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The Progress of Yuri is Especially Fast Before the Deadline V1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Progress of Tokyo Sightseeing is Especially Fast Before the Deadline

Translator: Pingas

It’s been a week since Ayu came to Hikari’s house.

She slowly got used to her life. Now, she can walk to the nearest supermarket, bookstore, and station without relying on maps.

She also started referencing recipes and the internet to make more dishes. Currently, a day’s three meals consist of Japanese, Western, and Chinese food.

Today, the main dish for breakfast is hot-pressed toast.

After putting mayonnaise on it, she used the slicer that has always been slumbering inside the shelf to cut the boiled egg. Then, she mixed in some bacon, cabbage, tomatoes, and cheese. Finally, it’s the hot-press toaster that has never been used. The slightly burnt scent tastes different than an ordinary sandwich. It’s very appetizing. The crunchy crust is one big selling point too. You can always eat more.

“I didn’t know a hot-press toaster was this useful.”

Hikari enjoyed her coffee from the Dolce Gusto coffee machine as she said that in satisfaction.

“Eh? You’ve never used it before?”

Hikari answered Ayu’s question.

“I tried to make hot-pressed meat buns after watching an anime about high school girls going camping, but I got bored. I’ve never made hot-pressed toast before.”

“Meat buns, …it sounds quite tasty.”

There are a lot more recipes that use hot-pressed toasters too. Ayu decided to use it to its fullest on Hikari’s behalf.

“Right, Ayu-chan, do you have any plans for today?”

Hikari asked her after finishing her coffee.

“Not really…”

Ayu was planning to spend the day like usual. She reads recipes and manga after cleaning and doing laundry. Or, she’ll watch Blu-rays and kill time with the game consoles that arrived a couple days ago. Even though Hikari excitedly said to her that “My life is much better after Ayu-chan is here.” However, she has always been thinking about whether it’s okay to live her life out this relaxedly. …This sense of guilt is increasing by the day.

“Well, let’s head out together?”


Ayu was a bit surprised at Hikari’s suggestion.


“Wherever you want. You’ve only been to Shinjuku and the area around the house after coming to Tokyo, right? Don’t you want to go somewhere else?”


Hikari was too sudden. Also, she was very excited about going out with Hikari. In the end, her brain stopped working. Even though she always thought about where she should go and what she should eat after hearing about Tokyo in the news or magazines.

“Well, u-uh, …T-Tokyo Skytree!”

In the end, the first place she thought of was the most mainstream tourist hotspot in Tokyo. She’s very worried that what if Hikari is dumbfounded with such an exorbitant choice.


“Oh, Tokyo Skytree? Nice!”

Hikari has an unexpectedly positive reaction.

“Come to think of it, I’ve never been to Skytree.”


Tokyo Skytree finished construction a few years ago. Ayu thought all people from Tokyo had already been there countless times.

“Yeah, I always said I’ll check it out when I’m free and the weather’s good. I ended up never going. A place that you can go to anytime is the last place you’ll visit. It’s like those games and Blu-rays I bought. They are just accumulating dust right now.”


Ayu grew up in an environment without much entertainment. It’s hard for her to understand things like that. If there’s a new shop or entertainment complex in her home, the nearby residents will definitely flock there.

“Well, …we’re going to Skytree.”


Ayu squeaked.

This isn’t like buying daily necessities a few days ago. Instead, they are going sightseeing together.

This is literally a date, right?


After Ayu finished doing laundry, the girls immediately went out for Tokyo Skytree. The fastest way from Yukari’s house is taking the train to Oshiage Station, where the Skytree is.

Yukari put her SUICA card on the ticket gate sensor. She turned around and spoke to Ayu.

“We’ll take the train to Shibuya and switch to the Hanzomon Line- eh?”

Ayu disappeared, even though she was just next to her.

She turned again. Ayu is standing in front of the gate and looking at her desperately.

Yukari quickly dashed to her and asked over the gate.

“What’s wrong?”

“U-Uh, I-I don’t have a ticket!”


Yukari has always used IC cards her whole life. She never thought about buying tickets to ride trains downtown.

“You don’t have an IC card? Like SUICAs or PASMOs?”

“I only have an IC e-card.” [TL: It’s an IC card from the Iyotetsu Company in Shikoku, which cannot be used in Tokyo.]

“Sorry, I’ve never heard of that one.”

Ayu was probably talking about the IC card of her private metro back home. It probably can’t be used in the Tokyo metro.

“Well, I’ll wait for you here. Go buy a ticket to Oshiage.”

“I-I got it!”

Ayu hastily dashed to the ticketing machine.

Normally, buying a ticket won’t take too much time. However, Ayu didn’t pass the gate until 10 minutes later.

“You took a while. Did something happen?”

Ayu cried out after hearing Yukari’s question.

“There are too many stations. I couldn’t find it at all. …Sorry for being a countryside girl.”

She bitterly smiled after seeing Ayu’s depressed expression.

“There are a bunch of lines in Tokyo metro. It’s very hard to understand. Even I’ll lose my way if I don’t have a switching app.”

Yukari gently patted Ayu’s head and said, “We’ll get you a SUICA card in Oshiage.” They walked to the platform.


Even though she made a big mess at first, no more trouble came up after passing through the gate. They arrived at Oshiage Station without much fuss.

Ayu’s eyes were locked to the district filled with shops upon exiting the station. They got to the plaza near the Skytree after passing the stores.

“Wow, it’s really impressive when we’re this close. It’s so tall that it won’t fit into the camera.”

Hikari raised her head and looked at the Skytree. She said that as she took photos.

Ayu also raised her head and answered dazedly. “Right.” It’s a 634-meter tall tower punching through the clouds. It’s so high that people can’t observe it directly.

“Anyway, let’s go up first.”

“Oh, sure.”

Hikari took a step forward after taking photos. Ayu followed her.

The line to the ticket office is very short, probably because of the weekday. It’s already Hikari and Ayu’s turn.

“One adult and one high school student, please.”

Hikari said that to the concierge.

“Please show your student ID.”

“Eh? Oh, sure!”

Ayu quickly took out her student ID from the wallet after hearing that.

The receptionist’s face immediately showed a tinge of a surprise after seeing the ID card. Perhaps it’s because Ayu looks wildly different from the photo on it. However, she didn’t ask for more details.

“Thank you. It’s 5,450 yen in total.”

“Eh? That’s expensive!”

Ayu answered with reflex. Hikari and the receptionist onee-san smiled bitterly.

“I-I’m sorry…”

Ayu blushed and apologized. The receptionist nodded.

Hikari smiled after they left the ticket office.

“You’re too honest. Sigh, but I know how you feel. 3,000 yen is a bit ridiculous just for a person to go to some observatory.”

After hearing her comfort, Ayu acknowledged that Hikari is a rich adult from the city. As for herself, she felt that she was just a kid who yelled expensive to 5,000 yen. This made her even more deflated.


They took the elevator and came to the 350-meter tall Tembo Deck before enjoying the view.

“Wow…! It’s tall! It’s amazing!”

Ayu put her hands on the railing and cheered loudly.


“Does Ayu-chan love tall places?”

Ayu answered Yukari’s question.

“Eh, …I’ve never thought about that. Maybe?”

“I love tall places too. I always get excited whenever I’m high, literally.”


Ayu’s tone is pretty joyful. She’s staring at Tokyo’s streets in pure excitement. Yukari thought she was as adorable as a puppy.

There’s a 360-degree glass wall on the Tembo Deck. They can see all of Tokyo. The girls enjoyed the view as they strolled across the path.

“That’s the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Meiji Jingu is over there. …So, I think my house is around that place too.”

Yukari pointed in the direction where her house was probably at. Ayu squinted her eyes and stared at that location.

“Hmm, …which one?”

“I don’t think you can see it. My house isn’t a big one, after all.”

Ayu seemed slightly regretful after hearing that from Yukari.

They continued moving forward.

“Ah! Sensei, it’s Mount Fuji! We can see Mount Fuji!”

Ayu screamed. Her eyes were brimming with energy.

“The weather is good today. It’s very clear.”

“That’s the first time I’ve seen Mount Fuji.”

Yukari was a bit envious of Ayu’s excitement.

She took a ride to Mount Fuji’s side before. Also, it looks even bigger when she’s on the Tokaido Shinkansen. Therefore, the tiny Mount Fuji here doesn’t impress her as much.

“Well, let’s go climb Mount Fuji next time.”

“Eh? Really!?”

“Sorry, I was just joking.”


Ayu’s lips curled down. Yukari continued with a bitter smile.

“I’ve heard that Mount Fuji is pretty hard to climb for beginners. If you really want to go mountain climbing, I suggest leveling up on Mount Takao.”

“W-Well, let’s work our way to Mount Fuji together?”

“…It depends on my mood.”

She climbed Mount Takao two years ago under those mountain climbing manga’s influence. However, she didn’t feel the joy of it.

Perhaps mountain climbing will be pretty fun if she’s with Ayu.

She thought about that as she moved forward. The floor is now a 2 m x 3 m glass plane.

Yukari immediately stood on it and looked downward. The pedestrians are walking down there. This must feel like a god looking down on the humans. She’s excited.

Does it feel that much better just because the ground is transparent? Why don’t they just change all the floors to glass?

“Look, Ayu-chan. Humans are like garbage below. Isn’t it fun?”

For some reason, Ayu stood a bit far from Yukari. After she said that, Ayu shook her head. “N-No, thanks.”

“Eh? Why?”

“I-It’s because I, …uh, …I-I’m wearing a skirt! People down there can see!”

“Who cares about someone’s panties 340 meters up in the air?”

Ayu’s reasoning didn’t make any sense. She continued.

“Ayu-chan, don’t tell me you’re scared?”

“W-Why would I be scared?”

“Well, come here. There are observation decks outside of the Skytree, but not many places let you see from heights like this.”

Yukari said that and jumped a few times.

Ayu dropped her jaws after seeing Yukari.

“Wait, sensei! What if it breaks!?”

“It won’t. This is thick, reinforced glass.”

“Glass is glass, no matter how thick it is!”

“Hmm, your trust in technology is very low.”

Yukari bitterly smiled. Ayu was genuinely angry.

In the end, Ayu still didn’t stand on the glass plane.


Taking the elevator from the Tembo Deck, they arrived at the sweeping city panoramas a hundred meters taller. The highest point in the Skytree has reached – Tembo Galleria (451.2 m). Ayu and Hikari took a photo here and returned to the ground.

Then, they browsed the gift shop on 1/F.

Aside from Skytree’s souvenirs, the shop always has Tokyo specialties and postcards of other famous tourists’ hotspots. Ayu can once again feel that she’s really in Tokyo.

“Ayu-chan, what gifts do you want?”

Ayu shook her head after Hikari asked her.

“I don’t really have anyone to give presents to. …Ah, but I should get something for Miya-chan.”

“Ah, …please don’t get anything for Mya-san.”

“Eh? Why?”

A vague smile appeared on Hikari’s face.

“…She’ll find out that I dumped all my work aside to play.”

“Eh? Wait, your drafts are near the deadline!?”

“Hmm, it isn’t that bad from my perspective. However, Mya-san will be very mad if she knows I went out to play. So…?”

“Ehh!? You still asked me to come with you in this situation!?”

Ayu freaked out. Yet, Hikari smiled genuinely.

“The more work that’s about to burn my butt, the more I want to play. Haven’t you accidentally started reading manga or tidying the room even though you should be doing homework?”

“I haven’t…”

Hikari dropped her jaw after hearing Ayu’s answer.

“Eh? Seriously? …Isn’t this a common mentality shared by all humans?”

“I feel bad for playing when I’m supposed to do work. It’s hard to have fun. …Shouldn’t you finish your work and then play without regrets?”

Ayu said something reasonable. However, for some reason, Hikari disagreed.

“I’m not so sure about that.”


“I always say I’ll play video games, clean my room, and make some super delicate dishes after finishing the draft when the deadline is close. But, unexpectedly, after I finished it and gained freedom, I didn’t really want to do any of those anymore. In the end, I just drink in the morning and eat food I got from a convenience store before accidentally falling asleep.”


“This is my personal opinion. The energy required for work is also shared by playing, cleaning, and traveling. That’s why you don’t have the mood to play after spending all of your efforts. In other words, the best time to play is before the deadline when you’re full of energy.”


Ayu’s confused.

“It sounds like an excuse from a lazy bone, …ah!”

Hikari smiled bitterly.

“You’re so straightforward, Ayu-chan.”

“I-I’m sorry…”

“It’s fine. I’m just a lazy bone.”

Hikari sighed and continued reminding her.

“Anyway, let’s not tell Mya-san about what happened today. Also, Mya-san should’ve already come here with her boyfriend. She doesn’t need souvenirs, anyway.”


Buying souvenirs from Tokyo to people living in Tokyo seems unnecessary.

“Wait, Miya-chan has a boyfriend!?”

Ayu suddenly screamed. Hikari quickly answered. “She does!”

“…Huh? But I don’t think they started going out for real yet…? Well, whatever.”

Hikari seemed to have mumbled something. However, Ayu was too shocked to hear it clearly.

I didn’t know Miya-chan has a boyfriend…

Come to think of it, it’s even weirder if a beautiful city girl like Miyako doesn’t have a boyfriend.

A girl in her best age should be going out with a guy. That’s the “normal” thing to do, right…

“W-What about sensei? Are you going out with someone?”

Ayu asked tremblingly.

She’d be devastated if she answered yes. However, Ayu couldn’t hold herself back from asking.

“Me? I don’t.”

Hikari answered in her usual relaxed manner. Ayu was honestly relieved.

“I don’t really have a thing for romance.”

Hikari smiled and showed a slightly lonely expression.

“…Oh, no. The thing I’m not interested in isn’t ‘romance’…”


Hikari smiled gently at Ayu’s confusion. “It’s nothing. She said.


In the end, they left the Skytree without buying anything. It’s around 12 PM now.

“Well, let’s get lunch, Ayu-chan. What do you want?”

“Ah, uh, hmm…”

Ayu started thinking about it after Yukari’s question.

“Is there anything famous in Tokyo?”

“Not really.”


Ayu gasped at Yukari’s quick answer.

“No, I’m serious. Even though there are a lot of good restaurants, and you can pretty much find what you want, I don’t think Tokyo has any specialties. …Well, I guess monjayaki sort of counts.”

“Monjayaki is that sticky and gooey thing, right?”

“Sticky and gooey…”

While Yukari bitterly smiled at such a lame description, she still asked her.

“Well, you want to have monjayaki?”

“Eh? Hmm…”

Ayu clearly looked like she wasn’t interested. With her expression, Yukari instead said she should always try something new.

“It doesn’t look good, but it’s really tasty.”


“Yes, yes.”

“If sensei says so…”

After convincing Ayu, Yukari immediately started searching for monjayaki stores nearby. They went to the restaurant together.

They got seated. Yukari looked at the menu. Although she wanted to try new flavors like tomato, kimchi, and curry, she still chose the iconic mentaiko mochi cheese with seafood for Ayu as her first time. They ordered oolong tea and beer for drinks.

“Sensei, you still ordered a beer when you have to work?”

Ayu looked slightly angry. Yukari smiled.

“Monjayaki and beer are a perfect match. It’s impolite to both monjayaki and beer if you don’t drink it.”

“You’re saying nonsense again…”

“It’s fine. Beer is just like water.”

“That’s impolite to beer, right…?”

Ayu sighed dumbfoundedly.

Their drinks and ingredients for monjayaki were quickly served.

Many monjayaki stores let the customers fry it themselves. However, this store provides full service. While frying it yourself is fun, but if Ayu doesn’t like how monjayaki looks, perhaps she’ll want to try it if someone makes it all beautiful.

The waiter skillfully stroked oil on the iron plate. The dough is cut, stirred, and fried with a small shovel. Aside from the “zzzzz” noise, the seafood and fried dough smell pretty good.

The monjayaki is already finished, just as they appreciated the waiter’s masterful skills. “It’s hot. Please be careful.” The waiter said that before nodding and leaving.

“It smells nice. …It doesn’t look as weird as the photos either.”

Yukari was very happy to hear that.

“See? Well, let’s dig in.”

Yukari used the shovel to pick up the steaming monjayaki. She took a bite after blowing on it a couple times. The broth-tasted dough melted on the tip of her tongue. It formed a very rich umami with the side ingredients and filled her mouth.


Ayu followed her and sent the monjayaki into her mouth, but it was too hot. Her face frowned as she was chewing.

“How’s it?”

Ayu swallowed everything after hearing Yukari’s question. She smiled and answered. “Super good!”

Ayu’s enthusiastic reaction was warm and adorable.

Yukari took another bite and drank some beer. Monjayaki and beer are really a match made in heaven. She can never get bored of it.

Even though Ayu kept saying it was hot, she finished it pretty quickly. The two servings of monjayaki immediately went into the two’s stomachs.


After lunch, they entered the Sumida Aquarium around the Skytree area.

There is a water tank below the floor, a dome for people to watch jellyfishes, and a goldfish area that looks like a festival. There are even tanks for spotted garden eels and splendid garden eels. As a whole, the lighting and showcase areas are specially designed. Also, there’s no fixed route. People can just walk around casually and have fun.

Walking with Hikari in a modern city-style aquarium, this is really a date, right?

Ayu bought a jellyfish keychain in the gift shop. Hikari bought herbal tea and some snacks made in the aquarium. After that, they left and walked to Asakusa.

Their destination is Kaminarimon- one of the most famous spots in Tokyo, along with the Skytree.

It only takes around 15 minutes to walk from the Skytree to Asakusa.

After passing the Azumabashi Bridge on the Sumida River, they arrived at Kaminarimon shortly afterward. That famous and enormous lantern came into view. “It’s really big.” Ayu said that leisurely.

“I’ve only visited here once when I was little.” Hikari said.


“Hmm, the lantern looks smaller than I remembered. Did it shrink?”

“It’s because sensei grew up, right?”

They took photos in front of the big lantern. After that, they ate ningyo-yaki and menchi-katsu in the Nakamise Shopping Street next to Sensoji before praying inside. The girls got on the train in Asakusa Station and returned home.

Although the Skytree and Asakusa are for tourists, luckily, both Ayu and Hikari had fun, even though she’s from Tokyo.

The duo returned to Hikari’s house just before 7 PM. Someone is standing in front of the entrance.

Hikari frowned and pretended to vomit.

“You still dare to give me that face…?”

The person is Miyako Shirakawa. She squinted her eyes and looked at the aquarium gift shop’s bag in Hikari’s hand.

“…You had fun, right? Sumida Aquarium? You even went to the Skytree?”

“Asakusa too. It’s been fun.”

Hikari smiled without hesitation. Miyako’s expression froze.

“Glad to hear that. Well, I bet you must’ve finished your draft too, right?”

Hikari tilted her head. She smiled instead of answering.

“You haven’t started, right…?”

“The deadline is tomorrow, right? Aren’t you being too hasty running to my house before the deadline?”

“It’s never too early to rush you. …Well, but I’m paying you a visit because I was dubbing at a recording studio nearby.”

Miyako then looked at Ayu.

“A-chan, is everything okay here?”

“Yeah, I’ve had lots of fun.”

Miyako smiled in relief after hearing Ayu’s honest answer.

“I see. It’s good that you’re good.”

At this moment, Hikari spoke up.

“Ayu-chan is a really big help. Her food is good, she cleans everything, and she irons all of the clothes too.”

“Oh? I know A-chan is good at housework, but I didn’t expect you to be this capable. …I wish you could help out in my house too.”

Miyako’s eyes were envious. Hikari laughed.

“Hoho, Mya-san’s life is pretty messed up too. Don’t just scold me. However, it’s too late for you to say you want Ayu-chan. I won’t give her to you. She’s already my wife.”

“Eh!? W-Wife!?”

Ayu was genuinely shocked as she blushed. Miyako smiled bitterly.

“Don’t say that. A-chan doesn’t understand the otaku world.”

It wasn’t until now that Ayu knew that it was a joke. How regretful.

“Well, I’ll be leaving.”

“Eh? Miya-chan, you’re not having dinner with us?”

“I still have a meeting after this. I’m just checking up on A-chan today.”

Hikari answered cheerfully after hearing Miyako. “Hiya, what a shame. I wanted to hand my freshly finished draft to Mya-san.”

“…I’ll still wait in your room if you don’t finish it by tomorrow. You better watch out.”

Miyako said that in a deep voice and left.

“Well, let’s go home.”

“Ah, yes.”

Ayu and Hikari returned to the room after opening the entrance door.

In the elevator, Ayu looked at Hikari’s face and thought.

I really want to be sensei’s wife-

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