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Too Many Losing Heroines! V5 Chapter 3 Part 1 & 2

Chapter 3: Tried to Shoot the General, But the Horse Is Too Strong

Translator: Pingas

[Added Part 2.]

The next day, after school. I’m at the downtown library, not far away from the station.

The library takes up the second and third floors of the building. There are even activity spaces and cafes on the stair platforms.

Initially, trendy areas like this were my enemy. However, it’s a library, after all. The atmosphere is a mixture of energy and peacefulness. It’s comfortable.

I’m sitting in the double-seat room. I flipped open the book as I remembered what happened yesterday.

The secret investigation in Momozono Middle School.

I found out one thing in the end- Tachibana-kun is an actual person. This fact already pushed me toward my limit, yet I even heard Kaju flirting with him.

Regrettably, I’m not a siscon. That’s why the damage isn’t fatal, but I’m still recovering.

…Well, Kaju is a second-year student in middle school, after all. It’s normal for her to have a male friend, right?

Yep, even though I didn’t even have a male friend then, it’s not weird for Kaju to have a friend of the opposite sex. They are just friends.

Compared to that, the open day tour at the weekend is more important.

I attempted to avoid reality as I turned to the information page in the novel.

My club magazine draft has no progress, yet another undeniable fact.

I jotted some notes in my notebook for ideas. Then, my phone screen flashed on the table.

I took a look. It’s Komari texting me on Line.

<Where are you slacking off from club activities?>

…My my, what a misunderstanding. This is a part of proper club activities as well.

There’s no time to care about Komari. I flipped my phone over after telling her I was writing the draft in the library.

I’m thinking about the short novel to be published in the club magazine.

The setting is about a mysterious and beautiful FMC appearing next to the FMC, yet I haven’t decided on the key heroine yet.

“A good idea doesn’t just come out on a whim…”

I closed the book and stretched my back before looking out the window.

The window is on the right-hand side of this room. You can see the view through the curtains.

There’s a plaza made of stone slabs outside the building. A bunch of high school students are on their way home.

…By the way, couples are everywhere.

This is a double seat as well. Come to think of it, the seats before and behind me also seem occupied by couples.

If only these people need to pay more sales tax- I thought about that. Then, a Tsuwabuki school bag is placed on the table.

“Eh, Komari, what are you doing here?”

The owner of the school bag is Chika Komari. She looked around before whispering.

“Hey, move inside.”

I followed her order despite the slight confusion. She sat at the edge of my seat.

“Y-You didn’t come to the club. Right, w-what are you going to about the open day on S-Sunday?”

“I told you I was thinking about the draft for the club magazine. I’m researching but can’t think of a good FMC, no matter what.”

Komari reached her hand out toward the book I just read.

“Y-You mean this illustrated book of microbial?”

“Yes, I think mysterious FMCs are on the rise. That’s why this may give me some hints.”

Komari flipped the pages. She shook her head and closed the book.

“E-Even so, isn’t this too hard? Y-You should consider how good you are.”

I have the same feeling.

Alright, I’ll just use a cat ear maid with glasses as the FMC this time. The most important thing is to be honest about your desires.

“Well, what about you, Komari? Are you finished?”

“I-I wrote the continuation of the Mishima and Dazai’s isekai adventure.”

…? Isn’t that Tsukinoki-senpai’s novel?

“Uh, is that something like a relay novel?”

“S-Senpai didn’t agree to it. M-Mishima’s on top.”

…I can’t believe this girl dares to go for a forbidden reverse.

Well, contacting the third-year students during this period is pretty hard.

Tsukinoki-senpai’s already applied to 5 universities. She got rejected by one of them already.

As for Tamaki-senpai, he finished his Common Test for University Admissions and is preparing for the second exam for national universities. He seems to meet the minimum requirement already, but this is only the start of the match.

“Anyway, I’ll finish before Sunday. Please relax.”

“W-When are you going to b-bind it?’

I scratched my cheeks and looked away.

“Uh, Komari and Yanami-san’s novels can be printed first. I’ll print my part in a convienence store and let the visitors bind them.”


I nodded smugly.

“An experience in making a club magazine. Even I think it’s a good idea.”

“I-It’s just chores. S-Stay up all night and write it.”

Komari is being unprecedently cold.

“I didn’t go to the club room because of this. Tomorrow’s a holiday. Give me a break. I’ll be there on Friday.”

I started writing in the notebook purposefully. Then, Komari pressed her fingertips together restlessly.

“What’s wrong? Is there something else?”

“U-Uh, Yanami said we should do something else than than the club magazine.”

Yanami said that? In other words-

“Whatever she’s thinking must be a pain in the ass. Give her a piece of gum when you’re hearing her out. She’ll forget it.”

Komari’s still fiddling with her fingers with her head plopped down despite my advice.

“If it’s so troublesome that not even gum can fool her, we can just give her fried rice or something-”

“T-The open day is on Valentine’s. T-That’s why she wants to make obligatory chocolate a-and bring them here.”

Valentine’s Day, right? Yeah, it’s at this weekend.

My mental state is crippled due to Kaju. Come to think of it, this whole fiasco is started by handmade chocolates…

“Well, what does obligatory chocolate have to do with the open day, anyway?”

“She said i-if that’s the case, let’s also give some to the visitors. …C-Crush them with girl power.”

…There’s no way, right? The Literature Club girls are the farthest away from the concept of girl power. Yanami can definitely crush it if it’s about chugging chocolate, though.

“But giving out chocolates sounds nice too. Well, do you best.”

Ignoring the other two, Komari should be fine.

I was about to return to my draft, yet Komari lowered her head. Her body slid toward me bit by bit.

“B-By the way, I-I heard about the stalking- from Yakishio.”

She heard it that quickly? I sighed and put down the pen again.

“It’s not stalking. It’s a secret investigation. I’m on justice’s side even if I’m a stalker.”

Komari looked around vigilantly before lowering her voice and mumbling.

“...D-Don’t you want to know more about the guy your little sister is into?”

“Eh, that’s-”

-It’s still not certain whether Kaju has a thing for Tachibana-kun.

However, that is certainly a possibility based on their conversation yesterday.

I couldn’t escape from reality after Komari said that.

Gulp. I listened to the voice from my throat like I had nothing to do with it as I answered deeply.

“...I’m listening.”

Komari took out a book and placed it on the table quietly.

The title is "Strategies to Draw Out the True Feelings of Someone You're Interested In".

What is that? I tilted my head, yet Komari puffed up her chest chicly.

“I-I can ask her about that boy w-with my communication skills.”

That’s absolutely impossible. I immediately answered in my head, but I didn’t say it. This is a mature response. I grabbed the book and checked it.

Let’s see. The author has a degree in psychology from an American university. She’s a counselor at a foreign-owned company. I don’t understand at all, but this seems trustworthy. The author looks beautiful in the photo as well.

“Got it. However, how are you two going to meet? You don’t know my little sister, right?”


Komari put her hand on her chest and took a deep breath.

“T-The chocolate we ate in the clubroom last time w-was really good. I-I hope your little sister can teach me.”

With that, Komari sighed and showed a relieved expression.

In other words, she wants to get some info from Kaju using making chocolates as an excuse. But the one doing it is Komari…

“Umm, my little sister can be pretty assertive. Are you okay with that?”

My subtle advice isn’t heeded at all. Komari raised her chest proudly once more.

“L-Leave it to me. I have a long experience of being an older sister.”

I have a long experience of dealing with my little sister as well, you know?

Although I’m slightly worried, I think this suggestion doesn’t sound bad at all.

“Where are you going to learn making chocolates?”

“U-Uh, …N-Nukumizu’s h-house, ..well…”

Komari fiddled with her fingers. She lowered her head and stopped moving.

Hmm, I didn’t hear her properly, but I guess she wants to use my home as the place, right?

Come to think of it, Dad and Mom said they are going to the cinema on tomorrow’s holiday.

“That’s fine. My parents aren’t home tomorrow too. Come to my house, Komari.”

Yep, that’s good. My brilliant suggestion made Komari jump up. She’s blushing.

“Ueh!? Y-Your parents aren’t home!?”

Didn’t I tell you? Why are you so startled?

“You want to learn to make chocolate from my little sister, right? It’s more convenient in my house. Komari can have an easier time when my parents aren’t home too.”

“R-Really? Y-Your little sister is there?”

“Of course. What else are you coming for?”

“...G-Go die.”

Why did she scold me?

But that comes in handy. I almost didn’t talk to Kaju at all yesterday.

If she knew about the eavesdropping, I thought there would be some kind of reaction. However, Kaju was completely normal. It turned into me trying to avoid her instead.

I thought about just leaving it there. However, it’s harder to talk about these things the longer you postpone it.

“It would be a great help if you can have a chat with my little sister. I can prepare all the ingredients. You can just bring your body to my house, Komari.”

“B-Body!? D-D-Do you have any idea what you’re t-talking about!?”

What? Did I say something weird?

“Anyway, please calm down first. I’m writing the draft. Well, what is Komari going to do?”

“U-Uh, I’m going to read!”

I said that as I handed her a book.

Komari took the book and opened it. Alright, let’s read the textbook to prepare for tomorrow.

I glanced at her after a while. Komari is already utterly immersed in that book.

Now I can hear Kaju’s sincere thoughts tomorrow- ah, wait, I handed her that microbial book.

“Excuse me, Komari. That book’s-”

Komari isn’t interested in the textbook at all. She mumbled quietly.

“Z-Zooplankton, …chromista, …campylobacter, …hehe…”

…She seems to be enjoying it. Let’s not disturb her and focus on my draft.

I turned around calmly and continued writing in the notebook with my pen.


Literature Club Report - Extra Edition

<Within a Dirty and Tainted World> by Chika Komari

[TL: BL warning.]

Some people aren’t supposed to exist in this world- they are often called “Irregulars”.

They control powers that exceed the logic of this world and even defy magic.

These people are also known as the reincarnated. They are destined to wander without end.

Zavit Royal Magic Academy. Midnight.

A man in kimono is wandering around wobbly along the night breezes.

He slowly took out a small bottle from his chest and opened the cap.

The man- Dazai, shrugged and suddenly said the following.

“...Didn’t you die from meningitis?”

After a while, another man appeared from the darkness behind.

“Didn’t you die as well? Yet you still look like a mackerel swimming in thin air.”

The man’s name is- Chuya.

He narrowed his eyes at the exasperated Dazai before nonchalantly closing the distance between them.

“Great timing. I’m here to welcome you. Even though I don’t like you, the old men in the guild wants your help.”

Dazai’s face turned stiff after hearing that.

“I’m not going. Sorry. Tell that to them.”

Chuya ignored him and reached his hand out.

Dazai reflexively shook off his hand. As for Chuya- he disappeared suddenly.


Dazai’s confusion isn’t from Chuya’s disappearance alone.

He was next to the school building.

However, they are standing in the school’s training forest right now. It takes an hour of walk to get here from where he was.

“Chuya, what is-”

“How come you’re drinking such good alcohol? Did you surrender to the hegemony?”

Chuya chugged the sake.

“Ah! That’s my sake!”

The sake bottle Dazai held appeared in Chuya’s hand for some reason.

“Just come with me, alright? Unlike the other world, people in the guild understand my poetry. You might brighten up a little if you follow me.”

“No, I’m doing alright over-”

Chuya reached his hand out toward Dazai again. At that moment, a white light flashed between the two of them.

The bottle split into two. The amber liquid is sparkling under the moonlight.

“My sake!”

The two screamed at the same time. A man in a military uniform appeared before them with a drawn sword.

“Please don’t approach that man, Dazai-san.”

“Mishima-kun? Great. I’m getting real tired of this boring guy.”

Chuya glared at Mishima sharply. The latter readied his pose.

“Are you Dazai’s lackey? Will you go easy on me?”

Mishima waved his sword silently. He learned the technique - Enate during his time as an adventurer.

A flash of light split the sky and blazed across Chuya, who was standing from afar.

"Go ahead, give it your best shot! Don't hold back just because he’s the guild leader. It's just a little swordplay, so don't worry about hitting him."

“Dazai-san, I really want to hit him. No, on top of that-”

Mishima is nervous. Chuya hmphed in contempt.

“You’re using some sort of skill, right? What’s your shitty skill?”

“My skill is <Conviction>. The attack shall never miss as long as I’m determined. There’s nothing that I can’t cut through.”

Mishima lowered his blade and readjusted his sword to aim directly at Chuya. The latter’s mocking smile grew even bigger.

“None of your attacks shall hit their marks under my <Intoxication>. A fellow like you can’t even cut through tofu.”

Mishima continued swinging his sword, yet none of the attacks connected as if it was a nightmare.

Chuya went past the dumbfounded Mishima and approached Dazai leisurely.

“Wait, let’s talk! How about we call it a day for today?”

“Fine, I’ll let Mishima go, but you’re coming with me. We have things to settle.”


Dazai turned around and ran. Chuya laughed and followed him.

“You’re not getting away!”

Mishima threw away his sword and opened his arms. He’s going to slam him with his body.

Then, Mishima felt dizzy for a moment. Dazai, who was supposed to be running away, hit his body onto Mishima. The two rolled on the floor.

“Dazai-san!? You need to run away-”

Mishima realized the scene before him wasn’t the familiar forest before he could finish his sentence- Instead, it was a bottomless cliff.

He would’ve leaped off if Dazai didn’t stop him.

“Is this…?”

Mishima is confused. Dazai helped him get up.

Chuya stood from a distance. He pinched the corner of his sailor hat and spat on the floor.

“Hmph, I would’ve seen a failed tightrope walk in midair if you hadn’t noticed.”

“...I see. I see.”

Dazai spoke up in a peaceful tone.

“What does that mean?”

“Your <Intoxication> isn’t simply about dodging attacks. It's a combination of perception interference and reality manipulation. The trigger for activation is- when an attack is directed towards you, right?”

Chuya fell silent for a while. He smacked his tongue displeased.

“...How did you find out?”

“I’m a bit of a coward, you see. That’s why I added a little bit of wake-up potion.”

Dazai took out a second sake bottle from his chest.

“Your <Intoxication> only works on normal people. It’s rather kind for lonely drunkards like us.”

Dazai picked up the sword on the floor and shoved it into Mishima’s hand.

“Alright, I’ll forgive you. Let’s teach him a little lesson.”

“But Dazai-san, his skill will activate if I attack him.”

“It’s not a big deal once you know the secret. Mishima-kun’s skill is <Conviction>, right? Skills are different than magic. It involves reality and concept. The power of a skill depends on the user’s mental strength when two skills collide.”

Dazai took a sip of sake. He was practically licking the bottle.

“You can swing as long as you believe in your skill. However, your blade needs to point upward. You’ll sober up even on the inside if you swing too recklessly.”

Dazai stared at the blade without moving. He moaned.

“...I’m not falling for it. Your skill is <Liar>, right? A third-rate thug like you wouldn't know the rules of skills."

“Ah, you’re right. Kawabata-sensei kept his mouth shut. It took me a lot of effort on bed to get him to spill out the beans.”

Mishima stopped Dazai, who still wanted to talk. He took a step forward.

“Dazai-san, I’ll deal with the rest.”

The blade of his sword- is still pointing downward.

Chuya kept staring at the two of them. His shoulder suddenly dropped.

“...Alright, you guys are too strong. I’ll let you two go today.”

Chuya swept off the dust on his cape as he said that. He turned around and left.

Mishima wanted to go after him, yet Dazai shook his head and stopped him.

“Let’s leave it here. Who knows if they have traps ahead?”

Mishima glared at the darkness Chuya disappeared into it and sheathed his sword.

“...But Dazai-san, do you know that guy?”

“Chuya? A lot happened in the other world with him. Let’s just go back and drink. Come with me, Mishima-kun.”

Dazai scratched his head as he walked. Mishima suddenly grabbed Dazai’s collar.

“Hey, what’s wrong, Mishima-kun?”

"...I heard that nothing happened between you and Kawabata-san, is that true?"

“All of that was lies. Don’t tell me you believe it- hey, are you listening?”

Mishima’s powerful arms surrounded Dazai’s waist.

“I know you’re a playboy. The truth can only be determined with your body.”

“Wait, think about where we are!”

“Where are we? There are only the two of us here. The same as the bed yesterday.”

Dazai's exposed chest is highlighted white in the moonlight.

Mishima held Dazai’s chin and looked at his eyes forcefully.

“...Dazai-san, this is all your fault.”


It’s Thursday tomorrow, which is also National Foundation Day. We get a holiday.

Kaju’s also free today despite my worries. Komari will be in my house learning to make chocolate in the afternoon.

I bought ingredients on my way home from a walk.

I looked down from the calm and sunny sky to the ground. There are white powders everywhere.

…Come to think of it, today’s the main festival day.

Toyohashi Ghost Festival is a historic festival held since the Heian period and is designated as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property by Japan.

There are ghosts around our house as well. That’s why Kaju and I used to join in on the fun when we were little.

Upon a closer look, people around here have white powder on their heads.

You may wonder what this is all about, but this festival involves ghosts roaming around the town and scattering white powder and candy, so everyone goes there to get covered in powder.

Also, there’s an app designed to show you the precise locations of the ghosts. That’s why people can be so efficient at being covered in powder.

At this moment, I heard a pretty cute moan from a girl from afar.

She must have been covered in white powder. I would love to be sprayed as well. If only I’m free…

Alright, Komari will be there if I don’t hurry up.

I picked up my belongings and quickly made my way home.


All I saw was Kaju’s shoes at the entrance after opening the door to my house.

It seems like Komari isn’t here yet.

“I’m home.”

For a moment, my voice is swallowed by the silent corridor.

Then, the door to the living room suddenly opened. Kaju jumped out.

“Welcome home, onii-sama!”

Kaju dashed here and took the stuff from my hands.

“Your friend Komari-san will be here soon. Quick. We need to prepare to meet her!”

“A-Ahh, yeah.”

Kaju’s normal. She felt unnatural to deal with lately, but it might be my imagination…

I observed the joyful Kaju as I took off my shoes. Then, the doorbell rang.

Is Komari already here?

I put on my shoes again and opened the door. As expected, it’s indeed Komari.

-However, her whole body is covered in white powder.

“Hey!? What happened, Komari!?”

“T-The crowd swept me in when I w-wanted to take a closer look at the ghosts.”

Komari coughed. White powder flew around everywhere. But, by the way, it’s kind of amazing how she can get covered in so much powder.

I heard a small cry from behind amid my admiration.

“Komari-san!? Onii-sama, please fill the bathtub with hot water!”

“Eh? Ah, yes!”

Indeed, now’s not the time to stand around and watch. I can hear their conversation as I’m running into the bathroom.

“Alright, please come here, Komari-san! I’ll get the clothes ready.”

“Ueh? …B-But the pow-”

“Don’t worry about that. Come, quick!”

I sighed in relief after the bath was ready. Kaju walked into the changing room and handed me a jacket full of powder.

“I’ll leave the jacket to you, onii-sama. Here, Komari-san. Take this off as well.”

“W-wait! N-Nukumizu is s-still h-here!”

“...Please leave, onii-sama.”

Ah, yes. You’re right.

I quickly charged out of the changing room. The door behind me slammed shut.

This whole tsunami of development made me stand in the corridor with the jacket.

…Uh, I need to take care of the flour first.

“Hey, Kaju, can I use a vacuum cleaner for the powder?”

I called her over the door. Then, a noise of falling fabric can be heard.

“Onii-sama, are you still there!?”

“Eh? But I don’t know what to do with the powder on the jacket. If there are other clothes, please-”

Komari’s voice overwhelmed mine before I could even finish.

“G-Go die!”

…She cursed me in front of my little sister.

Fine, I’ll just sweep off the powder in the garden. I sighed and walked toward the front door.

[TL: Getting really busy since there are only 2 weeks before graduation. The pace is going to be like this for a while. I'll have a little more time in June.]

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