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The Progress of Yuri is Especially Fast Before the Deadline V1 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Progress of DIY is Especially Fast Before the Deadline

Translator: Pingas

“Right, Ayu-chan’s room doesn’t have a storage shelf.”

It’s been two weeks since Ayu came to Hikari’s house.

One day, Hikari said that when she saw Ayu putting a couple of her finished manga back into storage.

“Ah, right, I don’t.”

The only furniture in Ayu’s Japanese room is a short table, chair, TV, and a shelf.

There are closets in the room, so the storage space is enough. However, all small things and books are put inside different Amazon boxes. It’s really inconvenient to find them.

“A shelf is better.”


Ayu agreed in honesty.

Aside from the inconvenience, such a plain room really makes her worried.

“Well, do you want to buy it or make it ourselves?”

“Make it ourselves?”

“Yeah, we make a shelf by ourselves, which is the so-called DIY.”


She has heard of that term before. This roughly means “doing carpentry on holidays” from a person living in a city’s perspective.

“Is it that easy to make your own shelf?”

“It takes some effort to make a drawer or the formal ones with door cabinets. However, a simple shelf can be made almost instantly. The house has all of the tools we need.”

“So, sensei has made furniture before?”

“Honestly, I made the table in the studio room by myself.”

Hikari said that proudly. Ayu was very surprised to hear that.

The work desk in Hikari’s room looks very thick. It’s like those tables for a big company’s president’s room (in Ayu’s imagination). She always thought it was something high-class.

“Some of the shelves in the storage room are made by me too.”

There are a lot of shelves in the storage room. Steel plate frames, wooden shelves, and door cabinets. However, all of them are better than what’s sold in stores.

“It’s really amazing, but why are you making them yourselves?”

Hikari should be able to buy as much good furniture as she wants, right?

“The reason is the same as why I’m cooking and making models. Basically, a novel takes tens of days to finish. That’s why I want to do something that can achieve results in a short period for some reason.”

“So, in other words, you’re trying to escape reality?”

In the end, Hikari continued with a slightly sad expression.

“DIY is a creative task that lets me change my mood and improve my quality of life. It’s very beneficial, alright?”

“Alright, alright.” Ayu answered her half-heartedly and continued.

“But making a shelf yourself seems fun…”

Hikari smiled after hearing that.

“Well, it’s decided. Let’s start by choosing which one we are making.”


After the decision, Yukari immediately opened the furniture-designing software on her computer in the studio room. She’s planning to create a 3D model of the shelf.

“Which shelf do you like the most here?”

Yukari searched “shelf” by image and showed Ayu the screen.

Ayu looked at the screen as she scrolled up and down to compare the shelf photos in the results.

“Take it easy. You can just choose based on your feelings. We can just make a new one if you don’t like the end result.”

Yukari loves to both buy and make furniture herself. She always makes a lot just because she wants to. Obviously, she struggles to store them. However, whether it’s bought or self-made, Yukari can dispose of them without hesitation.

“Uh, …well, …this feels quite aesthetic.”

Ayu pointed at a shelf made with several square frames. It’s a 3-level stair that goes up from left to right.

“Oh? Our house doesn’t have that.”

The big premise for Yukari is that a shelf is for storing things. Therefore, she rarely chooses designs that focus on decorating the room and leaves quite a lot of space.

“Uh, is this not okay?”

Ayu asked in a slightly worried tone. Yukari smiled.

“It’s fine. It doesn’t hurt to make something like this sometimes. The procedure is more or less the same as a normal shelf. We can make a new one if you get more things.”

Yukari quickly created a 3D model after saying that.

“Amazing, …you’re really professional.”

Ayu praised her as she looked at the screen.

“This is just a software for DIY. It’s easy once you get used to it.”

This is something Yukari got for making a shelf with doors. She always creates really complicated furniture she isn’t going to make just for fun.

“There are a lot…”

“Aside from furniture, I also have software for architecture. It’s for creating a 3D house model.”

“Eh? You can build a house yourself too?”

“That’s impossible.”

Yukari smiled bitterly.

“I watched a Japanese show before. The protagonist is a designer. I bought the software because I thought it was interesting. This is for professional work instead of amateurs. So, it’s a bit luxurious. However, things are a lot easier when you have a 3D model of your novel’s characters’ houses.”


Ayu nodded. She doesn’t look like she understands. Yukari bitterly smiled and came up with a model for the shelf.

After a while, a square frame shelf stair showed up on the screen.

“Is this alright? Each frame is 34 cm x 34 cm x 30 cm. It’s just right for A4-sized files.”

Yukari flipped the model and asked for Ayu’s opinion.

“Oh, …sure. …I think it’s great. …Can we really make this?”

“It’s fine. I told you it’s not that hard. Oh, right, what colors do you want?”

“We can paint the colors ourselves too?”

Ayu is shocked. Yukari nodded.

“The essence of DIY is that you can paint the colors you like.”

“You painted this table yourself too?”

Ayu pointed at Yukari’s work desk. This heavy table looks very antique. She didn’t expect Yukari to make it herself either.

“This is called colorant. It sticks into wood very easily and keeps the grain. Of course, we can also cover the grain with paint or use metal paint. It’s very reflective. There is also phosphorescent paint and whiteboard paint that magnets stick to. You can write or draw or it. There are endless possibilities.”


Ayu pondered about the options.

“Anyway, we can figure that out after visiting the store.”


Hikari brought Ayu to Tokyu Hands that they had visited a few days before.

They bought timber from the store based on the software’s blueprint they came up with. The staff members helped them to cut the material into the right sizes.

When they were waiting, they thought about the colors in the painting section.

Ayu looked at the printed design and used her imagination. Finally, she decided the whole body would be pink with blue, glowing paint on top as drawings.

“How is it, sensei?”

She tremblingly asked Hikari about her own color choices. Hikari smiled and said, “It’s nice. I think it’s quite avant-garde.”

Even though she doesn’t know what avant-garde means, Ayu sighed in relief for the moment.

The girls returned home after buying the paint, varnish, and timber.

Ayu changed into her school uniform, while Hikari got into her coveralls. They don’t want paint on their normal clothes. Recently, there have been a lot of beautiful coveralls for girls. Hikari’s one is a very sharp yellow, making her look a bit flirtatious.

They brought the material and tools to the roof after changing. The DIY session is finally starting.

“Let’s sand the timber first.”

Hikari took an iron-shaped machine after saying that.

“What’s that?”

“Sanding machine?”


“Sanding machine. It’s just electric sandpaper.”

“We have tools like that…?”

Even though a lot more beautiful girls like DIY now, isn’t it already very professional to have something like this?

It doesn’t take much to operate this machine. Ayu also helped to sand after Hikari taught her how to use it. Compared to sandpaper, this machine easily peels the timber to a smoother state. The dust is all automatically absorbed as well. It’s very convenient.

After sanding everything, they had to mark a spot for screws and drill holes.

Hikari started by drilling a couple holes before handing the drill to Ayu.

“Don’t drill the wrong spot.”

The wooden plank is fixed onto the desk. She slowly put the head of the drill near the mark. Her index finger pressed on the switch. The high-speed drill pierced through the plank in seconds.


“Nice one.”

Ayu released her finger, took out the drill, and sighed. Hikari smiled at her.

After completing the holes, Hikari switched the drill head to a screwdriver one.

They painted woodworking glue on it, locked the screws, and stuck the wooden planks together based on the design.

“Someone can always help fix the wooden plank when there are two people. It’s much easier.”

Hikari smiled and quickly put on the screws with the drill.

They made the shelf in less than 15 minutes. The real, wooden version of the 3D model appeared in front of them.


Ayu was surprised.

I really made those shelves in the stores. Amazing. Also, it took a lot less time than she expected.

“My impression for DIY was always using saws and hammers.”

“Those are used sometimes. But, a newbie should get all of the electrical tools. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy to give up halfway through.”

“I see…”

Ayu thought a big part of DIY is saving money. However, hobbies like this are probably better for rich people.

“Alright, this can fit in small things or dolls. However, I don’t think it’s strong enough to be a bookshelf. Should we reinforce it with iron plates? Even though it’ll look not as good.”

“Oh, sure.”

Ayu accepted Hikari’s suggestion.

She’s planning to put recipes, magazines, and manga into it anyway. Perhaps even reference books for exams.

“Got it.”

Hikari took some L-shaped and T-shaped iron plates from the storage room. She fixed them onto the shelf with screws.

“Good. Well, let’s start painting.”

The drill is still in Hikari’s hand. She wiped the sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand.

“I feel like this is already as good as completed…”

Even though she said iron plates don’t look as good, it looks like part of the aesthetics after adding them. She hesitated about adding colors to the shelf based on her own taste.

“We can just paint varnish on it and call it a day. But I think that will be just a poor copy of the shelves in the search results. It’s only special when we paint it ourselves.”

Ayu made up her mind after hearing Hikari’s determination.

“…I got it. Let’s try.”

They put newspaper on the floor and moved the shelf onto it.

Hikari handed Ayu the pink paint spray they got in Tokyu Hands.

“Shake it and try to spray it onto the newspaper first.”


She followed Hikari’s instructions and sprayed it onto the ground. The bright pink paint appeared on the newspaper and released a pungent thinner smell.

“I think it’s okay. Well, let’s do it for real.”


Ayu nodded and sprayed it onto the side of the shelf.

The pale timber was immediately stained with pink.

This feels a bit, …no, very satisfying.

“Hmm, nice.”

Hikari said that with a smile.


After painting the inside of the shelf, the two returned inside to wait for it to dry. Then, they had their slightly late lunch.

The girls played a game about squids for 2 hours to kill time. After that, they came to the roof again. Yukari asked.

“So, what are you going to draw on it?”

Although Ayu suggested painting the whole shelf pink and drawing with glowing paint, they realized a problem during lunch.

The first one is that Ayu doesn’t really know how to draw. The second problem is that while Yukari knows CG and oil painting, it’s still very difficult for her to draw with paint without any drafts below.

Yukari thought they could only draw simple shapes like stars, hearts, and skulls. However…

“…How about palm prints?”

Ayu asked without much confidence.

“Palm prints?”

“Let’s print sensei’s and my palm prints onto it.”

“I see. It’s both a simple and unique pattern.”

“Well, let’s do palm prints.”

Ayu was very excited.

“But are you sure you want my palm prints? This is a shelf for your room.”

“How could you say that? This was almost all made by sensei. Of course, I need sensei’s prints!”

Ayu was unexpectedly stubborn about this. Yukari smiled bitterly.

“I got it. Well, let’s make the prints together.”


The girls planned that the third level’s side is for Yukari’s hand, while Ayu is on the second one. After that, they started preparing the glowing paint and brushes.

“Ayu-chan, your hand.”


Ayu reached her right hand out. Yukari brushed the paint onto her hand.

“Eek! It tickles.”

Yukari also brushed some paint onto her left hand. Then, the two of them surrounded the shelf in front and behind.

“Well- on your mark!”

Yukari made the call. Both of them stuck their paint-filled hands onto the side. They released their hands a couple seconds later.

Their blue palm prints appeared on it clearly.

“We did it!”

Ayu’s tone was very cheerful. Yukari also smiled and agreed.

They stared at the palm prints in satisfaction for a while. Then, both of them quickly went to the washstand to clean their hands with baby oil.

It took another 2 hours for the paint to dry. Finally, they added varnish onto it and brought the shelf back to the living room after dinner.

The girls observed the shelf in the bright room. Even though some places looked weird, the weirdness created another sense of style.

Ayu stared at the shelf intoxicatedly. It looks like she’s very satisfied.

“Do you like it, Ayu-chan?”


Ayu nodded with a bright smile. She then asked.

“But is it really okay? It took us a whole day just to make a shelf…”

“It’s fine.”

Actually, it’s anything but fine.

The deadline for <Everyone Is Different. I Love Everyone.> is today, yet she’s not even halfway through. That’s why she tried to escape reality with DIY and change her mood.

If she didn’t realize Ayu didn’t have a shelf in her room before the deadline, Yukari would’ve probably just bought it online or at a home depot.

“I can probably never make a shelf like this. I’m happy. Thanks.”

That’s what Yukari sincerely thinks. Ayu’s cheeks turned red after hearing that. She was a bit embarrassed.

“Well, let’s move the shelf into your room now.”


They lifted the shelf and put it next to the wall of Ayu’s room-


Yukari smiled stiffly.

Tatami with paper doors. The windows are also made with paper. The wall is sand. A scroll is hung on the niche. Then, there’s a short table with a wooden texture.

Ayu’s room is a classic Japanese room, yet Yukari didn’t consider this.

A calm and collected Japanese room now has a pink shelf with glowing blue palm prints. It’s so shockingly wrong.

“…How should I put it? It’s super…eye-catching.”

Ayu bitterly smiled as she expressed her thoughts.

“Sorry, …I should’ve noticed it. Let’s repaint the colors tomorrow? Or should we make a different one?”

Ayu was genuinely shocked after hearing that. She said.

“There’s no need at all!”


“Isn’t being super eye-catching just right? It has a very strong presence, right? Or should I say chic in its own way? Anyway, I think it’s great!”

Ayu tried her best to explain. Yukari was still surprised.

She doesn’t seem to be saying that to comfort Yukari. She sincerely thinks it’s fine to have a shelf like this in a Japanese room.

“I see. …Indeed, the liveness is more apparent in a Japanese room.”


Ayu nodded with a smile. Yukari also laughed too.

Yukari observed the shelf detailedly again.

She made this with Ayu with their palm prints on it.

She could always throw furniture away in the past, whether she made it herself or not. However, even though this shelf isn’t great compared to what she had made, she wants to keep this in her home forever.

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