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Have a Cup of Coffee after School in the Fantasy World Café V6 (2 of 7)


Translator: Skythewood

Editor: Hiiro


Habits were a frightening thing. I got up at the same time as usual, cleaned the shop, and restocked the ingredients, getting the shop ready. I was planning to rest today, but my body moved on its own in the morning.

A short while before the shop opened, I sat at the corner of the counter with my hands supporting my cheeks.

【It became like this before I knew it.】

I could open up shop like always. But considering my situation, there should be other things I should do. For example…

For example, what?

I thought about what I needed to do, but came up blank.

If I was going to leave this world, was there something I needed to do before shutting down the shop? A notification to my customers that I would be closing for good?

— The shopkeeper is going back to his original world, so the shop will be shut down.

That was a difficult sign to put up. If Levi-san lied and I was still here in a month, this might end up being a pretty nice joke.

The sky was clear outside the window. A small figure braved the piled up snow on the street fearlessly, and appeared with gusto. When I stood up, that figure appeared at my door with a chime.

【Good Morning!】

A greeting louder than the chime echoed in the shop.

【Good Morning, Shilulu. It’s tough with all the snow on the road, right? Good work.】

【It’s fine! I like snow!】

Her dog ears shook and her tail wagged energetically as she smiled.

【As usual, can I trouble you with the storeroom inside?】


Shilulu went inside the shop swiftly. She was a courier using the magic bag she inherited from her grandfather to deliver all over the city. She would supply my shop with ingredients periodically too.

Shilulu charged out of the storeroom, then took out a letter from her sling bag.

【Yuu-san, a letter for you!】


【Yes! I’m also in charge of letter deliveries, you know?!】

Not many people post me letters, and given the timing, I could guess who it was from. I took the letter and smiled after checking. As expected.

【Is it a nice letter?】

【Maybe, it will be great if that is true.】

I signed on Shilulu’s slip to acknowledge my receipt of the goods, then patted her head. I invited her to breakfast, but Shilulu still had work to do, and left in a hurry.

I sat down and stared at the envelope. Familiar words were written on the light brown envelope. The sender was Linaria.

To achieve her dream of becoming a Healing Mage, she went to a faraway city for an enrollment test. She asked me to send her off on the day of her departure, but I didn’t make it in time. It had been a month since that day.

I asked Aina to help me post her a letter of apology, but the place was far, so the reply also took a long time.

I opened the envelope with a tinge of nervousness. There was a single piece of paper inside, the content was concise too. This was expected of her nature to be considerate of me, since I was still practicing my writing. She wrote with easy words, which was easy to read.

It said she wasn’t angry anymore, and was doing fine. She was worried about Aina and me, and also…

【— I see, she passed.】

Her enrollment test ended uneventfully. By the time I received this letter, she should be on the way back.

I read the letter again, then folded it carefully before putting it back in the envelope.

For the sake of Linaria’s dream, she had to enroll there. The test seemed to be very tough, just how hard did Linaria work for it? I only understood a small part of it, but it must be really hard.

So I was really glad that Linaria’s efforts had been acknowledged, and wanted to wish her well.

However, I felt a stifling feeling in my chest.

She would be leaving this city after passing the test. To a place that took half a month to travel one way. I wouldn’t be able to see her much.

I was annoyed that I couldn’t congratulate her face to face. I shouldn’t be thinking about this.

I slapped my cheeks to change my mood.

Linaria took a step towards her dream. There were no problems with that. It was something worth celebrating. Oh right, how about holding a party to celebrate. Or rather, a farewell party.

In any case, it was time to open the shop. I stood up and got about this unchanging day.


【Why… do people have to… go to school… on snow days…?】

With snow on her wool hat, the sniveling Nortri came into the shop. Her small nose and soft cheeks look rosy.

【Welcome, it must be cold.】

【… Yes.】

After her reply, Nortri walked right to the hearth. Even before winter came, Nortri liked this spot in front of the hearth. Nortri pulled out the round cushion I prepared especially for her from the corner, patted it into her preferred shape before curling up on top of it.

The firewood was burning intensely. I was worried about it being too hot, but it seemed to be fine for Nortri. I checked the time, and it was already evening. Nortri would often skip classes because of the cold in winter, but she worked hard and attended classes today.

There was a loud noise from the shop entrance. There were cheerful voices and laughter. Probably a group of drunks.

【This city is noisy even during winter.】

Granny Bonnie said, as if she was complaining to her Coffee. Her hair was groomed properly, and a shawl with bright embroidery rested loosely on her shoulders.

【It might be the difference between night and day? It’s rare seeing you here when it’s still bright out, Granny Bonnie.】

【Hmmp, it can’t be helped since a certain shop isn’t opened at night.】

Granny Bonnie was a regular when this shop operated late night hours. I didn’t get many chances to see her after reverting to normal hours, but she would visit occasionally like this. The other Indecents were like her too, showing up quietly from time to time. It made me miss the time when Tize was still here.

Granny Bonnie looked at Nortri who was curled up in a ball in front of the hearth, then grinned at me.

【There’s a promising child in this shop while the sun is still up.】

【What do you mean by promising?】

【As an Indecent.】

【… I can’t refute that.】

Nortri was acting like that when she was still so young, so her future was bright.

【Well, lying in front of a fire during winter is the right way to spend the time.】

【Is that so?】

【Nowadays, people are too hard working. Saving up food by working from Spring to Autumn, then eating, drinking and lazing around the house to rest before the new year. A simple life like that suits my character better.】

【A slow life, huh.】

【What’s that?】

I shook my head. Such a way of living was gradually fading away in this world too.

【In this city, everyone goes out frequently even during winter.】

【Everyone is being too stupid with regards of enjoying their down time. Since farmwork was on hold, the idle people in the nearby village are all gathered here. On top of that, the adventurers are idle because of the Labyrinth Shift. There might be a lot of people gathered in this shop soon.】

Granny Bonnie curled her lips. Her provocative face made it easy to guess what she wanted to say.

【… How about opening the shop at night?】

【You really don’t get tired of that.】

【It’s tough to adjust my waking hours.】

When you start staying awake at night, your body adjusting to it was just one problem, adjusting emotionally to it was tough too. I learned very well that I shouldn’t switch back and forth between day operations and night operations.

【Are you going to keep this up even during the nightless day?】

【You mean the festival right before new year?】

Nightless day was this world’s new year’s eve. On this day, all the lights on the city would be lit, and there would be bonfires everywhere and everyone would make merry.

【It’s a day where we give thanks for making through a year safely, and to pray that the next year will be full of hope. It will be a waste to spend it sleeping.】

【How many more days is that?】

【About two weeks. It will be more crowded if it happens during the Labyrinth Shift. That will be time for me to earn my money. During festivals, the rich people will relax their attentions on their wallets.】

【Oh, so you are enjoying it in that sense.】

I remembered that Granny Bonnie was a highly skilled pickpocket, and my face cramped a little. I shouldn’t probe too deep.

Then I thought about it.

It was already the end of the year. A year wasn’t a short time, but it passed in a flash. I might not usher in the new year in this world.

… I thought about it deeply, but it still didn’t feel real to me. If my body suddenly turned cold, I might start panicking, but I was as energetic as ever.

【Everyone would loosen their purses on Nightless day, so you should use this chance to make a killing, kid. Your shop looks pretty good, so you should call in your regulars for a party.】

【Please don’t lay your hands on my regulars.】

I warned Granny Bonnie, and she raised her hands.

【I will behave for your sake. And I will only mark greedy people. There’s no point taking coins from Indecents.】

【You make it sound like only Indecents visit this shop, but there are decent customers too.】

【Alright, alright. So, want to do it?】

【It’s rare seeing you proactively planning something, Granny Bonnie.】

Normally, she would just watch from the sidelines. Granny Bonnie smiled awkwardly.

【It’s too boring to welcome the new year in my room by myself. When you reach my age, you will start feeling lonely.】

I nodded. When the whole city was celebrating, it would be lonely to stay by yourself without any acquaintances. There were people who didn’t like noisy events, but that was different from preferring solitude.

【Ushering in the new year with everyone in my shop sounds interesting. Let me think about it.】

The shop would be open as usual anyway, and it would be more fun to spend time with everyone.

【They are return customers after visiting the shop once, so they will be happy to join in if you invite them, kid.】

【You mean they are nosy people?】

Granny Bonnie shrugged without a word, and sipped on her Coffee. She then handed the cup to me.


【There will be a party here on Nightless day? That’s great, count me in.】

Aina, who just missed Granny Bonnie, accepted surprisingly easily after I told her about it.

【I’m glad to hear that, but is it fine? Nobles have their parties too, right?】

【It’s thanks to you, Yuu-san. To honor the result of the duel, Father granted me freedom. I will fulfill my obligations as a noble, but I can attend an party invitation from a friend too.】

Her cheerful expression looked softer now. I still remember getting dragged into Aina’s marriage fiasco and dueling her father with Chess like it was yesterday.

【Are you getting along well with your father?】

【Yes. He isn’t supportive, but he will respect my decision.】

Aina took out a scroll with a smile. It was the story that contained Aina’s dream. She was still coming to this shop and slowly increasing the page count.

【By the way, it’s almost finished, right?】


I was curious and asked, and Aina averted her eyes.

【You wrote quite a lot.】

【It’s taking longer than I planned… I rewrote some parts that bothered me, so the progress is slow.】

Writing stories sounds tough.

I didn’t want to pressure her, and Aina looked a little moody, so I changed the topic.

【Hey, can you give me one piece of paper?】

【I can, but what do you need it for?】

The paper quality felt great, and I could probably write on it smoothly. I took out a pen from my apron pocket and wrote slowly at the top of the paper. It didn’t look that good since I was still practising, but it was still legible.

【List of attendees?】

Aina leaned over the counter and read it out loud. I spun the paper around and pushed it to Aina.

【I want to confirm the number of attendees. May I trouble you to pen down your name?】

I asked formally. Aina raised an eyebrow, straightened her posture and picked up the pen gracefully.

【I’m honored by your invitation.】

Aina’s words were graceful and stylish. As expected of a noble lady.

I took the pen and paper Aina returned to me, and walked to Nortri who was lying motionlessly on her cushion.

【Nortri, Nortri. I’m holding a party on Nightless day. Do you want to join us?】

【… Mmmm.】

A vague sound came from her face resting on the cushion.

【I see, that’s great. Can you write your name here?】


【Hey, don’t say tha. Just a quick scribble.】


【Okay, here.】

I put the pen in her slightly raised hand, then placed the paper before her. Nortri’s fingers drew wavy lines on the paper.

【Alright, thank you.】


I went back to Aina, and showed her the paper with the new name.

【She says she will be joining.】

【That is a conversation?】

【She will invite her mother too, but she will get sleepy at night. That’s so like Nortri.】

【Did her words conveyed so much information?】

【That’s not good, you have to listen to others carefully.】

【Something so unreasonable?? I never thought I would get admonished…】

Aina mumbled, unable to accept this. She looked right at me.

【Oh right, I received a letter from Linaria. Want to read it, Aina?】

【Why are you the only one who got one…? I didn’t receive any…】

She looked at me with listless eyes again, and I felt a chill down my back. This seemed to be the wrong choice of topic, but I couldn’t turn back now.

I took out Linaria’s letter from a drawer behind me, and handed it to Aina. The letter was short, so Aina finished it in no time.

【As expected of Linaria-san. She makes me proud.】

【It has nothing to do with Aina though.】

【What are you saying? What makes Linaria-san happy makes me happy too. Since it’s decided that she will be transferring to Fortuna Academy, we need to celebrate.】

【I think so too, how should we celebrate?】

【Normally, there will be a gathering of friends and relatives. Nobles will even make a big show of it.】

I was worried that it would be different from my common sense of a celebration, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

【You are going to host a party?】

【Let’s do it.】

I locked my gaze with Aina and nodded. We would usually come to a consensus when Linaria was involved.

【Let’s hold it here, I will prepare the food.】

【Then I will prepare some presents. It’s the custom to gift high quality stationery for celebrations related to academics.】

【Why don’t we split the total expenses?】

【There’s also the venue fee and the handling of the ingredients, right? I will foot 80%.】

【Then Aina six, and I will pay four. Spend the 20% in your effort to choose stationery. Choose something durable.】

【Alright. Linaria will be busy after coming back, we will decide on the date later.】

We nodded at each other. It was a quick and fruitful discussion. I continued wiping the utensils while Aina worked on a paper with her glasses and pen.

【— It’s going to be lonely.】

I let my thoughts slip.

【I didn’t feel that way when Linaria was away for a month.】

I didn’t answer, and wiped my second plate.

I agreed in my heart. The people whose presence I took for granted were leaving suddenly, and it made me feel lonely.

I knew she would be back in a month last time, but who knows when I would see her again when she leaves this time. I was happy that Linaria got to move a step closer to her dream, but I would still be lonely. I had complicated feelings about this.

Aina and I fell silent. We both felt the same way. At this moment, the door chimed.


I looked over, and saw a familiar face. She was in her Arialu Academy uniform, with her vermillion hair tied neatly behind her. I didn’t see her for a month, and she seemed to have matured a little.

【What’s wrong, why the dazed look?】

The nostalgic voice made me smile. I set aside the plate I was wiping, then faced Linaria.

【Welcome home.】

Linaria looked over stiffly, then said bashfully.

【Yes, I’m home.】

I felt a little embarrassed, and the corners of my mouth loosened— Suddenly, there was a cracking sound, and Aina charged towards Linaria. The shop suddenly turned rowdy.

Chapter 3: Cohabiting with a Dragon and Yuu’s Presence


【Linaria-chan is back, so everything is back to normal, huh.】

Gramps Goru scratched his temple with his pinkie finger before pushing his White Knight forward. This was within my expectations, so I pushed my pawn without hesitation.

【Linaria came back yesterday, so why do you know already?】

【That’s a secret.】

He said with a grin, then quickly looked back at the board.

【But Yuu-kun, you have gotten much stronger after not seeing you for a few days…】

【Well, there’s someone training my technique…】

Aina’s grandfather is a chess expert known as the Dragon Chess Saint, and he would often drop by to bully me. I got marked by him since that incident with Aina’s marriage. He came over because he felt it was interesting, but it felt overwhelming for an ex-instructor of the Royal family to tutor me. And him being too strong was troubling too.

Thanks to him, my Chess skill improved a lot, and I could fight on equal grounds with Gramps Goru now.

【By the way, the one who mentioned me to Aina’s grandfather is you right, Gramps Goru?】

I almost forgot, but that grandfather said he learned about me from an acquaintance. Only Gramps Goru knew I played Chess and could chat idly with the Dragon Chess Saint. I stared at him, convinced that was true, but Gramps Goru just grinned without being fazed.

【I have no idea.】

【… Fine.】

I didn’t need to press, the answer was obvious. It was already over, so this was as good as punching cotton. At times like this, it would be better to let things go.

【Setting that aside for now, are you busy during Nightless day?】

【Hmm? Is there something going on?】

【I’m planning to host a party, so I’m checking your interest to participate.】

【Hoho, that sounds nice. I will be there.】

He agreed easily, but was that really fine? Someone with a high status like Gramps Goru should have a bunch of invitations.

【Don’t you have any prior engagements? You don’t have to push yourself.】

【Don’t be such a downer, Yuu-kun. I’m always working seriously so I can be wilful at times like this.】

【Always working seriously…?】

I could only remember him slipping out of work and getting dragged back by Ms Secretary.

But I was glad that he could join us. I took out the quarter fold paper and passed it to Gramps Goru.

【What’s this?】

【Attendees list. Can you sign on it?】

【I see, of course.】

Gramps Goru opened the paper and commented after a look.

【Linaria-chan’s name isn’t on it.】

【I got too worked up yesterday, and forgot to let her sign.】

After Aina made a fuss, it took all I had to calm her down. And Linaria needed to return to the Academy right after coming back to the city.

Gramps Goru signed with practiced movements. He suddenly stopped, pondered for a moment, and added another name.

【She will follow me anyway, might as well write her name down.】

【Oh, you mean Ms Secretary? She’s very welcomed.】

【What about me?】

【Oh, please give me back the pen and paper. Alright, thank you.】

【You will welcome me too, right?】

【There’s quite a number of names, what should I do for the food?】

I approached my regulars yesterday, and many of them signed readily. If there were too many people, I would need Corleone-san or Momon-san to help again.

Gramps Goru covered his eyes with a fake cry, and I just ignored him.

The wind rattled the windows. The sky was blue after noon had passed, the sun was bright but the wind carried a tinge of snow. The weather was about to turn for the worse.

【… Can I stop the fake crying now?】


【Compared to the dried branches in winter, Yuu-kun cold heartedness chill me more…】 Gramps Goru grumbled as he stared at the board.

【Linaria-chan passing the test is a joyous event, but it’s going to get lonely.】

I recall saying something similar to Aina yesterday, and smiled. If someone felt lonely about Linaria transferring school, that means they cherished Linaria, and that made me happy.

【So, what are you going to do, Yuu-kun?】

【Do what?】

【Confess. Aren’t you going to try?】


I looked at Gramps Goru, thinking it was a joke, but his face wasn’t joking.

【It’s hard to find a nice girl like her. You have to hold on to her tightly.】

【Ehh, no, I couldn’t refute that, but…】

I started wavering, and my answer was all over the place. Oh right, I should breathe and calm down first.

【I won’t confess.】

I had never done that before. Just the thought of it made my stomach hurt.

【Yuu-kun, why are you such a wimp during times like this.】

【Who is a wimp? Besides, why are you bringing up confessing?】

【Linaria-chan is going to leave this city. If you don’t confess now, then when? She might have a new encounter in a new environment. She is so charming that even I will try wooing her if I was 50 years younger.】

【It’s useless even if you are 50 years younger.】

But he was right. Objectively speaking, Linaria was very charming. She was beautiful, smart, and had a good personality. When I did something stupid, she would accompany me with a smile, and she was reliable in a crisis… Hmm, she was perfect.

【What, why do you look so surprised?】

【It’s nothing, I just realized again how high her potential is.】

He had a point, so I will acknowledge that. Linaria had impeccable charm. However, confessing was a different matter.

【There aren't many people wooing her because of the nonsensical divide between nobles and commoners, but Fortuna is a progressive place without such backward thinking. Will you be fine with Linaria having a man you don’t know by her side?】


I imagined it.

Beside Linaria was a tall man. Linaria looked up at that youth without a word. The youth smiled at Linaria in response.

【It feels irritating.】

Ahh, no no. That scene made me moody.

Gramps Goru laughed out loud.

【Yuu-kun, that’s love. Admit it, you will feel more relaxed that way.】

【Hah, love, huh.】

Even if he said so, it didn’t feel right to me. As if he was telling me the name of something I saw for the first time. I couldn’t link the two things together in my mind.

【It’s fine, you will know when the time comes. After you get conscious of it, you will lean that way without noticing.】

【Is that so.】

【I think you should try confessing.】

【I won’t try it, okay?】

If she rejected me, I wouldn’t be able to pull myself together.


As expected, the weather changed at night. It was pitch dark outside, as if the snow had formed a wall. The street lights facing the streets looked really weak. It wasn’t a suitable day to go out.

The shop was almost deserted. Everyone got used to the unique weather change of the Labyrinth Shift in this city and went home early. The Elf big sister, Levi-san, was the only one left.

After that time we talked about her surveillance, we didn’t speak much. Levi-san didn’t talk to me, and I wasn’t sure what to say to her, and we maintained that unchanging distance.

However, I happened to have something I wanted to speak with her about. I walked towards Levi-san with my pen and paper.

【Erm, are you free on Nightless day?】

Levi-san raised her gaze from her book.

【Actually I’m planning to hold a party on Nightless day. If you don’t mind, would you like to join?】

Levi-san frowned, a little troubled.

【I have been monitoring you all this while. Are you still going to invite me?】

【Even if you are here for surveillance, you are also a regular.】

I placed the pen and paper on the table. A few regulars signed on it today too.

Levi-san stared at it for a while, then slowly picked up a pen, then wrote her name on an inconspicuous corner.

【Thank you very much, I will be looking forward to your visit.】

【Yes.】 She answered. 【But before that day, you——】

Levi-san wanted to say something, but stopped. The door opened, and the snow blew in.

Falluba-san walked in with his body bowed. After looking at me and Levi-san, he said with a heavy voice.

【Yuu… can you let me crash at your place?】


Yesterday’s bad weather was gone, and the sky was completely clear. The cold air coming through the open window made my just awake body really comfortable.

I already changed my clothes, and was about to start preparations to open the shop when my door was knocked. I acknowledged the knock, and the door opened with a face leaning in.

【You are up, huh. Breakfast is ready. I prepared Paolaja salad, I’m not sure if you can eat it though.】

Falluba-san was wearing my spare apron. It didn’t cover his waist, just his chest. It was obviously too small, and was about to burst.

【… Salad is fine.】

Falluba-san, that apron… The legendary dragon was cooking breakfast… And what was Paolaja…

There were too many things to retort, so I answered very simply.

However, Falluba-san didn’t seem to mind at all. 【Great, I’m fine with the taste, but my wife doesn't like it. So it seldom appears on the dining table. The bread will be ready soon, so you should come as soon as you can.】

With that, Falluba-san closed the door. Silence.

【What is this situation…】

No one could answer my question.

Breakfast was laid out on the counter.

There was bread toasted just right, with crispy bacon inside. Beside a fist-sized fried yellow egg was a fruit palette. Paolaja seemed to be the yellow leaf vegetables, complemented with salt and oil. It had a strong unique bitter taste, and a cheese-like fragrance filled my nasal cavity. It was a taste that you either like or dislike.

He brought ingredients before coming here, so I got the chance to taste a breakfast fit for a dragon made by Falluba-san personally.

And Falluba-san was bending his huge body and washing the dishes.

【Erm, Falluba-san, let me clean up.】

I said a little hesitantly, and Falluba-san looked at me with a serious face.

【Don’t mind it. I’m imposing on you by staying here, so doing this much is only natural. Yuu, you are the master of this house, so don’t worry.】

He then continued washing the dishes silently. His movements were smooth, proof that he often washed the dishes.

I felt bad, but this was Falluba-san’s way of showing his gratitude. So I decided to accept it.

Normally, I would clean the shop before opening up, but Falluba-san already did so, and it’s perfectly clean.

It had been a while since I spent such a leisurely morning. I was about to doze off to the warmth of the hearth when the sound of water stopped. I woke up with a start. I looked over, and Falluba-san was waving his finger at the dishes on the rack. The droplets on the utensils floated up, formed into a ball and moved to the sink. The utensils then floated up and returned to the cabinet on their own.

【… That’s a convenient magic.】

I wanted to learn this too. I had the confidence of making use of it for my entire life.

【Is there anything else that needs to be done?】

Falluba-san said while wiping his hands on a towel.

【Erm, do you do house chores often? Your movements looked practiced.】

【Yup. Everyone in the village does their own chores. We don’t have servants like humans.】

What a healthy way of living.

【However, my wife is of noble birth, and isn’t good with house chores. I took care of her, and got used to it before I realized it.】

He sounded really kind. Was Falluba-san, a househusband? In that case, that tight fitting apron seemed to suit him a bit more.

【By the way.】 I sat at the counter and looked up at Falluba-san. 【Why did you come?】

I didn’t ask the details last night, and let Falluba-san stay in an empty room. So I was still curious about the reason.

Falluba-san crossed his arms with a groan. He was silent with a troubled face. I was regretting about asking when he quietly said:

【I tried investigating the Dragon Bride in the city, but didn’t find anything. I then went back to the village. I made my wife mad, she said I shouldn’t come back empty handed.】

【How strict.】

【When dragons hunt, we won’t go back without getting any game. This is a long standing tradition. I think this matter isn’t the same as hunting, but my wife won’t accept that. So I can’t go home.】

I couldn’t help sympathizing with the dejected Falluba-san. I could also understand why his wife was mad. I also wanted to support the apron wearing Falluba-san who couldn’t go home, since we were both guys.

I looked right at Falluba-san.

… I wished he would take off that apron that was on the verge of bursting. The tension was gone because of that.

【I want to solve this issue no matter what. I enjoy my life with my wife, and I love her from the bottom of my heart. But, what should I do here…】

Falluba-san’s buffed chest was pushing the apron to its limit. It would burst if he exerted any strength. I glanced at my chest and sighed. I was a man too, and wanted to be stronger. My body was too different from Falluba-san.

【What do I…】  need to do to build muscles like that.

【Oh! Yuu, you are thinking so seriously for my sake!?】

If there was a gym, I would want to visit it.

【Where…】 Can I find a gym?

【Where indeed. I think we should search for that bride in this city too.】

Even with a gym, running the shop and keeping up the training…

【Will be tough...】 To keep it up.

【I know. Searching for someone without any clue in a city of humans is close to impossible.】

No, Falluba-san didn’t get this buff from visiting the gym. Then the necessity of visiting the gym was…


【No, there is a clue.】

There was the fundamental problem of us being different races, but more importantly, I shouldn’t be too greedy. I just needed a bit more muscles. In that case…

【There is still hope…】

【That’s right, there’s still hope!】

The counter was knocked, which pulled me out of my stupor. I was lost in my thoughts without realizing it.

【Yuu… I want to express my gratitude. Not only did you give me a place to stay, you are so considerate of my feelings, and take my problem seriously…!】

Falluba-san said with a trembling voice. I didn’t understand what was happening.

【Erm】 I wanted to speak, and Falluba-san raised a hand to stop me.

【Okay! I understand, Yuu… I can feel your kindness. I need your help after all. I’m once again, imploring you to assist me.】

I couldn’t figure out why the conversation turned out like this. But I understood one thing. I couldn’t reject him given the mood.

【… If you are fine with me, I will do my best.】


【Welcome, Colben-san. The usual?】

I asked while serving a cup of iced water, and Colben-san stared at me with his eyes wide open.

【…Shopkeeper, that’s…】

He pointed at the kitchen.

【a really beefy guy. What’s with that?】

【A temp chef. He is just born beefy.】

【I see, he’s born like that… No wonder the apron is all stretched out.】

Falluba-san was moving the frying pan with an expression that felt natural. He insisted on helping out in the shop to repay my kindness, and things turned out like this.

【There were girls in maid uniforms, then the Songstress, and now, a buff man… Shopkeeper, don’t you have any morality?】

【Can you not put it as if it’s my fetish?】

That definitely wasn’t the case, it just turned out like this somehow.

【Well, it seemed interesting, so it’s fine.】 After saying that, Colben-san’s gaze fell on the menu. 【What’s this? Is this the menu of a restaurant from somewhere?】

I shook my head wordlessly. Falluba-san said he wanted to use the ingredients he brought over, so I just added his dishes into the menu.

【… Then, sea bass grilled with herbs and Charvet sauce, and a salad that dragons like. What’s a Charvet?】

【It seems to be a fruit that only ripens when it snows.】

【… That sounds pretty amazing.】

I walked to Falluba-san with the order chit. I told him the contents, and Falluba-san showed a toothy smile. It was filled with the majesty of a dragon.

【Yuu, running an eatery is fun.】

He plated the food he was frying in the pan, and placed it on the counter.

【This is spicy snow mushrooms and chill shrimps.】

【Falluba-san, did you learned this from somewhere?】

His cooking was on a professional level.

【It’s nothing, I just lived a long life. I was taught by people and learned through documents too.】

Thanks to Falluba-san, there was an appetizing smell lingering in the shop. If I kept this up, I could turn this into a proper restaurant. Although I wouldn’t do it.

When I heard he was chased out of his home, I was ready for things to get tough. However, he was happily making food in the kitchen right now. No one would have thought a legendary dragon would wear an apron and cook. That perplexed me a little.

It was late morning, and the crowd had died down. Falluba-san was humming and washing the dishes. I was adding firewood into the hearth. The chime made me turn my head, and a small figure covered in a cloak was standing there. She looked familiar.

【Welcome. Are you alone today?】

I welcomed her, and the woman who liked Rogukonerika— Sophia-san nodded. I think she did. I couldn’t see her face because of the cloak.

【I came because I wanted Coffee.】

【You are very welcomed. This way.】

I ushered her to a seat. Like last time Sophia-san didn’t take off her cloak even though she was indoors. She must have her reasons, so I didn’t press her on that.

【We have well roasted beans today.】

Sophia-san looked up at me after sitting down.

【I will have that please.】

I could see her purple eyes under her hood. I returned to the counter with a nod. Falluba-san’s cooking was the only thing popular here, but someone finally ordered Coffee. And Sophia-san was a Coffee connoisseur, which hyped me up.

After I heated the Coffee Maker and put the beans into a grinder, I could feel Falluba-san’s heated gaze. I glanced his way and saw him staring at my hands.

【… It’s an order from a customer.】

Falluba-san nodded firmly before averting his face, but he stared at the Coffee beans again. Falluba-san drank the most Coffee in my shop, and even bragged about feeling uncomfortable if he didn’t drink for some time. He was a Coffee lover that might very well be addicted.

I could feel his craving gaze, and tried to ignore it as I extracted the Coffee and poured it into a Cup. I served the Coffee to Sophia-san, and when I came back, I saw Falluba-san staring at the Coffee Maker.

【What’s the matter.】

【… Well, I’m thinking that I can drink as much Coffee as I want if I have this thing.】

【… It’s not for sale though?】

【I know. It looks fragile, so I can’t use it.】

This Coffee Maker was custom made by modifying pharmaceutical apparatus. It was made from glass, so it was expensive and fragile, making it really valuable. This was the soul of this Cafe. After saying that, Falluba-san crossed his arms.

【Hmm. This is equivalent to the knife of a chef, the sword of a warrior, or the hammer of a dwarf. It’s disrespectful of me to want one, my apologies. The Coffee Yuu brewed with it is the best. Yuu, can you give me a cup of Coffee?】

If he said that much, I would be itching to brew Coffee for him. Falluba-san was really good at motivating me.

Falluba-san’s expression brightened when he saw me rolling up my sleeves, and made space for me. Once again, I added the Coffee beans into a grinder and started grounding them. Falluba-san always drank a lot, so I needed to prepare for that. While I was grounding the huge amount of beans, I had time for idle chatter.

【By the way, I forgot to ask you.】

【… Hmm?】

Falluba-san leaned closer as if he was waiting for desserts, answering with his eyes on the grinder.

【You mentioned that you need to find the person who is likely to be the bride, right?】


【You said you have a clue. What is that clue?】





【Oh, sorry. The fragrance from the grounded beans is so tempting.】 He coughed, then continued: 【Since ancient times, the humans with purple eyes are chosen to be Dragon brides. So I need to find humans with purple eyes in this city—— What’s wrong, Yuu? Your hands aren’t moving.】

【Purple eyes?】

Like the one I just saw? I looked towards the seats. A petite woman was sitting there drinking Coffee. I checked her eyes again. They were definitely deep purple.

【Erm, are purple eyes rare?】

【From what I know, humans with purple eyes are very rare. That was true in ancient times, and shouldn’t be too different now.】

In that case, there was a good chance that woman was the Dragon bride Falluba-san was searching for.

【What’s wrong, Yuu?】

He asked me dubiously, and I wondered how I should answer. I never thought I would find the person we were looking for in my shop, so I haven’t thought about what we should do after finding her.


【Why the serious look?】

【What should we do if we found the Dragon bride?】

【Oh, it’s about that. Obviously, we should…】

Falluba-san turned silent right then. He blinked with his mouth slightly open and blinked. He then crossed his arms, then stroked his faint beard.

【Obviously… What should I do?】

【There should be a way if we discussed this with the bride.】

【No, that might not work. I don’t know the details, but the bride should be following the orders of those in power. I heard this has nothing to do with the bride’s intentions.】

【What an offensive culture.】

Wasn’t this just like a sacrifice? I didn’t know what their higher ups were thinking.

【But that was centuries ago, I don’t know if it is still the same now. Speaking of which, I’m not very sure why they are sending brides over.】

【Maybe they did it for some other reason.】

【That might be true.】

【In that case, we should ask the bride first.】

【Yes, let’s do that.】

Having arrived at a conclusion, I set the Coffee grinder aside and turned off the Coffee maker.

【Hey, hey, Yuu. My Coffee……】

I ignored Falluba-san who was reaching out to me and left the counter. I approached Sophia-san’s seat, and she raised her head.


She remained silent with her gaze down. I couldn’t keep up the topic even if I sat opposite her. Falluba-san observed us from the counter.

I chose the wrong opening line. I asked her directly 【Are you a Dragon bride?】 Sophia-san didn’t affirm nor refute that, and clammed her mouth shut.

But, how should I have done it? Even if I worked my way in from idle chatter, it would still lead to this question. When the time comes, Sophia-san would keep quiet too. So this was inevitable, and I didn’t fail.

The air was so heavy that I wanted to find an excuse, when I heard a deep breath.

【How do you know I’m a Dragon bride…?】

Her weak voice showed her nervousness.

【Because of your purple eyes.】

I answered honestly, and after a short silence, she said:

【You know what my eyes mean, right?】

【I guess so.】

Although I didn’t know before Falluba-san told me.

Sophia-san leaned forward a little.

【Please keep this a secret. I don’t want others to know I’m here.】

【… That’s fine.】

Things seemed more complicated than I imagined.

【Erm, why don’t you want others to know?】

I asked that, and Sophia-san hesitated before formulating her words.

【Pardon me for asking, but how much do you know about purple eyes?】

She seemed to be asking me something important, but I actually didn’t know much.

【I only know that woman with purple eyes will be chosen to be Dragon brides.】

【Where did you learn that from?】

【Well, someone told me.】

【Who might that be?】 Sophia-san asked sharply. 【The clan with these eyes having Dragon brides is a secret. Why does someone living in this country knows?】

After understanding what her words meant, I closed my eyes. I took a deep breath, but still couldn’t find an excuse. I failed. I was too careless, but I couldn’t have predicted this.

【You, have a point.】

I could feel her questioning gaze.

This was obvious knowledge for Falluba-san, but I had no way of knowing this was a secret to humans.

I wanted to get out of this predicament, but I couldn’t give Falluba-san’s name. If I told her that a dragon told me, things would turn for the worse.

I looked at Falluba-san for help, and he was leaning towards the Coffee grinder with a blissful face. What was he doing…

I suddenly felt like a fool for worrying about it.

I was planning to play dumb until the shop closes when she muttered 【Could it be…】 Sophia-san placed her hands on the table and leaned her face towards me. I lock gazes with her beautiful purple eyes. She stared at me as if she wanted to eat me up.

Sophia-san leaned closer. Her face hidden under her hood was in clear display. We were close enough to feel each other’s breath.

【Are you from a clan of Dragon brides like me?】

【— What?】

I was utterly confused. In any case, I couldn’t keep my cool when a young beautiful woman got so close to me. I leaned back to pull away, but Sophia-san put her knee on the table to close the distance.

【Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense. It wouldn’t be strange if these eyes being a proof of a Dragon bride was known by another clan with Dragon brides. Black pupils are rare. Are you the clan that protects the Dragon Shrine in this country?】


I pressed my hands on Sophia-san’s shoulders to stop her. But she would probably press forward if I relaxed a little.

【In that case, can you tell me where the black dragon is? If they really exist, and aren't a legend, I want to meet them. Is it true that a black dragon landed in this city?】

I could tell she was serious from seeing her face, voice, and anxiety from close up. However, I couldn’t spare the effort to think right now.

【Erm, can you please let go for now!?】

She wouldn’t budge when I tried to push her. It took everything I had to stop Sophia-san from getting closer.

I hope someone could help me deal with this situation.

【What are you doing?】

A sharp voice erupted.

I was pulled back by the collar when the door chimed. I grunted from my neck being choked. Sophia-san’s face then grew further away in an instant. I then realized I was flying, and was held before I hit the floor.

【Are you fine, Yuu?】

I threw my head back and looked.

It was Falluba-san’s face.

【… Thank you.】 I said. 【Can you put me down?】

My legs were dangling in the air. Falluba-san gently put me down, and I was standing on the ground again.

I saw Sophia-san saying something to the youth. It seemed I was dragged and tossed away by that youth. I felt a chill down my back just imagining my body slamming onto the ground. If Falluba-san didn’t step in, it would be a painful experience.

I turned back to thank him again, but a question came to my mind. Behind Falluba-san was the door.

【… You were at the counter just now, right?】

【This much is nothing.】

He said calmly, and I had to accept it. Falluba-san was a dragon after all. And he could use magic.

【That aside, you should be angry, Yuu.】

Falluba-san’s eyes were serious as he crossed his arms and looked down at me.

【That action was disrespectful to you. And dangerous too. I won’t get hurt no matter where I got bumped, and there should be humans as tough as me. But not you. So you have the right to be angry.】

After being told that plainly, I pondered about what to do. Sophia-san jogged over.

【Are you hurt? Erm, Aluff was mistaken.】

She had a panicking tone, showing that she was even more confused. The man named Aluff behind her walked over. The air behind me turned tense. For some reason, there was a numb tingling sensation on the back of my head.

【… I’m very sorry for my recklessness. I won’t do anything, so please don’t be so wary.】

Aluff-san said with his hands raised by his head. He was apologizing to me, but the latter half of that sentence was for Falluba-san.

【I’m not interested in your excuse. You hurt my friend, it’s impossible for me to lower my guard.】

Falluba-san was clearly angry, and the iciness colder than the wind outside made me shiver. Even I felt that way, so Aluff-san and Sophia-san would feel that even more.

【… Of course, the fault lies with me. Please give me a chance to make up for this.】

His face looked pale, but his voice was firm.

【That’s not for me to decide. Tell that to Yuu.】

When Aluff-san turned his gaze to me, I clapped my hands.

【Anyway, let’s all sit down first. This is too conspicuous.】

I was airborne just now, a burly man was facing off a youth in a tense atmosphere, and someone was covering her body with a cloak. This was very conspicuous to others, and all the customers were looking at us.

【… That’s true.】

The youth looked around him and nodded.

On our way to the seats, I locked eyes with the Elf big sister, Levei-san, sitting by the window. She shook her head exasperatedly. Since she was monitoring me, that meant she knew everything that happened in this shop. I think I heard someone mumble that I got dragged into another problematic incident.

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