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The Girl Raised by the Death God Holds the Sword of Darkness in Her Arms V4 (3 of 8)


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Editor: Hiiro

Holy Nation of Mekia Holy Capital Elsphere, La Shaim Castle

「The Holy Angel has arrived!」

The guard’s loud voice echoed out as he solemnly opened the door engraved with the Goddess Citresia. Sofitia hel Mekia was wearing a light purple attire that matched her hair colour and had a silver sceptre in her hand. She gracefully walked past the guards in neat formation.

It was Spring and nature was booming.

Having formally acknowledged Stonia Duchy’s declaration of war against the Holy Nation of Mekia, a war conference would be held in the La Shaim Castle on Sofitia’s orders.

Gathered in the 《Hall of the Holy Spirit》 for the conference were——

Holy Legate Lara Mira Crystal.

Senior Chiliarch Johann Strider.

Chiliarch Amelia Stolast.

Senior Centurion Zephyr Barschmide.

And also twelve other Senior Centurions proficient in both administrative duties and combat— commonly referred as 『Twelve Winged Guards』, a total of 16 people.

They got up as one and received Sofitia with their salutations. Sofitia sat down in a chair pulled out by a servant, and ordered everyone to sit down.

「As you all know, our Holy Nation of Mekia has been notified of the Stonia Duchy’s declaration of war. And of course, I plan to engage them in open combat.」

Everyone nodded in agreement to Sofitia’s words. One of the Senior Centurion raised his hand. Sofitia nodded slightly to give him permission to speak.

「Holy Angel, it is well known that the Stonia Duchy is the dog of the Arsbelt Empire, so the Empire must be behind this.」

「It is as you say, the Empire must have known that our Holy Nation of Mekia is responsible for the assault on Fort Astra. Otherwise, the unrelated Stonia Duchy will not declare war so suddenly.」

They might be after Mekia’s bountiful ore reserves, but Sofitia refuted that thought. As expected of the Empire, they acted fast after they figured things out.

「However, I don’t understand why the Empire isn’t taking action directly?」

「Indeed, the Empire has never shown mercy to anyone who defies them. Coercing the Stonia Duchy to attack seemed uncharacteristically passive for them.」

「The Imperial Army suffered consecutive losses against the Royal Army, so that might be a reason.」

「That might be true, but unlike the Royal Army, the Imperial Army can still spare the effort. That line of reasoning won’t work.」

Naturally, the Senior Centurions raised their doubts. The difference in battle prowess between the Empire and the Holy Nation of Mekia was clear for all to see. However, the Empire didn’t declare war directly, so these were the few reasons they could think of. With the defeat of their symbolic Crimson and Sun Knights, the Empire would want to see the reactions of the other nations.

「Maybe they are wary of the Saint Illuminous Church?」

The Saint Illuminous Church was based in the Artemia Cathedral, located within the Holy Nation of Mekia. Furthermore, it was a religion with many believers in the Empire. Since the devotees viewed the Holy Nation of Mekia as holy ground, declaring war would rile those devotees up.

In fact, Sofitia received a letter from Pope Krishna Halbert of the Artemia Cathedral, that the Knights of the Holy Church would gladly lend their aid.

With potential riots from zealots and the Knights of the Holy Church mobilizing, even the Empire would not escape unscathed. The Empire understood that very well, which was why they were pretending they weren’t involved— Sofitia explained to the group.

「They call themselves an Empire, but they sure loves petty tricks.」

Lara crossed her arms with an annoyed face.

「Their strategy is clear, the pitiful one is the Stonia Duchy who got sent out as cannon fodder.」

According to the intel reports by the Owl, Stonia Duchy had around 60,000 soldiers. Compared to that, the Holy Winged Legion numbered 50,000. Numerically speaking, Mekia was at a great disadvantage. However, no one showed any fear and were in high spirits.

Seeing no one had said anything to dampen the mood, Sofitia was pleased.

「Holy Angel, how big of an army shall we mobilize?」

Amelia said without any inflexion, and Sofitia answered with a smile.

「Sending out all our forces might be good, but 30,000 would be enough this time.」

After a brief silence, the Senior Centurions started getting rowdy.

「Half the enemy’s numbers… We sure are taking it easy.」

Amelia nodded and said coldly.

「Amelia is right.」

Even Lara who was always admonishing Amelia concurred.

「The Empire will be gauging our military prowess with this battle, so winning with smaller numbers is one of the conditions.」

Winning with inferior numbers. It was easy to say that, but executing it was anything but easy. Aside from the use of special tactics, there were few examples of countries winning battles with a smaller army. The victory of the Seventh Army over the Crimson Knights was an example of such a miracle. However, the Holy Nation of Mekia had outstanding Sorcerers like Lara, Johann, and Amelia who was as good as a thousand men.

In contrast, Stonia had the advantage of numbers, but they were forced into this war by the Empire, and lacked the important factor that would win them battles— which was troop morale.

They could win. Sofitia wasn’t worried about that.

「We understand your thoughts, Holy Angel— Speaking of which, who will you appoint to command the frontlines?」

Lara cast an uneasy gaze her way, and Sofitia laughed at her cute behaviour.

「Don’t worry, this is the first major battle since I took the mantle of the Holy Angel. I don’t intend for anyone else but the leader of the Holy Winged Legion, Lara, to take command.」

Lara’s face turned better immediately. Sofitia could see her smile occasionally, but that wasn’t so for her subordinates who all looked surprised. Even the poker-faced Amelia was staring at Lara with her mouth wide open.

Showered by the curious gazes, Lara coughed a few times to conceal her embarrassment and stiffened her expression.

「Understood. Lara Mira Crystal would decimate the Stonia army with the 30,000 soldiers of the Holy Winged Legion. Holy Angel, please wait in La Shaim Castle for the news of our triumph.」

Sofitia smiled brightly.

「Very well, I will be counting on you, Lara.」


「—— Holy Angel, permission to speak?」

Turning to the voice, she found a serious Johann waiting for her. Sofitia knew his frivolous nature very well, so she sat up straight and answered solemnly.

「Feel free to speak.」

「I don’t have any question with regards to the Stonia Duchy… What are your plans for the Death God Olivia? Pray tell us your thoughts.」

Death God Olivia. The moment Johann mentioned that name, the excitement in the room faded away and everyone turned serious.

Everyone present had read Johann’s report on Death God Olivia.

「Magic… Does that really exist? And getting mana from outside— that’s too preposterous.」

Before Sofitia could speak, Amelia cast a suspicious gaze towards Johann. Lara had the same eyes, so it was clear they were both thinking about the same thing.

Zephyr wanted to speak, but Johann stopped him with a gaze.

「Well, I understand how you feel, Ms Amelia. I witnessed Magic with my own eyes, and it felt like a dream to me too. So, I just want to make one thing clear— if we make an enemy out of her, we will suffer greatly.」

Johann said firmly and Zephyr nodded. Johann was a man who could analyze the situation calmly, the same applied to the leader of the 『Owl』, Zephyr. Sofitia had no reason to ignore their warnings about Death God Olivia.

After receiving Johann’s report, Sofitia ordered the civil officers to investigate Magic thoroughly. However, there were no records of Magic in ancient tomes or anywhere else.

「I fully appreciate the danger of Miss Death God. But from Johann’s description of her, she seemed to be very friendly.」

If not, Johann wouldn’t be sitting here with all his limbs in place. This clearly showed Olivia’s overwhelming combat prowess.

Johann stroked his chin and searched his memories.

「I can’t be completely sure… but I don’t think she bears any hostility towards us.」

「In that case, there is no sense in rushing. Let’s wait and observe the situation for now.」

Sofitia felt her decision to send Johann to investigate was a wise decision. If she had sent Amelia, the Holy Nation might have lost a valuable Sorcerer. Johann was only alive because of his sociable nature.

「Instead of that, I’m more concerned about 『Z』 who taught Magic to Miss Death God. Is there any records on that in the books?」

「Even if you ask me that…」

「Any trivial thing will do, even just the gender will be fine.」

「… My deep apologies. I was in no position to ask back then.」

「… Me too, this is a shameful display for the leader of the  『Owl』.」

Johann scratched his head bashfully and Zephyr hung his head in shame.

「Don’t misunderstand, I’m not blaming either of you. You have achieved the main objective and brought back valuable intel.」

Of course Sofitia wanted more information. An existence like 『Z』 was more dangerous than Olivia, so she couldn’t ignore it. The threat was as great as an entire nation. On the other hand, from Johann’s report, Sofitia knew that was asking for too much. Magic— probably a higher tier of Sorcery… Going by the report, similar to Sorcerers, mana exhaustion would also lead to death for the usage of Magic. Maybe Magic and Sorcery had the same origin— Sofitia thought.

If their origins were the same, maybe Lara and the other Sorcerers could use Magic too. To realize this goal, they need to get into contact with  『Z』. And the first step would be getting on the good side of Death God Olivia.

「So, we are letting Death God Olivia do as she please?」

Lara concluded, and Sofitia nodded.

「That’s right, focus on the battle with Stonia Duchy for now. I haven’t told anyone yet, but I have already made arrangements with regards to Miss Death God.」

「You already… As expected of the Holy Angel.」

Sofitia answered Lara’s respectful eyes with a smile. Even that Ever-Victorious General would be caught off guard when he suddenly received that letter.

「… Pardon me, but might I ask what arrangements have you made?」

Johann asked Sofitia warily. Not just Johann, everyone was looking at Sofitia curiously.

「Fufu, in due time. Look forward to it in the meanwhile.」

Sofitia knocked the silver sceptre against the floor to declare the end of the war conference.

Interlude: The Frenzy of Elis

Royal Capital Fizz South Zone

In Grimoire Street, known for being a bustling street even in the prosperous south zone, two exceptionally beautiful women were strolling along there. One of them was Ellis Crawford, who seemed to be having the time of her life, the other was Olivia Valedstorm, who was greedily breathing the smell of the food from the stalls..

「Olivia Onee-sama, the weather is great today, so this will be a wonderful date!」

「That’s right. By the way, where are you taking me, Ellis?」

Olivia asked Ellis who was humming happily beside her. Unlike Ellis who was wearing her uniform, Olivia had her dark armour on.

They weren’t heading to a fight, this was just Ellis’ request.

「 Allow me to keep this a secret for now.」

Ellis smiled after licking Olivia’s entire body with her eyes. Olivia understood she didn’t want to say, and pointed at one of the many shops along the street.

「How about that shop?」

「… That run down place?」

Ellis frowned.

This was an easily recognized building with a faded orange triangle roof. By the way, the sign board 「Le Franchell」 was slanted heavily to the right, and was on the verge of falling off.

When Olivia saw this place for the first time, she reacted similarly to Ellis.

「Well, Ashton told me about this place, a cake shop only the experts would know. The cake I tried during the castle’s victory celebration is delicious, but this shop is even better. Isn’t that amazing?」

「So this is the shop Olivia Onee-sama had on your mind all this time?」

「Right right, this is the shop.」

「Aha… I see...」

Ellis said as she looked up at the signboard again.

About half a month ago, Olivia was making a huge fuss, so Ashton reluctantly brought her to this shop. When Olivia was feeling uneasy about the shoddy shop, Ashton beside her was looking around restlessly too. But when the cake entered Olivia’s mouth, it wiped all her worries away. It wasn’t just tasty, it felt like the cake was melting on her tongue.

Olivia still remember when she thanked Ashton, he looked relieved with a face that said 『Told you so.』

Olivia made up her mind to eat there everyday while she was still in the capital, but Claudia stopped her ambition. Her reason was 『It might be tasty, but you will grow tired of it if you eat one everyday.』 Olivia thought she was right and followed her advice.

It has been two whole days since Olivia’s last visit.

「Ellis will find the food delicious too.」

But Ellis didn’t react much. Olivia perked up her ears and heard her mumbling 「Olivia Onee-sama and cake, Olivia Onee-sama and cake, Olivia Onee-sama and cake, Olivia——」 She kept repeating the same thing.

Sensing danger, Olivia slowly pulled away from Ellis, but Ellis immediately closed the distance like a Yasha.

<夜叉: Japanese Demon>

「Olivia Onee-sama, why are you moving so far away from me?」

Ellis tilted her head adorably and asked with a smile.

「Y-You seemed to be in deep thought, so I don’t want to be a nuisance.」

「I will never in my life ever find Olivia Onee-sama a nuisance. Even if the sky falls down, that will still be impossible.」

「I-Is that so— So what about the cake?」

「It’s a tempting offer, but I will pass for now.」

「G-Got it.」

She was rejected, but Olivia felt relieved instead— but this was only for an instant.

「And, so! We can go have cake after we are done with this errand. A two step killing move.」

Olivia didn’t understand what a two step killing move was. What she did know was not to defy the smiling Ellis, so she kept nodding. This was the birth of a different Yasha, separate from Claudia.

「Oh, today is the most wonderful day.」

「I-I don’t really understand, but that’s great.」

Olivia looked with complicated feelings at the mesmerized Ellis who was hugging herself with both arms.

(Humans seem more complicated and stranger than what Z told me. I have still much to learn.)

Olivia thought about the figure of Z as he gave lessons with a book in one hand.


「Olivia Onee-sama, this is the place.」

When they arrived at their destination, Ellis hurried to open the door and pulled Olivia in.

「This is the place you want to take me to?」

Olivia surveyed the shop curiously.

The layout of the shop was fashionably designed to appeal to young girls, with the trendy clothes laid out neatly on the shelves. According to the clerk, even the Fourth Princess, Sara, would visit in secret— but that didn’t matter to Ellis.

「That’s right, but we are not here to pick clothes for Olivia Onee-sama.」

On off days, Olivia only wore a few outfits, and the colour on all of them had faded beyond recognition. Olivia didn’t pay much attention to clothes, and Ellis didn’t have any urge to let her wear pretty dresses. Olivia was already a perfect piece of art, and even rags would look great on her.

Before Olivia, even the Goddess of beauty Aphrodia would pale in comparison.

(Fufu, if Olivia Onee-sama put that on…)

As Ellis was smiling to herself, an acquaintance of hers jogged over. It was the clerk she spoke with during her last visit.

「Lady Crawford, we have been eagerly waiting for your visit. Are you here to pick up your order?」

「Yes, is it done?」

「It is a masterpiece made with great care by our tailors. I have prepared the things to your liking myself, Lady Crawford. Please wait a moment and I will fetch you for you.」

After that, the clerk ran off and disappeared deep inside the shop.

Ellis took on the mission of playing Olivia’s body double and got a tidy bonus. After assuring the shop that money wasn’t an issue, the clerks’ attitude turned respectful. Shortly after, the clerk came back with two boxes.

「Pardon us for the wait, this is the goods you ordered.」

The clerk opened the boxes properly and took out the items, then laid them out carefully on the counter. One was a ceremonial white cape to be draped over the left shoulder, while the other was a short red cape meant for the battlefield. Both of them had the same emblem in the center, crossed scythes and a skull covered in roses— the Valedstorm coat of arms that struck fear into the Imperial Army.

Olivia looked back and forth between the two capes and asked.

「They have the Valedstorm coat of arms on them… Are they for me?」

「Yes, this is a gift to celebrate Olivia Onee-sama’s promotion to Major General, please accept them.」

When she heard Olivia’s black armour was a gift from Ashton, she custom ordered these capes to compete with him.

「Thank you, Ellis!」

Olivia immediately put on the ceremonial cape with a heart stopping smile. Ellis endured a bout of dizziness and desperately asked the clerk for a mirror.

Olivia stood before the mirror and turned around with her cape in hand.

「How is it? Does it suit me?」

「It’s perfect… I’m getting a nosebleed.」

「Ehh? But why?」

「Olivia Onee-sma, humans are beings who will bleed out of their nose at the sight of something too wonderful.」

「Heehee, I didn’t know humans are like that.」

Olivia nodded in awe, then took out a black notebook and scribbled on it. When she locked eyes with the clerk, she looked away.

「After we go back, I want to let Ashton and Claudia see this as soon as possible.」

「The two of them will definitely be moved when they see you— Well then, on to our next destination.」

「We look forward to your next visit.」

After confirming the payment, the clerk sent them off with a smile. The two of them then headed to the cake shop recommended by Olivia.

An hour later—



「Erm, well…」


「I-I got it.」

Ellis succeeded in getting the troubled Olivia to feed her cake.

Claudia who learned about this in the future would choke her with a smile, but that’s another story.

Chapter 3: Dragon versus Tiger!

Rias Plains

Located to the east of the Holy Nation of Mekia, Rias Plains was right next to the mountain range with a big river that divided the plains into the east and the west. Spring had come to the Rias Plains, a place known for the various flowers that bloomed here— but now, there were no signs of that scenery here.

The crowd stomped on the flowers, ending its short lifespan. And the reason was the two armies of the Holy Winged Legion and Stonia, a total of 90,000 were poised to face off here..

Stonia Duchy basecamp.

The angry man with his arms crossed was Field Marshal Auguste Gibbs Lanvinstein. He was a large man with a buffed body.

Back in the Lunar Calendar Year 997, when faced with the Empire’s demand for the Stonia Duchy to submit as a vassal state, Auguste was firmly in the hawk faction till the very end. However, as advised by the leader of the Four Sages, Roman, Archduke Silvester chose to become a vassal state. Auguste lost to the Empire without a fight.

After that, he spent every day drinking his sorrows away. And now, Archduke Silvester ordered an invasion against the Holy Nation of Mekia.

When he received this edict, Auguste laughed coldly in his heart. They chose to become a vassal state in order to avoid war, but in the end, they still had to fight.

And the opponent was the sacred land for the devotees of the Goddess Citresia. Given the condition of the troops right now, they would have been better off fighting the Empire right from the start.

「— What’s wrong with me thinking this way?」

Auguste looked at the purple army banners flying high and soldiers in light green army, and said to the Chief of Staff— Major General Cecilia Para Cadio, who was standing beside him. She was called the best genius woman since the founding of the Stonia Duchy, and earned her place here by outperforming numerous talented officers.

「Field Marshal Sir, it’s only natural for you to be enraged. But there’s no point in saying anything more now, the die has been cast.」

Auguste knew that too, but he still had to say it. He had to say it before this stupid battle started. But if he, the Field Marshal, complained anymore, the already low morale would worsen.

(For once, this is a troubling position to be in…)

Pushing the darkness welling up in his heart to a corner, Auguste gave a loud pep talk to his listless men.

「— Even so, the enemy’s numbers are surprisingly low. I heard they had 40,000 to 50,000 men.」

There were 30,000 enemy soldiers at the very most, very different from the intel given by the Imperial envoy.

「That’s right… Is the Empire’s estimation wrong?」

Cecilia said as she turned her gaze diagonally to the right. Standing there was a man in azure armour and cape. A Military Consultant sent by the Empire for the war against the Holy Nation of Mekia, Felixus von Sieger. Right now, he was observing the battlefield leisurely with his arms crossed.

「No, I can’t imagine that happening. I heard the Empire’s spy unit 『Heat Haze』 is excellent. And there’s also the strongest man in the Empire… Well, he just looks like a delicate man with a pretty face.」

The women referred to Felixus, who was in a way an enemy, the 『Azure Gentleman』 and got in heat over him. Quarrels about whether he locked eyes with them had happened quite a number of times.

All that might sound retarded, but Auguste had to admit Felixus was a really handsome man. His luscious dark hair, flawless nose bridge and lips, and his dark blue eyes had a gentleness and intelligence that didn’t match his reputation as the strongest man.

There weren't many men who could become a sight for sore eyes just by standing still, so Auguste could understand why the women were all so worked up over him. Even the Archduke’s daughter looked at him with a thirsty expression, it made him too speechless to even get angry over this.

「He is amazingly handsome…」

Cecilia said in a longing tone. Auguste sighed in his heart, 『You are thirsty for him too?』

「Ahem! —Chief of Staff Cecilia.」

「P-Pardon me. Assuming the Empire’s estimation isn’t wrong, there is only one conclusion.」

Cecilia had an awkward expression. Understanding what she meant, Auguste furrowed his brows.

「You are saying the Holy Winged Legion is looking down on us?」

「I wouldn’t put it that way……」

「We submitted to the Empire without a fight, so it can’t be helped if they think that way.」

Auguste’s dry laugh echoed hollowly. If he was in their shoes, he would feel the same way. Even with that in mind, wasn’t 30,000 overdoing it?

He didn’t know what the enemy commander was thinking about, but the number of troops would affect the chance of victory, so naturally, Auguste would commit all the forces he had on hand.

「We outnumber the Holy Winged Legion by two to one. I don’t see how we can fail, but…」

Contrary to her forceful tone, Cecilia’s face didn’t relax.

Auguste added:

「Our troop morale is low, but even with twice their numbers, victory is not guaranteed— that’s what you want to say right,?」

After a few seconds of hesitation, Cecilia nodded.

「It’s regrettable, but there has been quite a number of deserters during our march.」

「Are those soldiers devotees of the Goddess Citresia?」

「It is as you say, they are the more pious ones of the devotees.」

Auguste took a deep breath and looked up into the sky. No matter what reasons they gave, desertion in the face of battle was punishable by death, even if their attempts ended in failure. They chose to flee despite knowing that, which showed how deep their faith was.

「The Goddess Citresia… How problematic. God is unique, and we only need the one and only God of War, Zorbes.」

The God of War Zorbes was the Stonia Duchy Patron God since ancient times.

With three heads and six arms, it wielded weapons like chakram and trident. Unlike the Goddess of creation Citresia, it was known for its destructive prowess.


「God of War Zorbes… It has been so long since I heard that name. The last time I read about him was in the Stonia founding chronicles I read when I was five years old.」

Cecilia said nostalgically. Speaking of which, the Stonia founding chronicles wasn’t a book meant for children, it was used for research by historians.

Auguste didn’t point that out and continued.

「The young ones nowadays aren’t interested in mythology, With that in mind, the popularity of the Goddess Citresia is mind boggling, Don’t you think so, Chief of Staff Cecilia?」


Cecilia nodded a little troublingly for some reason.

「Never mind, enough about that. How did you deal with the ones attempting to desert?」

「Don’t worry, we have just detained them for now. Under military laws, they should be executed publicly, but I think we should make an exception this time.」

Anyone else aside from Cecilia would have executed them on the spot. That was only to be expected. However, Cecilia wasn’t a stickler to the rules and had a flexible mind, which was why Auguste thought so highly of her.

「Indeed. Things won’t end peacefully by just securing victory, I don’t think the Saint Illuminous Church will stand by idly.」

If they knew that the devotees would be executed, the Saint Illuminous Church would let the Knights of the Holy Church join the fray on the pretext of a Holy War. To prevent things from devolving into that, they had to treat the devotees cautiously.

It was stifling, but that was the cruel reality the Stonia Duchy had to face.

「Your Grace, the enemy’s vanguard had started their attack.」

Auguste looked and saw the enemy had deployed in the Arrow formation. They moved tidily as well with outstanding discipline, clearly displaying the strict training they had been through.


「Taking the Arrow formation against an army twice their numbers… Just what are they thinking?」

「They must be really confident in the coming battle.」

Had they never experienced real war before? In any case, this was a great opportunity.

「Field Marshal, how should we proceed?」

「Is it summer, when the moths throw themselves into the fire? Lure them into the center of our formation and wipe them out. That should somewhat raise our morale.」

「Understood, I will get the preparations underway.」

Cecilia's shrill voice echoed on the battlefield.

Holy Winged Legion, Vanguard

Of the 30,000 men in the Holy Winged Legion, Amelia led 7,000 light infantry to form the vanguard. She flicked her hair back with her fingers, then leisurely looked at the 60,000 Stonia army in formation before her.

The Holy Guards had an intimidating aura about them after deploying in an Arrow formation, in sharp contrast to the stoic Stonia Army. One of the Twelve Winged Guards protecting the 『Gate of Six』 in La Shaim Castle was Senior Centurion Jan Alexia, who wields a halberd. He walked to Amelia who was at the fore of the formation and saluted.

「Chiliarch Amelia, all the preparations are complete, we are ready to attack on your orders!」

Amelia took out a white pocket watch after receiving that report. She opened the cover which had the engraving of  the Goddess Citresia and checked the time.

「It took 15 minutes for the formation to be ready, that’s far too long. Even though this is a war to show the glory of the Holy Angel to the world.」

Amelia said plainly and Jan reporting gulped.

「My deep apologies!」

「… I will overlook it this time.」

「Thank you for your generosity!」

「There won’t be a next time, remember that.」

Amelia looked back and her glare made Jan take a step back. But he immediately righted himself and said firmly.

「Yes! I will etch it into my heart!」

「Also, it’s an honour for a warrior to be the vanguard. Spread the word, I will cut down anyone who shows fear before the enemy.」

「Yes! Your will shall be done, Chiliarch Amelia!」

He turned and jogged away. Shortly after, the Holy Guards raised their weapons high with a roar.

「「The Goddess Citresia will watch over the Holy Winged Legion!!」」

「「In the name of the Holy Angel, victory shall be ours!」」

「Then start rampaging them, the party is about to begin.」

Amelia drew her sword in high spirits and sounded the horn for the assault.

Sorcerers, whose existence was doubtful to most people— the Holy Nation of Mekia was a mysterious nation that produced lots of them. They might be small, but there was a time when they ruled over the Dubedirica continent. There were as many books based on that era as there were stars, and the stories captivated the hearts of countless people.

The most popular amongst women was the story of Johann Strider, depicted in drawings as a handsome man and survived to this day. A man with lovers everywhere, he never married his entire life. He was an exception with more love stories than tales of heroic exploits.

And popular amongst men were the Seventh Generation Holy Angel, Sofitia hel Mekia, known for her extraordinary charisma and beauty, as well as the 『Silver Beauty』 Lara Mira Crystal.

On the other hand, it wasn’t clear if this was the truth— there was a person said to enjoy killing, known as the 『Bloody Princess』, Amelia Stolast. One of the books described her as squeezing out the blood of an entire mob, as she stood with blood covering her entire body and a crazed smile on her face. The truthfulness of the above depiction was in doubt, but all the books had one thing in common. She was merciless on the battlefield.

Maybe people were drawn to such cruelty, she had a small group of diehard fans—

A few hours after the battle started between the Holy Winged Legion and the Stonia army. The vanguard of the Stonia army feigned a complete collapse in their formation and pretended to be in disarray. Amelia who was right in the fray stabbed at the back of the fleeing soldiers as if she was trying to carve their hearts out—


Two soldiers from both sides attacked Amelia. Amelia lowered her stance and slashed in an arc.


Amelia licked the tip of her blood stained sword as she looked condescendingly at the soldiers who couldn’t believe their eyes.

「You thought you caught me off guard? Act the part of a gutter rat properly and scram.」

「Chiliarch Amelia, we have split the enemy into two halves!」

Jan shouted loudly as he swung his bloody halberd with his back to the dazzling sun.

Amelia glared at him.

「Instead of saying something so obvious, hurry up and decimate them piece by piece.」

「Yes! I will get right on it!」

Swiftly relaying the order to all units, the Holy Guards switched into high mobility pursuit mode. Amelia watched as she enjoyed the thickening scent of blood, a Holy Guard knelt before her in ragged breath.

「C-Chiliarch Amelia! Emergency report!」


「Chiliarch Amelia!」

「… How noisy, I was just in a good mood.」

Amelia frowned. If this wasn’t a battlefield, she would have ‘educated the Holy Guard who rained on her parade. How regrettable.

「My apologies! This is urgent!」

「Hah… So, what is it?」

Amelia looked at the Holy Guard. The Holy Guard looked frightened for a moment, then started his report.

「Enemy forces are approaching from our rear!」

「Enemy forces?— Please be more precise, how many are there?」

「About twenty thousand!」

「Twenty thousand…」

Amelia waved Jan over, and grabbed the telescope Jan took the initiative to offer. She looked at the direction the Holy Guard was pointing at.

In her eyes were the Stonia army closing their encirclement. Like what the Holy Guard said, they numbered around twenty thousand.

(I got careless…)

Amelia grunted and handed the telescope back to Jan.

Jan looked through the telescope too, then groaned.

「The… The timing is too coincidental. In my humble opinion…」

With that as a pretext, Jan slowly mentioned the possibility that everything the enemy had done so far was to draw them deep.

Amelia quietly listened to his opinion.

「To think the Stonia army played us like a damn fiddle…」

Jamming the halberd in his right hand deep into the ground, Jan showed a face of anguish and regret. The brave Holy Guards attackers sounded shaken too.

Amelia was planning to strike at the weak points of the enemy defences, but that was a clever trap set up by the enemy all along. They were clueless as the trap snagged them— the commander probably didn’t even relay the plans to the soldiers acting as bait and fleeing.

If all this was planned, then Amelia would have no qualms about praising the display of intellect which was above her own.

「We seem to be locked in a giant cage for now. For a dog that licked the boots of the Empire without any resistance, they are doing pretty well.」

As Amelia was mumbling anxiously, the old soldier that had fallen to her feet snapped his fingers and opened his mouth. He was still alive for now.

「Just die already!」

Amelia raised her right arm to stop Jan from stabbing the veteran with his halberd.

「Chiliarch Amelia……」

Jan looked perplexed. But Amelia didn’t do that out of a sense of mercy, she was just curious about what he had to say, since he could have lived if he had kept his mouth shut.

「Foolish people of the Holy Nation of Mekia… there is no way… you can win.」

「Is that all you have to say!?」

「Listen up, our Stonia Duchy has been protected by the God of War Zorbes since ancient times… Your patron Goddess Citresia… Is just a second tier trash Goddess… She is leagues below the God of War Zorbes… so you have no chance of winning.」

Amelia kicked the head of the laughing veteran hard, and his neck snapped in an impossible angle, which ended his laughter.

「God of War Zorbes? I have never heard of that god, and I’m not interested. The Goddess of Creation Citresia is the one and only Goddess.」

Amelia kept kicking the dead veteran. As the Holy Guards watched with bated breath, the veteran was twisted out of shape as his white armour slowly turned black.

Jan who was watching with fear said timidly.

「The Holy Winged Legion will never be defeated, but our vanguard will get cut off if this continues. Please leave this place to me and withdraw for now, Chiliarch Amelia.」

Jan said with determination, and Amelia spread her arms out in surprise.

「Withdraw? That doesn’t sound like something a Twelve Winged Guard should be saying, are you serious?」

「Of course I am serious.」

Jan answered firmly, and Amelia nursed her temple and shook her head.

「Hah… Jan Alexia. Don’t just work out your body, train your brains occasionally. We can make use of this great opportunity.」

「Opportunity? This is an opportunity for us?」

「I won’t repeat myself.」

The strategy of the Stonia army was working, and their guard must be down now. If they were hit hard at this moment, their morale would plummet for multiple reasons. No matter how many soldiers they have, defeating them would be as easy as snatching candy from a baby— this was a great chance for Mekia.

As Jan watched on with incredulity, Amelia started explaining impatiently. Jan didn’t interrupt her, but he didn’t look convinced.

「I understand what you mean,,, but it will be difficult for us to achieve that under such a dire situation. As you said earlier, Chiliarch Amelia, our vanguard is trapped in a cage. Forget about an opportunity, we are—?!」

Amelia grabbed his chest and pulled him close. Firm and wavering eyes— two contrasting gazes stared at each other.

「You have been nagging for some time now, are you mistaking something? I only said we seemed to be locked in a giant cage ‘for now’, don’t advance the conversation on your own.」

「B-But if this carries on…」

Jan insisted on his view, which made Amelia sighed deeply. It would be easier to convince him with actions instead of words. It’s pathetic, but easing the worries of foolish subordinates was also the duties of a superior.

「Back off.」

After pushing Jan aside, Amelia injected a large amount of mana into a magic circle. The outer edge of the magic circle started to spin, and her left hand was gradually covered by a bluish white light.

「Look at Chiliarch Amelia’s left hand!」

「Ohh! Chiliarch Amelia is going to use Sorcery!」

The Holy Guards started getting rowdy. Amelia who was targeting the enemy vanguard spread her legs, then slammed her glowing left hand hard onto the ground.

「Look carefully. This is the start of the real party.」

A light shot out in front with Amelia’s words. When it reached the enemy’s forward unit, the land started quivering as the light faded.

「What’s going on? An earthquake?」

The Stonia army stopped in their strides. The shaking got more intense that they couldn’t even stand. A soldier suddenly shouted.

「Wait! Something coming out of the ground!」

After those words were uttered, the other soldiers also spoke with surprised voices.

「These are? Vines?!」

「W-What are these monstrous vines!? It’s entangling my body?!」

「I-I can’t move!」

「Hieeee! It’s sucking my blood!」

「Ughh… Save… Me…」

The giant vines engulfed the vanguard in an instant, painting a terrible hell scene.

— High level Bondage Sorcery, Thousand Dazzling Net.

The vines created with Sorcery bound the enemy, and the countless thorns suck out their blood. It was said that when all the blood had been drained, a crimson flower would bloom from the corpses.

Of all the Sorcery Amelia had mastered, this was the cruelest one she knew.

Holy Winged Legion, Center Guard

「Huh? Ahhh! Sir Johann, this is terrible! Lady Amelia’s unit has been surrounded by the enemy, we have to save her!」

Senior Centurion Angelica Brenda who was holding a telescope with one hand yelled, and Johann couldn’t help sighing.

「Rescue? Easy for you to say, but I doubt the enemy will let us pass through. Or do you want to bring the enemy along too?」

Shortly after Amelia’s vanguard engaged the enemy, Johann’s Centre Guard clashed with the Stonia forces too. On this different battlefield, Johann’s army was fighting smoothly because of the vast difference in morale.

However, the Centre Guard only numbered ten thousand, and Johann couldn’t spare the troops against the Stonia army of twenty thousand.

「I don’t want to say this, but—」

「What do you want me to do?」

「Do you even need to ask? Sir Johann can go boom with your Sorcery, just one bloom will be enough.」

Angelica hopped around with her arms flailing around. Whenever she jumped, the thing on her back would jingle noisily.

The girl’s claymore didn’t match her petite body at all, but she was one of the Twelve Winged Guards guarding the 『Gate of one』, known as 『Cleaving Angelica』

「Talk is easy, but to be clear, my Sorcery is very taxing. If I really go boom like you said, then my mana will run out in an instant.」

「Isn’t it fine to exhaust your mana?」

Angelica tilted her small head confusedly. Johann shot her a speechless gaze. Mana exhaustment meant death, she should have heard about that in bed time stories.

「What nonsense are you sprouting?」

「Hmm? I’m not sprouting nonsense?」

Angelica made no signs of straightening her head.

(Was I mistaken?)

For an instant, the faces of many women flashed across Johann’s mind. On second thought, this involved the root of Sorcery, and wasn’t common knowledge.

He finally concluded that Angelica did know about the lethal effect of mana exhaustion.

「Hah… So, you are saying it’s fine even if I died?」

Angelica was all smiles.

「That couldn’t be. Even if you forgot about our date and went off to meet other girls, I don’t mind one~ tiny bit.」

Angelica’s unexpectedly vicious words stunned Johann.

「I think it’s a ~young, energetic silver haired girl who is very very pretty~」

Angelica intentionally dragged out her voice, and looked at him with her moist purple eyes. She was as cute as a small critter— unfortunately, there was a sharp gleam deep within her eyes like a sword crafted by a master artisan. It was clear that Angelica was furious, but Johann was dumbstruck that she got it all wrong.

「Oh, you are talking about that person.」

「Which person?」

Angelica narrowed her eyes with a faint smile. Sensing danger, Johann quickly changed his tune.

「Ahem, I’m just talking to myself. First of all, I didn’t forget about my promise with you, Angelica. That was an investigation mission handed down directly from the Holy Angel, so it can’t be helped. And the subject just coincidentally happened to be a pretty girl.」

Johann emphasized the word 『coincidentally.』 Johann didn’t exaggerate his words this time. This was the simple truth, and he had nothing to feel guilty about—

「Eh? Isn’t that strange~」

Angelica rested her index finger on her cheek and tilted her head, making it clear she had something to say.

Johann had an ominous feeling, but gestured for her to go on.

「Because, I heard that~ Sir Johann volunteered for the assignment, right~? And you knew from the very start that the subject was a beauty, correct~?」


「Hmm? Why aren’t you saying anything, Sir Johann~?」

Angelica looked at him as if he was walking garbage, and Johann decided to hold his peace. No, that was his only option. It was true that he volunteered, knowing Olivia was a beauty.

Saying more slipshort excuses would not just get him into more trouble, it might even kill him.

(But why did Angelica know all that?)

It was only natural for Johann to be curious. The culprit Johann would keep things quiet, and he didn’t think Angelica could investigate all that on her own.

As Angelica’s stubborn gaze made Johann shrivel his body, an idea sprung to his mind.

(I see! It must be Miss Amelia. Everything made sense if she was the one who prattled to Angelica— Tch! What a pain……)

Amelia’s social skills were deplorable, but was on great terms with Angelica somehow. When he saw the two of them visit an accessory shop, Johann even rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

Amelia probably liked Angelica’s forthright character— in anycase, this was the situation Johann found himself in.

Johann coughed loudly a few times and ordered Angelica with a serious face.

「Such trivial matters aside, Third Company is in a bit of trouble. Send in the Ninth Company to support immediately!」

「Ahh! You are diverting the topic!」

Johann waved his hand, pushing away Angelica’s finger that was almost touching his face.

「I’m not changing the topic.」

「Muu! Really now, Sir Johann is too sly…」

Angelica grumbled quietly as she relayed the accurate instructions to a messenger. Shortly after, the Ninth Company went off to reinforce the Third Company.

「— So, we still can’t save Lady Amelia after all?」

Angelica talked about reinforcements again with serious eyes. She was clearly worried about Amelia.

「Like I already said, we can’t spare any men. I know how you feel, but it’s not possible now.」

「Can’t we ask Holy Legate Lara for aid?」

In place of an answer, Johann gently patted Angelica’s fluffy white hair as she proposed an alternative. Angelica said 「Don’t think you can fudge things over with this」, but she still docily let Johann pat her head.

「If she feels it is dangerous, Holy Legate Lara will take action without us asking… Don’t worry, a Chiliarch is not just a pretty vase.」

He might be saying that, but Johann couldn’t be sure either. No matter how strong Sorcery was, in the end, it was used by humans. A moment of lapse and she might die too. However, Johann didn’t think the smart Amelia would fall without a fight.

「That might be true…」

Angelica swallowed the rest of her words, but her expression was clearly sullen. Johann understood she couldn’t accept this completely since she wasn’t looking at him.

「Think about it. It may be fine for Holy Legate Lara, but if I go to her aid, she will bear a grudge forever. That’s how prideful Amelia is.」

「Yes, you are right…」

She thought about Amelia’s personality, and Angelica couldn’t help smiling. At this moment, Johann suddenly felt a chilling wave. A mana wave only Sorcerers could sense—

(Miss Amelia used that spell, huh.)

Angelica looked at Johann who was suddenly smiling wryly.

「Your worries were in vain, Angelica.」

「Ehh? What do you mean?」

「I felt a disturbance in the mana force, that must be Miss Amelia using high level Sorcery.」

「High level Sorcery? What is high level Sorcery?」

Angelica’s eyes were sparkling. She must be expecting some glamorous spells, and Johann frowned.

「It’s better that you don’t know, you might not be able to hold your food down.」

「Ehh~ putting it that way makes me even more curious~」

Angelica puffed out her cheeks and shook Johann’s arm. He wanted to ignore her, but Angelica showed no signs of giving up.

With no other choice, Johann took out the telescope hanging on his waist.

「Alright, I will lend you the telescope. See for yourself if you are that curious. However—」


Johann looked at Angelica seriously.

「Don’t complain after you see it.」

「No problem!」

Angelica happily took the new model of telescope from Johann, then scaled speedily up a nearby tree, as if the Claymore on her back was just a prop. A while later, she staggered back with unfocused eyes and a pale face.

「Ughh… How disgusting, the Stonia soldiers are all shrivelled up.」

「I already told you it will make you puke. I had the same reaction as you when I first saw that.」

「Really now, just what is that Sorcery?」

Angelica pouted unhappily.

「Thousand Dazzling Net, a high level Sorcery that drains all the blood of its opponents.」

「Bleeahh… That’s why the corpses are all dried up. Are the red flowers around the corpses…」

「You catch on quickly, those are the 『evidences』. By the way, the Sorceries Miss Amelia mastered are amongst the most vicious.」

「It’s too vicious— Sir Johann, you can use that kind of Sorcery too?」

Johann scratched his head as Angelica looked on with worry.

「I won’t, or more accurately, I can’t…」

The type of Sorcery one could use was dependent on one’s character, interest and talent. According to Johann’s master, the Bondage Type Thousand Dazzling Net was a Sorcery that suited the sadistic Amelia, and didn’t mesh well with Johann.

After he explained that, Angelica patted her breasts in relief.

「That’s great.」

「So how about it? The situation should have changed around now.」

If the enemy didn’t lose their will to fight after seeing the Thousand Dazzling Net, they would be worthy of respect. There wasn’t any need to worry in the first place— Johann showed a self mocking smile.

「Y-Yes! Lady Amelia’s Sorcery had caused the enemy to fall into confusion, it is just a matter of time before we switch from defence to offence.」

「Is that so. I didn’t expect this to happen, but let’s get things started here too.」

「You are finally going to use it?」

Angelica looked stiffly at Johann’s left hand.

「I’m not trying to be stingy, I’m just waiting for the right moment.」

「The right moment?」

「Yes, I have to follow the intentions of the Holy Angel.」

「Is this the ‘performance’ the Holy Angel mentioned during the war conference?」

「That’s right. Since the Empire incited this war, they must have someone observing from the sides. We need to display our strength properly, and let them know the consequences of making an enemy out of the Holy Nation.」

Johann flexed his left hand, and Angelica raised her fist with a smile.

「Please start things off with a boom! A big boomer!」

「Hah… you sure are taking things easy.」

Johann sighed deeply and raised his left hand to the sky. As he injected mana into a flame magic circle, Angelica ordered the troops to pull back.

「— Sir Johann! The withdrawal is complete!」

「Then it’s time… To be honest, I pity you. But this is war, so don’t bear any grudges against me.」

With a scorching light, a large ball of fire flew out of Johann’s left hand— No, it would be more correct to call it a miniature sun. With a howl, it stopped above the Stonia Army.


Johann clenched his left hand into a fist, and the fire ball exploded, pouring flames like a rain on top of the Stonia army.

— High level Flame Sorcery, Crimson Rain of the Flowery Wind.

Fire fell like a misty rain, quickly engulfing the enemy into a crimson vortex.

This was one of the wide-area Sorcery Johann was proficient in.

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