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The Progress of Yuri is Especially Fast Before the Deadline V1 Chapter 1

Translator: Pingas

Chapter 1: The Progress of Encounters is Especially Fast Before the Deadline

This is a pure and ordinary romance story about a lonely person no longer being lonely.


Ayu Shirakawa realized that she loved girls in her 2nd year of middle school.

She learned the concept of LGBT from TVs. However, she’s a bit hesitant to admit that she’s homosexual. To “prove that she isn’t”, she read every book and website about LGBT. In the end, she reaffirmed that she’s a lesbian, the L in LGBT. In other words, she’s a girl that loves other girls.

After realizing she’s lesbian, she still kept it from others for a while. She pretended to be in the majority until graduating from middle school.

After she was in her 2nd year of high school, the school taught about LGBT one day. On that day, she chatted at the food court in a supermarket with her close friends after school. What was introduced in the lesson became the topic of their conversation. Among them, there was a girl who was basically the leader of the group. She had maintained a close relationship with Ayu. You can say that she’s Ayu’s best friend. At that time, the best friend said, “I won’t mind at all even when someone like that is next to me.” The group agreed at the same moment.

“I don’t have any bias. It’s common to be gay at modern times, right?”

“Yeah, it’s bullshit to discriminate against gay people.”

I see. Ayu was surprised, excited, and also relieved.

Recently, it’s pretty common for gay couples to appear in Japanese shows and movies. The BL shows <Ossan’s Love> and <What Did You Eat Yesterday?> are also popular within her friend circle. Perhaps people have a higher acceptance of LGBT’s existence nowadays.

With that, Ayu immediately came out at that moment. She made it clear that she’s a lesbian.

Although her friends were shocked, they immediately followed with a smile. The group said nothing would change. We’re still friends.

On the next day, everyone in the class knows Ayu is a lesbian.

Ayu questioned her best friend why she spread the word around. In the end, she showed a painful expression and nearly broke down in tears.

“It’s because I’m still pretty disgusted by it. I bet you’re staring at us erotically when we are changing clothes during PE lessons, right?”

Ayu was speechless.

Ayu doesn’t have love for every single woman. Also, she only treated her as a friend. …However, she can’t swear that there’s not a trace of desire when she sees a girl’s naked body.

This best friend followed the momentum and expressed how much fear she experienced when she met a chikan on the bus. After that, she burst into tears. The other classmates stood on her side. Ayu is exposed to disgusted, despising, curious, and even sympathetic looks.

Ayu’s mind couldn’t process it.

She neither confessed to her best friend nor had feelings for her. Of course, she never even thought of sexually harassing her.

Did Ayu really deserve to be forced to come in front of the whole class? Did she deserve to face her best friend’s tears and be viewed as a bad person?

…No, even if she’s a totally bad person, she would’ve given up if her personality was a sin. She could’ve just pretended this place had nowhere for her to stay. However-

“Hey, don’t do that to her! It’s not Shirakawa-san’s fault! She’s pretty pitiful too!”

The person who stood on Ayu’s side and yelled was the most handsome guy in the classroom. He’s really popular with girls.

This scene is like a shoujo manga MC saving the FMC. A normal girl would’ve loved him at this point.

However, what controlled Ayu’s brain at the moment was “anger”.


That was the last thing Ayu wanted to hear.

Ayu’s body is burning like fire. Her head is all red too.

“I dare you to say that again!”

At the next second, her beautiful direct punch was sent to the handsome guy’s face. Also, Ayu Shirakawa learned karate for 10 years.

“I’m not pitiful at all!”

She could tolerate disgust and despise. However, being pitied blew her fuse.

She doesn’t even remember what happened after that.

She was given a 2-week suspension due to the violence.

The punishment wasn’t what mattered to her. However, the school told her parents what happened, and they realized her sexuality.

They screamed, “Did something go wrong?” As for Ayu, she tried to keep her cool and explained LGBT isn’t a rare thing with her self-learned knowledge. However, her parents didn’t listen at all. They kept scolding her, “You’re a shame.”, “Something is wrong with you.” They even tried to force her into habitation.

Her parents are already pretty conservative. They still go on about things like “it’s a woman’s job to get married and protect the family”. She didn’t get along with them at the start. At this point, there was no turning back. She broke off her relationship with them.

No matter how loud “understand and protect the minority’s right” is worldwide, no matter how many anti-discrimination activities there are on TV and the net, they are nothing to dog shit people living in a dog shit rural society. Patriarchy is in full power here. There’s no place for LGBT.

Ayu was thoroughly disappointed with her friends, family, school, and home. She decided to leave.

She wanted to go to a big city like Tokyo.

There must be a lot of people like Ayu in Tokyo, right?

Ayu spent nearly 10 hours on public transport. She arrived in Tokyo before noon. The first thing she did was head to the salon. She dyed her plain black hair to gold and added a red highlight. After that, she changed her clothes to a super cool T-shirt with a big skull head icon she saw in a clothing store and a miniskirt. She wanted to get rid of her “country girl” identity as soon as possible.

After arming her appearance with a city look (in her imagination), Ayu wandered around the streets of Tokyo. She was trying to search for a place to live and earn income. However, regular estate agents won’t take a teenage runaway girl seriously. She wanted to stay in a net café for a couple days. In the end, the police started questioning her when she was wandering around the streets in the evening.

“Are you a middle schooler? What are you doing here at this time?”

That was the first time she got questioned by the police. She was pretty startled, and her behavior was very suspicious. The cops immediately found out that she was a runaway and brought her to the police station.

The worst scenario for Ayu is for the police to contact her parents. She would be brought back to the countryside. The only option she had was to rely on the only person she knew in Tokyo.

That person is called Miyako Shirakawa. She’s 10 years older than Ayu and her cousin. She’s working in a publishing house in Tokyo. 

Miyako was born and raised in Tokyo. Her clothing and hairstyle are pretty modern too. She’s gentle and chic. Ayu has always loved her since little. She picked up karate under her influence too. Miyako’s parents are city-vibe adults too. Ayu has hoped many times that she was born in this family.

Honestly, Miyako Shirakawa is Ayu’s first love. Although she really hated to bother Miyako, now’s not the time to care about that.

Miyako, who was still at work, quickly came to the station upon receiving Ayu’s call.

Miyako saw Ayu during the new year. However, Ayu looks totally different now. Therefore, Miyako was a bit surprised when she saw her at that moment. However, Miyako still played with her and said, “She’s my cousin. She came here for a trip.” Ayu really appreciated her cooperation and respected her even more.

“So, what’s wrong, A-chan?”

They went to the café nearby. Ayu told Miyako about running away after arguing with her parents, but she skipped the details.

“Please, Miya-chan. Don’t tell my parents.”

“Uh, …I can’t do that.”

Miyako was really in a tough spot when Ayu begged her. However, she still respected Ayu’s decision of not wanting to go home.

“It’ll be troublesome if they filed a missing person report. I’ll still tell your parents, but I’ll convince them to let you live with me for a while. Is that alright?”

“Yes, …thank you, Miya-chan.”

Ayu nodded. Miyako immediately made a phone call. It was over very quickly.

“Your mother said okay.”

Miyako told Ayu. She’s confused about how Ayu’s mother said yes without much fuss.

“…My parents probably aren’t worried about me, right? They must be relieved after I am gone.”

After hearing Ayu’s sour words, Miyako said, “That’s impossible…” in a slightly worried tone. She sighed.

“Indeed, perhaps it’s better to keep your distance from them for now…”

“Miya-chan, can I live with you before I find a place to live?”

“Of course, …but you would rather find a place to live than go home?”

Ayu nodded determinedly after hearing Miyako’s question.

“What about school?”

“I’m quitting. …I can’t stay there, anyway. I’ll find a job and take care of myself here.”

“A job, …no one will hire someone underage without their guardian’s approval.”

“I can just make up an approval. Also, isn’t there something called the “high school girl economy” in Tokyo? I heard that even high school girls can earn big money.”


Miyako suddenly lowered her tone. She raised her head and looked pretty serious.

“I won’t allow you to get a suspicious job like that.”

That was the first time Ayu saw Mikayo being angry. Ayu was a bit afraid after seeing such boldness, but she continued.

“B-But I can’t live without money. …I can’t always bother you, Miya-chan…”

“No need to worry about that…”

At this point, Miyako sighed.

“But it’s hard for you to not mind that. …Are you really not planning to go home?”

“I’m never going back.”

Miyako looked into Ayu’s eyes. After hearing her answer, she mumbled to herself.

“Hmm, …I really want to introduce you to some jobs, …but our company isn’t hiring. …Maybe the magazine department has some, …ah.”

Miyako suddenly bulged her eyes while mumbling.

After that, she asked in a slightly insecure tone. It seemed that she didn’t recommend it.

“…There’s a job that includes 3 meals and housing. You want to try it?”


Ayu’s eyes brightened after hearing Miyako’s suggestion. She nodded several times.

“Got it. I’m planning to go there tonight as well. I’ll make a call first.”

Miyako started calling someone after that.

“Thanks for the work. This is Shirakawa from Branch Hill. I’m coming to you right now. Your draft must be finished, right? …No, please don’t mind it. I’ll wait in the room until you’re done. I’ll keep waiting. I’ll keep waiting until the universe dies and everything disappears. …Ah, wait, don’t hang up first. …Didn’t you say you want a beautiful girl to take care of chores? You said you can keep up with the schedule if someone can help you. …I already found the person. She’ll be here shortly. A beautiful girl who’s willing to work for you, so you better wait in there. I’ll turn you into fried shrimps if you try to escape.”

Miyako lowered her tone and said something brutal before ending the call.

“Uh, that was…”

“A-chan, you know the novelist Hikari Kairou?” [TL: The name can also mean shrimp.]

Ayu was a bit confused with the sudden question.

“Eh? Uh, …I don’t.”

“I see. This novelist is pretty popular among high school girls.”

“I don’t read novels…”

Ayu suddenly realized something.

“Is the job you talked about…”

“Yeah, I’m responsible for this novelist. She’s too lazy and soft. …Her life is a total mess. She doesn’t work according to the schedule. She abandons the draft and goes on trips before the deadline. I can’t deal with her, but I can’t always keep an eye on her. So, I hope you can stay in Hikari Kairou-sensei’s house and be that useless piece of garbage’s tiny helper and whistleblower.”


“Yes, break her collarbones if she wants to run away.”


Ayu is puzzled.

Honestly, she’s afraid of working at an unknown novelist’s house. Even though she can take care of chores, she doesn’t understand what a “whistleblower” means. However, she knows a job with housing and meals isn’t easy to find.

…Anyway, let’s start by meeting that novelist first.

Ayu clenched her fist and made up her mind.

“Is that novelist a guy…?”

She remembers that Miyako is working as an editor for boys-oriented novels. It’s common for novelists to be men. She is confident that she won’t lose in a direct fight with a guy. However, she still feels dangerous about living under the same roof.

Miyako smiled and eased Ayu’s worries.

“It’s a girl, of course. Relax. I think she’s the same age as Chi-chan, …so she’s around 22 or 23.”

“I-I see.”

She was relieved, but another kind of worry surfaced in Ayu’s heart.


Today is another common day before the deadline for her.

Yukari Ebiwara, 22 years old.

She’s a novelist. Pen name Hikari Kairou.

She made her debut after getting a new novelist grand award in high school. At this point, there are a dozen books under her name. A couple of them have very good sales too. Her works have a manga adaptation, an anime adaptation, and a TV adaptation. You can say that she’s one of the popular novelists.

Yukari woke up at 7 AM, ate breakfast, and went back to sleep. She finally woke up past noon and took a shower. After that, she sat in front of the computer and started rushing her draft. The deadline is tonight. However, she was only halfway through the draft used for the web version.

…It’s been 30 minutes, yet she stopped after writing a couple lines. She stretched her back, stood up, left the studio, and went to the kitchen.

Yukari stood in front of the open Nakajima kitchen in the spacious living room. She started cooking.

She took out a 600-gram beef leg from the fridge before taking a shower. She carefully wiped salt and black pepper on it. Then, when she was waiting for the taste to sink into the meat, she played 3 hours of Monster Hunter.

Next, she fried the meat using a pan. The surface of the beef looked slightly burnt.

“It’s beautiful.

She hummed a song as she covered the meat with bay leaves and wrapped it with aluminum paper. Then, she turned the oven to 100 degrees and roasted it for an hour.

There was some meat juice left on the pan. After adding grape wine, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, sweet sake, and pasted garlic, she turned it into a sauce. While she was waiting, she turned on the karaoke and sang several anime songs.

She took out the beef from the oven and left it inside the aluminum paper. She watched a 2-hour movie during the process.

After the movie, she unwrapped the aluminum paper and cut the beef into thin slices using a meat cutter.


Yukari smiled after seeing the red meat juice and the beautifully pink section.

There must be some failed attempts before such a perfect roasted beef can be achieved.  In the beginning, she put it in the oven for too long, and even the center turned grey. Right now, she can tell from the size of the meat, thickness, and parts. How much should she fry it? How high should the temperature be? How much time? She can answer all those questions now.

She’s going to enjoy this meal with red wine on the roof.

She put the beef slices on the plate as she imagined this blissful moment with excitement. Just as she was about to add the sauce, her phone rang.


She frowned and stared at the screen. Yep, the person calling is her editor, Miyako Shirakawa.

She knew the call would last until her death if she didn’t answer. So, she reluctantly picked up.

“…Hi, this is Kairou.”

“Thanks for the work. I’m Shirakawa from Branch Hill. I’m coming to you now. Your draft must be finished, right?”

Yukari’s expression turned stiff with her strong attitude.

“No, actually, I’m stuck in the last little bit. It’s really just a little bit! I don’t want to make Mya-san rush here. Let’s just…”

“No, please don’t mind it. I’ll wait in the room until you’re done. I’ll keep waiting. I’ll keep waiting until the universe dies and everything disappears.”

Although Yukari pretended to reject passionately, Miyako continued with her calm yet terrifying tone.

Ah, I can’t reject her. …Yukari quickly gave up.

This isn’t the first time Miyako came to Yukari’s house and waited for her to finish her draft. She even prepared a set of futons for Miyako to rest.

…Actually, my progress is great if you’re talking about my level in Monster Hunter.

She thought of a joke. However, she felt that the mood didn’t allow her to do that, so she swallowed it.

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for you.”

Yukari said that annoyedly as she prepared to end the call.

“Ah, wait, don’t hang up yet.”


“Didn’t you say you want a beautiful girl to take care of chores? You said you can keep up with the schedule if someone can help you.”

Yukari remembered she glanced at a rom-com manga when she was scolded for dragging the draft. It was about a beautiful girl taking care of a young man who lives alone. That’s why she said that. Of course, she was just joking.

“Ah, I think I said that.”

“I already found the person. She’ll be here shortly.”


Yukari couldn’t help but make a weird noise after she heard what Miyako said.

“I already found the person. A beautiful girl who’s willing to work for you, so you better wait in there. I’ll turn you into fried shrimps if you try to escape.”

“Eh? Wait, Mya-“

The call ended.

Yukari stood there for a while.

“…Did Mya-san finally go insane…?”

If that is the case, I should account for 0.X% of the cause. Yukari reflected on herself slightly.


It took 15 minutes by Taxi from the café to Hikari Kairou’s house.

This quiet area is filled with new luxurious buildings and single-family houses. Hikari is living in a modern building that’s 5 stories tall. There are 3 apartments from G/F to 4/F. There’s only one on the top. A third of that floor is designed into a rooftop. Hikari Kairou’s home and studio is in room 501, the top floor.

Even though Ayu has no idea of the estate market in Tokyo, she can see how expensive this house is. What kind of person is living in such a luxurious building alone…?

Miyako entered the number 501 in the entrance lobby and pressed the call button. Yet, no one answered.

“Is she not here?”

Ayu tilted her head. Miyako took out her phone emotionlessly.

“…Open the door.”

The door immediately opened after Miyako finished the call in an emotionless tone.

“Sheesh, what a pain in the ass.”

Ayu and Miyako, who were mumbling, took the elevator and arrived in front of room 501.

Miyako pressed the doorbell. The door slowly opened. A goddess appeared behind it.


At least Ayu truly thinks she is one.

There’s a slightly listless smile on her beautiful face. She can’t look away from her.

Her hair is slightly curved. The color is somewhat light grey.

Her two pupils are a bit different. The right one is black, while the left one is silver.

She’s thin and tall. Her chest and waist are both super slim and soft.

For some reason, even though she’s just wearing a grey cotton jacket and pants, she still feels very pure aesthetically.

Ayu’s eyes and heart were immediately captured at that moment.

She didn’t know her dog shit life was just for her to meet Hikari.

It wasn’t until now that Ayu knew love at first sight was real.

“Thank you SO much for your work, Kairou-sensei.”

Miyako greeted her without emotions. As for Hikari Kairou, she answered with a refreshing smile. “Thanks for the work.”

Then, she looked at Ayu, who hid behind Miyako.

When their eyes met, Ayu’s heart pounded faster. Her body temperature rose, and her cheeks turned red as well.

Hikari is a bit surprised. She looked at Miyako again.

“Mya-san, this is?”

“I told you in the call, right? She’s my cousin, Ayu Shirakawa. She’ll take care of you starting today.”

“Eh? Are you serious!?”

“Of course.”

“Really? Someone with common sense won’t bring another person here, right?”

“You think you look like someone with common sense? …I’m an editor. An editor will always make the novelist finish the draft, no matter the method.”

“Uwah, you have really gone mad…”

Hikari’s expression turned stiff, and she shrugged exaggeratedly. After that, she started observing Ayu.

“Uh, …Ayu-san? Are you really willing to work in my house?”


Ayu answered with a high pitch.

“It’s kind of embarrassing to say this. I’m not a good employer. You’re going to get exploited.”


She has heard about the so-called exploitation on the news. This is indeed the city. It’s scary…

Hikari continued sternly. Ayu was a bit terrified.

“Well, you have to prepare 3 meals, clean the floor, do laundry, get groceries, and check the mailbox every day.”

“Eh, …that’s totally fine.”

“Don’t underestimate Ayu. She’s an expert with housework. Her cooking is really good too.” Miyako interrupted.

Ayu was taught “housework is a woman’s job” ever since she was little. She had to help out with all the chores. That’s why she has such achievements. Therefore, she feels a bit complicated right now.

“You’re that amazing? …But that’s not enough. Aside from cooking, you have to do the dishes as well. There is so much work.”

“Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do…?”

Ayu couldn’t help but say what she honestly thought. “There are people who can’t do that in this world. The one in front of you is a great example.” Miyako said that in a deep voice.

“Ugh, I can do it. It’s just that I don’t.”

Hikari tried to retort.

“Hmm, there is also something else…”

Ayu interrupted her in the middle.

“I-I! I can do anything! So please hire me!”

Ayu suddenly bowed down. Hikari put up an almighty pose and judged her. Then, she showed an evil smile. “Oh?”

“Anything? Really?”


“Including selling your body to me?”

“Can I!?”


Ayu bulged her eyes and asked. Hikari was shocked.

“Oi, Hikari! Don’t say those things to my cousin!”

Miyako scolded Hikari.

Ayu finally knew Hikari was joking after seeing their reactions.

“O-Of course not! That was my bad! But if you insist…”

Ayu glanced at Hikari while blushing. Hikari gave her a bitter smile.

“Relax, even though I love adorable girls, it’s not that kind of love.”

Ayu faked a smile after hearing such a direct explanation, but she felt pretty disappointed inside.

She thought her life was made to meet with her. It looks like this is just a misunderstanding.


Miyako really brought a beautiful girl here.

The editor Miyako introduced Ayu to Yukari. She thought something was wrong with the editor’s brain. While Miyako looks like a member of society with common sense, she sometimes plays her cards randomly. She shouldn’t be underestimated.

However, Miyako’s job requires her to deal with novelists who can’t deal with society. Perhaps it’s just right to be a bit weird.

…Instead of reaching a breaking point because she’s too normal, it’s better to have a few screws off in her head.

She swept away the negative thoughts in her head.

“Did you guys have dinner?”

Yukari asked Miyako and Ayu after bringing them into the living room.

“No.” Miyako gave a short answer.

“Well, let’s eat together. I was just preparing it.”

Yukari said that as she walked toward the kitchen.

Every time she looks at Ayu, who’s sitting on the chair and peeking at her, Ayu hastily plops her head down.

She’s like a chihuahua that’s afraid of humans. That’s Yukari’s first impression of Ayu Shirakawa.

Ayu’s big eyes are really beautiful. Her face still retains the innocence of either a high schooler or a middle schooler. She’s tiny, but her chest is huge.

She tied her hair into a short double ponytail. A tinge of red was dyed on her bangs. She’s wearing a punk t-shirt with a big skull head on it. Did she go out of her way to cosplay for Yukari, who loves anime? But she doesn’t look like Harley Quinn. …What character is she?

She thought about that as she put all of the 600-gram beef onto a big plate. 

Yukari made Caesar’s salad and some baguettes when Miyako was on the way here. She put 3 sets of plates, chopsticks, and glasses. Finally, she tried to fill the glass with red wine.

“Wait! Don’t just try to drink so naturally!”

Miyako quickly stopped her.

“Eh? Aren’t you supposed to eat roasted beef with red wine?”

“No! You have to rush your draft after dinner. Drinking is banned!”

“Are you serious!? At least let me have a glass, my lord!”

Yukari begged with a solemn tone, but Miyako squinted her eyes.

“Who’s your lord? …You’ll pass out after having one glass. There’s no way you can write.”

“Mya-san is a demon! I spent 6 hours making this tasty roasted beef!”


Miyako’s face turned stiff after hearing what Yukari said.

“So you really made this roasted beef by yourself, …and you spent 6 hours too…?”


Yukari realized she slipped that out. Her expression froze.

“You still spent 6 hours cooking even though it’s the deadline…?”

Yukari’s voice softened and tried to comfort Miyako, whose blood vessel appeared on her forehead.

“Ahaha, calm down, Mya-san. I didn’t spend 6 hours hauled up in the kitchen! I’m just changing my mood.”

“…Then I bet you have great progress with your draft, right?”

“Of course!”

Yukari nodded determinedly. Miyako stared at her suspiciously.

“So, how much is left?”

Yukari avoided Miyako’s eyes and whispered.

“…Around half.”

“That’s the same as what I heard last time!”


“Ah, this useless piece of garbage is really…!”

Miyako scratched her head. Just as she was about to erupt, a “Guuuu…” noise calmed the mood down suddenly.

The noise came from Ayu’s stomach.

Yukari and Miyako stared at Ayu. Ayu blushed and lowered her head.

“A-chan, are you hungry?”

Ayu gently nodded after Miyako asked.

“I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday…”

“Ehh!? You could’ve ordered a sandwich when we were at the café.”

Miyako asked Ayu in shock. Ayu’s lips curled down.

“But the sandwiches there cost 700 yen. …I couldn’t order something that high-class.”


The adorable speech coming from a poor standard student made Yukari laugh.

…After hearing such cute words, Yukari couldn’t help but try to prank her.

“Hoho, we have a starving child here. Let’s eat. Eat up, Ayu-chan.”

“Ah, sure, …well, let’s eat.”

Ayu gulped and picked up the chopsticks. Then, Yukari said this to her calmly.

“Right, I tried to compare my annual salary and actual working time and convert them into my monthly salary. The result is 530,000 yen/hr. I spent 6 hours making this dish. This means that this roasted beef costs 3,180,000 yen. Well, you can pay me back after you earn the money. Here, eat up.

“3-3,180,000 yen…!”

Ayu dropped her jaws as she looked at the roasted beef on the table. She cried, “Miya-chan…” as she glanced at Miyako. She’s like a puppy that has to wait for her master before eating. It made Yukari’s heart skip a beat.

“A-chan, don’t listen to Hikari’s BS. …Let’s eat.”

Miyako said that as she put a slice of roasted beef in her mouth.

Yukari smiled and followed Miyako. Each bite causes the layered sourness and rich meat juice to overflow. Today’s roasted beef is the best one so far. It’s a shame without red wine.

“Here, eat up, A-chan.”

Miyako distributed a couple of beef slices onto Ayu’s plate.

Ayu looked at the plate, Miyako and Yukari in order.

“…W-Well, …let’s eat.”

She shivered while picking up a slice of meat and chewed. Then, her big eyes grew even larger.

“Tasty! This is super tasty!”

Ayu swallowed the first one, then immediately the second one and the third. The meat on her plate disappeared in an instant.

“Hoho, eat more.”

Yukari’s lips naturally curled upward after seeing Ayu’s manners. The person who cooked feels just as happy as the person eating it. Even though Miyako praises her sometimes, she’s always rushing Yukari’s draft when she’s here. The food can’t be enjoyed to its fullest.

“It’s nice to put it in bread too.”

“Here, eat up.” Yukari sliced open a baguette and put in some roasted beef, salad, and mayonnaise. She handed it to Ayu.

Ayu’s eyes were sparkling. She took the roasted beef salad sandwich with both hands and dug in.

“Sheesh, your cooking is just as good…”

Miyako’s face is filled with all kinds of emotions. As for Yukari, she replied chicly. “Hohoho, told you.”

“Can I ask-“

Ayu started a conversation when she was still eating like a hamster. She decided to swallow everything in her mouth before continuing.

“C-Can I ask something!? If you’re so good at cooking, there’s no need for me to make meals, right…? I’ve never made roasted beef before…”

Miyako answered.

“This little idiot loves to make dishes that take a lot of effort on the deadline. Even though it’s really good, …why cook it before the deadline!? I forgot which time it was. I was about to kill her when she was rolling udon dough before the deadline!”

“Ah, I think that happened. I just had a roll on the udon dough instead of the draft.”

“Stop with your wordplay.”

Miyako squinted her eyes and sighed. She continued.

“Although her cooking skills are excellent, she always eats instant food or take-outs. …I hope A-chan can make healthy meals for Hikari.”

“Healthy, …o-okay, I’ll do my best.”

Ayu nodded nervously. Yukari gave her a relaxing smile. “I’ll be in your care.”


Opening her eyes, she saw an unfamiliar ceiling.

To be exact, the lamp below the ceiling isn’t a rectangular object dangling on a rope. Instead, it’s a circular lamp with a speaker in the middle.

Ayu is sleeping on the sofa in the living room. A towel is on her body.

She rubbed her eyes and stood up. She slowly became conscious of her surroundings.

She sat on the sofa to rest after eating dinner yesterday. A while later, a strong urge of sleepiness made her lie down.

She spent the whole night staying awake on the train. She didn’t have a moment to rest in Tokyo either. It looks like her body is more exhausted than she thought.

Looking around, she saw Miyako working on her laptop.

Ayu looked at the clock on the wall. It’s around 2 AM now.

“Oh, you’re awake?”

Miyako knew Ayu woke up and asked her.

“Yes, …Miya-chan, what are you doing?”

“Hmm? Work.”

“It’s so late. Being an editor is surely hard.”

Ayu is surprised. Miyako explained.

“But we wake up pretty late. Our industry usually starts working at noon all the way until midnight.”

“Oh? Why?”

“Novelists, illustrators, and people working in manga and anime are all nocturnal. The editor who cooperates with them follows the same cycle.”

“I see.”

I didn’t expect there’s an industry like this. Ayu’s horizon expanded.

“Right, where’s that person?”

“Hikari is rushing her draft in the studio room. I really want to believe that she can finish before dawn…”

Miyako is really worried, but Ayu has a question.

“Huh? Wasn't the deadline yesterday?”

“…Our industry has a saying. The morning of the next day still counts as today.”

“The morning of the next day still counts as today…!?”

This sentence is clearly contradictory. Ayu looked confused. So, Miyako smiled bitterly.

“That’s just a messed-up theory from a messed-up creator. No need to remember it, A-chan. Forget about that. There’s a futon in the bedroom. You should go change and sleep. Right, did you bring clothes?”

“Ah, yes, …I brought some.”

Before she ran away, she randomly shoved some underwear, t-shirts into her backpack. Including her phone and wallet, that’s everything Ayu has now.

“Really? That’s good. Ah, you want to take a bath before going to bed?”

Miyako looked at her body after Miyako asked. Although there were no apparent dirty marks, she did sweat a lot wandering around the streets. Perhaps it smells bad.

“Uh, …sure.”

“Alright, …Hikari! I’m using the bathroom!”

Miyako yelled at the door of Hikari’s studio room, but no one answered.

“Don’t tell me she’s sleeping…”

Miyako stood up and slightly opened the door. Ayu followed Miyako and peeked inside.

The four walls are filled with bookshelves in this 3 m2 room.

Hikari is writing the draft for her novel using a laptop. She’s listening to music and some other stuff while working. That’s why she didn’t hear Miyako’s voice.

“Phew, …she seems to be working seriously.”

Miyako sighed in relief.

“I’ll prepare the bath.”

Miyako gently closed the door and walked to the bathroom. It looks like she’s really familiar with this place.

15 minutes later, the hot water control panel in the living room signaled the bath was ready.

“The bathroom is next to the entrance. You can use towels and shampoos. Hikari won’t mind.”


After Miyako said that, Ayu took out her clothes from her backpack. She left the living room and opened the bathroom door.

It’s been a long time since she last entered someone else’s bathroom. After realizing she’s a lesbian, she always finds excuses when someone invites Ayu to a sleepover.

She took off her clothes and walked into the bathroom. After spending more effort than usual to clean her body, she slowly sank into the hot water.

The bathtub here is much bigger than the one in Ayu’s house. There’s still a lot of space left after she stretched her legs.


She leaned her head on the side of the tub and took a deep breath.

She’ll be starting her new life here tomorrow.

The worry toward an unknown life, the regret of running away from home to Tokyo, the reflection after hitting someone, the sadness of breaking her relationship with her friends and family- all of these emotions won’t be solved for a while. However, right now, the strongest feeling in her heart is hope.

Miyako is just as reliable and gentle as always. Also-

Hikari Kairou’s face came into Ayu’s mind. Her body turned hotter.

At this moment…

The bathroom door was opened. Hikari walked into the bathroom.

Since she’s taking a bath, so, of course, Hikari is wearing nothing.

She grabbed the showerhead a bit dazedly.


Hikari noticed Ayu opening and closing her mouth repeatedly. She frowned.

“Eh? Why is there a girl in the bathroom…?”

Hikari mumbled to herself confusedly. She stood there. Her perfect naked body is facing Ayu. After a while, she gasped and bulged her eyes.

“Uh, I remember. You’re Ayu-chan! Miyako’s cousin, right! You’re here for work! Sorry, my brain isn’t working because of how tired I am. …Ah, I’m glad. I thought I died while working and got reincarnated into a dating sim’s world. That freaked me out.”

Hikari laughed. Ayu’s cheeks are as red as a tomato.

“Ah, u-uh, I’m sorry that I used your bathroom without your permission. I’ll leave now!”

“It’s fine. Don’t mind it. I’m just clearing my mind with a shower.”

Hikari twisted the tap after saying that and turned it all the way right. Water splashed onto her head.

Hot water is flowing down her body along her silky skin.

This scene is both erotic and holy. Ayu can’t look away from her.

Hikari spent a minute showering.

“Phew, much better.”

She turned off the tap and washed her face. Then, she looked at Ayu.

Ayu quickly submerged half her face in hot water. Hikari smiled gently after seeing that.

“Well, take your time.”

Naturally, Ayu’s eyes were fixed to Hikari’s back when she left the bathroom. Her back, butt, and legs captured Ayu’s imagination. She even wanted to touch them.

Her face flared up. Her heart is pounding. It feels like she’s about to explode. After Hikari leaves the bathroom, her naked body is still engraved under Ayu’s eyes. Pain is coming deep from Ayu’s body. Ayu sighed in anxiety.


She realized her hand was unconsciously reaching to her lower abdomen. Tears appeared in her eyes because of how embarrassed she was.

Ahh, I’m being so disgusting right now.

-It’s because I’m still pretty disgusted by it. I bet you’re staring at us erotically when we are changing clothes during PE lessons, right?

No wonder her friends rejected her.

Just then, her heart was still excited and filled with hope for her new life. Yet, right now, she’s overwhelmed by her shallow guilt.

I can never let that person know I’m like this-

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