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Unpopular As I Am, I Have To Meet a Heroine Within Five Days Chapter 6 & 7

The Friday Without Preview
Translator: Skythewood
Editor: Deus ex-Machina, Perditor, Ruzenor 

[Get up! Get up get up get up! Itsuki! You will be late if you sleep any longer!]

[I’m not feeling well today, I will be calling in sick.]

[Liar, I can tell from your voice.]

The fifth day, Friday. It was the 30th of September. This was the day where the forced reparation would fall onto me if I don’t confirm someone as my heroine.

I lost to my grandfather who pulled away my blanket and got up slowly.

[The role of your guardianship had been entrusted to me. I can accept it if you want to miss a class. But if you want to do that, convince me!]

Seeing grandfather standing there like a Nioh, I averted my eyes.

[I need some time to sort out my emotions...]

[Sort out your emotions?]

[To brace myself for the fact that I will become Doutei Doutei…]

[”Virgin Virgin”? What the… so that’s what’s bothering you? You got dumped by a girl, huh... Itsuki is already at that age... It’s fine! I only got laid when I was 20! As for girls you still have your junior Break-chan.]

[That is a guy…]

[Anyway, it’s better for you to attend school today.]

[What’s your basis for that?]

[My 73 years of life experience.]

After saying that, Grandpa left my room and I could hear him walking down the stairs. From my 16 years of life experience, I could tell that Grandpa won’t back down once he brings up his 73 years of life experience…

I had no choice but to attend school. My plan to sleep the entire day away was shattered before I even put it into action. Scratching my messy bed hair, I picked up the phone beside my pillow.
【Good morning.】

[Morning Pandora.]

I then checked the app.

【Error Code 999999999999000 had occurred. Game resume time is undetermined.】

As expected.

【I will notify you immediately if it shows any signs of getting better.】

[… Thank you.]

I changed into my uniform, groomed myself, and went to the living room. Breakfast was already set on the table. It was Grandpa’s turn to cook today. After saying [Bon appétit] I started eating. Rice with miso soup, egg, natto and pickled radish.

Grandpa’s side of the table had two empty bottles of energy drink. He was still playing 【Hell Scream 4】 with a bandana over his head. Speaking of which, he had been like this ever since the game launched. Pulling all nighters without sleep. It was a venomous lifestyle for the elderly, but Grandpa was a properly behaved old man outside the launch of new games. He would sleep and wake early, and even go for a walk in the morning. It could be said that playing games through the night was stimulating to his brain and fingers, so it wasn’t a bad way to stimulate his mind. Grandpa didn’t have much problem with illness. Normally, I would join in with the games, and I only stop myself from doing so because I installed 【There are no heroines in my youth】 onto my phone.

[Tremble in fear, Itsuki. Your grandpa is in sight of clearing 【Hell Scream 4】 today. What about you, Itsuki? You are engrossed in a mobile game these few days, right? Have you cleared it yet?]

Grandpa’s eyes were shining as he sipped on miso soup.

[… I probably can’t clear it.]

[Then use cash items then! Your grandpa permits it!]

[It’s a game without cash items.]

[That’s a really honest mobile game then. They are not taking down the game, right? Don’t give up.]

I shook my head and chewed on the radish.

[Itsuki… are you giving up? I had told you this many times. As a gamer, you have to respect the creator. No matter how much time it takes, you have to clear the game, I told you that right!?]

After finishing his miso soup, Grandpa slammed his bowl onto the table.

[Clearing the game aside, I’m on the verge of being forced to end it… Thank you for the meal.]

I placed my cutleries into the kitchen sink.

I told Grandpa [I’m leaving now], as I put on my canvas backpack and left the house weakly. I had a strange feeling about this. My mind was always filled with the scenes of the preview for the past two days. Those were gone now.

I arrived at the school entrance, and the election candidates were still there even though I was almost late, probably because this was the day of the election. They were giving their final rally.

[Good Morning.]

Nakajima was greeting the people around her in sheep skin mode. Since she was going along with the election activities, that means she didn’t forfeit right…? When I looked at her, I seemed to have locked gaze with her.

—— Maybe there was a hottie behind me. I turned back but there wasn’t anyone like that anywhere.

I turned back to the front again. Nakajima took one step my way. Even though I was just being self-conscious, I still averted my eyes away from Nakajima and walked quickly past the gate.

I put my shoes into the shoe rack, and the school public announcement rang. Was it regarding the election? That guess was refuted immediately.
Normally, I would hear a familiar voice. The teachers were the ones in charge of such broadcasts. However, it wasn’t any of the usual teachers. I heard a familiar voice said:

【—— I am Mochizuki Rika from class 3-1.】

I held my breath.

【Can I have a little of your time in the morning in the broadcast room—— Regist-san?】

I turned stiff with my hands reaching for my indoor shoes.

【I will be waiting for your arrival at the usual time, at the usual place. So please come… as Regist-san.】

That was all. The sound signalling the end of the broadcast was played.

[What was that thing about Regist-san?]

I heard some female students discussing.

[Mochizuki Rika, it’s that Mochizuki, Rika right? Isn’t her character settings wrong?]

[And that is a message for a specific person, right? Just send a 【Smile】 message then.]

[… She probably didn’t know the ID and phone number or something.]

[Is that even possible? She just said to meet at the usual time and place, right?]

I retracted my hand reaching for the indoor shoes, and dug out my phone from my pocket. Pandora didn’t say anything, so nothing should happen. I already knew that, but I still couldn’t help feeling disappointed by the unchanging system message.

【Error Code 999999999999000 had occurred. Game resume time is undetermined.】

The usual time, at the usual place. As Regist-san.

I just need to visit the 【One Person Club】 at the rooftop while wearing a Recycling bag.

That was what Rika-sama meant.

—— I couldn’t fathom why she would call for me even if she had to use the school public announcement system. With Rika-sama’s personality, she must be really nervous about using the school’s broadcast system.

I was free to ignore her. However, I couldn’t ignore this without any hesitation.
And so, I suppressed my feeling of wanting to run away, and at 【the usual time】 that Rika-sama mentioned, I headed for the rooftop with my phone and Recycling bag. I was too nervous to even visit the snack shop.

Even so, I took thrice as much time to reach the top of the stairwell leading to the rooftop… Because I was walking so slowly. I even put on the Recycling bag slowly.

I knocked on the door.

Before I announced that I was Regist, the door opened immediately. I didn’t even check to see if the door was locked. From the looks of things, the door was unlocked right at the very beginning.

The one who opened the door was Rika-sama.

The corner of her eyes were red.

[Erm… Thank you for coming. I’m sorry for calling for you in such a way… I don’t know anything about Regist-san at all.]

[I-It’s fine… Erm, do you have something for me?]


Rika-sama nodded affirmatively and looked straight at me. Her gaze was so direct it felt intimidating. If I wasn’t wearing a Recycling bag, I probably would have averted my gaze.

[I’m so sly.]

[That’s not true, Senpai.]

I was the sly one. But Rika-sama shook her head.

[—— Even though I didn’t want to say everything myself, I still insisted Regist-san to show me your face. I even thought that it is only natural for you to accept this request. Because I want to be sure that Regist-san isn’t related… not someone I knew.]

I furrowed my brows. Want to be sure that I wasn’t someone she knew? So anyone she knew would be out? No, before that, there was also the matter of being related to her in some manner.

[Regist-san, I hope you will listen to my story, please come with me to the 【One Person Club】. But I have a request—— Before I finish my story, please also tell me about Regist-san. Let me see your face and know your name too.]

I unconsciously touched the handle part of the Recycling bag around my neck.

I could feel my body temperature rising. I hated that and felt like running away. Didn’t I already failed? Before coming here, I spent an entire minute checking to see if 【Error Code 999999999999000】 was gone. Pandora said 【I already told Itsuki plenty of times that I will notify you about that immediately. Itsuki also understood. But even so, you still insist on seeing it for yourself, I guess this is human nature.】. After that, Pandora let me check as much as I wished.

—— All of a sudden, Nakajima’s motto came up in my mind.

Honesty and sincerely.

Rika-sama showed me her sincerity as much as possible. If I turned back here, wouldn’t that be trampling over her sincerity?

[I understand. After senpai finishes what you want to say, I will take off the Recycling bag.]

[Thank you, Regist-san.]

Rika-sama, smiled. But it still looked a little stiff.

What she wanted to tell me was difficult for Rika-sama to say—— Maybe it was about her bitter past.

I walked into the 【One Person Club】 and sat on a chair. Rika-sama brewed green tea, and the cup was still steaming. After sipping on the tea, Rika-sama started recounting her past.

[In the past… I wasn’t so wary of strangers, Regist-san.]

As expected, there was a reason behind this.

[During the latter years of grade school, I had a lot of friends. But… That was just one sided from me, and wasn’t the truth.]

The hands she placed on her knees were trembling.

[The people I thought were my friends were actually children asked by my parents to be 【Rika’s friend】. They got them to be my friends by using money and gifts… No, they bribed them to be my friends. I learned about this from a certain boy. He said 【actually, everyone dislikes you】. I didn’t have such things as friends. I could still remember that feeling of emptiness.]

Rika-sama looked to the distance with a wry smile.

[My parents did this for my sake. However… I started fearing the term friend. It was the same with interacting with people, I always wonder whether those who talked to me cheerfully were actually lying. I cried and asked my parents not to do such a thing. I even vented at onii-sama, saying 【Why does onii-sama have so many true friends.】]

That was the first time onii-sama showed that sort of troubled expression, Rika-sama muttered.

[—— I was homeschooled in middle school. Actually… I didn’t really want to come to high school. I kept wondering if my parents would bribe 【friends】 for my sake.]

I remembered what Rika-sama said when we spoke in this shed for the first time.

【We are not friends, right?】

Rika-sama only accepted because I said I wanted to be acquaintances.

[But onii-sama promised me that he wouldn’t allow dear father and dear mother to do such things in high school —— That wasn’t a lie. Dear father and dear mother didn’t interfere directly.]

Interfere directly?

[When I debuted in high school, I followed what onii-sama said… back then, my relationship with my schoolmate Amamiya-kun. Regist-san already met him. Yesterday, the last male student who appeared in the courtyard was Amamiya-kun.… Amamiya Keisuke-kun.]

Rika-sama said Amamiya’s name as if she felt nostalgic about something.

[My true nature was exposed to Amamiya-kun. But he didn’t tease or made fun of me. That Amamiya-kun back then… I liked him a lot, and I felt very blissed.]

[And so, the two of you dated?]

[No, it was just me thinking so one-sidedly.]

Was that so? But from the way Amamiya was pestering Rika-sama, I thought their position was reversed.

When I was in my first year… How was Rika-sama like? I only knew her name back then. A senpai in the second year was in a completely different league to a fresh meat in his first year. Even more so for the famous Rika-sama. After making friends and getting used to my high school life together with Grandpa, rumours about Rika-sama finally reached my ears. I learned nefarious rumours about Rika-sama.

[—— After getting to know Amamiya-kun, I also made several other female 【friends】. We would chat together and the girls would visit the washroom together with me. I didn’t need to follow onii-sama’s three principles when I was with them. But…]

Rika-sama clenched her fists on her knees.

[But all these were lies. My new 【friends】 were just girls who likes Amamiya-kun, and were asked by him to be my 【friends】. The truth was, they hated me.]

[Wasn’t Amamiya-senpai just being considerate for Mochizuki-senpai?]

I wasn’t trying to defend Amamiya. I was just hoping that he was doing this for Rika-sama’s sake.

But Rika-sama just shook her head with a dry laugh.

[The business that Amamiya’s father is running, is the trading partner of the Mochizuki Organization.]

She smiled, but looked as if she was about to cry.

[… Both dear father and dear mother didn’t threaten Amamiya-kun and asked him to befriend me. They didn’t need to do so. I think that is the truth. Amamiya-kun only became friends with me proactively because his family convinced him that it would bring convenience to his family’s business. From that perspective, both dear father and dear mother didn’t interfere directly—— Then, Amamiya-kun just needed to approached me who had been isolated. Yes, that was all. He didn’t bully or hurt me. He was gentle and made me feel comfortable, and help me made 【friends】… which made me feel blissed… It’s simple, right? Amamiya-kun was just doing something good and kind.]

A good thing? Wasn’t this the opposite?

[However, was I actually blessed? With Amamiya-kun around, with my  【friends】 around… even if my 【friends】 detested me, they wouldn’t show at all. I didn’t notice anything… If she didn’t tell me the truth, I might have stayed that way.]

[Did someone tell senpai the truth?]

[One of my 【friends】.]

[I then told Amamiya-kun and the others that they didn’t need to force themselves to do something they didn’t like. That night, I protested to my parents. Why did it felt more painful than the previous time? I still remember my parent’s troubled looks now. Onii-sama was furious at dear father and dear mother too, and I started crying in the midst of my protest—— And then, spring break came, and I started locking myself in my room again. I didn’t want to go to high school anymore. At this moment, onii-sama lectured me harshly.]

She looked very calm when she talked about being lectured.

[He scolded me for my sake. He was angry. From the very beginning, onii-sama was the only one who would become angry at me. I finally attended high school, and I reverted back to my old self because of I was conscious of others. He lectured me about that.]

She hated becoming like this, so Rika-sama continued attending high school.

[On the opening ceremony of the second year, I learned that Amamiya-kun went to study abroad. Several of my 【friends】 also transferred school… My parents didn’t do anything, because they promised.]

So this was the how the rumour about Rika-sama making female students transfer with her glare started. They probably found it hard to stay in school because they felt guilty. Rika-sama probably founded the 【One Person Club】 because of that incident with Amamiya.

[But I was glad.]

Rika-sama muttered softly.


[Amamiya went to study abroad, and my 【friends】 transferred and left.]

[But—— Amamiya-senpai...]

Was back.

[… Amamiya-kun probably wants to apologize to me.]

When I saw Rika-sama and Amamiya meet for the second time, Amamiya did say something about giving him a chance to explain.

[My parents also told me that staying mad at him wouldn’t do, and to listen to his explanation when Amamiya-kun returns to Japan—— I hated that, that’s why I was crying at the rooftop on that day I first met Regist-san. The matter of Amamiya-kun returning, talking with him and——]

There’s more?

She stopped unnaturally.

The silent Rika-sama, smiled as if she remembered something funny.

[I heard a cry for help, 【Save me ahhhhh!】]


[I wanted to cry by myself until my tears run dry, but when I heard 【Save me ahhhhh!】, my urge to cry was blown away.]

My face blushed red… How shameful.

[—— I want to know how Regist-san looks like, and your name. I want to be sure you’re not related to my parents.]

—— That guy is the same as me anyway.

Those were the words Amamiya said that made Rika-sama waver.


I straightened my back on my chair.

… It was a tad late.

I undid the knot around my neck, and took off the Recycling bag covering my face. I tidied my ruffled hair.

[Erm… Yesterday, I didn’t want to take it off because of some childish reason. It’s my fault for being narrow minded and prideful… I’m Tosa Itsuki from class 2-2! Pleased to meet you, senpai!]

I reached out my hand.

[As expected.]

Rika-sama stood up and muttered to herself.

……As expected?

As I was baffled by that, Rika-sama took something from her skirt pocket. It was that thing I placed in the paper bag and hung on the door yesterday. That tail plushy.

[Regist-sama is the male student who spoke to me three days ago in the courtyard, right?]

[Ah, haha…]

[You picked this up for me twice.]

My hand that was hanging in the air was grabbed by Rika-sama with both of her hands.

[I’m Mochizuki Rika, pleased to meet you, Tosa Itsuki-kun.]


Rika-sama had a smile without a shred of bitterness.

—— Bzz, the phone in my shirt pocket vibrated, spoiling the mood.

[That’s… a new message from 【Smile】?]

[Ah, I think so…]

Could it be a notification by Pandora? Telling me that the system had been fixed?

[It might be urgent. Please don’t mind me.]

I finally got to hold Rika-sama’s hand, but I had to let it go. I accepted her goodwill with a little regretapologetically and read the message I just received. It was Kaname, and the content made my face scowl.

[… Did something happened?]

[Erm, senpai, you remember the female student who helped us when you got beat up?]

[Of course, that’s Nakajima-san who is contesting for the seat of student council president correct? She didn’t just say that she wanted to deal with the abandoned flower beds, she even prepared a solution for that, an amazing person.]

[After Nakajima left the classroom to meet with Amamiya… senpai, she disappeared. Even though today is election day.]

Nakajima’s friend didn’t see her again after the 4th period’s break. Her friends received a 【Smile】 from her that she would be going home early, but it would be strange for her to do so before the speech on election day.

I was a second year student and in the class right next to hers. So when Kaname learned that Nakajima was missing, she wanted me to help search for her too.

[Why is Amamiya-kun involved in this?]

[I have no idea.]

Because Amamiya tried to persuade Nakajima to forfeit the election, so I wasn’t sure. His involvement in this was still a question mark. Since there wasn’t any clear evidence, we couldn’t accuse him about this too.

[—— Let me try talking to Amamiya-kun.]

The bell announcing the end of lunch break rang.

[There isn’t much time left.]

The candidate’s speech would be held in the sports hall during the fifth and sixth period. If Nakajima did not appear in time, it would be considered a forfeit.

It was true that Amamiya would probably skip the rally and give her priority if Rika-sama called him out. We could then ask him about Nakajima. However.

[… Is this okay?]

Rika-sama nodded firmly, then continued with an [erm].

[Can Tosa-kun come along?]

Even without the prediction system, I knew the correct answer to this question.

After she decided to speak with Amamiya, Rika-sama took out her phone as if she had made her resolve. It was a model that was even older than Pearl white. She held the phone with both hands and stared at the Home screen.
<TL:  パールホワイト>

[If I used this… I should be able to contact him.]

There was a number indicating unread messages on the 【Smile】 icon.

[Dear mother probably told him my ID, and I had received messages from Amamiya since five days ago… But I ignored them.]

[You read the message from the notification screen?]

[It was scary so I didn’t do that either… I will try replying to him.]

Please come to the rooftop where the 【One Person Club】 is. I have something to discuss. After sending this, she got a reply within one minute.

【Understood, I will be right there.】

Rika walked out of the shed where the 【One Person Club】 was, and unlocked the door leading to the roof. Now we wait for Amamiya to reach here.

A few minutes later, the door knob turned. A tall male student—— Amamiya entered. After he stepped in, he closed the door behind him closed slowly.

He looked straight at Rika-sama, and frowned when he noticed my presence.
[I didn’t think someone other then Rika would be here.]

[—— He’s my friend.]

[Friend, huh.]

Amamiya said softly as if he was ridiculing the idea.

Rika-sama looked my way and nodded.
She told me that she wanted me by her side during the conversation with Amamiya. However, the one who would be talking to him would be Rika-sama herself. I moved away to a distance within earshot of Rika-sama and Amamiya.

After a deep breath, Rika-sama faced Amamiya and clenched her fists. However, Amamiya was the first one to speak.

[I’m really glad to have the chance to talk to you… First, let me say what I wanted to say. About that incident in our first year of school—— I’m really sorry.]

Amamiya lowered his head. Rika-sama’s shoulders quivered.

[Last of all, I have always lamented the fact that I didn’t apologize to you. The reason I approached Rika was because of your parents. But not everything after that is a lie. I hope you can believe me this much. If possible… I wish to chat with Rika like we used to. I just want to express my apology. This has nothing to do with Rika’s parents.]

[Dear father and the others told me to forgive Amamiya-kun and make up with you. When they told me this, the feeling that I had to forgive you welled up in me. It is strange not to make up, it’s my fault… And forgiving you is the right thing to do.]


[Maybe Amamiya-kun regretted what you did to me, and felt sorry about it.]

[That’s right.]

[… Or maybe, that’s a lie. Maybe you’re not reflecting on it or regretting your actions at all.]

[No, that’s——]

Rika-sama shook her head at Amamiya who was refuting her.

[You misunderstand. It doesn’t matter what Amamiya thinks anymore… I despised myself for behaving like this, and think that this is ugly. That’s why I didn’t want to see Amamiya-kun again.]

Amamiya-kun, Rika-sama said to him.

[No matter what anyone might say, I don’t want to forgive you. I’m narrow minded, and won’t forgive you even if you apologized. Amamiya-kun might be reflecting on it, but that’s your problem, and have nothing to do with me. Amamiya-kun, you are hoping to be forgiven, right? To make up with me?—— That’s not possible.]

Such a choice didn’t appear in my heart even once.

[I can’t have an amiable relationship with Amamiya-kun. You already lost that chance.]

Amamiya himself was the one who destroyed this relationship.

[… I see, I didn’t fool you at it.]

Amamiya’s mouth twisted into a shallow smile.

[—— Is dear mother and dear father pushing you this time too?]

[I was asked to make up with their stubborn daughter, Rika… They probably didn’t realize their daughter had no intention to make up at all. That’s just like Rika’s parents, they never change.]

[When I was called out by Amamiya’s junior Kiritani-kun yesterday at the courtyard, was he acting under your instructions?]

[You have really grown. The old Rika would have been hooked easily. If I helped you when you’re in distress, wouldn’t that be a chance? Well… although two meddlesome people turned it into a strange situation.]

Meddlesome people—— that was probably Nakajima and me. I was beaten up but not injured because it was an act. It was a planned scene of saving the damsel from distress.

[……Nakajima Konoha-san seemed to have gone missing. Amamiya-kun is involved in this right?]

Yes I am, Amamiya replied forthrightly.

[That is the terms I agreed with Kiritani.]

Kiritani called Rika out and played the role of her assailant. But that wasn’t done unconditionally. Amamiya needed to help Kiritani in other matters. At this moment, Nakajima confessed to Amamiya. Kiritani learned about this, and decided to use this to make Nakajima forfeit her student council president candidature. Kiritani wanted to become the student council president, but the situation was more or less set. As long as Nakajima was around, it would be hard to secure the election.
[It is worth a shot.]

Amamiya pretended that he wanted to date Nakajima, and subtly coerced her to forfeit. He thought it would work. It was so effective that Nakajima went to the election committee office and asked about forfeiting the election.

[I thought she would forfeit from the way she looks.]

Amamiya said with a sigh.

[… You thought?]

Rika-sama pressed him, and Amamiya recited Nakajima’s words from back then.

[Nakajima Konoha met me just now. 【I didn’t need to think too deeply to realize what Amamiya-san said seemed off. Just being a student council president wouldn’t take up all of my time. I will make time for my lover, so I won’t withdraw.】]

I was relieved by Nakajima’s decision. However, what Amamiya said next blew my relief away.

[That’s why she got confined… Kiritani is very pushy too. If she missed her speech, it would be seen as a forfeiture and she will be disqualified. She will be released after school when the votes had been casted. So you just need to wait—— That’s what you want to know right, Rika?]

Amamiya looked at Rika-sama as if he was mocking her.

[Tell me where Nakajima-san is confined.]

[… You think I will tell you.]

[I don’t think so.]

[What if I say I will tell you if Rika can forgive me?]

Rika-sama hesitated momentarily. But she then said clearly:

[… I won’t agree to that demand.]


[Even if I agree, I don’t believe that Amamiya-kun will tell me the right location where Nakajima-san is confined—— We will find Nakajima-san by ourselves.]

[Well then, do as you wish.]

After Amamiya left, she pointed to the door as if she was urging me on.


I nodded to Rika-sama who turned her head towards me. We ran together and left the rooftop.

Right now, about 10 minutes have passed since the fifth period began. We split up to find where Nakajima had been confined. I don’t think Amamiya would leave the campus, so Nakajima must be confined in school.

[Tosa-kun, let’s contact each other if we find her.]

In order to do so, I exchanged 【Smile】ID with Rika-sama. It was a dangerous situation, but this still made me happy. I undid the vibration mode in order to hear the phone if it rings.

And so, we set off in opposite directions. I walked briskly as I checked the message I received from 【Smile】. Kazuya was worried that I didn’t return to class by the fifth period and messaged me 【Where are you?】. Gon-chan sent me an angry face emoticon.

Should I ask the two of them to search for Nakajima too? I could trust them, but they were in the sports hall right now. It would be difficult for normal students to leave the assembly… Our homeroom teacher would see and stop them. I waved that thought off and replied to them 【I will be a bit late】.

Was there anyone else I could ask...

[… That’s right.]

I suddenly remembered and sent a message to the campus beautification committee head—— who was also the election committee head. I had never received or sent messages to him before. But I managed to get in contact with the committee head.

I told him that Nakajima was being confined, and if he could shift back the speech time slot for Nakajima, and started searching the classrooms on the 3rd floor.

After checking the 3rd room, the committee head replied.

【Just made it in time to change the order of the speeches.】

【The committee have sent people to search for Nakajima.】

【Give me a detailed report later.】

His message used the minimum possible number of words. So aside from me and Rika-sama, there were more people searching for Nakajima now. However… we still had no clue where Nakajima was being confined.

I gripped the phone in my hand and tapped 【There are no heroines in my youth】’s icon with my thumb. If I continue the game, and the game progresses to around this time, my avatar would be able to find Nakajima immediately.

However—— What appeared before me was the familiar 【Error Code 999999999999000】.

[At this crucial moment…!]

I gave up and continued searching the school. But the time I had left slowly ebbed away. I contacted Rika-sama and the committee head periodically, but couldn’t get any new information.

The student council president, vice president, secretary, general affairs and accountant candidates would each give a speech, and their supporter would give a speech too. I remember the order was the supporter, followed by the candidate themselves. The student council candidate’s supporter should be starting the speech, but the order was changed and that would come last.
The candidates for student council president were Nakajima and Kiritani. After Kiritani finished, the last one would be Nakajima.

—— The election committee head messaged me that Kiritani’s supporter was speaking now. After he finished, it would be the candidate’s turn. Everyone would take at least 5 minutes, so there was 15 minutes left?



【Itsuki, you want to find Nakajima Konoha?】

[Of course.]

Instead of heroines and whatnots, I couldn’t accept Nakajima losing without even getting on stage. That would mean Kiritani—— Amamiya and his people would win.

【Itsuki’s prediction system can’t be launched right now. Going by the internal data, it would be launched at 1800 hours today. 【Error Code 999999999999000】 will be fixed by 1800 hours, and you can continue the game with predictions that matches reality.】

That was wonderful news. However...

[1800 hours…?]

Forget the assembly, voting would have ended by then.

【Yes. And so, I have a suggestion for Itsuki… let’s bypass it.】


I looked at my phone with a blank face.

【Yes. The old prediction data is still stored on the server. It is possible to continue the game on the fifth day right now. I connected to the server and downloaded the data.】

[You can do that? Wouldn’t that be bad?]

【It would be bad if the server detected the intrusion. The data wouldn’t be sent over too. On the contrary, it will be fine if I’m not detected. In that respect, this action is a little grey. And of course, there are risks in the event of failure.】

[I-Is it risky for Pandora?]

【—— For me? That’s true, all that I have learned through my interaction with Itsuki since my launch… The current me will disappear. I might be resetted to my default state. But it’s fine. [Pandora] will not be deleted. I will just become the me that spoke to Itsuki for the first time.】

Pandora said calmly. That means that if she failed, the Pandora who bombarded me with questions after her visualization, who consoled me and felt troubled by her uneasiness would disappear? It was true that Pandora would still exist even if she got resetted. However, in a way, she wouldn’t be the Pandora I knew.

【Compared to me, Itsuki have higher risks. If I failed, you will be judged as failing to secure a heroine before the five days are up, and proceed with forced reparation.】

[That’s… never mind.]

It was meaningless to say that now.

【Don’t you know? Before【Error Code 999999999999000】 appeared in the game, Mochizuki Rika was already confirmed as 【Heroine A】. When the game launches again, Itsuki would have fulfilled the quest. Itsuki won’t need to face forced reparation.】


Before 【Error Code 999999999999000】 appeared, my avatar took off his Recycling bag and stated his name. Rika-sama was smiling, and the 【?】 in 【Heroine A?】 vanished.

【Do you want to use the old prediction data despite the risk? It might not lead to  Nakajima Konoha’s whereabouts. And the chance of success is just 32.1967%.】

[Then why are you proposing this to me, Pandora?]

【Yes, these odds aren’t worth recommending. But I think Itsuki… will accept this suggestion.】

[… To think it’s 30%.]

【… To think?】

[I’m just thinking the chance is that high. I’m very optimistic right now.]

【Even the optimistic type can’t accept the odds of 30%—— Is this fine?】

[It’s fine.]

I nodded. If I continue the game, there was a chance of finding Nakajima.

I chose this way.

【Understood. Please hold on for a moment, Itsuki.】

There was silence. One minute, two minutes, three minutes…


—— Pandora succeeded.

【Error Code 999999999999000】 disappeared from the screen. After tapping the screen, a certain scene showed up.

【I must be blind to think he is a true hottie. I will bring down the hammer of justice on Amamiya after I get out of here! Is someone there!?】

It was Nakajima crying for help. Where was she? It didn’t seem to be outside. She was in front of a brown door in a room somewhere. The door was secured with a padlock.


【Over here!… Hya! Where did this past year question text book fall from!? Who didn’t put it back after using it!?】
<TL: 赤本>

My avatar and Rika-sama tried to open the lock, but we didn’t have the key.

At this point, the screen turned flaky. No matter where I tap or how many times I tried, it wouldn’t play on. Which meant the prediction Pandora showed me was at its end.

A room with that lock… I have seen this somewhere. And a room with past year exam questions text book.
Inside the library—— in the future prospect resource room? A long and narrow room, located in the deepest part of the library. It could be accessed from the north of the library or from the south of the corridor. Both sides were secured with padlocks. And of course, there were loads of past year questions books.

I immediately contacted Rika-sama and the committee head.

【Nakajima might be inside the future prospect resource room. I will take a look there.】

Rika-sama messaged me that she would be right there. The committee head asked me a question.
【Do you have the key to the future prospect resource room?】


I replied immediately. In the game, my avatar and Rika-sama was troubled because we couldn’t open the door. I was overwhelmed after learning the location and forgot about that. Who was holding the key to the future prospect resource room… the librarian? No, that room should be under the purview of the head teacher of the third years, right? Now that I thought about it, maybe Amamiya’s gang used their own padlock?—— the only way was to head there and look at the actual thing.

The message tone from my phone informed me that the committee head had news for me.

【Don’t worry about the key, I will send someone over.】

I believed what he sent me.

I was the first one there. I could hear a raging voice from the southern corridor’s entrance to the future prospect resource room.
[I must be blind to think he is a true hottie. Amamiya, that bastard…! I will bring down the hammer of justice on Amamiya after I get out of here! I will make him wet his pants… Ah! Is someone there!?]

Compared to the lines my avatar heard, the real thing had greater impact. That was definitely——


[! This voice… Is that generic face? I’m over here!]

A bang came from the resource room, Nakajima was banging the door.

[Over here!… Hya! Where did this past year question text book fall from!? Who didn’t put it back after using it!?]

I pulled on the door hard, but I couldn’t open it with brute strength alone. Nakajima said low spiritedly.

[… I’m glad you came to save me, but it’s useless with just you here.]

[No… The campus beautification head said he will send someone who can take care of this lock...]

[Take care of this lock? What kind of person is that?]

[Who knows…]

[Generic face… If you are just giving me false hope, I will take this out on you…]

Nakajima’s voice was filled with grudge.

[I-I’m just a bystander!]

I heard footsteps. I turned and saw two female students rushing my way. One of them was Rika-sama. The other person had an arm band—— Wasn’t that the pony tailed girl I saw in the election committee office?

[Tosa-kun, where’s Nakajima-san?]

[In there, but the padlock is in the way.]

I answered Rika-sama, and the pony-tailed student said:
[Leave this to me.]

She gave a quick nod, and her ponytail swayed as if it was alive.

[I am Tagawa Momo, a first year student from the election committee. The committee head asked me to find the student council president candidate Nakajima-senpai… We need to open this lock, correct?]

Tagawa took off a hairpin from her head.

[Please make some room.]

A orthodox padlock with a single keyhole was on the door. After I moved aside, Tagawa poked the hairpin into the hole and made clicking sounds.


Rika-sama looked at her with admiration.

[This is the special skill of a character I liked. I became proficient in this after I started mimicking him… What an embarrassing topic.]

[Jack from 【Hell·Scream】 huh…]

I muttered unconsciously, and Tagawa turned back to look at me suddenly, with her ponytail swaying. W-What happened?

[W-W-What’s the matter, T-T-T-Tagawa?]

A junior, in something as good as a first meeting, and a beauty at that made me stutter again.

[It’s nothing…]

Tagawa who turned back to the lock sighed. So it wasn’t Jack from 【Hell·Scream】?

If you asked me about a character that could pick locks, I would think about him. Jack was a playable battle from the second generation onwards. He could take a different route from the main characters because of his lock picking skills, which made him stand out in the story. He was a popular character, and it was a pity he died in the 3rd generation—— or that was how it appeared to be, according the rumours before the fourth generation was launched. He didn’t appear when I play co-op with Grandpa on monday. I guess I could just ask Grandpa whether Jack made an appearance.

[Heil Cream?]

Rika-sama tilted her head.

[It’s useless trivia, please don’t mind me senpai.]

Kong, Nakajima banged the door.

[That’s right! Don’t distract your junior with that ice cream thing, Tosa!]

Not ice cream, it’s 【Hell·Scream】... Huh? Nakajima called me by my name just now? Not Satou, Ito, Kato, Taniguchi, Watanabe or something?

Tagawa turned the metallic U-shaped part of the padlock.

[Senpai, the lock is open.]

After the padlock was removed, Nakajima pushed open the door before we could open it.

[—— You three!]




Nakajima hugged the three of us tightly. She pushed our heads together.

[Thank you! Thank you very much!]

I could understand the joy from the bottom of her heart, and looking down at us from high up was very much like Nakajima’s style.

However, during this happy moment, someone’s phone notification rang. It felt scary… like something out of a horror film… As if it wanted to induce fear in others…

I didn’t go out of my way to set music as my ringtone. Rika-sama didn’t react either. Which meant…

I turned my suspicious gaze to Nakajima. Nakajima backed away from us.

[Wait Tosa! Don’t look at me at a moment like this! It’s not mine! If I had my phone, I would have gotten out of that damn place already! Amamiya took my phone, I think he threw it into the library. Really now, the pain of hearing my phone ring but not getting to pick it up… Well, so the ringing phone belongs to...]

Basked in our gazes, Tagawa coughed.

[It’s my phone.]

She changed the topic with a [Instead of that,]

[The committee head messaged me. The supporter speech for Nakajima had began, plus hurry back.]


Nakajima started running ahead. I sprinted right after Nakajima. After a few minutes, we finally saw the sports hall. We could hear the master of ceremony speaking through the microphone from the open doors.

【Please clap for the supporter speech for Nakajima Konoha-san from class 2-1.】

A moment later.

【Regarding Nakajima-san——】

[I’m here! I’m Nakajima Konoha! Sorry for being late!]

Nakajima who reached just in time stood out of breath at the sports hall entrance.

All the candidates were seated at the back of the stage. Kiritani walked to the empty podium at the center of the stage, and leaned towards the microphone.

【Is it really fine for her to give her speech like this?】

He asked the entire student body.

【Leaving the reason aside for now, she is very late and we even have to change the speech order at the last moment because of her. The election committee head assured us she will show up and this was accepted. But I don’t think we can just let this slide. What does everyone think?—— What do you think, Nakajima Konoha-san?】

I felt it should be fine to just tell the truth, that she had been confined. And the one criticizing Nakajima was the one who locked her up. However, Nakajima didn’t reveal the truth.

She looked into the sports hall from the entrance and said not to Kiritani, but her fellow students.

[I won’t find excuse for being late. This is my responsibility. However, I have no intentions on forfeiting my candidature for the student council president. Everyone—— please give me a chance to give my speech. If I am elected, I will make up for this mistake immediately.]

And the result was—— A round of applause from the crowd answered her.

[Thank you everyone!]

Nakajima bowed and walked up the stage.

In order to put a female student on stage at ease—— probably Nakajima’s support speech giver—— she patted her hand. She smiled with ease at Kiritani who was hogging the podium, then picked up an unattended microphone from the podium.  She didn’t look at Kiritani again, and looked down at the students before her.

[I apologize to everyone present again. I am very sorry for my tardiness. And I would like to thank everyone for giving me a chance to make my speech. I am a candidate for the student council president, Nakajima Konoha from class 2-1. My motto is 【Honesty and Sincerely】. And so, I promise to carry out all the policies I have laid out. Regarding the content of the policies, first…]

Why was Nakajima staring at the line of students leaving the hall?

One by one, the students queued up with their folded metallic chairs in hand. After placing the chairs at the store, they left the sports hall.
The students were leaving the sports hall where the election rally was held by class order.

After that, the committee head helped to explain our tardiness for us, so Rika-sama and I returned to the back of our respective classes. Tagawa returned to the side of the hall where the election committee member was.

The matter of Nakajima’s confinement was handed over to the election committee and the teachers. They would call me in for questioning if needed.

In the end, Nakajima’s speech was delivered without further incident.

—— But, what was Nakajima doing?

She walked forth alone from the group of candidates and supporters to observe the second years leaving… No, she was inspecting… No, she was staring at something…?

She stopped a male student, and let him leave immediately. She did that several times.

Her speech received a round of applause, and her landslide victory was assured. But, was it fine for her to do that? We would be returning to the classroom to vote now, wouldn’t her votes slip if she kept doing this?

The line moved smoothly, and after I stowed my metal chair under the stage store, I talked to Kazuya who had placed his chair a step ahead of me.

[Itsuki! Why were you late together with Rika-sama? Why why why?]

[I smell a scandal from the incident of Nakajima-san being late.]

Gon-chan was here too.

[That trio from class 2...]

We turned back towards the voice… towards Nakajima.

[Uwah. Nakajima-san is so close to us in the flesh… Hah! No! It’s not that, Nami-chan. I’m not being unfaithful, it’s just…]

Kazuya remembered Nami-chan who wasn’t here in a panic, while Gon-chan furrowed his brows… Too bad, you two. We weren’t hotties, and would not be distinguished and remembered! The results of making a fool of yourself or acting cool was the same!

That should be the case, but a strange thing happened. Nakajima walked towards us, the generic face trio. Her face still looked sinister. On the other hand, she was really incredible for barely keeping up with her sheep skin mode.

Nakajima looked at our face one after another. Gon-chan, me and then Kazuya. She put her palm on her forehead as if she was exhausted, then looked at us in reverse order from Kazuya, me, to Gon-chan.

Kazuya whispered to me:

[Hey, what is she doing?]

[Beats me——]

I answered.

[Are you looking for Itsuki? Go on then.]

Gon-chan said.

After that, Nakajima’s gaze settled down. After making a very troubled expression, she stood before me. With her sheep skin mode smile, she grabbed my wrist. Even though this was in this mode, she seemed mysteriously intimidating.

[Can I have a bit of his time? I want to talk to him in private.]

[Please, please!]

[Alright, go on Itsuki!]

I didn’t say anything, and the two of them replied on my behest. You two…! Were you two overwhelmed by Nakajima’s… carnivorous girl aura? Do something to help me! I know the truth very well! But I couldn’t say it out loud.

—— I was brought to the second level of the sports hall.

[Sorry, there’s too many people on the first level.]

It was the pure beauty Nakajima Konoha. She was going all out in her sheep skin mode. What was going on? And Nakajima didn’t continue, and just kept smiling. It didn’t seem like she recognize me, so what did she want with a non-hottie like me?
As I was troubling over that, Nakajima asked:

[Well… do you have anything you want to say?]

Ah, right. She wanted me to praise her. Just like the others did. After all, I didn’t say anything other than [beats me].

[The speech was great.]

[Generic face! It’s you, right?]

She grabbed both my hands and shook me a little.


[That’s great. I finally found you. What would I do if I brought someone else here mistakenly… I got you on the sixth time… Why is it so hard to differentiate the faces of others aside from hotties… even though I can still differentiate from the voices...]

—— Could it be, Nakajima’s suspicious actions was her attempt to find me? Staring at the line was just her trying to tell similar faces apart or something.

Nakajima crossed her arms like an important person and said:

[Yamada Taro!]

I guess Nakajima calling me Tosa in the resource room was just my imagination.

[You gave me the fake name Yamada Taro yesterday! There isn’t any student called Yamada Taro in the second year!]

[Huh, you actually investigated…]

[How can I not retaliate after being called a cheap woman!? To rebuke you, I started investigating Yamada Taro! Your real name is Tosa Itsuki, right?]

[You actually found that out…]

[Didn’t we chat in the library? I know you’re in the same class as Tsugawa, so I asked a few of my friends who the male student I spoke to on that day was… but I only got that you’re one of a trio in class 2… Since the three of you are in a group, they couldn’t tell who I was referring to…!]

I averted my gaze from Nakajima.

The trio in class 2 were us…? Or were they calling us the three stooges?

Nakajima’s tone seem to suggest that. I couldn’t accept that. Gon-chan and I got average test scores, and Kazuya had great grades despite how he looks! A true scholar!

[Sorry for the trouble?]

[Making it a question is infuriarating!]

Nakajima sighed deeply.

[—— I’m not complaining about all that. I just wanted to thank you. It might be unintentional, but if not for your rude sermon, my bright future would have been ruined. Giving up for the sake of love is unbelievably decadent. I realized that staying with my conviction in love and ambition is the real me. I was in your care, generic face Tosa Itsuki.]

Nakajima conveyed her sincerity to me. However…

[The generic face part is unnecessary.]

[Next, generic face.]

My protest was elegantly ignored.

[I said before that a hottie would be a hottie on the inside too… I take back my words. There are hotties who are ugly on the inside. Even if the face is below a certain score, they might be great on the inside… Although both are in the minority, about 1 in a 100.]

Nakajima giggled.

—— And so, I will deem you worth remembering, Tosa Itsuki. Just barely though.

Final Chapter: 【Do You Wish to Continue? Or End?】

Inside the tile roof house I was staying in with my Grandpa. After finishing dinner in the living room, I started playing 【There are no heroines in my youth】.

Pandora’s greyish actions weren’t exposed, so my prediction system was launched again, with the prediction system resetted.
However, the playable parts were the fifth day, so I didn’t need the prediction to know what happened.
Like that time when I leapt from rooftop to rooftop and learned Nakajima’s true character. Where I should be rescuing Rika-sama in a cool manner, but ended up being saved by her and ushered into the 【One Person Club】.

After 【Error Code 999999999999000】 disappeared, the game continued and my actions in reality were reflected onto my avatar. I located Nakajima, allowing her to give her speech at the sports hall——

And so, my avatar ended his fifth day.

【Congratulations Tosa Itsuki-san. Tosa Itsuki has confirmed a Heroine within 5 days and satisfied the conditions. You have achieved the possible future of a love life.】


I struck a victory pose. Like Pandora already said, the 【?】 disappeared from Rika-sama’s name during the game. She felt that it should be fine from this moment on. But the congratulatory message from the system was a completely different feeling.

[What happened?]

Grandpa who was watching 【Hell·Scream 4】’s credit roll turned and looked my way.

[Grandpa, the game I gave up on this morning, I completed it!]

[I see, as expected of my grandson!]

Grandpa nodded with a big smile when I told him that. He turned back to the television screen and I tapped on my phone.

【Hence, the loan had been waived. The record of the 800,000 Sols have been purged from your records. Tosa Itsuki has 2000 Sols in possession right now.】

2000 Sols, the complimentary gift from that forced reparation experience. In the end, I didn’t use it. Or rather, I didn’t know where to use it in the game.

【Would you like to continue the game? Or end?】

My finger hovered up and down the screen of my phone.
—— Could I carry on without this game? Without the preview from the prediction system?

I felt uneasy. But at this point, I should…

I suddenly remembered something and pressed the icon on the top right corner of the screen to call out the instruction manual. I know where to spend the leftover Sols. The price for the visualization function was 1000 Sols per minute. With my 2000 Sols, it can last for two minutes.

And so, spending 2000 Sols on that would be the best choice.
I selected the visualization option, paid 2000 Sols and placed the phone on the living room desk.

Pandora appeared before me—— in the form of a silver haired girl.

【… Are you bidding goodbye?】

[I didn’t say anything yet.]

【It’s my intuition, it tells me that Itsuki won’t continue.】

I nodded.

[—— I will end this here. I want to thank Pandora for taking care of me in person at the very end.]

In order to bid farewell to Pandora without regrets.

【You used that 2000 Sols huh. It’s great that you went through the forced reparation experience.】

[I want to forget about that… Ah, no, I will cherish it as a precious memory.]

【Fufu… Good bye Itsuki】


[I heard something from Pandora-chan that I can’t ignore… Hmmp… Would you like to continue? Or end? Hah.]

It was Grandpa. I looked towards the source of the voice. Grandpa picked up the phone I placed on the desk. He squinted at the screen while stroking his chin.

[Grandpa! That’s my phone!]

[Itsuki, that won’t do. You have to clear games properly. That is proper manners for a gamer. Would you like to continue or end, that means you haven’t cleared it yet. The game is still ongoing?]


Grandpa tapped on my phone screen.

[Catch. Work hard on it!]

I caught the tossed phone in a panic. What did he choose?

Could it be, I would need to——

【Thank you for continuing the game】

[He chose that as expected ahhhh!]

【Please become lovers with one of the heroines, the point of this game is to help the player find love. Within five days, all the game function that had been frozen would be unlocked in sequence, please look forward to this. There would be more ways to spend Sols too. Right now, Tosa Itsuki possess 0 Sols, but there would be times when the usage of Sols would be necessary, so we would recommend Tosa Itsuki-san to take out a new loan. Please enjoy this game. Finally, the choice to continue the game can’t be undone.】

The game continues.


Pandora placed her hand onto my shoulders while I hugged my knees with my phone in hand.

She made sure that her hand didn’t pass through my body.

Pandora who expression couldn’t match her voice very well smiled naturally.

【It can’t be helped since it turned out like this. Work hard on this, Itsuki.】


Forgetting that she didn’t have a real body, I was moved by Pandora’s words and passed right through her when I tried to hug her. My face touched the ground directly. When I stood up and turned back, two minutes had passed. Pandora’s human form had disappeared.

[Damn it…]

After cursing out, I looked at my phone. The system message displayed there filled my mind with question marks.

【Confirming current situation. Tosa Itsuki-san has 0 Sols in possession. Your link with Heroine A, Heroine B, Heroine D has been confirmed. Would you like to start the game?】

Heroine A was Rika-sama, Heroine B was Nakajima. But Heroine D….

[……Heroine D?]

I tilted my head, scratched my cheek and continued tapping the phone screen with my thumb.

Volume End

Hello everyone, I am Jin Akime, who will include elements I like into whatever story I write.

And that would be the AI in this work. Adding an AI character intrigued me a lot. I feel that this is a great work just because of that!

And so, the support AI Pandora for the main character Itsuki in 【Five days】 made her debut. Itsuki got closer to the heroines with the help of Pandora.

After that, he would jump from the roof with a 【Recycling bag】 over his head—— The 【Recycling bag】, was a 【nylon bag】 in the beginning. My impression of a 【nylon bag】 are the white or translucent type with handles found in supermarkets or grocery shops. It is also called a 【vinyl bag】, 【Recycling bag】 or something. And the first image of such a bag that came to my mind is a 【nylon bag】.

But when I was editing my draft, I happened to research 【Nylon bags】 and made a shocking discovery.

【Nylon bag】 is actually a limited usage word! It might not be applicable depending on the time and place!

Oh no! I had to find a replacement word.
Then… 【Vinyl bag】! I researched this, and found out that 【Vinyl bag】 are made from polyvinyl chloride, and is different from the material used in supermarkets or grocery stores… However, 【Vinyl bag】 is still more recognizable than 【Nylon bag】... and the right answer is…!

【Poly Bag】 made from Polyethylene. I see! It’s Polyethylene… Polyethylene… might be correct, but didn’t have the right feel about it…

Other choices—— there’s still 【Recycling bag】! That’s the one! That will work!

In conclusion, Itsuki changed his headwear from 【Nylon bag】 to 【Recycling bag】. I started reminiscing how deep the usage of phrase was. The fact that 【Nylon bag】 is deeply rooted in my consciousness is even more of a surprise to me. When did this phrase enroot in my mind…?

Finally, I’m very grateful to the readers who read this far, thank you everyone.

Translator’s Note.
This is published on October 07, 2016. Still no news of Volume 2. I declare the project complete.

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