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Unpopular As I Am, I Have To Meet a Heroine Within Five Days Chapter 5

Chapter 5: My Avatar and The Real Me
Translator: Skythewood
Editor: Deus ex-Machina, Ruzenor

It was time for the second period. The third period was biology, and we need to shift to a different classroom. I arrived at the biology lab very early. I checked my watch and there was still 7 minutes before class begin. Most of my classmates weren’t coming. Gon-chan and Kazuya both chose the Physics elective, but there was a reason why I came to the laboratory so early. No one else was around.


【You are sighing a lot.】

Pandora’s voice came from my earpiece. Pandora sat on a seat opposite me. She wasn’t really sitting there, and was only appearing to. She acted just as if she was really there.

【Itsuki, nine more seconds before you can resume the game.】

After she finished, the numbers dropped down to 2, 1, then 0. Last night, I only played until the scene with Rika-sama and Amamiya. This time I got to proceed with the next preview earlier than usual.

However, I didn’t think any happy development with Rika-sama and Nakajima would be waiting for me… My avatar… but if I give up here, all of my encounters would be for nought, and I would need to experience forced reparation.

I was supposed to meet Rika-sama, and if the game continues, it should cover that period.

I tapped on the phone and the lesson continued, and skipped to the important parts. I hope the situation of the preview becoming a review would not happen again.

However, the situation was out of our expectations! I continued the game quickly with a speed that I had never used before while surprised.

Soon, the bell indicating the start of class rang. The biology teacher walked to the laboratory, and all the students were present. As if she was asking me to act now, Pandora stood up.

[Teacher! ]

I pulled out my earpiece and stood up. I put one hand on my abdomen and held the textbook on my desk with the other. The biology teacher with round glasses said with a troubled tone.


[Tosa ! I’m Tosa ! I have a sudden stomache, please let me use the toilet and visit the infirmary!]

[Ah, ahh… Tosa huh, go then.]

After receiving permission, I slipped to the entrance where Pandora was.

I proceeded with the game as I ran. The earphone connected to my phone swayed in the air with a purappura sound. It was annoying, so I pulled it out. Sound came out from my phone as I continued. And so I switched the phone to vibration mode.

This time, the game and reality had almost zero time difference. If I dally just one bit, I wouldn’t make it in time for the preview. But——

[What the hell is this! ]

I was dumbfounded. According to the results from the choices—— This might be the only way to open up the situation—— My avatar deviated from reality, and went into dynasty warrior mode.

Specifically speaking, I got into a fight with multiple male students and knocked them all down.

—— Well, I do have experience in beating down my enemies mercilessly, and wiping them out. I did that plenty of times with heavy firearms. The advent in technology was such a great thing. Even a game you have gotten sick of playing could be challenged again by setting your own handicap, such as limiting yourself to the default equipment or something… That’s right, my experience in being OP was only limited to FPS games!

My avatar performed combos like a fighting game character, moved and jumped speedily like a ninja, and fought as if he had 3 heads and 6 arms.


What the hell was this!?

The place before me—— Was where I met Rika-sama, the deserted Second Courtyard where I picked up the tail plushy. No one was here. Timing wise, I made it here in time. But… Where should I hide. No, instead of that…

[Pandora! ]

【Please calm down Itsuki, getting anxious will just lead to failure.】

Pandora was calm and expressionless as always.

[How can I calm down!? I was, no, my avatar was too overpowered, I couldn’t do that in real life!]

Human could become very strong through hard work or under dangerous circumstances, but this was already beyond that extreme. If I had experience as a delinquent, street fighter or learned self defense, I should be able to handle this. However, my past didn’t have anything to do with all that.

【You chose 【Rescue Rika, get into the fray(Requirement: Physical 100)】 correct…? Strange, did Itsuki really chose this?】

Because the other two were;

【Wait for someone else to come to her rescue.】

【Pretend I never saw anything.】

And so, the more logical option would be 【Rescue Rika, get into the fray(Requirement: Physical 100)】. Be it on thinking on the spot or after careful consideration, this was the correct answer.
【I’m sorry, my question was inadequate—— Is that your preferred choice?】

[Yes, I want to choose that!]

【Well, this is an option available for players if they expend Sols to receive a stimulant. In reality, the potency of the stimulant would be reflected too. Didn’t it say (Requirement: Physical: 100)?】

I nodded, and wondered what all this was about.

【In comparison, the physical abilities of Itsuki right now would be (Physical: 10)】

I was so weak!

【Usually, it is possible to achieve (Physical: 100) by expending Sols.】

[Expend Sols huh…]

【As Itsuki is still in the early stage of the games… You can’t access this function yet. Also… even if you want to use it...】

Pandora was hesitant to speak.

[Even if I want to use it?]

【In order to reach (Physical 100), you need to purchase 【Smart Drink】 from the game and use it to increase your stats, however,】

[… However?]

【It cost 30,000 Sols.】

It was impossible in all sorts of way, I finally understand.
【I think that this was the effect of the Error Code, which allowed you to choose an option that shouldn’t be available to you. However, it won’t be a good prediction of what is to come...】

[Hey, that pervert over there—— Hello, I don’t know who you are chatting with, but class has already started.]

This voice… Nakajima Konoha? In her wolf in sheep skin mode.

I turned back and our eyes locked.

W-Why was she here?

Even though she didn’t… appear in the game? Wait, when I was talking to Pandora just now, I must look like a strange guy from a third person perspective. Could it be, Nakajima was also on scene, but she was just hiding and my avatar didn’t notice? Was this the influence of Pandora’s visualization?

Footsteps and voices came from the direction of the school building.

Oh no, I have to hide—— I looked around the courtyard. There was two places covered with shrubs. I should be able to hide there. I ran that way, and Pandora followed me too. For some reason, Nakajima came with me too.

[Wait, why are you following me too?]

[Sorry, I have some circumstances… ——— Huh!? This voice—— And that crude attitude towards me, could be be, you are generic face Ito?]

[Right! Ito! ]

[Really now, apologizing to you is such a waste. By the way, Ito, staying there and acting as if you are talking to someone is creepy, alright? Thanks to you, I spoke in my real tone for a moment.]


Because no one was around, that’s why…

[Also, didn’t you have a recycling bag over your head the other time? That is...]

[——! ]

[W-What is it now?]

Oh shit ahhhh! I forgot!
I didn’t have a recycling bag on me! R-Recycling bag… Without my recycling bag…

Even though my avatar prepared it in the game!
Why did I forget about it? Ahh!
… Trash can. There’s a trash can in the courtyard, right? There might be a recycling bag in there… I stood up, but squat down immediately.

Because Rika-sama’s figure appeared. She looked depressed, and was holding a tail plushy in her right hand. She did say it was something like an amulet to her.

Behind her were several male students. I saw one of them before this morning, he was the student council president candidate. The one with the diagonal sash and spoke with Amamiya.

But now… I would be seen if I search for a recycling bag in the trash can now…
Nakajima put her index finger onto her chin.

[Mochizuki Rika?]

She gave the feeling of being disappointed.

[Why isn’t it Amamiya-san?]


[I heard that Amamiya will skip class and come here. I will ignore the curse of the Second Courtyard for now. With just the two of us in the courtyard while class is in session, isn’t that the perfect chance to confess?]

[The Student council president candidate is skipping class…]

[You skipped class too, right? And I have never been late or absent before. I have never skipped classes either. But in order to achieve my goal, I wouldn’t mind sacrificing my lesson time… By the way, what’s going on there?]

I couldn’t hear what the male student and Rika-sama were saying. It was the same in the game, but my avatar would charge out a while later —— What about me? What should I do? Should I charge out? Even though I knew I couldn’t rescue Rika-sama like a cool hero? And I didn’t have a recycling bag. Other options flashed through my head.

Should I choose a different option? I tried that before. Back then, I managed to pull it off. Would it work this time too?

[… regret…]

[… tarded… huh.]

[We are doing this on our own…]

I could tell a little from the bits and pieces of their conversation. Nakajima nodded and commented:

[This appears to be a rendezvous. But the face value of the one meeting Mochizuki Rika is… I couldn’t tell who they are… Except for one guy… My opponent in the election,  Kiritani who is sort of a hottie depending on the angle.]

Nakajima could remember his name, which means—— the best looking guy in that group was Kiritani, who was also the male student I saw wearing a diagonal sash this morning.


Rika-sama’s shrill and strong voice rang out. She held on to her tail plushy tightly.

And now—— The male student’s attitude changed. Rika-sama backed away, but another male student was behind her, as if he was stopping her from escaping.

Pandora stood before me and pointed to the phone I was holding in my hand. She wants me to look at the phone…?

【It will probably—— be fine even if you don’t go.】

That was the text shown on it. Even though Pandora’s voice was set to be on, it had turn off now. Pandora could change that by herself? No, instead of that, the content of the message was more important.

I looked up at Pandora confused. Pandora conveyed her thoughts to me via the phone again.

【Itsuki can’t do anything even if you go, even I can tell you will just be injured for nothing. The results will be the same, no matter whether you go or not.】

What Pandora said was correct. But… But…

As expected, I hate this. Be it pretending to not see anything, or waiting for events to take their natural course. Even if I didn’t go, Rika-sama would probably be safe.

However, I learned through the preview that when the Recycling bag guy charged in, Rika-sama would go:

【Regist-san! 】

And call out to me in relief. That showed how uneasy Rika-sama felt before all this. I could tell from the game. In real life, it was clear to me by the way she was desperately clutching that tail plushy.

If Regist-san was there, Rika would be at ease. The Regist she was ‘acquainted with’, but had never seen his face before, an entity that was me but also wasn’t me.


I didn’t react to Nakajima’s call and charged out.

[Mochizuki-senpai! ]

There wasn’t any Recycling bags. So I had to cover my face with something else as I ran to Rika-sama’s side. All the boys took a step back because of the strange way I appeared. Thanks to that, I could stand in front of Rika-sama as if I was protecting her.

The 1cm thick policy booklet I got from Nakajima. It was thick and A4 sized, if I held it with in vertically with my left hand, it could cover my face just right, and serviceable as a mask. Not being able to use my left hand was an inconvenience, but it passed as a substitute for a Recycling bag. However, I couldn’t see the front at all!

[This voice… Regist-san?]

A moment later, Rika-sama’s baffled voice sounded out softly.

[Sorry for the strange way I came, I was still watching quietly from the side just now.]

I felt a warm sensation on my back as she held onto my shirt. As if she was holding onto another amulet aside from the tail plushy.
However—— If I couldn’t see anything, that means I wouldn’t be able to see what the other party was doing.
I shifted the booklet I was using as a shield away a little. There were about 4 male students. What should we do now, they were asking each other with their eyes. Kiritani who was speaking with Rika-sama observed me cautiously.

[Who are you? Don’t get in our way.]

[A group of men ganging up on a girl is definitely a problem.]

[… We are just chatting, and have a request. ]

[A request?]

[——Mochizuki-san, please.]

Ignoring my question, Kiritani said to Rika. However, Rika-sama didn’t say a word.
[This is such a pain, let’s just beat this fellow up and take Mochizuki with us.]

A burly male student suggested with a snap of his fingers. This line was just like the game.

[… Let’s do that then.]

Kiritani agreed with him. The heavy punch of the burly male student landed on my abdomen.

[Regist-san! ]

A gasp came out from my throat. That was how a punch felt… I nursed my stomach with my right hand while covering my face with the booklet with my other hand. The presence behind me vanished as I was staggering.

[Stop it!]

Our position changed. Rika-sama stood before me with her hands outstretched. Rika-sama’s wrist was grabbed tightly by another student. I tried to stop them, but was hit by a second blow.

[Unhand me!]

Even though Rika-sama resisted, she was getting further and further from me.

I thought I would be hit several more times, but thankfully, he stopped his beating. It already took all I had to cover my face with the booklet and my knees on the ground.

[Hit his face with your next shot.]

I braced myself for the impact—— and the sound of something slashing through the wind echoed out.


That burly student yelled.

[Are you a retard who will challenge a fight you have no hope of winning, generic face? Things like the courage of the weak needs to be dumped down the drain.]

……Nakajima ?

[But being brave isn’t a bad thing. Much better than those guys who bullies the weak.]

[You are… Nakajima Konoha?]

Kiritani said in surprise.

[That’s me… You are Kiritani from class 4, right? My opponent in the student council president election is actually such a guy, how deflating. Well, what do you all want to do? If you want to fight, I don’t mind taking you on. You saw how I sent that big guy flying with my kick right…? Get up generic face, it’s tough if I don’t have any support.]

I then whispered to her:

[Thank you.]

After saying that, I got up and stood beside Nakajima.

Rika-sama, was seized by Kiritani’s side. On the other side were Nakajima and me.

[What… are the lot of you doing!? ]

Here comes a new challenger. I shifted the book slightly —— it was Amamiya Keisuke. He held his breath and glared at Kiritani’s gang.


Kiritani’s expression turned awkward.

[What are you trying to do to Rika?]

As if his courage waned after hearing that forceful tone, the male student grabbing Rika-sama let go of her wrist.

[We are not trying to do anything violent… A retard just happened to get in our way...]

[Is that so? I heard you guys called Rika out, but I have been searching for you because I didn’t know exactly where that is—— stop it right now.]

[We are just trying to create a chance for the two of you to speak...]

[Are you planning to drag Rika to me forcefully? Don’t do such things… Rika, are you hurt?]

However, the first to answer Amamiya’s question was Nakajima .

[It hurts! I’m almost at my limits…]

She cried suddenly and collapsed onto the floor.

[Because of them… My leg...]

Nakajima looked up at Amamiya with moist eyes. He couldn’t leave her like this, so as he kept one eye on Rika-sama he extended a hand out to Nakajima.

[Thank you very much, Amamiya-senpai.]

Nakajima held Amamiya’s outreached hand firmly..

[Just to be safe, I want to visit the infirmary...]

I felt deep gratitude towards Nakajima for lending me a hand in my time of need. But at this instant, I felt the same as Kiritani who was looking at Nakajima dumbfoundedly.

He was probably thinking: No, you aren’t hurt at all,

[——I get it, Rika...]

Rika shook her head with a stiff expression.

[I see…]

Rika-sama walked towards me silently. I concealed my face with the booklet once more, covering my eyes.

[Let’s go too.]

Was she talking to me? Where to? However, I couldn’t see anything so I couldn’t move. But my face would be exposed to Rika-sama if I didn’t have the booklet… As I was troubling over that, Rika-sama took my hand and clutched it tightly. I was dragged along with her, this means—— come with me?

I could resist if I wanted to, but I still followed her. I peeked in front of me and Rika-sama’s back filled the vision of my right eye.

[——Wait, Rika.]

Rika-sama tensed her face, and stared at Amamiya who was walking beside her. Amamiya whispered something into Rika-sama’s ears. I could barely hear the contents. Amamiya then glanced at me.

He wanted me to listen too?

What Amamiya said was:

——Rika. That guy is just the same as me anyway.

After Rika-sama heard that, I could feel her quivering through her hand that was holding mine tightly.

Right now, I was inside the 【One Person Club】’s shed. On my request, Rika-sama gave me a brown rectangular bag inside the room, and I put it on… I finally feel at ease. The booklet felt too flimsy to me, and the calming effect of the paper bag was even better than the Recycling bag. The easiness of making holes in it was great too. Anyway, I will make the holes first.

Rika-sama and I were sitting in our chairs, just like when we had lunch. However, the atmosphere was completely different from back then. Aside from my request for a bag, we didn’t speak at all.

And I only realized after coming here that the only possession I had was the booklet. My textbook and phone was left in the shrubs at the courtyard, I need to pick them up later.

The phone was necessary, without it—— and the game preview, I didn’t know what to say to Rika-sama at a tie like this. Right now, I only got to the preview of Rika-sama being harrassed by Kiritani’s gang, and my avatar started dispatching them in dynasty warrior mode. Since the countdown wasn’t displayed, I could continue the game if I had my phone.

That’s right, ask Pandora for help… I thought about doing that, but when I opened my eyes wide, I couldn’t see Pandora anywhere… That was only natural, the visualization function wasn’t tied to me, but to the phone which had 【There are no heroines in my youth】 installed. It’s range was 10m.

Even if it was a straight line, the distance from the courtyard to the 【One Person Club】 on the rooftop was definitely more than 10m. And so, I couldn’t even get help from Pandora.


Rika-sama finally spoke.


Tension from not knowing what to expect made me stutter again.

[Thank you for your help. I am sorry for bringing you here… Even though Regist-san is badly hurt...]

I lowered my head and waved my arms around.

[Ah, i-it’s nothing… It doesn’t hurt that much anymore, and it wasn’t that serious an injury.]

I wasn’t putting on a false front. It hurt like hell when I was hit, but the pain subsided after some time had passed—— He probably held back or something? That burly guy seemed to be good at fighting and controlled his strength, that was probably it. In that case why did he held back?

[I should have brought you to the infirmary...]

Rika-sama wanted to bring me to the infirmary, but I already know the reason why she didn’t.

[Amamiya… senpai m-might be there, right?]

Leaving Nakajima who wasn’t actually hurt aside and asked Amamiya to sent her there, Amamiya agreed to send her too. It was very hard for Amamiya to reject her given the circumstances. Nakajima was aiming for that when she made her request. It was probably to create a chance for the two of them to be alone together in the infirmary.
[Mochizuki-senpai, did something happen… between you and Amamiya-senpai?]


Rika-sama’s face became sullen, and she lowered her head. I gasped and corrected myself hurriedly.
[I-It’s fine! If you don’t feel like telling me! Y-Y-You don’t need to! We are…]

Not friends, just 【Acquaintances】.

We fell into silence again, and the one who spoke first was Rika-sama as expected.
[Regist-san… Regist-san, you don’t have dealings with my parents, right?]

Her question felt like an interrogation, as if I was standing at a trial.
[… Y-Yes.]

I was asked this question last time too.

[In that case...]

As if she had made up her mind after a long deliberation, Rika-sama said:
[Regist-san… Can you let me see your face?]

[… Eh?]

I started wavering. I wavered so much that I was blubbering.
[T-This is my hobby! A-And you see, isn’t Mochizuki-senpai afraid of strangers, and only because you can’t see my face——]

That you could chat with me. Wasn’t that, right? So I won’t take it off. She should be able to accept that.

[It’s fine, and so, can I see your face?]

My calculations fell short. The reasons why I wear the mask—— was refuted by her, and I wavered because I had just been thinking about myself. That was why I missed Rika-sama’s look of desperation.

[Erm, that’s…]

[Also, please tell me your name, Regist-san.]

No, don’t wanna. Such an emotion arose within me. As for why, it’s because I couldn’t be like my avatar. Rika-sama was only safe thanks to Nakajima. Rika-sama was freed from her bonds because of Amamiya. Nakajima said my actions was the courage of the weak, and I think that was a very adequate description. I didn’t want her to know who I was because I was weak. That’s why,

[I’m sorry…]

I could only say that.

[What, do you mean by that?]

[I can’t do it]

[Please answer properly.]

[I don’t want you to see my face.]

I was so against this exactly because it was Mochizuki Rika. Her eyes turned stubborn. I had saw this look of hers as Tosa Itsuki several times this morning.

[… Regist-san, I’m sorry.]

I had an inkling on what she would say and stood up.

[Please leave.]

[—— Good bye.]

I lowered my head and exited the 【One Person Club】 with the bag still on. I didn’t take it off even after reaching the stairwell. I then remembered.

[I forgot to take the booklet...]

Leaving that thing behind would only trouble Rika-sama.

Haha, I laughed out of loneliness.

The school was unusually quiet with the class in session. Even though I was walking around with a bag on my head, no one saw or questioned me. I then returned to the Second Courtyard where I met Rika-sama without encountering a single soul.

I finally felt like taking the bag off and liberating my face. This bag with three holes in it… Should I return this? But that would just irritate Rika-sama if I did… I didn’t even thought of the option of throwing it away. So I folded it and held it in my hand.

Amamiya, Nakajima and Kiritani’s gang were gone. The courtyard was the same, as if nothing happened here at all. I stopped and surveyed the area… Pandora wasn’t here? Where did she go?
—— I should be able to find her if I collect my phone back. Pandora was inside the game installed in the phone, so she should answer if I asked her in game.

I walked to the shrub where I was hiding, and found something familiar on the ground.
It was a tail plushy with a strap attached to it. It dropped at the place where Rika-sama was restrained just now. She was clutching it tightly like an amulet, but she probably dropped it accidentally in the struggle.

I picked it up and brought it to my nose. A scent came from it, the fragrance of its owner.

[Are you… supposed to be an amulet? Why aren’t you by your owner’s side?]

Leaving the bag aside, I have to return this to her.

As I was thinking that, I sighed deeply. Yesterday, I still couldn’t believe that I was eating lunch in the 【One Person Club】. I was going to bring my menu for Thursday, Apricot Jam Bread, Croquette Sandwich and Cheese & Ham Simple Sandwich for lunch there today —— It was strange after all.

The me in reality hesitate to even think that far.

Would the me in the game go for it…? I have to play on.

I looked at the place where the tail plushy fell on the ground. I fell into a dilemma for a few seconds as I deliberated between going back there or putting it down and leave.


I dusted away its dirt and grass, and put it into my pocket. I continued walking towards the shrub, and found Pandora whom I thought wouldn’t be there. Inside the shrub where Nakajima hid earlier, Pandora was sitting there with her arms around her knees.


Beside Pandora were textbooks, stationery, a coiled up earpiece and my bluetooth phone. It was exactly as I left it.

Pandora lift her head because I called out to her. She was expressionless, but she seemed distracted and lost.

The phone that had turned dark in power saving mode emitted light once more. Her voice could be heard from there.

【You are back.】

I bent over to pick up the phone.
[Pandora had been staying here the entire time?]

【Yes. I didn’t know where Itsuki went… So I stayed here.】

[I see. I thought you would have went off to explore the school.]

After her visualization, Pandora had a deep sense of curiosity. I knew that 10m was her limit, or rather, I knew that was her limit and expected her to go to the very edge. During those times, the one who had to remind her to be careful was me. I was like a nagging mother back then. Without a guardian, Pandora should have the time to enjoy her freedom.

【I won’t do such a thing.】

She sounded angry. I looked towards her because I felt her gaze. It was just a little, but her eyes seemed to have a spark of anger. However, that dissipated in no time.

【Or rather, I was thinking about something.】

[… Thinking?]

【Yes. I was wondering why I felt uneasy.】

I felt that Pandora was a high quality AI. But even so, uneasiness?

【As the optimistic type, I do have the setting of feeling unease, but that’s seldom used. That should be the case, but I couldn’t wave away my uneasiness until just now.】

[That’s… my fault for ignoring your warning.]

She told me that it would be better to not do anything, but I ignored her advice. In the end, I was beaten up… Ahh… No good. The more I thought about it, the more I would get caught in the cycle of negativity.

【No. Itsuki is the one who will decide your own actions. No matter what happens, I will always support Itsuki.】

I see, she was my companion after all… I tried asking:
[—— Even if it is a disastrous failure?]

【Yes. Even if it is a disastrous failure.】

Pandora’s expression warmed slightly.

【I found the reason for my uneasiness. The problem lies with Itsuki.】

[So it’s my fault after all…]

【I’m Itsuki’s support AI. That’s why I will feel uneasy when I’m separated from Itsuki.】

That was unintentional, but now that I think about it, I did something akin to throwing Pandora to the side and leaving.

[… Sorry.]

【Please take your phone with you even if it is an emergency. I will be anxious if I couldn’t get ahold of Itsuki’s situation.】

[I’ll do just that.]

【— You seem down, Itsuki】

I sat down beside Pandora with a wry smile.

【Class is still in session. Do you want to return to the classroom?】

[No. I decided to skip this period… Instead of that, I’m wondering just what is this prediction system.]

I turned on the silent mode on my phone.

I stopped the game after my avatar went into dynasty warrior mode. Let’s continue the game.

Nakajima didn’t make her appearance here, but Amamiya came out just as expected. However, the conversation between Rika-sama and Amamiya didn’t happen, although it happened in reality——【——Rika. That guy is just the same as me anyway.】 These words didn’t appear. My avatar was like a hero in the game, so Rika-sama’s psyche was more stable than in reality.

The sequence was similar, but the key points were drastically different. Rika-sama and my avatar went to the 【One Person Club】. As my avatar was wearing a Recycling bag in the game, he didn’t receive a paper bag like I did.

I tapped the screen repeatedly and read on.
【Regist-san… Can you let me see your face?】

Finally, Rika-sama questioned my avatar—— the me in the game.


The me in the game wavered.

【T-This is my hobby! A-And you see, isn’t Mochizuki-senpai afraid of strangers, and only because you can’t see my face——]

That’s right. That should be it. I sighed in relief, this should be enough.

【It’s fine, and so, can I see your face?】

I held my breath and steadied myself. The options 【Take it off】 and 【Don’t take it off】 appeared. I already chose in reality, it should be 【Don’t take it off】 here. Since this was a review, the option would be selected automatically like before.

—— But I was wrong.

【I understand.】

My avatar said.


What was that. Weren’t you actually me?

The narration text appeared. 【Tosa Itsuki removed the Recycling bag from his head.】.

The Rika-sama on screen opened her eyes wide and stared at the me in the game.

【I am Tosa Itsuki from class 2-2.】

I gave my class and name.
【Regist-san… Tosa Itsuki-kun】

At this point, a smile that I had never seen in the game or in reality before made her pretty face even more beautiful.
At that instant——【Heroine A? Mochizuki Rika】 became 【Heroine A Mochizuki Rika】.


The heroine got confirmed?

—— That can’t be.

When I acted differently from the game in the past, it would amend itself according to reality correct?

The screen suddenly blacked out.

【Error Code 999999999999000】

I finally stopped staring at the screen and raised my head. And looked towards Pandora.

[What… is this?]

【The application encountered a critical error. This is the second time this application have encountered an error. The accuracy of the prediction from now on would fall below the acceptable level. Auto repair had been attempted, but failed to revert the application to the acceptable level. Would you like to report the details of the second error?】

【Double errors are very rare. This is most likely the result of the Itsuki in the prediction system and the Itsuki in reality taking different actions.】

Why did such a thing just have to happen to me? Even though it was just the fourth day? The rest of today and tomorrow wouldn’t have any predictions?

【Please report the double error. If you do that…】

[… If I do that?]

【Itsuki’s prediction system can be restarted on the main server, and it might be possible to perform partial predictions.】

[So it might be available for the fifth day?]

That felt more sarcastic than I imagined.


[Report it then.]

I didn’t think it would be of any use. But since I gave a positive reply to Pandora, I tapped on ‘Yes’ on the report error dialogue box.

【The report has been submitted. Please wait. Error Code 999999999999000 had occurred. Game resume time is undetermined.】

—— The one thing I was certain about was that I lost a cheat like ability.

I lost the power of the 【There are no heroines in my youth】 game that would tell me what to do in the future.

I laid onto my desk and toyed with the croquette bun in the bag. The bread I bought at the snack shop on Thursday were Apricot Jam Bread, Croquette Sandwich and Cheese & Ham Simple Sandwich. But they were all sold out so I could only buy a croquette bun… It wasn’t the first time I experienced that though.


A voice on the lowest volume came from the phone I placed on my desk.

I already set it to off, but Pandora had the power to switch the volume on or off now. I wasn’t wearing my earpiece. Pandora seemed to be aggravating me intentionally, the people around us would hear if I ignored her. Even though she was an AI that would only speak out loud at the appropriate times—— No, she spoke after considering the situation.

Only I could see the silver haired girl standing in front of me with both hands on my desk.

【What are you doing? Lunch break is almost over.】

I hope lunch break would finish sooner, Pandora.

I returned to the classroom after the period ended, and told the people around me that I spent the third period in the toilet. Have you taken any medicine? Kazuya was concerned.

And now, I was being lectured by Pandora during lunch break.

I picked up my phone. I launched the 【There are no heroines in my youth】app that only displayed 【Game resume time undetermined】, and turned on the sound setting screen. These functions were still usable. I turned Pandora’s voice setting to off.


But it was changed back immediately. Like a fight between grade schoolers, the fight between on and off kept repeating.

【This is the 20th time, do you want to continue?】

It wasn’t the lowest volume anymore, Pandora had turned up the volume. I looked around me. The classroom was noisy during lunch, and no one was paying attention to me… It didn’t matter anymore, I put down the phone in self abandonment and toyed with the croquette bun once more. I wasn’t wasting food. I would eat it later. I just wasn’t hungry, and was using it to pass the time.

[Pandora. Let’s play word chain, I will start. Boring (Taikutsu), so your turn starts with ‘Tsu’ ]


She said impatiently.

[Start with ‘Tsu’.]

【…Tutankhamun. Itsuki win. Since Itsuki won, you should do the things you should do.】
<TL: Tsutankāmen ツタンカーメン>

[Wait, why so fast, don’t be so obvious even if you are throwing the game...]


[And regarding the things I should do, didn’t Pandora say you will support me no matter what course of actions I would take?]

【I did say that. That’s why I would support the actions Itsuki truly wants to take, and guide you along.】

[I already did the things I want to do. That’s why I’m back in my seat.]

【Let me ask you then, why did you put the paper bag with holes and the tail plushy you picked up under your desk? You brought them to the snack shop and then returned with them. You then took them out and checked them twice.】


I was poked right where it hurts and fell silent.

【—— Is it really fine to not visit the rooftop?】

Should I go or not? Even I wasn’t sure of the answer and felt troubled.

I stopped halfway up the stairs. Pandora who was walking in front of me turned me as if she was urging me on. I held my phone and the Recycling bag in my right hand, and the paper bag from the 【One Person Club】 and the tail plushy in my left. I stood on the flight of stairs before the end of the stairwell leading to the rooftop, and peeked at the door.

There was something placed below the door.

I walked over slowly and picked it up. It was the 1cm thick booklet printed with Nakajima Konoha name and detailed her election policies. It was used by me as a shield for my face, so the bottom part was bent at the center.

I transferred all my items to my left hand and tried the handle. It was locked.

【I will take a look.】

Pandora phased through the door and disappeared to the other end. She returned faster than I imagined and pointed at the phone. Did that mean the sound was off and I should check the phone? Text appeared on the phone.

【She is right there. With her back to the door.】

Rika-sama was right behind this door. She was waiting… No, if that was so, she wouldn’t have placed the booklet here. So she didn’t want me to come, and was guarding the place?

I knocked on the door. There wasn’t any reaction. But I believe Pandora and spoke.

[Senpai, it’s me.]

I hesitated before adding on.

[…… Regist. ]

The silence was heavy.

[Erm… About what happened before lunch break,]

I stopped right here. I’m sorry about earlier. But what was I apologizing for? And why? Even now, I still didn’t want to show her my face and tell her my name, so should I apologize? Should I apologize for wearing a Recycling bag whenever I meet with senpai?

[After that, I went to the courtyard to retrieve my things… And I picked up a tail plushy and brought it here. I will leave this right here, together with the paper bag you gave me.]

I placed the tail plushy into the bag and hung it on the door handle.

[I had fun for the three days I became your 【acquiantance】.]

These were all things that was impossible—— And it finally came to an end.

If I removed the paper bag back then, it would developed just like the game and I could confirm my heroine. But I took a decisively different action. It was over.

[I won’t be coming back, so don’t worry.]

I felt that I had finished everything I wanted to say, but I didn’t feel like leaving right away.

Lunch break wasn’t over yet… It should be fine to stay a while longer, but this is the last time.

I leaned on the door from the stairwell side and sat down. Pandora looked at me worryingly, and leaned on the wall on one side. After her visualization, even though her voice wasn’t in sync with her expression, I could tell there was some subtle changes despite her stony face. —— But this would last for just a few more hours.

Pandora looked like she wanted to say something, so I checked my phone. There wasn’t any message from Pandora. Moments later, the phone vibrated. It was a 【Smile】 message.

—— Who was it…? It’s probably Kazuya. Not just topics about his girlfriend Nami-chan, he will send messages like 【A black cat passed in front of me just now】, in direct contrast with Gon-chan who didn’t send many 【Smile】 messages.

It was a message from Kaname. Having met him in person, the content really matched his style. He seemed to have read Nakajima’s policies and wrote his thoughts about it. I should compliment him casually.

【You should read it too, Tosa-kun.】

【I have it with me right now, will give it a read.】

I replied quickly.

I picked up the booklet on the cold floor… It helped me a lot just now. But just as my physical shield, so its content didn’t matter then. I even suspected that Nakajima was only running for student council president in order to create her reverse harem.

I flipped open the cover and read it.

Basically, the booklet has been designed to explain the main points in the opening three pages without the need to read the entire thing. It was structured to explain the details if one wished to do so… How unexpected. No, instead of it being unexpected, a lot of effort has been put into the policies being written. The source of the most unhappiness between students—— The venue allocations of the sports clubs, budget for small societies, menu of the snack shop, agreement made with the teachers, the dwindling number of new books in the library, and the revival of this and that. It didn’t only state that she intend to do this, she even listed the detailed steps on how to carry them out.

To be honest, since Nakajima was a beauty, there would be people voting for her based on looks alone. This was something common in sales. Even though it was a misunderstanding of what happened in the teacher’s office, I decided to vote for her because Nakajima was kind to me and pleasing to the eyes.

However, if it was now—— I wanted to vote for her because of the policies she was championing. I closed the booklet with that thought in mind. I didn’t realize it, but Pandora was also reading these policies.

【How thoughtful. She really put a lot of effort for the sake of the school.】

I agreed with the text on my phone and stroked my chin.

I thought I wouldn’t vote for her after learning Nakajima’s true character. However, this was a different matter. Nakajima’s passion towards the student council presidency was sincere.

Although I wouldn’t have the chance to meet Nakajima again.

I looked at the time displayed on the phone, and the bell signifying the end of lunch break would ring soon. Before that, I dusted off my pants and stood up. If I stay here, I would run into Rika-sama exiting the 【One Person Club】, which would be awkward.

Just once, I turned and looked at the door.

I should say something. What should I say…? What did I need to say? My thoughts became like this because I had been relying too much on the preview for the past three days.
I smiled awkwardly. Rika-sama should be long gone and in the 【One Person Club】 by now. If I asked Pandora to look, I would know where Rika was.
However, I wanted that to remain unclear.

It didn’t matter if Rika-sama was behind the door or not.

No matter what the answer was, I didn’t want to know.

On the fourth day, 29th September—— Thursday, I had campus beautification duties after school. Which was to clean up my assigned area. The indoors group brought brooms, dustpans and rags. The outdoor group had U-shaped metal tongs to pick up rubbish, and 50-litre transparent trash bags.

The male student who was the head of the campus beautification committee as well as the student election committee head, was very stringent against slacking. We even have to report to him when we finished cleaning our assigned areas.

Just for today, I was glad about the cleaning activity. In terms of focusing on work and not thinking about anything else, this worked great.

No matter which committee it was, we would be separated into groups of twos. The other beautification committee member from class 2-2 was a girl from the ballet club, and as she had a performance coming up and needed to prepare, I had to clean up alone. And so, it would take more time than usual. Because the beautification committee head was in the election committee office, I had to go there in order to report. The sky outside the window had already darkened.

Well, it will end faster with the two of us, but I would usually hit her with [E-E-Ermmm!]repeatedly as I tried to speak to her carefully. With regards to this point, having Pandora as a conversational partner was a good thing. The only downside was her lack of a physical body, so she couldn’t perform manual labour.

[Pardon my intrusion.]

I let Pandora wait outside the corridor, and opened the door to the main office. A ponytailed female student near the entrance immediately lowered her head. From her ribbon colour, she was a first year. Her facial features were well proportioned and she had brown eyes. With her delicate features, she might be a famous person among the first years. If I was playing 【There are no heroines in my youth】, this might become an encounter with a potential heroine, I thought mindlessly. I should stop being influenced by that game…

[I’m looking for the committee head.]

I looked around the room —— and found him. The bespectacled student who looked like a good guy was the committee head. He had the face of a buddha, but the heart of a devil. All the campus beautification committee members had experienced that. The committee head was speaking with someone with a troubled expression. Going by this development, I needed to wait here? Who was the person troubling the committee head? I shifted my position to catch a glimpse of her face. I felt surprised for a moment and quickly understood. This was the election committee office. It wouldn’t be strange if they needed to contact the student council president candidate Nakajima.

I then remembered that Nakajima didn’t even commit my name and face to her memory, so it was fine to meet her here.

[… Are you serious about this, Nakajima-san?]

The committee head asked in an anxious voice. Was there an argument?

[I’m serious, and it’s actually…]

Nakajima in sheep skin mode said vaguely and quiet down.

[—— Did something happened?]

[There is something I’m concerned about. I’m still in the midst of considering it.]

[It is possible to forfeit the election. If you forfeit, it will become a vote of confidence for Kiritani, and he will be elected the student council president. It is basically impossible to lose in a confidence voting.]


[From your silence, you are still thinking about it, right? Then go home for today.]

Nakajima walked passed me with footsteps that lacked her usual authority. Nakajima looked my way, but her expression didn’t change as she left the room. The committee head called for me.

[You’re reporting your completion of cleaning duties, right? Year, class and full name please.]

He took out a logbook and pen from the desk. The report would be done after he records the details.

[Alright, Tosa Itsuki from class 2-2.]

[…Is the kanji of your name ‘tree’?]
<TL: same reading, diff kanji thingie.>

[No, it’s written as Month One, read as Itsuki]

[As expected, the new logbook has a mistake…]

[Month One—— January?]

The muttering of the Committee head with a sigh overlapped with someone else’s comment.

[That is true if Itsuki is translated to english. What about it, Tagawa? ]

I followed the gaze of the committee head and looked at the girl with a ponytail standing at the entrance.

[Please don’t mind, it’s just a personal matter.]

The girl replied with a calm and collected voice.

[Your report has been acknowledged. You may leave now, Tosa.]

[Yes, I will take my leave now.]

Pandora was waiting when I exited the office. I was all set to return home——.

I sighed.


【What’s the matter?】

[Nakajima walked out just now, right? Which way did she go?]

I ran in the direction Pandora pointed. She seemed to be going to back to her 2-1 classroom, but she wasn’t there. She couldn’t be too far——.  In that case, the third level? I found Nakajima holding the stair railing at the stairwell to the third floor.


After calling her name, she finally shift her focus towards me. The next moment, she looked my way.

[Erm, you are…]

[Generic face. ]

I said that term myself, and Nakajima’s face showed she understood.

[… Ah, generic face Watanabe right. What is it? Don’t get too cosy with me now. You aren’t my friend after all.]

[I was in the election committee’s office just now.]

[Oh I see.]

[The thing about forfeiting the student council election…]

[You heard that huh. I haven’t decided yet. I’m still thinking about it.]

[Since you are considering about it, that means you have thought about forfeiting seriously. Why?]

Nakajima’s gaze started wavering.



[…… It has nothing to do with you, right?]

[It has nothing to do with me, I’m just a generic face, so it’s fine even if you tell me.]

[That’s true…]

Nakajima stated her reason with a sigh.

[I made an appointment to meet with Amamiya-san in the infirmary during lunch and confessed to him. I also explained to him about the reverse harem properly. Amamiya-san said he doesn’t mind. But… If we’re going to date, and I became the student council president, wouldn’t we have no time to meet? Amamiya-san says he hates that. It’s true that I had the election in the bag, right?]

She puffed out her chest, but her brows were still furrowed.

[But that’s why I’m troubled.]

As if she was putting on a strong front, Nakajima continued speaking.

[… He’s right. Being the student council president is just a stepping stone for a recommendation to university and creating the reverse harem, it’s not that important…]

[—— After your confession, Amamiya told you that he wouldn’t date you unless you forfeit the student council election. If you insist on becoming the student council president, Amamiya might not date you. That’s why you’re forfeiting, is that right?]

[Amamiya-san wasn’t that forthright, I sensed this on my own.]

[What’s the difference… You retard ]

After hearing that, I couldn’t help raging.

[Hah? You should call me a responsible girl instead! My actions are praiseworthy!]

[You’re being responsible in the wrong way! Just form a reverse harem if you want to! Make a bunch of hotties fall head over heels for you! But using common sense, it’s obvious that a guy that makes you decadent is not even worth considering. It’s the same even if the positions of the boy and girl are switched!]

[What’s that about being decadent…]

[Although you claimed you’re only doing this for the college reccomendation and reverse harem, I read the election policies you gave me this morning, Nakajima… I think you really have the best interest of the school at heart. Even though there’re some impurities mixed in, your core is still the same —— Is someone who is tempting you to throw all that away in exchange for dating you a hottie on the inside like Nakajima said? Isn’t he getting you to forfeit in a roundabout way instead of going about it openly? If that is so, then I really don’t understand you.]

[… What’s wrong with doing something for love!?]

I snorted.

[You are forfeiting for the sake of love? The way I see it, you’re just a worthless woman with just your looks going for you!]

[What…! You are just a generic face...]

[Yeah, I’m just a generic face! My name is Yamada Taro. It’s fine for you to not remember them forever! Good bye!]

After saying those lines on a whim, I turned my back to Nakajima and left. I started feeling flustered and stormed off quickly.


After hearing the voice of Pandora who was following me, my head started cooling down. I descended the stairs at normal speed and headed into class 2-2. No one was around, which was only natural. The lights were off too and it was dark. I walked to my seat in the darkness.

I placed my phone onto the desk and sat down. I then laid down onto my table.

My heart was a mess right now. What did I say to Nakajima just now? I did say what came to my mind. But when Amamiya’s name came up, I couldn’t handle it well and I let my feelings of resignation got in the way. I was just venting my frustration out at her.

[On the 5th day, everything resetted to zero...]

She propped herself up from my desk and put her hand on top of my hair, as if she was patting my head.

When I moved, the hand that looked real went into my forehead.

【I passed right through.】

This was the first time Pandora tried touching me on her own initiative… From Pandora? As for me, I didn’t try touching her either. Why didn’t I try touching her? Because the visualization was too realistic, so I found it hard to touch her.

【It will be great if I have a real body.】

The figure of the silver haired girl saying this disappeared before my eyes. I turned anxious for an instant and grabbed the phone on my desk.

But after looking at the time, I understood immediately. 24 hours had passed since the visualization function was unlocked yesterday.

—— It was time.

That was all, but I felt a sense of unease.


An immediate reply came from the phone.


I sighed in relief.

[… It’s nothing.]

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