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Please Leave Me Alone V2 Chapter 2

Translator: Pingas

It’s been a week since the trip. Those rumors have subsided.

I can catch a breath for now. However, this is my first time having such a rumor with a girl. A peaceful ending like this left a tinge of regret in my heart. Who knows if this was the only chance I had in my life?

No, what chance are we talking about here?

But I can’t be sincerely happy if Hanamitsuji is sad. This ending is already quite nice. I’m still upholding my morals in situations like this. Aren’t I amazing? Regrettably, I’m a loner. No one will come to praise me. Isn’t this sad?

The English teacher talks in alpha waves while chalks are stroked against the blackboard. The double non-stop BGMs made me look outside the window.

The sky outside is gray since it’s the rainy season. It still looks like it’s about to pour down at any second. The air is very humid. I feel like I’m drinking water from taking a breath alone. However, it’s still possible to get a heat stroke no matter how humid it is. So, it’s important to drink water.

Higashidani High School doesn’t have a fixed date for switching uniforms. Most students are wearing summer uniforms at this point. Either that or they put on a long shirt while rolling up the sleeves. Some guys are really excited since the girls are lowering their defenses. As for the girls, they send them their hate and disgust as usual.

But, by the way, I can’t believe there’s only a month left until the summer holiday. I still feel like I went back in time yesterday.

I was just going to be a loner again when I first returned. However, my current life is orders of magnitude different from the last one. Recently, I even started having trouble with relationships. I realized being a loner is much more relaxing once again.

Sleepiness is slowly taking over me with these boring thoughts spinning in my head. So, I fell into the realm of dreams dazedly.


The English lesson was already over when I woke up. It’s break time now. I observed the surroundings as I lay on the table, but then I realized we had to change classrooms for the next lesson.

The classmates chatted and laughed as they slowly walked outside. I don’t really want to follow the main group out, you know? Even though everyone is walking in the same direction, there’s always an empty space around me. No, this class has already decided to exclude me.

With that, I decided to keep pretending to be asleep.

I’ll leave once fewer people are here so I won’t be noticed too much. I can hide in the toilet while going to the classroom and sneak in at the last second. This way, I don’t have to face everyone laughing and chatting around the big table while I just sit there in silence awkwardly.

Therefore, I pretended to be in a deep sleep even after the lesson. However, who would’ve thought a voice came above me?

“…mura. Nanamura.”

No, this…is impossible, right?

I thought I misheard it, but the voice came up again.

“Hey, Nanamura.”

I can’t keep up my act. This is already an unavoidable reality. I raised my head while trembling. A blonde gal is standing next to me.

“Oh, you’re awake?”

I didn’t know what to tell her, so I answered with gibberish.

“…Uh, who are you?”

“Nanamura, are you still not awake?”

Hoshigasaki said that in a dumbfounded tone. Yeah, this person is indeed Hoshigasaki. Even though I recognize her voice…

“Well, this is the classroom, right?”

I answered her quietly and looked around. Although there are a lot fewer people in the classroom, it’s not totally empty. It’ll be bad for Hoshigasaki if people see us talking.

However, Hoshigasaki is totally oblivious to the confusion written on my face. She continued calmly.

“We’re changing classrooms for the next lesson. See you.”

“Oh, sure…”

She explained what she wanted, turned around, and left the classroom at once. I looked at her. My mind is filled with questions.

Her attitude just then was really plain. It’s like talking to a totally unfamiliar classmate. However, why is she speaking to me in the classroom…?

“Hey, Hoshigasaki-san actually talked to you in the classroom. That’s rare.”

Shiramine was already next to my table before I noticed. Even Shiramine thinks Hoshigasaki’s actions are unusual.


“But isn’t this nice too? Someone’s here to wake you up.”

“I wasn’t actually asleep. It’s just that people will give me weird stares when I’m inside their group. That’s why I never leave at the same time as they do.”

“You always love thinking about irrelevant things…”

“People are thinking about their relationships while I’m scrambling my brain for a loner’s survival.”

“Who would know that?”

Shiramine sighed. She looked dumbfounded.

No, I think this is key…to a lone wolf.


Hoshigasaki has been weird lately.

After that time, Hoshigasaki always tries to interact with me in school.

One day, she gently waved at me when we met in the corridor.

Of course, I didn’t think she was waving at me, so I ignored her. I bet she was waving at her friend behind me, right? It only took me 0.2 seconds to reach this logical conclusion. I nearly raised my hand and answered her. Phew, nearly left an awkwardly painful memory there.

However, a message came through Line later. <Why did you ignore me?> It sounded kind of scary. It looked like she was mad at me for not answering her. I gave an honest reply. <I thought you were waving at someone else.> Then, when we saw each other in the corridor the next time, her lips said “Nanamura” as she waved at me.

At that point, I could only give up and greet her. I was really afraid that other people would see us.


On another day, she came to chat with me for no reason.

“Someone dropped their eraser. Is it Nanamura’s?”

Hoshigasaki bent down and picked up something as she passed by. That was a plain eraser. However, it’s not mine, unfortunately.

“I-It’s not mine…”

“Hmm. Ah, this is my eraser. Ahaha-“

“That’s how you admit your mistakes!?”

I accidentally spurt out what I was thinking. I quickly looked around. Hiiragi was chatting with her friends at the front of the classroom. She was staring daggers at me.

Seriously? She was the one who talked to me. It’s not like I have a good relationship with Hoshigasaki. …I debated non-stop in my heart. It’s just that Hiiragi doesn’t have superpowers. I don’t think she heard my protest, right?


Then, she raised Hiiragi’s suspicion on another day when she tried to talk to me.

“Ah, Nana…”

“Ruri! Here are the notes for the next lesson.”

Hoshigasaki tried to strike up a conversation with me right when we saw each other in the classroom. Then, as if she wanted to interrupt her, Hiiragi called Hoshigasaki from a few meters away.

“Ah, Yuria, what’s wrong?”

Hoshigasaki snapped out of it and dashed toward them. Although I can only see her back, I bet her face must look startled and guilty. We’re talking about her, after all. My stomach hurts from just imagining it.

“Ah, right, the notes. But-“

At this point, Hiiragi stopped and glared at me with a suspicious look. I observed the situation before quickly looking away. Anyway, let’s just focus on my phone’s screen for now.

“I’ve been worrying about this before. Ruri, Nanamura and you…”

Hoshigasaki hastily interrupted Hiiragi.

“Eh? W-Who’s Nanamura? What are you talking about? I-I have no idea at all.“

Oi, Hoshigasaki. “Who’s Nanamura!?” is literally the worst excuse ever! Also, don’t just act like you don’t understand Japanese!

“Eh, your ‘who’ was brutal.”

“But I can understand how Ruri feels! That happened before, after all.”

Luckily, Hoshigasaki’s friends are just teasing her reaction. They didn’t ask too much.

“…I see. Whatever.”

Only Hiiragi remains. Her tone still seems suspicious. She hmphed.

I’m a few meters away from her in my seat with my phone. All I can do is hide my presence and make myself as silent as a rock. Why do I have to deal with mental pressure like this? I have no idea why Hoshigasaki is doing this too, you know?

She keeps forcing me to talk to her even though I don’t understand her motive. I’m pretty annoyed as well, alright? The same goes for Hoshigasaki. She literally has zero benefits from speaking to me in class. Is she threatened by someone?

“Talking to Nanamura” because she is threatened. …How unpleasant must I be in their eyes?


I was searching for books in the library at that day’s lunchtime. Just like last time, Hoshigasaki appeared again. Her blonde hair and earrings shaped a modern aura that’s totally outstanding from this gloomy library.

“Nanamura, what are you reading?”

She walked inside that narrow path. It’s very hard for us to even bypass each other. She stood next to me and spoke calmly. Her eyes are fixed on me. It looks like she’s not interested in the book I’m reading. She just wants to talk to me.

I looked away from her beautiful face and sighed.

“You’ve been weird lately.”

“…What do you mean?”

“You either call me in the classroom or wave at me.”

The whole class knows the relationship between Hoshigasaki and me is a victim and a perpetrator. Naturally, it always raises suspicion when two people like this talk in the classroom. Perhaps it may even reveal Hoshigasaki’s secret.

That’s why, even though we’ve seen each other twice outside of school, we always avoid contact when in the classroom.

Although I’m very curious about why she wants to talk to me so much that she broke the rule, I would be thinking of myself too highly if I ask her on Line just for that. That’s why I’ve never asked her.

“Ah, that’s what you’re talking about.”

Hoshigasaki’s bitter smile seemed to have shown that I was right.

“It feels unusual. You’re like a person with a communication disorder trying to force herself to make friends.”

“T-That’s mean! D-Do I look that weird…? Wasn’t I just a bit nervous?”

After seeing what she did a few days ago, I finally believed that she was a timid child. Perhaps she’s fine with interacting with a circle she’s already in. However, I guess it’s too much if she wants to construct a new relationship.

“Don’t talk to me if you feel nervous.”

“But Nanamura is isolated by everyone because of me. I…”

Yeah, it’s because of this.

Even though this girl is gentle and considerate, it’s meaningless if Hoshigasaki’s stance collapses because of her good points.

“I don’t blame you. I was already a loner because I was isolated.”

“You’re right, but-“

“Also, there’s the ‘Class President and Person in Charge of Nanamura’, Shiramine.”

“When did Prez get a weird title like this!? By the way, will someone really insult themselves this way?”

I wouldn’t throw out jokes like this in my previous high school life. However, now that it’s my second time, I can easily crack one. Don’t underestimate how cheeky I am, you know?

“Didn’t Hiiragi suspect you just then? It’s best for you to not talk to me in school. Well, I do appreciate your effort.”

If there’s a button that lets you talk to someone freely, but the price is this person will lose all of the friends they have made, I’ll never press it. I don’t think it’s worthy of you to pay such a heavy price just to talk to me. Also, a high school student’s only option is to make themselves comfortable on the campus.

“We can just talk on Line, right? There’s no need for us to speak in school and raise unnecessary risks.”

“Well, you’re right…”

Hoshigasaki mumbled. She asked me.

“Nanamura, do you think I’m annoying?”

Her expression looks very uncertain. My heart can’t help but beat faster. A normally rude and vicious gal is caring about my feelings now. No boys in this world can withstand such a contrasting charm. My reaction is natural.

If you’re asking me like that, how can I answer you, “Yes, super annoying.”

“Not really. …I just think this may harm you.”

I hinted at her, “Perhaps your secret will be revealed too if others know our relationship isn’t actually bad.” However, Hoshigasaki isn’t moved by that.

“If you don’t think I’m annoying, I can chat with you, right?”

“Eh? Well, that’s one way to put it, but…”

Before I could express my clear rejection, Hoshigasaki left the path instantly. Her face looks satisfied. I can see the determination burning in her eyes.

“Well, I’ll see you in the classroom.”


Hoshigasaki smiled and waved. I could only answer her with a vague nod.


It’s now late June. I just finished my lunch.

I’m reading light novels in my seat. Shiramine came and talked to me.

“Nanamura-kun, can I have a moment?”

As the class president, Shiramine won’t raise any suspicion even if she talks to me. That’s why girls always ask Shiramine to tell me whenever I need to know something. Come to think of it, Shiramine really is the person in charge of Nanamura. …I feel bad for her, even though I’m the bad person.

“What homework did I miss this time?”

“That’s only what a forgetful person would ask, right? …I’m not here to ask for your homework today.”

“Your impression of mine is too bad, right?”

“I don’t have to come to neg you if you hand them in on time.”

 “Ha.” Shiramine sighed.

At this point, I finally realized she’s here for something different today. Shiramine’s lips curled upward for some reason. She’s showing a shameless smile.

“…What’s with your face?”

I have a bad feeling about this.

“Upon some calculations, I think you owe me a favor.”


I asked her. Shiramine looked at me. There seemed to be a deeper meaning of this.

“Didn’t I help you out when you tried to tame the rumors with Hanamitsuji-san? I’m here to collect the favor today.”

“Your words are rough, but you’re right.”

Honestly, I owe Shiramine more favors than I can possibly remember. It’s probably at the debt liquidation level.

“I’ll try to fulfill any wish you have, but please don’t ask me to make a friend.”

“I feel you should make friends even when people don't ask you. …Whatever, you’ll understand soon enough. Prepare yourself.”

“I can’t prepare myself if you don’t tell me what it is.”

In the end, Shiramine left without explaining how she wanted me to return the favor.

It would be great if her kindness suddenly surges and just asks me to get her some juice. However, she doesn’t look like she wants me to do that. I hope that it’s not going to be anything troublesome. But, a mindset like this is a literal flag. I don’t want to recycle it.


That day’s class assembly was different. The person standing on the podium is the class president, Shiramine, instead of the teacher. The teacher sits on a chair next to the wall and casually crosses his legs.

“Well, we’ll choose a Cultural Festival Executive Member now.”

Everyone started getting rowdy after Shiramine’s announcement.

Right, it’s already this time.

I’ve already lived through high school once. At this point, those sweet and sour memories from the Higashidani High School Cultural Festival that my current classmates don’t have yet are slowly surfacing in my mind. …Alright, there’s none.

It’s not just there are no sweet and sour memories. Everything I can remember is full of bitterness. They are flowing out non-stop. If only there was a recycling company for trash memories.

The so-called Cultural Festival Executive Member is pretty self-explanatory. The name explains the job. This position is supposed to help create a successful cultural festival.

Everyone normally abbreviates the title as “Bunjitsu”. 

Higashidani High School’s Cultural Festival normally takes place in October. Even though the class decides what they want to do after the summer holiday, the student council, cultural clubs, and some enthusiastic students start working during the holiday. So, usually, the selection of Bunjitsu begins at the end of the first term to prepare for the summer holiday.

No one wants to waste their precious summer holiday on troublesome work. That’s why the selection of Bunjitsu is often a difficult task.

Also, Bunjitsu is responsible for the entire Cultural Festival. That’s why they often have less time for their own classes. If that’s the case, it’s much happier to prepare for the festival with your friends. So, there’s no way people want to become a Bunjitsu.

Shiramine looks especially energetic. She took out notes from the plastic folder on the podium.

“We’re spreading the notes made by the student council now. Please pass it along, everyone.”

We received the notes row by row. The uppermost part has a title in trendy art fonts, <Notice on Recruitment of Cultural Festival Executive Members (Bunjitsu)>. The requests are listed below one by one.

<Bunjitsu is an important position for supporting the Higashidani High School Cultural Festival!>

<The student council will also assist in preparing and operating the Cultural Festival!>

<The sense of achievement after a successful festival is definitely out of this world!>

<Let’s work together and push the Cultural Festival to its highest!>

<If there’s no cultural festival in your middle school, …that’s fine! People without experience are welcomed! Our working environment is free and comfortable!>

Perhaps all of these descriptions are true, but it’s rare for someone to join because of this alone. Also, drop the free and comfortable thing. Isn’t this the definition of a terrible working environment?

It’s going to be like that, right? Doing weird speeches during the morning assembly, everyone gathering to shoot videos and post them to SNS, etc. The “comfortable and free” (laughs) consciousness must be forged by attacking the person with the lowest capability during work.

Why not prepare better bait if the point is to get people in? <Free, simulated buffet for Executive Members!>, <Easy passages that Executive Members can use only!>. Let’s ignore how many people there are on Friday when the festival is open for our students only. The school will be stuffed on Saturday when students from other schools and local residents are here.

There are several important points listed below in a smaller font.

Each glass needs to elect a guy and a girl as Bunjitsu. All of them need to participate in several activities during the summer holiday. On the event day, a shift system will be implemented so that everyone has time to help their class’s preparation or just chill around in the Cultural Festival. All volunteers are welcome to apply for Bunjitsu.

Everyone in the class should’ve already briefly read the notes. Right now, I can hear them talking to their friends.

However, the mood isn’t too enthusiastic. Most of the conversations are, “This is a pain-“, “I have my summer classes.”, “Isn’t it too early to work in the summer holiday?” Of course, even though I didn’t talk to anyone, I feel roughly the same as them.

Also, I especially agree with the girl who said, “This is a pain-“ It’s because most things in the world are a pain.

Although I don’t have any arrangements during summer, this isn’t a reason for me to work. I have to kill time by lazing around during free days, you know? I’m a busy person. I just don’t have time for meaningful things like this.

Japan’s summer is too hot for someone who wants to live a serious life. It’s already unbearable for me to move from my air-conditioned room to nearby convenience stores. Coming to school and working under this weather is just pure penance. Perhaps I’ll reach nirvana once I make it through the summer holiday.

My dream of becoming a light novel author requires trouble for the sublimation of my work. That’s why I can’t remove myself from the troubles of the mortal plane yet.

Shiramine observed the class’s reaction. After a minute, she clapped her hands and raised everyone’s attention.

“Everyone now knows what Bunjitsu has to do, right? You can ask any questions. Volunteers can apply now as well.”

The whole classroom returned to silence after Shiramine’s appeal. It’s even quieter than when we have lessons. Everyone in the class is as silent as I am. Be this quiet during Japanese lessons, y’all. I bet the old teacher will burst into happy tears.

Shiramine stood helplessly with her hands akimbo. She looked around the classroom.

“It looks like there aren’t any volunteers. Well, let’s use elimination then. First of all, classmates who have clubs or other things to do can speak up first.”

At this moment, the whole classroom is filled with different noises. Even though everyone acted like a monster would discover them if they dared to make a sound.

“Prez, our team has a big shift starting from summer! I have to start preparing during the holiday, so I can’t be a Bunjitsu! Not even after summer!”

“Kuno, don’t you normally say clubs are a pain!?”

“Shut up! My passion for baseball has just awoken!”

“Ah, we’re going on a trip during the summer too.”

“I’m probably not free since I have tutorial lessons.”

“I have a part-time job! Sorry, Prez!”

“My parents said I did too bad in the final exam. They banned me from doing stuff like this.”

“My great-grandma said I must not become a Bunjitsu in her will.”

“I’ve been allergic to Bunjitsu ever since I was little.”

All kinds of excuses for not being a Bunjitsu swept me by surprise. That last one is definitely a lie.

So, Shiramine said, “Alright, alright, I’ll record what every one of you said.”

Even though I wanted to say, “I can’t. Summer’s too hot.”, I feared the whole class would quiet down in the middle of my speech. That would be too awkward, so I remained silent.

I really hope you guys won’t make reactions like, “Eh? I didn’t know this dude could talk.” Who said loners don’t talk? It’s just because no one cares about us. That’s why I can’t find a chance to speak, alright?

Shiramine looked around the class when the excuse contest died down.

“Very well. The range is smaller now.”

After that, those who didn’t come up with an excuse or were not good at talking plopped their heads down immediately. I’m one of them, obviously. 

From my experience, you’ll lose the moment you decide to act. Don’t be too outstanding. Hide your presence as much as possible. I should avoid attracting my classmates’ attention right now. Perhaps you may say, “Isn’t this what loners are always doing?” But, actually- you’re right.

Shiramine continued calmly as if she had already predicted this would happen.

“Still no volunteers?”

After she confirmed that we wouldn’t answer, a slightly shameless smile appeared on her face.

“Well, even though I don’t want to do this, I’ll appoint someone.”

At this moment, I remembered what Shiramine told me just then.

At that time, Shiramine said, “I’m here to collect the favor.”

…Hey, are you kidding me?

I subconsciously looked at the podium. I was right. Shiramine is staring straight at me right now! She seemed to have smiled when we exchanged looks. Cold sweat dripped from my back.

After a short pause, Shiramine quickly announced.

“Well, Nanamura-kun. Can you do it?”

Immediately, an awkward atmosphere filled the classroom. “Eh…?”

Of course! I knew it! I knew it from the start!

But I didn’t do anything wrong this time, right!?

It’s all because of Shiramine!

…I screamed inside, but I didn’t dare to voice out.

Although people had some positive impression of me when I saved Hanamitsuji (It’s great if it’s true since this is just my personal guess), everyone still remembers what I did when Hoshigasaki and Sakado fought each other.

It’s normal for the mood to turn weird when such a guy is appointed as Bunjitsu.

“Ah- Nanamura, right?”

“Prez, are you serious?”

I made a weak protest. Shiramine started making excuses half-heartedly.

“It’s going to be fine. Despite his looks, Nanamura-kun is actually quite serious and reliable. Look, didn’t he get first place during the mid-term exam?”

What did you just say about me…!?

Although I didn’t ask her to keep this a secret, I didn’t expect her to say it in front of the whole class.

After hearing what Shiramine said, I can sense the disappointment in their voices wavering for a bit.

Perhaps it’s because this school values academics. The smartest person in the class does have some credit.

“Really? I thought Prez got first place.”

“That’s unexpected.”

The classmates started making positive comments bit by bit after hearing what Shiramine said. Gradually, the mood turned to, “Whatever, I guess Nanamura works.”

However, the problem is that I don’t want to become a Bunjitsu at all. Why are you shoving annoying things like this onto me?

Things will really be settled if this continues. I have to retort right away.

“Nope, I’ll be busy too.”

“Nanamura-kun, you’re not in any clubs. Also, you don’t seem to be in tutorial classes as well. So, how busy are you?”


How am I supposed to say I have to laze around in my air-conditioned room? I have to hang out with my friends? I bet people will tease me if I say that. “Loners trying to keep up appearances…?” That won’t work. Going to bookstores and libraries during the summer isn’t a solid excuse either.

“You may have less time to prepare for what our class will do, but it’s okay as long as you come to the Cultural Festival.”

On the surface, this means, “You can leave the classwork to me.” However, I understand the deeper meaning. “You’re just going to be awkward in the class’s preparation. It’s better to just be a Bunjitsu, right?”

Indeed, it makes sense. I just don’t want to admit it…

In the end, I can only relay that I gave up with silence.

Well, but we can use a bit of optimism. Everyone in the class pushed the troublesome work of a Bunjitsu onto a loner. As for me, I now have an excuse to escape from the awkward class preparation.

As long as you ignore the fact that a loner is working hard for a Cultural Festival he can’t enjoy, this is a win-win situation.

Did Shiramine predict this too? Are you Kongming?

“Well, we have Nanamura-kun for the guys. I’m sorry, but I hope you can think of this as contributing to the class. Please.”

Clack, clack. The chalk sounds pleased. The name “Nanamura” appeared on the blackboard. Tck, she tricked me into this.

Then, the following issue is that no girl will volunteer if I become the Bunjitsu. I bet Shiramine must have thought of that too.

Shiramine looked around the classroom. She put the chalk next to my name.

Ah, I knew this was going to happen.

This is how this girl does things. She’s serious and loves to meddle in other people’s business. She always takes up responsibility for the prank she came up with.

This girl’s personality really makes her lose a lot.

Oblivious to my thoughts, Shiramine spoke in a calm tone.

“No volunteers for girls? Then I’ll-“

“Prez! C-Can I do it?”


Shiramine turned back in confusion. The classmates did the same thing. Obviously, I was the same. All of us looked at the source of the voice.

Hoshigasaki stood up with both of her hands on the table.

Confusion is flowing across the classroom. The waves of laughter from the other class seem especially loud. Hoshigasaki’s pose looks like she’s hesitating whether she should sit back down, but her tone is very clear.

“Ah- well, I think doing both Prez’s and Bunjitsu’s work will be too tough for you. As for me, I don’t have any clubs, and my summer shifts are pretty flexible too…”

Shiramine seemed to have snapped out of it after this. She answered.

“Ahh, sure. Volunteers are welcomed.”

“I see. Glad to hear that.”

“Nanamura-kun also agrees, right?”

How can I even reject it? But I can’t even give a gentle nod.

It’s because everyone is still misunderstanding the relationship between Hoshigasaki and me. To be fair, we are the ones who caused the misunderstanding.

In everyone’s mind, I’m a disgusting asshole who shoved light novels into Hoshigasaki’s school bag. Hoshigasaki is the innocent victim under my diabolical plan.

However, even so, she still volunteered to be my Bunjitsu partner. Everyone definitely thinks there’s a deeper meaning to this. At this point, the classmates are all confused. The mood seems like it doesn’t allow anyone to speak.

Someone eventually spoke and tore this silence apart.

“Ruri, …what’s wrong with you?”

It’s Hiiragi. However, the person in question just gently shook her head.

“I’m fine. I just want to try doing it.”


“It’ll be fine.”

“I see.”

With that, Hiiragi could only back down. Shiramine knocked on the blackboard with the chalk.

“Well, we’ll have Hoshigasaki-san for the girls here. Thank you. I appreciate your help.”

The name “Hoshigasaki” appeared next to me.

“I’m looking forward to working with you, Nanamura-kun.”

Hoshigasaki smiled. I was about to sigh, but I swallowed it with my full might. It’ll be troublesome if the classmates hear me sighing. They will suspect our relationship.


In the end, I just answered like that and looked away.

Come to think of it, this is a chance for me to prepare for the Cultural Festival with a cute girl in class. Isn’t this totally what happens in rom-coms too? A classic among classics. Light novel lovers should be more or less interested in this, right?

However, this time, I just can’t feel happy.

It’s not just because I hate myself for being a Bunjitsu. It’s especially because I can easily imagine how things will go wrong in the future.


On that day after school, I heard somebody’s voice when I changed shoes next to the shelves.


“…What’s wrong, Hiiragi?”

I already expected Hiiragi would look for me during the class assembly. This girl is especially sensitive whenever it involves Hoshigasaki. She’s really easy to understand.

“I need to talk to you.”

“But I don’t…”

“I said I need to talk to you. Shut up, follow me.”

“Sigh, fine.”

Hiiragi quickly changed her shoes. She doesn’t seem to think I would reject. She urged me with a big attitude. I bet this girl must be good at terrorizing others, right? …It’s hard to not associate her like that upon seeing her actions.

I’m also at fault since I just obeyed her after slight intimidation. The criminal’s request should be heard before the police barges to save the hostage, right? However, the problem is that I’m playing as both the hostage and the negotiator right now. Can someone please come to save me? But I’m just a loner. It seems that no one will answer my wish.

“Can I ask where we are going?”

“Behind the gym.”

Oh, going behind the gym with a girl? Perhaps my heart will start pounding to romantic scenes if she’s more adorable. However, I can clearly feel that I’m stepping into danger. My heart is about to jump out. I bet I’ll accept a confession easily due to the suspension bridge effect.

Should I leave my last message somewhere? <I went behind the gym with Hiiragi-san.> The police will have a hard time if I don’t leave any clues behind…


We’re now behind the gym. The sounds of basketballs hitting the ground, volleyballs tossed around, and weird screams from the Kendo Club tangled to my ears. The noises from the Kendo Club aren’t from the gym. It must be from the arena built close to the gym, right?

We’re just a wall apart from these people flinging their sweat of youth. Unexpectedly, no one comes around here. There are railings a few meters away from the gym. After the railings, it’s the scene of the city.

Higashidani High School is located on a hill. Therefore, since the gym is located at the edge of the campus, this place is next to a cliff.

Both of us remained silent for a while. Hiiragi approached me. Even though I slowly backed down the same distance, I had already hit the back of the gym wall within a few steps.

“You, why aren’t you in our class’s Line group? It took me another step to call you out here.”

“It’s just because no one pulled me in. It’s not my fault.”

After I answered, I heard her smack her tongue and went, “Tck, I see.” Hey, hey, you think you’re so amazing because you’re in a Line group? But, come to think of it, I think people in one are a bit better than those who didn’t.

“Anyway, I want to ask you about Ruri. You still want to be a Bunjitsu with her after doing something so disgusting?”

“I’m having a headache over this too. She’s the one who volunteered, right?”

“Did you blackmail Ruri?”

Hiiragi’s eyes squinted as she intimidated me. Stop, stop. Don’t look at me like that.

“Why do you think that’s the case?”

“It’s because you did those things to her before. The normal reaction is to avoid you at all costs, right? Yet, she volunteered to be a Bunjitsu to work with you. Something’s definitely not right.”

Hiiragi is exactly right. I think this is ridiculously unusual as well. Everyone definitely thinks someone is planning something when they are trying so hard to get close to you. Moreover, the two of us are in a victim-perpetrator relationship right now.

“This isn’t the only instance. Ruri always tries to talk to you recently.”

I nearly jumped after hearing that. Perhaps the muscles on my face twitched as well.

“No, it’s not like that. Are you sure?”

“I’m so close to her that this is clear as day. Also, that’s what everyone in the class said.”

Seriously, …the same goes for Hoshigasaki. Should I say she doesn’t know how to hide something? Or should I just say she’s dumb? Such an unnatural way of conversation will obviously raise suspicion.

“Let me ask something. What does everyone in the class think?”

“Everyone is saying Ruri is trying to reconcile with Nanamura.”

I see. The classmates must think that the innocent victim is trying to approach the isolated perpetrator.

Actually, they aren’t wrong by a lot.

“Well, why not just go with that then? Who should I ask when you ask me what is she thinking?”

“But is this reason enough for her to talk to someone she hates? There must be something deeper going on, right?”

Hiiragi won’t be so easily convinced. However, even so, I can’t expose my relationship with Hoshigasaki. I can only divert the conversation.

“Maybe she just doesn’t have any special motives?”


“Perhaps that’s just what an extrovert like her wants to do. Maybe she just wants to talk to a depressed guy like me and tease my reaction.”

“Ruri isn’t that terrible of a person! Don’t flame her!”

Ugh, I feel like I’m the evil guy after she said that. I also understand Hoshigasaki isn’t like that.

Ah, damn, why do I have to deal with something like this? …I can’t leave it even if I want to. This so-called relationship thing is so difficult.

“In the end, what does Hoshigasaki think?”

I have to change the topic. These two are friends. They should be able to solve many things if they talk more. Please just stop dragging a loner like me into this.

“Ruri said there’s no special meaning. She even thinks it’s interesting…”

“Then why not just go with that? Hoshigasaki may have just forgotten about what happened.”

“That’s imposs- sigh.”

Hiiragi understood there was no point in questioning me anymore. She took a step back and pointed at me.

“Anyway, Nanamura, don’t you dare do anything bad to Ruri.”

“I won’t. You can punch me flying if something does happen.”

Even though I don’t know whether she trusted me, she didn’t say anything after that.

Hiiragi turned around. Then, when she approached the corner, she mumbled to herself. “Seriously, I don’t understand…”

I agree.

Ah, I feel the same. I don’t understand, Hoshigasaki. Why are you trying to talk to me? Why did you volunteer as Bunjitsu? What are you trying to do?

After a while, I left that place as well.

Come to think of it, it’s Monday. I have to meet with Hanamitsuji in the family restaurant. Let’s report how I’m doing and what happened to Hoshigasaki to her.


After that, I met up with Hanamitsuji in the family restaurant.

Both of us got some beverages at the drink bar before sitting down. Although Hanamitsuji’s plan for me to make friends seems to be abandoned, it’s really because Shiramine and Hoshigasaki kept messing with me recently. I’m kind of frustrated. It’s not like I don’t care about being a loner anymore.

I reported what happened to me recently. When I told her I was forced into being a Bunjitsu, Hanamitsuji’s eyes bulged in surprise. She mumbled to herself.

“Well, it looks like Mashiro loves you quite a lot.”

“It’s just a pain in the ass for me…”

“Nanamura-kun, you weren’t the Bunjitsu last time, right? You’re going to have a nice memory this time, right?”

“I’ve never enjoyed any Cultural Festival before.”

“What does that mean?”

“Telling a person who never enjoyed the Cultural Festival to help out is like forcing a kid who never tried chocolate to work in a cocoa farm. How can I do it?”

“You have to apologize to the whole working class with that alone.”

Even so, I can’t get myself out of this. Based on the “Cultural Festival” name, this should be an activity that manifests a culture, right? But why are there always classes preparing shops, ghost houses, and festival booths?

“Right, who’s the Bunjitsu for girls? Mashiro?”

“No, Shiramine meant to do that at first, but Hoshigasaki signed up later.”

So, Hanamitsuji’s bulged eyes are filled with confusion.

“Eh? Why Hoshigasaki-san?”

“I don’t know. She volunteered after Shiramine pushed me to be the Bunjitsu.”


Hanamitsuji fell silent. She drank some iced tea and pondered for a moment.

“Hmm, Hoshigasaki-san is indeed…into…Nanamura-kun…?”

“What did you say?”

“I-It’s nothing! Ah, right! Doesn’t everyone think Hoshigasaki-san is a victim under Nanamura-kun? Won’t she raise any suspicion from doing this?”

“Ah, about that…”

Yeah, I guess I should explain this to her as well. Therefore, I told her about Hoshigasaki’s unusual actions and about me being warned by a girl named Hiiragi.

“What do you think she’s trying to do?”

“Have you asked Hoshigasaki-san herself?”

“Oh, I asked her once. She just said she’s responsible for me being isolated by the whole class.”

“Well, not that she’s wrong.”

Although I can clearly hear that Hanamitsuji’s implying something else as well, this is where she stops talking.

I won’t figure this out if Hoshigasaki isn’t here. It’s better to just ask her later when I have the chance.

“Right, who did you guys choose for Bunjitsu in Class F?”

“We chose them during the class assembly. Regrettably, our class seemed to have just forced someone to do it as well.”

“I see.”

“But, …hmm, Nanamura-kun and Hoshigasaki-san…?”

I ignored her mumbles and went to get a refill of cola.


I got back home after the restaurant meeting. I went straight to the living room after washing my hands. There’s still some time before dinner, and I want something sweet.

“Welcome back.”

I opened the door to the living room. Satsuki is lazing around as usual. Although I’m relieved of such a familiar sight, can she at least be a bit more elegant?

“Don’t act like how Dad is during holidays, you know?”

“Uwah, onii-chan, you’re offensive. I suffered trauma. I need compensation from you.”

“Nope, I declare bankruptcy.”

“Sheesh, then give me one of your kidneys.”

“Don’t start a business with your brother’s organs.”

“Well, in exchange for this kidney, I order you to bring me fruit cereal.”

“Isn’t my kidney too cheap?”

After a brief chat with her, I went into the kitchen next to the living room. I prepared the fruit cereal according to my little sister’s introduction. Aren’t I pathetic? However, this habit is already engraved deep into my bones. I can’t help it.

I got a deeper plate for more fruit cereal and came next to the table.


“Wow, onii-chan is smart.”

“This ‘smart’ is for pets, right?”

“You got me.”

I sighed and looked at the TV. It’s basically regional sports match results or scenes from tourists’ hotspots. There are some serious news reports in between. The shows at this time slot are all really similar. I literally have no idea what the differences are between them.

“Are these shows popular with middle school students?”

“That’s impossible. It’s just a coincidence. YouTube and TikTok always recommend videos that I’m not interested in. I feel like clicking them means I agree these videos are interesting, right? At that point, doesn’t it feel like you’re being controlled by those apps?”

“You know, I can really tell you’re my little sister from this part.”

“What? I’ll sue you for malicious falsehood.”

“I’m telling the truth, okay!?”

Satsuki has a lot of friends, but she always picks up my traits in weird places.

How can she make so many friends with such a personality? Perhaps it’s because she can change her attitude appropriately in front of people.

She always greets neighbors outside like a total elite student. That smile is really surprising. As for when we are going back, she’ll suddenly greet the residents with a bright voice, “Good afternoon-“ Isn’t that scary? You can greet people with a smile like this, right? Show that face to Dad sometimes, girl.

At the same time, all I can say is a gloomy greeting, “Ah, hello…” It’s far less appealing than Satsuki. If Satsuki is the sun, I’m the moon. ...I think I’m thinking of myself too highly. I’m probably just a tiny light bulb.

If I get involved in something bad, I can guarantee that someone will say, “I feel like that person is really sneaky. He always mumbles to himself whenever I say hi to him.” I should be more serious in my life.

I pushed away Satsuki’s legs to make room on the sofa for me to sit. So, Satsuki put her legs onto my kneecaps.

Do you want to put your legs onto me that much? Sigh, whatever.

“Satsuki, give me some fruit cereal too.”


“Thank you.”

I grabbed a bunch of fruit cereal from Satsuki’s plate. It’s crunchy. Even though this looks like bird feed, it’s delicious.

“Onii-chan, are you eating dried fruit only?”

“Nope, my love for cereal and dried fruit is equal.”


“Hahaha, you want me to say I love Satsuki as much too?”

“Uwah, that sounds a bit disgusting. It’s best for you to not say that to another girl.”

Satsuki suddenly withdrew her legs and distanced herself from me. From her reaction, it would be best for me not to say things like this in front of Satsuki. Onii-chan learned something.

“Right, I’m now an Executive Member for the Cultural Festival. I won’t be home sometimes during the summer holiday. You can take care of lunch on your own.”

After that, Satsuki immediately jumped and started shivering. Hey, no need to be that freaked out, right?

“Ehh!? Onii-chan is now an Executive Member for the Cultural Festival? What’s going on?”

“I don’t want to do it either. Someone pushed it onto me.”

So, Satsuki fell silent. Her expression slowly turned sad. Bang, she patted my shoulder.

“I see. Bullying? …Onii-chan is surely having a hard time.”

“It’s not! Don’t give me such a depressed face!”

I thought saying the joke aloud could reduce the mental damage, but I really look pathetic if someone feels miserable for me! At this stage, they are just trying to avoid me consciously. It’s not bullying yet.

“Onii-chan’s trouble is my trouble. I’ll help you out too.”

“Even though I’m really happy that you’re considerate, people aren’t bullying me, alright? It’s also not that I don’t want to tell Mom and Dad because I’m in puberty, okay?”

Satsuki doesn’t seem to be listening to me. She’s on her phone. Suddenly, she spoke up.

“Oh! I think this is a hotline for listening to students’ frustrations! Should you make a call later?”

“How can I leave everything to others!?’

Ahaha. Satsuki laughed as she ate fruit cereal.

“It sounds like it’s really not bullying.”

“It’s actually someone being considerate to me. Well, even though you can say it’s unnecessary worries.”

“I see.”

Satsuki nodded chicly.

“Onii-chan seems to know more people now. Should your little sister be happy or sad?”


“Onii-chan used to be a brat. …I’m kind of throbbed.”

“Who do you think you are? Weren't you even younger when I was a brat?”

Sheesh, this girl is a weird brocon too. Is it because we spend so much time together since our parents are always at work?

Well, whatever. Only cereal remained on the plate when I noticed it, even though I wasn’t eating.

Satsuki was the one who ate all the dried fruit, right?


The meeting of Bunjitsu takes place on that week’s Thursday. It’s after school. I think they rented the conference room next to the student council.

As for Shiramine, who appointed me as Bunjitsu, she acted like this had nothing to do with her and said, “Well, work hard with Hoshigasaki-san, alright? I’ll come to check up on you if I’m feeling it.” Tck, now I don’t owe her anything…

There’s a lot I want to complain about, but I don’t dare to not show up at the meeting. I immediately left the classroom after the class assembly was over.

I’m walking in the corridor when I hear someone’s footsteps from behind. Just as I think that person’s about to pass me, my shoulder is slapped unexpectedly. I lost my balance.


What, what, am I really getting bullied!? Are Satsuki’s worries for real!?

I hastily turned around. Hoshigasaki is standing there. She’s running out of breath.

“W-What? …Are you really here to bully me?”

“No! What makes you think that!?’

It’s not bullying. I’m glad that I don’t need to bother with the hotline Satsuki told me about.

“Nanamura, why did you leave first?”

“Aren’t I supposed to go to the Bunjitsu meeting?”

“I’m a Bunjitsu too.”

“I know.”

“If we have the same destination, we should go together in the classroom, right!?”

Hoshigasaki’s eyes are filled with anger.

Ah, come to think of it, that’s a habit of extroverts. However, I always go alone whether we’re changing classrooms or going to school. I can’t understand even if you come to teach me.

Forget about that. We’ll definitely attract attention if we just stand in the middle of the corridor. I sighed and took a step forward. Hoshigasaki followed me. We’re walking side by side.

“You’re not working today?”

From what I’ve heard, her shift seems to be on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday or Sunday. Yet, Hoshigasaki shook her head.

“I already told them about this. It’s fine for me to be a bit late. Also, I have some free time before my part-time job.”

“That’s good.”

I answered her. Our conversation stopped.

I scrambled my brain for a new topic. Then, I realized something.

With how bothered I’m by the silence, it shows how much Hoshigasaki and I don’t know each other.

Somebody once said, “Two people who get along with each other won’t be bothered even if they aren’t talking.” However, before this level is reached, not all relationships go through the “being bothered by not talking” stage.

If you want to be bothered when hanging out with someone, it’s important to realize that the person is someone who chats with you from time to time.

For example, let’s say you’re in the elevator with a stranger. It’s fine to not talk, even if you’re staying with that person. It’s because not talking is the obvious choice. However, if you’re with someone who chats with you occasionally, the awkwardness comes naturally. Isn’t it?

It’s normal for a loner like me to not talk to my classmates. Whether it’s walking on the same path with my classmates on the way to the classroom, bumping into them while taking my bicycle from the parking lot, or just seeing each other in the tutorial class. On rare occasions like this, the default option is to not talk to them. I won’t feel awkward at all.

However, the relationship between Hoshigasaki and me has already departed this stage.

The edge of my brain is thinking about these things as I struggle to find a topic. However, Hoshigasaki speaks up first.

“By the way, did Yuria say anything to you?”

“Who’s Yuria?”

“Yuria Hiiragi! At least remember her name!”

“Oh, Hiiragi?”

Right, Hoshigasaki calls this name in the classroom, but I just can’t remember an unfamiliar girl’s first name. It’s not like I have the chance to call her by her first name, anyway. Compared to that, isn’t it better to just remember a couple more English words?

“So, she did tell you something, right?”

“Ah, we talked for a bit.”

It’s actually far more than just a bit. However, there’s no use in telling everything to Hoshigasaki, right?

“I see. …Sorry about that.”

“Why are you apologizing?”

“It must’ve been annoying, right? Despite her look, she actually cares about her friends a lot. She’s just worried about me.”

When even Hoshigasaki said “despite her look”, I guess it’s common knowledge that everyone is afraid of Hiiragi. In reality, she looks very, very scary to me.

“She didn’t do anything too mean to me. Don’t worry about it.”

“Glad to hear that.”

“But I did think about leaving a message before death for a moment.”

“Isn’t that super dangerous!?”

“I’m half-joking.”

“I do hope none of what you said is true.”

“But, by the way, you two are really close.”

I can also see that Hiiragi is just worried about Hoshigasaki. She wouldn’t be chasing after me and questioning everything if that’s not the case.

“Ahaha, yeah. We were in the same group during the trip, and we often hang out after school as well.”

She answered. As for me, I looked at her side profile and asked the question I had been thinking about.

“…Are you sure you want to volunteer as Bunjitsu?”

“Eh? Are you not willing to partner up with me?”

“Not really. That’s not what I meant.”

She answered. Her expression seemed like she understood something.

“Don’t tell me, Nanamura, are you into Prez…”

“I’m not! I’m saying that Hoshigasaki teaming up as Bunjitsu with me clearly raises suspicion, right? Actually, Hiiragi is already suspecting us.”

“Hiya, everyone is just overthinking.”

“Why did you volunteer as Bunjitsu?”

“Eh? I just feel like it’s nice to be Bunjitsu with Nanamura.”

Although I attempted to grasp the crux of the issue, she answered me with a stiff smile.

“Ah, here’s the conference room. Let’s go-“

With that, Hoshigasaki avoided my question and opened the door to the conference room.


An unexpected person showed up in the room.

“Ara, isn’t this Hoshigasaki-san and Nanamura-kun? What a coincidence.”

Hanamitsuji is sitting at the back of the classroom. She waved and smiled at us when we entered. There’s a short dude from Class F next to her.

W-Why is she here…!?

“Sora-chan!? You should tell me if you’re a Bunjitsu!”

Hoshigaskai gasped and dashed to Hanamitsuji before sitting next to her. It can’t be helped. I agree with her. “At least give me a heads up!” I mumbled inside my heart and sat down next to Hoshigasaki.


I pretend that we’re just acquaintances who had spent some time together during the trip. Initially, I wanted to complain as well. However, I decided to remain silent since other people were around. The Class F dude also glanced at me and nodded. I greeted him. “Oh, hello.”

Hanamitsuji seemed to understand what I meant. She started talking to Hoshigasaki after dropping an “Oh, what a coincidence.”

“Sorry, Hoshigasaki-san. I’ve heard that you’re a Bunjitsu on Line. That’s why I want to give you a surprise today.”

“Sheesh! That surprised me!”

I see. Hoshigasaki also told Hanamitsuji she became a Bunjitsu. After that, Hanamitsuji looked at me. Her expression seemed like we just knew each other today.

“I didn’t expect Nanamura-kun to be here.”

She said that to me. No, wait, didn’t I tell you in the family restaurant? By the way, you said another person was selected to be the Bunjitsu, right?

“A-Ahaha, …what a coincidence.”

In the end, I could only give a vague answer and show a stiff smile.

But how did this girl become a Bunjitsu…? I imagined the process. During this time, a person who looks like a student council member is standing in front of the classroom. He said, “Well, let’s start the Bunjitsu meeting.” We quickly ended our conversation.

First of all, they instructed everyone to form groups of two classes. I complained about the fuss. However, Hanamitsuji quickly moved her table here and paired it with mine.

“Hey, why are you here?”

“What’s wrong? We know each other, anyway. It’s tiring to go that far.”


“Hiya, I’m glad that Sora-chan is here!”

“Yeah, I’m happy when Hoshigasaki-san’s here too.”

“Let’s work together for the Cultural Festival! Even though I don’t know what I need to do yet!”

“Yeah, I look forward to working with you.”

Perhaps I’m not wrong. Hoshigasaki’s mood is even more excited. Come to think of it, she’s actually a bit worried, right?

“Everyone knows Hanamitsuji-san. You have a lot of friends.”

After moving his table in front of Hoshigasaki’s, the Class F guy mumbled. From his appearance, he doesn’t look like an outstanding person.

“By the way, Sora-chan volunteered, right?”

“Well, I guess…”

Hanamitsuji mumbled a bit embarrassedly. The Class F dude interrupted in excitement.

“Ah, another girl is supposed to be the Bunjitsu, but I think she had some difficulties in the middle. …She said she had tutorial classes during the summer holiday. Then, Hanamitsuji-san said, ‘I’m free during the summer. Let’s exchange.’ She helped her out.”


Oi, oi, you clearly decided that after hearing me out in the family restaurant, right? I stared at Hanamitsuji. She hastily looked away.

“Eh!? Sora-chan is amazing. You really know a lot…”

“That’s too much.”

“But Hanamitsuji-san really is amazing. Bunjitsu has a lot of work to do. No one in the class wanted to volunteer.”

That guy’s voice is full of admiration. Hanamitsuji can always take the opportunity to further increase her reputation. She even became a Bunjitsu. …I can deeply feel that she’s good at dealing with life.

Our chatters continued. A third-year guy stood before the whiteboard. I think he’s the student council president. He started explaining Bunjitsu’s responsibilities fluently.

We are mainly responsible for the whole organization of the Cultural Festival. This includes the classes and clubs’ preparations, the prep work for the grand stage show, and inviting the nearby residents.

Bunjitsu communicates via mail instead of Line. Hmm, it’s good that they are considerate to loners. But, in reality, this is just a rule for students without Line, right.

Hanamitsuji is sitting in front of me. She’s glaring at her phone while frowning.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah, my friend texted me on Line.”

She showed a bitter smile to Hoshigasaki. It looks like she’s bothered by the Line message. I concluded that on my own.

Even though I’m worried, this is Hanamitsuji’s own friendship. I can’t intervene.

I remembered what happened at the last Cultural Festival as I listened to the student council president. It’s fine to be alone at the festival. However, the lively campus really gave me a headache. Also, the kiosk isn’t open during the event. The drinks in the vending machines are sold out pretty quickly as well.

Moreover, suppose you try to scout a location without people during the festival. In that case, there are always flirting couples blocking your path. It’s really suffocating. The worst ones are people who confess to each other.

It’s like knocking a car to scare the cats away before starting the engine. Can y’all just check to see if there’s a passing loner before confessing? A small effort like this can save me from the torture of watching the entire confession scene at the edge of the campus.

Sigh, if the confession went well, I would think, “Why do I have to witness the moment of you two holding hands!?” If it fails, it’s “Then why do I have to experience such an awkward mood!?” I have no business in both scenarios, alright?

When I’m thinking about these things, I realize Hanamitsuji is looking at me.

“Nanamura-kun, are you thinking about weird things?”

“I’m thinking about how couples keep getting more intimate during the Cultural Festival.”

“You’re saying things that nobody understands again…”

After hearing my answer, Hanamitsuji sighed dumbfoundedly.

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