Sunday, September 6, 2015

Overlord Volume 4 Afterword

 I don’t think there are readers who only started reading the afterwords in this volume. Therefore, I would like to say to everyone long time no see, I am Maruyama Kugane.
Just as I mentioned in the afterword of the previous volume, the entire volume was used to depict the lizardmen’s story, a totally different novel. This type of stories should be rare for light novels right? Maybe it’s just me, but I think there are few stories about the main character attacking a peaceful village.

How did you find this work?

The reception would probably trend towards two different ends, however, such scenes of the strong trampling over the weak would probably surface several more times.

The protagonist of Overlord isn’t the type who only deal with the danger right before them, but one who will take the initiative to accomplish his goals and gain benefits for himself. This means that he won’t save the main heroine because he heard that she is in distress, but the carnivorous type that seek out main heroine in distress… That sounds a bit wrong though.

Hence, readers who play strategy games should know that in order for Ainz to build up his forces, instead of challenging the strong, he is more likely to recruit the weak to strengthen his army.

That’s why I am to write this work from the rarely seen angle of the invaders, instead of the more common angle of the invaded. That might be so, but their fight on the open field isn’t really an invasion battle.

Next, allow me to express my gratitude.

So-bin-sama the Crusch you drew was so cute it makes me excited. Chord Design Studio which is responsible for the design work. Osako-sama who go to the finest detail for proofreading and editing. And F-tan-sama the editor, who render help to me in all sorts of ways.

Thank you everybody.

There is also Honey, thank you for your retorts. It is a pain to tie up the loose ends.

And the readers who purchased this book, allow me to give my sincere thanks. I am really very grateful.

Well then, I hope to see you next time.

See you in the next volume.

Something off topic, I actually put in the word ‘death’ into one of the chapters for each volume, I am almost out of ideas now. Maybe this won’t show up in the next volume. This is just me being playful, it won’t cause any trouble… However, if I don’t have the taste for coming up with names, it would be really difficult! Depressed.

2013 July Maruyama Kugane


  1. Thank you for the hard work, Maruyama-sama and Sky translators!

  2. Thanks for translator sky and wish a good luck for maruyama with good novel

  3. Overlord rocks. Thanks to the author team and translation team.

  4. Woo, thanks for translating all of the afterwords as well! You guys rock!

  5. Since u guys are with sifa could you take his translations on Volume 7 so u guys could do the chapter 3 and up next weak coz im pretty sure im not the only one wishing for this wish of mine to happen even though its not yet anybody's birthday i wish you could do this another great favor in behalf of the followers of nazarick

  6. Thanks for the work!

    Would it be rude to point out that Zenbergu's level should be 19, instead of 18? If you add up all the individual levels...

  7. Zenberu card is wrong. He has 13 levels in profession so Ki Master is lvl 1

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