Sunday, September 6, 2015

Overlord Volume 5 Afterword

(Picture cleaned by Hiiro)

This is the author, Maruyama Kugane. Overlord has reached its 5th volume in the blink of an eye. Please allow me to thank everyone who has supported this series. Thank you very much.

Speaking of which, since Volumes 5 and 6 are going to be linked, I was wondering, “do I need an afterword?” I discussed it with Editor-san and in the end Editor-san said that some readers would look forward to it, so I should probably write one… But does anyone really look forward to the afterword? Are afterwords really that interesting…? Hm, so does Editor-san mean that I should force myself to write something interesting?

Something interesting… Well, in order to handle the myriad issues that have cropped up for volumes 5 and 6, I spent all my days off between August to the end of November at home in order to rush out the book… that’s all I have.

Also, since volume 6 includes a Drama CD like volume 4, time is even tighter than normal. It’s a really breakneck pace…

But that’s a part-time writer for you!

Hm. It’s… not interesting at all. I’m ruining everyone’s hopes and dreams, I know.

Then, let’s change the topic.

The WN version of Overlord is also updating, but volume 6 is going to be 90% new content.

Initially, I focused on adding new elements when rewriting the WN chapters for release. You will see this in the next volume.

The manuscript is already complete, so if nothing crops up, it ought to come out for sale in January 2014. I hope we can meet again in that volume’s afterword.

Now then, the thanks.

So-bin-sama, who does illustrations for the books, Chord Design Studio, which does the book design, Ohaku-sama, who does proofreading, F-da-sama, the Editor, as well as everyone who helped to make Overlord -- thank you, everyone. Also, thank you for all your help, Honey.

Finally, thank you to all you readers for buying this book! You have my sincerest gratitude!

2013 December

Maruyama Kugane


  1. So, Rener's name was supposed to be Reneer? Whatever.

    Thanks for the afterwords.

  2. how gay.. doesnt show stats and level for humans.. why not.. hes the author he should know

    1. Levels are in Yggdrasil terms. As this new world they are in is not Yggdrasil, it might be difficult to assign the same level values, especially as the humans in the new world are capable of Martial Arts that did not exist in Yggdrasil. That said, levels were assigned to the lizardmen, but I can't remember if any of them were capable of Martial Arts.

    2. It's possible the lizardmen have levels because they're an Yggdrasil species (or descendants of monsters that came from Yggdrasil)

      Er, crud, ninja'd. Oh well, I'll leave this as a reply just in case the one below gets missed.

    3. Maybe we see their stats because they were tested/observed after joining Nazarick. Like the lizardman showed their skills and they determined their estimated stats and levels in Yggdrasil terms.

      RoyHan: i wish you some nice quality time with Solution...

    4. I personally think it's gay as fuck that the author is using terms like "Skills" and "Classes" in the narrative. It's almost sickening to see an organic, real word being treated as if it's a game.

      "I took up class in Illusionist and Fencer"
      ...How do they gain these skills? Pay 50 gold for NPC to +1 their skills? Every time they invoke their skill, [Strength Perception], and whatnot, I get that douche-feels climbing up my spine.

      I would personally react less disdainfully to the matter, if we had any idea how these people gain their powers. Right now, it's way too ambiguous, as if it's not the giant elephant in the room.

    5. I figured as much when I first started reading that its just there for flavor as they don't even go into the specifics of the guardians classes.
      Most of the novel is infodump, why would you want to destroy that?

    6. "organic, real world"?? In a world filled with magic and monsters, you question skills and classes of all things? Also, we already know how they get them, through experience and training, as shown by Climb who learned his martial art "Limit Breaker - Mind" after Sebas Tian's near-death punch or Enri who gained levels in the Commander, Sergeant, and General after leading her troops.

    7. The reason why people in this world use terms like "class" and "skills" is the same as why they use tiered magic instead of the world's natural magic system that the dragons use: players come and introduce insanely overpowered techniques and abilities, then everyone tries to copy these god-like beings.

      As far as being able to see levels on the character sheets, all characters who are confirmed allies to Nazarick have their levels shown, everyone else is unknown.

    8. Totally agree with the guy that spoke against game terms. It makes sense that Ainz and the NPCs speak like that but it doesnt when the new worlders do.

      Ah whatever I like this so much that I'm willing to suspend my disbelieve.

    9. First you have to let go of the notion that our world and their world are same. Their's is a fantasy world and they are able to perceive skills and classes. It is all based on D&D and it makes sense that way.

  3. That because lizardmen where in yggdrasil thats y they had lvs. and stats

  4. "in the in the afterword"

    duplicated "in the"

  5. Btw the picture links for renner and gazef are broken. You can't go to the source image to read the descriptions of them. (The text size is a bit to small... mhh... or my eyes are just to bad.)

  6. Thank you for the afterword. I was really happy to get some more information :D
    Ah well thank you guys for ur hardwork and so i'll continue to read

  7. i think it's Runner...