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The Progress of Yuri is Especially Fast Before the Deadline V1 Chapter 8 & 9

Chapter 8: The Progress of Fishing is Especially Fast Before the Deadline

Translator: Pingas

“Do you want fish for lunch?”

It’s a day in late May. Hikari suddenly threw out that question while having breakfast.


Ayu asked.

“Like salt-grilled rainbow trout, for example.”

“Sure, I can make it if sensei wants.”

The nearby supermarkets have rainbow trout in stock every day. However, if it’s salt-grilled, Ayu thinks coho salmon tastes better. That’s why all rainbow trouts she buys are supposed to be eaten raw.

“Well, it’s decided. Let’s leave after eating.”

Hikari smiled and suggested. Ayu was dumbfounded to hear that.

“Right now? The supermarket opens at 8:30, right? Also, I’m not sure if the store has it this early…”

“Hoho, we’re not going to the supermarket.”

…In the end, Hikari brought Ayu to a fishing ground that took an hour and a half to arrive by train.

“It’s always so sudden every time…”

Even so, Ayu doesn’t hate being unexpectedly messed around by Hikari.

This fishing ground is built on top of a stream. The types here are mostly rainbow trouts. It’s surrounded by abundant greenery. The swooshing grass and bird calls can be heard everywhere.

Ayu was surprised to know that a place like this exists in Tokyo.

“The fishing ground near our house is quite fun too. But, yeah, you just have to go fishing in nature.”

Hikari took a deep breath and told Ayu.

She’s wearing sunglasses, a straw hat, hoodie, shorts, underpants, and heeled sandals.

Ayu’s showing very little of her skin to avoid getting hurt. She’s wearing a long sleeve top, jeans, and sports shoes.

The fishing rod and bait can be rented inside the place. So, the only tool they brought was a small fridge for bringing their prizes home.

Hikari paid the fee at the desk. They rented bamboo rods, hook pullers, and fish cages.

“Ayu-chan, do you want grape rootworms or salmon roe as bait?”

“I want salmon roe!”

Ayu immediately answered. Even though she doesn’t know what grape rootworms are, they must be an insect, right?

“You’ll have an easier time with grape rootworms.”

“I. Want. Salmon. Roe!”

Hikari smiled bitterly after seeing Ayu’s determination. Then, she said to the staff, “I want a pack of salmon roe and grape rootworm.”

After that, the staff member brought plastic containers with salmon roe and some tiny larvae. Also, the larvae are moving.

Seeing the bugs within her expectation, Ayu was sincerely glad to choose salmon roe.


The girls walked inside the fishing ground after getting the tools.

The fishing ground is split between areas that use real bait, fake bait, flies, and a special one for beginners. This time, they chose the normal real bait area.

A lot of rainbow trouts are swimming around in the stream.

It’s a weekday, so not many people are around. They are free to choose places that have a lot of fish around.

“This should do.”

Yukari observed the stream. She immediately untied the fishline on her rod after finding a nice place. She took a grape rootworm and impaled it on the hook.


Ayu frowned deeply. Yukari gave her a bitter smile.

“It’s okay once you’re used to it.”

Yukari initially thought grape rootworms were disgusting, but she quickly understood that they were just used as bait.

Ayu was about to put the salmon roes on the hook too.

“How many do I need?”

“Around two, I guess. Don’t let the insides leak out. Try your best to hook the skin only.”

“I got it.”

Yukari continued after Ayu hooked the salmon roes.

“Well, let’s start fishing. Aim it. Swing the rod around the fishes.”

Yukari aimed her fishing rod at a place full of rainbow trouts and threw it gently. The hook fell into the water.

Ayu distanced herself a little bit away from Yukari and threw the hook out too.

After a while, the buoy at the top of Yukari’s fishing rod was suddenly pulled into the water.


It looks like the fishes are really taking the bait easily.

She waited a couple of seconds instead of immediately pulling the fishing rod. The fish had to bite the entire bait and hook.

She was met with very strong resistance as she was reeling in.

“I got it!”

“Eh? That fast!? Incredible!”

Ayu praised Yukari.

Yukari used all of her strength to lift the fishing rod. However, the rainbow trout is dragging so hard to escape. This feeling of battling with the fish is quite satisfying.

If she attempted to lift it forcefully, the line or rod would break. Therefore, she carefully and steadily pulled the fish above water.


She grabbed the opportunity and raised her hands. The fish flew out of the water with some splashes in the end.

Yukari reeled in her line. Then, she showed Ayu a nearly 30 cm long rainbow trout that’s still struggling.

“Look, Ayu-chan! Yay!”

“You’re amazing!”

Yukari was flattered by Ayu’s praise. She pulled the fish away from the hook and into the cage.


It’s been 30 minutes since they started fishing.

Things went well for Hikari. She already got 4 fish.

However, Ayu still hasn’t got a single one. A fish did take the bait one time. However, she lifted the fishing rod too hastily. In the end, the fish bit and took the bait away.

She tried switching places or hanging 3 roes at once, but none were effective.

She thought she would be happy enough to travel with Hikari. However, it doesn’t seem satisfying if she can’t get any fish. Perhaps her emotions are written on her face. Hikari moved closer.

“Hmm, maybe the fish grew immune after a while.”


“The fishes that take the bait immediately are all gone. Only the very cautious ones are left, or it’s because they know the salmon roe is a trap after taking the bait once.”

“Are fishes this smart?”

“You didn’t expect that, right?”


Ayu glared at the rainbow trout swimming freely in the stream.

“But sensei got something.”

“Yeah, it’s probably because of my bait.”

“Those worms…?”

“Rainbow trouts love grape rootworms. Those who don’t react to salmon roe will take the bait too.”


Ayu was very troubled by what Hikari said.

She’s frustrated that she can’t get any fish since it ruins the purpose. However, she really doesn’t want to touch those worms, not to mention hooking them.

“Hoho, enjoying nature is also part of the fun of fishing. I’ll fish your lunch for you. Relax.”

Hikari seems to be teasing her. Ayu decided to go wild.

“No, thanks! I’ll get my own meal! So, uh, …p-please give me grape rootworms…!”

“Haha, I like your determination, Ayu-chan.”

Hikari took the container with grape rootworms.

Ayu took off the salmon roe on the hook. Hikari opened the container and handed it to Ayu.



She reached out her trembling hands, but she struggled to touch the squirming worms.

“…Do you want me to help you?”

Hikari seems a bit moved to help her.

Actually, Ayu wished she could’ve accepted this suggestion. However…

“No, I’ll do it myself…!”

Ayu gritted her teeth and finally pinched a worm up with her left hand. The squirming feeling from the fingertips is really disgusting.

Hikari praised her.

“Stab it in the tail and along the body until the hook pierces the head.”


Ayu followed Hikari’s instruction and stabbed the hook inside the worm. The hook seemed as if it was sucked inside. It pierced through the head successfully.

“Wow, that’s a good one for a first-timer.”

“…I-I’m pretty good at sewing.”

Ayu replied to Hikari’s praise with a stiff smile.


Ayu immediately became successful after using the grape rootworms.

She threw the line and waited for a moment. The buoy suddenly sunk into the water as the line was dragged.

“Sensei! It’s pulling! It’s pulling!”

Ayu screamed in shock.

“Calm down. The line will break if you pull too hard. Slowly raise the fishing rod, okay?”

“Got it!”

Ayu slowly dragged the fishing rod upward with a nervous expression. Finally, the rainbow trout made a splash and flew out of the water.


The fish was struggling intensely and made Ayu yell in pain. However, she still reeled the line in slow-mo and grabbed the fish. Even though she’s afraid of bugs, live fish don’t seem to be a problem.

“Sensei! I did it! I got one!”

Ayu brightly smiled as she showcased the struggling rainbow trout in her hand to Yukari. “Congrats.” She laughed and sighed in relief.

It would be a bit too bad for Ayu if she brought her to such a far fishing ground without getting anything aside from a disgusting memory.

“Well, let’s take the hook off.”

Yukari got close to Ayu with the hook puller and reached it inside the fish’s mouth.


Ayu held the fish with both of her hands and smiled.

“Sensei, fishing is pretty fun.”

Yukari felt a tinge of warmth in her heart after hearing that.


Ayu got another fish later. After that, they wanted to have lunch first, so the girls went to the grilling area in the fishing ground.

Hikari and Ayu got 6 rainbow trouts in total.

The staff in the fishing ground also assisted in processing the prizes they got. They also helped to spray salt and strung the fishes together. The girls grilled the fish skewers and enjoyed them together.

Perhaps it’s because they fished it themselves. Even though it’s just a simple grill with salt, it tastes better than anything they had tried before.

They only have the salted rice balls from the station store aside from the fish skewers. However, the rice balls are delicious too. It’s a perfect match with salt-grilled rainbow trout.

The girls started fishing again after eating 3 each. It only took 3 hours for them to get over 20 fish. It’s illegal to release what you got back into the stream here. Therefore, they have to clean everything and put the fish into the mini-fridge.

“I think we got too much.”

Hikari bitterly smiled after looking at the mini-fridge between her legs on the train home.

“I guess we have to eat rainbow trout every day for now…”

After hearing Ayu, Hikari frowned in sadness. “Eh?”

Even though the salt-grilled fish they ate is perfectly delicious, Ayu doesn’t want to eat salty things.

“I’ll look up more recipes for rainbow trouts.”

“I’m looking forward to your cooking.”

Hikari yawned after saying that.

Ayu followed her yawn too. She didn’t notice when they were fishing. However, her stamina is more exhausted than she expected.

Both of them failed to resist their urge to sleep. Their shoulders leaned together, and they fell asleep just like that. In the end, they went past a couple of stations.

Later, all of the rainbow trouts were deep-fried. Tempura, Nanbanzuke, assorted cooked rice, smoked and Italian-boiled fish, you name it. The girls put all of that into their stomachs within 3 days.

Chapter 9: The Progress of Bending Time and Space is Especially Fast

The morning of June 1- a couple of days after Ayu and Hikari went fishing.

“It’s June today.”

Ayu brought that up during breakfast.

“What are you talking about, Ayu-chan? It’s May 32 today.”

Hikari said that with a completely serious face.

“Eh, …sensei?”

“It’s May 32 today.”

Hikari repeated that calmly despite Ayu’s confusion.

Ayu suddenly realized something just as she was about to say, “What are you talking about?”

“…Are you dragging your drafts again?”

“I’m not. It’s still May right now.”

Hikari’s tone is gentle yet contains a sense of unrefutable determination. Ayu could only follow up with a bitter smile.

“Alright, alright, it’s May 32 today.”

“Glad you can understand me, Ayu-chan.”

…For Ayu, she can easily shrug it off with a bitter smile. However, obviously, as her editor, Miyako won’t tolerate Hikari’s BS.

“Don’t you even think about taking a step out of your house before finishing your draft!”

Miyako Shirakawa dashed into the house at 10 AM.

Miyako’s pressure made Hikari feel that her collarbones would really break if she rebelled. Therefore, she chose to sit in the studio obediently.

“…Miya-chan, is sensei’s draft needed that badly?”


Miyako answered with a stern face.

Miyako said the draft Hikari is dragging is releasing in June- this month. It’s the latest volume of <I Reincarnated into Handsome OP Protagonist Who Smurfs>. The illustrations are already finished, and it’s already available for pre-order in bookstores.

If she’s dragging the draft for <Everyone is Different. I Love Everyone>’s web novel, the worst scenario is a short hiatus. However, the loss is immeasurable for a draft that’s about to be released in a physical copy.

Sensei, you still went fishing in such a horrible situation…?

Even though Ayu didn’t know the deadline, she thought she must be an accomplice since they went fishing together.

Ayu’s expression turned stiff. Miyako called her in confusion. “A-chan?”

“I-It’s nothing.”

Miyako squinted her eyes and stared at Ayu, who kept averting her eyes.

“I bet she went out to play when the deadline is burning her butt, right…?”

Ayu asked Miyako tremblingly.

“Miya-chan, …won’t sensei lose her job if she keeps slacking off?”

Although she’s not familiar with how society works, people who keep skipping work to play will be fired normally, right?

Miyako showed a slightly annoyed expression.

“Sigh, authors aren’t part of the publishing house, so they won’t be fired. However, authors with bad records or had caused serious problems will be blacklisted sometimes.”

“T-Then, will sensei…!”

Ayu was very terrified. Miyako bitterly smiled.

“Relax, right now. It’s next to impossible.”

“Eh? Why?”

“Hikari Kairou is a popular author. She still brought us a lot of revenue despite the troubles she caused for the company. However, aside from that, the most important reason is that I love her.”


Ayu turned speechless. Miyako continued.

“…I love her novels. So, I’ll apologize for any troubles Hikari caused for other people. As long as she wants to continue being a novelist, I’ll try my best to protect her position. …Actually, I’m trying my best to suppress the urge to break her collarbones and hang her naked body upside down above the publishing house’s roof.”

Miyako’s tone was very calm, but her eyes were series. Ayu looked at her dazedly.

Miyako noticed Ayu’s look and smiled embarrassedly, “Don’t tell that to Hikari.”

“Well, but I bet that idiot noticed how I feel like right now. She just likes to do whatever she wants sometimes and see where the line of other people are.”

…Even though Miyako realized that already, she still swore to protect Hikari. Ayu genuinely feels that Miyako is amazing.

While Miyako’s feeling toward Hikari isn’t love, you can still feel that their relationship is very special.

Ayu is weirdly envious of this. 

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