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Too Many Losing Heroines! V4 Afterword & Extra

Translator: Pingas

<Too Many Losing Heroines!> is finally at its 4th volume, thanks to everyone’s support!

I’m pleased to deliver the once-mysterious Shikiya-san’s story to everyone.

Actually, during the 1st volume’s production, the editor Iwaasa-san and I discussed whether we could bring this girl out…?

“It’s fine, right?”

He answered. So, all of these let Shikiya-san keep her original form.

Then, she turned into the current vision under Imigimuru-sensei’s hands and can finally be used to adorn the cover.

Without Iwaasa-san’s brilliant decision, the cover of Volume 4 would have been a twin-tail femboy. Don’t underestimate me, everyone.

Iwaasa-san has taken great care of me during the release of Volume 4.

Even so, not everything is finished as of the moment of writing this.

I guess everything’s done if everyone is reading this, right? Even though a lot had happened, we managed to finish it up after cutting Iwaasa-san’s sleep time. Thanks for the help.

…I’m really sorry (default apology).

Imigimuru-sensei’s exquisite illustrations are even more sparkling. Teiara-chan’s forming imagination is opening a new (world’s) door for me. Don’t hold back, everyone. Open all of them, hmm?

Then, Volume 1 of Itachi-sensei’s losing heroines manga is out before the release of Volume 4! It’s the losing heroines in another world. I highly recommend reading it!

I really like the page when Nukumizu-kun is reading the XX doujinshi in the club room. The tip of Takuya’s tie is in the pocket in front of his chest. Please check that out in the manga.

Another piece of news! With the release of Volume 4, the Noihoi Park in Toyohashi is holding the second part of our collaboration event! Please enjoy the various puzzles mixed with the love from the collaborators.

…That’s not all of the collaboration events for the losing heroines.

Can you believe it!? Tae Sano-sensei, the creator of <Morita-san wa Mukuchi>, drew an illustration map for me! She said, “That’s why I like Toyohashi, right!?”

Make sure to check it out! It’s more beautiful the further you zoom out!

“Well, there’s an extra chapter this time, right?” Of course.

Please read about the coincidental meeting between two certain characters in the main story-

Extra: A Relieving Family-Friendly Version

[TL: Some of the terms here may be utterly incorrect because I’m unfamiliar with the BL genre.]

The flagship Seibunkan Bookstore. A young woman is standing before the bookshelves suspiciously.

She’s probably a high school student.

At first, she walked around while being wary of her surroundings. Then, she stopped moving and stared at a certain novel’s cover.

After that, perhaps she has made up her mind about something. She reached out her hand.

“You like school-type ones? That’s a nice genre.”


The person letting out a silent moan after the sudden greeting is a first-year student at Tsuwabuki High School, Teiara Basori.

“Ha!? Tsukinoki-senpai, w-why are you here?”

“I always visit Seibukan, too, you know? It’s on this shelf as well, here.”

The person smiling gently toward Teiara is Koto Tsukinoki, a third-year student at Tsuwabuki High School.

She subtly put her hand on Teiara’s shoulder. Her eyes turned toward the cover.

“Our interests seem quite similar. I’m glad to know that. Is there anything you like here?”

“It’s okay. All of the encounters in this world are fated coincidences. Is this what you wanted to read?”

Koto reached her hand out and touched Teiara’s pale cheeks.

“That’s why I told you I’m just a little curious. It’s not like I want to read it! It’s because books like this aren’t suited for Tsuwabuki students!”

“Reading is free. You can read anything you want. You can get any feeling you want from reading those books. Also, everything on this shelf is family-friendly. It’s fine for a high school student to read them.”


Koto smiled and nodded gently.

“Indeed, commercial BL soothes one’s soul. Something you never get from fanfics and second creations.”

“Commerical BL? Is it different from the so-called doujinshi?”

“There are a lot of doujins as well, like secondhand BL, reversible, anti-CP. Different interpretations…lead to all kinds of landmines waiting for you. However, it’s another story in commercial BL as long as the author is reputable.” 

Koto took out a book without hesitation and handed it to Teiara.

The title on the cover is <Student Council Room’s Love Trap - The Icy President Is a Sweetie>

“The president is referred to as the Cold Emperor of Ice, yet he melts into honey whenever he’s in another guy’s arms.”

“Prez…is like honey…?”

Teiara gulped and took the book while trembling.

“Basori-san, you’re into this, right?”

“Ha!? P-Please don’t say stupid things like that!”

This time, Koto held Teiara’s arm tightly when she tried to return the book to the shelf.

“This is the best novel for you. There are no misunderstandings or landmines. It’s just a world full of overflowing fragrance.”

“A world of fragrance…!”

Teiara-san’s breath is being taken away.

“Eh, well…”

“T-This doesn’t mean I like this book the most, right?”

“I think you’re a bottom girl in my eyes. I wonder if you’re a total bottom or not. The Super Darling type is probably around here. Alright, here you go.”

Koto quickly selected a few books and handed them to Teiara.

“Ara, are you more of a fantasy type or office type? It seems that you have a wild appetite. Well, then…”

Koto started browsing the bookshelf again. Teiara shook her head.

“T-This one will do! Thank you!”

Teiara bowed profoundly and walked toward the cashier. She then hastily returned.

“What’s wrong?”

“Uh, Shikiya-senpai just invited me to play board games with everyone.”

“Eh? Oh, I see.”

“...Uh, senpai, please join us as well once your exam is over!”

Koto is startled by this sudden invitation for a moment. However, she quickly gave a gentle smile.

“Sure, I’ll come to bother you guys when I have time.”

“Got it! Well, I’ll be leaving!”

Teiara took another book from the shelf before going toward the cashier.

Her look when she was looking around as she checked out reminded Koto of her past.


“That girl…has already fallen to our side.”

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