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Gamers! Anime Anniversary Twitter Short Stories Collection

Chapter 1 – Aguri and Family Restaurant Meeting

Translator: your_pingas

[There are 35 chapters in total, but I skipped the ones already covered in the short stories collection.]

“Typically, you’re already out the moment you think that games are interesting, Amanocchi.”

Aguri-san and I continued our useless conversation in the family restaurant today.

I looked at her seriously.

“Eh, you’re starting the conversation with a statement that denies my entire story?”

Aguri-san grabbed a piece of fries and pointed it at me.

“Amanocchi, you’re already seen as a ‘soft and weak’ boy. If you add ‘my interest is gaming’ on top of that, …ah, you know what I mean.”

“What do you mean?”

“A protagonist without personality.”

“Hiya, I’ll be embarrassed if you say I’m a protagonist.”

“Amanocchi, you’re the only one that’ll accept what I said as praise!”

“Well, even though I don’t really care about my image. However, I can’t just ignore your opinion on gaming.”

“You get triggered by weird things, right?”

“Of course, I’m exactly the live example of Aguri-san’s description of a disgusting otaku.”

“I never said that.”

“Yeah, I’m the passerby guy that’s satisfied with a chance of saying, ‘You’re amazing!’ when the protagonist is in his climax.”

“It’s time for us to return to our talk of interests, Amanocchi.”

I cleared my throat when Aguri-san said that jokingly.

“Well, from Aguri-san’s perspective, what hobbies do you think I should develop?”

“Right, right, right, that’s what I want to talk about.”

Aguri-san ate a piece of withered fries in her mouth and laughed.

“Go back home and start farming.”

“This is indeed an unexpected hobby for me! I feel like my character just got enriched!”

“The anime that focuses on this version of Amanocchi, <Farmers!> will be live at 5 AM on Cable TV every day!”

“I feel like even the time is trying to make you healthier!”

“So, Amanocchi, do you want to start farming now?”

“Not at all.”

“Hiya, what a quick answer. Do you hate physical work so much?”

“No, I’m just…intoxicated by games.”

To my answer, Aguri-san…smiled gently for some reason. She immediately leaned on the table.

“Ah, ah, why can’t Amanocchi use a little bit of that manliness of yours on girls?”


I fell speechless when Aguri-san asked me that.

“…Yeah, it’s not about hobbies. The problem has to do with Amanocchi’s character…”

“So, can you stop denying my existence, Aguri-san?”

That’s all.

Aguri-san and I continued our useless conversation in the family restaurant today.

Chapter 2 – Karen Tendou and Lunch Time

Lunch breaks in schools seem long and short at the same time. This time, Keita and Karen battled each other with games together.

It’s been a few weeks since Tendou-san invited me to lunch in the Game Club.

The initial nervousness has already disappeared. Suddenly, Tendou-san blushed and breathed flirtatiously.

“I want to smash, Amano-kun.”

“I bet 5 cents that you mean <Smash Bros.>.”

I can immediately tell a joke of misunderstanding like this. I took a bite of my tuna sandwich and answered.

Tendou-san’s grabbing an egg sandwich with her right hand and sighed.

“Even though we’re surrounded by games…”

“I guess. But, I don’t think it’s a great idea to play video games during lunch, right?”

“I know. So, Amano-kun, let’s play something non-digital.”

“Non-digital, …like a lunch shiritori?”


Tendou-san smiled gently at my ordinary suggestion.

“Amano-kun…has always been Amano-kun, right?”

“Why do I feel like you’re not really praising me? Your smile is making me exhausted!”

“Let’s start with high score. It’s a.” [Haisukoa]

“We’re already starting!?”

I managed to answer despite the initial surprise.

“…Ah, French hydrangea.” [Ajisai]

“It has to be a gaming term.”

“You’re still adding rules!? Well, …item?” [Aitemu]

“Infinite 1-UP.” [Mugen Wan Appu]

“Pu? Uh, …can I follow with ‘fu’ instead?”


“Too strict!”

I gave Tendou-san a bitter smile. She suddenly snapped out of it and hastily apologized.

“H-Hey, I’m sorry, Amano-kun. I got into it…”

“Nothing, it’s okay. That’s why I love you, Tendou-san.”




…Both of us plopped our heads down and started taking small bites of the sandwiches.


In the end, the shiritori today ended before a winner was decided.

Chapter 3 – Chiaki Hoshinomori and Game Development

A genius idea flashed in Chiaki’s brain. Can she develop a game that can surpass the current generation…!?

It’s a night in autumn. The person who’s working hard on her new game, …NOBE, or Chiaki Hoshinomori, is addicted to the protagonist design stage.

There are two choices in front of me.

“Should I choose a carnivorous plant or Chinese yam?”

It’s because both of them seem like a pretty ordinary yet classic MC. It’s hard to choose.

“First of all, if I choose a carnivorous plant as the MC, I really want to write him falling in love with an insect that he’s supposed to hunt. The dilemma will be amazing.”

I’m intoxicated in my wonderful imagination.

“On the other hand, I also really want to write the opponent of the Chinese yam MC pointed out that, ‘You lack something that’s the most important for a Chinese yam. That is…tenacity.’ It’ll be amazing too!”

This is very lit too. I’m catching on fire.

I created a document called “Game Goal Setting” and started thinking.

“The carnivorous plant can level up by eating bugs. …I guess it’s too simple.”

I leaned on the back of my chair and thought for a moment. Then, I started typing. “The carnivorous plant grows by eating bugs. At the same time, its <Sin Value> increases too. After reaching a certain number, it’ll start eating the person it loves- no, the bugs he loves.”

I’m trembling from a prediction that this will go viral. Well, now’s the time to figure out the Chinese yam part.

“The dream of the Chinese yam, his final goal. That would be to become…a banana!”

It’s an exhausting topic, a setting that dives into the crux issue between dreams and talents. It’s literally the game of the year.

Carnivorous plants and Chinese yam, both of the protagonist’s settings are very attractive. I can’t make up my mind. So, I decided to talk about it with my little sister, Konoha Hoshinomori.

In the end, her answer is…


“Eh? Ah, but, well, these two are really attractive-“

“Human, the rest can be up to you.”


“I won’t say anything else. The MC will be a human, okay?”


Today, a game that’s supposed to rival some of the greatest masterpieces died in its crib.

Chapter 4 – Tasuku Uehara and High School Debut

Even though you can change your looks, you can’t change what’s inside…

This is the hidden history of Normie · Tasuku Uehara’s birth!?

Someday, when we’re going home, my girlfriend, Aguri, asked me this casually. “By the way.”

“Tasuku, can you talk about your high school debut?”

“What made you bring that up?”

“Ah, I want to use you as a reference to transform Amanocchi.”

“I see. It’s a great idea.”

After understanding what Aguri said, I crossed my arms and did an “a god amongst normies” pose.

My girlfriend’s looking forward to it. I spoke up solemnly.

“First of all, don’t give yourself edgy nicknames.”

“Uwah, my boyfriend’s chuunibyou is worse than I thought.”

“Ah, actually, I don’t really use it as well. It’s just that when I get excited…”

“What kind of emotions did you have…?”

“Instead, I’ll suddenly say, “Yay- w” from time to time.”

“Shallow! Your understanding of normies is really shallow, Tasuku!”

“Come to think of it, Masaya and Taiki used to smile bitterly about it. …How nostalgic.”

“Tasuku should really appreciate your friends more, seriously!”

“Then, distance yourself from games and start surfboarding.”

“S-Surfboarding? Where? We aren’t close to the sea-“

“Public swimming pools.”

“You weirdo! They don’t have the things that can make waves at all!”

“Ah, so, basically, we treat it as a giant water board.”

“I don’t even understand your definition of normies anymore!”

“In the end, …the kids around love to call me ‘Boardman.’ My popularity is through the roof.”

“What an unexpected plot twist!?”

“So, my communication skills got better and better when I was playing with the kids and talking to their parents. Right now, I’ve reached mastery.”


Aguri stared at me dumbfoundedly. …Hmph, it looks like she’s completely throbbed with my <How to Raise a Normie> speech.

I swept up my bangs and asked my girlfriend.

“So? It’s okay even if you immediately tell my normie legends to Amano-“

“No, thanks.”

Aguri rejected me with an unprecedentedly serious look.

Chapter 5 – Keita Amano and Free-to-play Games

Keita immediately started playing NOBE’s new game after it’s published. However, this time, he’s full of expectations that this will be another weird one.

The casual game developer that I’ve admired, NOBE, published another new free game.

I quickly downloaded it and started the game to finish it before going to bed.

The logo and the title first came into view.

<The Bug-eating Battleship: Sweet Potato>

“It’s already going with the full-on weirdness route. I feel like things will be complicated…!”

Facing NOBE’s usually unusual tastes, …I can’t help but feel recharged. I guess an insane author must attract similar fans.

The prologue appeared after pressing the start button.

<It’s the Year 6491 of the Photosynthetic Calendar. Earth was struck with a catastrophic attack from mysterious bug-type aliens called <Mosquito>. In order to save the world, a quest to take back the <Aedes Cleaner> from the faraway planet <Ascandar> is initiated.> [This is a reference to Space Battleship Yamato’s planet, Iscandar.]

“Shouldn’t you just use repellants…!?”

I complained and continued reading.

<So, the battleship that was chosen to be on this quest will be us, <The Vegetable Battleship: Tomato>!>

“Where’s the sweet potato!?”

I dropped my jaws when the plot just straight up ignored the title. After that, the text continued.

<Finally, <The Vegetable Battleship: Tomato> carried the hopes of humanity and headed straight to <Ascandar>.>

“Oh, it’s finally beginning?”

I felt that the game’s about to start, so I grabbed the controller. However…

<Let’s put all those irrelevant crap aside first->

“Let’s put all those irrelevant crap aside first!?”

<It’s the year 52 of the Showa period. A young general by the name of Shigeru->

“A young general by the name of Shigeru!?”

-Anyway, this is just the start of my long night.

Chapter 6 – Aguri and Family Restaurant Meeting 2

Here’s the second episode of the family restaurant meeting between Aguri and Keita! This time, Aguri, who’s totally inexperienced with games, questions Keita…!?

“By the way, don’t you think games are annoying?”

I’m hanging out with Aguri-san in the family restaurant today, just as usual.

I stared at my phone and answered her.

“The fun part of games is that you get to enjoy this tediousness.”

“Why don’t you spend the time and effort on finding jobs instead of games?”

“You’re very right.”

“Also, why don’t you just give all those extra money to me instead of games?”

“You’re very right- my ass. Almost got me.”


Aguri-san rolled her tongue after I raised my head.

She continued.

“But, in reality, don’t you think games are just wasting your time?”

“Well, indeed, you just feel pretty empty having a bunch of cash in Yakuza.”


“After the protagonist in <Tokimeki Memorial> became an insanely popular and perfect superman, I looked at myself in the mirror. Honestly, I wanted to die at that time.”

“If that’s the case, you should polish yourself in real life and spend less time on games, Amanocchi.”


“What a quick answer!”

I took a sip of my coffee and spoke up calmly.

“…Aguri-san, what would you feel if someone says it’s healthier to eat vegetables when you’re eating a slice of pizza?”

“Shut up, you’re annoying.”

“See? That’s what I’m feeling now.”

Aguri-san sighed at my conclusion.

“Amanocchi is only good at coming up with weirdly convincing excuses…”


“Oi, I’m not praising you. …Ha.”

It looks like there’s a long way before I can deal with people properly.

Chapter 7 – Tasuku Uehara and High School Debut 2

The second episode of Tasuku’s high school debut!

This is the birth of the current normie, Tasuku!?

My girlfriend Aguri asked me when we’re on our way home today. “Hey.”

“What’s Tasuku’s experience on your high school debut image?”

“Ah, well. Let me think…”

I remembered what I was like a year and a half ago and answered her.

“First of all, put gel on your hair and spike them up to the point that even Square Enix characters tighten their anuses.”

“I don’t understand the reference, but I do get that you were a chunni brat.”

“Ahh, so, after seeing the looks around me, I gave up doing that.”

“It’s always not too late to save yourself. However, why can’t you do that before your chuunibyou surfaces?”

“Then, tear apart your clothes.”


“Rip and tear.”

“Rip and tear?”

“Also, draw scars and wounds on your body.”

“Draw scars?”

“It’s finished – a Tasuku Uehara covered in wounds.”

“A Tasuku Uehara covered in wounds?”

My girlfriend kept repeating after me.

I couldn’t wait to announce my transformation’s result.

“So, …I ended up under the protection of the police.”

“Under protection!?”

“At first, the cops’ eyes were full of warmth. However, after they heard the truth, their eyes became terrifying cold…”

“What the hell?”

“Finally, I’ve grasped the truth of normie fashion.”

“What a sudden reveal.”

“That would be: it’s best to dress normally.”

“You just wasted a couple minutes of my time!”

“Therefore, I have ascended to become a normie.”

“This is the first time I’ve hears such a useless lecture!”

Aguri dropped her jaw after hearing my speech. …Hmph, it looks like she’s admiring my brilliant <Normie Fashion Talk>.

I swept up my bangs and announced to my girlfriend.

“Go ahead, Aguri. Even if you immediately tell my <Truth of Fashion> to Amano-“

“No, thanks.”

Aguri rejected me. Her eyes are filled with an emptiness I’ve never seen before.

Chapter 8 – Konoha Hoshinomori and Ero-game Talk

Konoha, who has a unique view on hentai games, had an ero-game talk with Keita!

“Senpai, what do you think about humiliation?”

It’s a day after school. A kouhai from another school threw an extreme question at me in the food court of the convenience store.

“What do you mean…?”

“I like it very much, anyway.”

“I don’t like this topic, though.”

I wrapped my hands around my head. Yet, Konoha-san can’t stop at all.

“There are good plots in humiliation doujins too, senpai.”

“I know, but do you really have to talk about this in a convenience store?”

“Of course, I’m betting my honor as the student council president here.”

“That’s clearly not where you should bet it.”

“However, speaking of humiliation, it’s not good to humiliate for humiliation’s sake. Even if it’s humiliation, there are good humiliation and bad humiliation. An unlawful humiliation is-“

“I don’t think the definition of ‘humiliation’ will change in the near future.”

“I’m sorry. Humiliation is really an erotic term.”

“Yeah, so, let’s stop…”

“From now own, I’ll call all humiliation things ‘ohazukashi’ instead.” [It means embarrassing.]

“You can say ‘picking flowers’ if you don’t want to say losing your virginity. But, that’s not how it works with humiliation!”

“I’ve always found ‘ohazukashi’ interesting since I’m little. …Hehe.”

“Hehe, my ass! Also, don’t find it interesting since you’re little!”

“Well, I went off-topic. Let’s go back to hentai games.”

“The main quest isn’t something nice too!”

I can’t stop complaining. Konoha-san just shrugged helplessly.

“Alright, alright, senpai. I won’t say it, okay?”

“Thank god…”

“I will stop playing this ‘senpai humiliation’ game.”

“Please don’t humiliate me, Konoha-san!”

Anyway, I’m free from erotic jokes for now.

“Well, senpai, what do you think about chikan doujins?”

…It looks like this humiliation game is far from over.

Chapter 9 – Karen Tendou and Fantastical Incident

Love is always unpredictable.

Tendou took Nina-senpai’s advice to heart and acted decisively!?

I, Karen Tendou, am the Game Club president.

As the president, my gaming skills should be at the top of the club. …However, the reality is much less pleasing.

Nina-senpai wrecked me in fighting games just as usual. I can’t help but sigh deflatedly.

“Why can’t I win?”

After hearing that, Nina-senpai chewed her bubblegum and answered.

“Summarizing it in a sentence, you’re overthinking it, Tendou, whether it’s games…or love.”

“What does it have to do with love?”

Senpai stared at the screen and continued.

“Tendou, you’re always planning and strategizing your moves, right? Even though this is one of your strong parts, it’s easy to see it through.”

“What should I do then?”

“Be unpredictable sometimes.”

“For example?”

“…For example, scream in a weird voice.”

“Isn’t that too unpredictable!?”

Nina-senpai answered quickly to my complaint.

“You got to have the courage to pull that off for love too.”

“Don’t involve love every time, okay?”

“It feels deeper…”

“It’s not.”

While I don’t like how she put it, Nina-senpai’s conclusion is reasonable.

Love is always unpredictable. I think it’s true.

“…Very well.”

I made up my mind and started planning when I’m meeting Amano-kun after the club’s over.

So, it’s after school. I’m about to meet up with Amano-kun at the entrance. I made my mind, twisted my waist, and greeted him passionately.

“A-Ara, ara, my dear, sorry to make you wait☆! Ba-dump!”




“…Well, let’s go home, Amano-kun.”

“Sure, I feel like I’m a little bit dizzy today.”

“What a coincidence, Amano-kun. Me too.”

…Nothing happened. I said nothing happened.

Chapter 10 – Magical Girl Karen

Tendou is in huge trouble this time!?

Facing the unusual situation, Karen’s answer is…!?

BUGL, it’s an evil amalgamation of gamers’ frustration.

One gamer stood up to protect others from its evil powers.

Her name is- Magical Girl Karen!

<Episode 1: Guidance>

“Form a bond with me and become a magical girl.”

The mysterious white fox creature, Kinta, suggested.

I thought about it for a moment and answered.

“If there are ranked battles.”

“Ranked battles!?”

“Eh, no? Ranked battles.”

“I was going to ask why is that the first question you have!? Where can I find ranked battles for you!?”

“Well, what’s the point of becoming a magical girl then?”

“For the peace of the streets!”

“I don’t feel like it…”

“Feel like it! Don’t you have justice in your heart!?”

“Even though I have, there’s something inside me that can crush this sense of justice like it’s a puny ant.”

“…Why did I look for a person like this?”

“Why did you find me?”

“Eh? It’s because you have an extremely high level of <Gei Magicules>. This is the root of all magical girls’ power…”

“Hmm, in other words, I’m already the strongest character at the start. …I really don’t feel like it.”

“Can you not base your feelings on this!?”

“Can you lower my initial stats?”

“No! I won’t do it even if I can!”

“Well, I shall reject then.”

“I don’t understand why you rejected it at all!”

I walked past Kinta and started going home.

Suddenly, an explosion can be heard around.

People were running out of the pink smoke after I looked in the voice’s direction.

They are talking over there.

“Uwah, it looks like a weird monster is bringing mayhem to the streets!”

“Also, that monster caught a dense high school boy that’s too focused on his games!”

“Hey, Kinta. I will become a magical girl.”

“That’s sudden!? Aren’t you not feeling like it!?”

“Handsomely saving Amano-kun- everyone, …that’s already more than enough for a reason!”

“I don’t get it. Anyway, let’s form a bond!”

-This is the moment when Magical Girl Karen is born.

Chapter 11 – Chiaki Hoshinomori and Moe Talk

Even though they are identical clones, Keita and Chiaki have very different views on moe. …Here’s a discussion between the two today!

“Moe is pretty great.”

A day after school, only the two of us are in the Game Hobby Club. Keita ignited the fuse for the argument.

I squinted my eyes and answered him.

“It’s not great at all. All of them should go extinct.”

“Don’t. 80% of light novels will disappear if there’s no moe, okay?”


“It’s not good. Are you a devil?”

“Nope, this is exactly what I want to ask Keita. A truly interesting novel will remain so even if there’s no moe. It won’t affect anything.”

“That’s BS…”

“Doraemon won’t be affected even if Shizuka and Jyaiko looked the same.”

“It’s a big mess! The basic plot won’t be there anymore!”

“It’s perfectly fine even if Minami Asakura from <Touch> is very muscular.”

“That’s already <Jigoku No Misawa>!”

“Moe is completely unnecessary.”

“That’s also BS…”

“Do you really want to see Batako-san from Anpanman with a cute girl’s face!?”

“Right! She will feel like an otaku princess if that’s the case!”

“Therefore, good things can only happen from the extinction of moe.”

After my conclusion, Keita answered. “Ah, but.”

“Chiaki’s face won’t look the same anymore if moe is gone, you sure?”



Both of us stared at each other.

Around a few seconds later-


Both of us blushed after understanding what that meant.

“L-Let’s disband for today, Chiaki!”


In the end, today’s moe discussion ended in a draw.

Chapter 12 – Magical Girl Karen 2

Today’s the second episode of Magical Girl Karen!

Karen’s doing so many things after she became a magical girl! Please look forward to it!

BUGL, it’s an evil amalgamation of gamers’ frustration.

To protect Amano- everyone from its evil power, a gamer stood up.

Her name is- Magical Girl Karen!

<Episode 2: Ultrakill>

I immediately began transforming after receiving the console-shaped item <God’s Itch> from the mysterious white fox creature, Kinta.


My uniform dissociated into light and formed new clothes-

“Hey, where are your lines!? Don’t just transform silently!”

I finished transforming while ignoring Kinta’s complaint. Then, I realized I’m wearing pink clothes that are even floatier than my expectation and sighed.

“This isn’t suited to battle at all. Can I get in a tracksuit instead?”




I’m terrified of Kinta’s extreme stubbornness and changed the topic.

“So, I should just fight with this thing that appeared in my transformation?”

“This is called <Happy Wand>. I think you automatically learned how to use it.”

“Up-right-up + P is magic bullets. Huh.”

“I don’t get it how you got it.”

“Anyway, let's go! Fly, Karen!”

“No, I’m going to walk to save MP.”

“That Amano-kun guy will really die!”

“Full <Gei Power>. Max-speed flight activated!”

“Don’t spend all your power on movement!”

I arrived at the scene and was shocked by what I’m watching.


“Uwah, the boy was caught by the tentacles. …Eh, another girl is hugging that Amano-kun tightly too. Her face is filled with excitement as she yelled, ‘Tentacles doujins in real-life!’ That’s-“

“Kill it.”

“That sudden!?”

I pointed the <Happy Wand> towards the sun and poured all of my <Gei Power> inside.

“Let’s bring an end to everything…!”

“DON’T! Why are you ending everything when it’s just a trash opponent!?”

“Eat this…! <Ultra Magic: Absolute Void>!”

“That’s not something you can cast in the prologue!”

Enormous darkness turned the enemy into nothing.

I wiped my sweat off and showed my best smile to Kinta.

“…Thank you for always taking care of me, Kinta.”

“You used all of your power with that one spell!?”

-This is the moment that Magical Girl Karen is over.

Chapter 13 – Eiichi Mizumi and Protagonist Days

Mizumi-kun’s living an extraordinary life that perfectly fits his “protagonist” title. This is just another usual weekend for him.

“Mizumi-kun, how did you spend your holiday?”

During recess, I bumped into my friend, Amano-kun. He asked me this question. I looked outside the window and mumbled. “Hmm, let me think.”

The first memory I have is- someone kidnapped my sister-in-law.

On Saturday morning, I was awoken by the shattering of glasses on the window.

I jumped up from the bed and dashed to my sister’s room, where the noise is located. …There’s a man with a clown mask carrying my sister under his arm.

“Game start, Eiichi Mizumi.”

The clown laughed coldly and left.

I felt pretty helpless for a moment. However, my female partner pinched my cheeks, and I recovered.

I gathered all my partners and acquired new gears. After a short training, I’m finally at the boss castle. That was already midnight Saturday.

Finally, I arrived at the deepest lobby. Right there, my sister, who’s in a wedding dress, is waiting for me along with the clown.

“Here, let’s play, …Eiichi.”

After that, the final battle with the clown headed straight to its climax. Both of us were unwilling to give an inch. It’s so intense that other people began complaining about why I didn’t use that move at the start.


I delivered the final decisive blow.

The clown mask broke apart and showed the face underneath.


“Hmph, …you’ve grown up, Eiichi.”

I dashed next to my defeated father. Blood keeps coming out of his mouth.

“It’s not your fault. I won’t live for long due to my sickness, anyway…”

“Why? …Why, Father!?”

“Hmph, the reason is simple, Eiichi. …I want to fulfill our promise.”

“O-Our promise?”

So, my father smiled at the moment he stopped breathing.

“We were going to play a game together. …Ah.”


This is what happened on Sunday night, a day after I intruded the castle.

“Mizumi-kun, how did you spend your holiday?”

I answered Amano-kun.

“…I spent the weekend playing with my family.”

“Ah, I played games with my little brother too. We’re the same.”


Just like what he said, -we’re such amiable friends.

Chapter 14 – Keita Amano and F2P Games 2

Today’s the continuation of Keita’s night of playing NOBE’s new free game last week!

My admired creator, NOBE’s new game, is published. I immediately tried to play it before sleeping. However, the unpredictable prologue is already making me crazy.

Can I really finish this game and go to sleep…?

“I didn’t expect the young general Shigeru to be the true protagonist…”

It’s been 30 minutes. I made the protagonist Shigeru do side quests like “borrow soy sauce from the Nishimura-san next door.” I sighed at the same time.

The title of this game is <The Bug-eating Battleship: Sweet Potato>. The prologue also described <The Vegetable Battleship: Tomato>.

Yet, the main story is about Shigeru’s daily lives.

“…I feel like someone forced him to make a human into the protagonist.”

I guessed the development environment the creator’s in as I continued.

“Well, I guess the two storylines will merge sooner or later.”

I stopped guessing and continued playing. I played for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, …30 minutes, …an hour.

“Shigeru, go borrow me some compress.”

“Endless errands!”

I literally want to change the title to <Errands Guy: Shigeru>.

There’s not even a single bit of combat. I’m just running errands.

“I-I’m tired…!”

The only battle is the one between me and my sleepiness.

However, I don’t want to give up halfway.

So, I continued controlling Shigeru…for another hour.

“Hey, Shigeru. Well, …go find me some stones.”

‘This is bullying!”

In the end, I’m just taking random orders from a nearby young man.

Where’s the young general setting…?

So, I spent another hour on this.

Finally, there’s a flag that signals a change in the story.

“Shigeru, find me some sweet potatoes in the mountain behind us.”


The “sweet potato” in the title finally appeared.

“Is it turning into a battleship?”

I dashed to the mountain with a heart filled with hope.


“Sweet potatoes are perfect for dinner.”

“It’s tasty.”

The quest is over with the end scene of Shigeru’s family dining together.

After a night, Shigeru left his house and said.

“Very well, let’s continue doing errands today. Let’s go!”


-My long night is still far from over.

Chapter 15 – Konoha Hoshinomori and Ero-game Talk 2

“Senpai, what do you think about plot twists in hentai games?”

A day after school, a kouhai from another school asked me in the food court of a convenience store.

“I think it’s pretty interesting…”

“Me too, but I’ve slightly changed my mind.”

Konoha-san raised her finger and said.

“Don’t you think plot twists are dangerous in sexual terms?”

“I hope you can consider how dangerous it is to talk about this in a convenience store before this.”

Ignoring my complaint, Konoha-san continued the investigation.

“Let’s take a step back. Even though it may be interesting for the plot, people may hate the relationship part.”

“Ah, you mean the protagonist’s actually someone else?”

“Yeah, for example, the protagonist is actually a crab.”

“That’s too much for a plot twist!”

“Also, the shocking truth is only revealed in the latter part. This is also very dangerous.”

“Ah, you mean like how everything’s just a dream?”

“Yes, for example, everyone has already removed the crab moe.”

“Konoha-san, are you sure you’re talking about hentai games?”

“For example, some games like to disrupt the timeline. It’s easy to be confused when you’re not good at it.”

“Ah, come to think of it, things already happened can pretend to be something in the future in the prequel. Something like that?”

“Yes, for example, it’s actually frozen even though it looks like it has just been caught.”

“You’re still talking about crabs!?”

I knocked on the table and complained.

“Why are you still talking about crabs!? Please talk about hentai games!”

After hearing that, Konoha-san smiled teasingly and answered.

“Understood! Well, let’s start talking about hentai games now!”


It looks like I fell into Konoha-san’s trap.

Chapter 16 – Game Club and Daily Scenery

Even though I’m not the best person to say this, everyone in the Game Club is very weird.

First of all, we have Gakuto Kase-senpai, the FPS gamer.

He has good skills. But, more importantly…

“Ahh, that dagger really hurts…”

He’ll mumble something scary sometimes.

Next, the fighting game player, Nina Oiso-senpai.”

Of course, she’s incredibly skilled. But, more importantly…

“Very well, <Blindfold Online Battles 100 Winstreak> is achieved. Beginning the next challenge.”

She always adds all kinds of limits to herself, like training. However, Nina-senpai’s humming a song nonchalantly.

Also, there are two ghost kouhai members. The two girls are hiding something. …Even though they don’t show up, something will happen every time they are here.

Last time, their appearance brought all of the Game Club on a “strange thief” hide-and-seek. …I’ll skip the reason due to the limited word count.

Finally, it’s the president, Karen Tendou-san.

On the surface, she seems to have the most common sense in the club. But, it’s only on the surface…


…After a certain point in time, she started to let out baffling screams.

The reason is clear.

It’s because of a boy.

“Ugh, …did I already fail when I said those things to Amano-kun!? Ahh…”

She doesn’t seem to realize it. Yet, the president always says what she’s thinking out loud when she’s playing games.

In the end, …this is how it is when everyone in the Game Club is here.

“…There should be more blood in this situation.”

“Very well, the <Beating Story Mode Using a 2-second Delay Controller> challenge is completed. Beginning the next one.”

<When the kouhai members are here, the club room is suddenly under attack from mysterious robots!>

“Ahh, why did Amano-kun and Aguri-san…!? Ugh…!”

Amidst the chaos, I took a look at my phone. Amano-kun just messaged me.

<How are things going in the Game Club today?>

After seeing his question, I observed the robots and answered him without hesitation.

<It’s just the usual.>

※This is from the protagonist Eiichi Mizumi’s perspective

※Just like what Aguri said, the Game Club is filled with a bunch of creepy masochists.

Chapter 17 – Karen and Aguri 1

Karen and Aguri rarely had the opportunity to be together, let alone chatting. What will they talk about…?

It’s another day in the Game Hobby Club.

“Ah, I’m going to the bathroom.”

“Me too.”

“Uh, I have to give my little sister a call.”

After that, the three stood up at the same time. Aguri-san and I casually greeted them. …Then, I noticed something.

(…What’s with this combination!?)

It’s pretty awkward.

Even though I, Karen Tendou, and Aguri-san are both in the Game Hobby Club, we aren’t really that intimate.

However, at this point, we don’t really need to be polite to each other. In the end…


It’s a crushing silence. I, the top of the normie pyramid in this school, and an adorable and energetic gal are in the same room. …This is hell.

Right now, both of us have the same wish.

(…Amano-kun!) (…Amanocchi!)

He’s the line that will connect both of us and change up the mood. Sadly, …he went to the toilet. There’s no way he can come back in like 10 seconds.

I made up my mind and smiled at Aguri-san.

“Aguri-san, do you like any games?”

“Eh? No, I don’t play games…”


“Y-Yes, …I’m sorry.”

“I-It’s okay.”




This time, Aguri-san spoke up worriedly.

“W…Well, let’s talk about the games that Tendou-san loves. Please!”

“Eh? My favorite games? Let me think…”

I put my finger on my chin and started thinking. 10 seconds, 20 seconds…

“H-Hey, …Tendou-san?”

“…I’m sorry, Aguri-san. This isn’t something that I can answer on the spot.”

“I-I see.”




Hell, part 2. It’s absolutely my fault this time.


I can feel sharp nails on my seat. However, Amano-kun is about to come back-

-Suddenly, I got a message.

<Keita Amano: The janitor is inside. I have to go to the old school building.>



Chapter 18 – Karen and Aguri 2

Please enjoy the conversation between the two girls that don’t really talk to each other!

Aguri-san and I are together in the classroom after school.

…An acquaintance with a subtle relationship and almost no common interest, this is hell. But, I’m trying my best.

I tried to bring on a conversation again to change up the mood.

“Aguri-san, what are your hobbies?”

“Hobbies? Hmm, …I guess it’s bullying Amanocchi.”

“What’s with that hobby?”

“Also, I like messing Amanocchi up and breaking him.”

“What are you doing to my boyfriend!?”

“Ah, please don’t misunderstand, Tendou-san. I’m just treating Amanocchi as a free app to kill time.”

“Isn’t this even more depressing!? Please be more gentle to Amano-kun…”

“Well, I’ll kiss his cheeks next time.”

After hearing that, I smiled and crushed my soda can silently.

Sweat appeared on Aguri-san’s forehead.

“I-It’s just a joke. Haha.”


I smiled and released the can. There’s a clear fingermark on the side of the can.

This time, Aguri-san threw a question at me.

“Tendou-san, what are your hobbies other than games?”

“…I can think of one right now.”


“Bullying Amano-kun.”

“I think I heard that from somewhere before!”

“Please don’t misunderstand, Aguri-san. The ‘bullying Amano-kun’ I’m talking about isn’t your usual sinful routine.”


“Yes, what I’m talking about…isn’t the boy himself. Instead, I’m going to break and mess up an imaginary Amano-kun in my heart!”

“That’s pretty terrible!”

Aguri-san stood up and complained.

Just as we’re staring at each other, Amano-kun suddenly came back by himself. He looked pretty interested in our conversation and asked.

“What are you two talking about?”

We blushed. Then, both of us glanced at each other and answered.

“None of Amanocchi’s (Amano-kun’s) business! Go away!”


In the end, the 2-person Hobby Club- came to a conclusion with him as the sole loser.

Chapter 19 – Tasuku Uehara and Friend Introduction 1

As the leader of the normies, Tasuku is asked about his relationship with Amano…?

“You’ve been hanging out with Amano recently. How is he like?”

We had the rare opportunity to go home together today. My classmate Masaya questioned me.

We wandered on the street to downtown. I pondered for a moment and answered.

“He’s like the Villager D in a game.”

“Villager D? Can I understand that as being universally insignificant?”

“Ah, it’s impossible for him to join the hero even if the sun’s rising from the west. He’s an incredibly minor character.”

“I didn’t know you’re this terrible.”

“However, you should pay attention to one point- that guy isn’t Villager A. He’s Villager D.”

“What do you mean?”

“In other words, Villager A is the guy that says, ‘Welcome to X village!’ when the hero came to town, right?”


“As for B and C, they are the guys to spread rumors. Then, Villager D will finally talk about the things that actually matter.”

“Talk about what?”

I sighed and answered Masaya’s question.

“For example, ‘Ah, what if you have this item?’ Things that can give a hint on what the heroes should do next. That is Villager D.”

“Hmm? What does…that mean?”

I continued explaining to Masaya.

“Villager D is a passerby that can affect the main characters with anything he does.”

“I still don’t get it.”

“Yeah, I don’t get him either.”

Masaya’s clearly confused.

He mumbled to himself for a while. …Finally, he concluded with a simple question.

“Well, is he a good person?”

This is the only question where I can…answer him determinedly and confidently.

“A very good person.”

Chapter 20 – Tasuku Uehara and Friend Introduction 2

Continuing from the last episode, the leader of the normies, Tasuku, is introducing his closely related school idol? Karen Tendou!

“Well, how’s Karen Tendou like?”

We had the rare opportunity to go home together today. My classmate Masaya questioned me.

Just like last time, I thought for a moment and answered.

“She’s like the hero in a game.”

“Hero? Isn’t she supposed to be the princess?”

“She does look like the princess on the surface. Yet, she doesn’t feel like she needs to be saved.”

“Ah, instead, she’s full of a hero’s talents?”

“Right. Well, even though it’s not all good.”


“Although she’s a hero, Tendou’s your usual cliché and traditional protagonist. Her mindset only consists of yes or no. Also, she’s absolute justice.”

“…Aren’t you praising her?”

“Masaya, do you want a cliché hero to be your friend?”


Masaya looked into the distance. I continued.

“More importantly, …this hero’s actions are directly influenced by Villager D.”

“The hero’s being messed like a monkey by the villager.”

“Heroes can only wait for other people’s instructions, after all.”

“A complete victory for Villager D.”

Masaya continued the question with a baffled look.

“Karen Tendou has no complaints at all?”

I can’t help but smile bitterly at Masaya’s question.

“At least she really enjoys being tortured in RPGs.”

Chapter 21 – Tasuku Uehara and Friend Introduction 3

Finally, Tasuku is asked about Chiaki. How will he explain Chiaki, who’s an identical clone to Keita?

“Well, finally, that Hoshinomori? Let’s talk about this cutie.”


Someday after school, I’m slightly annoyed with Masaya’s lascivious questions. However, I still answered him after some pondering.

“She’s like the Villager Girl D in a game.”

“Another D? Don’t you think your gaming partners suck?”

“Don’t blame me. This is the reality.”

“However, that girl’s appearance doesn’t look like a ‘D’ at all, right?”

“Yeah, she’s adorable after getting a haircut-“

“I mean her chest. It’s at least F-“


I stopped him from driving this conversation to the erotic end.

“More importantly, she’s the same kind of ‘D’ as Amano.”

“The ‘D’ that messes with the hero like a monkey?”

“Ah, also, they are the ‘D’ partners. She’s very similar to Amano in all meanings. In the end…”

“In the end?”

I revealed the cruel truth to Masaya, who tilted his head.

“The hero can screw up whenever those two did something.”

“Villagers that can make the hero (Tendou) lose it isn’t really scientifically accurate, right!?”

“Also, they aren’t even aware of it.”

“That’s disgusting.”

“In reality, the hero already has power, wealth, and fame. However, …uniquely, she’s unable to get close to Villager D because of the system.”

“The world is hard.”

“However, in this sense, Villager D and Villager Girl D are literally made for each other.”

“The world is super hard.”

“That’s Chiaki Hoshinomori.”

I concluded the topic. Yet, Masaya still isn’t satisfied.

“Wait, you still haven’t talked about her personality and hobbies, right?”

“It’s the same as Villager D.”

“That’s too short! There must be something else, right!?”

This horny dude really wants more information about the beautiful Hoshinomori.

Sigh, …I can only give up and reveal a piece of information to him.

“The protagonist of her most recent game is a sweet potato.”

“No, thanks. Take care.”

Masaya backed up wisely.

Chapter 22 – Keita Amano and Prequel Talk 1

How did Keita live his life before meeting with Karen…?

We’ll bring you the prequel for today and tomorrow!


I’m alone during the break again. The scenery outside the window didn’t help to relieve the suffocatingly uncomfortable classroom. I sighed.

It’s been a month since I entered Otobuki High School. I, Keita Amano, still don’t have any friends.

It’s not because I did anything. It’s more like it’s because I didn’t do anything.

The classmates are chatting next to me cheerfully. Yet, I’m staring at my phone alone.

So, although I wasn’t planning on eavesdropping, their conversation can still be heard.

“Wow, look at that blonde girl! She’s really beautiful!”


Talking about an adorable girl is something utterly irrelevant to me. It’s a conversation of another world.

After that, I don’t know whether they are bored with talking about the blonde girl, they started glancing at me.

…I hate this. So, I decided to head to the toilet.

On the way, I can see what’s happening in other classrooms. The most notable one is a guy with spiky hair like he’s from an Akira Toriyama’s manga. He’s letting out weird “Yay -w!” screams at the center of the classroom. …This world is filled with unbelievable people.

I continued my way. Then, there’s a seaweed hair girl walking to me.

I’ll bump into her. So, I went right. She did the exact same thing at the same time. After that, we always moved in the same direction, no matter how many times we repeated it.

“I-I’m sorry.”

Even our apology sounded the same. Moreover, I think both of us are really timid. We plopped our heads down and didn’t look at each other. It just makes the situation harder.

In the end, we spent nearly a minute resolving this.

In front of the toilet, I can see a black hair twin-tailed girl holding a bunch of books.

I would be happy to help her if I’m a light novel MC. However, I’m just a weak passerby.

Just as I’m hesitating, her friends came along.

“Aguri-chan, I’m here to help.”

“Thanks, Yamauchi-san.”

“By the way, what’s happening? These are all…girl’s magazines?”

“I borrowed them from the library.”

“…Don’t you think they are outdated?”

“Don’t mind me, girl.”

The two girls chatted with each other as they left.

(Why are my legs trembling from the mere thought of helping someone else…?)

Even though I wanted to help, at the next moment, my brain is filled with, “I would just be a bother if I talked to them, right?”

I don’t belong anywhere in this high school. Someone important is being taken away from me.

Chapter 23 – Keita Amano and Prequel Talk 2

Here’s the daily life of Keita before meeting with Karen. It’s the second part of the prequel, followed closely by Ep.1 of <Gamers!> anime.

“My body’s already empty from going to the bathroom during the break alone…”

A loner already used up all of his energy with moving inside the school. …The world is hard.

I sighed and slowly made my way back to the classroom. During this time…


This is the first time I’ve seen an angel in my life.

She’s a beautiful blonde girl with blue eyes. I don’t think someone like this should exist in the 3rd dimension.

There are a lot of friends surrounding her as she passed through a sad and lonely passerby,

It’s really contrasting.

“Tendou-san, that catch was amazing!”

“Thanks. I’m glad that I helped the team to win.”

“I felt so good when you pointed out the math teacher’s mistake too!”

“No, it’s kind of embarrassing when I intervened.”

She’s chatting with her friends happily. I stared at the back of the girl that didn’t look at me dazedly.

(…Are we really in the same school and class…?)

The difference between her and me just makes the above fact unbelievable.

Even though we’re at the same time and place, there’s zero connection between us.

It’s like the separation between the 2nd and 3rd dimensions.

However, a person like this really exists in this school.

For some reason, this fact made me-

-really happy.

(This girl is the projection of the “games” that I’ve always loved.)

She’s unrealistically perfect. You can’t get close even if you want to.

However, …I’m already happy enough from just observing her as an unrelated person.

…In reality, this is a hopeless and dreamless high school life.


Even if we’re a thousand kilometers apart, …I know that “light” is here. It’s just that.

“Right, I’ll try my best today.”

I received a little bit of energy from her and continued my lonely life.

Chapter 24 – Aguri and Dating Simulation

Here’s another family restaurant meeting of Keita and Aguri. They seem to be talking about dating sims this time.

“Amanocchi, are you conquering me?”

Aguri-san suddenly dropped a nuclear bomb during our usual meeting.

I almost spat all my soda out. I managed to get a hold of myself and asked.

“W-What’s wrong? That’s sudden.”

“Ah, I just found this on the internet.”

After that, Aguri-san handed her phone over. I can see a walkthrough of a dating sim.

“I think Tasuku’s playing this recently.”

“Oh, I recommended that.”

Aguri-san glared at me. But, she’s not very angry and continued the topic.

“So, you just visit the female protagonist multiple times and date her in the end, right?”

“Well, close.”

“In other words, Amanocchi is onto me too?”

“You’re overthinking too much.”

I immediately denied it. However, Aguri-san hugged her shoulders and looked at me sheepishly.

“From our meeting frequency, I bet you’re doing the Aguri route.”

“I said you’re overthinking.”

“It’s because this walkthrough mentioned that they’ll kiss after 7 events with the same girl.”

“Oh, that’s true.”

“Well, …shouldn’t I give birth to Amanocchi’s child now?”

“That’s kind of true from how frequently we meet!”

“Ugh, …I don’t want it. …Ugh.”

“Oi, why are you crying!? Everyone’s looking at us! I want to cry too!”

“Amanocchi, you’re so irresponsible. …Do you know how many times you did that with me…?”

“We’re just hanging out and having tea, right!?”

“I didn’t expect to get pregnant…”

“I didn’t expect either! By the way, increasing the affection meter by meeting the girl only works in games, right!?”

“Yeah, since I think Amanocchi is still pretty disgusting, after all.”

“You’re right, but ouch.”

We clicked on our phones silently after talking trash.

“…It’s good that this world isn’t a game.”


Our relationship still hasn’t changed today.

Chapter 25 – Karen Tendou and Masked Gamer [Included in the short stories post]

Chapter 26 – Tasuku Uehara and Gender Change 1

Keita and Tasuku became friends after that incident at the arcade. What are the two of them talking about today…?

“I’ll definitely fall in love with Uehara-kun if I’m a girl.”

Amano suddenly said that before our after-school Game Hobby Club meeting.

I answered him while sweating profusely.

“Give me a break. …I’m about to vomit.”

Yet, Amano continued cheerfully despite my reaction.

“Hiya, it’s because there’s no reason for me to not fall in love with you. Uehara-kun is handsome, and you’re as close to me as my family…”

“What’s wrong with me? Is this a nightmare?”

“Honestly, I’m already falling in love with you so much.”

“Yep, this is a nightmare.”

What did I fall asleep? Amano continued just as I’m pinching my cheeks.

“It’s just that I, Keiko Amano, am not happy.”

“You’re going first-person?”

“It’s because Uehara-kun isn’t loyal.”

“Please just say you don’t like me out loud, okay?”

“In the end, I feel like Keiko Amano will stab Uehara-kun to death.”

“How much more do you want to twist the story?”

“Then, she’ll chuckle as she’s eating the heart.”

“How am I supposed to listen to this story?”

“…Hiya, I’m glad that I’m not a girl.”

“Seriously! I don’t want to hear any of this, even if it’s just a hypothesis!”

“Well, I still undoubtedly love Uehara-kun even when I’m not a girl.”


What kind of hell is this?

I’m exhausted. Amano smiled and apologized.

“Ahaha, …I’m sorry. I went overboard.”

“Forgive me, seriously…”

“Sorry, that’s the end.”

I’m relieved with Amano.

However, …Amano pushed for another topic.

“Instead, what if Uehara-kun is a girl…?”


It looks like I have to go through this nightmare once again.

Chapter 27 – Tasuku Uehara and Gender Change 2

Continuing from last time, Keita and Tasuku’s gender change imagination is entering its climax…!?

“If Uehara-kun’s a girl, I…”

Amano brought up an extremely disgusting topic in the classroom after school.

I’m too lazy to struggle and just answered him casually.

“Alright, alright, you’ll fall in love with me, right? Whatever.”

It’s not whatever.

Facing my causal reaction, Amano…said something unexpectedly with a complicated look.

“No, …I’m not sure how it’ll go. I think it’ll be hard for us to get along, Yuko-san.”

“Don’t give a name to my female version.”

Even though Yuko fits me perfectly.

Amano continued.

“Think about it, Yuko-san switches boyfriends as often as she’s buying new clothes. You’re literally a thot, right?”

“You actually really hate me, don’t you?”

“…I’m not confident enough to be friends with Yuko-san.”

“I’m not confident to be friends with you right now!”

Amano ignored my complaint and deepened his imagination.

“Come to think of it, your girlfriend, Aguri-san…”

“Hmm, … a male Aguri…”

I started thinking about it too. In the end…

“He’ll be hard to get along with.”

This time, Amano and my thoughts lined up. Amano continued deflatedly.

“A hot boy that’s loyal to the public toilet Yuko-san…”

“…How should I put it? Although I’m not supposed to be the one to say this, I think we can’t be helped.”

Both of us are deflated. Suddenly, Amano changed the topic to lighten up the mood.

“Oh, but I really want to see a male Tendou-san. I bet she’s a heroic handsome guy.”

“Ah, you’re right. Also, a male Hoshinomori, …ah, it’s right in front of me.”

“H-How impolite!”

Come to think of it, gender change’s kind of interesting.

So, we continued talking about everyone in the Game Hobby Club if they switched gender.

For example, Tendou is a silent satyr, Aguri wears many ear studs, and Hoshinomori is probably dark inside.

When we snapped out of it…

The girl members are looking down on us with vicious smiles.


I can’t reveal the ensuing tragedy. Please forgive me.

Chapter 28 – Chiaki Hoshinomori and Mutual Insult

Today’s a fighting game battle between the identical yet rivaling gamers, Keita and Chiaki! The end result is…?

Please look forward to it!

“Keita, we’ll decide a winner with fighting games today!”

“Sure, Chiaki!”

So, even though this came out of nowhere, Keita and I went to the arcade.

The reason is simple. I have to win against my nemesis.

Initially, I, Chiaki Hoshinomori, share the exact same stats as my rival, Keita Amano. …We’re so disgustingly synced.

It’s not just test results or physique. Even our rhythm and writing look the same.

So, after a while, it evolved into a gaming duel.

Keita and I wandered around in the arcade silently. The goal is…

“Keita, let’s find an unpopular fighting game!”

“Sure. Chiaki!”

The timid duo went around the group of fighting game lovers. We found an arcade machine at the corner.

We started playing without saying much else.

“I’m choosing this classic protagonist.”

“What a coincidence, Keita. I’m choosing this as well, but in a different color.”

We’re so common that even our characters are the same.

So, the match finally started.

<Shockwave Fire!>

We shot a ranged attack at the same time. They canceled each other out.

After that, …things went ugly.

We keep hitting each other with cheap ranged attacks while mixing in some hesitant strong moves.

Our ultimates also didn’t hit each other because we executed it in a rush.


<Time’s up! Draw!>

Both of us ended the game exhaustedly when there are still a lot of HP on our bars.

An elementary boy stood next to us.


The lonely gaming duo left the arcade deflatedly.

“L-Let’s fight next time, Keita!”

“S-Sure, Chiaki!”

This is only the start of our battle.

Chapter 29 – Hoshinomori Sisters and Light Novel Attack-Defend

This time, Konoha’s trying her best to get a sample copy of a new light novel!

I, Konoha Hoshinomori, am a hentai game super fan.

However, my onee-chan, …Chiaki Hoshinomori, doesn’t acknowledge hentai games at all, not to mention moe. It’s common for her to keep complaining about shoujo anime.

Obviously, I won’t reveal my hobby to her…

“Konoha, Konoha, you’re totally not interested in a new light novel sample written by a dating sim plot writer, right?”


My body turned stiff the moment onee-chan said that.

Onee-chan continued explaining.

“Uh, I don’t know whether they messed up or not. A light novel publisher just sent me a tweet about a new light novel sample.”

My onee-chan is a nameless game developer.

I answered while trying my best to suppress my urge to lean forward.

“H-Hehe, …w-why don’t you take it when it’s free?”

“But, I literally have no use of it. Konoha doesn’t need it too, right?”

I need it! I’m literally craving for it!

“Although you’re right, …well, perhaps my friends want to see it…”

“Please stop hanging out with such a friend, Konoha.”

“Aren’t you too ruthless to light novels?”

I’m shivering from my onee-chan’s extreme hatred towards moe.

Crap, I can’t get the sample if this continues. I have to do something…

“T-Think about it, there are other uses aside from reading, right…”

Decorating the bookshelf, filling up the spaces, …I tried to recommend all kinds of solutions.

My onee-chan nodded her head and added another suggestion.

“I can toss it into the fire.”

“Are you a demon?”

“Even so, it’s still a useless piece of trash.”

“Please don’t.”

I don’t think I can get the sample. It’s time for me to give up, ..but I tried one last time.

“Perhaps Amano-senpai will be envious of you.”

“I’m taking the sample.”

She immediately made up her mind.

Conclusion: Recently, I think it’s pretty easy to manipulate my twisted onee-chan.

Chapter 30 – Eiichi Mizumi and Dog Food

[Dog food means getting diabetes from sweetness overdose.]

Keita and Karen started going out. Where does Karen find Keita attractive…?

“Tendou-san, what do you usually talk about with Amano-kun?”

In the Game Club, I asked Tendou-san this question while I’m taking a break.

She thought about it for a while and asked me.

“We confess our love to each other.”

“Uwah, acute diabetes from the first bite…”

I immediately retreated from the overdose.

However, Tendou-san pulled my sleeves and said, “Please stay.”

“I still have to tell you how amazing Amano-kun is.”

“But I don’t want to hear it!”

“The first one is his voice!”

“Ugh, I need insulin…”

My eyes are raining tears. Yet, Tendou-san is still continuing her lecture stubbornly even after seeing my sorry state.

“His clear voice is like 8-bit music to my ears.”

“Are you sure you’re praising him?”

“His adorable appearance is like bitmaps.”

“You’re insulting him, right?”

“Nope, what I want to say is that he’s like the most vintage of vintage games to me.”

“I still don’t think you’re praising him!”

“Also, he often compares me to VR.”

“That’s a huge difference! Don’t you think there’s a canyon between you two!?”

“I just want to say that, in my heart, …Amano-kun has already surpassed every RPG.”

“What a cheap slogan.”

“As for Amano-kun, he thinks that I’ve already surpassed all horror games.”

“He’s afraid of you, right!?”

“If I’m comparing Amano-kun to characters in games, …he’ll be the dumbest enemy at the start.”

“You’re really insulting him, right!?”

“Also, he compares me with the hero or the final boss.”

“What a big difference!”

I’m exhausted from yelling.

Tendou-san showed a gentle smile…and concluded.

“In other words, we’re always happy when we’re chatting.”

“Really? …That’s great.”


…Hmm, they do match each other.

In this peaceful atmosphere, I smiled at Tendou-san and turned around as I’m trying to leave. …However, she tugged my sleeves again.

“Well, let’s continue talking about how attractive Amano-kun is.”


After that day, no one in the Game Club asked Tendou-san about her boyfriend anymore.

Chapter 31 – Game Hobby Club and Beginner’s Guide

In a certain day’s Game Hobby Club meeting, the beginner Aguri asked questions about games.

“Which game should I try first?”

At that moment, Aguri-san’s question brought an abrupt end to the Hobby Club’s peace.


The four gamers suddenly stopped talking and lowered their heads silently.

“Eh, what’s wrong? Did I step on a landmine again?”

Aguri-san asked sheepishly. I answered her. “Nope.”

“It’s the complete opposite. Aguri-san, …you just threw food to a bunch of kois.”

“I want to go home.”

The gal immediately sighed.

I robbed the first opportunity and suggested.

“Nintendo’s the only choice. You should try Mario first.”

“Ha, that’s why Keita isn’t appealing. Compared to action, turn-based RPGs are clearly better.”

The fuse between Chiaki and I was immediately lit.

“What the hell are you guys talking about? The best option is clearly puzzle games.”

“Uehara-kun is really shallow. A newbie must grind through tests and hardships. So, the true answer is FPS.”

Uehara-kun and Tendou-san share wildly different opinions too. Aguri-san mumbled.

“Well, that’s enough. It was meant to be a simple question…”

However, we ignored her and continued arguing.

“The most typical option is Mario!”

“No, no, it’s clearly <Dragon Quest>!”

“It should be <Candy Crush Saga>!”

“You can also start with <Civilization> too.”

“It’s impossible!”

“You can!”

Aguri-san’s eyes are filled with emptiness. Yet, we aren’t stopping.

“You’re picking a fight, right? How about Tetris?”

“What an utterly uncreative solution. <Wizardry> is obviously better.”

“You’re all stupid. The best one is <Puzzle and Dragons>.”

“It should be <Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts>…”

After we snapped out of it, …Aguri-san smacked the table and yelled with teary eyes.

“I’m not playing games anymore!”


“You still ask why!? Ask your conscience and think about it!”

We thought for a moment after Aguri-san’s urge.

Then, the gamers…reached the same conclusion.

“…It’s because you suck at games?”

“Okay, I shall fight with every single of you until death. Wash your necks dry, you autist gaming otakus!”


…The Game Hobby Club today is just as lively.

Chapter 32 – Karen Tendou and Unusual State

Karen and Chiaki get to talk to each other more often with Keita as a connection. Please look forward to a rare conversation between these two.

During the PE lesson, I’m taking a break at the same time as Hoshinomori-san. So, I made up my mind and sat next to her.

With the rare opportunity, I asked her a question that’s a bit overboard.

“Which ‘type’ does Hoshinomori-san like?”

Facing my question, …Hoshinomori-san answered calmly.

“Single-player games that don’t focus on moe.”

“I’m not asking about games.”

“What are you asking then?”

“Well, …b-boys.”

I immediately looked away embarrassedly.

Hoshinomori-san finally understood what I meant. She suddenly started answering incoherently.

“Y-You’re asking me about boys!? A person like me shouldn’t talk about things like this!”

“No, everyone has the right to talk about this.”

Hoshinomori-san lowered her head after hearing my dumbfounded mumble. …A couple seconds later, she whispered.

“I-If I have to answer…”


“Any male aside from Keita.”

“You got a wide range!”

I freaked out with the unexpected answer.

“Can you filter your results for a bit!?”

“Well, …I-I would like a human.”

“Why did you include other species too!? Narrow your range down!”

“Hmm, …I don’t really like serial killers.”

“I knew you would answer like that!”

I pressed my forehead and sighed before asking another question.

“Please make your range…more normal. Can you tell me which type of boys you like?”

“Anyone but Keita.”

“I know that already. Something else?”

She pondered about my question for a while.

The result is…

“Well, …I want a boy who loves games.”

“I see. Anything else?”

“…He should have equal skills as I do.”


“I think our feelings for games should be in the same generation.”


“Also, he should be an otaku…”

Hoshinomori-san started listing her ideal boyfriend attributes one by one like her engine was ignited.

“Also, I’m a bit afraid of tall people. …Uh, how should I put it? A normal boy would do. I love people that can chill and hang out with me.”

“I-I see…”

“Ah, but, even though we share the same interests, I think I’ll be happier if he has a slight difference in opinion.”


T-This is weird. I feel like these clues are rapidly piecing together to form an actual person. Is it my imagination?

I didn’t realize sweat was coming out of my forehead. Hoshinomori-san continued.

“Ah, finally, …I have an utterly capricious wish. My most ideal person would be…a boy that sincerely loves the games that I make.”

“…Hey, hey.”

It’s my turn again, just as we’re talking.

“W-Well, Hoshinomori-san, good luck.”

I left with an elegant smile.

-For some reason, I kept making unnecessary mistakes on that day’s match.

Chapter 33 – Konoha Hoshinomori and Student Council’s Truth

Konoha Hoshinomori is the student president of Hekiyou High School. She has an unknown frustration, though…?

I, Konoha Hoshinomori, am the president of this Hekiyou High School Student Council. Once upon a time, past members have written their activities down and turned them into a light novel.

…Honestly, I think it’s pretty stupid.

It’s even crazier than imagining yourself getting isekai’d. Who in their sane mind would turn themselves into a light novel?

As for me, I am a very serious person.

All-rounded, talented, beautiful, energetic, lusty.

There are no embarrassing elements even if you take out and analyze each one of my attributes. I’m literally a pure white girl that’s totally unrelated to light novels.

This is me, Konoha Hoshinomori.

I’m also investing my healthy mind into the council’s work today.

I kept wiping the seat clean before gathering the super beautiful girls in here for a conference.

After the conference, when everyone’s scent is still on the chair, I kept wiping them clean.

When the girl’s swimming club asks for supplies, I’ll always come to observe as the president.

When the tea club’s light bulb went out, I’ll request to be the one ridden. I’ll never be the one riding others’ shoulders. People must ride on me, such a noble mindset from a student council president.

However, honestly, …my character is extremely plain as the Hekiyou Student Council president.

There were light novel-grade student council presidents in the past. However, in my generation, there is only talent, purity, and cuteness. Is this really okay?

I feel upset sometimes because of this.

“Ha, …compared to the last generation, my character and hobbies are pretty plain.”

I let out a deep sigh, and I continued writing the proposal that turns us into a hentai game.

Chapter 34 – Gamers and Past and Future 1 [Included in the short stories post]

Chapter 35 – Gamers and Past and Future 2 [Included in the short stories post]

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