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The Progress of Yuri is Especially Fast Before the Deadline V1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Progress of Shopping is Especially Fast Before the Deadline

Translator: Pingas

10 AM. Ayu and Hikari (whose collarbones are intact) went out together. They went to buy Ayu’s daily necessities.

Hikari changed her pajamas. She decided to wear a wide t-shirt, cropped trousers, and half-rim glasses. Her witty expression really matches the glasses. Ayu’s eyes are entirely fixed on her.

Hikari was surprised after seeing Ayu’s eyes. Ayu quickly tried to find an excuse.

“C-Can I ask, sensei, are your eyes not good?”

Hikari answered.

“Ahh, this is just sunglasses. It’s just colorless.”

“Sunglasses, …don’t tell me it’s for changing your look?”

“Yeah, if you become as popular as I am, it can really cause a scene when fans see me.”

“Uwah, …that sounds rough.”

It’s indeed tough having to take caution even when you’re just walking. However, it really feels like a celebrity. That’s cool.

Hikari chuckled.

“I’m just joking. Don’t take it seriously.”


“I’ve never shown my face to the media, and I always wear a horse mask on autograph sessions. Also, no one really cares about someone like me. It’s fine even if I show my face.”


Hikari laughed it off. Ayu’s face turned sulky after hearing that.

“You’re so honest.”

After saying that, Hikari suddenly got really close to Ayu.

Hikari’s unexpected move made Ayu’s cheeks flare up.

She is really beautiful. Her light grey hair is soft and smooth, and she has heterochromia.

Now that she’s taking a closer look, Ayu still feels like her face is as beautiful as a goddess or elf. Even though she doesn’t know what kind of novelist she is, her appearance is way too talented.

“Look closely. The pigments in my left eye are dimmer, right? The sun will be too much for me without sunglasses.”

“I-I see. …That’s rough.”

Ayu’s heart started pounding as she gently looked away from Hikari’s charming iris.

Hikari distanced herself too.

“Well, let’s go. We should get your necessities first, like utensils and toothbrushes. Should we go to a nearby department store? Or do you want to visit Shinjuku and Shibuya?”

“I-I don’t really mind. …Even a convenience store’s ones will do.”



“Let’s just go to a department store. I want to buy a new cup too. You want to use my used cups?”

“Sensei used it before?”

In other words, Hikari’s lips touched these cups, plates, and toothbrushes-

“Do you mind?”

“N-No! No problem at all!”

“Well, that’s settled.”

Hikari smiled happily.

“Ah, but I’ll get you a new toothbrush. Relax.”

Ayu is both relieved and disappointed after hearing that.


Yukari brought Ayu to the Takashimaya department store in Shinjuku. The Tokyu Hands here is one of Yukari’s favorites. Sometimes, she’ll aimlessly wander in there and buy all kinds of unnecessary stuff.

They got out of the taxi and went into the department store. Ayu mumbled to herself nervously. “This is Tokyo’s department…”

Yukari can’t help but smile warmly after hearing that. She complained internally. “Takashimaya has a bunch of stores in most cities, right.”

She doesn’t know where Ayu’s home is. However, she feels like this little girl’s imagination of Tokyo is too special. Yukari can’t understand this emotion since she was born and raised in Tokyo. However, she didn’t try to destroy Ayu’s fantasy bubble. Instead, she followed Ayu’s words.

“Yeah, this is a department store in Tokyo. Right, Ayu, did you bring your ID card?”


Ayu looked really surprised. Yukari continued seriously.

“Your ID card. You have to get a shopping permit at the counter before entering Tokyo’s top department stores. You need an ID card for that.”


Ayu’s eyes bulged as she asked worriedly.

“…Can I use a high school ID card not from Tokyo?”

Yukari could barely contain her laughter as she answered.

“As long as it’s not high schools in Saitama Prefecture.”

“Glad to hear that. …I have it in my bag.”


Yukari tried her best to prevent herself from exploding into laughter. She smiled gently.

“I’ll wait for you here. You should get your shopping permit.”

“I-I got it.”

Ayu dashed to the counter as she showed her ID card to the concierge. Yukari nearly made a noise.

3 minutes later.

“Why do you have to come up with a meaningless lie like that!?”

Ayu’s face is as red as a tomato after she comes back. She protested to Yukari with teary eyes.

“Sorry, I didn’t think you would believe it. You’re so honest and adorable.”


Ayu is even angrier after hearing that. Yukari smiled.

“Tokyo is just a part of Japan. It’s the same as where you’re from. You can buy whatever you want in most stores as long as you have money, get it?”

After hearing Yukari’s gentle tone, Ayu’s eyes suddenly bulged.

“Sensei, are you trying to make me realize this when you lied…?”

Hikari wanted to agree with a warm smile- but she couldn’t hold up her laughter and ended up chuckling.

“Y-You were really just trying to mess with me, right!? Ugh, …collarbones, …I’m breaking your collarbones…!”

“Alright, we’ll be disturbing others if we get too loud. Let’s go.”

Yukari walked in after saying that to Ayu, who was shivering from anger.

This girl is really worth pranking. Interesting. Perhaps she’ll hate me if I overdid it- …but whatever, I don’t care whether she hates me or not.


Hikari’s first stop is the daily necessities area in Tokyu Hands.

Just as Hikari’s eyes are rolling around the many types of goods, Hikari has already taken a tea bowl, a mug, and a small plate.

“Ayu-chan, do you want anything?”

“Eh? Nothing in particular…”

There are too many things. She still hasn’t finished seeing everything on the shelf in front of her yet.

“Well, I’ll go check out. You can wait for me here.”

“Eh? You already decided what you’re going to buy?”

Ayu asked in surprise. Hikari nodded.

“That’s fast…”

“Really? I just chose something nice based on my instincts.”

“Won’t you regret after choosing like that?”

“I always do, but I can just get something new if I’m not satisfied.”

Yukari’s tone is pretty gentle, but she’s being very straightforward.

“What will you do with the stuff you don’t need?”

“I’ll either give it to someone or throw it away.”

Her mindset is really different from my own. …Ayu thought to herself.

Ayu always spends a lot of time pondering what stationery or tiny gadgets she should buy. After making a choice, she’ll use them until it’s completely broken. Although she spent a lot on buying clothes without a plan when she arrived in Tokyo, that’s just to change her image to a city girl vibe. That’s an exception out of an anomaly.

Is this difference due to Ayu being a kid while Hikari is a rich adult? Or is it unrelated to money?

“Oh, right, toothbrushes.”

Hikari interrupted Ayu’s train of thoughts.

“They have toothbrushes here too?”

Hikari answered Ayu’s question.

“I think I bought my current toothbrush here, but I don’t remember if it’s on this floor. Do Ayu-chan use an electric toothbrush? Or just a normal one?”


“Electric ones are better. It can brush places that are hard to clean.”

“But, …aren’t electric toothbrushes expensive?”

Although Hikari said she doesn’t need to worry about money, Ayu still expressed her worries.

“Hmm, …I think the one I’m using costs around 30,000 yen. Why don’t you just use the same one like mine?”

“3-30,000 yen…!”

That’s how much Ayu’s New Year pocket money is this year.

“I can just use a normal one!”

“…My second-oldest brother had serious tooth decay around 5 years ago.”

Hikari suddenly started this topic with a solemn tone. Ayu is confused.


“…There’s a cavity on his wisdom tooth. It’s very hard to brush it. The bacteria spread all the way down to his jawbone. I think the surgery took around 4 hours. He had to return repeatedly for around 6 months after it was over.”


Ayu was terrified just from thinking about it.”

“The surgery was successful, and he took care of the wound well too. However, since a lot of special equipment was used, and his insurance didn’t cover it, the total cost was over 1,000,000 yen.”

“1-1,000,000 yen…!”

“After that, my family joined the electric toothbrush faction. Right, my brother married the dentist who took care of him. Although he got something out of it, this is irrelevant to what I’m talking about. So, please forget that.”


The encounter raised a lot of curiosity.

Even though 1,000,000 yen was spent, he took care of his cavity and married his lover. Perhaps it’s not something bad.

“Anyway, tooth decay hurts and costs a lot, not to mention the time spent on visiting a dentist. In comparison, paying 30,000 for a toothbrush sounds pretty cheap to me.”

“I guess you’re right…”

However, Ayu is still reluctant to spend 30,000 yen this casually.

Hikari smiled after witnessing Ayu’s hesitation.

“I’m banning you from being so polite with me on money from now on. That includes toothbrushes. This is an order from your boss, m’kay?”

Her tone is gentle, but Ayu can’t reject it.

Then, she showed a suspicious smile.

“Also, there’s no need to be polite with me. You can pay me back with your body.”

“M-My body…!?”

Ayu knows she doesn’t mean anything sexual, even without an explanation. She’s just saying, “You have to work properly.” But her face still flared up.

“I-I got it. Y-You’ll take care of me. I’ll…pay you back with my body!”

Hikari looked a bit confused when Ayu was so determined.

“…I’ll make it clear. I don’t mean anything sexual, alright?”

Ayu is fine, even if she meant it sexually. However, of course, she didn’t say it.


After shopping at Tokyu Hands, Yukari went to Yodobashi Camera. It only takes a few minutes to walk from Takashimaya.

The store is playing its theme song and goods introduction announcement. It’s very lively. Yodobashi Camera is one of Yukari’s favorites too. Time passes quickly when she’s browsing PCs and games or trying out the audio equipment and massage machine here.

“An electronics store…? What are you buying here?”

Ayu asked her with a surprised face.

“A TV, game consoles, and TV shelf. It’s for your room.”

“My room!?”

Yukari is quite surprised by how shocked Ayu is too.

“Why are you so surprised?”

“Eh? I-It’s because…aren’t we just buying my daily necessities…?”

“Yeah, video games are one of them, right?”


Yukari said something she thinks is reasonable. Ayu is confused for some reason.

“Eh? Don’t tell me you don’t play video games? You’re a modern teenager, though.”

“Uh, I did try out that Jewel of Atlantis in Line.”

“Did you play anything other than mobile games?”

“I didn’t, because I don’t have a game console…”

“You don’t have…a game console…?”

For a true gamer like Yukari, life without video games is like hell. She suddenly realized something at this moment.

“Did you run away because your parents refused to buy you games…!?”

“I-It’s not! Why would I run away because of that!?”

Yukari’s confident presumption was immediately denied by Ayu.

“…Hmm, …but having not played any games is a big problem.”

“What’s the problem?”

“If we’re living under the same roof, of course, I want us to play together.”

Ayu’s cheeks blushed after Yukari said that.

“W-Well, it’s not like I’m totally not interested in games…”

“Really? Then what games do you want to play?”

“Uh, …I’ve seen my friends playing that game where they live with the animals. I thought it was quite interesting.”

For some reason, Yukari frowned after hearing Ayu’s answer.

“Oh, that one. I played it for a while but stopped afterward…”


“You can change the villagers’ mantra in that game. I changed it to ‘go work’ half-jokingly. In the end, they told me to work every time I talked to them. ‘Good morning, go work!’ ‘It’s hot today. Go work!’ ‘I’m taking a break. Go work!’ …Where am I? Hell?”

“Didn’t you deserve it?”

“That’s not all. The in-game time is synchronized with the real world. The stores are closed during the night, and the villagers are sleeping too. If you want to devote your time to it, you have to rest and wake up properly.”

“Sensei should be the one to try out this game, right…?”

Yukari pretended that she didn’t hear Ayu’s hidden suggestion.

“Yep, animals can’t become our friends, after all. They should either be hunted, eaten, or used as materials.”


Yukari bitterly smiled after seeing Ayu’s puzzled expression.

“Anyway, the game is still in my house. I’ll give it to you if you want to play it. Let’s go shopping first.”

Yukari ended the conversation and started browsing the goods with Ayu in the store.

Yukari brought a 50-inch TV, shelf, speakers, game console, and a couple of games that she has always been interested in. Everything will be delivered except for the games.

“Won’t Miya-chan get mad at you if you keep playing games?”

Ayu said that to Yukari, who’s very excited about her new games.

“Gaming is part of a novelist’s work.”

“You’re lying again…”

Ayu thought of herself being pranked in the department store as she showed a disgusted face. Yukari continued.

“It’s real. Games are listed as necessary spending in tax reports. You can ask Mya-san if you don’t believe me. If games are necessary spending, this means that gaming is a part of a novelist’s job. The nation even acknowledges it.”

“Tax, …necessary spending, …the nation acknowledges it…?”

Ayu still seems confused. She tilted her head, but she didn’t complain anymore.


“Well, what are we having for lunch?”

Hikari asked that question after walking out of Yodobashi Camera. It’s already past 12:30 PM, and Ayu is indeed hungry.

“What do you want to eat?”

“I-I’m fine with anything.”


Hikari stared at Ayu, and it made her start to hesitate. However, she still nodded. “R-Really.”

Actually, Ayu does have her preferences, but basically, she can eat anything.

“Well, …how about insects?”


This option is too unexpected. Ayu bulged her eyes.

“There’s a store in Shinjuku where you can eat cicadas, bees, and scorpions. You want to try?”

Of course not.

Ayu has never eaten bugs before, so perhaps she may find it tasty after trying it. However, she doesn’t think she can eat it without any kind of mental preparation. This is just too sudden.

Regrettably, she already said okay. Perhaps Hikari will be very disappointed if she changes her mind-


Ayu showed a stiff smile and squeezed her answer out, but Hikari smiled.

“I’m just joking. That store isn’t open during lunch hours.”

…Is she really going if it’s open during lunch?

Hikari looked around and asked.

“Well, …ah, how about ramen?”

Ayu nodded quickly after hearing that suggestion. “Sure! I think it’s great!”

There are a lot of ramen stores around here. They can see a few just by walking around. In the end, Hikari chose one that specializes in thick pork bone broth. There are some photos of ramen at the entrance to the store. A few pieces of thick chashu are on the ramen.

Hikari entered the store without hesitation. She thought for a moment in front of the ticket machine. Finally, she ordered a pork bone broth ramen (with extra noodles) with boiled egg, corn, and red ginger.

Hikari looks pretty thin and slim. Her image doesn’t match the super large pork bone broth ramen. However, come to think of it, she ate a lot of that roasted beef on her own yesterday. Also, she still finished the breakfast, even though it was huge. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Perhaps her appetite is really big.

“What are you ordering?”

“Eh!? Ah, I’ll get the same thing as sensei!”

Ayu didn’t consider what she should get, so she answered that in a rush.


“T-The same as well.”


Hikari bought the tickets and handed them to the staff. Both of them chose the seat at the counter.

“Does sensei love ramen?”

“Well, …I think the probability of me choosing ramen is pretty high when I don’t know what I want to eat. However, I don’t like it enough to line up and wait.”

“So, you just love it moderately?”

“If you ask me whether it’s moderate or super, I guess I belong to the latter. I know how deep the world of ramen is. However, lining up still doesn’t really fit my personality. Perhaps I just lack the energy to take that first step. I don’t even like to make reservations.”

“I see…”

That’s totally who Hikari is. Ayu accepted her at her word.

“Do you love ramen?”

“I do, …but I’ve never visited a genuine ramen shop before.”

Ayu answered a bit embarrassedly.

She has eaten ramen with her friends at school in a food district before. However, this is the first time she visited a shop exclusive to ramen.

“Really? Well, this will be your first time.”

“W-Wait! The wording…!”

Ayu’s face flared up. If she’s being honest, it’s her first time living with someone. It’s her first time working. It’s her first time owning an electric toothbrush and game consoles.

…If possible, she hopes that she can have her real first time with Hikari.

Ayu quickly dispersed the imagination in her head. She poured a glass of cold water for herself and chugged it down at once.

At this moment, their ramen has been placed in front of them.

“Let’s eat.”

The size of the ramen looks the same as the photos outside. Also, Hikari didn’t just order extra noodles, but additional sides as well. She’s still unfazed after seeing such a huge amount of food.

Ayu also took a big bite of the chashu. She’s afraid of finishing it slower than Hikari. In the end, both finished the ramen at the exact same time.

It was very tasty, and the amount was just right for Ayu. She’s completely satisfied. An ordinary ramen shop that doesn’t need to line up is already this good. Tokyo is amazing.

“Phew, …tasty.”

Ayu drank some water and praised it in satisfaction. Hikari smiled happily.

“Ayu-chan, your appetite shouldn’t be underestimated. You’re indeed related to Mya-san.”


“It means you can eat a lot.”

Ayu felt that she was saying, “you’re eating too much”. It was a bit embarrassing.

“S-Sensei is the same, right?”

“Yeah, I always eat more than other girls.”

Hikari admitted honestly and continued.

“So, I always can’t get a full meal when I’m shopping with my friends, …but I guess I’ll be fine with you.”

Ayu’s heart melted after hearing that.


After lunch, Yukari and Ayu took the taxi back home. They put the stuff they bought in the living room before heading out again.

They went to a medium-sized supermarket that took around 5 minutes to walk to. Their goal is to buy groceries for tonight’s dinner.

Initially, Yukari wanted to say they could’ve just bought them on the ground floor of Takashimaya. However, she wished to bring Ayu to the nearest supermarket first.

“So? This is a supermarket in Tokyo.”

After entering, Yukari said that to Ayu.

“Nothing is surprising about supermarkets.”

Ayu said that in a slightly bored tone.

Yukari smiled and said, “That’s a shame.” She then grabbed a shopping basket.

“There are two stores that are somewhere between a convenience store and a supermarket, but they don’t have as much variety. So, I basically come here all the time.”

“I got it. …Oh, I’ll hold the basket.”

“I’ll leave it up to you.”

Yukari handed the basket to Ayu. Both of them walked shoulder-to-shoulder.

“Can I ask what sensei wants for dinner?”

“You can decide.”

Ayu pondered for a moment after hearing Yukari’s answer.

“…What goes along with grape wine?”


“Didn’t you say you want to drink your leftover grape wine tonight? That’s why I want to make something that goes well with grape wine.”

“Hoho, that’s very considerate of you.”

Yukari praised and continued.

“Hmm, …there are all kinds of grape wine. I had a medium body red wine yesterday. Perhaps meat with a heavier flavor is better.”

“Meat, …aside from roasted beef, I’m guessing stewed beef or hamburger steak?”

“Yeah, stewed beef and hamburger steak go along. Beef Stroganoff and lasagna seem nice too.”

“I’ve never made those two before…”

Ayu felt a bit ashamed. She continued.

“Oh, but I think lasagna is just flat spaghetti, right? What about spaghetti with meat sauce?”

“I think that’s nice, but Bolognese sauce goes better than ordinary sauces, right? The sauce is meant to be partnered with grape wine.”

“Can I use that half-finished grape wine?”

“Of course, I still have a couple of bottles left. …The combination of the meal and the grape wine I’m drinking must be seamless.”

“Got it. Well, I’ll make Bolognese sauce and stewed beef then.”

“Hoho, I’m looking forward to it.”

After the dishes are settled, Ayu quickly puts the ingredients into the basket.

Ground meat, meatloaf, carrots, onions, potatoes, green broccoli, mushrooms, and celery. Aside from the ones used in dinner, she also grabbed some lettuces, cucumbers, cabbages, white radishes, and eggplants.

“This is the first time I’m buying so many veggies.”

Yukari said that as she looked at the basket piled up with vegetables.

“Does sensei hate vegetables? Your fridge is totally devoid of them…”

“Not really, but I’ll rarely buy them. It’s only for when I’m cooking.”

“You can at least eat a salad every day, right?”

“Salad, …it’s not fun to cut lettuce and put them into a plate.”


Ayu looked puzzled.

“To me, cooking is a kind of entertainment. I don’t want to do it if it’s not fun. It’s more like I can settle with microwave food.”

“Cooking is entertainment, …I’ve never thought about that.”

Ayu mumbled in a deep voice.


After heading home, Ayu opened the fridge and put in the ingredients. Even though they purchased a lot of stuff, the huge fridge can take all of that in with no issues.


Ayu put the veggies into the empty vegetable room. Hikari called her from behind.

“I’m taking a nap. Wake me up when the dinner’s finished.”

“Eh? Nap?”

Ayu turned around. Hikari took off her sunglasses. Her eyes are half-closed. It feels like she’s about to sleep immediately.

“I slept for around 2 hours only. I’m at my limit. Well, good night.”

Hikari dropped that and quickly returned to her bedroom.

She did stay up and work pretty late yesterday. She even slept in the living room and had to wake up at 7 AM. Her sleeping time was really short.

Despite that, she still introduced her home to Ayu and brought her shopping.

Sensei is so nice…!

She’s very thrilled as her heart warmed up.

Hikari has to taste something good for dinner.

Ayu made up her mind and exhaled.


“…Sensei, …sensei, …sensei!”

Yukari heard someone calling her. Her body is being shaken over the blanket. She finally opened her eyes.

The first thing she saw was Ayu’s face.

“Ah, …good morning.”

“…Sorry, you didn’t answer at all when I called you outside. That’s why I came in on my own.”

Ayu apologized. “Uh, …it’s fine.” She said that before taking a big yawn. At this moment, she can smell the scent of stewed beef. It’s stimulating her nose.

“It smells good. …Is the dinner ready?”

“Yes, I just have to bring them to the roof.”

“I got it. Let’s go.”

Yukari got off the bed after saying that.

“Wait, sensei!”

Ayu’s face flared up as she gasped.

“Eh? What?”

“Why aren’t you wearing anything below!?”

Below? Yukari looked down. There’s only a pair of panties. It must be because she unconsciously took off her socks and cropped trousers.

“Didn’t I have my panties on?”

Perhaps Yukari would be embarrassed if she took off her panties as well. However, she doesn’t feel anything when Ayu, also a girl, sees her panties. After all, she naturally showered in front of Ayu yesterday.

Yukari put on her home clothes and walked out of the room with Ayu.

They put the Bolognese spaghetti, stewed beef, grape wine, Caesar salad, and asparagus rolled raw ram onto the table on the roof. 

“Hoho, it feels like we’re in a restaurant.”

“No, it’s not that amazing…”

“It is. You’re really amazing.”

Yukari praised the humble Ayu from the bottom of her heart.

Yukari basically finishes her dinner in one dish. It’s already incredible for her to see so many plates. Their placement is brilliant too.

Yukari took out her phone.

“Ayu-chan. Here, smile.”



She was confused when Yukari suddenly called her. In the end, her puzzled expression and the dinner were captured by Yukari.

“Wait, sensei!?”

“Relax, I won’t post it online.”

“That’s not the problem…”

Ayu pouted.

“Alright, let’s dig in before it gets cold.”

“Fine, let’s eat.”

Yukari followed Yukari and mumbled, “Let’s eat.” She picked up the spoon.

First, Yukari took a fork and started with the Bolognese spaghetti.

The sweetness of the beef and vegetables matches perfectly with the bitterness of the grape wine. Layered flavors are spreading in her mouth. Seriously, her cooking skills are worthy of being in a restaurant. At least the Bolognese sauce she made is on par with the chefs in Yukari’s old house. She’s not being polite.

After that, she took a sip of grape wine. The scent of the wine synchronizes perfectly with the Bolognese sauce. The wine seems to be tastier than yesterday.


Yukari tasted the wine with the tip of her tongue before swallowing it. She can’t help but sigh in satisfaction. Ayu stopped and looked at Yukari nervously.

“H-How is it?”

Ayu asked tremblingly. Yukari smiled.


Ayu was relieved after hearing that. She mumbled, “That’s great…”

Yukari felt great too.

Yukari’s old house had several maids. Some were elite, while some weren’t. Compared to everyone she has seen in the past, Ayu is literally a precious treasure. She’s talented.

Ayu isn’t just good at cooking and considerate. The most important attribute is that she’s serious and worthy of pranks.

Mya-san really introduced an excellent “tiny helper” to her.

“-The stars are really beautiful.”

Ayu suddenly said that.

Stars? Yukari raised her head and looked at the sky.

Even though it’s not filled with stars, there aren’t tall buildings or bright lights nearby. It’s already quite nice to see such a starry sky in a city.

Right, come to think of it, we’re eating on the roof because the stars can be seen clearly.

However, by the way…

“…Although I said the stars are pretty clear here, aren’t the sky back in your home prettier?”

Yes, you can see stars in cities, but it should be better in the countryside, right? Not only did she not think about this, she even bragged about the sky here to Ayu. It’s a bit embarrassing.

Yukari smiled bitterly, but Ayu gently shook her head.

“…I don’t have time to watch the sky in my home.”

Ayu stared at the sky as if she were completely satisfied.

Yukari noticed that Ayu’s eyes, which reflected the stars, looked slightly wobbly.

Ayu smiled gently.

Yukari stared at her smile. She can feel her cheeks heating up a bit.

Even though she just took a sip of grape wine.

This is unbelievable.

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