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Overlord Volume 6 Afterword

Things have gotten from bad to worse in various ways in Volume 6. How did you feel about it, dear readers?

From the author Maruyama’s point of view, this is the sort of thing which suits Overlord. I would be happy if everyone felt the same way. After all, the average light novel protagonist would never act like this.

The foreshadowing for these events began several volumes ago, and now I can proudly say, “I had all that in mind since back then”, and show off. However, if the setup is too obvious, people will see it coming… which is quite challenging. I think the hardest thing to understand is the diary, which the main character mentioned in volume 2. Given the objective of the attacker, there was no real need to look through it, but then again, the attacker back then was really over-the-top. So being a little overboard when looking through it wouldn’t be strange, right? However, there was not much searching done. Almost as though someone knew exactly where the thing was… how sneaky.

Therefore, after you’ve read this story, you might find some surprising discoveries if you reread the previous few volumes.

On the topic of the characters Evileye is most definitely the MVP of Volumes 5 and 6. However, I personally like the thief who was named right at the end. Those readers who think, “ah, it’s good to be young” should be able to understand how I feel.

And that’s how it is; thank you for enjoying the past few volumes. I’m very interested in knowing how you feel about this. While I feel bad about making you pay for postage, I would be very happy to hear your feedback.

Now then, I shall thank the following people.

So-bin-sama, F-da-sama, Ohaku-sama, Chord Design Studio, and everyone who helped make Overlord; thank you very much. Also, thanks for all your help, Honey.

And finally, thank you to all the readers who bought this book. Thank you very much!

2014 January

Maruyama Kugane


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    1. ainz mentioned in volum 3 to call victim and gargantua btw who is gargantua ? is he a guardian or golem or something .

    2. Gargantua is a stone golem and is actually a bonus given to the Guild from the guild headquarters when it was still YGGDRASIL. Gargantua is a floor guardian but he has no personality, he's basically a machine and needs to be "activated". Gargantua is also considered to be stronger than Shalltear who is considered the strongest guardian (outside of Gargantua). Gargantua's full name is Strategic Siege Golem, Gargantua.

    3. Gargantua is a stone golem and is actually a bonus given to the Guild from the guild headquarters when it was still YGGDRASIL. Gargantua is a floor guardian but he has no personality, he's basically a machine and needs to be "activated". Gargantua is also considered to be stronger than Shalltear who is considered the strongest guardian (outside of Gargantua). Gargantua's full name is Strategic Siege Golem, Gargantua.

  2. Replies
    1. Victim is da real MVP as it seems.

      When it got introduced, Ainz said something about "Using your sacrifice to save us all" and I guess that means Victims kills itself to reset the whole guild fortress or seomthing similar, after all it has the "Martyr" class

    2. From what I've read, Victim's entire purpose is to die. Hence the name, and the low level. Trust me, though. Killing him is something players regret for a looong time :) After they rez, anyways.

    3. in the past the GToN was invaded by around 1500 lvl 100 players and infiltrated up to 8th floor but was stop by victim we dont know what is the skill he used but some speculated that it is mind control after his been killed.

    4. Also the last born of Pleiades was with him supposedly.

    5. Pandora Actor killed them all. Pandora Actor has the abilities of all 41 Supreme Beings with just 80% of the power. He is also can be substituted to do Ainz, Albedo, or Demiugue jobs which requires a lot of intelligence and power.

    6. the person whom stopped the 1500 raid party which infiltrated nazrick was rubedo, not victim. Victim's ability is most likely either a mass revival or a mass teleportation or a special buff or debuff deal. Regardless though, their ability should work coincide with rubedo whom is a resident on the 8th floor and the last line of defense for nazrick

    7. I think that is rubedo as well who have the "clean up" job and albedo oldest sister as well. She is the strongest in nazarck. Even stronger than ainz

    8. Victim has the ability to seal. Rubedo is the strongest being in Nazarick.Stronger than touch-me was.I dont know which one of those got rid of the pests. For more info go to overlord wiki.

    9. Yes Victims special ability is to cast an area of sealing spells by sacrificing itself, and the ones to kill the intruders were the various battle oriented NPC's in the 8th floor, like the mentioned rubedo the strongest in nazarick. and the final line of defense is the 8 floor but the true boss would be the 41 guild members. Additionally Pleiades' role is to stall the enemy while the members prepare their acts to recieve the ivaders.

    10. I started the LN from the lizardmen to since I watched the anime and was enticed to know more and, of course, the continuation of the world domination of ainz-sama.

      As to the stories about the past of GToN (about the 1500 lvl 100 players or maybe more), was it mentioned in the earlier volumes or is there a different volume for it?

      please enlighten me with your wisdom oh great ones.

  3. errr... Mysterious and Lovely Warror ?

    1. That's why there's something in parenthesis after that. lol

    2. Yeah... she doesn't seem that mysterious to me either, but eh.

    3. No Boob-less Big-chest as Gagaran's title. What a lying beast.

  4. thanks for all this work. it´s highly appreciated :D

  5. So there's a third nija sister?

  6. HAs someone discovered the hidden plot line he was talking about? I guess it has something to do with the "Priests like guys" which attacked Carne Village.

    I think I found some things out by myself. First of all it seems that the Slaine Theocrazy(?) was made by 6 player which are now dead or gone. That happened 600 years ago. So that means that Momonga didn't "spawned in this world immidiatly.

    I guess it comes to a big Battle between the Slaine Group and the great Tomb of Nazarick.

    1. The hidden plotline is that Ninya was the sister of Tsuare.

    2. There are time differences with their times that the players made it to the other world. the 6 gods and the greed kings are also players, but there might be other players around as well, but not as strong as NPCs in Nazarick or their levels are lower than expected. not all the top players in the game was transported, the most probable cause is them waiting till the serving was down..

    3. The author talk about diary and volume two, absolutely ninya and tsuare .. stop your delusion.

    4. The thing about the six gods of Slaine being players in the past has been obvious from a long time (the Rubik's cube thing), but it seems they were human and in this volume we understood a little more (thanks to Evileye) what were those "god-kin" we heard about in the intermission of the 4th volume. So the god-kins are the (now distant) offsprings of the human players from long ago. It seems the best seats of the Black Scripture are god-kins (3 people if I remember well? probably without counting Certain Death).
      Now I understand why Shalltear said that some of the group were stronger than Solution when she encountered them in the 3rd volume. They just WEREN'T only human, since I don't think a human, even the best of them, can beat a battle maid of Nazarick. At best, they are like Gazef Stronoff or that magician of the Empire.

      Now, even with those god-kins that Shalltear consider being "lions" compared to the other "rats" humans, and even with Certain Death which should be close to the level of a Floor Guardian, I'm sorry to say that the Slaine Theocracy is still far from being a worthy opponent for Nazarick, the difference is just too big. They still are the best opposition Ainz will have from humans, probably. But humans are just a part of this world as Evileye said, let's wait to see what the Dragon Lords can do, maybe they can be good opponents.

    5. Hmm Maybe. But Maybe the innerst circle of the Slaine freak show has the old powers.

      I think the Human Player got all their powers as well as Momonga does. So if their offspring posses the power of the Player they can still be a dangerous threat. And more importend. The Slaine guys have all the Yggdrasil weapons from their Gods including the Brainwasher. And this is going to be a dangerous weapon when they fight Nazarick.

      Imagine what happens if they control more than 1 guardian? It's still a World Class Item and should be just not fair. The Chaos that is going to happen will be a heavy defeat when Momonga doesn't do something quickly.

    6. That's why the Guardians got Worldclass items from Ainz.
      As long as you have one yourself others don't work on you.

    7. I would dare say that the emperor of blood ia also a player that arrived in this world sometime before Ainz, though like you speculate, he may not have been a max lvl one in yggdrassil.

  7. The guardian of wilderness card small but dangerius i wish to see victim power in novel.

  8. The guardian of wilderness card small but dangerius i wish to see victim power in novel.

  9. thanks sky, man victim is so creepy doe, but not that much

  10. I love evileye but i wonder what tragedy she went through and became a vampire? Maybe she wanted power? Ainz could always turn her human again lol, I really want to see her be allies with Ainz

    1. I'm not so sure it's that easy to reverse a vampiric effect.
      Especially without knowing what caused it? (elder vampire, true vampire, normal vampire, etc?)

    2. I more curious about evileye true form that she mentioned before.
      And about what if Brain unglaus spreading rumors about shalltear . That means all adventurers know about momon killing the vampire is all lie

    3. Well no. Momon said that he was chasing TWO vampires.
      Shalltear could simply be another.

    4. Well, she was twelve when it happened so I doubt it was "for power" in the normal sense. Ainz probably can't make her human again, but he can "accept her for how she really is" given his own undead state.

  11. i wonder about the plot he's talking about
    in volume 2, ain fought climentine and khajit
    i think the plot is related the the people who stole their corpses or resurructed them and since most likely theose would be people from slane theocracy that can include that some info about ain has been leaked to the theocracy

  12. Victim most likely has Divine/world glass sacrifice skill. Could very easily be that when killed/sacrificed victim will be reborn temporally as something very very powerful (god's avatar, phoenix, manifest of X) and able to wipe out everything front of it. could be having several limitations, like not able to move around so much(just 1 floor) but within the area has total control of the event area.(lets say stays active for 1 hour) and after that can only be used again after resurrection and lvl up back to max or has some other insane cd time.

  13. Apparently, Victim's ability is to sacrifice itself to rain down severely crippling debuffs, negative status effects and such on its foes, allowing its allies to easily and brutally kill the opposition.

    Even an invasion of 1500 level 100 warriors (not that there were that many by then) would be stopped cold when their offensive and defensive ability is fatally compromised, can barely move and are also harried by other statuses, cramped space, attacks coming their way, etc.

    In other words, provoking Victim's death was like shooting themselves in the foot...after having inserted that foot into their mouths. That's why its so low-level; either the class set did not permit more for an NPC, they ran out of level 100 NPC space, or, most likely, so that it would make killing Victim easier, in order to facilitate its ability's activation while also making the enemy get overconfident.

    That, or make the paranoid fear their impending doom.

    1. Very interesting hypothesis!
      Indeed it seems very likely, but even so, players are usually able to debuff negative effects pretty quickly, but perhaps in combination with some damage ability, most likely an area of effect ability? But still - the special ability that victim can invoke might be one similar to Ainz' "The goal of all life is death" - which can only be obtained after a certain amount of points in special classes. Hence, perhaps a combination requiring 35 points?
      And judging from the things like "Saint, Patriot, Martyr, Angel and Arch-Angel", there could also be - as suggested before - the birth of a boss-like enemy (although 1300 players should be able to defeat most any boss, even on first try, lol) - or perhaps some friendly buffs? (since one cannot really be made a "martyr" without A.) someone following the the said person's cause and B.) Dying for that cause by the hands of the opposition.)
      Applied with saint and patriot, things could get interesting, purely hypothetically speaking.

      Anyways, these are mere speculations!
      With regards, Deathmorphe

    2. I thought that was pretty much confirmed, I was under the impression his level was so low to make reviving him cheaper though.

      As a long time mmo player having a bunch of debuffs stacked on you is a nightmare, just imagining disease, berserk, confusion, charm, poison, virus, paralyze, and petrification on you (Im looking at you marlboro you ass) is horrible. Imagining it in a wide arra AOE is scary as hell. If it also has silence so the mages cant cast? Your party is screwed.

    3. For me it would be either the guild has hit their Lv700 limit of player created npcs or Victim lost exp due to his death

    4. There is actually a theory that Victim is both for any foes that reach him and for the 8th floor NPCs. Because Aniz himself says more then once that even Albedo would be in danger there. So his death effect might just be something like a large term seal designed for foes and for any NPCs that go uncontrollable.

    5. The 700 level cap can be extended by buying cash item,so does the data cap,like what tabula does when he made nigredo's room

  14. Victim is probably low level for the resurrection to be more easier since (s)he/it is bound to die when a fight breaks out... and damn, how creepy is the skill for victim to be treated as a final card in a battle....

  15. Thanks so very much for translating the afterwords! I really love Overlord and want to read from the beginning again...

  16. the spell victim could cast upon death could just be, mass berserk (the kind where you just randomly start hack and slash and aoe Silence. Done right and everyone in the area will kill each of other and then leaving 1-2 barely alive. Or! mass conjuration and everyone gets a nice dinner and surprise gift and are so happy about it that they just heart stone out ^^

  17. So, am I the only one that noticed that Gagaran is sporting some ZR? ahahahaha

  18. Thank you very much for this translations. Makes my week every time.

  19. Seeing that Evileye was one of the (more than) thirteen heroes is interesting, so that the level you can except from them. Better than humans (=Gazeff etc...), and probably around the maids level. Most of them were probably god-kins (like the best seats in the Black Scripture, it seems), so not so human technically.

    1. Some of the battle maids seem weaker than her and some seem stronger, so about that range, I suppose. Around Level 50.

      It makes Ainz sound even more horrifying though when you consider that his Level 100. She might be able to boost her stats up with her true form, but even then.. Ainz can summon forth Level 80 Elementals.

    2. It's even better when you consider the trapped death night side story. The best mage in the empire (world?) said that if they could control it they would be unbeatable. And Ainz summoned one just to test his summoning powers against a couple random soldiers xD. If the first players were considered gods, then Ainz is basicly Death itself.

  20. Still, I would've liked to see the real stats of Evileye, Lakyus, Gazeff, Brain... It's kind of meh from the author to not show them, while he did it for the Lizardmen heroes.

    1. We're probably going to see more of them in the future, especially when it comes to other "SSS" Rank missions.
      As for the Lizardmen.. They've already become irrelevant.

    2. Well, there might be some side story related stuff when it coms to the Lizardmen, and there might be an arc where the Slane Theocracy decide to purge the Lizardmen because, they hate demi-humans, so they might still be kinda relevant.

      That said, it would probably be treated like more a colony controlled by Nazarick rather than being about Zaryusu's life in the village and his adventures.

  21. The thing with the other players though is that unless they've brought a bunch of top NPCs like Ainz then, it's unlikely that they'll be that powerful, unless they ally with each other. It's actually fairly unlikely that out of all of the players who *could* be summoned to the new world, that they will all happen to be guild leaders.

    You have to remember that Ainz Ooal Gown was a pretty powerful and defensible guild, even in the MMO Days with 1500 players trying to storm into the place and all dying. We're also not sure how levelling up works in the new world. Can you go past Level 100..?

    If that's the sort of resistance that they'll give Ainz then, they're screwed and he'll probably end up toying with them as always. It's also unlikely that there are anywhere near 1500 players in that world. And even if there were across it's history, it's unlikely that most of them are still alive due to being.. ironically.. human.

    It's kinda ironic when you think about it. Ainz was worrying about players attacking him due to being non-human, but him being non-human makes him practically immortal. Most of the players are probably just humans with absurdly high stats in that world.

    It's practically impossible for there to be 1500 players in that world, as Ainz would be bumping into them all of the time, and they would likely at that point.. Be part of the nobility, etc. rather than being a force that's moving around in the shadows for the most part.

    1. The levels of Yggdrasil is rather strange - unlike any other RPG I'm familiar with, whether they be Western RPGs like D&D or Japanese RPGs. It seems like in Yggdrasil there are hundreds of professions or jobs as they are called here (otherwise known as character classes in most RPGs). In addition there are race levels and rather than being of a single race you can have race levels from multiple races. Momonga (Ainz) is stated to have 40 race levels, with Skeleton mage at 15, Elder Lich at 10 and Overlord (what is an Overlord?) at 5. That is only 30 levels so he must have 10 other race levels split among other races. But that is still kind of odd. In most RPGs you can be half elf or even half orc but the ability to be of so many races simultaneously makes Yggdrasil rather unique.
      Also in most RPGs you can be multi-classed (like a Fighter/MU/thief) but a character that is say level 10/15/5 respectively would not be considered to be equivalent to a level 30 character with only one class. At best he would be equivalent to lvl 22-23 (highest level + 50%). But in Yggdrasil you ARE considered equivalent. I also wonder how the spell progression works. Ainz is only a lvl 15 Skeleton Mage (his highest level whether racial or job) yet he is capable of Tier 10 magic spells. So I assume a single level in either a job or race is a pretty major thing. As someone who has played dozens of RPGs, both computer and paper/pencil, its fascinating to me and I wonder how it really works.

    2. I'd imagine that each class level gives him a certain number of stats. Perhaps, you get certain bonuses to a stat after a certain point.

      Magical classes might unlock spells earlier on and then, they might lower the cost of casting the spells or they might speed-up the process of learning spells (if spells are things that you learn independently from the class) or they might strengthen the power of the spells that you already have.

      It's a fairly interesting system, and it would be nice if the author wrote about it in more detail, especially if it applies to The New World.

      If the level cap no longer exists then, I wonder if Ainz could start learning skills from someone like say.. Sebastian and having those extra skills / possible stat gains.

      While that might help Ainz out, it would be scary to think how strong non-human players other than him might be after six hundred years, assuming that they thought of this in the first place..

    3. I believe its a simple class-tree system: you can learn all sort of skills / spells, or specialize by progressing in related classes like Ainz did (undead race + necromancy). For me it would be like this:

      Angel (10) - Archangel (10) - Dominion (10) - Seraph (05) - Overlord (05)

      Cleric (10) - Battle Cleric (10) - Priest (10) - Holy Hermit (05) - Saint (05) - Alchemist (for making potions 05) and so on lol

      Basically, I would be an Angel specializing in Holy magic (healing, buffs, purifying atks, undead absolute nemesis), I would also try to learn some infomational spells, at least to know the stats of those around me, or maybe for detection... Nigredo's clarividence was amazing...

      Me, king of fanfics LOOOOOOL At least I woud hope my libido still Works, haha! I would even resort to drugs like Aura's Breath, if there is no way to make it work I might not even go in the first place!

      Oh, and Lakyus didnt need to shout the skill name, "but if it worked, it worked". Man, I smiled at that XD

    4. Dunno how level caps work in the new world, but outside of the level cap, they have Martial Arts skills. Think about how powerful the Lvl 100 NPCs and Ainz would be if they added Martial Arts skills to their repertoire.

    5. Have to remember though the 1000+ Player invasion happened while the guild was in it's prime. So not only did they have to deal with all the traps and all the absurd effects the floor guardians have stacked on them in their levels.

      They also have to fight Touch-me, Ulbert, Ainz, and the other guild members plus Rubedo, Sebastien, Lastborn, All the bullshit traps. Nazarick is a lot weaker without having 41 other 100 level players helping so it probably couldn't take an invasion on that scale again.

    6. Not necessarily. I don't think the invaders ever made it to the throne room and that's where all of the "41 supreme beings" were waiting for the invaders.

      As Ainz explained before in a previous chapter, they wait in the throne room like the final bosses.

    7. Just because they didn't make it to the Throne room doesn't mean the members didn't fought.

    8. It was stated in the story they they wait in the thron eroom like final bosses or they watch people humiliate themselves in the arena.

      I don't see what there is to argue over. It's already been established. The logic seems to be that if it falls to them to intervene then, Nazarick is probably screwed anyway, which shows how much confidence they have in their traps, monsters, etc.

      Not to mention, that they have a greater range of tactics available to them now, as it's no longer a game. For instance, the Floor Guardians couldn't leave their floors in the game. Area Guardians couldn't leave their areas.

      The guardians could fire attacks at the invaders while they're delayed and killed by traps while teleporting / running away whenever things get inconvienient.

    9. Another little detail: Nazarick has 11 world class items. The guild with the second-most only had three. World-class items, traps, Floor Guardians, Area Guardians, Auto-spawned monsters, Golems, etc.

      Perhaps, they'll even immediately respawn the NPCs after they're killed with gold.

    10. You also need to remember that ainz said that they have been in a fight to reclaim a mine that was captured by other guild, and 21 members of Ains Ooal Own died more than once in that fight.
      That means they arent exactly invincible

    11. That's to reclaim a mine. In a game where they can't take the traps, world-class items or the NPCs out of the stronghold.

      A part of tactics is luring the enemy into favourable terrain.
      Nazarick is favourable terrain. You have to remember that in the game, if they take their world-class items to a mine then, there's a chance of it dropping as loot.

      Not to mention, that the players in The New World have probably grown arrogant after being treated like gods for hundreds of years.

      Additionally, there are certain limitations when you're playing the game. For instance, Nazarick's Guardians couldn't just teleport all over the place and were constrained to their own floors, otherwise they could just use hit & run tactics.

      The other thing is that Nazarick is a complete party. A tank, a healer, magic caster, etc. All of which have a really high level of teamwork. The other summoned players were probably random people who were pulled in.

      Invincibility is very subjective, however when you keep in mind Albedo and Demiurge's tactical skills combined with Ainz's Top 10 Guild level of knowledge, one of the most fortified guilds in Yggdrasil, etc. then, I think that they can take on just about any enemy.

    12. Someone mentioned the number of players that may show up...anyone else consider that possession of world class items may be a necessity? 200 worlds folks,200 items the guild had 11 stored and the country that was founded by players had 1...

    13. There are countless references to potential players. Greed kings, demon gods, six heroes, etcetera.

      It's very likely that if Ainz's guild got pulled through that the guilds of players have also gotten pulled through, along with all their NPC's. He made it clear that guilds got to distribute levels to NPC's and most of them probably built fairly optimal defenders.

      Remember that Ainz Ooal Gown isn't the top guild. Although it has the most World Class Items and is infamous for having fended off a massive player raid, there's a good chance that some of the other top guilds likely transferred at some point in the world's history.

    14. From what I read, Ainz Ooal Gown was the #8 guild and the one with the most world-class items (11 with the second-most being 3).

      The main reason for this is probably due to the low number of players which they had in their guild. Only 41 people.
      Earlier in the story, it said that 1500 people from 8 guilds attacked Nazarick.

      In other words, that means that the typical guild has hundreds of people, and it's likely that atleast one of those was a top guild.

      Of all of the millions of players and guilds who played Yggdrasil, it's incredibly unlikely that the few hundred or less who managed to get to The New World will *happen* to be the top guild.

      And even if *a* guild manages to get through, it's probably only going to be a single person from the guild + some NPCs.

      Even if it is the top guild with a fully upgraded castle, they'll still be bound by the 700 Levels restriction, it'll probably only be one person from there and the average level of their players is probably much worse than Nazarick's.

      Even if they have world-class items, they'll probably only have one or two at most. And it doesn't necessarily mean that they'll be a cash item fanatic like Ainz.

      The fact that one of the world-class items fell into the hands of a non-player probably means that whoever that item belonged to is dead.

      That said, having a battle that's vaguely evenly matched might be interesting. The Shalltear Battle was a good one.
      Even if it's only one-on-one.

    15. a couple things if more guilds did transfer over and it was somehow staggered out over a period of hundreds of years with Ainz arriving last then there has been time for people to gather any world class items left behind by guilds that perished in the new world. that means that they could have more than three world class items at their disposal. they could have as many as 5-7 depending on whether the guild members had them on their persons when the transfer happened. This also begs the question of why Ainzs' whole guild hall was transfered with him? was it because he was the guild leader? Because he just happened to be in his hall? because he was holding the guild staff, or some combination of all three? if it was just because he was in his hall then others could have been transferred with their halls too and all their extent goods would have been contained within the same as Nazarick. Perhaps the very heart of the Slein Theocracy was once a guild hall and thats why they have world class items. Also several of the Theocracy's spells, the angel ones, were Yggdrasil spells so there is evidence to support at least some of the Yggdrasil players ended up in the theocracy several hundred years ago

    16. The players in Nazarick waits in the last level only if they lose the 8th floor. In which case everything is going FUBAR anyway so they all retreat and heal up while the maid squad buys them time for a last show.

      It's not like they just up and go to the last floor during any invasion and wait for the foe to break all their defenses.

    17. Another thing to note is the 700 level limit is most likely just the guild starting limits. Just the level 100s in nazarick alone is over that limit

      Shalltear+Albedo+Seba+Demiurge+Mare+Aura+Cocytus+Rubedo+Pandora alone is 900 levels.

    18. I think the level cap can be extended with cash item,like with tabula smaragdina when he made nigredo's room

    19. As to the 41 fighting and whether that impact the guilds chances in new world...even if they fought that means 41 player+guildhall defeated 1500 lvl 100 players...lets make some numbers up and assume each of the supreme beings is head and shoulders above the enemy guilds,say 10v1 so take out 410 of the enemy from that 1500...your still talking over 1000 players handled JUST by the guildhall and NPC's...coded unintelligent NPC's without the growth that the new world is allowing...Nazarick is INSANE from a gamers point of view and power standpoint,now it may be vulnerable in new ways because of the world (likely you couldn't just explode your way between floors with lvl 10 magic previously,though chances are if you did that someone would eat your mana deprived soul) but truly I doubt that anything is a threat to nazarick directly. Not to say that something couldn't kill ainz and his followers but chances are they won't do it while plowing through the great tomb.

  22. “Let’s meet again in a different place…”
    Remember this piece of foreshadowing in chapter 1?
    I wonder if Meromero will actually make his apperance in the new world and what his going to think of Ainz's antics.

    1. oi oi oi don't jinks this story mate! i don't wanna see Ainz change becasue of his stupid comrades and I honestly think Ainz tactics are too soft he said he doesn't think anything of humans but it don't feel like it i wish his human side died

    2. Ainz is somewhat neutral for the most part, asides from when he saved the village. Sebastian kinda represents the human side and Demiurge represents the evil side.

      For instance, he seemed to mostly get dragged along by Demiurge's scheme in the previous chapter or atleast, that's how I interpreted it.

      In the end though, Ainz would probably be a far more competent ruler than the king who's always fighting with the nobles. Sure, he might have to make some sacrifices, but at the end of the day.. That's just how things go in the medieval era.

      As for what the members of the guild think, I have no idea.
      It might be an interesting additional perspective or as you pointed it.. It could equally result in Ainz playing the nice guy all the time and refusing to do what needs to be done.

    3. I dunno if its neutrality or the fact that Ainz still may think of most of the people in the new world as NPC and not "real". After all, taking 10,000 innocents (?) from the capital to Nazarick to be used as experiments, food and spell components would normally be considered pretty evil.

      There is also the inherent contradictions in Japanese society. They are incredibly pacifistic but some of their movies can be far bloodier than what you see in Western theater. Having lived in Japan I could also see how incredibly kind and thoughtful they could be to people they know, but also be totally thoughtless they could be to strangers. This is kind of mirrored in later volumes where Ainz instructs his undead soldiers to slaughter everyone in the battlefield except a few that he personally knew.

    4. To be perfectly honest, I don't really think that Ainz is really aware or really cares that much about what goes on in his own organisation. We've seen several examples. Him skimming over reports, etc.

      Even when it comes to Demiurge experimenting on humans, it's usually portrayed as these "chimera" that he "found". If he doesn't specifically order something in a really specific way then, the NPCs will interpret that order in whatever way they want to.

      There's also Ainz not wanting to be seen as "incompetent", so he never asks people what's going on in order to create the illusion that his this all-knowing being.

      Throw in another guildmember and perhaps, he'll have a clue about what's going on under his own roof. The whole pointless conflict with Blue Rose was due to Entoma going and eating human flesh in the open.

      Sure, they managed to twist that around with the whole demon lord thing to try to build "infamy" in order to cover their tracks, but it was unlikely that this was the intent.

  23. Come to think about it.

    If Victin got his level reduced by constant sacrifices, thatn that means that the only reason which Unglaus managed to hurt Shaltear finger was because her level dropped due to death?

    I pity the man.

    1. If Victim got his level reduced then, it would end up dropping down to Level 1, if his constantly sacrificing himself.

      Victim probably put everything into that special power and can't raise his level further or they don't want to as it would make it more expensive to revive Victim.

    2. "It's simpler for NPCs. For as long as the guild pays the resurrection fee which scales with the NPC's level, the resurrection will have no effect."
      I don't think Shalltear got any level penalty due to Ainz reviving her with gold.

    3. Well she may not have recieved level penalty, but she did recieve breast penalty.

    4. From the sounds of the early chapters, they might be fake to begin with, so no penalty..? Just status quo, asides from the memory loss.

    5. Just memory lost,the breast are all pads

    6. my worry is that the memory loss might be because of her mindcontrol not the revive,though it does open up more fun if its part of the revive "who destroyed my plan!" "i can't remember!"

  24. You could skip Chapter 1 and 2 of Volume 7 as localized in Baka-suki in
    and translate the chapter 3 onwards? Thank you.

    1. That's actually what I was thinking.

      I was wondering whether they'd just skip to chapter 3 or whether they'd continue editing 1 and 2 and just leaving it at that for the week.

      I personally think that 1 and 2 are good enough to be released, but others might have conflicting opinions.

    2. I have seen a message on Baka Tsuki from Sava: chapters 1, 2 (edited) and 3 (new) next week.

    3. That's unfortunate. I'll probably re-read the novel and then, I'll see what the new version of Chapter 2 is like then.

  25. Hehehehehe, when I finished reading everything, it was already dark outside lol THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Sky Translations! XDDDD

    Too bad Evileye has no chance, she's just too damn cute, even misunderstanding everything!

    1. Non-human? Check.
      Overpowered? Check.
      Loyal? Check.

      Sounds like Evileye might make a good addition to Nazarick.

    2. Fell in love with a sexless skeleton? Check.
      Values party members greatly? Check.
      Had said members beat by battle maid, then killed by guardian from said skeleton? Check.

      Sorry to blow your ballon, I really wish I was wrong, but...

    3. They were only killed. It's not like it's a big deal. Ainz can bring them back at any time, or they can do it themselves like they ended up doing.

      They probably can't even remember why they fought the battle maid due to the resurrection memory loss.

    4. Not to mention, that it's fairly hard to blame on Ainz when his trying to control a team of godlike beings. They surely wouldn't expect him to have a tight leash on Demiurge..? If it wasn't for the absolute loyalty, they would have rebelled by now.

      As for the massacre, it's a massacre. The world isn't that pretty, especially not a medieval one. If it wasn't Ainz then, they might get killed in a war or they might have Eight Fingers terrorising them.

    5. "They surely wouldn't expect him to have a tight leash on Demiurge..?"
      You have to keep in mind that if Ainz didn't intervene then, Demiurge would have killed them, taken them back to Nazarick, revived them and experimented on them.

      Remember the reason why they had to put together some complicated master-plan to explain Demiurge's presence and to cover their tracks..?

    6. The other thing is.. Who exactly is she going to follow? Renner? Renner isn't exactly a saint either. She's the sort of mind who you'd find over at Nazarick.

      Heck, I wouldn't be surprised, if Ainz made her immortal (vampirism or some other method), installed her as the ruler and ruled the Kingdom via her. As for the nobles, they can just go to hell thanks to Nazarick's Invincible Army.

      You seem to be thinking of Nazarick as a Guild when you should be thinking of it as a nation. Ainz is the king and everyone acts nice and loyal infront of him.

      Meanwhile, the "nobles" like Demiurge are doing their own thing without the will of Nazarick, creating unnecessary fights, etc. It's like blaming the King for the acts of his nobles in the Kingdom.

      The important thing to Evileye is that Ainz can keep Demiurge in line which will stop him going all Demon God all over the world. It's better to have him under your control than running around as a potential threat in the distance.

    7. I see what you mean... its true Blue Rose picked an unecessary fight, but Entoma is basically a human killing monster. If I saw something like that in a human city, I would be wary! Even if she was attacking the 8F hideout...

      Yes, Demiurge acted on his own... even if Ainz doesn't mind much, and didn't give the order, Evileye would still get shaken by it. I simply can't see her accepting 10000 unnecessary deaths just like that. In her times as Landfall maybe, but she seems to have changed.

    8. To be fair, the Eight Fingers kinda deserved being eaten.

      It was Entoma who created an unnecessary fight by eating humans in public and confessing to it when asked.
      She should at-least have waited until she's back in Nazarick before doing it or use illusion magic or do it in a place that's been secured.

      At the end of the day, it was Demiurge's screw-up.
      He was there clearly supervising his subordinate, but he didn't think of having them keep a low profile and avoiding unnecessary battles.

      As for thousands of unnecessary deaths..
      Welcome to the medieval era. And.. Welcome to internal factions who do things without your will.

      Just like how the Kingdom can't just get rid of the nobles and couldn't get rid of slavery completely, Ainz is having his difficulties dealing with a godlike being like Demiurge.

      Renner is not much better and that's the faction that Evileye is standing behind.
      Renner sent many guards to die as meat-shields while fantasising over how she was going to seduce Climb.
      All of this was during an emergency.

      The Empire sends armies to destroy the Kingdom's Army simply because they fear being invaded.
      The Slane Theocracy runs around destroying random villages in the name of their gods.

      At the end of the day, every faction is crap. The real question is.. Which one is going to change things in the end..? If it's people under Ainz's protection then, they only seem to get the best and they're incredibly well-defended.

      I cannot say the same about the Kingdom being well-defended. The nobles stood around and did nothing while the "Empire" was slaughtering people.

      If Ainz was running the Kingdom then, an organisation like Eight Fingers could never exist. He would just pass a law and the law would happen. No loopholes.

      I heavily doubt that Evileye would magically become Demiurge's friend. Even if she learned about the truth behind the scenes then, there would be MAJOR friction between her and Demiurge including arguments during meetings.

      Firstly, there's a big difference between Nazarick the Nation and Nazarick the Tomb. The lizardmen are ruled by Cocytus and they almost have nothing to do with the Tomb. And yet, they're considered part of Nazarick the Nation.

      The concept of Floor Guardians is probably going to be a thing of the past with governors ruling over nations being more of a thing.
      As far as nations are concerned, you can easily pull any bs you want like.. Jaldabaoth died and his son.. Demiurge became the new Demon King and now, his part of "Nazarick".

      Landfall is exactly the reason why Evileye is not exactly the saint that we all think. The main difference is that that was probably a rampage while Demiurge is atleast capable of creating excuses. Albeit, bad ones.

      If Landfall aka what some readers think is her true form is at the level of a Floor Guardian then, I can only imagine the devastation that she might have caused in a rampage.
      That said, if she's at that level of power then, she could help in keeping Demiurge in check, as his clearly up to no good.

      Roping her in might be useful to Nazarick.

    9. Or Ainz could just alter her memories to make "Jaldabaoth" look different to "Demiurge".

    10. ..Another question is.. Do Blue Rose know what Evileye actually is..? They just seem to think of her as an adventurer with a mask..

    11. Renner is just the best of a bad lot, in my opinion.
      Sure, she has personal interests in Climb. But that works out since he keeps her ambitions rather limited in scope, in spite of her incredible influence and acumen.

      Compared to a lot of politicians she actually gets things done, most of those things actually being positive social reforms like banning human trafficking and implementing crop rotation.

      Overlord likes to do the thing where nobody is precisely stainless or without fault, but for the most part, characters like the lizardmen trio and Renner do make positive changes in their societies.

    12. Banning human traficking and yet leaving a million loopholes, thus defeating the object of banning human traficking. Yes, I know that she's powerless. Maybe, maybe not.

      It's hard to tell whether she even did that for just good publicity to make herself look better to Climb or whether she actually cares (probably not, from what we've seen of her personality after she "lifts the mask off").

      She sends countless guards to their deaths with the vague hope that they'll stop the demons by satisfying their hunger. The demons just effortlessly mow them down and continue on.

      And at the end of the day, she doesn't really have that much real power. It's people like the Eight Fingers, Ainz, The Emperor, etc. who hold the real power in the human world.

      Ainz can't go too far in dealing with his Guardians as he worries about them rebelling or not daring to put forward their opinions due to Ainz automatically overruling it all.

      The fundamental problem though is that the members of Nazarick haven't really lived in that world. Sebastian has for a short while, but his opinion is overshadowed by everyone else's. They just have a pre-programmed hate for humanity.

      They have never spoken to humans. They haven't even seen humans. They were created in Nazarick, got some pre-programmed ideals and are now stepping into the world for the first time.

      In other words, everyone has their problems and factions to deal with and practically every faction is crap.

    13. I'm not the sort to squint at a good thing just because the motive itself was questionable. The point is that Renner has an incentive to be "good" even if she's basically incapable of empathy and is a human supercomputer.

      The fact is that her laws do pass. By no means do I expect laws to be omnipotent or perfectly implemented. Considering that the last major trafficking brothel got raided and the Eight Fingers had to step up security on account of desperate they got, this says a lot. And at the end of the day, she did sic her paramilitary adventurers on them.

      I'd say that's about normal considering the gridlock in politics that normally exists and frankly, their kingdom isn't even especially corrupt by the standards of our world. And blame for exploiting the loopholes falls at the feet of the mafiosos running amok.

      I sort of agree about Nazarick, but the larger issue is that Ainz is too spineless to do any real "parenting."

      I know how guys like him think. Demiurge is "smart." I could never be as smart as him. But he expects me to be smarter. Oh crap, I better pretend.

      It would never occur to him in a million years that for all his intelligence, Demiurge is still basically a child and that intelligence doesn't count for dick if you lack the socialization or perspective to use it. Worse still, you sabotage your own talents by assuming you can never compete with the "smart" guy.

    14. If you think about it that way, Evileye seems like a more mature version of your average Nazarickian who has gotten past the whole.. Let's destroy cities! phase aka the Landfall incident.

      The fact that she could destroy cities though implies that her power level in her "true form" is much higher than what we've seen. Maybe, that's why the author refused to show her stats..?

    15. I'm not really sure what Evileye's history is though, as there could be some extenuating circumstances to her life. It may be that she had some political or personal agenda that wasn't motivated by pure bloodlust. (Such as Ainz just wanting to find his friends.) And she wouldn't necessarily have to be that powerful, she just has to be responsible and/or blamed for the incident.

      Even if she isn't at the godly power levels of Yggdrassil players she's still considered an Adamantium level adventurer, which puts her more or less at the top 1% as far as personal power goes.

    16. It probably doesn't occur to Demiurge that they're going to have to live in that world, and racking up infamy is not going to help when it comes to befriending other players.

      Just ask Evileye, do you really want to live in a world where everyone hates you for a few million years..? I wouldn't be surprised, if some of the players committed suicide after living for thousands of years and having nothing to do.

      Demiurge is technically intelligent, but asides from that.. He just sits around in Nazarick, has pre-programmed notions and never really interacts with the world.
      And whenever he screws up, he glosses over his mistakes by making an even bigger mistake and making it look like some big master-plan.

      Ainz kinda does the same thing by glossing over his mistakes to make himself look like some all-knowing overlord, even though he REALLY needs to know what's going on.

      "Albedo and Demiurge are more competent than me. I won't get in their way. I don't want to be THAT kind of boss"
      That's exactly how Ainz thinks. He needs to realize that these people have never had any real life experiences.

      They were created, left to guard a tomb, always saw humans as enemies who kept invading the tomb, and now they're forced to come up with plans which impact the future of the human race.

      What we need is someone who is capable of having a proper discussion with Ainz about Nazarick, it's problems, and how to move forward in the future including having the guardians get over their irrational hatred of all humans.

      That someone could be Sebatian, if he didn't think that Ainz was an evil overlord. Demiurge probably assumes that Ainz is just like him, and so he easily throws out some of the most evilest plans that he can think of.

    17. One of the problems is that Ainz refused to accept that Demiurge made a mistake. He could have modified Evileye's memories of the battle, and revived the two Blue Rose people right there and possibly modified some of their memories too.

      And then, they could wake up in a cabin with Momon the hero going on about how he saved their lives.

    18. Or the classic.. He was being controlled by a world-class item..!!

      And he could have had some evil looking person come out holding some sort of evil looking orb.
      He has a bunch of shapeshifters in Nazarick after-all.

    19. Pose this question to Demiurge:
      "Why is it you suppose, given the many different races in Nazarick, that so many of them take human form?"

      If you think about it logically, there's no reason that creatures like Entoma, Nabe or Solution have to be in some standard currency form, much less ones that they are attached to.

      Entoma hates her natural voice. Why is this?

    20. That is a good point actually.

      Of all the forms that they could have picked, they went for humanoid ones. It's true that the "41 supreme beings" created them, but if they were disgusted with humans then, they could have just gone for a different form or they could have been more disatisfied.

      Heck, I'm sure that Ainz would be really quick to ditch his Lich Form for a more humanoid undead form, if he could.
      His not in that form, because he wants to be in that form.

      The other thing is that the 41 supreme beings who they praise so much were all originally humans, and some of them (if they're still in the human world) might still be humans. Ainz used to be a human.

      Normally, someone like Shalltear would be a human before being turned into a vampire by whoever, however they skipped that step and put in a pre-programmed personality.

      I can understand them taking on human form when they're going out into the city on a recon mission, but there's no need to do so when they're in Nazarick with their fellow non-humans.

      It's like everyone wants to look more and more human, but they're these spoiled kids who look down on humans as these lesser beings.

      I'm curious about how they're going to deal with the human in their midst which Sebatian brought in.

    21. "Narberal agreed with Albedo, unable to understand Solution Epsilon's interests and tilted her head.
      Except for one man, all humans were lowly scum, but she didn't take joy in bullying them. But she would kill them if they got in her way, and would go out of her way to finish the job. But she wouldn't kill humans intentionally."
      From the looks of it, one of Ainz's mistakes was sending out Demiurge and Entoma on that mission, as while the majority of Nazarick dislikes humans, it doesn't mean that they'd necessarily go out of their way to torture / devour them.

      Once again, it's Ainz not learning about his own subordinates and just leaving everything in someone else's hands.

    22. "non-human? Check.
      Overpowered? Check.
      Loyal? Check.

      Sounds like Evileye might make a good addition to Nazarick."
      Non Human (Yep)
      Overpowered(Not at all)
      Loyal(Not to Ainz)

      "it's Ainz not learning about his own subordinates and just leaving everything in someone else's hands."He actually knows about them...even a plot point in V3.And Entoma ate the enemies that would have been killed regardless of her being there.And Demiruge was intentionally doing it for his plan.

    23. Entoma ate enemies in public rather than eating one or two in Nazarick where it's practically impossible for anyone to enter even the first floor without permission without half of the guardians descending upon them within moments.

      You *don't* eat humans in public in the middle of a human city. It's moronic to the extreme.

      Not loyal to Ainz..? Haha.. No. If you play it right then, yes.
      His saved her life and his got this whole love thing going now, aslong as he gets Demiurge and Entoma to stay in the background.

      Just put forward some glorious vision of bringing about world peace by overthrowing the tyrannical governments and installing more competent rulers. And while you're at it, have Shalltear turn Renner into a vampire, install her as Queen and have the Kingdom as a colony of Nazarick.

      Luckily, Entoma can change her appearance, although her personality is more of a pita. Demiurge was wearing a paper thin disguise, so that was next to useless.
      Perhaps, mind magic can work to change Jadabawhatever's appearance in her memories. Perhaps not.

      If not then, he can simply not appear infront of her for a hundred years. Say that Jadalbaoth has died, and that this is a descendent.

      As for overpowered, some of the readers seem to think that her true form is near the power of a Floor Guardian.
      There's a difference between "the legendary monster called Landfall" and a battle maid level monster who could probably be defeated by a bunch of adamantine level adventurers.

      As for Demiurge deliberately doing it for his plan.
      Didn't we go over this over dozens of comments..?

      One of his subordinates came out, started eating human meat instead of.. Oh, I don't know.. Having someone teleport her back with the dead humans (where it would even serve as good necromancy materials), and they happened to run into Blue Rose.

      Blue Rose mainly being a bunch of humans with the exception of Evileye was naturally disgusted by some random monster who seemed to be eating some random human and they started a big battle.

      Demiurge decided to intervene at the last moment and then, Ainz showed up, decided that he needed to put up some sort of show infront of the people from the guild and started attacking Demiurge, especially when he realized who Demiurge decided to pick a fight with.

      Demiurge saw this, changed his plan and decided that he would play the role of the archfiend Jadalbaoth with a paper thin disguise.

      And you're saying that this wasn't a massive mistake..?
      Demiurge assumes that everything in the universe is part of Ainz' master-plan, and he alters his plans to conform with what he thinks most aligns with Ainz's master-plan.

    24. If Ainz wanted to invent a villain to raise Momon's reputation and to cover-up his Eight Fingers involvement then, the best person would have been Pandora's Actor who can take on any form and who's on the level of a Floor Guardian, thus capable of taking on Evileye instead of Demiurge.

      You have to remember that he needs to keep Demiurge's reputation clean for when the existence of Nazarick is leaked to the world to avoid complicated methods of keeping his connection to Demiurge a secret.

      A paper thin disguise does not help. Sure, he could play the card of Demiurge being Jadalbaoth's grandson, but that would be a very long and convuluted scheme.

      As for the vampire Shalltear, asides from people who naturally hate vampires, I'd say that Brain got what he deserved for being the leader of a bandit group.

      Why was the mistake to cover the mistake so disastrous..? Well, Demiurge didn't need to destroy a huge portion of the city to do that. All he had to do was raid the Eight Fingers storehouse.

      "Detective" Momon or Sebastian could notice that he raided the storehouse and raise the possibility of there being a powerful artifact that he stole.

      As for infamy to become the demon king, that's a blatant excuse. A really weak one too. If his strong then, the demons will kneel down. That's him making excuses to satisfy Ainz.

      Wow, I never knew that there's a limit to how long a comment can be. Had to split this one into two.

    25. "As for thousands of unnecessary deaths..
      Welcome to the medieval era. And.. Welcome to internal factions who do things without your will."

      Hmmm... indeed, culture and looks are medieval... but Ainz himself said that it was just appearances, and level of (magical?) technology was just a few generations behind his (future) own world.

    26. From what we've seen of the culture, it seems very medieval.
      Sure, there are certain spells which might replicate certain aspects of the 1700s, but the nations haven't gotten anywhere near that point.

      A vast portion of the population still seems to be dedicated to doing farming, and public education seems to be nearly non-existent. In other words, you have a bunch of mostly ignorant civilians serving under kings with many of them being illiterate.

      The reason that it might have certain convieniences from the 1700s is simply since they rely on this mysterious power called magic rather than relying on science to perform their day-to-day tasks.

      Imagine placing magical powers in the hands of medieval societies. Would this magically propel their governments, societies and cultures to our modern level or anywhere vaguely near it..? ..Nope.

      We live in a world where it's nearly impossible to get to our current standard of living without technology. And technology requires scientists and that requires a large base of highly educated people, however educating civilians also raises the possibility of people revolting, which is against any medieval ruler's will.

    27. After looking at Demiurge's character bio thing, one of his jobs seems to be "Shapeshifter". Wow. Just.. Wow.

      Either there's a problem with the cover of the volume or Demiurge is just.. Wow.

    28. You need to start viewing "magic" as another form of technology. It's just that in a lot of fantasy settings, it's effectively a skill limited to a very small segment of the population that's extremely educated and/or talented. It's expensive and difficult to miniaturize or reproduce reliably.

      The thing about "magic" is that it's assumed to be supernatural and no such thing every exists, even in fantasy settings. Since it's assumed that magic works because of some natural and explainable cause, even if that causes is a demon or some sort of mana field that permeates the universe or whatever. It's just that nobody really knows all that many details except maybe a god or some hyper-educated wizard. In point of fact, our "magic" was really just our primitive way of explaining our world.

      Think of the difference between handcrafted bows versus modern rifles constructed with interchangeable parts.

      So you could just as easily have a setting where everything is just powered by extremely sophisticated "magic." Where cameras are run by grumpy underpaid imps painting your photos by hand inside the confines of your little box

    29. Discworld reference. Kaching.

    30. Anyway, as a good example, it's why Lizzie was so excited about Ainz's red healing potion. To him, it's super common. But if people like Lizzie can make an industry around it, even if it's a little expensive for the average commoner, then it becomes an incredible contribution to medicine.

    31. You're saying that it's not a skill limited to the extreme few..?

      The vast majority are still farming. Everyone's afraid to go out at night due to there being no lighting. Sure, a mage could light the place up, but how many of those are there running around..? And their mindset is as backwards as it gets.

      Lizzie is probably one of the extreme few who have even received a proper education. Even being educated puts you ahead of the vast majority.

      And you seem to have a major misunderstanding. The purpose of imitating the red potions is to avoid having to cast Preservation which means they have to hire fewer mages, etc. to distribute the potions out to the various branches across various cities.

      In other words, it helps them to make more of a profit.
      The Preservation Casting Industry would probably petition the king and the nobles and they would probably give in.

      For adventurers, it's unlikely that they would be going a vast distance out from a city to begin with, as monsters after a certain point are.. Someone else's problem.

      As for the army, the cost of casting preservation is probably negligible, as mages will generally have a large number of spells at their disposal.

      Lizzie and the extreme few along with some lucky adventurers would get the most benefits out of the red potions while the majority of people would be living the same as always.

      I won't spoil it here, but Volume 7 shows even more examples as to why society is so backwards in the Overlord universe.

    32. Azareal, Plag... I wanted to say this for a while, but... you two sure talk a lot, huh? LOL

      I keep coming back here because I know you keep discussing... and the topic this time was brought up by none other than myself! It's quite satisfying, really :3 Good argument, btw.

      And, since I know you will read this, thanks for the two of you for the interesting points.

      P.S. Btw [2], Ainz world was set in the 2150's, so a few generations behing would be 1900, 1800 at most! In terms of technology, at least.

    33. Thanks for the compliments anon. I do enjoy talking. And it's not really so hard if you can type quickly.


      But back to the subject of red potions, I went back and Az is indeed correct, but that really doesn't change my basic point that it's basically "lost technology." And while it's easy to underestimate that, it's really the little advancements like this one that add up and create the sort of privileges we take for granted today.

      I'd argue that magicians don't actually seem that common and that over the long scale, being able to "stock up" potions and ship them around means that such magic can be distributed more evenly without the need for making a special commission with a flesh-and-blood specialist. In the short term, of course, such things would still be prohibitively expensive for the average farmer, but they can at least be bundled around in convenient packages.

      Indeed, part of the triumph of the industrial revolution was that food could be shipped around and preserved more cheaply. Canned goods and refrigeration has had a major impact on nutrition versus the 1700's where serfs could regularly expect to be malnourished, especially if you lived in harsher climes. (Part of what made France the center of culture then was simply that it had better weather, more food and therefore more leisure time.)

      Finally, I'm saying that magic is a *kind* of technology, but in the typical setting it's basically very cutting edge and expensive and limited to the hands of an elite few. Technology, basically speaking, is just the tools and knowledge to solve problems. It really doesn't matter superficially if you're using fertilizer to improve crop yields versus praying to a rain god. (Of course, whether the latter actually works is a different question altogether.)

      Discworld parodies this. As there is actually in fact a character in one of the novels who is a "tourist" from a ridiculously advanced culture who even has a camera with an imp in it. (The imp takes breaks and complains that "they're out of red".)

      There are "magitech" style settings in fantasy as well. Final Fantasy VII and VIII are good examples of this. Where nobody seems to bat an eye at mako reactors sucking the life force out of the land or mercenaries throwing fireballs.

    34. One of the reasons why technology was held back in the past was due to society. For instance, we keep seeing mentions about how nobles block attempts to improve society at every turn due to it being less "profitable" to them.

      And there are certain mentions in Volume 7 describing how the empire despite being more advanced than the Kingdom is still dragged down by private interests.

      Quite frankly, the Kingdom probably needs someone like Ainz to drag the nobles down.

    35. I guess. I'm not really expecting Ainz to be remembered as one of the good guys though. I expect his legend to wind up along with the other more infamous players like the Greed Kings. (Were the demon gods players? I was never clear on that.)

      I half expect him to wind up a tragic hero. A ragtag band of unlikely adventurers kick down his door and kill him. And the bards tell forever more the legend of how the evil lich king was defeated by legendary heroes.

    36. Hell, they could even echo Volume 1. His defenses are breached. The Guardians are dead. Everything he cared for is in ruins. And he's sitting in his throne hall. If they made it this far, Ainz Ooal Gown is just screwed. Oh well, may as well roll out a grand reception as the "final boss." It's not like explaining himself would help anything . . .

    37. Well Demiurge didn't really screwed up. He had that "Demon Lord" thing planned from the beginning.
      Ainz said "I leave everything to you" and Demiurge wanted to help with the world domination plan. So he planned that whole thing together with the other guardians. There was no need to ask Ainz about it, since he already said "I leave everything to you".
      Demiurge also said that there was a second part after killing eight fingers and he didn't want Sebastian to know.
      There is also the possibility of him having connections to Renner and thus knowing about the appearance of blue rose.

    38. Plag raises really good points, and Azareal has a really interesting and in-depth way of analyzing. You two make a good combination. I enjoyed reading your comments, they have opened my eyes to a lot of perspectives I haven't even considered before. It makes reading Overlord that much more fun.
      Thank you guys.

    39. No. The thing is you need critical mass for something like the industrial revolution to occur. That's why I hindsight we see it could only have occurred in England due to massive population concentrations like London. In the past there simply was no driving pressure to lead to that. The Roman's had vapor-powered machines, but didn't develop industrial tech because they didn't need it to support their population.
      And saying magic is lost technology is just saying it's supernatural. There are no real limits to magic, but there are to technology. For instance, a solar powered car will NEVER be viable because of the amount of solar energy that hits the Earth is limited. That's why solar panels need to be big and can't replace othe forms of energy like hydropower. Magic, on the other hand, is only limited by authors imagination or plot requirements.

    40. No. The thing is you need critical mass for something like the industrial revolution to occur. That's why I hindsight we see it could only have occurred in England due to massive population concentrations like London. In the past there simply was no driving pressure to lead to that. The Roman's had vapor-powered machines, but didn't develop industrial tech because they didn't need it to support their population.
      And saying magic is lost technology is just saying it's supernatural. There are no real limits to magic, but there are to technology. For instance, a solar powered car will NEVER be viable because of the amount of solar energy that hits the Earth is limited. That's why solar panels need to be big and can't replace othe forms of energy like hydropower. Magic, on the other hand, is only limited by authors imagination or plot requirements.

  26. ..Evileye is annoying -.-. This is kinda twisted...but I really want to see her suffer when she realises she has never even been on momonga's love radar >3> ~* I can't wait to read the next volume, Thanks Sky

    1. The thing with Evileye is that it's one of the few powerful non-humans who isn't constantly going "ALL HUMANS MUST DIE!!!".

    2. I love how you call Evileye an it :D

  27. My thanks to the translators for all their hard work. Does anyone know if there is an official release planned with English translations? I'd love to pick up a copy and support the original author.

  28. since they're both vampires though... i wonder if evileye would get to fight shalltear... with evileye in her "landfall" form, i wonder how serious should shalltear fight her. prolly just enough for her to use her valk form.

    1. Evileye is about the level of a battle maid. Even if her true form boosts her to the level of a Floor Guardian, it still wouldn't warrant Shallter using her Divine Gear.

    2. I hate to tell you this but Evileye and Shalltear might both be known as vampires but they are not related. Shalltear was never human she is a true vampire her true form is that scary form the human form was created by her creator. Evileye is more of a blood sucking demon bat infecting a human creating a human demon mutation people call a vampire. (in the end wile both may be called vampires their not even related at all.)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. The "true" form that she never uses despite being a non-human. It feels like more of a stronger form to me, but not necessarily the one that she *wants* to use most of the time.

      The other thing is.. Have you seen how weak the vampires who used to be human are in this novel..? Sure, everything in the world is nothing compared to Nazarick, but Evileye is ridiculously powerful compared to the normal people.

      And quite honestly, we know next to nothing about Evileye.
      She might have been the daughter of a vampire or she might have been infected or she might have been created.

      Perhaps, she wiped out a few cities off the map to get revenge against the evil humans who killed her vampire parents..? That would be a plausible storyline.

    5. "If I recall correctly, one of the more famous vampire lords was Landfall, who destroyed a kingdom"
      A quote from Brain Unglauss when his fighting Shalltear.

      I don't think Evileye is an ordinary vampire.

    6. She was a human who was turned into a vampire.

  29. I am amazed at this novel, I've read some good ones like Mushoku Tensei and New Gate, but this one surpasses them all. Thx once again Sky !

    1. The thing with The New Gate is that the main character has no ambitions. It's just boring.

      He doesn't want to run an empire.
      He doesn't want to become a top adventurer.
      He doesn't want to become famous.
      He doesn't have any powerful enemies with grudges against him.

      What is there really to read in The New Gate..?
      At-least, in Overlord.. You have Ainz becoming a top adventurer. It's even funnier when you watch the Demiurge Battle, as you know that they're faking it.

      You also watch him toying with his enemies, finding more political ways to expand his empire rather than using force, etc.

      The New Gate was interesting when it was a new concept, but now.. Novels with a character being sent to a fantasy world with godlike powers who never do anything with it are getting boring.

      Mushoku Tensei is too.. Woe is me! No one gives me any respect! And then, he makes a 180 the moment that he reincarnates. Interesting concept. Don't like the character.

      Ainz was a relatively normal guy given power and an organisation. He hasn't been living in a death game for years, his not a trained assassin, and he actually works for a living.

    2. I actually like both.

      Honestly I'm enjoying Mushoku Tensei more. The New Gate and Mushoku are just more feel-good and in a sense, "less serious," than Overlord.

      They're all power fantasies in their own way.
      Overlord is about how a gamer nerd becomes an evil king in his new world despite his best intentions.

      The New Gate has a typical shounen protagonist just generally being a good person and exploring his new world.

      Mushoku Tensei is a guy getting a second chance at life and becoming his world's equivalent of Isaac Newton or something similar.

      In the first and third examples, the protagonists look extremely powerful and have exaggerated reputations. But since the audience knows that they are just abusing past knowledge and privileges, they are rather human and relatable instead.

      Rudius is a "genius" to the people who know him, but he doesn't think of himself this way. He's just a reasonably smart person who isn't content to rest on his laurels because he knows that ruined his first life.

    3. They were kinda interesting back when I first read them.
      And then, countless similar novels came out, and then I look at them and I'm like.. Yeah..

      The thing with The New Gate is that I don't mind shounen protagonists being good people and exploring the world.
      The problem is that his reached the level of a god, has no ambitions / goals and is just wandering around and there are no opponents who will be vaguely anywhere near his true power level.

      Overlord distracts us from the godlike level with extensive world building, more of a focus on minor characters in recent chapters, Ainz having his goal to find his team-mates, the Shalltear Incident, politics, etc.

      Not to mention, we don't have people constantly looking down on him for being E Level. There's a difference between someone underestimating you and you turning the tables and someone assuming that you're the weakest ant in existence.

      Ever since then, I have read dozens of these novels with people being reincarnated, teleported or even astral travelling to these fantasy worlds where they're practically gods. Some of which use game mechanics and some of which don't.

      All without the constant NEET references (Mushoku Tensei) or which have adversaries who are actually capable of giving you a serious fight (The New Gate).

      The New Gate is even more skewered towards the MC being god, as unlike Overlord where there are obvious signs of other players.. His about the only one in the entire world who is anywhere near Level 255 other than his loyal minions.

      Unlike The New Gate, if Overlord runs out of ideas (which it probably won't for a while) then, they could easily have enemy players start appearing and attacking his empire.

      Even if players miraculously appear in The New Gate, the MC has a godly ability like Limitbreaker to make himself invincible.

      This is the problem with The New Gate.
      No tension. No ambitions. Just wandering around.

    4. Haven't read New Gate, but I've read Mushoku Tensei (which is complete) and up to Vol 6 of Overlord. Rudeus is a much different character than Ainz. Ainz is capable of casting the highest tier of Magic in his new world while Rudeus is not ranked at the top in any magic (He is emperor ranked in water magic but not God ranked, and has lower rankings in the other magic types), but he has a ridiculous amount of MP at his disposal. As the higher ranked magic in MT tend more towards larger and larger AoE they really aren't that useful in a fight. On the other hand, Ainz has more capabilities because he has an entire organization (Nazarick) to do his bidding, and many of his underlings are ridiculously powerful by the new world standards.
      Where they are similar is that Rudeus is most concerned about protecting his family and friends while Ainz is concerned about preserving the memories of his guild comrades that currently manifest as the NPCs that were created by them. Both are also super-cautious. Rudeus because he used to be a NEET in his previous life and Ainz because of his past job as a salaryman where he was probably just a small cog. Both yearn for some connection to their previous life though. Rudeus;s desire for rice and soy sauce and his friendship with Nanahoshi. Ainz's yearnings take on the form of making the Ainz Ooal Gown name famous so that if there are other Yggdrasil players out there they would try to make contact with him.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. he New Gate kind of reminds me of things like Ore Monogatari (a by-the-books feel good rom com). It doesn't have that much conflict, but I can see why people might like it.

      That said, I do prefer Overlord and Mushoku over it.

      I find Rudeus to be fairly believable as far as overpowered animu protagonists go. While he becomes world-renowned there really are bigger fish than him swimming in the pool. (Such as gods, monsters, wushu-movie swordsmen and the like.) As pointed out, even the strongest magicians just tend to be strong on a strategic scale, rather than a tactical one. And while Rudeus is intelligent, he never pulls this unacceptably Mary Sue Light Yagami "according to keikaku" crap.

      Thematically, I think that's sort of the most interesting thing about this type of genre. There's a lot of situations where the reputation that a powerful person has is incredibly different from the reality.

      Rudeus is a "genius" but that's just limited mostly to his professional life and the misunderstanding that his "talent" is really just a very early start from having memories of his past life combined with hard work.

      Ainz is a god to the inhabitants of Nazarick, but secretly has the insecurities and desires of a normal human salaryman. And a lot of his mistakes do come from the misunderstandings that he won't correct for fear of letting down his subordinates.

      Both characters are people I'd definitely say have above-average intelligence but their "genius" is as much a social construction as anything else.

    7. I prefer overlord than mushoku,I mean,overlord is something that really shows overpowered MC and shows the truth of the world,where not everything is beautiful,while mushoku got a good bitter sweet love story poligamy,the dark side is not as crazy as overlord,and I REALLY love overpowered MC making a massacre

    8. I prefer overlord than mushoku,I mean,overlord is something that really shows overpowered MC and shows the truth of the world,where not everything is beautiful,while mushoku got a good bitter sweet love story poligamy,the dark side is not as crazy as overlord,and I REALLY love overpowered MC making a massacre

  30. Just wondering, are you going to be using the baka tsuki version of volume 7 or are you going to re translate it? mucho gracious senor!

  31. Thanks, for the translation!!!!!!

  32. Made volume 6 epub:

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