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Gamers! Volume 10 Afterword

Hello, I’m the hikkineet who’s always worried by the delivery man because I was out a couple days, Sekina Aoi. …Sigh, I’m an insignificant dot in his casual clothes 99% of the day, after all. It’s reasonable to suspect whether I’ve died when they didn’t see me for days!

Ah, sorry, this is meant to be a casual greeting. But then I suddenly started talking about a wealthy author-sama that lives on book tax’s elegant daily lives. I’m just showing off now.

Sigh, but please be generous and forgive me, everyone.

It’s because there are 14 pages in the afterword this time.


Alright, let’s gather up, everyone. The traditionally twisted readers that checked the afterword’s pages before reading the main story can sit at the front. Everyone else can just sit wherever you want, as long as you can see the whiteboard.

Did you get it? Well, let’s start by learning from the past, okay?

Hey, those of you sitting in front! Don’t yawn! Even though I think you guys are already pretty fed up with me! But, don’t forget I, Sekina Aoi, have to do the most work here!

Did you hear me? Well, let’s start, okay? Very good, so let’s begin by looking at this string of numbers.

17, 13, 10, 18, 12.

Here, the people who understand what this means- hey, don’t raise your hands so fast, the people sitting in front! Sheesh, don’t just come to me with an excited face! All of you stand behind this white line! HEY!

Hmph, well, let’s continue. Yes, yes, indeed. These are the afterword page numbers of my novel series before the last one, including the short stories.

What do you think, everyone? Alright, that new guy sitting at the back, say it.

…Hmm, I guess so.

It’s really dumbfounding, right.

No, it’s okay. Don’t mind it. You’re not being impolite to me. It’s more like the author is the most dumbfounded one here. You can just leave those sitting in the front, who’s having the most fun of their lives, alone.

People call me the “afterword author” for a reason. I can say there are enough successes, right. Let’s not mention whether this counts as an honor.

Alright, based on that, take a look at this string of numbers.

9, 6, 3, 3, 13, 12, 2, 3, 2, 9, 14.

Alright, those who know what it means- hey, the people in front, don’t just spoil it without raising your hands! Where are the manners in this classroom!?

Whatever. Indeed, these are the afterword page numbers of <Gamers!>. This includes the pages of this volume and the short stories.

Well, what do you think, everyone? Hmm, the one sitting in the middle, say it.

…Hmm, yes.

It’s a bit hard to meme these numbers.

There are consecutive huge numbers, though. However, the rest have really few pages.

If that’s not the case, I don’t know how the author or the readers react. What’s with this mixed string of huge and tiny numbers? It’s not fun…

Alright, anyway, there are suddenly 14 pages.

…Everyone, can you understand how troubled I am here?

The readers are already fed up with me complaining about the page numbers.

But people won’t be satisfied if I write a short one.

So, I tried to make everyone smile by recalling the history of the past afterwords. However, once I checked it, I realized <Gamers!>’s afterword page numbers are way too weird.

It would be better if I can write 2-3 pages 5 times in a row. That way, I can compare to the last series I made to show how useless I am. In the end, this included a situation where I can suddenly remember everything and write 14 pages.

Most importantly-

I’m already a bit tired of writing this like I’m a teacher.

Can everyone really understand my frustration!?

Especially the ones in the front! D-Damn, why are your eyes so bright right now!? You dared to force me in a way I can’t reject!? How impressive! This pisses me off. I’ll never hate your disgusting smiles! N E V E R!

That’s all. The lesson’s over. I’ll clean up the whiteboard.

Well, let’s start the main afterword. I feel sorry for readers that want to see a proper story evaluation in the afterword. I’ll write it seriously after this. …I guess.

S-So, let’s analyze this volume!

Here’s the 10th volume of <Gamers!> - Karen Tendou and Surprise Update!

The content follows Vol.9. I think Amano still plays a significant part here. Hmm, but not much of the story is from his perspective. However, strictly speaking, there’s an “inner protagonist” mission here. I’ll leave the readers to look forward to it in the main story. (I think the people who finished reading it understood already.)

Also, there’s a certain onee-san from the Fushiguro family. People hated her in the last volume due to her stance. In this volume, she goes off wild, including the illustrations. I hope everyone liked it. But, Amano did suffer even more because of this.

Aside from that, I casually revealed a piece of information about Aguri. Well, please check it out yourself if you expected or cared about it.

Then, Tendou-san got on to the title. In a way, this is an “unusual Tendou-san” in the story. Hiya, I feel like Tendou-san isn’t really like Tendou-san this time.

Finally, as a whole, I think Vol.10 has a straightforward and fast-paced story. Amano revolutionized his mind in the last volume. Thanks to that, the novel itself went back to a Vol.2-like pace. The subtitle also returned to its 2nd counterpart too.

Moreover, I think the readers will find the titles and subtitles more appropriate after reading the story. Well, that’s true every time.

Oh, but <Gamers!> is already in its 10th volume. The world is already saved in Vol.8 of my last novel, <My Hero>. However, look at what these people have done after 10 volumes! However, once I remembered <My Hero> spent 8 books to progress 2mm (100 km for the friendship and games between men), I guess this is a kind of balance. Anyway, I hope everyone can pay attention to their relationships passionately for a couple more volumes. I think they are about to save the world as well.

Think about it. Perhaps this can really happen. A bouncy ball flying towards Chiaki and Amano hit Tendou-san and Uehara’s heads. Then, it fell onto the ground and started spinning. Coincidentally, Aguri kicked it and shot a mosquito that carried a mutated virus with humanity-ending powers. Finally, the ball was sent into the incinerator.

These people are often pranked by fate, after all. …Sigh, but even if something likes this were to happen, I won’t write it because it’s not related to the rom-com story at all.


…Alright, that’s all I have to talk about <Gamers!>. Well, even though there are still 7 pages left for the afterword.

Ah, right, speaking of my last novel, there’s one more thing. I’ll talk about my previous book then. Even though it’s just an explicit notice.

Actually, in this year’s summer (2018),  the novel that’s a bit related to <Gamers!>, <Student Council’s Discretion>, is about to get a new book.

The novel’s title is <Student Council’s Anniversary>. It’s because <Student Council’s Discretion> was released in 2008, making this the 10th anniversary. This is also to celebrate the 30th anniversary of <Dragon Magazine>.

So, if you have already read <Student Council’s Discretion>, please check it out with this opportunity. There should be some new stories. (I’ll start writing them now!)

Alright, that’s all for work. …Now, let’s talk about games.

<Monster Hunter> got a new game when I started writing the draft of Vol.10.

I’m still a player. So, of course, I had my fair share of fun as well. …O-Of course, I played it after I finished the draft! I played it after finishing the draft! (It’s important, so I said it twice, but I think the editor’s getting suspicious too.)

I hunted alone while finishing quests with my little brother. Hunted alone, finished quests with my little brother.


Someone’s thinking, “Eh, where are your other friends?” I guess you don’t understand. I’m an aloof hunter. Why would I entrust my back to someone not related to me?

So, I’m definitely not friendless.

“I’ve seen a lot of light novel authors tweeting that they play <Monster Hunter> too. Why didn’t you join in the fun with them?”

The one who asked me with an innocent face, you’re great.

Didn’t I already say I’m an aloof hunter? Why would I entrust my back to my rivals? …If I even let my guard down slightly, my job will be hunted instead of monsters.

Whatever, let’s not joke around. I’m just playing it with my little brother leisurely at our own pace. That was already pretty interesting. This is also the advantage of <Monster Hunter>. (It’s definitely not because we can’t play it without 4 people.)

Alright, most online games have some balance-breaking weapons or tactics at launch.

It’s no different for <Monster Hunter> as well. However, it’s not like bugs or something. It’s just a strategy that’s way better than others.

As for me, I really like the weapons involved in this strategy.


However, I’m still me.

An aloof hunter.

No matter how powerful the strategy or the weapon, I won’t just give my pride away-

-But I’ll do it. Strength is the best! It’s because I’m an aloof hunter! No one hunts with me because of my trashy personality. I’m a cold hunter that relies on my little brother!

So, I made preparations with an evil smile after knowing that powerful strategy. It’s because this game requires you to get materials from monsters to make weapons and armor. You need a specific weapon to use that tactic effectively.

I made all kinds of effort with determined eyes.

I spent a lot of time defeating tough monsters to make a strong weapon.

The aloof hunter is thinking, “Something’s not right.” “No, wait, do I really need to press O on this one?” I’m giving my best despite not knowing the results. The hunter is working diligently to cheat.

So, I grasped the little playtime I got after finishing my drafts. Finally, I made that OP weapon and finished the preparations.

Just as I’m about to open the game and do the actual hunting, …I see a new patch that’s being installed.


The patch nerfed that strategy.


I smiled depressingly after seeing that in the game. So, I returned to my routine before making this gear. I assembled the set, …got my usual gears on, and started a new adventure.

Yes, …that’s how people call me.

-A lonely hunter (laughs).

The end.

I encountered something that often happens in online games.

I should smooth things over a little bit. In reality, this patch is correct. Thanks to that, there’s not only one meta with weapons and strategy. It added more variety and buffed other weak weapons.

It’s just that this made me reconsider a lot of things.

For example, when I’m writing, I often think, “Ah, come to think of it, I really want to rewrite that part.” Whether it’s about the setting or the opening of the story. I feel like it’s a good thing to edit it with a republication. …However, that’s not true sometimes.

Very well, I’ll start deleting the “Tendou-san is everyone’s idol” setting at the start of <Gamers!> in secret. Eh, even if I don’t, everyone already forgot about this setting, right? Ah, really. …Well, I feel bad for her. Hmm, let’s keep everything unchanged. Yep.

Whatever, let’s not joke around. In reality, a nerf in the game makes people sad. What’s with this feeling? Does it feel like when the stocks you bought keep freefalling? Huh, even though I don’t understand it.

…Eh? Tendou-san? Tendou-san isn’t “nerfed” at all. You’re impolite.

Well, although she wasn’t nerfed, people feel sorry for her for some reason. …It’s more like she’s a regrettable person. It’s okay. Tendou-san can withstand adversity!

Anyway, even though I don’t want to, let’s end the nerfing topic here.

Here’s the appreciation speech.

First of all, Cactus-san has continually adorned the story with brilliant illustrations. Thanks for your beautiful drawings in this volume. Please continue to take care of me.

Then, it’s the editor. Thanks for letting me have fun in <Monster Hunter>- eh, you don’t remember allowing me to play it? Ah, r-really? …Thanks for taking care of my draft that I wrote without playing any <Monster Hunter> at all! Hiya.

Finally, it’s the readers that supported me to Vol.10. Hiya, I finally got something when I spent all my time writing the draft instead of playing games! Yay!

Finally, it’s the reader that supported me to Vol.10.

Starting from the next volume, this will be my longest novel in terms of the main story. However, the characters will never stop moving forward. Please continue to support them!

I think everyone knows this after realizing the time passed in the story.

Well, let us meet on Vol.11, which will be released in autumn. Otherwise, we’ll see each other in the summer at the release of <Student Council’s Anniversary>! See you!

Sekina Aoi

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