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The Progress of Yuri is Especially Fast Before the Deadline V1 Chapter 11 & Special

Chapter 11: The Progress of Hot Spring Trip is Especially Fast Before the Deadline

Translator: Pingas

It’s a night a few days after Hikari’s birthday.

Just as Ayu is watching drams in the living room, Hikari walks out of her studio. She looks exhausted.

The drafts are burning her butt again as usual. That’s why she has been sitting in her room since morning aside from meals.

Hikari got her some coffee using the coffee machine and sat down. After finishing it, she stared at the TV dazedly.

“…Can I ask how’s your work?”

Ayu finished watching and turned off the TV as she asked. Hikari slightly tilted her head.

“Hmm, …it’s hard to say?”

“Well, …give it everything you got.”

That’s the only thing Ayu can say.

Hikari sighed heavily. She then stood up and walked toward Ayu.

After that, she showed a mysterious smile and asked.

“Ayu-chan, should we go on a trip tomorrow?”

“A trip!?”


“Uh, …where?”

“Well, …Mya-san will go after us if we go to Hakone or somewhere near. So, we should choose a faraway place. Tohoku, Hokuriku, or Kansai. …Screw it, why don’t we just go to Okinawa or Hokkaido.”

…It looks like this trip’s sole purpose is to avoid Miyako.

“Don’t do that! You need to take your work seriously.”

 Hikari was just dragging her drafts a couple days ago. Miyako told Ayu furiously, “Break her collarbones and stop her if Hikari’s trying to play when the deadline is near.”

Hikari sat next to Ayu. Her tone turned serious.

“Do you understand, Ayu-chan? I have to go on a trip.”

“Have to?”

“I need 3 more MP to summon a finished draft, but this place only has 2. That’s why I need to refill it in another land.”

“I don’t understand, but no. Miya-chan will be mad.”

Ayu pouted. In the end, Hikari smiled mischievously.

“We can just keep it as a secret from her. Also, I’ll be bringing my laptop to work during the trip.”


“Of course, I can work anywhere as long as I have my laptop. This is one of the advantages of being a novelist. In other words, this is more of a business trip.”

“…If that’s the case, I should tell Miya-chan first.”

“Don’t. We have to keep it a secret from Mya-san. You don’t want her to worry about us, right?”

It’s not even a worry. Miyako is literally like an ant on a hot pan right now.


Hikari suddenly got really close to Ayu, who was still frowning. Her unexpected action made Ayu blush.

Hikari stared at Ayu with burning eyes.

“Ayu-chan, don’t you want to go on a trip? Don’t you want to go into a hot spring and enjoy good food to soothe your exhaustion?”


She’s not a big hot spring fan, and she’s not really tired. However, things are different if Hikari’s going as well.

“Uh, can I ask whether a trip means we’re staying a night…?”

Ayu asked. Hikari nodded and said, “Of course.”

“With this rare opportunity, I’m hoping we can at least stay for 2 days.”

…Going on a trip with Hikari, spending two nights in a hot spring hotel, eating good food, taking a bath together, sleeping in the same room.

Her brain is about to crash from imagining those scenes alone. She covered her face and shook away her pink-colored fantasies.

“Ayu-chan, are you okay?”

“I-It’s nothing! …You’ll really work properly, right?”

“Of course, trust me!”

Hikari’s smile is very suspicious, but beautiful things won’t change. Ayu’s mind can’t say no.

“Well, …then I’m going. I’ll not tell Miya-chan.”

Ayu mumbled quietly. Hikari screamed, “Yay!”


Yukari decided to travel to the Toyama Prefecture.

They are taking Shinkansen to Toyama Station on the first day. Their stay is in the city’s natural hot spring hotel. The girls plan to rent a girl to Toyoma Bay to have seafood on the second day. They will be staying in the Unazukionsen Hotel.

It’s been two months since Yukari’s last stayover trip. Ayu had never had one before she came here.

She’s used to traveling alone. The last time she went with someone was around a year ago. She and Miyako went to Sendai for an autograph session.

“Right, why did you choose Toyama?”

They took the Hokuriku “Hakutaka” Shinkansen in Tokyo, heading toward Toyama Station. Ayu asked Yukari when they were eating the bento limited to Tokyo Station. This is the first time Ayu’s in a Shinkansen. She’s more excited than usual.

“It’s because I’ve never been to Toyama before. Also, their most famous food is Toyama white shrimp. As a person who also has shrimp in her name, I want to see what the real thing looks like.” [TL: Yukari Ebiwara. Ebi means shrimp.]

“That’s all!?”

…Actually, the real reason is that she remembered a minuscule event happening in Toyama.

Shrimps are one of Yukari’s favorite food. But, she loves main courses like Japanese lobsters, giant tiger prawns, and white leg shrimps. Small ones like Sakura shrimps aren’t on her list, but she still likes them. Toyama white shrimps look like Sakura shrimps with different colors from the photos. These ones are best for okonomiyaki or tempura only.

Yukari thought about as she dug in her beef tongue bento.


The girls spent over 2 and a half hours in Shinkansen.

The two arrived at Toyama Station at 2 PM. They decided to walk around the station first.

The Kitokito Market has a lot of souvenirs, and it’s just right next to the station. They don’t have to worry about gifts.


Hikari suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

“Can you still eat?”

Hikari stared at the food models next to a restaurant’s entrance. It’s called “Shiroebi-tei”. She bet they can have Toyama white shrimps in there. [TL: It means a pavilion of white shrimps.]


The train bento’s size isn’t great. They can definitely take on another bowl of rice.

Hikari smiled after hearing Ayu’s answer.

“Well, let’s go then.”

They walked into Shiroebi-tei. Ayu ordered a white shrimp tempura bowl, while Yukari got a white shrimp sashimi bowl.

It only took a while for their orders to arrive.

“This is Tomoya white shrimp…”

Hikari pinched one up and observed.

Ayu also picked a piece of white shrimp tempura up.

An average piece of white shrimp tempura is around 6 cm long. The entire thing is just fried and covered the entire bowl of rice. Just like the word, the body of the ripe shrimps is white.

As for Hikari’s sashimi bowl, the raw shrimps’ heads and shells have already been removed. Egg silk is on top of the glistening shrimps. According to the menu, there are 90 raw shrimps in total.

“It’s bigger than I expected. I thought it was around the size of Sakura shrimps.”

Hikari nodded after hearing Ayu.

“Me too, but the taste is the most important part. How is it?”

Hikari ate a raw shrimp after saying that.

Ayu also took a bite of the tempura. The shell is soft. It crumbled after taking a bite only. After it’s crushed, the sweetness of the shrimp is released. While white shrimps are small, their taste and flavor are very solid. It does feel like she’s eating tempura. Very satisfying.

“Hmm, …this one is real too.”

Hikari was shocked. She continued.

“Can I have a tempura?”

“Ah, sure, here.”

Hikari pinched a piece of tempura from Ayu’s bowl.

“You should have some raw shrimps too.”

Ayu followed Hikari and took a raw shrimp from her bowl before dipping it in soy sauce.

The raw shrimp is very chewy and tastes richer than ordinary sweet shrimp. It’s delicate.

“The tempura is good too…! White shrimps, I’m so sorry for underestimating you guys before. …You are definitely worthy of being treated as the main course. How fantastic…!”

Ayu felt a tinge of warmth in her heart after Hikari said that.


They shared and finished their bowls before heading to the hotel.

The girls entered the room after checking in.

The atmosphere here is between that of a business and a holiday hotel. There’s a natural hot spring. Their room is around 10 square meters.

Formal tables, fast internet, it has everything.

“Wow, I feel like the progress will skyrocket if I work here.”

Yukari nodded and agreed. She continued.

“Well, let’s go to the hot spring.”

“Eh!? Aren’t you supposed to work!?”

Yukari laughed mischievously to the shocked Ayu.

“I think I’ve left my laptop at home. Hiya, I’m so clumsy!”

“You absolutely did that on purpose, right…?”

Ayu squinted her eyes and glared at her.

“Well, let’s go to the hot spring?”

“N-Not yet for me.”

“Eh? Why?”

Yukari found it unbelievable. She asked Ayu, but Ayu avoided her gaze.

“I don’t love hot springs that much. I can just go before I sleep…”

“Heh? The best part about a hot spring hotel is you can dip in a big bathhouse…”

“No need to mind me. Please just enjoy it, sensei.”

“Hmm, …I got it. Well, I’ll be leaving.”

Even though it’s a pity, she can’t force Ayu to go.

Yukari took the towel in the room’s wardrobe and walked to the huge bathhouse.

The time is exactly 3 PM, just the start of the opening hours. Since it’s a weekday, no one else is around.

She washed her body and sank into the huge bathtub with a hinoki wood scent. The water level is just above her shoulders. Then, she stretched her legs to their fullest. The temperature of the hot water is sinking into her body. The exhaustion from work seemed to have dissolved as well. Even though there’s an open bathhouse here, the sunlight is really harsh. Let’s go at night instead.

She entered the steam bath before repeating the hot springs again.

After changing into the in-house clothes, Yukari dried her hair and walked outside. She got a milk juice from the vending machine and enjoyed it on the chair.


It’s been a long time since she enjoyed herself in a hot spring. She took a deep breath in satisfaction.

The hot spring is great, and she’s the only one here as well.

…If only Ayu is here too.


Ayu and Hikari played video games until dusk. Then, they searched for dinner outside.

The one the girls chose is the famous Toyama black ramen.

The broth of the black ramen is very rich in soy sauce. Along with peppers, it’s indeed black ramen. The saltiness will match really well with white rice.

Ayu and Hikari added white rice and Kanto cooking without hesitation. The seaweed consumption of Toyama ranks top in Japan. The seaweed slices on the Toyama Kanto cooking are its feature. Aside from the basic white radish, chikuwa, eggs, and konjac, there are also creative Toyama matches like white shrimp fishballs.

They returned to the hotel after filling their stomach with good food. Hikari immediately lay on the bed.

“Phew, I’m so full that I can’t move. …Also, I’m tired.”

“You’ll turn into a cow.”

“Moo, moo.”

Hikari half-heartedly made some cow noises. Ayu smiled bitterly.

Ayu is pretty full, but not to the point where she can’t move. The difference is probably Hikari ordered 2 beers just then.

“…I’ll go to the hot springs.”

Ayu said that to Hikari, who was still lying on the bed. She left the room after taking the towel and clothes.

There are more customers in the bathhouse, but they are either middle-aged or elderly women. Ayu is relieved.

Even though she loves Hikari only, she can’t help but feel stimulated when she sees a young girl’s naked body. Even if she knows she can’t control it, the guilt is deep.

Indeed, she was really excited knowing that she could go to the hot springs with Hikari. However, she quickly hesitated when Hikari was really going to do that.

Even though Hikari always walks around the room naked after taking a shower and sleeping without anything on. So, Ayu has already seen her body a couple times.

However, if Hikari knows that she’s looking at her sexually-

At this point, she remembers the despising gazes of her past friends.

-It’s because I still feel pretty disgusted. I bet you must be staring at us with lewd eyes when we’re changing clothes during PE lessons.

She’ll die if Hikari joins their ranks too.

Ayu washed away the overwhelming fear with a hot shower. She then sank into the tub.


Her heart nearly jumped out when someone called her name suddenly.

Hikari is standing next to her.

She’s just standing there blatantly without a towel. Her whole body is in view.

Ayu can’t think after seeing such a beautiful body. She turned stiff. Hikari slowly sat in the tub in front of her.

“Phew, this hot spring is indeed amazing.”

Hikari said that leisurely. Ayu tried her best to squeeze out a sentence.

“S-Sensei, aren’t you sleeping in the room…?”

“I was just taking a nap. I wanted to sleep, but if you’re going to the hot spring, then I’m in.”


“Yeah, there are other people around here at this time. I literally was alone here at 3 PM.”

“I-I see…”

Ayu is both nervous and excited. She can’t talk properly. As for Hikari, she looks genuinely relieved in contrast.

“W-Well, then it’s about time for me to head out!”

“Ehh!? That fast!?”

Ayu suddenly stood up. Hikari is shocked.

Ayu tried her best to not look at Hikari.

“I-I’m a bit dizzy.”

“That fast!? Ah, but your face is really red. …Are you okay?”

“I’m okay!”

Ayu escaped from the bathhouse. She heard Hikari’s guilty tone. “You really don’t like hot springs…”

Great, she didn’t find out.

Aside from guilt and fear, she hates how dirty she is for feeling happy when seeing Hikari at such a close distance. All of these negative emotions are about to crush her.


The next day.

After eating a buffet breakfast in the hotel, Yukari again went to the hot spring. Then, they rested in the room until checking out at 10 AM.

They rented a Tanto from the nearby car renting a store in Toyama Station. The girls are heading to Toyama Bay.

“I didn’t know sensei can drive.”

Ayu is sitting next to Hikari. Her face is full of admiration.

“I got my license right away when I turned 18, but I only drive during trips.”

“You don’t have your own car?”

“I don’t really need a car in Tokyo. Also, maintenance and check-ups are troublesome.”

The whole family said they gave her high-class cars and garages for presents once she got the license. She rejected all of them, though.

She loves driving during a trip, but she’s not interested in the cars themselves. Any car will do as long as it’s safe and comfortable.

Their first stop is the Come On Park Shinminato, a roadside station. The fried assorted white shrimp burger is found here exclusively. They also got some fried white shrimp rice balls as snacks. Unexpectedly, there are a lot of exclusive goods and food in these stations. It’s one of the joys of a self-drive trip.

“It’s crunchy and yummy!”

Ayu smiled as she took a big bite out of the burger.

“Hmm, I guess the greatest prize we’ve earned is knowing Toyama white shrimps.”

Yukari said that as she searched for the hometown tax website on her phone. She saw frozen Toyama white shrimp in the souvenirs section and ordered right away. Yukari always orders in the hometown tax website whenever she sees gourmet during trips. It saves money and supports the locals, killing two birds with one stone.

The girls drove for another 30 minutes from Come On Park Shinminato to Himi Fishing Port. They bought a lot of things and had rock oysters and seafood bowls. After that, they went up to the observation deck to see Kara Island and the peaks of Tateyama. They took a photo and went to the footbath before going to the Unazukionsen Hotel.

The sea breeze feels very good when they open the car window.

Enjoying the wind on a road trip with a cute girl next to her.

“This feels like a date.”

Yukari said what was on her mind.


Ayu freaked out. Her face is as red as a tomato.

“Don’t old movies or dramas always have people driving next to the sea? If I’m Takuya Kimura or Yuji Oda, this is literally a scene from the golden period of dramas long ago.”


It looks like modern high school girls don’t understand this. However, Yukari has only checked out a couple online. She’s not familiar with old dramas either.

“R-Right, sensei, are we going to the hotel?”

Ayu changed the topic.

“Yeah, but there’s a place I want to stop by.”

The GPS isn’t set to the hotel but a certain address. This place is why she wants to visit Toyama.

“Stop by?”

“Yeah, it’s a winery.”


“A winery for Japanese wine. I think there’s a store inside. I want to get some wine there.”

“Oh, does the wine taste good?”

Ayu doesn’t look interested.

“Hmm, …I guess…it’s okay? I prefer famous ones like Tagu and Maboroshi no Taki if we’re talking about Toyama’s wine.

“Eh? Then why are we going there?”

“In <Sun Tzu’s Art of Love>’s adaptation, there’s a scene where the MC is drinking the wine made here. Then, the child of the winery is coincidentally a fan of the original. The fan sent me a lot of letters and wine.”

Also, the original didn’t specify the actual brand of Japanese wine. The person who chose it is the director of the adaptation. So, the wine is supposed to be delivered to the director instead of the novelist. However, it’s hard for the audience to get the correct person. If she got it, why not just drink it in appreciation?

“So, are you going there to thank that person?”

“Not really. I’m just going to buy a couple bottles of wine. I may disturb them if I just go there and greet them this suddenly.”

It took nearly an hour of driving through downtown Toyama to get to the winery.

The shop is about the size of a small convenience store. The staff member is a woman in her mid-40s. There are no customers around.

Ayu probably finds buying wine really boring. Let’s just leave after getting the most expensive and appeared in the adaptation.

Yukari thought about that as she looked inside the store.

“Ah, sensei, this…”

Ayu pointed at the special area. There’s a slogan that says, “The official wine of the Japanese show <Sun Tzu’s Art of Love>!” A self-made poster is right next to it. It shows the enlarged image of the wine-drinking scene. Aside from that, there’s a leaflet for the show itself. The original novel is displayed in a transparent cover too.


Yukari can’t help but smile bitterly.

The so-called “wine” is just a scene. Also, it’s not even an important one. However, it’s really ridiculous that it is treated so honorably.

But, …it doesn’t feel bad.

With this rare opportunity, she should treat her fans well in Toyama.

“I’m sorry.”

Yukari called the staff member.


Yukari gently smiled at the staff member coming here. She pointed at the <Sun Tzu’s Art of Love> novel.

“I’m the author of this novel, Kairou. Is it possible for me to meet the people in the winery?”

The woman bulged her eyes-


The woman in the store is the wife of the winery’s boss. It’s her kid who sent the letters and wine to Hikari.

This fangirl passed away half a year ago.

She was only 16 years old at the time. The cause of death seems to be suicide from being bullied at school.

This girl is a hardcore fan of Hikari Kairou. She had read everything by Hikari, not just <Sun Tzu’s Art of Love>. All of the books she owned were put into her coffin during the funeral.

-That child must be having a good time reading sensei’s books in heaven.

That’s what the mother said. Hikari’s expression looked complicated. It seemed that she was both angry and sad.

They left the winery after getting some sake before heading to the hotel.

The view outside the window changed from the sea to the mountains. Ayu looked outside as she pondered about this deceased girl.

Ayu has never been in enough pain to end herself.

When being forced to come out or when her parents insult her mercilessly, she only wants to say, “I’m going to kill them all.” The idea of suicide has never appeared in her mind.

However, if she stayed in school instead of leaving, would her mind finally break down and follow the young girl’s path one day?

She glimpsed at Hikari.

Before leaving the winery, Hikari just mumbled, “…Hmm, I guess that happens too.” She didn’t say anything after getting onto the car.

Ayu doesn’t know what she can say as well. The only voice left in the car is the GPS.

However, once they got to the hotel…

“Uwah, we’re finally here! I was so nervous driving in the mountains! I’m going to the hot springs right now!”

Hikari stretched and laughed upon leaving the car.

…So, Hikari isn’t upset about the winery. She was just focusing on driving. Is that why she didn’t talk? After checking up and going into the room, Hikari immediately went to the hot springs in light steps.

Her situation was normal after she came back from the hot springs. They spent the rest of the day playing video games.

The luxurious dinner in the hotel greatly pleased Hikari. She went to bed after having it.

It looks like she doesn’t have to worry about it.

Ayu sighed in relief. She went to the hot spring after taking an hour-long break.

Since Hikari came yesterday, she immediately excused herself. So, that’s why she wants to take her time chilling in the hot spring today.

The bathhouse in this hotel is open. One of the biggest attractions is the Kurobe Gorge in plain eyes. Regrettably, it’s barely visible at night. However, that just makes the starry sky on top even better. Staying in the bath and observing the sky dazedly nearly made her forget the passage of time. She understands why people love hot springs now.

It wasn’t until Ayu returned to the room after thoroughly enjoying the hot springs that she knew Hikari was just pretending to be fine.

“Ahh, …Ayu-chan, you’re back.”

Hikari stared at Ayu with gloomy eyes. She smiled helplessly.

Hikari is drinking sake on the wooden floor next to the window. She’s matching it with the fish paste and soy sauce firefly squid she got in Himi Market today.

She seems to be very drunk already. Her face is red, and the collar of her yukata is wide open.

Ayu doesn’t look where she should look. She looked away and sat on her own futon.

“Hoho, …Ayu-chan, let’s drink with me, okay?”


“Then just come here. The kamaboko is good.”


Ayu thought Hikari would be disappointed if she rejected her. That’s why she sat in front of her. She got a piece of kamaboko with a toothpick. Then, she tried her best to not look at her chest. The Toyama white shrimps are fried on it. The scent is very appetizing.

“Ah, you’re right. It’s good.”

Hikari smiled after hearing Ayu’s thoughts. “Right?” Then, she sipped some sake and tasted it. Her movement is really flirtatious. Ayu’s face started flaring up.


Hikari sighed for a long while.

“Ahh, …this is so good. …I just want to go on trips, hot springs, play video games, and then have good food and drink in the morning. I only want to live a lazy life like this…”

Hikari gazed outside the window. Her eyes are helpless.


Ayu was surprised to hear that. Hikari finished the sake in her cup at once in front of Ayu.

“…Don’t put such a heavy burden on my shoulders.”

She mumbled as if she was cursing this world.

Hikari barely managed to continue.

“…I just want to live carefully. I want to be a free, casual, capricious, fallen, and fickling piece of garbage. I don’t want to work hard, so please don’t treat me as the pillar of your life. I just want my novels to be mass-produced consumables that are easy to forget.”

Her voice is trembling.

“Don’t bring those things to heaven…”

A drop of tear slid down.

Tears dropped from Hikari’s eyes and onto the table.

This is the first time Ayu saw Hikari crying. She was dazed.

Then, she felt…

Sensei looks just as beautiful, even when she’s crying.

However, it’s not just beauty.

She’s talented at everything, but she’s kind of careless.

She looks carefree, but she’s unexpectedly observant.

She’s hard to grasp, but she has some soft parts. She’ll cry for her friends’ tragedy.

She’s smart and dumb, sensitive and dense, gentle and cold, frivolous and serious, free and constrained, mature and innocent, carefree and strict.

She’s a very complicated and annoying person.

Even though she fell in love at first sight, the closer and the more she knows Hikari, she realizes it’s not just about the looks. Everything about her makes Ayu wants to treasure her.

Hikari wiped her tears and showed a light, bitter smile to Ayu.

“…I don’t want others to have expectations for me. I don’t want to be a protagonist. I don’t want other people to think I’m special.”

Hikari sounded like she was begging and praying. Tears formed in Ayu’s eyes too.

-I can’t hold myself anymore.

I love this person too much.

“Sensei, there’s a regrettable piece of news I have to tell you.”

“Eh?” Hikari tilted her head.

“It’s impossible for other people to not think you’re special. It’s because sensei is already special in my heart.”


Don’t say it. It’s impossible to turn back after saying it. Ayu’s mind sounded the alarm.

However, her love for Hikari is sweeping. What she wants to say is already at her lips. She can’t pull the brakes anymore.

“I love sensei.”

Hikari’s eyes immediately bulged. She freaked out and answered.

“Uh, you mean in that way, right? Like love as in respect, right?”

“No, honestly, I don’t respect sensei at all…”

Hikari’s lips unexpectedly turned flat after hearing Ayu’s truthful answer.

Ayu gazed into Hikari’s eyes and confessed again.

“I’m into girls. The feeling I have for sensei is love, sexually as well. I love you.”

Hikari stared at Ayu dazedly for a moment. She attempted to digest what she said.


Ayu nodded and gave a weak, bitter smile.



Hikari looked troubled. Her eyes moved around.

“How should I put it? …I’m…sorry.”


Ayu’s chest was stabbed the moment she heard her rejection. Huge drops of tears fell from her eyes. Even though she knew this would happen, it still hurt a lot.

“I-I know. I’m really disgusting, right? Sorry, …I’m so sorry.”

However, for some reason, Hikari freaked out.

“N-No! I’m sorry! That’s not what I meant!”


Hikari awkwardly continued. Ayu was puzzled.

“I-It’s because, uh, …I don’t know you are, but I just walked around naked in front of you after taking a shower and tried to drag you into the hot spring too. …I guess that must have bothered you.”

“…You’re, well, right.”

Ayu agreed and continued.

“But that’s not sensei’s fault. …This is who I am. My bad…”

Ayu showed a deflated smile. As for Hikari, she glanced at her with gentle eyes.

“Ayu-chan, let’s go out.”


Ayu didn’t understand what Hikari was saying. Her brain froze.

“I’m saying let’s become couples.”

Ayu kept trying to understand what Hikari said. After she finally got it, Ayu’s body felt as if it had caught on fire.

“Ehh!? W-W-Why…?”

“Why? Didn’t you confess to me?”

“Y-You’re right! B-But, it’s because…”

Ayu was so confused that she couldn’t muster proper words. Hikari smiled bitterly.

“Honestly, I don’t really understand what it is like to feel love as well, but I sincerely want to be with you. You look at me…sexually, right? I don’t hate that.”

Hikari was a bit embarrassed. She blushed.

She looks too cute, beautiful, gorgeous, delicate, charming, and lovable. Ayu’s heart is about to explode.

“Can we?”

She asked with a trembling voice. Ayu nodded. “Yeah.”



“Sensei and I are really-“

As if it’s a dream, Ayu slowly stands up. Hikari follows her too.

She approached Hikari and hugged her tightly to confirm this wasn’t a dream.

Hikari hugged Ayu gently as well.

“Not a dream, …it’s really not a dream.”

Ayu buried her face in Hikari’s chest and exhaled.


The next morning.

Yukari woke up. Ayu is still sleeping next to her. Her breaths are heavy.

Both of them are naked.

Yukari’s cheeks flared up when she remembered what happened yesterday.

What if other rooms heard their moans…?

Should she say Ayu is skilled (she said she has practiced with her body)? Or do their bodies match each other? Is Yukari just sensitive? Anyway, she was so high and wild yesterday that even she was shocked.

She thought Ayu was a puppy, but she’s a big, bad wolf…

The heat from Ayu’s body still remains over Yukari’s entire body.

She stared at Ayu’s sleeping face. A tinge of confusion surfaced in her heart. Is this really okay?

She knew that Ayu would’ve left her if she rejected Ayu.

That’s why she asked her out. It’s just that she never thought she would rather do this than be separated from Ayu. She’s perplexed about this too.

Yukari doesn’t understand the feeling of love.

Her family loves her, the readers love her. Both boys and girls loved and confessed to Yukari, but she has never fallen in love with anyone.

Of course, Yukari has her important and loved ones. Her parents, siblings, Miyako, and friends, for example.

However, she’s pretty sure she can accept the fact calmly if they ever left.

She never freaked out, even if her favorite maid resigned or her good friend transferred.

Only Ayu is different.

Ayu Shirakawa is the only person that Yukari hopes to never leave her.

Perhaps this kind of stubbornness is love.

It’s hard to imagine her own feeling for Ayu. However, it’s the same as all of those feelings described in books, movies, dramas, and every single story worldwide. It’s beautiful, ugly, exciting, and painful.

She knows what happiness, excitement, interest, beauty, deliciousness, and comfort is.

Yet, she can’t understand love.

“…But I guess it’s okay if it’s happy and comfortable.”

Yukari mumbled with a cheerful expression.



Ayu opened her eyes and made a cute noise.

“Good morning, Ayu-chan.”

“Good morning…!”

Ayu’s face immediately went red after seeing Yukari’s naked body. She woke up.

Ayu looked at Yukari and her own body.

“T-This isn’t a dream…”

Ayu’s voice can be heard barely. Yukari smiled bitterly.

“How can you say that after fondling with my body?”

“Ugh, …I-I’m sorry.”

“No need to apologize. I think…it was great too.”

Yukari said that awkwardly. Ayu sighed in relief, but she was soon startled again.

“But this still feels like a dream. Can I really be that happy…?”

“Well, why not we check it once again to see if it’s a dream?”

Yukari gave a mischievous smile. Ayu whispered yes and nodded. Her watery eyes are looking at Yukari.

Their faces slowly got closer, just as their lips were about to touch-

Yukari’s phone started vibrating.


She sighed and looked at the screen. It shows “Miyako Shirakawa”. Miyako would’ve kept calling her if she didn’t answer. That’s why she said,

“I’ll just deal with her. Just a moment.”

Yukari picked up the phone after saying that to Ayu. In the end-

“…You had fun yesterday.”

Yukari’s eyes bulged after hearing this hellish voice.

H-How did you know? …She almost screamed. However, she managed to suppress it and tried her best to maintain a calm tone.

“Eh? What are you talking about, Mya-nee? I was rushing the draft since yesterday night in my house. I stayed up all night. Hiya, I was almost done. I could’ve finished it if it wasn’t for this call!”

“…The Unazukionsen Hotel in Toyama is such a nice place. The Toyama white shrimps and seafood bowl look pretty delicious too.”


Yukari fell speechless after hearing Miyako.


Miyako knows exactly where she is. Terrifying.

“You come back right now. Otherwise, your body will be found under the Kurobe Dam.”


Hearing Miyako’s demonic voice, Yukari can only tremble and say yes.

Then, Miyako hung up after dropping a “goodbye”.

…It looks like the “fun” Miyako said is about the trip instead of their first-time last night, …but she still doesn’t understand.

Of course, she had already checked whether there was a GPS signal tracker on her luggage. There also aren’t any strange apps on her phone. If that’s the case-

Yukari looked at Ayu and asked.

“Ayu-chan, are you using any social media platforms?”

“Eh? Ah, well, yes. I guess.”

Ayu nodded. She then continued a bit nervously.

“B-But I was just uploading pictures of food and scenery once in a while. I have no followers, and you won’t know it’s me from my username alone! I didn’t tell Miya-chan as well!”


It looks like Ayu was being careful too. However…

“Did you tell Mya-san what did we eat?”

“Eh? Maybe a couple times…”

“Then this is probably the reason. Mya-san already knows Ayu-chan’s account.”

“Ehh!? How did she do it!?”

“Suppose you told her we had stewed beef yesterday. She’ll go on social media and search for beef or dinner. It’s only a matter of time before she finds a photo with my house’s utensils and table.”

“Aren’t there a bunch of people uploading things like that every day?”

“An editor’s profession is to find the target in a sea of photos.”

An editor’s job is to search for the tiniest mistakes in a draft with tens of thousands of words. It’s nothing for them to look up a photo among hundreds.

“Ehh, …Miya-chan is terrifying.”

Ayu was startled. She continued.

“Sorry, sensei. …It’s my fault.”

Ayu was deflated. Yukari gently patted her head.

“Even if you didn’t tell her what we ate, Mya-san can still find where I am with other ways. If you’re not using any social media, she’ll secretly install a tracker app on your phone. She can also track our location with cloud photos. She can even hire a professional detective if the time comes.”

“Sheesh, that’s ridiculous, …right?”

Ayu could barely contain her laughter at first, but then she realized Yukari wasn’t trying to comfort her. She was serious. Ayu’s face turned stiff.

“Eh, …are all editors like this?”

“At least the famous editors in the industry are all warriors with a slightly twisted mind. Mya-san is one of them.”

“The Warrior Miya-chan. …It sounds cool.”

“…Please don’t become an editor.”

Ayu’s expression looked like she was hoping for something for some reason. Yukari warned her and continued.

“Well, if our location is exposed, let’s just go back to Tokyo after eating breakfast. …I was going to go on an observation tram in Kurobe Gorge.”

Yukari sighed. Ayu continued regrettably.

“I was hoping for our trip to be longer too. …W-We just turned into a couple, after all.”

Yukari’s face flared up after hearing that.

“We can go celebrate again after the draft is done.”


Ayu’s eyes brightened up. Yukari nodded. “Of course.”


Then, Ayu’s tone turned slightly embarrassed and spoiled.



“There’s still a bit of time before breakfast. Do you want to go to the hot spring together?”

Upon hearing Ayu’s suggestion, Yukari smiled.

“You’re really lewd.”

“I-I’m not! I’m just thinking that we shouldn’t waste the opportunity and go to the hot spring again!”

“Alright, alright.”

She didn’t answer Ayu’s retort. Instead, she stood up and got on her underwear and yukata.


Ayu mumbled and hastily got on her yukata as well.

Yukari took the towel and clothes.

“Well, let’s go, …Ayu.”

Yukari hesitated for a moment, but she decided to call her name directly. Ayu’s big eyes bulged even further after hearing that.

“Alright, Yukari-san.”

Her smile melted Yukari’s heart. With this feeling, she walked outside the room with Ayu.

Even though she doesn’t understand love, it’s okay as long as Ayu is here with her.

That’s what Yukari Ebiwara thinks.

Special: The Progress of Chatting with the Editor is Especially Fast Before the Deadline

“What are light novels?”

“What’s with that sudden question…?”

The author Hikari Kairou said that in a slightly serious tone. The editor Miyako Shirakawa frowned.

“I got the newcomer award, and I wrote a couple books after making my debut. However, I suddenly remembered that I didn’t really understand the definition of light novels. Am I really writing light novels?”

“…There’s no end in thinking of the definition of light novels. Give up.”

Miyako continued deflatedly.

“From an editor’s perspective, the term ‘light novel’ is a classification in sales instead of a genre. That’s why light novels aren’t related to the content or text. Whether because it’s a rom-com, has cute characters, or simple words that make it a light novel. Or, the story is heavy and the genre is deep, which makes it not a light novel. These discussions are meaningless.”

“So, even if the content is the same, it’s a light novel as long as it’s published by a light novel publisher, not when the opposite is true?”

“This is the simplest classification if you want a clear answer.”

Hikari still looks unconvinced. Miyako shows her a bitter smile.

“Actually, I think this doesn’t make any sense at all. If we put it more vaguely, some people just want to read light novel-style books. Then, the publisher that publishes this kind of book is light novels.”

“I feel like you’re just paraphrasing. …The so-called ‘light novel-style’ changes accordingly with time and people, right?”

“That’s why it’s hard to make a definition. If it’s about sales, then what does online novel count as? Everyone treats some books as light novels, yet the publisher denies them. Some publishers even created new words like new literature and light literature.”

“…I see. There’s really no end.”

Hikari seems to start feeling annoyed by this.

“Stop thinking about it if you understand. Rush your drafts. A novelist’s job is to write interesting books, and our job is to send them to the interested readers.

Hikari said yes deflatedly. Then, she reluctantly began writing her long-overdue draft. She’s actually not really bothered about what light novels are. She just wanted to change up the mood. That’s why she threw a topic out. …But, honestly, she has had difficulty finding the motivation to write light novels recently.

Will she be more motivated if there’s a beautiful girl who can take care of chores and set a schedule for her? …Hikari thought about trivial matters like that.

This was a couple months before she met with Ayu Shirakawa.

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