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Summary for Knights and Magic Demon Beast Arc

Summary for Knights and Magic Demon Beast Arc
One quiet night, at the fortress of Balguerie, an outpost guarded by 10 Silhouette Knights, where even demon beasts rarely attack, a powerful demon beast called Behemoth charged forth and attacked.

 The knights guarding the outpost fought to the last.

The captain sent some knights as envoys to the
kingdom to inform them of the attack.

The captain and the remaining knights fought to the last man.

 The captain was the last to fall, dealing a crack near the Behemoth’s eye before dying to its strongest attack.

 The beast headed forth towards the kingdom.

Ernesti is finally 12 years old and moved to the middle school of the school while Batson remained in the crafting faculty.

One day, Ernesti was viewing a mock battle between Silhouette Knights.

 The arena is crowded with people analyzing the battle.

 Helvi, a senior student, chats with Ernesti regarding the battle.

Ernesti accurately realized that the right arm of Dietrich’s Silhouette Knight was sluggish and was not aligned properly.

 Edgar, the other pilot won again.

 Di argued with the maintenance crew until Helvi pointed out Ernesti’s analysis.

Di made another fuss until Edgar lectured him and Di left fuming.

 Ernesti leaves to meet his classmates and hears about a field trip.

 He is unaware of this since he is exempted from most of his classes by forcefully making the teachers exempt him.

 Ady is fuming since she couldn’t spend as much time as possible with Eru but brightened up when they grouped together for the field trip.

Batson was not participating and so the three headed to the carriages.

 The location was “Croquet’s Forest”.

Ten Silhouette Knights were deployed to ensure safety.

The company spends time leisurely until they reach Jantunen.

  The caravan restocked on supplies and they continued on their destination.

They began setting up tents there and Eru headed to where the Silhouette Knights were stored and met Edgar and they had a chat about Silhouette Knights. Afterwards, Eru left for his tent and went to sleep.

At dawn, most students unused to camping were still sleepy while Eru’s group  was refreshed. And so, they entered the forest.

Later, the senior students find themselves under attack by demonic beasts and they group themselves together to fight back.

 Meanwhile, the 1st year students were also under attack and were panicking until Eru’s company helped them recover and began slaughtering demonic beasts.

When the pilots hear the noises of battle, they rushed to their aid. They held a meeting and concluded that the seniors would group up to resist in open areas.

 Eru tagged along while the other two stayed back to defend the 1st years. As the seniors battled fiercely, they were nearing their end when Eru and the Silhouette Knights arrived and helped them.

Meanwhile, the Commander of Jantunen Garrison Knights heard from an envoy about a Battalion-Class Demonic Beast headed to Cloquet’s Forest.

As they began discussing, a knight informs them that Laihiala Academy was holding their field trip there.

 They then decide to gather up their forces first then head there.

At Cloquet’s Forest, the students form a base camp and began resting after setting up defenses when the stampede was over.

 They discussed their next course of action, and decided to leave tomorrow.

 Near dawn, an alarm announcing the arrival of the Behemoth rang and woke up everyone.

Making everyone panic, thanks to Eru, they managed to lessen the panic and began evacuating towards the carriages. 

Edgar and the pilots began battling the Behemoth as a diversion.

As the battle continued, several pilots were killed and Dietrich panicked and ran away in fear.

 Eru intercepted him, knocked him out, and then cracked the Silhouette Knight and headed straight towards the Behemoth.

He immediately appears and his surprise attack strikes the Behemoth’s eye.

Blinding it, and in fury, it rushed towards him.

 This gave the remaining pilots enough time to escape as Eru prepared for a battle of attrition.

 Eru enjoys the battle and feeling of piloting a Silhouette Knight.

While this happened, the Garrison Knights encounter the students fleeing and learned of where the Behemoth was.

 They rushed towards the Behemoth to aid the Pilots facing off against it.

Eru is battling the Behemoth fiercely, although he had superior speed, he lacked power to attack and his weapon was destroyed.

Di who woke up managed to find a sword and Eru took it.

The knights then arrived to help and notice Eru fighting.

They are in amazement at his skills and noticing them,

Eru distracted the Behemoth to turn its back towards them, and grasping his intention and opportunity, the knights began to attack as Eru slipped away.

The knights begin an onslaught of magic but the armor of the beast holds on.

The knights then prepared their secret weapon but it failed when the Behemoth unleashed its strongest attack. 

The knight’s panic but Eru then rushed towards it.

His attacks were effective as the armor was weakened. The knights recovered morale after seeing Eru’s attacks.

They renewed their formation. Suddenly, Guell, the Silhouette Knight Ernesti was piloting suddenly had its knee broken due to overuse.

 The behemoth charges and Eru thought of a plan.

He let Di pilot it a bit as he hacked into the Silhouette Knight and constructed a massive spell. Using an electrical current, he killed the Behemoth.

The knights cheer but worry about the Pilot of the knight. Edgar, the vice commander, and the commander approach Guell and began offering prayers but Eru blasted off the front armor.

 Eru used magic to soften the impact and survived. Shocking the knights.

 Later, Eru was scolded by Chid and Ady for recklessness.

The knights were receiving awards but Eru was not due to being a 1st year. 

Although the twins were slightly enraged since Eru was not receiving rewards. But Eru was alright and made the matter slide.

 Later Dietrich woke up and had a trauma regarding men who look like women.

 Later, they went home to eat.

Their parents were worried and Eru’s grandpa was there and said he’ll take him to see the King. They rewind back a bit towards the Capital.

The commander, Philip reported everything. And the King wishes to see Eru.

 Worried a bit at his youth and guide him towards the right path if he makes a mistake.

Meanwhile, life returns to normal and Eru and Ady began chatting. Ady’s feelings for Eru began blossoming this instant.


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