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Musket Girls! Chapter 12 ~16

 Chapter 12: Twilight Blood Valkyrie

Translator: Skythewood

Editor: Hiiro

“Uwah, it looks so dorky!”

“It’s really dorky.”

The line infantry girls chatted idly as they tried on their new uniform.

“Is this black? Or red?”

“Isn’t it red?”

“No, if you look closely, it’s a purplish shade of red.”

The uniforms of the Sixth Special Brigade line infantry had been changed to dark brown.

It was the same for the pants, which was rare in the Empire and other nations. Normally, line infantry would wear white pants, forgoing the dye so they could procure the needed quantity.

In fact, there had been pressure from my previous Brigade to not let women wear the same uniform as men. If that was what they wanted, I might as well humor them.

Such underhanded harassment was the tradition of our glorious Empire. This wasn’t just in the army, the craftsman guild and church also did the same thing.

I was hesitating about what to say when Hannah yelled.

“Hey! Don’t say that’s dorky! Menstrual blood won’t be obvious now, right!?”

Please refrain from speaking about that topic with a man around.

The new uniform had the inconspicuous black color as its base, but being all black would be prominent on the battlefield. So, I chose a dark reddish brown instead. More accurately speaking, it should be brown purplish red.

One reason was the ease of mixing this shade of dye. To me, this was the color of the railroad I commuted to work in in my previous life. So I felt a little depressed when I saw this color…

Hmm? Why couldn’t I remember the name of that train line? And what was the closest train station near my home?

My previous life memories had started fading without me realizing. My scientific knowledge and moral compass remained unchanged, but my memories of my daily life were getting foggier.

While I was feeling a chill on my back, Hannah put her hands on her hips and said to that group of girls:

“Didn’t you say that white pants get dirty easily? That’s why the Strategist…”

“Staff Sergeant Heiden, let’s stop there.”

If you keep this up, they would think I was a menstrual blood fanatic.

“I just adopted your suggestions, and most importantly, it would reduce visibility.”

I explained to the girls from the Company.

“Colors closer to black are called ‘receding colors’, they have the effect of making the target smaller than they look. And on the battlefield, being smaller will be mistaken as being further away, and the enemy won’t shoot if they think their bullets won’t reach.”

They were smaller than men in the first place, and would look even smaller in dark colored uniforms.

“To make everyone look smaller, I even abolished the unnecessarily big peaked cap. It’s purpose is to make you look bigger anyway.”

In my previous life, it was called a Shako, and wasn’t very practical.

So I changed it to a more modernized service cap, making it lighter and lessening the load on the neck. This would conserve their stamina, and make them less tired.

“The key to our Company’s tactics is to make the enemy misjudge their distance from us, and gain the advantage in a long distance battle.”

I made the troops as small as possible, so even if we were about 50m apart, the enemy would think we were 60m away. They would think it was still a bit too far, barely in firing range.

And so, the girls in the line infantry company were dressed in the color of a railroad

“It’s a little plain.”

Even Colonel Alzer was saying that. I pleaded my case as a Strategist:

“Looking elegant on the battlefield would just be a form of intimidation. And intimidation in that form is already outdated.”

“You have a point. Then, can we win with this army?”

I answered honestly.

“If we can win battles by just changing uniforms, then everyone won’t be working so hard. We need to keep up the training.”

There were plans to change other equipment too.

“If we can equip the troops with the new guns to a certain extent, we can strike preemptively, and inflict half a platoon’s losses to the enemy.”


It was pretty terrifying, so I only told the Colonel. By using rifling and the acorn bullets, the range and accuracy both improve around three times.

While the enemy was advancing, thinking they weren’t in firing range yet, we could fire freely at them, making it a one-sided beating.

Within the 50m range of musket fire, the accuracy would be almost 100%. Just two or three volleys would kill most of the enemy. That was how terrifying these guns were.

It was capable of changing the way war was fought in the past few decades.

If the existence of these guns was exposed, it would spread through the world in no time. Line infantry wearing prominent uniforms and marching in tidy formations would be reduced to piles of corpses in no time.

However, from the perspective of modern times, it was still too early. Evolving weapons prematurely before the civilization was ready would lead to unimaginable results. The industrial revolution hadn’t even started.

I got the chills just thinking about it, so I decided to choose my targets carefully.

Before engaging the enemy, we should snipe the commander and bugler, cutting off their coordination and communications line.

“If our three platoons matched up against two and a half enemy platoons, even if the enemy fought to the last man, more than half of our troops would survive unhurt.”


“In theory, yes.”

According to the Lanchester’s law in my previous life, in a ranged battle with firearms, a slight advantage in numbers could lead to a decisive advantage. For strategy game enthusiasts, it was a well known law.

I calculated and arrived at that result.

And the enemy would flee before being annihilated, so the losses wouldn’t be that serious.


“If we can reduce the enemy to two platoons, then our final losses would be less than one platoon. So it’s important to reduce the enemy’s numbers before engaging them.”

“I see.”

Colonel Alzer pondered.

“But it would be a problem if we are facing cavalry. We also need to watch out for artillery.”

“I feel the same way too.”

“In theory, we could fight them head on, but if possible, I want to utilize our Company in ambush and rescue missions. We can then make full use of our range of fire advantage, and let our allies bear the brunt of the attack.”

“That’s a great idea.”

I didn’t want to watch my allies fall in battle, but that was outside my paygrade. And I wanted less bullets to fly our way.

But, let me add one more thing.

“One Company can’t change the outcome of a battle, so we should only use it when the enemy is on par with us.”

“Don’t tell the others about this, it’s my responsibility to decide when and where to use this.”

Colonel Alzer took off her service cap and sighed deeply.

“There are more things to consider now, but we can fight now. Well done, Lieutenant Krombertz.”

“I’m just doing my job.”

The Colonel gave a satisfied nod at my response.

She suddenly asked as if she just remembered something.

“So, how should we go about the procurement of the guns?”

She was concerned about that after all.

“It will take time to procure the cavalry muskets. Compared to infantry muskets, there aren’t many of them on the market, so it will be a bit harder to gather them.”

It would still be a long time before we get our first rifle…

Chapter 13: Conspiracy of the Pinkie Finger

“Good Morning, Lady Alzer.”

“Don’t call me by that name.”

Colonel Alzer didn’t hide her disgust.

A blonde beauty with the coat of a senior officer draped over her shoulders, was sitting on the couch of the Brigade Commander Office.

The Colonel didn’t sit down after walking into the reception room, and just said coldly at the entrance.

“Duke Ritreille, civilians aren’t permitted in here, please leave.”

But Ritreille wasn’t fazed.

“You are too cold, I even arranged an ‘excellent Strategist’ for you, Lady Alzer.”

“I made my request to the army headquarters command, not to you.”

“But the Fifth Division was tasked, so that’s my House’s army, right?”

Colonel Alzer realized that was true. If not for House Ritreille’s assistance, such a capable person wouldn’t be posted here.

“I’m grateful for your kindness, but this is two different matters. Please leave.”

“You’re as hasty as ever. But I really like that about you.”

In response to her sticky gaze, Colonel Alzer made a face of contempt.

“I hate you.”

“Then we balance each other out.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Leave.”

However, Ritreille was unmoved.

“You don’t want to repay my friendship?”

“There’s no friendship between us.”

“It can’t be helped then. I will give up on seeking help.”

With that, Ritreille stood up, which made Colonel Alzer suspicious.

“Wait, what are you planning?”

“If you are not planning to help, then it’s better that you don’t know.”

Colonel Alzer stared at the blonde beauty before her.

“Are you trying to remove your little brother through force?”

“About that… Just a drop of medicine can remove the pain, without needing any line infantry.”

Ritreille didn’t conceal how she could poison her own brother. Colonel Alzer said revoltingly.

“Venomous wrench!”

“It’s your fault for not helping me, My Lady. The eldest son just needs to relinquish his right of succession, and nobody needs to die. You don’t want to watch siblings killing each other, right?”

She might sound like she was kidding, but she was dead serious.

“Lord Serine is just four years old.”

“That’s right, he is really cute right now. He is my cute brother who will snatch away my position as head one day…”

Her voice was stickily sweet, and had a hint of coldness.

Colonel Alzer paused for a moment, then said in a low voice.

“Tell me what you want.”

Ritreille walked towards the Colonel, and looked down at the Colonel who was short for a noble.

“I think it’s time for everyone to witness the strength of the Sixth Special Brigade. Recently, soldiers from the Bruges Duchy have been seen loitering near the border. It will be great if you can teach them a lesson.”

“The Hunting Troops from the Bruges mountains?”

Even though someone was looking down at her, Colonel Alzer wasn’t fazed, and stared right back.

“It might be called the Sixth Special Brigade, but my Brigade only has one Company of soldiers. Our combat prowess is limited.”

“That’s right. So the Third Division garrisoned at the borders will be mobilized. I will handle the political side of things with House Mildor.”

“Fine then.”

Colonel Alzer nodded, then added:

“Your Fifth Division isn’t planning to move?”

“The Fifth Division needs to handle the borders with the Agan Kingdom.”

That might be true, but Colonel Alzer still said with a laugh:

“Maybe, the Officers from the Fifth Division don’t want to listen to the orders of the new Head who is trying to dispose of her brother?”

“That… might be true.”

Ritreille lowered her gaze and bit her lips gently.

When Colonel Alzer saw this, she scratched her head.

“My apologies, I misspoke. I hate you, but that is no excuse for being rude. Forgive me, Duke Ritreille.”

“Instead of apologizing, it will make me happier if you can like me.”

“It’s shameless to say that when you didn’t make any effort to appeal to me.”

Colonel Alzer grunted, then crossed her arms.

“If you are done, then please leave. I can’t work properly when I’m in the same room with someone targeting my chastity.”

“Indeed, it’s about time for me to bid farewell.”

Duke Ritreille went with the flow and nodded as she made her way out.

Colonel Alzer called for Staff Sergeant Hannah with a displeased face.

“Please escort Duke Ritreille out.”

“Yes Mdm!”

Hannah saluted, but Duke Ritreille said without turning back.

“I don’t need a Commoner to escort me.”

“Is that so?””

Colonel Alzer nodded and then said.


“What if it’s Lieutenant Krombertz?”

“Well… That’s true.”

Duke Ritreille stopped for a moment, then smiled wryly.

“Treating an Officer like a Commoner would be a problem indeed. I will bear with it if he is the one sending me off.”

“Bear with it? Looks like I can’t get along with you after all.”

Colonel Alzer turned her back to Duke Ritreille, and ordered Hannah:

“On Duke Ritreille’s request, Lieutenant Krombertz will escort her out. Hannah, after Duke Ritreille leaves, please clean this room thoroughly, until the smell of perfume is gone.”

“Ehh? Huh…?”

The other party was an arch noble, so it was only natural for her to panic. She wanted to salute, but could only wave her hands up and down.

Finally, she said in a troubled voice:

“Brigade Commander, you are so mean.”


Duke Ritreille looked up at the tall Hannah and chuckled.

“I thought you were a crude woman warrior… But you look really cute now.”

“Please keep your hands off my subordinate.”

“Just kidding. Excuse me.”

After Duke Ritreille left, Colonel Alzer’s face was gloomy for some time. She clenched her white gloved fists tightly.

Finally, she sighed in resignation.

“We have no choice, huh…”

She looked at the clock, then said to Hannah.

“Call Lieutenant Krombertz in, he should be at the main gate.”

Chapter 14: Sixth Special Brigade, Move Out!

After answering Colonel Alzer’s summon, I fell into a dilemma.

“Your Excellency, our Brigade can’t participate in the battle right now, our guns aren’t even ready.”

However, the grumbling of a Strategist wouldn’t solve any problems in this world.

As expected, the Colonel shook her head.

“This campaign is unavoidable, because of your hated ‘political reasons’.”

Political reasons, huh… It couldn’t be helped then, let’s think of a way.

“I understand. Let’s get the boots and clothes ready as soon as possible.”

The boots would affect our marching speed directly, while the women soldiers requested strongly for the pants and inner wear. They would be risking their lives in battle, so we had to satisfy their demands as much as possible.

“You are sensible as usual. Oh right, I heard the samples for the new Cavalry musket are here?”

“We are still verifying the goods, and already found some defects. The barrel would be exposed to a lot of stress, so defective products are inevitable.”

They were procured from a workshop in the black market, so the finished product wouldn’t be perfect.

I was grateful for their speedy work despite the lack of a lathe, but I should rethink the production plan.

I handed the list to the Colonel.

“After referencing the firing training, I selected a few marksman from each Platoon. The plan is to let them use the rifles.”

“You’re well prepared.”

“It’s part of my job.”

It would be convenient for each Platoon to have a sniper. When deployed well, we could pin down the enemy.

“However, they are just experimental samples, so don’t expect too much from them. We might need to redesign them from scratch.”

“Our preparations are really lacking. It would be easier for us if we are ready to deploy at any time.”

“It’s as you say.”

Not giving the enemy time to prepare was an iron rule in war, so battles were always fought without perfect preparations.

Colonel Alzer crossed her arms and looked right at me.

“The plan is for our Brigade to deploy two of our three platoons, leaving one to guard our base. With that in mind, I would like to seek your opinion as a Strategist.”

She paused before asking:

“We need to chase the Bruges Duchy’s Hunter Troops out of our borders. Their numbers and intentions are unclear. But who knows how many losses we will incur after completing our mission?”

That was a tough question.

“During my time in the Fifth Division, I spent most of my time fighting the Agan army, so I’m not familiar with the Bruges army. Since we are a line infantry Brigade, we have to be prepared for heavy losses.”

We were lacking in both training and experience, and our equipment wasn’t perfect either. And the battle would be taking place in the mountains, which was the Hunter troop’s home ground.

“Since this is our first battle, we might get wiped out if we fight a normal field battle. I can’t find an effective way to minimize our losses.”


Colonel Alzer looked shocked, but I paid her no heed and continued:

“In the end, losses to our army is just that. Our Sixth Special Brigade doesn’t have to be the one to shoulder that loss.”


Colonel Alzer showed a reaction, then stared at me and said:

“Are you planning to let the Third Division……”

“Defending the border with Bruges is the mission of the Third Division, so they have to shoulder the cost, correct?”

“Thou art a villain.”

To be honest, I felt sympathetic towards the soldiers of the Third Division, and even towards the troops from the Bruges Duchy.

In this world, hundreds of people might die to advance the national border by a hundred meter.

And with a few hundred more men, the border would revert to its original position. The purpose of war seemed so pointless.

But I was a mere Second Lieutenant, so it was useless for me to grumble about all this. I could only do whatever I could within my means. Specifically, that was to protect the Sixth Brigade at the expense of everything else.

And of course, that “expense” included the Third Division.

In my previous life, I would always rant about the responsibility of the government and separation of powers. And now, I was doing something more horrible in this life.

“Obviously, my heart will ache over this too.”

“… Really?”


The pain was just a little numb. Maybe I wouldn’t feel anything some time later. This was a job, but I still hated it.

“However, for the peace of my mind, we should make a clean division on our priorities.”

“You actually confessed it.”

Colonel Alzer sighed with her hand supporting her cheek, and then laughed out loud.

“As expected of my Strategist. Let’s go with that plan.”

“Please leave it to me.”

I was just like a villain.

   *   *

To communicate things clearly, I summoned First Platoon Leader Staff Sergeant Hannah, Second Platoon Leader Staff Sergeant Midna and Third Platoon Leader Staff Sergeant Roselle. Midna and Roselle were both former maids of House Mediren, and were Colonel Alzer’s old acquaintances.

I pointed at the map.

“Our mission is to reinforce the Stronghold at the border. There are several outpost forts near the Stronghold, and we will be heading to one of them— Fort Zeffel.”

“What is an outpost fort?”

Staff Sergeant Midna raised her hand bashfully, and I answered with a smile:

“It’s a fort that defends against an enemy siege. When the enemy lays siege on the Stronghold like this...”

I put a cup on the table as the Stronghold, then surrounded it with a few coins.

“When this happens, if we attack the enemy’s encirclement, they wouldn’t be able to focus on the siege. And we would be attacking their rear, so that would be a pincer attack. To achieve this goal, our forces would be garrisoned in the outpost forts.”

I pushed the coins to the left and right, opening a gap in the encirclement.

“That’s how a Stronghold works together with the outpost forts. So the enemy has to take out the forts before sieging the Stronghold. And of course, the forts can work together too, so it’s not a simple matter.”

“I see…”

Hannah and the others were impressed, and nodded.

I continued explaining.

“We will be reinforcing Fort Zeffel, which is part of the defensive network alongside the Stronghold. This is thanks to the Brigade Commander, who secured an inn for us.”

As expected to someone closely related to the Five Royal House head, Colonel Alzer had considerable political influence. Having a superior with such power was a cause for celebration. After all, I didn’t have such connections.

It remained to be seen how long our girls could last on the battlefield, but having walls and a roof would be of great help.

“That might be so, but if we dally for too long, other units might snatch our spot. The capacity of every fort is limited, so we need to move right away.”

“Yes Sir!”


The Platoon Leaders saluted me.

Alright then, this would be an excursion with 100 people. I would do my best to lead them.

   *   *

On the third day, I left the Brigade headquarters with a hundred soldiers from the First and Second Platoon.

Those feeling unwell were replaced by members from the Third Platoon, so there were ten soldiers from the Third Platoon too.

“I’m not really doing work as a Strategist, I’m just doing miscellaneous chores…”

I sighed as I swayed on my horse. I felt a little bad since I was riding a horse while the girls were walking.

“I heard that, Second Lieutenant.”

Colonel Alzer looked back with a wry smile, so I catched up to her and trodded by her side.

“Pardon me, I’m just not good with doing two things at the same time.”

The Colonel didn’t disparage me, and just looked at me apologetically.

“I’m lamenting the lack of Officers too, I will get more of them soon. So before that happens, please don’t die.”

“I will keep that in mind.”

So she meant I could die after getting more Officers, huh…

Instead, there was something I wanted to confirm.

“Your Excellency, is the battle larger in scale than I imagined?”

The Colonel looked at me and asked quietly:

“Why do you think so?”

“Isn’t Fort Zeffel situated at the very rear of the Stronghold? If they need reinforcement there too, then the other forts will also need reinforcements.”

Normally, the bases on the frontlines would need reinforcements. If the fort in the rear also needed reinforcements, then so would the front. Hence, there would be a very large scale mobilization.

But I didn’t know the actual situation either, so I asked the Brigade Commander.

Colonel Alzer looked around her, and lowered her voice:

“Duke Ritreille is pulling some strings, but I haven’t heard anything yet.”

“I see…”

I thought she would tell me something important, so she didn’t know either.

“Oh right, Lieutenant, is our pace alright?”

I took out the pocket watch issued to me and said:

“It’s fine. Their strides are steady, and no one looks tired. The results of the marching training are showing.”

“Which means your training has borne fruit.”

“It’s still not clear yet.”

It would be a problem if they ended up shivering before a battle. It was unclear whether they could fight properly before reaching the battlefield.

I felt a little uneasy, but I couldn’t do anything about it now. Things would be decided on the battlefield.

If possible, I hope everyone could return back along this road safely.

But from my past experience, that would be difficult.

There would always be death in a war.

Chapter 15: Fortress at the Border

The one hundred line infantry from the Sixth Special Brigade reached the border with the Bruges Duchy uneventfully.

The First Platoon Leader, Staff Sergeant Hannah, said happily with a smile.

“Since this is a group of girls, I thought we would be attacked by bandits, but we made it through safely.”

“Well, this is a group of girls with guns.”

I didn’t think anyone would dare attack one hundred line infantry, and I would respect anyone who dared try.

I pointed at the back of the procession and said.

“Instead, by marching through here, we can provide security to the towns and cities along the way, so those on a pilgrimage and merchants will gather here too.”

That was why we didn’t lack any supplies on our march here. As long as Colonel Alzer forked out the money, we could buy anything. As expected of a member of the Five Royal Houses, her financial prowess was on a different level.

Leaving that aside for now, we were in a predicament.

“This is different from our agreement, Captain Dumble”

Colonel Alzer was arguing with a veteran Guard Captain at the main gate of Fort Zeffel.

“The Sixth Special Brigade should be slated to reinforce this fort, correct?”

“No, I was told that the Third Division will internally transfer troops over…”

Even for an experienced Captain, it wasn’t easy dealing with a Noble Officer three ranks higher than him.

However, he was appointed as the commander of this fort, and this place was under the jurisdiction of the Third Division, so the Colonel was wary about forcing her way.

After failing to make any headway, the Colonel turned to me and smiled in resignation.

“He said that it will be fine to set up camp outside the fort. How about it? Or should we head to a different fort?”


I had a gist of what the Imperial Army was playing at.

At times like this, the correct answer was to force your way through.

We could use the might of House Mediren, or the rank of the Colonel. We could make an excuse that the other supposed reinforcements weren’t here yet, and at the worst, we could bring up Duke Ritreille’s request.

But if she wanted to solve the problem that way, the Colonel wouldn’t turn to me.

I took note of the Guard Captain’s gaze, and confirmed with the Colonel.

“You want to use a clear and logical method, right?”

“It’s as you say. That’s an order.”

“As you wish.”

Our conversation was to mislead Captain Dumble into thinking I was the confidant of the Brigade Commander, and not take me lightly just because I was a Second Lieutenant.

So, how should I go about this? I walked forward and pondered for a moment.

They were probably discriminating against the Sixth Special Brigade that was made up of young women. They probably thought we were just a white elephant unit that couldn’t function properly in a fight. I would feel uneasy if I was in his place.

Anyway, I should dispel that misunderstanding.

First, I should acknowledge him as a superior, and respect his experienced veteran status.

“Pardon me. I’m Strategist Second Lieutenant Euner Krombertz, I used to serve in the Fifth Division as an infantry Platoon Leader.”


The Guard Captain looked at me with surprise, but when he saw my attitude and my Strategist empaulatte, he seemed like he wanted to listen to me.

“What can I do for you, Lieutenant?”

I asked quietly:

“Captain, are you worried about the soldiers from the Sixth Special Brigade being decorations that are useless in a battle?”

Guard Captain glanced at Colonel Alzer, then answered quietly:

“I’m responsible for this fort, so I can’t let useless soldiers in. And of course, I believe everyone from the Sixth Special Brigade are elites.”

He was obviously lying, but I understood the position of the Guard Captain, and how he felt.

In that case, I could convince him.

“The soldiers in my Brigade are trained by me, they are at least more serviceable than recruits.”


Didn’t he just say he believed we were elites?

“If you still have any doubts, then please observe their level of training. First Platoon, Double Line formation!”

On my order, the First platoon moved into two ranks, with the front kneeling on one knee, and the rear standing between the gaps.

“Combat Exercise, start! First Platoon will attack, Second Platoon will support!”

Staff Sergeant Hannah saluted and acknowledged my orders.

“Repeating the orders, Combat Exercise, start! First Platoon, ready!”

The 50 soldiers in the First Platoon raised their muskets and got into firing position.

The soldiers in Fort Zeffel looked over, wondering what was happening. I ignored them and went around to the back of the formation.

The girls in the First Platoon pretended to fire, then started to load the next round.

This was a basic practice carried by all units.

I declared.

“Mian, hit in the left eye, Judina, left shoulder injured, Rekka, killed in action.”

The girls I named clutched their injured body parts and squatted down.

The Second Platoon Leader, Staff Sergeant Midna, shouted:

“Start the rescue operation!”

The girls from the Second Platoon dragged the ‘casualty’ away, and filled in the gaps, maintaining a fifty soldiers firing formation.

I continued adding ‘casualties.”

“Yuiren, musket malfunction, Cusil, right leg injury, Sadile & Carla, killed in action.”

“Use this!”

Yuiren whose musket ‘malfunctioned’ took a musket from a girl beside her. It belonged to someone ‘killed in battle’.

That was about it.

“Exercise cut.”

“Exercise cut! Exercise cut!”

Towards the end, there were just a few people left in the First Platoon, most of them had been sent to the rear and replaced by the Second Platoon. Behind them were the ‘casualties’ and a few members from the Second Platoon.

I looked toward Captain Dumble.

“As you can see, our Brigade had been trained to react to casualties, and won’t waver if someone beside them got hit. You must be concerned that this Company looks completely inexperienced…”

At this moment, Captain Dumble took off his service cap and scratched his head.

“I get it, I get it. Since you have the resolve, there is worth in leaving the fort’s embrasures to you. I won’t say anything more about that… Welcome, Lieutenant Krombertz, we are comrades in arms now.”

Captain Dumble offered his hand and asked:

“You could have solved this simply by using the authority of your superior, so why did you do that demonstration?”

I shook his hand firmly.

“Anything is fine, as long as we clear up this misunderstanding.”

An army was an organization of people, so such harassment was common. If you didn’t pay attention on the frontlines, you might die from a bullet to your back. The atmosphere was different from the safe rearlines.

Colonel Alzer probably left things to me because she understood this and followed the custom here.

Anyway, we had reached an agreement, and the two Platoons from our Sixth Special Brigade could garrison in this fort.

The Colonel walked beside me and said softly:

“The Third Division is House Mildor’s army. My House’s authority won’t work here, so you have been a big help.”

“I’m just working for my paycheck, so leave such things to me.”

I said casually to the Colonel with a smile.

“As you already know, the appointment of Guard Captain of the Fort gives him more authority than his rank suggests, and if he judges that something will affect the defenses of the Fort, he can even overrule written orders.”

Colonel Alzer shrugged with an awkward smile.

“Frontline commanders are exempted from the King’s dictation on the battlefield, right? That’s what the textbooks say.”

“That’s right, he has the freedom to make that call, so we need to be careful. It might be a bit of a hassle, but we need to resolve this steadily at the roots.”

If everyone stuck to the same story, then no one would know what really happened, and all the ‘facts’ would become an order from the top.

Even Captain Dumble couldn’t do something too drastic to a Noble three ranks higher than him, but we might have a harder time down the line if we got too cocky.

The Colonel looked up at the main gate of the aging fort and said quietly:

“We will be spending a whole lot more time with our allies than with the enemy, so we should pay more attention to our allies. Isn’t that right, Lieutenant?”

“It’s as you say, Your Excellency.”

We smiled wryly at each other and entered the fort.

Chapter 16: The Girls on the Battlefield

The Sixth Special Brigade set up tents in the courtyard of Fort Zeffel, and finally found a place to rest.

“Strategist Sir, we have set up our tents.”

Staff Sergeant Hannah came to my tent, saluted me, then reported.

She then continued:

“By the way, all the soldiers in the fort seem to be men…”

“That’s how it is.”

There always was a shortage of young men in the Empire, but there still weren't many female soldiers.

“You all are a little stimulating to the garrison troops, so if you sense danger or encounter something unpleasant, don’t hesitate to report to me or the Brigade Commander.”

“T-Thank you!”

Hannah saluted again with a relieved face.

Hannah might be taller than most men, but she was still afraid of them. The men in this world were violent, so that couldn’t be helped. By the standards of my previous life, they were unbearably barbaric.

I started mumbling to myself.

“The men in this world think it’s manly to beat their wives and lovers. That’s so stupid.”

“Is… Is that so?”

Why did you look so confused?

In my previous life, this was considered ‘common sense’ just decades ago. ‘Common sense’ sure changes quickly.

“Anyway, the Brigade Commander and I will protect you all, so just speak frankly if they act out of line. We will protest to their Division commander, and tell him that his Division can’t even observe the most basic decorum towards their allies coming to their aid.”

“Yes, Strategist Sir!”

Hannah was all smiles, and took half a step closer to my table.

“You are an unfathomable person, Strategist Sir. You are not like a Commoner nor a Noble.”

“Many people tell me that, probably because I grew up on the streets.”

I waved things off with an adequate comment. I was a reincarnator, so it was only natural that my values were different.

Hannah wanted to say something, but Colonel Alzer just happened to step into the tent.

“So you were here, Lieutenant?”

“Yes, Mdm.”

I stood up and saluted alongside Hannah.

The Colonel gave an order when she saw Hannah.

“Sorry Hannah, please take care of the meals for the Company. A laundry room is open for us, so let everyone take turns to wash their clothes. I don’t need to tell you this, but don’t hang our underwear in the open, this is not our Brigade Headquarters.”

I then added.

“And also, don’t move alone at all times. Especially when visiting the washroom, it will be best to post an armed guard outside. Don’t loosen the uniform buttons except in our tents.”

“Yes, I understand. Hmm… I need to take note of this, please wait a moment…!”

After Hannah noted down what we said, she saluted quickly and left. The Staff Sergeant was like the mother of the troopers.

The Colonel then looked at me and lowered her voice.

“Have you seen the internal structure of the fort?”

“I did, this is either a museum or an antique shop.”

It was too harsh.

“I could tell from outside that this fort was erected when wars were fought with arrows and catapults.”

I pointed to the walls that could be seen through the slit of the tent.

“The walls are tall to prevent infantry and catapult projectiles from breaking through. But it wasn’t built with artillery fire in mind. This thing will fall easily with a concentrated barrage at the center.”

The Colonel crossed her arms and nodded lightly.

“This used to be the castle of the feudal lord, and was the guardpost against bandits and for city security.”

It wasn’t just behind the times, it wasn’t even meant to be used in war? We couldn’t expect much from its defenses.

“Lieutenant, can you formulate a plan based on what might happen here?”

I pretended to be calm and answered the Colonel’s question.

“Of course, my Strategist epaulette isn’t just a decoration.”

I knew what this half ass fort was capable of, so I just needed to make preparations to flee. Everything would work out if we escaped.

We should send a message to the Third Platoon back at our home base.

I looked to my side as I thought about that, and the Colonel looked at me with a smile.

“You sure are dependable.”

“You flatter me.”

“We don’t understand the battlefield, so having an experienced Officer like you puts me at ease.”

It felt good being praised by a beautiful superior, I had never been treated like this in my previous life.

I would need to work harder to not betray the Colonel’s expectations.

While I was thinking that, the Colonel said as if she suddenly thought of something.

“Excuse me, Lieutenant. I hope you can give a situation report to the troops, and explain a defensive battle. I hope my soldiers can be people who think with their heads. I will let you decide on the content.”

“I understand.”

Having great expectations was good, but my workload would increase too…

   *   *

As per the Colonel’s order, I gathered everyone and started the lecture.

“Fort Zeffel is an Outpost fort of Godo Stronghold. See that over there? The Stronghold is that way.”

To the west of the fort, there was a black structure on top of the hilly regions. Even from here, it had an imposing aura.

“Fort Zeffel is responsible for the area leading to the city. As long as this fort is standing, the enemy can’t encircle the Stronghold, so reinforcement and supplies can be transported in from the city.”

If the enemy tried to encircle the forts and the Stronghold, their encirclement would be long and thin, making it easy to break through.

If they wanted to attack the Stronghold, then Fort Zeffel would be a thorn on their side.

One soldier raised her hand.

“Strategist Sir.”


“What if the enemy prioritized their attack here instead of Godo Stronghold?”

She seemed uneasy.

I answered with a smile:

“If that happens, then the Godo Stronghold will teach them a good lesson with an intense bombardment. Reinforcements will come from the city, and the enemy will be caught between the Stronghold and reinforcements from the city.”

On the other hand, that meant it would be all over if the Stronghold fell, but I didn’t say that part out loud. The garrison troops here were sneaking glances at my lesson, so it was hard for me to say that.

“An Artillery Company from the Third Division is garrisoned in Fort Zeffel, with 6 small cannons and 30 infantry escorts. The rest are the support staff for their unit. We are here to make up for their lack of infantry.”

I didn’t think a battle would break out here though…

“Godo Stronghold has other Outpost Forts, so they have to take out the other forts before they can target Fort Zeffel. When it is our turn to fight, that means we are the last line of defense.”

Duke Ritreille slotted our Sixth Special Brigade here because of some ‘political reason’. So a battle shouldn’t break out here.

I didn’t think that would happen… I hoped it wouldn’t happen.

I was starting to feel uneasy. Hah, I should brace myself mentally.

There should be a way to handle things in the worst case scenario. If not, I would have to accept my fate.

“Everyone, check your equipment carefully, and grasp the layout of the fort. After doing that, we will be on standby. We will take turns to rest.”

Who knew when the battle would start, but we wouldn’t be able to take it if we get hyped up right now.

I left things to the Staff Sergeants, and inspected Fort Zeffel.

   *   *   *

【The murmurs of the line infantry girls】

“We can finally rest now…”

“It’s just a tent though.”

“At least it’s better than camping out, we will be too afraid to sleep.”

The Sixth Special Brigade girls checked their guns as they chatted excitedly. To them, chatting was one of their few forms of entertainment.

“Everyone, is there a place to bathe here?”

“I don’t think so. We can just wipe ourselves down with water.”


As they chatted, the topic turned to the new Strategist.

“Speaking of which, Strategist Krombertz is always so clean.”

“Yes, he doesn't stink like other men, or rather, he doesn't have body odor at all.”

Schweidel people don’t bathe frequently, but Japanese people had the habit of bathing every day.

Even if Krombertz didn’t have the chance to bathe, he would at least wipe down his body. That made him stand out amongst Schweidel people who had strong body odor.

“It’s nice being clean, but that’s less stimulating for me.”

“I can't stand the stench of men, so I like the Strategist.”

“He is handsome, kind, and doesn't throw a temper.”

“He is outstanding when compared to the garrison guards here. So, want to lay your hands on him?”

A soldier who was cleaning her gun said, and the soldier beside her shook her head.

“There is too much competition, so it’s better to give up. Even Platoon Leader Hannah has her eyes on him.”

“Really!? Damn it, that means there is no chance at all?”

The young female soldier held the barrel of her gun, then threw her head back and sighed.

“The Strategist isn’t surprised when he sees Hannah, and didn’t make fun of her height.”

“Yes, he is completely different from our previous Strategists.”

That female soldier clenched her fist and said resolutely.

“But the Strategist will be the one to choose! So I will have a chance too!”

“As if.”

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