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Too Many Losing Heroines! V5 Afterword & Extra

Translator: Pingas
Editor: Suu

<Too Many Losing Heroines!> is finally at its 5th volume!

This is all thanks to everyone’s support. It’s hard to put my appreciation into words.

I’ve received great care from Iwaasa-shi as well- at this current moment as well.

Indeed, there are other things I need to finish as of writing this afterword. It’s routine already.

If only I could one-take pass with my first draft, …or at least have it finished in the second draft…

Sorry, I still have to take a little sleeping time from Iwaasa-san.

…I once again apologize for causing you trouble this time.

Anyway, let’s talk about Volume 5. Has everyone checked out the cover yet?

You guys must have, right?

Kaju, born under Imigimuru-sensei’s pen strokes, is the strongest, after all.

Please compare it with the cover of Volume 1.

The intensity of emotions you feel when experiencing the cuteness of the strongest little sister must be on par with your complicated feelings toward Yanami-san. Good luck, Yanami. You can do better.

Well, the main story of Volume 5 takes place in mid-February. Valentine’s Day.

It’s an investigation into the onii-sama lover Kaju’s secret, joined by the slight siscon Nukumizu.

Yanami, Yakishio, and Komari, these losing heroines are even more usual than usual.

May the readers accompany the losing heroine during their remaining time as first-year students.

Volume 1 of Itachi-sensei’s manga adaption of <Makeine> has been released already. It’s gaining popularity on the MangaONE app as well.

I’m sure people can enjoy it whether they have read the light novel or not. Please try it out.

Also, there’s a new collab with Toyohashi City, the stage of this work.

The collaboration with JR East will be held in Kalmia inside Toyohashi Station after the release of Vol.5 of <Makeine>!

I’ve checked the details already, and the unexpected scale is pretty shocking to me…!

This event allows everyone to enjoy Imigimuru-sensei’s illustrations. Please come and have fun.

Vol.5 of <I Told You I Like Toyohashi!> by Tae Sano-sensei will be released a day before Vol.5 of <Makeine>. This is such a fateful coincidence. Everyone can give some love to <Damotoyo> too.

There are many great spots around Kalmia and the station. All of them have appeared in <Makeine> and <Damotoyo> as well. It will be fun for a visit.

Aside from that, the collaboration between <Makeine> and Toyohashi Zoo and Botanical Park is at its last stage. It’s just one stop away from Toyohashi Station. Come check it out if you guys are interested.

…Well, like the previous ones, I’ve also requested the editor to give me additional pages.

The strongest winning heroine and the strongest losing heroine, the two good friends are spending after-school time together.

Are these two really best friends, though…?

Rumors like this will go away immediately. I guess.

Extra: I Won’t Let You Sleep Tonight

Kalmia Shopping Center, Toyohashi Station.

There’s a pair of especially eye-catching Tsuwabuki students inside the shopping center full of customers.

-Anna Yanami and Karen Himemiya.

The two of them sat down next to the station walkway after getting some beverages at Yamayasu’s drink bar. [TL: It’s a food retail store in Toyohashi.]

Yanami grabbed the plastic cup as she watched the stream of people inside the station over the glass.

“Phew, I’m exhausted. Cheers, Karen-chan.”

“Yeah, cheers.”

The two took a sip after touching their cups.

The natural sweetness from fresh fruits coursed through their tired bodies.

Karen enjoyed her “Avocado Milk” as she looked at the huge amount of luggage on Yanami.

“You bought a bunch of chocolate, Anna. Who are you giving them to?”

“Mom asked me to buy them. She’s giving it to people in her office.”

“By the way, Anna’s mother is working in the city hall, right?”

Yanami nodded and chugged her “Banana Matcha” in one go.

“After that, I got some chocolates for the Literature Club while doing errands. Uh, which one is it? This is for me-”

“...Anna, there’s something I want to ask you.”

Yanami raised her head in confusion after reaching her hand into the paper bag.

“Hmm? What’s wrong? You look so serious.”

“Didn’t you just get inari sushi? Uh, if I remember-”

“It’s inari sushi from Tsubaya. As expected of Karen-chan, you have sharp eyes.”

“You don’t have to take it out now, you know? Then, Anna immediately tried to open it right after you got it, right?”

“Yeah, I wanted to say I could eat as I walk. I’ve held myself back today and only bought a box with 6 takoyaki, so I’m a bit hungry.”

Yanami showed her best smile with the box of inari sushi in her hand.

Karen looked at Yanami seriously before putting her hand on her shoulder.

“...Anna, we’re girls, right?”

“Eh? What’s wrong all of a sudden? Isn’t that obvious?”

Karen took a deep breath and stared into Yanami’s eyes. She spoke up.

“Listen, Anna. Girls won’t eat inari sushi as they walk around in Kalmia, okay?”

Yanami kept blinking as she looked at her best friend’s face.

“But, think about it. We just ate takoyaki in the underground city, right? This is the same.”

“Uh, you can eat takoyaki in one bite, but inari sushi counts as a proper meal. You can’t swallow it in one bite, right?”

“I can, though…?”

Yanami tilted her head. She’s confused from the bottom of her heart.

Karen put her hand on her forehead. She’s frustrated.

“...Yeah, Anna is right. It’s my fault.”

“Even though I don’t really get it, cheer up, okay? Here. Do you want chocolate?”

“Yeah, later- hold on, anna, that’s Valentine’s chocolate, right? Why did you open it?”

“Eh? Why…?”

Yanami pondered for a moment. A charming smile appeared on her face at the next second.

“It’s for the Literature Club, anyway. It’s fine. Does Karen-chan want it?”

Karen shook her head before plopping down. She fell into silence.

“What’s wrong, Karen-chan? Does your tummy hurt?”

“...No, I’m fine. Sorry, Anna. I almost said something very mean just then.”

“You wanted to say something very mean to me…?”

Their friendship won’t change even if her good friend is facing her appetite honestly.

Karen clenched her fists.

“Anna- let’s make chocolate!”

“Eh? We are making it?”

Yanami raised her head. She was staring at the opened package of chocolate.

“Yeah, this is an operation to increase our girl power, you know? I live alone, right? You can come anytime. You said you wanted a sleepover in my house, yeah?”

“Oh, a chocolate-making sleepover. That sounds nice. How about Saturday?”

“Yeah, it’s okay!”

“Well, we’ll make some chocolate for ourselves and watch a movie or something. Let’s spend the night leisurely.”

“Sheesh, Anna. If you eat your chocolate, then on Valentine’s Day-”

Karen suddenly remembered something. She gasped and swallowed the last part of her sentence.

“What’s wrong?”

“Uh, …well, …sorry. I’m…a bit busy…on, …well, Saturday night…”

Karen fiddled her fingertips fidgetly.

Perhaps Yanami noticed something. She lost her facial expressions.

“...Ah, yes. I understand.”

She couldn’t help but speak respectfully. Karen hastily waved her hands.

“It’s not that! It’s just that we promised each other coincidentally before- right! Studying! We planned to stay up the night to correct our final exam!”

“...In your house?”

“...Uh, ah, well…”

Yanami smiled silently. She turned to the view outside the glass window.

Handmade chocolate, right-

Bringing them to the Literature Club sounds nice as well. There’s a guy who hasn't treated me as a girl recently.


Yanami chugged the remaining drinks loudly before chewing the ice cubs.

…Well, I shall be generous and show my girl power.

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