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Hero Without Blood or Tear Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Meeting Great Evil (2)

Tanslator: Weekendgollem
Editor: Deus Ex Machina, Perditor

“My god.”

Darkness referred to the primordial powers the demons worshipped. The materialized personifications of the Darkness were mysterious god-like beings called Princes of Darkness. The demon lords and other demonic creatures worshipped them and in return received power.

It was the same principle as humans worshipping gods and receiving blessings in exchange. The Convent of Sisters of Walpurgis, for example, worshipped the goddess of charity and protection, Walpurga.

Walpurgis’ own strength was based on Walpurga’s love for her and the name Walpurgis was itself inspired by Walpurga..

This alone revealed how much she was loved by the goddess. If she managed to survive to the later part of the story, she would advance to her final class “Avatar of Goddess Walpurga”.

It was no coincidence she was the hope of the Order of Sisters of Walpurgis.

Regardless, the situation was still strange.

“I don’t understand, Lady Walpurgis. This is the main convent of the Order. How can the Abbess of the Order be attacked by Darkness in the middle of the convent.”

To make a comparison to explain how ridiculous the situation was, one was more likely to catch a cold while in completely sterile room. This place was crawling with high level paladins and templars. Even normal looking granny nuns walking around were level 50~60 masters. For anyone on the side of Darkness, this place was a true hell.

But for the leader and the strongest warrior of them all to be defeated?

Furthermore, the Abbess of the Order of Sisters of Walpurgis was one of the “12 Swords of the Empire”, the 12 strongest people in the Empire.  

The Sisters of Walpurgis were a purely militaristic order dedicated to smashing apart demon lords, unlike the images of an ordinary nun. They received much power from the goddess and even the middle-aged nuns tending to a flower bed in a corner of the fortress had killed their fair share of orcs. Who knew if they were using the orcs they killed as fertilizer.

“I understand why you may be confused. The Abbess fell into a carefully prepared trap. There was also a traitor among us..”

There was one person whom the word treachery reminded me of..

“Is it Pejamut’s work?”

“Probably so.”

Pejamut was a coward who didn’t act on anything unless a trap and betrayal were ready. It seemed he worked hard to spring a trap on the Abbess while preparing one for Philip as well.

“This may sound unpleasant, but it appears Pejamut is very resourceful. For him to work on the Sisterhood as well as Philip at the same time.”

“Even I feel fearful. These dark plots that the demon lords weave are truly something to behold.”

I listened to the details of the story. It seems one of the relics of the Princes of Darkness was discovered somewhere in Rheinfelden. The one who brought news of discovery was one of the revered elders, Annacis.

“And Annacis was the traitor?”


Letting one of the relics of the Princes of Darkness fall into demon hands posed a significant threat. Furthermore, even if the relic was left alone, it would taint the land and kill the people who lived nearby.

Annacis and several high ranking nuns were dispatched but the mission failed and she returned alone.

“An act. She probably killed the nuns who went with her.”

“... Valler, your guesses appear quite accurate despite not hearing about it.”

“Treachery is something I have had the misfortune of running into many times before.”

I’ve fought the demon lords for countless seasons. A traitor was something I’ve suffered many times.

The reason why I liked Walpurgis amongst all the heroes was because she never betrayed you no matter how bad the situation was.

“You are a strange man, Valler. Sometimes you sound like a young man, but other times you sound like an experienced general. When I talk with you, I sometimes feel like I am talking to one of the elders of the Order.”

“Everyone has their own story.”


Walpurgis just looked at me without words for a while. I had no idea what she was thinking, but she continued.

“The Abbess lead the expedition herself after Annacis’ report. She would not have acted so hastily under normal circumstances. However, with Pejamut’s army so close by, she needed to take care of the situation as quickly as possible.”

“And then she was ambushed?”

“Correct. Pejamut’s specialty.”

What was particular about this ambush was there was no army waiting for them. The relic itself was the ambush. It was an artifact Pejamut had prepared.

“The moment she tried to purify the Darkness, the Darkness swallowed her. She was attacked by the traitor Annacis amidst the situation as well. She managed to defeat her, but now…”

Walpurgis’ pained voice became quieter and quieter. I embraced her silently. Walpurgis melted into my embrace without any resistance.

“It’s unbearable… to see the Abbess like that… swallowed by the Darkness…”

Both of Walpurgis’ parents passed away when she was young. That was why she followed the Abbess as if she was her own mother. Now, she just heard that the Abbess would not make it through the night. I could imagine how she felt.

She barely returned after Iron Prince-Elector Philip’s betrayal and her mother-figure was in such a condition. I wondered how she had the mental strength to still hold on.

Furthermore, she wasn’t the perfect sword yet. She was still a tender 16 year old girl who didn’t show that side of her to others.

“It’ll be alright. It will be fine.”

I fell into thought while stroking her back.

There was something I didn’t understand. Darkness which could swallow the Abbess? No matter how strong the Darkness was, that wasn’t how it worked.

She was a specialist in dealing with darkness. Even the power of the strongest of the Princes, “Unspeakable Dark” wouldn’t affect her so.

That meant there was an unknown factor at play here. The Darkness had numerous powers. Best I could guess was that she was done in while she was still stunned from something she had never encountered before.

Maybe I can be of help in this situation?

I’ve been to the end of this world. There was only destruction at the end, but I did manage to see most of the mysteries and supernatural beings of the world.

If I could find out which Darkness had swallowed her, I could find a way to drive it out as well.

“Lady Walpurgis.”

“Hmm? Speak.”

She dug even deeper into my embrace while speaking. My goodness. It was difficult to believe such a sharp woman would be looking for love and comfort while clinging to me.

“I wish to see the Abbess.”


Walpurgis looked all too surprised at my words. I needed to explain carefully from here.

“I’ve gathered much knowledge about the Darkness for a long time. I’ve even learned under a holy person for a period of time.”

It was not a lie. When I played the guardian, Archbishop of the Exorcist Order, my master was a saint on pilgrimage. I’ve learned much secret knowledge from him.

“Is that true?”

“Am I someone who would lie to your ladyship? I think we’ve gotten to know each other fairly well.”

Walpurgis swayed her head.

“No, you’re not someone who would lie to me. You are an honourable man, Valler.”

“Thank you for thinking of me so. I’m not saying I will do something that is beyond my power. Just let me see her. My knowledge might be able to help her.”

Walpurgis thought hard on my words and informed me she would bring it up to others. She probably hoped to grasp even onto a straw.

“I will talk to the Prioress Angela.”
(TL: Prioress is rank below Abbess)

“Hm? Wasn’t Angela the Abbess’ name?”

“No. The Abbess’ name is Margarita. The Prioress is Angela.”


I only knew Angela as the Abbess of the Order of Sisters of Walpurgis. It was certain that Margarita would die tonight and Angela would inherit the position.

From how guardians’ stories progressed, there was no way to meet Walpurgis until later on so I never knew about this. Only when you were playing as the Iron Prince-Elector Philip, would you meet her in 1613, but then you would become separated due to the Battle of Offenheim.

Walpurgis joined you only after she became 20 years of age, and she rarely talked about her past. It was only natural to know barely anything about her.


I let out a big sigh. I could finally understand why she was so devoid of emotion and dedicated everything to fighting the demon lords in the past.

The death of someone she thought of as her mother, Abbess Margarita, was probably the final straw for her. Then she lived devoid of emotion, fighting only for vengeance.

I’ve adventured for over 100 years in this world; I still had a lot to learn. Especially, the story behind my closest companion.

“I will definitely save her.”

I grasped Walpurgis’ hands tightly and swore. A lot hinged on today. Getting the Angel Heart, the balance of power between Pejamut and the Order of Sisters of Walpurgis, a branching story depending on who leads the Order in the future.

But the most important thing to me right now was…

… this lady templar who had yet to grow fully looking at me with eyes about to cry. I wanted to resolve today’s issues for her.

I’ve studied the darkness countless hours to combat the demon lords. Even the Order of Sisters of Walpurgis didn’t know all the things I’ve learned. So I would definitely be of help.

“Let’s go right now. We’ll talk there.”


As expected, the elders protecting the Abbess balked at the idea of a mere mercenary meeting with the Abbess. They were also scolding Walpurgis at the fact she revealed a purely internal secret onto an outsider.

“Sister Walpurgis, I know that you are loved by the Abbess; but, this is going too far. How can you bring in an unknown ruffian to concoct some unnatural plan.”

A ruffian? I’m standing right here. Thanks.

I’ve managed to get to the place they were protecting the Abbess with Walpurgis’ help, but all the nuns who held significant power and strength in the order were already gathered there.

“To bring a man, especially an outsider, this far in is against the code, Sister Walpurgis. However, considering your accomplishments thus far, we will not hold you responsible if you choose to go back.”

“Indeed so!”

They sounded very angry; but, they weren’t willing to punish her. That showed just how significant Walpurgis’ position in the Order was.

“Revered elders, please. He is not a man who would speak empty words. It is not as if we have a better alternative. Where is the harm in letting him take a look.”

“Do you know what you speak of! You may enjoy the same position as a king in the secular world, but that means nothing here! Be gone!”

The nuns started glaring at me instead now. They certainly were nuns, but I felt like it was the infamous witches of the swamps glaring at me instead. If they could cut me down with just a look, they would have done so thousands times over already.

“You! I do not know what silver-tongued rhetoric you whispered to our little angel to deceive her so, but know that the gods are watching.”

It was because she was a nun she warned me so. If she was a normal person, there would be all kinds of expletives flying my ways already. Speaking of which, the elders really seemed to treasure Walpurgis.

Even amidst this situation, they called her “our little angel”. Maybe she was a mascot and a star to this Order.

“It’s true that I can be of help. How can I get you to trust me, sister?”

“Hmph, and what is the basis for your confidence?”

I knew the answer to shut them all up. It was no use to say I’ve learned under a saint. They wouldn’t believe it and would scold me until my ears fell off. In situations like this, it was best to give as shocking of answer as possible.

I took a step forward before speaking.

“I’ve read the Canon of Seven Evils.”
(TL: Canon here refers to religious biblical canon, not big guns that go boom.)

In that moment, all the nuns stood frozen in their place.

That was expected.

The Canon of Seven Evils was a relic written a thousand years ago by Saint Antonio regarding various kinds of darkness and how to defeat them.

It went missing so long ago, many questioned if it even truly existed. If you asked around for its secrets, only the wisest of the scholars would fearfully reply that one of the Princes, the Struggling Death had stolen it away to hide it.

Even the sage who told me of the fact thought the mere mention of it would bring destruction and told me in careful whisper after checking all his surroundings. The man passed away four days later due to a seizure of mysterious cause. It was said he died while struggling with something.

And I just told them all that I’ve read it.

Did I really read it?

That’s right. Just once. I really managed to get my hands on that book.

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