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Hero Without Blood or Tear Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - Meeting Great Evil (1)

Translator: Blizzcongollem
Editor: Perditor

Eventually we dismounted and faced each other.

“How much did you see?”

Walpurgis was dead serious. I decided it was best to be honest.

“I saw half of your chest.”


Walpurgis jerked away in surprise and covered her chest. She was shaking when she retorted to me.

“You, you swine! Do you not know a lady has to marry the man who has seen her body?”

I have spent over 100 cumulative years in this game, but that was the first I’ve heard of such a thing. From my experience, nobles in this world didn’t have much in the way of being sexually reserved. Just what was the Prince-Elector of Bavaria teaching his successor?

“What? Me marrying your ladyship?”

Walpurgis seemed even more upset at my response.

“What? So you took a look without marriage in mind? Then you must be plotting to seize the seat of the Prince-Elector for yourself! You charlatan!”

This world didn’t have anything like the Salic law or morganatic marriage. That was why Walpurgis was allowed to be Bavaria’s heir despite being a woman and passing on the title via marriage with a man of lower stature was possible. Legally, there was no issue with a commoner like me marrying her.
(TL Note: Salic Law is old Frankish law used for long time in Europe that covered many things, but in context of here, forbade woman from inheriting lands. Morganatic marriage is a form of marriage where a person of higher stature marries someone of lower stature but the person of lower stature and their children being unable to claim or inherit anything.)

“No, that’s not it.”

Walpurgis’ face recovered some colour when I denied it.

“T, then it is marriage?”

Walpurgis started nodding by herself as if there was some sort of internal thought process.

“I wish you would let me keep my helmet on for the first night. I s..shall take off everything else. I do not know about anything else; but, I have one of the best figure in the Empire...”

THE HELL was with this situation. A bride entirely naked except a helmet.

“Please calm down… you’re thinking too far ahead. It’s because the wound was severe…”

I calmly started to explain the situation at the time. I explained why I had to take her chest armour off and I made sure to clarify while her chest was large and bouncy and beautiful, I didn’t feel anything much beyond that.

For some reason, Walpurgis slumped her shoulders.


“Then there will be no marriage?”

Her excited voice turned dejected like a puppy standing out in the rain.


“..... Ooooogh. I planned on showing my chest only to the one who would be my husband.”

I felt unfair at this point.

“I only saw half!”

“Silence, you swine! If you eat only half of a beautiful and well-leavened white bread, does it count as not having eaten it? Even I know that you must buy the whole bread if you eat half of it! How dare you try to get away by claiming it is just half.”

It sounded like an incorrect comparison but it was difficult to retort. An educated lady of a noble house indeed knew her way with words. However, I also knew a thing or two about making wrong but reasonable sounding comparisons.

“Your logic has its merits, but the main point is the raisin on that bread. If there’s no raisin, even such a well-leavened and white bread would be missing something. I haven’t eaten the raisin if following your analogy. Thus I respectfully request a refund.”

Walpurgis tilted her head curiously at my words.

“Raisin? Raisin on top of a well-leavened and white bread?”

“... You know, there are those kind of parts on a woman’s body. They were covered by your innerwear, so I don’t think I’m at the point where I should be taking responsibility.”


She stood petrified in the position when she finally understood. I imagine I could see her jaws drop wide open if she didn’t have that helmet on.




The mood was uneasy. It felt like a bomb was about to go off. I tried to sneak away, but she had already drawn her sword. Then she finally exploded.

“You lecherous swine! I shall butcher you today!”

She was screaming at the top of her lungs.

“And they’re pink! Pink! How dare you call it a raisin!”


Two hours later.

I thanked whatever powers that be for surviving, but the real surprise was when I opened the stats menu.

I had gained +3,500 exp.

I gained exp equivalent to killing three ogres just by running away from Walpurgis and her deadly blades. What was this exp machine?

It was a convenient machine, but I couldn’t guarantee my survival if I continued to use it. There were significant aftereffects as well.

“It appears  everything is going well for you. You do not need to live with someone as ugly as I anymore. Hmmph.”

Walpurgis, who was riding behind me on Philly, was still mumbling away as she was still angry.

“By the way, my lady.”

“What do you want?”

Any sort of dignity or class wasn’t present in her response.

“I said what do you want?”

“... T, that’s… can your ladyship marry even though you’re a nun?”

“Of course. I am a secular nun. I can romance or marry whomever I wish.”

“Is that so.”

That was my first time hearing it since nun wasn’t a job I was interested in.

“Naturally so. If the protege of the Order could not marry, the Order couldn’t use me as they wanted either.”

She became really direct. It was apparent she was truly incensed.

“Furthermore, I am the successor to Bavaria. Do you believe my uncle would allow me to become a nun if I cannot marry?”

“I see. Then I wish you will meet a good man in your future.”

It was something I said without much thought, but it turned out I poured oil on a burning house with those words.

“What? Hahaha! Those are very gracious words. Extremely gracious. Such thoughtful and gracious words!”

She started slapping my back while laughing. She still had her steel gauntlets on.

“Argh! Help! How could a nun be laughing while beating someone up?”

“I do not know what you are talking about, Valler. It is a massage. A massage! You must be tired from riding all night while carrying I. I am simply showing care for others as someone who serves a god.”

<You endured a powerful strike! You gain +50 exp>
<Critical hit! You endure it skillfully! You gain +100 exp>
<You resist against a powerful foe! Your constitution increases +1>

What? I’m gaining stats from this?

My jaws opened wide at the rate my exp and stats were going up. Was I someone who could get stronger just by being hit?

“It hurts! I’ll level up at this rate!”

“Massages are supposed to hurt. Hmmph.”

Thankfully, Walpurgis stopped at a reasonable point. It was fortunate that I didn’t open my eyes to some weird and strange path and didn’t earn any skill that would set me down the path of no return. I was truly thankful that I didn’t become someone who wasn’t me.

But I realized I didn’t know about Walpurgis as much as I thought. She was so lively even though we haven’t been friends for very long. I only saw the reserved and disciplined knight side of her, so I couldn’t imagine this kind of girlish yet dynamic side of her.

It seemed I didn’t pay enough attention to the comrade who always stood by my side. I really wanted to make it right to her this time.


Filly rode hard until the sun hung high in midday to catch a glimpse of the destination.

“Over there.”

There was picturesque grassland following the bends of the Rhine river. In the middle of that scenery was a large hill. No, perhaps it was more fitting to call it a small naked mountain than a large hill.

On top of that hill were large walls. There lay the main convent of Order of Sisters of Walpurgis. They were renowned throughout the south-western part of the Empire.

“Is it strange that the convent is a fortress?”

I swayed my head at Walpurgis’ question.

“Order of Sisters of Walpurgis is a militant order protecting the south-western part of the Empire from the demon lords. It is only natural for it to be so fortified since they could be attacked at any moment.”

The Order of Sisters of Walpurgis originated as an order for protecting the common folk. Their history was long and illustrious as well. They were an honourable martial order that trained many renown templar knights.

“I’ve heard rumours that the Abbess confides much in your ladyship. That she treats you as if you were her own daughter.”

“She showers her endless love undeservingly onto me. I worry sometimes that I will not be able to repay her.”

“My lady has done well so far.”

Walpurgis sighed at my words as we approached closer to the fortress.

“You do not know. She has been under immense pressure as of late. I need to help ease her burden, but I return in defeat.”

Walpurgis’ voice had no strength. My curiosity awoke.

“May I hear more on this?”

“Hmm… very well. It is not something for an outsider, but I shall confide in you, Valler. Our Order is in trouble. It is because of Pejamut, who has consolidated his strength and expanded his territory down south.”

Originally, Pejamut’s territory lay well beyond the south-western border of the Empire. However, he had been making advances into the wide plains and plentiful forests in the south as of recent.

That was why the hegemon of the south-west of the Empire, Iron Prince-Elector Philip, gathered his army for a decisive battle. The Order of Sisters of Walpurgis lent a hand as well and Lady Templar Walpurgis participated with knights from Bavaria.

But the result was defeat. On top of that, Walpurgis barely survived due to Philip’s betrayal. Her heart could only weigh heavy when on way to report these facts.

“I have lost the fight and lost the noble warriors of Bavaria. I can only pray they are still alive.”

“You worry too much, my lady. They are more than capable of taking care of themselves.”

“I hope so…”

I could feel Walpurgis hugging me tightly from behind and leaning onto me. I could feel her exhaustion and sorrow. I had no words that could comfort her, so I grasped her hands that were hugging my waist. Walpurgis seemed surprised for a moment, but she grabbed them back.

“Valler, you are kind…”

“You praise me too much.”

I passed through the gate of the convent-fortress quickly due to Walpurgis. It was a fortress devoted to nuns and women, but that didn’t mean men were forbidden from entering either.

The forbidden area was only the nuns’ quarters, and there were a fair number of men staying in the outer areas of the castle. Some were merchants here to trade, and some were patients waiting to be treated.


“That building over there. They will allow you to stay as a guest.”

There stood several majestic buildings, and some nuns recognized Walpurgis when we approached.

“Ah! Sister!”
“Sister Walpurgis is back!”

There was a commotion in the immediate area. It seemed Walpurgis was pretty popular here. Younger nuns even let out sounds like “Kyaaah! Kyaaah!”. Then the noise died down when a strict looking middle-aged nun approached.

“Welcome back, sister.”

“I have returned. Please permit a place for Valler here, the man who saved my life, to rest.
“I see.”

Despite her stringent appearance, she bowed towards me gracefully.  

“I thank you for saving Sister Walpurgis.”

“No, I only did what was right.”

“I will take appropriate measures so your stay here can be as restful as possible.”

I removed my feathered hat to show my appreciation. When the conversation finished, Walpurgis approached.

“Valler, rest for the moment. I will visit you after meeting with the Abbess. A bath and meal will be ready for you.”

With that, she told the middle-aged nun she will be meeting the Abbess. The middle-aged nun seemed taken aback at the request. She regained composure quickly, but I could sense that something was wrong.

“Sister Walpurgis, it is not something to discuss out in open. Please, follow me. Elena and  Marie, guide Mr. Valler to his room.”

The two adolescent nuns stuck close to my sides. I wanted to ask what was going on, but there was no opportunity due to the two young nuns pulling at my clothes.

I could only ask when Walpurgis returned.

I waited for Walpurgis after bathing and eating but she didn’t seem intent on showing up. I simply wanted to rest on the bed for a bit, but fell asleep.


How long was I asleep for? I opened my eyes as I felt a presence. It was Walpurgis.

“I apologize. I did not mean to awake you. I assumed you would be curious, but you were asleep. I was planning to retire to my chamber just now.”

She didn’t sound good. Something definitely must have happened.

“Valler, I am sorry. I planned on introducing you to the Abbess to repay you. However, it does not seem appropriate under the circumstance.”

“What happened?”

I sat up straight and asked her. However, she was still apprehensive, so I pulled a chair to ask her to sit down.


She didn’t speak for a while. It was not something that could easily be shared with an outsider. But I couldn’t just retreat after having come this far. I didn’t want to leave without knowing what was going on.

“I believe I have some rights to know as well.”

They were words hinting at her promise to introduce me to the Abbess. Finally, Walpurgis surrendered.

“I suppose it could not be helped.”

“What happened to the Abbess?”

“You cannot ever reveal this to anyone else, Valler.”

“I swear upon my honour.”

Walpurgis slowly nodded her head ever so slightly.

“Fine. Truthfully, the Abbess has collapsed.”

I suspected something like that already. What was important was why it happened. My looks conveyed my question without need for words.

“... The Abbess was attacked by the “darkness”. Her condition is critical, and she is not expected to make it through the night.”

What Walpurgis said was more shocking than I anticipated.


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