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Gamers! DLC 3 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Keita Amano and Konoha Route

Translator: your_pingas

I, Keita Amano, am finally facing the moment to bid farewell to my past as a lonely passerby high schooler. At the same time, this moment is also one of the most important events in my life – sending a friend request to Tendou-san.

Even though I wanted to draw the line based on personal reasons initially, it caused suspicion and misunderstandings for other people. It’s a huge event that dragged everyone in. Also, with that development, this evolved into a situation that no one had expected.

When I noticed it, I, Keita Amano, already started going out with a girl I don’t know yet-

-Chiaki’s little sister, Konoha Hoshinomori.


The warm sunlight is slowly pouring into the park. The pedals of the Somei Yoshino tree are dancing with the wind. [It’s the most common sakura.]


She walked slowly next to me. Her face shows a glimpse of melancholy. The girl reached her hand out. Suddenly, as if nature is coming to her will, a single pedal landed on her palm gently.

Looking at this incredibly precious scene, I can’t help but sigh quietly.

…What a charming picture.

In this picture, she, …Konoha Hoshinomori, stared at the pedal in her palm, being blown off by the wind again silently. …After that, she snapped out of it and mumbled.

“You know, …recently, I don’t like doujins with girls going ahegao with a double V-sign anymore.”


I really want to punch myself for watching her dazedly for even a second. I pinched my bag tightly as I looked around to see if anyone was hearing our conversation before dashing forward.

However, Konoha-san seems to have predicted my reaction as well. She calmly followed me and continued.

“Ah, in the beginning, there’s no ‘hentai’ in this world. It’s the same for ahegao and double v-signs as well. However, …why is that? Is it just because hentai is contradictory to the common sense of this world? As long as I talk about these things, instead of laughing, I just see myself being completely opposite to this hentai atmosphere…”

“I can’t believe you can say that in a park filled with families watching the blossoming sakura!”

“You too, senpai. I can’t believe you’re using lewd words like ‘blossoming’ in public.”

“That’s a normal word, right!? Anyway, please pay attention to your manners!”

“I know. Well, I can talk about sakura now, right?”

“Well, yeah, I guess.”

“Eh, in other words, things like ‘those beautiful sakura-colored nipples’ are okay too!? Uwah…”

“That’s not okay! Also, what the hell’s with this screen!? Don’t say that with such an adorable look!”

“Fufu, I’m very cute now, right? I’m pretty confident about this. I bet I can become a nice CG if this got made into a hentai game, you know?”

“It would be better if you don’t say lewd things…”

“Let’s call this scene <Ahegao and Double V>!.”

“That’s not relevant in one bit! How much do you have to ruin my memories!?”

“But doesn't your heart feel ba-dump just then?”


Although I don’t really understand, this would be a terrible way to create a memorable scene.

I dropped my shoulders and sighed loudly. Konoha-san finally realized she went too far. So, she tongued out naughtily and apologized.

“I’m sorry, senpai. Senpai will be leading today’s ‘ordinary date’, after all.”

I answered her with an “of course” expression and continued.

“Whenever you’re in the lead, …you always think of games like <Co-op Hentai Game Walkthrough> and <Hoshinomori Sisters and Twister Game Challenge>. Your onee-chan and I always feel like we’re being interrogated. So, let’s just have a regular date today, okay?”

“Okay, I got it…mentally.”

“Don’t just get what I said mentally!”

“Eh, in other words, you mean my p-“

“Sorry, please don’t say it.”

I put my hand on my forehead and bowed down before continuing.

“Anyway, we’re going to have a healthy and wholesome date today. Got it, Konoha-san?”

“I got it, okay. Healthy, publicly, where both of our sweats are mixing with each other as we touched-“

“Well, I’ll be leaving.”

“I’m sorry, senpai! I apologize! I’ll say sorry, so please don’t just leave me alone, senpai! It really hurts when I’m senpai’s girlfriend, you know!”


I gave up and turned around. Konoha-san’s eyes are filled with tears- that are obviously fake upon closer inspection. I sighed.


“…I guess we can talk about lewd things a little more when we’re alone.”

“Uwah! That’s why I love senpai!”


She suddenly hugged my wrist and put it on her chest. …Seriously, she has always done things like this, and I know. ….However, it’s hard for me to act like a man and hide my embarrassment.

I looked away to avoid Konoha-san from seeing my blushing cheeks. Then, I took a step forward a bit forcefully.

“A-Alright, we’re going, Konoha-san.”

“Okay, senpai ♪.”


-In the end, she still managed to lead our date, just like usual.


It’s been nearly a year since I started going out with Konoha-san.

Initially, we tried to end this huge misunderstanding. However, once we snapped out of it, we already became friends that can chat just about anything.

Of course, in reality, most of the conversation is about hentai games. It’s rare to find a partner that can talk about these things.

Our shared hobbies aren’t just for games. Even our taste in doujins is the same. So, due to all kinds of reasons, our distance quickly grew shorter. …However, at this point, it was more like partners with the same interests instead of lovers.

Finally, we spent more and more time hanging out together and chatting. However, this means that it’s harder and harder to resolve this misunderstanding. After all, both of us are always sticking together. …If this is a trial, all of this objective evidence is already enough to prove us guilty, not to mention resolving it. Both of us wouldn’t be able to retort. What a terrible situation.

Then, suddenly, one day, Konoha-san and I realized the same thing.

“Wait? Why do we have to solve this misunderstanding?”

Also, coincidentally, that day is Christmas.

So, after that, Konoha-san and I started dating for real. If I have to give a reason, this allowed us to chat and play video games together without hesitation. Also, both of us are having fun too.

I guess this is what you call what was once pretense has become a reality. Of course, we won’t talk about these things with others. I mean, no one will listen even if we did say it. …Well, however, I can sometimes see Tendou-san staring at Konoha-san with teary eyes. At other times, I can sense a violent aura between Konoha-san and Tendou-san. …Hmm, but I don’t think it has anything to do with our relationship. Yeah, it’s probably because those two aren’t really compatible. I think.

Anyway, Konoha-san and I started dating now.

Yes, …even though we’re dating-

“Wow, but spring really is a horny season, senpai.”

“Don’t throw that conversation to me like you are just talking about the weather.”

Sakuras are blossoming on the sides of the road. In contrast to my tiredness, the hentai game super fan next to me is laughing joyfully.

…It looks like our conversation is leaning toward the erotic since we met each other by hentai games. No, actually, Konoha-san is the main cause. She, …basically, she’s a hardworking student council president IF no one knows about her hidden hobbies. These desires are only unleashed when I, the boyfriend, am with her alone. Well, even though her onee-chan gets dragged in sometimes too.

However, even though my girlfriend’s like that, I’m really just a normal high school boy. …Hmm, it’s more like having lust toward girls is what makes you a high school boy.

“Senpai ♪, I’m wearing my lucky underwear today. Don’t you want to see it? But, in the end, underwear won’t wear out if you don’t get to show them, right? Seriously, isn’t this bad?” 

“Why would I know that!? Also, the reason for not being able to show them is more about the person who’s wearing it than the underwear itself, right?”

“I see. In other words, …it will work if the person wearing it can force her way, right.”

“Yes, but if you do that, the buzzer I have here will go off.”

Without turning, I calmly took the keychain buzzer out of my bag. However, Konoha-san protested to me after seeing that.

“Wait, why do you always bring that, senpai!?”

“Put your hands on your chest and think about it with your conscience…”

 “Chest, right? …Ah, hmm-“

“I didn’t tell you to rub your chest! Hey!? What the hell are you doing in broad daylight!?”

I freaked out, but Konoha-san isn’t stopping at all. Instead, she showed me her iconic devilish smile.

“You’re still asking why? …Aren’t senpai the one that told me to put my hands on my chest?”


I blushed in anger and embarrassment. Then, I started to dash forward furiously. Konoha-san chased after me and whispered to my ears with her flirtatious voice.

“Hiya, senpai is still just as adorable!”

“Shut up.”

…I don’t hate Konoha-san for these things. It’s more like I quite like it. …Hmm, …Konoha-san’s quite cute when she does that. Well, …it’s like what lovers would do.


“Ah, by the way, senpai, onee-chan and I are both sakura-colored, you know?”

“Eh!? Wait, …we haven’t unlocked that topic yet, right!?”

“What are you talking about? …Ah, I’m talking about the consoles onee-chan and I bought recently.”


“Ara, senpai, which part of onee-chan and I were you thinking about?”

“…Ahh, that’s enough!”

-How does this count as a blissful atmosphere between lovers!?

Due to that, I’m blushing while covering my ears again today. I have to try my best to escape from this devilish girl’s whisper.

…Kami-sama, I just want a normal date for once, you know?


Taking a stroll in the park filled with blossoming sakura- or the hentai game plot with that name is over. Right now, we’re going to the cinema, …and we’re going to watch a romantic movie. I’ll never do that alone.

We sat in the middle of the last row. Both of us chatted as we looked at people trickling inside.

“Senpai, don’t you think this is a…pretty wholesome date?”

“We’re planning to have a wholesome and healthy date at the start.”

Also, the plan of our date is to take a walk, watch movies, and have food. That’s it. Perhaps this looks like a normal and boring date in your eyes. However, it’s really hard for us to pull off a “normal and boring” date like this.

Konoha-san looked pretty upset. She protested and pouted at me.

“But, senpai, if this is a hentai game, it’s immediately over once you double-click. I don’t care about scenes like that at all. ‘Just show me what you two are going to do at night!’ A lot of people will do that, you know?”

“No, no, no, we’re not going to do anything at night.”

“Ehh!? I-I already told my family about that. ‘I’m spending the night at my friend’s house. Uh, maybe I’ll roll on their bedsheets too!’ I even came up with that reason!”

“Wait, wait, wait, you’re going off-track in the last part! How did your parents even react back then!?”

“Eh, please don’t ask. Sheesh, senpai. Although I said I told my family, …of course, it’s actually just onee-chan for declarations like this.”

“Oh, what a relief- my ass!? It’s more like I’m even more worried now! H-How did Chiaki react!?”

“She looked like she choked on 3 pieces of toast at once.”

“I don’t really understand, but I think I got it! Don’t stir up trouble! Ahh, Chiaki will definitely give me a handful at school after the holiday…”

Just as I wrapped my hands around my head and sighed, Konoha-san turned around and mumbled quietly.

“…At school?”

“Eh, …well…”

Her tone was uncharacteristically heavy. I wanted to say something else, but the lights in the theatre turned off. Our conversation ended as the screen showed ads for other movies.

However, the gentle and observant Konoha-san quickly got rid of this weird mood before the movie started. She returned to her usual self.

“Senpai, we’re sitting in the last row of the movies. Don’t you want to grope me with your right hand-“

Well, if she’s saying that, I should do something then.

“Sure, I’ll go for it then.”


I ignored Konoha-san’s surprised face and reached out my right hand. …I put my hand on the armrest and held her left hand tightly.

After I started holding her hand, I could faintly hear her trembling voice.

“Eh? Ah, no, hey, senpai!? T-This is a bit, uh, uh-“

“Keep quiet in the theatre, Konoha-san.”


Even though it’s dark, I can still see Konoha-san’s red face. She plopped her head down.

I can’t help but smile bitterly after seeing her like that.

(Sheesh, all of that crazy lewd talk, yet she immediately freaked out when I’m actually doing it.)



-Right now, I’m intoxicatedly in love with this side of her.


(…No, I finally managed to hold her hand like a real man. But, yeah, I’m really embarrassed about things like this too. …It’s not like I can just let go of my hand. …What should I do?)

In the end, we held each other’s hands for the entire 1 hour and a half of the movie.


As for the movie itself, neither she nor I remembered anything.


It’s just 3 PM when we left the cinema. We were planning to just grab dinner and go home early. However, it seems to be too early for that.

Just as I’m thinking about how we should kill time, Konoha-san clapped. She looked like she just thought of an incredible suggestion.

“Well, let’s check out the hentai games, senpai!”

“Isn’t this a bit too far-fetched from the concept of a normal date?”

Konoha-san ignored my complaint and continued.

“Really? Isn’t it nice to write ‘enjoying our common hobbies’ in the dairy?”

“That’s just what you write when you skip over the key parts!  It doesn’t change the fact that we’re going to buy a hentai game-“

“Did senpai forget about this? …A new one is released today.”

“Alright, let’s go, Konoha-san! I’ll leave you behind if you don’t keep up!”

“…That’s why I really…love senpai!”

I think my girlfriend’s attracted to me in weird places. Anyway, we headed to the game store.

So, we’re finally here after taking a 5-minute walk from the cinema. Both of us looked around vigilantly as we crept toward the hentai game area-

“Ara ara, aren’t you two Keita and Konoha?”

-A familiar seaweed girl called our name in the middle.


We immediately stepped on the brakes just before entering the hentai game area. Then, the two of us robotically turned to the seaweed- Chiaki Hoshinomori. We saluted her and yelled.

“We’re definitely not going to do something bad!”

“That’s the first thing you say!?”

Chiaki bulged her eyes in shock.


We remained in our pose as sweat poured from our heads. Chiaki looked at us and sighed. From her perspective, we looked like we just came back from the vintage game section. So, both of us moved there silently.

“…Aren’t you two having a date today?”

“Yes, …right now, this counts as…a date.”

“…Well, then why did you two…enter this sacred spot for a lonely gamer like me!?”

“Ugh, t-this is because…”

Chiaki let loose and kept throwing questions at us. …Sigh, it couldn’t be helped.

I made up my mind and looked into Chiaki’s eyes.

“Uh, well, …I’m just dragging Konoha-san around to check out the things I like.”

Konoha-san dropped her jaws after hearing that. As for Chiaki, she sighed explicitly and glared at me.

“Ara ara, I knew it, …Keita. Konoha is completely different from you. She’s a healthy, serious, elite, and beautiful student council president with no interest in otaku things like games at all. How many times do I have to tell you that?”


Konoha-san and I couldn’t even catch a break. Chiaki ignored us and continued.

“In the end, I’ve warned you multiple times before. It’s such a waste for Konoha to go out with Keita! It’s already enough for beautiful girls to go out with otakus in those weak dating sims!”

“Y-You’re saying that again, onee-chan. It’s already…”

Konoha-san pouted sulkily. However, now’s not the time to comfort her. The reason is that…if we’re investigating this question again, it’ll eventually lead to what’s our common hobby. In the end, it nearly turned into a trial of hentai games.

After realizing that, of course, Konoha-san won’t tell Chiaki about how we met each other. Finally, this just increases her suspicion of whether I baited her little sister. It’s the literal worst vicious cycle, and you can see the result today.

We’re in a deadlock here. It looks like I’ll have to solve this today too.

“You’re always saying that, Chiaki. Well, which girl do I have to go out with for you to accept me? You want…Aguri-san or Tendou-san?”

“Ha? Keita, get a hold of yourself. Are you really sure who you are?”

The seaweed head looked at me like I’m an idiot. …Ah, this girl is still really good at pissing me off! Even though she has the same blood as my girlfriend, I have no confidence to improve our relationship!

Chiaki ignored my anger and continued.

“A girl that suits Keita, …hmm, out of all of the girls, that would be…”

“Alright, alright, you’re just going to say-“

I was just going to answer casually and end the topic.

Chiaki, …I don’t think she was aware of it when she said it, but she dropped a huge bomb.

“That would be…a girl around my level to suit Keita.”



Both of us blinked at each other. …3 seconds later.


Chiaki’s face flared up as she started making excuses hastily.

“N-No, no, no, no, no! I-I didn’t mean to say that! Uh, well, …I’m just saying a girl around Keita’s level! That’s all I want to say!”

“Eh? Uh, well, I think that’s what you mean too…”

“So, uh, it’s definitely not like I love Keita or anything!”


…What should I do? Even a dense idiot like me can feel that this rival of mine gave off a tsundere vibe just then.

I scratched my cheeks and looked at Konoha-san for help. However, she…


“Hmm? Konoha-san?”

Uncharacteristically, her face looked like…she’s about to disappear. My chest immediately tightened.

Konoha-san noticed her look. After that, she quickly returned to normal and started joking with us as she did in the theatre.

“Aha, I had been suspicious of this a while ago. I finally understand now. Indeed, my onee-chan is a tsundere that has her eyes on senpai.”

“W-What are you talking about, Konoha!? T-That’s impossible!”

Chiaki’s shaking. Konoha-san put her finger on her chin and smiled flirtatiously.

“It’s okay, onee-chan. We can always…settle for a threesome.”

Suddenly, steam came out of Chiaki’s head.

She quickly distanced herself from Konoha-san and blushed.

“J-Jokes like this aren’t funny at all, Konoha!”

“Eh, I’m not joking.”

“That’s even worse! Going out with both of the sisters…! Sheesh, look at what you’ve done, Keita!”

“Wait, what?”

I suddenly became the center of the conversation. Chiaki angrily grabbed my waist and started blasting me.

“No, this is definitely the influence of the boyfriend! Keita, it’s impossible for Konoha…to talk like a hentai game super fan like this!”


Konoha-san and I took another critical hit again. Sorry, …but your little sister has always been like this. …Even though I wanted to say that, I don’t think now’s the time.

Sigh, I guess I’ll have to change the topic.

“B-By the way, what games are you buying today, Chiaki?”

“…I feel like you’re clearly changing the subject. Well, whatever, I have to give up when we’re talking about games.”

Ha, we’re really still the same gamers. I’m a bit excited.

Chiaki smiled as she returned to the shelf and took a box out of the vintage game section. She handed it to us.

“Uh, this is the one…”

“Oh, isn’t this…?”

We saw what Chiaki’s holding in her hand. I see. This is the modern era fantasy RPG that will never be picked up by a moe hater like Chiaki-

“Isn’t this <Dream Tales Aigis>? I really love this game too.”

“Ah, I knew Keita played it already, but I really want to skip the illustrations in the packaged version. …Recently, someone I know online recommended this game to me.”

I was a bit surprised after hearing what Chiaki said.

“Eh, what a coincidence. I just recommended this game to someone I know online as well.”

“Huh, really? That’s really a coincidence.”

“You’re right.”

Both of us sighed as we started talking about that person we know-


-Konoha-san cleared her throat and interrupted our conversation.

Sweat’s raining down on her forehead as she injected herself between us.

“H-Hey, it’s okay for you two to not know that person, right!? Yes!”

“Ha? What’s wrong, Konoha-san? That’s sudden.”

“N-No, it’s nothing. It’s really nothing. Hmm, …it’s definitely not a shocking fact that I knew before even going out with senpai. It’s 100% nothing!”

“Ha? Well, even though I’m not sure what you’re trying to say, anyway, Chiaki, you should tell me more about that person-“

“Stop, stop, stop! Stop, senpai, onee-chan! It’s enough, right! Yeah! Let’s stop talking about that person here! Alright, you two should continue talking about the game! Let’s go!”


Konoha-san looked a bit scary when she interrupted our conversation. Chiaki and I were utterly confused. …What’s happening?

Anyway, I guess there must be some reason if my girlfriend (little sister) doesn’t like it.

We were a bit confused, but we changed the topic.

Chiaki continued.

“Uh, since this game is pretty popular, even a secondhand version isn’t cheap either. I’m still hesitating whether I should buy it now…”

Facing Chiaki’s indecisiveness, I- immediately pushed the game onto her!

“You have to buy it! Yes, this game really fits Chiaki’s tastes for some unexpected reasons! Even though it looks like those moe games at first sight, it actually comes with a complete storyline and game mechanics! Trust me, you won’t regret it! If only I can lend you the downloadable version, but it’s really fun! You can believe me!”

I don’t know whether it’s because my passion influenced Chiaki. Her face is blushing really hard.

She looked away from the package and mumbled very quietly.

“Sheesh, …y-you can’t be helped. If Keita’s saying that, …well,l I guess I’ll buy a copy.”


As a gamer, it’s really nice for people to accept your recommendation.

I didn’t think about it too much before grabbing Chiaki’s wrist and shook her hand as I continued.

“You have to tell me your feedback after finishing it! That’s a promise, okay!?”

“…Ah! O-Okay…”

Chiaki’s face turned redder as she bowed down. …Well, I guess it’s a bit insulting to accept your rival’s recommendation. She can’t be helped.

I let go of her hand. Chiaki hastily turned around.

“B-But, I have to tell my feelings to Yama-san first!”

“Eh? Oh, sure, I’m fine with that. By the way, can you say that name again-“

Just as I’m about to ask Chiaki directly, suddenly, Konoha-san dragged my hand and interrupted me.

“Well, go check out, onee-chan! It’s time for us to move, right!?”

“Ha? The next place? Didn’t we just get here-“

“Hiya, our schedule is really packed! Right, senpai?”

“…Ah, yes.”

Konoha-san’s exerting her silent pressure. It’s overwhelmingly scary.

We nodded. Chiaki…waved her hand timidly at us.

“W-Well, I guess that’s it. Anyway, Keita and Konoha, …uh, see you.”

“Oh, yes, see you, Chiaki…”

I noticed Chiaki’s expression seemed a bit lonely. I swept my bangs upward.

However, on the other hand-

“See you, onee-chan! Well, let’s go, senpai!”

“Oh, okay…”

-Konoha-san dragged me out of the store forcefully for some reason.


Come to think of it, I should worry about the little sister instead of her onee-chan.


It’s been 10 minutes since we left the game store. In the end, we decided to take a break at the karaoke nearby to kill time.

Both of us sat on the sofa. After we caught our breaths and drank some cold juice, Konoha-san sighed in relief and apologized to me.

“I’m really sorry, senpai. …I dragged you out forcefully.”

“…Ah, …well.”

This isn’t the first time that Konoha-san tried to force her way. I’m not mad about that. However, even though Chiaki’s my rival, I still don’t like how we just bid farewell to her this rudely.

Both of us didn’t pick any songs. We can hear J-pop songs echoing in the next room. Konoha-san sighed.

“I’m really sorry to onee-chan too. Sigh…”

“Ah, …well, …you’re right. …But I don’t think you need to be this upset.”

She showed her uncharacteristic emotions again. Her expression has been radiating seriousness since we entered the room.

Time passed as the silence between us endured. Finally, Konoha-san spoke up.

“Actually, …I should’ve told senpai and onee-chan about this a long time ago.”

She clenched her fists on her kneecaps as she continued.

“If that happened, I, …in the end, I’m still at the ‘second place’ no matter where I go. …It’s because my fate has already been sealed the moment I was born. It can’t be helped…”


“…So, I’m…really scared. …A girl that can only play little tricks can’t possibly do good. …However, I…still want to be together with senpai, so…”


I have no idea what she’s talking about. …However, I can tell from Konoha-san’s expression that she’s in a fierce battle with someone.

She closed her eyes silently. Then, Konoha-san squeezed out her words.

“Senpai! Actually, …onee-chan and senpai are-“

However, at this moment, I interrupted her.

“We haven’t bought the hentai game, right?”


Konoha-san froze after hearing that sudden line.

I continued with a bitter smile.

“Hiya, we visited the game store to buy the hentai game, right?”

“Ah, …haha, come to think of it, you’re right. I totally forgot it.”

“Yeah, …we forgot about it. It’s more like we forgot about that we forgot it.”


“In the end, hentai games are what connects us together as our common hobby, right?”


Konoha-san tilted her head in confusion.

I sat properly and faced her.

This time, I didn’t smile bitterly. Instead, I gave her a sincere big o’ smile.

“I didn’t choose to stay with you all the way here just because we have the same hobby, you know?”


Konoha-san bulged her eyes the moment after hearing that. Then, she tried to cover her emotions by lowering her head. She has the exact same reaction as Chiaki. I can’t help but feel a bit relieved as I continued.

“I don’t know why Konoha-san feels that you’re in second place. Indeed, from a pure ‘who suits who better’ perspective, perhaps you and I really can choose better lovers. In reality, I still can’t follow you up right now, Konoha-san. Whether we’re talking about hentai or normal stuff.”



I put my hands on her shoulder and confessed to her like a man.

“The reason I’m dating you isn’t just because we have the same interest and hobby. Instead, it’s because Konoha Hoshinomori...is you.”


A drop of tears suddenly appeared on Konoha-san’s hand.

…I guess she doesn’t really want people to know this side of her.

I pretended that I didn’t see her crying. Just as I’m about to let go of her shoulder-


-At this point, as if she’s asking me to stay, Konoha-san grabbed my hand tightly.

Slowly, Konoha-san’s face is closing in. …I can see her watery eyes and blushing cheeks. It’s really a crime for her to show this unseen side of hers. …The girl slowly raised her head and looked at me flirtatiously.


The way she called sounded pretty lusty as well.

I’m alone with my adorable and connected girlfriend in a closed room.

…I think I can hear my sanity slowly breaking down.

I gently held her shoulder and slowly embraced her. Then-

“…Now’s the time to show my lucky underwear.”


I immediately retreated from Konoha-san and all the way to the seat opposite the table.

Konoha-san protested furiously behind me.

“Why, senpai!?”

“That’s my line! Why did you say things like that back then!?”

“I was thinking maybe I’ll look cuter when I’m crying and being honest!”

“Then you’re totally wrong! Thanks for ruining the mood!”

“Why!? Isn’t that mood just right!? It’s more like who wouldn’t go on the attack under that situation!? You herbivore! Pussy! General Audience version!”

“Who's the General Audience version!? You little…R-18 version!”

“Eh, what’s wrong, senpai? Why did you suddenly praise me?”

“Why would you think that I’m praising you?”

Konoha-san laughed after seeing my surprised look. …Sheesh.

We were exhausted from the argument. After that, both of us started clicking on the song tab to change the topic. However-


“What’s wrong, Ko-“

I immediately stopped. At that moment, I can sense warmth and moisture from the end of my lips.


I was completely dazed. Once I snapped out of it, Konoha-san’s face practically touched mine.

…She’s too adorable. …My sanity’s collapsing again.

-It’s just that the blush on her cheeks clearly relayed her inner feelings too.


That’s not the reaction of a girl who always says lewd things. …I started poking the screen subconsciously with my hand to cover my embarrassment.

However, Konoha-san mumbled sheepishly next to me.

“…T-This sometimes happens too. Even though I’m not fazed by the sex scenes in hentai games, the wholesome kiss scenes are…”

“Yeah, …that happens in dating sims too.”



Both of us are riddled with nervousness.


In the end, our date ended on a wholesome note. I didn’t even need to worry about it.


-It looks like it’ll be a while before I can see Konoha-san’s lucky underwear.

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