the cup with teary eyes and glared at me.

“Y-You’re too late. W-We left some for you.”

Me? I looked in Komari’s direction. There’s a thick stick of sushi rolling around in a plastic wrap.

“One roll for each person? In that size as well?”

“S-Shut up and eat it a-at once.”

No, … the size of this sushi roll is in the Yanami standard.

However, even Yanami can’t finish this in one bite, right-

“Phew. …Nukumizu-kun is late, so I’ll dig in first.”


I turned around and saw Yanami crossing her legs leisurely. She wiped her lips with a handkerchief.

She finished the entire roll when Komari was messing with me?

I’m kind of impressed as I sit on the opposite chair. Yanami points at the wall behind me.

“The eho is behind you, you know? Here. Finish this at once.”

In other words, …this sushi roll is an ehomaki? [TL: Eho means the direction of luck. You’re supposed to eat the entire roll quietly while facing that direction. There are usually 7 ingredients involved to represent the Seven Lucky Gods. Do not cut open the ehomaki, as it means cutting away your luck.]

“But Setsubun was yesterday, right?”

“Yeah, these are leftovers. I brought them here.”

Yanami tore open the plastic wrap of the roll and passed it to me.

“Alright, no talking. Finish it at once. Quick. I added a bunch of sakura denbu for Nukumizu-kun, you know?” [TL: It’s a pink fish powder that tastes sweet.]

Really? But I don’t really like sakura debun…

I hesitated. Komari glared at me furiously.

“E-Eat it like your life depends on it.”

You aren’t eating yours, either.

“Uh, I’ll finish this once I have time. Also, where’s Yakishio? Is she not here?”

“Remon-chan is still in her tutorial class.”

“Tutorial class? Aren’t we still in the exam period?”

Yanami started devouring Komari’s leftover sushi with a solemn face. This girl eats a lot, for sure.

“The results of the first day are out. The Tsuwabuki teachers formed a special group. She won’t make it to the next year if she doesn’t start studying now.”

… Has Yakishio fallen this far?

“Alright, let’s leave Yakishio to the teachers. There’s a reason why I called you two here today.”

I imagined the future where Yakishio calls me senpai as I took out a box from my school bag.

“What’s this, Nukumizu-kun?”

“Shhh. Try one first.”

Yanami cheered upon opening the box. 

The flat box has many smaller columns. They are filled with colorful chocolates.

This is Kaju’s special mixed chocolate set (experiment no.3).

“Eh, what’s this? It’s adorable. Can I have one? I’m very picky about chocolates, you know?”

I know, but what are you picky about mainly?

“Ah, this one’s bitter, and that one tastes like milk? Uwah, there’s even a caramel sauce one. Quick, Komari-chan. They will be gone if you don’t hurry up.”

Komari put the chocolate in her mouth a bit sheepishly.

“T-This is pistachio, right? I-Is this handmade?”

“Yeah, it’s a sample for my little sister’s Valentine’s Day. Also, this one-”

I took a red heart-shaped chocolate and raised it before them.

“She said she’s giving this to someone else, not me.”

Yanami and Komari suddenly stopped reaching their hand out. I looked at the girls calmly.

“She’s not telling me who is she giving it to either. So, as her older brother, I want to understand the mindset of a second-year middle school student- when she’s giving her crush honmei chocolate.”

…No answer.

“Komari-chan, what’s inside of this?”

“I-I don’t know. Almonds, p-probably.”

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. The two girls continued eating the chocolate.

“Uh, …did you two hear what I just said?”

Yanami and Komari glanced at each other and spoke up nonchalantly.

“Imouto-chan probably has a crush on someone.”

“Oh, it’s a man.”

…They don’t understand how serious this is.

I cleared my throat and faced them again.

“Fine. I’ll give you two some special hints. My little sister is meeting with a male friend on the 14th. However, I think that’s just a feint. Giving him chocolates in such an obvious situation is like a trap from a novel or movie’s perspective, right? Isn’t there a possibility of her being tricked by bad guys or dragged into a game of death? I’m her older brother, after all. I should intervene properly-”

My earnest request didn’t work at all. The two of them took out textbooks and notebooks from their school bags.

“Hmm, maybe. Komari-chan, do you need the past exam questions for tomorrow?”

“Eh? Y-You have something like that.”

The two started studying for their exam.

“...Can’t you two girls think about this properly?”

Yanami sighed impatiently. She spun the red ballpoint pen in her hand.

“Isn’t the answer obvious? You know it, right? She must feel nervous when deciding whether they should go out, alright? Let them deal with it themselves.”

Komari nodded.

“Y-You have to show your tolerance here. T-They will be more stubborn if the family says no.”

“But, look, she’s making chocolate in front of me, okay? Perhaps she wants to tell her older brother something. That might be a possibility.”

“No, Nukumizu-kun doesn’t even know what love is.”

“L-Looks like you don’t understand. Reflect on it.”

Even though you two are single for as long as you have lived…

Anyway. the two current high school girls share the same opinion. Let’s look at this objectively. Kaju should have a crush on someone- perhaps that’s the case. Also, it’s very possible that person is the Tachibana-kun she’s meeting on the 14th.

However, on the other hand, objectiveness is just the greatest common divisor of subjectiveness. Literature Club members thrive on creativity. Can all of us just accept such a conclusion uncritically?

After all, just because she’s giving out handmade chocolate on the 14th doesn’t mean it’s honmei chocolate. Eliminating such misunderstandings has much to do with the Literature Club’s future activities, right-

…I thought about many things subconsciously. How long has it been?

Komari glanced at the clock on the wall. She took her bag and stood up.

“Komari-chan, are you leaving?”

“I-I was asked to be on duty in the library.”

“Ah, Komari’s on duty today.”

Literature Club has been helping out the library recently. Even though we can’t borrow books during the exam, the study room is open.

“Komari-chan, are you sure you want to do that during the exam? How about letting Nukumizu-kun go in your place?”

Don’t just push me out, girl.

“I-I’m just going to sit at the reception. I-I can still s-study.”

After Komari left, Yanami reached her hand toward the chocolates as she read the textbook.

“Nukumizu-kun, are you fine with the exam? You’ve been restless since morning.”

“Kaju’s in danger. Why would I have the mood to prepare for the exam? I have to show that worthless guy how much I’ve got.”

My reasoning is sound. However, for some reason, Yanami shook her head and gave me a wry smile.

“...Well, when will Imouto-chan give him chocolate?”

“Hmm? Valentine’s Day on the 14th, of course.”

“This year’s Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, you know? In other words, she’s meeting with a boy and giving a boy chocolate during the weekend. Doesn’t that mean they are already going out or about to go out?”

Fwap. Yanami flipped open the textbook.

“Hey, but look. I have never seen any signs that Kaju is in love with someone, you know? We’ve been together in the house. I’m very sure about that.”

“That means they are getting closer in school. They are almost at the final stop, right? Don’t interrupt them, okay?”

No way. I shook my head.

“Perhaps she’s also hanging out with other friends on the 14th. Unlike me, Kaju has many friends.”

“Well, you should confirm her plans. Imouto-chan would’ve told you if it’s not a confession or a date, right?”

I see. That makes sense.

I took out my phone.

“Perhaps she has a schedule on the calendar. Let me see.”

Yanami frowned and raised her head.

“Why does Nukumizu-kun’s phone have Imouto-chan’s schedule?”

“I don’t know. I share my calendar and drive space with my little sister.”

Yanami slowly moved her chair away from mine.

“...Nukumizu-kun, this is a bit too much.”

“My little sister set it up herself. She even has a password. I can’t change it-”

I opened the calendar for February. Valentine’s Day is on the following weekend.

…There’s nothing. I came back empty-handed.

My fingers stopped just as I was about to turn off the screen.

There’s an unfamiliar plan for this Saturday before me.

<Going to Toyokawa Inari with Tachibana-kun ♡>


I subconsciously flipped my phone and slammed it on the table.

Alright, let’s calm down and piece everything together first.



…This has to be a date.

Tachibana-kun should be who Kaju was calling on the phone.

He has to be a guy if she calls him -kun. Also, I guess he’s either in the same year or her kouhai. It’s also possible that he’s a weirdo who likes to make younger girls call him -kun. Let’s put that aside for now.

That’s how you spell Tachibana, …I see, …Tachibana-kun, …a guy…

“Who the hell is Tachibana-kun, anyway!?”

I wrapped my hands around my head as I spiraled into depression. Yanami knocked the table.

“Nukumizu-kun, can you calm down and study? Don’t worry about Imouto-chan too much.”

“No, this is a big deal! Kaju has a planned date during the weekend, you know!?”

I handed her the phone. Yanami squinted her eyes and looked at the screen.

“A date? It’s a study meeting with her friends, right?”

…? What is she talking about?

I looked at the screen in disbelief. Her initial plan has disappeared.

Instead, it’s-

<Study meeting with friends>

…Huh? What does this mean?

“Wait, wait, wait, it just said <Going to Toyokawa Inari with Tachibana-kun> here! There’s even a heart symbol following that, alright!?”

Did Kaju change the plan to avoid being seen by me? If that’s the case, that means their relationship must remain hidden from the family. As her older brother, how can I not-

Yanami suddenly stood next to me and patted my shoulder.

“You must be tired, Nukumizu-kun.”

“It’s true. Kaju’s going on a secret date with Tachibana-kun during the weekend-”

Yanami shoved a piece of chocolate into my mouth before I could even finish. The sweet and sour taste of the black currant radiated through my tongue.

“Let’s calm down, okay? Here. I made some tea for you.”

“Thank you. …Right, perhaps it’s really just a study meeting.”

Yep, that must be it. I suddenly had this feeling.

“I must have been seeing things just then.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Yanami nodded gently.

“Kaju is just a second-year middle school student. It’s too early for her to have a boyfriend or a date.”

“Yep, yep. That’s right.”

“Yeah. Also, it’s impossible for Kaju to fall in love with someone this early on. Our Kaju is a hardworking middle school student who has nothing to do with love. She focuses on her student council work. Komari and Yanami-san just can’t stop thinking about love, right?”

“...Shut up.”

Yanami mumbled deeply.

“Eh? What did you just say?”

“You still don’t get it, Nukumizu-kun. They must be going on a date. Yep, a date.”

She suddenly turned on me.

“But the calendar says study meeting.”

She slammed herself onto the chair and crossed her legs on purpose.

“The study meeting is just a feint. Imouto-chan and Tachibana-kun are going to Toyokawa Inari for a date. They want to make a final confirmation of their feelings as Valentine’s Day approaches.”

“...No, I was just hallucinating. There’s no way it’s a date.”

Right now, the only piece of evidence exists in my head. This is an irrefutable and perfect theory.

“Even if it’s a hallucination, Imouto-chan’s popular. It’s not strange for her to date someone, right?”

My theory immediately collapsed.

“Perhaps that may happen one day, but it’s impossible for the date to happen at the exact same time and place as in my hallucination, right? Also, unlike Yanami-san, Kaju is a serious girl. She won’t go on a date behind me.”

Dum. Yanami raised her eyebrows.

“Oh-ho, …let’s have a match if you say so.”

A match? I looked at Yanami confusedly. She’s giving me a provocative glare.

“It’s on Saturday, right? I’ll win if Imouto-chan is on a date. Nukumizu-kun wins if she’s not. How about that?”

“I don’t mind a bet, but how should we make the judgment?”

“They are meeting at Toyokawa Inari, right? The exam is over on that day. We can just go check on them, hmm?”

She’s trying to witness and confirm it.

“...Alright, I accept. But I can guarantee that Kaju won’t be there. My victory won’t be shaken.”

Yanami raised her lips slightly, facing my provocation.

“Well, how about this? There are a lot of delicacies in Toyokawa Inari’s temple town. Whoever loses has to treat everything the other person orders.”

“Well, that’s-”

We’re just eating as we walk even if one of us has to treat the other. I just need one or two Inari sushi-

“Hold up, isn’t that very unfair to me?”

“Nukumizu-kun doesn’t believe there’s a date, right? I think they are dating, so the condition is fair and square. I may even be drawing the short straw since there’s the possibility of overlooking Imouto-chan.”

“...I see. Yeah, it’s fair and square.”

I agreed. Yanami started humming a song as she studied for the exam again.

“Did you know there’s a restaurant for creative Inari sushi? Many types exist, but inari sushi can be finished in a bite. That’s why I think we can review every single one. Ah, does Nukumizu-kun want the past exam question for World History?”

“Uh, if you’ve brought it, let’s take a look.”

I took the printout as suspicion raised in my heart.

…Hold on, something isn’t right. Is this bet really fair and square?

“Uh, Yanami-san. You know what? Let’s call it off. Stalking my little sister is a little-”

“Right, Nukumizu-kun. This is yours.”

Yanami interrupted me by handing me a sushi roll.

“But I don’t have the appetite…”

“I sure hope the weekend is sunny.”

After seeing her smile, I could only eat the sushi roll silently while facing the wall.


The long final exam is finally over. It’s the morning of Saturday.

Kaju took a swing before the mirror at the entrance. She patted the collar on her coat to fix it.

Kaju’s wearing a light-brown coat with fluffy white edges and short boots. There’s even a flower ornament on her head.

A study meeting with friends- she seems to be spending too much effort on her outfit for that.

She noticed me staring at her. Kaju smiled at me.

“Onii-sama, the lunch is in the fridge. Please reheat and eat it.”

“Yeah, got it. Be careful when on the train.”

I paused for a moment. Then, I realize she’s waiting to be patted. I started rubbing Kaju’s head.

“Ehehe, well then, I’m off. See you later.”

I checked my watch after confirming Kaju had waved and left.

It’s precisely 10 AM. I took out my phone and made a call.

…It rang twice. The person on the other side of the phone picked it up, as if she was waiting for me.

“What’s the situation, Nukumizu-kun?”

Yanami’s voice came through. She’s more serious than usual. I can’t help but get nervous too.

“Yep, Kaju followed the plan and went out. She’s dressing beautifully, but she’s acting as usual. Perhaps she’s really just going to a study meeting instead of a date, right?”

“What does Imouto-chan’s bag look like?”

Yanami asked.

“She has a small handbag.”

“That’s not for a study meeting, right? Where are her stationery and books?”

…I can’t believe Yanami is so sharp. I was trying my best to escape from reality.

“Maybe, but it’s also possible she’s just hanging out with her friends.”

Yanami ignored my powerless struggle.

“Perhaps, but our goal is to confirm that, right? Get prepared.”

“Do we have to go together? Why can’t I just go alone?”

“What are you going to say if you bump into Imouto-chan?”


I was speechless. Yanami launched another attack with her cheerful voice.

“Alright, Nukumizu-kun. Let’s have a match, shall we?”


I looked at my watch. It’s just past 11 PM.

I was the first one to exit Toyokawa Station. My body is shivering from the chilly breeze.

The west wind of East Mikawa is strong and dry during the winter.

“...If only I have a scarf.”

I couldn’t help but mumble. I got the scarf from Teiara-san on Christmas.

The reason I don’t have it is that I’m a little embarrassed-

“So cold! Nukumizu-kun, why are you going first?”

Yanami held the front of her coat tightly as she walked down the station stairs. The girl came next to me and hit me with her elbow lightly.

“It’s because you were looking at the map before the gate. I don’t think it’s good to disturb you.”

“Aren’t we going together? We’re supposed to look at the map together, right? Aren’t you cold?”

Yanami smacked my back.

Ah, sheesh, I should’ve come alone…

“Sorry. I’m about to freeze. Let’s go. Look, we’re going there.”

I ended the conversation half-heartedly and pointed at the other side of the bronze fox statues. There’s a torii saying “Toyokawa Inari Monzencho” there. It’s the entrance to the shopping street.

Yanami pointed at me when I was about to pass through the torii. She spoke up seriously.

“Nukumizu-kun, are you ready? The match has already begun, you know?”

“Yeah, Yanami-san wins if Kaju’s on a date. I win if she’s not.”

We entered the street again. There are many visitors since it’s the weekend.

My eyes subconsciously chased after the couples. I snapped out of it and smiled bitterly.

…I must be overthinking. Why would a brocon like Kaju go on a date with boys?

Sorry, Yanami. The victory of this match is mine already.

I mumbled and comforted myself as we walked. Yanami suddenly talked to me.

“Hey, hey, Nukumizu-kun. Why are there so many masks in that bookstore?”

I was about to turn around and check it out. Yanami suddenly pulled my arm again. What now?

“Forget about that. Look, do you see how cute this pharmacy’s billboard is!? Take a photo for me!”

Why is this girl so excited today? Honestly, I’m a bit annoyed…

Yanami made a pose. I could only take it for her.

“Is it good?”

Yes, the billboard is clear in view. It covers half of Yanami.

“It’s great. I’ll send it to you later. Let’s go.”

The crowd is getting intense as we approach the end of the street. There’s no way for us to see Kaju even if she’s here.

I take it back. Even though I think it’s impossible, it’s still a little nerve-wracking…

“Hey, Yanami-san. If we go a bit further-”

I turned around. Yanami isn’t here.  Eh, where did she go?

I started looking everywhere. Then, Yanami dashed toward me with senbei in both hands. [TL: Rice crackers.]

“Here. This is Nukumizu-kun’s. It’s fresh out of the grill, you know?”

I took it subconsciously, but this is a big senbei. It’s almost as big as Kaju’s face.

“Why did you get mine as well?”

“Didn’t we agree we would eat as we walk today? Finish it up. We can’t check out the next store otherwise.”

I see. If possible, I want you to ask me about my portion beforehand.

Yanami ground through the senbei. She’s about to finish it.

“Come to think of it, why didn’t you invite Komari and Yakishio here today?”

“What? You don’t like hanging out with me alone?”

Yanami finished the senbei and glared at me with sharp eyes. This girl is sensitive.

“The exam ended yesterday. I was thinking of bringing everyone here as a celebration.”

“The four of us stand out a lot, right? Won’t Imouto-chan run away if she sees us?”

Yanami curled the tip of her hair with her finger and continued embarrassedly.

“Also, I was really looking forward to coming here today, alright?”

“Eh, that’s-”

Yanami is actually looking forward to hanging out with me? …What does this mean?

I’m surprised. Yanami nodded gently.

“Mm-hmm, actually- there’s a branch of Toyokawa-Inari in Akasaka, Tokyo. It’s a great spot for ‘cutting ties’, you know?”

Did I just hear something ominous?

“Wait, what are you talking about? Cutting ties?”

“So, it’s about blessings. This place is like the headquarters. I feel like the effect will be very strong too, okay?”

Is there such a mechanism for temples too?

“Uh, I’ll ask this just in case. Do you have a relationship that you want to cut off?” It’s okay if you don’t want to answer, by the way.”

“...Who knows?”

Yanami smiled and walked toward the creative inari sushi shop. She’s scary.

Feeling scared, I decided to watch the visitors passing the street.

There are not just elderly people and families with children. Young couples can be seen as well.

…Kaju was in a really good mood this morning. She even asked Mom to paint her nails.

Even though she didn’t put on makeup, she spent much time dressing up. Even I can tell that-

“Huh? Yanami-san?”

She disappeared when I wasn’t paying attention. Where did she go?

It can’t be helped. I’ll wait for her as I eat this senbei.

This is my first time eating a freshly-grilled senbei. It’s hot, and the scent is coursing through my nose. It’s better than expected.

…But this is really huge.

Yanami swallowed it like paper, but this was tough for me.

Yanami returned with her hands full of stuff when I finally finished it.

She’s even holding a skewered fish cake in her mouth, just like a stray dog from an old anime.

I have no idea what she’s talking about. However, she keeps moving her chin forward. I guess she wants me to take away the skewer in her mouth.

I reluctantly did what she ordered. Yanami sighed in relief.

“Phew, that was rough. I bought one for Nukumizu-kun because you were dazing out.”

I didn’t ask you to do that.

“You bought a lot. Are you eating them right now? All of them?”

“Yeah, didn’t I say I would eat as I walk?”

Where is she even walking to?

“There are a lot. Warabimochi, grilled inari sushi, inari meatballs, and- this one’s a kitsune burger.” [TL: Warabimochi is like regular mochi but made with starch instead of rice.]

“Kitsune burger?”

I took a look. It’s a burger with a regular patty, but the buns are made of fried tofu.

Sandwiching fried food with fried food, it’s like an item specifically designed for Yanami, just like the meat-wrapped riceball…

“We have this too. There is 10 creative inari sushi inside. I want to share half of it with you.”

Uh, it’s this one, right? I took a box from the mountain of food.

“There is only 5 inside.”

“Yeah, they are tasty.”

She split them in half already.

“Here, Nukumizu-kun. No need to be polite. You can eat the fish cake too.”

Eh, you want me to eat that? The one you just took a bite out of?

“No, thank you. Here. Please have it, Yanami-san.”

I handed the skewered fish cake to Yanami’s lips.

“Ah, bite it horizontally, okay? Just a bit higher. Alright, stop.”

Yanami’s biting the fish cake like she’s eating corn.

I think the chicken in my elementary school used to eat like that. It’s a bit funny…

However, people will probably think she’s insane for doing that on the street. I feel like everyone is looking at us.

“Yanami-san, we should hurry to the temple now that you’re done eating.”

“Well, let’s finish this up. Here. Do your best too, Nukumizu-kun.”

There are still bits of fish cake on Yanami’s lips. Her smile is pretty charming.

…Ah, I have to eat too?


We’re on the stone path toward the main temple.

Yanami raised her head and admired the giant stone torii as we went under it.

“Hooo, it’s huge. No wonder this is one of the best shrine in Mikawa.”

“Yanami-san, Toyokawa Inari is a temple.” [TL: It’s both a shrine and a temple.]



She didn’t know that? Even though she knows a lot about cutting ties?

“Well, can I not offer any money then?”

“No, you have to.”

How is that her first idea?

Our boring conversation continued as we put some money in the main temple’s offering box. We clapped our hands and prayed.

-May my family be safe.

This is always my wish ever since I can remember.

I subconsciously glanced next to me. Yanami is mumbling something with her eyes closed.

She’s serious about it. I wonder what her wish is, …but I don’t really want to know either…

Yanami finally finished her curse- no, I mean, wish. She opened her eyes in satisfaction.

“What is your wish, Yanami-san? Of course, you don’t have to answer depending on the situation.”

“...Who knows?”

She tilted her head and turned around. …Fine, this topic ends here.

My eyes squinted as I looked at the spacious precinct from the main temple’s stairs. I can’t see anyone resembling Kaju.

“What’s wrong, Nukumizu-kun? You’re suddenly being suspicious.”

“Our initial goal is to confirm whether Kaju’s going on a date here. Now’s not the time to chat, right?”

Yanami looked at me. She seems interested.

“Oh? Didn’t you say it’s impossible for Imouto-chan to go on a date? Are you starting to worry?”

“What if she is? I have to see her in the act, okay? Kaju’s too young for a date.”

Yanami shrugged helplessly.

“Did you know? A date isn’t something you should be so anxious about. Nukumizu-kun, I don’t think you understand at all.”

Guys, this is from someone who has never had a boyfriend.

“Well, what is a date then?”

“It’s simple. A boy and a girl spend the same time together watching the same stuff. They confirm each other’s thoughts and feelings. That’s a date.”

Yanami walked down the stairs with light steps. I followed her.

“Will they know from just going out together…?”

“They do, Nukumizu-kun. They can feel whether the other person is right just from their walking pace and rhythm alone.”

Yanami suddenly stopped at the stairs. I hastily avoided her back.

“Uh, so it’s like guys are supposed to walk on the side closer to the road?”

“That’s a bit different, right? Well, it’s important to be considerate to each other at all times, hmm?”

For some reason, Yanami is looking at me with a reproachful gaze.

“Ah, but girls like Kawasaki-chan like the overbearing type. They don’t want people who walk in sync with them. So, I guess everyone’s different.”

Who’s Kawasaki-chan? I don’t know her. Is she into arrogant people…?

I thought about the unfamiliar Kawasaki-chan as I walked. Yanami suddenly pulled my hand forcefully.

“Look, it’s the Reikozuka! Let’s check it out!”

The Reikozuka- I think it’s a mound dedicated to many fox statues.

“Alright, but don’t pull me that hard, girl.”

Yanami urged me. We followed the small path toward the mound.

I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence, but no visitors are around.

There are countless flags raised along the path. It feels like I’m being brought to another world.

…Suddenly, I glanced at Yanami’s side profile as we walked together.

Anna Yanami. I always forget since she’s always like this, but she’s a cute and popular girl.

I know she joined the Literature Club to escape reality after being rejected by her childhood friend Sosuke Hakamada.

However, she has been hanging out with Hakamada and Himemiya-san lately. The Literature Club’s role as a refuge has been fulfilled already.

Then why is Yanami still staying in such an insignificant club and even willing to sacrifice her precious holiday for Kaju-

“Hmm, what’s wrong, Nukumizu-kun?”


She called me. I finally realized I had been staring at Yanami.

Yanami got closer to me too.

“I know you’re bewitched by me, but you’re staring at me too much, right?”

“Ha? No, I was just looking at your side profile a little-”

Huh, what did I just say?

A mischievous smile appeared on Yanami’s face.

“...Oh, you were looking at my side profile?”

“Eh, no, that was just-”

“Is this angle alright? How about I tie up my hair? What do you think?”

Yanami showed me her side profile with the opportunity.

Damn it, that was the biggest blunder in my high school life.

It’s really not what you guys think, okay? I just took a peek. It’s like watching cat videos. I’m not attracted to Yanami. Moreover, I’m more of a dog person- ahh, come on, Yanami, stop hitting my shoulder.

I ran away from her to the end of the path.


The Reikozuka. This shrine is deep inside the encirclement of over a thousand fox statues. These stone statues were dedicated by people who had their wishes granted.

This is a breathtaking view. Yanami and I dropped our jaws as we stood next to each other.

“Uwah, there are so many. Let’s split up and count them. You start from the left, Nukumizu-kun.”

“Eh, we don’t need to count them, right?”

“Ah! That fox looks a lot like Nukumizu-kun, right? Look, the 25th one from there.”

“I won’t count them even if you say that.”

Sheesh, how naive of you to think your words will have an effect on me. You’re wrong. All of them are fox statues. It’s hard to even think about which one to start counting from.

That fox over there, does it look like me? The one next to it looks so slim and cool as well.

I asked Yanami quietly.

“...So, which one do we start counting for the 25th one?”


I collapsed onto the bench in the manju shop after returning to the shopping street.

I had to stop Yanami from naming the fox statues and keep an eye on her as she fed the koi. It was exhausting.

“Nukumizu-kun, I won’t eat koi feed no matter what, okay?”

Yanami handed me a package saying “Pearl Manju” before sitting beside me.

This girl bought me another thing without asking me again…

“Then why did you look up ‘koi feed’ and ‘is it fine to eat them’ on your phone?”

“It looks pretty tasty when the koi are eating them. That’s why I wonder how they taste. Nukumizu-kun is curious too, right?”

I’m not. Don’t ask for my opinion either.

“Also, are you still going to eat, Yanami-san? Didn’t you already eat a lot before we visited the temple?”

“We were walking and eating. Now we’re sitting. It’s different.”

Well, indeed, a manju is nothing to Yanami. She was showcasing what “walking and eating” actually meant just then. Even the foreign visitors wanted to give her a round of applause.

I looked outside dazedly. The store entrance is right by the street. Many visitors are coming and going.

I searched for Kaju in the crowd before gradually giving it. My eyes are just following people’s direction.

…What was I even thinking?

I went all this way just because of such an uncertain piece of news. There’s no way to find Kaju this way, even if she’s here.

“...Yeah, Kaju isn’t here.”

I spoke up calmly.

“Yeah, Imouto-chan isn’t here.”

Yanami said it, too, as if it was to confirm my words.

Finally noticing her tone, I realized Yanami came here just for my sake today.

It’s not easy to accept something and let it slowly sink into your heart.

Not only does your mind have to understand it, but your heart also needs time to digest it slowly. It takes time.

So, Yanami isn’t just worried about me. She went out of her way to come here to accompany me as my senpai, right?

Yanami swallowed the manju and spoke up calmly.

“It takes a long time to get used to the feeling that you’re no longer the most important person in that someone’s heart.”

Yanami’s smile has a tinge of confusion and loneliness.

“Is this life…?”

“Yep, the most important person in that someone’s heart has changed, but the most important person to you can’t change right away.”

I’m being a bit narcissistic, but I always think I’m the person who matters the most to Kaju.

One day, Kaju will have another most important person to her.

I thought I would understand, but I wasn’t prepared to accept that day is right now.

The same goes for Yanami. She must have felt the same way after Hakamada and Himemiya-san started going out-

No, hold on. Come to think of it, was Yanami really his most important person…? Maybe not, …but I guess the result is the same, right…?

Just as I’m thinking about these things-

“-Hey, you’re not eating that?”

Yanami looked at my manju. She returned to her usual cheerful tone and asked me.

“I just ate senbei. I don’t have the appetite.”

Yanami looked at me in disbelief.

“The senbei is pretty thin. It doesn’t count as food, right? Seaweed has low calories as well. From my perspective, it’s pretty much zero.”

Is this Yanami Theory really correct? I think something’s wrong.

I handed the manju to Yanami silently. She smiled and took it.

“You’re too slim, Nukumizu-kun. You should eat more. Speaking of which, what is your weight?

Weight? I don’t think I’ve paid attention to it.

“I think…it was 52 kg the last time I measured it.”


Yanami dropped an “eh”.

She stopped unwrapping the package and sat there silently.

What? Did I say something weird…?”

“What’s wrong, Yanami-san? Is there any issue with my weight-”

“It’s nothing! Show me the photo you just took! Now!”

Ehh, …why is she suddenly angry?

The photo I just took, she meant the one with the pharmacy billboard sign, right?

I took out my phone and opened the album. No photos were taken after that, so I just needed to send her the latest picture-


For some reason, there’s an unfamiliar photo in the album.

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Nukumizu-kun?”

Yanami got close and looked at my phone. She tilted her head unbelievably.

“...Nukumizu-kun, when did you take this photo?”

I don’t blame Yanami’s disbelief.

There’s a photo of Yanami and me walking on the street with senbei in our hands. Some other ones show we’re eating burgers, me feeding the fish cake to Yanami- and even one for her feeding the koi.

“I’m in the photo. I didn’t take it.”

“Then why are these photos in Nukumizu-kun’s photo?”

I know who it is- or I should say, only one person could’ve pulled this off.

A person shares the apps and folders on my phone while knowing I’m coming here.

Another photo is uploaded when we’re looking at the screen.


I hastily stood up. The photo shows a boy and a girl sitting on a bench inside a store.

-It was Yanami and me a moment ago.


It’s the evening. I sank my shoulders into the bathtub in my house and sighed.

“Today is exhausting…”

I watched the water drops dripping from the ceiling as I remembered what had happened during the day.

-Yanami and I immediately ran out of the store after receiving the sneak shots, but Kaju was nowhere to be found.

Kaju must have been there. In other words, the <Going to Toyokawa Inari with Tachibana-kun ♡> on the calendar isn’t my hallucination.

“Well, I guess it’s a draw, right?”

Ultimately, I didn’t even know whether that counted as a date.

We’re covering each of our expenses if it’s a draw. I guess it makes sense-


…Hmm? Does it? I did what Yanami said, but don’t tell me she tricked me…?

I’m starting to suspect things. Then, a black shadow suddenly appeared on the glass of the door.


I subconsciously stood up from the tub.

“Onii-sama, how’s the temperature?”

Kaju’s familiar and bright voice resonated.

I sank my body into the tub again.

“Ahh, it’s just right. Uh, what’s wrong?”

“The shampoo ran out, so I took a new bottle. Excuse me.”


The door squeaked and opened slowly.

Kaju reached her petite hand inside and put the shampoo bottle on the bathroom floor.

Her hand quickly retracted, but the door remained slightly open.

“Thank you, Kaju. I’m finishing up. You can go back now.”

No answer.

Kaju is standing still on the other side of the frosted glass.

The silence is unbearable. I was about to speak up, but Kaju asked me in her usual tone.

“Where did you go during the day?”

Eh? Why did she ask that? Isn’t Kaju the one who took the photos?

No matter what, there’s no way Kaju isn’t involved, right…?

I hesitated before speaking up.

“Uh, I went out with my friend. Why did you ask?”

“It’s because the lunch in the fridge is untouched. I thought something happened to you.”

…I completely forgot about that.

For some reason, Yanami kept shoving me all kinds of food on our way home. That’s why I’m not hungry at all…

“I just ate outside. What about you, Kaju? Where did you go?”

I asked casually. After a moment of silence, Kaju answered with the same casual tone.

“-I studied with my friends.”

I’m the one who falls silent this time.

Shake. Kaju’s long hair swayed on the other side of the frosted glass.

“Dinner is onii-sama’s favorite inari sushi. You look exhausted, so I made them sweeter.”


The door squeaked before closing.

“Take your time, onii-sama.”

Intermission: Everyone in the Student Council

After school, student council room.

Vice president Teiara Basori slammed open the door.

“Listen to me, Prez!”

Teiara dashed straight toward Prez’s seat and slammed her hands on the table.

The student council president of Tsuwabuki High School, Hibari Hokobaru, raised her head from the table. She tilted her neck in a calm demeanor.

“What’s wrong? You look so freaked out.”

Teiara approached Prez. Her face is as red as a tomato.

“Shikiya-senpai untied my bra again! In front of a guy as well!”

Hokobaru gave a wry smile as she closed the reference book.

This is her third time hearing such a complaint this year.

A shadow suddenly appeared behind Teiara just as she was about to say something.

It’s the secretary of the student council, Yumeko Shikiya. She wrapped her arms around Teiara and leaned on her softly.

“Bad sizes, …not good…”

“T-The size is fine! It will be sit soon!”

“But the…shape…will change, …right?”

“It won’t! Even though I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Hokobaru watched the two girls’ interaction. She waved her hand without attempting to hide her smile.

“You haven’t changed, Shikiya. But it’s bad to do this in front of people, you know?”

“Yes, …next time, …I’ll find a empty place…to do it…”

“Good to know.”

The two senpais nodded. Teiara couldn’t help but yell.

“What’s good!? She isn’t supposed to take it off in the first place! Say something too, Prez!”

“But there’s no point in me talking, right?”

Hokobaru smiled bitterly and frowned.

“...What? What’s wrong with pointing out a problem?”

“No need to hide. Basori-kun and Shikiya are like that, right?”

“We’re not, okay!?”

“There are many types of love. I’ll do my best to clear my biases. Feel free to talk to me if you two have any-”

“I said we’re not like that, okay!?”

Teiara denied it vehemently. Shikiya slowly shook her head.

“You found out. …It can’t be helped…”

“No one found out! No, we aren’t like that in the first place. I should say it’s the opposite- a-ahh! What on Earth is happening!?”

Teiara is going haywire. Then, she heard a gentle voice.

“Alright, I prepared tea for everyone. Let’s take a break.”

The person watching the three girls having fun is the last student council member, the first-year treasurer, Hiroto Sakurai.

He’s the only male member as well. There’s a teapot in his hand.

Sakurai-kun put the cup on Shikiya’s seat and poured the steaming black tea inside.

“Peach tea, …I like…”

Shikiya’s attracted by the tea. She approached her seat dazedly.

“Take a break too, Basori-chan. Here, sit down and have some tea.”

“Sure, I’m exhausted…”

Teiara put her hand on her forehead and slumped onto the chair.

After checking it, Sakurai-kun distributed small plates to everyone.

“There are chocolates as snacks as well. Feel free to try them. It’s handmade, you know?”

“Oh? Handmade. Who gave them to you?”

Hokobaru looked at the chocolates curiously.

Sakurai-kun poured tea into Prez’s club as he answered with a warm smile.

“You girls know about Nukumizu-kun from the Literature Club, right? He gave me these.”


Clang. Teiara dropped the cup on the floor.

“Basori-chan, are you okay?”

Sakurai-kun quickly ran toward her.

Teiara immediately stood up and ignored the handkerchief he handed over. She grabbed Sakurai-kun’s wrist tightly.

“Sakurai-kun!? You received the chocolate from Nukumizu-san!?”

“Y-Yeah. I gave him info on last year’s open day. He gave me these as thanks.”

“That person…is not satisfied with Prez. He now wants to drag Sakurai-kun down too…?”

Teiara held Sakurai-kun’s arm tightly as she mumbled.

“...What was that?”

“Sakurai-kun! Please tell me more about when you received the chocolate-”

Teiara suddenly covered her nose with her hands.

“Huh? What’s wrong, Basori-chan?”

Teiara-san raised her head and looked at the ceiling. She slowly shook her head.

“Nothing. Well, I’m just too excited. …Nosebleed.”


Sakurai-kun is confused. Shikiya appeared out of nowhere and put her hand on Teiara’s shoulder.

“No, …you have to take a break…at a quiet place…”

“Ah, sure. Sorry, let’s take a break on the sofa in the corner- hold on, why are you bringing me out of the room? Shikiya-senpai? Where are we going!?”

“It’s okay. …I won’t do anything, …really…”

“Why are you bringing me out if you’re not going to do anything-”

Bam. The student council room door closed.

Sakurai-kun watched their departure before sighing deeply.

“It can’t be helped. Hiba-nee, let’s have a cup first.”

He turned around. Hokobaru is standing there awkwardly with the cup handle in her hand.

Again, only the cup handle is in her hand. The shattered pot and tea are all over the floor.

“The handle broke when I was about to pour tea for Hiroto. I didn’t do anything.”

“Are you okay? It’s fine. I’ll take care of it. Have a seat.”

Sakurai-kun pressed his stomach lightly as he squatted down and picked up the teapot pieces.

Tsuwabuki High School Student Council. Even though it’s an elite group, not everyone knows the fourth person who is truly carrying it yet.

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