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Youjo Senki Volume 1 Chapter 3 Preview

Sifa started translation of Chapter 3 back in December 2015, and had been forging on alone. Will be helping her with the translations now that Chapter 2 is sort of done. Shuvi will be leapfrogging to work on Chapter 4. Ghostaker and Rinz will return to translation when life is less hectic for them.

Here's a snippet of what Sifa had done.
Translator: SifaV6

Taking advantage of to the overextension committed by the military of the Empire during their conflict with the Federation, the forces of the Republic began their invasion on the western borders. Overwhelmed by the initial assault made by the Republican army, the Empire began to reorganize their troops. Chapter 3 details a series of conflicts that occurred on the Rhine Frontier.

Below contains an excerpt taken from the current translation draft of chapter 3.
-- Rhine Frontier --  

At that moment, a process similar to the vaporization of a thermobaric explosion was initiated. Mana in the purest condensed form was rapidly discharged at a rate that could not be fathomed. Explosions began to formulate through the heating of the discharged mana, and as they dispersed and made contact with the open air, a wide area unconstrained mana-induced explosion was initiated. The drastic changes in atmospheric pressure can bring on acute pulmonary atelectasis and lung congestion, and furthermore causes the already thin concentration of oxygen level in the air to drop below to a critical level.
Experiencing hypoxia and carbon monoxide poisoning at an altitude of 8000 feet would cause even the most well-trained Aerial Mages to black-out and fall. In unlucky situations where if one were to somehow barely hold-on and maintain their consciousness, they would soon experience horrendous amount of pain in an unimaginable way. This torturous experience was brought on by a series of acute pulmonary atelectasis and carbon monoxide poisoning, coupled with the various symptoms caused from the drastic drop in arterial blood oxygen level within the body.

“Tshh, … geho … ahek.”
Even Tanya who was outside the effective range of the attack experienced difficulty in breathing due to the lack of oxygen. It was hard to imagine the situation of those caught within. Should they somehow manage to survive, the most they can do would be to barely maintain their altitude. And that might not even last much longer due to the phenomenon formed from the aftereffects of unconstrained magic-induced explosion, causing a widespread influx of mana interfering noise.
This not only causes disruptions to wireless communication, but even makes it difficult to maintain sustained spells like flight. Making it impossible for the battle to continue. Although the low visibility caused from the smoke clouds could still make things troublesome, but it was easy to imagine the outcomes of those caught within a direct blast of such spell.

“To the forces of Republican Army, the outcome of this battle has been decided.”
Therefore, Tanya attempted to persuade the remaining opponents to surrender. Although whether or not there would even be survivors was a thing to be wondered at, it wouldn’t hurt to at least give it a try.
Well, if no survivors were to be found, it wouldn’t hurt to take the credit for annihilating an entire squadron and return back to the capital for a nice vacation break.
“If you are willing to surrender, our army will follow the Treaty of Worms and guarantee your rights as captives.”
(Not too sure if they meant this: )

For the Republican army that relied on numerical advantage to overwhelm their opponents, they possessed strong belief that such strategies could also prevail against the Named Pilots of the Empire. However, due to the rarity of Named Pilots and their strategic value, they were rarely deployed except during critical battles, causing their fame on the battlefronts to be immensive.
The 106th and 107th Recon Mage Squadrons of the 42nd Aerial Mage Group belonging to the 4th Aerial Mage Division were also one of the immensely well-known elite units on the battlefield. Or at least, until recently.
“Now then, let us commence the meeting in regards to the recent annihilation of the 106th and 107th Recon Mage Squadrons.”
According to their initial calculation, the main forces of the Imperial Army which contained Named Pilots were deployed at the frontlines against the Federation, hence, could not be re-mobilized within certain time periods. Thus it was almost impossible to encounter scenarios where their troops would be annihilated by enemy forces consisting of elites lead by Named Pilots.
However, such events still occurred. Furthermore, it was at the hands of a single Magician, even though their side held an overwhelming advantage in numbers. If one were to hear of such tales, they would undoubtedly wonder whether or not they have misheard.
“Both the 106th and 107th Squadron, when carrying out their mission in destroying enemy observatory mages, made contact with enemy reinforcements.”
Due to the necessity of repelling long distance aggression, enemy Named forces were ordered to takeoff. After all, it was a difficult task to entrust to any other troops. However, the fact that they were able to deal significant damage despite their severe lack of numbers turned it into a situation that most likely impacted the overall state of the war.
For the attending military officers that understood of this fact, they couldn’t help but put on a solemn expression.
“These are summaries of reports collected from the operation orbs retrieved after the battle, as well as recounts taken from the survivors.”
However, the expressions of the attending Magic Officers in charge of data analysis were even more somber than others, due to having already analyzed the information and recordings obtained from the operation orbs prior to the meeting.
In regards to the inquiries made on the survivors, although there were some difficulties due to the extent of the injuries suffered, the contents collected so far were already shocking to hear.
Were it not collected from the few remaining survivors that had gone through ordeals of life and death, the contents of their recounts most likely would not have been believed. No, it should be said as not willing to be believed.
“… As such, first, please take a look at these recordings made during the battle.”   
[Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!]
This was the emergency distress signal used when coming into contact with the enemy. For the frontline Air Controller who was supposed to remain calm and clear headed throughout all stages of engagement to sound the alert while losing his cool like that, such an incident might have been laughed at if it was done by a rookie soldier, but for a veteran like him it was very unusual. He was also the first to report 106th’s annihilation as well as issuing a general order of retreat. It was thanks to him that the survivors of the 106th and 107th squadrons were able to barely make it back from the battlefield.
[Break! Break!]
Within the noise filled screen, displayed the figures of soldiers quickly obeying the issued command. For the Aerial Mage Officers who have viewed the recordings beforehand, even now they find themselves in disbelief with the scenes that followed after.
The data logged at that moment, recorded a value far exceeding the maximum known distance for long range precision-based attacks.   
The 106th squadron immediately performed evasive maneuvering.
Due to the drastic changes in their flight trajectory, the shakiness of the screen reached an unaccountable new height. Even within this short time period, several soldiers have already been shot down from the sky.
[Bandit! Angel 12!!] <Enemy figure! Altitude 12000!!>
[Angel 12!?]
An attack from an altitude of 12000 ft. Such a feat can truly be described as difficult to believe and to comprehend.
Although this information has already been relayed to the capital via emergency channels, should the matter that Magicians of the Imperial Army were able to reach an altitude twice of the current flying limit were discovered to be true, this would completely nullify the combat potential of all other Aerial Mages.
“… Impossible.”
No-one was sure who exactly had uttered that phrase. However, it precisely reflected the feelings of those present in the headquarters as a whole. The numerical digit 12000, this value caused their brains to ache. Such a figure simply should not exist in this day and age.
In a matter of fact, the attending staff officers at the time also wondered if it might have been an enemy fighter plane that had appeared instead. However, the opponent was undoubtedly a Magician.
Following a series of complex optical processing methods, the resulting images revealed the standard rifles used by the Imperial Army along with unknown mana signatures reacting from the enemy’s operation orb.
Due to the distance, it was impossible to clearly observe the features of the enemy soldier. Although the figure was noted to be of particularly small stature, it had a composure like that of a ruler, leisurely cruising through the sky, as if all obstacles were useless in front of its presence.
Right after, confirmation that the opponent being a Registered Magicianwas made by the 106th squadron. What made it worse was that the opponent was a newly Named Pilot that had just emerged during the start of this war. All details regarding the pilot were unknown. Forget about countermeasures, even knowledge of the common tactics and spells employed by the enemy were unknown.    
Although headquarters have been kicking the butts of those at the Intelligence Bureau in order to get them to reinvestigate, information coming from the frontlines have already become diluted with nothing but rumors. Such as, tales of a lone enemy soldier taking down an entire squadron, or rumors of a Magician flying at an impossible altitude, etc.

This is the frontlines afterall. While it was expected for there to be a certain amount of confusion in the accuracy of the incoming reports, the abnormality of the opponent this time caused a delay in verifying the validity of those information. Letting such an opportune window of timing go to waste was rather regrettable.
“This goddamn Devil of Rhine!”
“Stop that, Captain Cargill. Who is this Devil of Rhine?”
“An unknown enemy Named Pilot. We can only identify him at this stage through his magic signature. ”
The face of the intelligence officer when questioned began to turn blue. Only able to identify via magic signature, in other words, nothing else was known. This was almost the same as confessing straight up to the other military officers present that the Intelligence Bureau was completely incompetent.

An ample amount of information can be obtained from analyzing just the data collected from the operation orbs taken during battle. In other words, having no information would mean either the intelligence officers have neglected their duties or that none of the operation orbs were able record any useful data.
“Have the recordings been properly analyzed?”
Naturally, the Chief of Staff in charge of the current session asked the question that everyone had been wanting to hear, which practically meant “Are you bastards so incompetent that even the basics of your job couldn’t be properly handled?”
“Regarding the cores of the operation orbs recovered from those slain on the battlefield, analysis have been completed on seventeen of them so far. As for the orbs of the survivors, all of them have been analyzed.”
However, the response from the Intelligence Bureau was concise and clear. They really did complete their task. Furthermore, they were also the first ones that had send out the report detailing the annihilation brought-on by an unknown enemy Magician.

A special investigation squad was even formed, deliberately letting the enemy opponents to shoot them down so as they could retrieve the corpses of fallen pilots. At the end, they were able to recover the majority of the operation orbs, as well as perform investigations on the remains in order to uncover as much details regarding the incident.

… … However, nothing useful was uncovered.

Despite the mountains of evidence that indicated the existence of the enemy Magician, no other information could be obtained.

“… … And after all that, the only information uncovered was the magic signature of the enemy? Just how did this happen?”

“Almost every person that came close to the enemy perished. Whereas the majority of the survivors were shot down from afar.”

Every Magician that came into close contact with the opponent had their entire body scorched and were blown to smithereens. The protective outer shells of the retrieved operation orbs were further melted, damaging the core. For conventional weapons to reach this level of destructive power would require either the equivalent of direct hits by heavy artilleries or roughly one ton of heavy explosives.  

For there to exist a Magician capable of both overwhelming their opponents at close range as well as being proficient at conducting long range precision-based attacks, the Intelligence Bureau have already classified him as a strategic level threat. Although the mana signature of this Magician has yet to be verified, it has already been registered on the military database.

The alias ‘Devil of Rhine’ was given due to the hatred and fear they felt for an opponent that couldn’t be seen on the battlefield. Afterall, it has only been two month since the first verified appearance of this Devil, yet if recorded correctly, the confirmed number of casualties already reached more than sixty.  

Due to the appearance of enemy Named forces, headquarters at the frontline have urgently requested for a subjugation team.

“Continuing on, this is the miraculous recordings recovered from the operation orb of a deceased member of the 106th squadron, moments before it lost its functionality.”

Projected from within the screens, was the figure of a lone enemy opponent gracefully avoiding the concentrated fire of an entire squadron. Despite the sheer amount of spells directed at the enemy, none of them seemed to have landed even close, making the viewers wonder just where the heck were their side aiming at. What further made the scene unbelievable was the manner in the way the opponent avoided the incoming projectiles which could only be described as elegant and calm.  

“… …. It’s almost … as if a dance is being conducted?”

Mesmerized by the movements displayed within the screen, one couldn’t help but to murmur quietly in admiration.

As the brightness of the spells intensified to a maximum, countless rays of lights could be seen pouring down from the sky. Yet amongst this intensive barrage of spells, the figure of the opponent could still be observed elegantly dancing within this sparkling world of lights. As irritating as it might sound, not a single spell seemed to have landed.

Although it was unclear who exactly had given this name, but the alias ‘Devil of Rhine’ fitted really well with the displayed scene. To be capable of slipping through the concentrated fire of an entire squadron in a calm and carefree manner, no matter how one think of it, it is beyond the norm.

“Is it due to mobility issues that caused our technique of regulated shooting to fail?”

“In other words, the opponent possesses a far superior mobility than our troops?”

In the past, in order to counter the superior individual skills displayed from Mages of the Imperial Army, the Republican military developed the technique of regulated shooting. By relying on teamwork and the advantage in numbers, it was capable of easily bringing down overconfident Mages that carelessly approached the Republican forces.

Although this kind military doctrine heavily relies on the condition of having numerical advantage over the opponents, but for the Republican army, it is already a good enough solution. And hence began the belief that as long as the barrage of assault is initiated, not a single Magician can survive it.

“Spatial detonations were also avoided. Most likely, the enemy sensed the locations that were being aimed at and avoided them in the last second.”

“Performing evasive maneuvering in matters of seconds? Wouldn’t that mean the opponent is capable of completely avoiding all mana-induced attacks?”

The basic concept behind regulated shooting was to first make use of large amounts of magic-guided shells to heavily inhibit the enemy’s retreat routes while then proceeding to shoot directly at them. At the same time, the speed and orientation of the opponent was measured, followed by bombarding the predicted routes of the enemy using explosion-based spells, aiming to propel them into the blast radius of the explosions.

However, if it was impossible to aim and measure the movements of the opponent then the effectiveness of this combat method will significantly be reduced. It was a method that heavily relies on the teamwork and synergies of an entire group; a group oriented combat style. In other words, if this method of combat becomes ineffective, then the merit of fighting together as a team would also be rendered as near useless.

The heartbeat of the attending military officers momentarily tightened as they held their breath in silence. The amount of mana projected from the enemy operation orb not only have exceeded the limit of measurement, but the phenomenon of the physical materialization of mana have also began to manifest, amplifying the magic intensity by several folds. An overbearing amount of light was further created from the mixture of multiple interference patterns that resonated due to the collision of mana elements/particles.

A type of magic that would normally require the combined efforts of multiple Mages in order to attempt was suddenly brought forth by the hands of a single Magician of the Imperial Army.

“The observation machine also showed that the amount of mana manifested at that time exceeded the limit of measurement.”

“No way!? If that’s the case…”

The words that were being uttered were abruptly stopped as the recorded reactions of the stabilization of mana elements were displayed in front of their eyes. An entire category of mana that could not be measured, it was a unique phenomenon that countless Mages and nations have attempted to achieve in the past but had given up.

In theory, the manifestation of mana in the physical world can be considered as an impossible phenomenon to realize due to the spatial interferences caused from the instability of individual mana elements. It has always been considered as pure madness to attempt experiments in the topic of realization of mana in its physical form, as it was taken for granted as not feasible.

“… … Impossible, that’s just not possible!”

The technology officer who understood more on this topic than anyone-else frankly began to deny the reality of the situation. This could no longer be considered as magic that could be explained through science and technology, but more like something at the level of fairytales and legends.

[To the invaders of our nation, if you come bearing with ill intent, then we shall respond by praying to God.]

<Note. Tanya’s operation orb runs on prayers due to the meddling of a certain existence X, and thus has to reluctantly recite them on the battlefield in order to draw out more power.>

The appearance of the figure recorded with the maximum amount of zoom quickly shocked the entire audience to silence. Although what was displayed might still be blurry and was filled with noise, it was impossible to mistake it as anything else.  

“… … Isn’t that just a child?”

The appearance of the enemy Magician could only be described as very young. Yet the words that were being spoken carried forth the sound of destruction and annihilation. Together with the absurd amount of mana detected within the atmosphere, the chilliness of her voice betrayed hints heralding the soon incoming descend of onslaught.   

If the God that you pray to truly exist, would that being happen to be the Devil or the God of Destructions? The words that were uttered on screen couldn’t help but to cause the listeners to hold their head in frustration as they sought for the salvation of the Lord.

[O Lord, may your benevolence protect us from the wickedness of man. O Lord, may your righteousness grant us the strength to defeat the intruders of our nation.]

However, her words were pure and sincere, containing an innocence that could be reflected from the gazes of her eyes. Can this girl really be considered as an enemy Magician? The words that she had been uttering were nothing but prayers.

[Please save us from the invasion of the non-believers. God, grant me the powers to slay our enemies.]

“Are we truly beings that should not be allowed to exist?” One couldn’t help but to retort such phrases after seeing the pitiful gazes that she bore as if judging them of their sins.

[I hereby declare to those that are present, you are currently intruding upon the Empire’s territory.]

It was as if she was a Miko come bearing in arms with the decrees of God, those words clearly contained the weight of faith behind them.

[We will spend every effort in order to defend our nation. Because the lives of our people rests behind our backs.]

The words that were uttered were filled with a sense of duty. Just this alone was able to convey to the viewers that this was her duty, together with the emotions of wishing to protect her people.
It was for that reason alone that brought her to stand before them.
[Answer me. Just why do you desire to invade the Empire, to invade our homeland?]
Perhaps it was due to a sense of urgency that disaster would soon befall them, the 106th Squadron began to heavily concentrate their remaining firepower, giving their all to hinder the opponent’s chanting, even if it could only be delayed for a little while longer.
[O Saints, let us believe in the grace of our Lord, for we who know not of fear.]
However, reality was cruel. Fate was not on their side. Even if God was watching, he would only be smiling at her.
[Lament not of our fate, for the Lord has not forsaken us!]
The condensed mana that had been gathered began to crackle, filling the observation device with noise. This meant that the amount of mana elements present in the atmosphere was enough to cause distortions to the spatial dimensions of reality.
[At the end of our distant journey, we shall reach the Promised Land.]
It was as if that entire sentence was the key which opened the secrets to Pandora’s Box. The thoughts of the audience halted as the monitor in front of them began to glow at an intensity beyond imaginable. Until finally, the operation orb was damaged to the point it lost all functionality, causing the recordings to forcefully end at that moment.
“… O God, please have mercy on our souls.”

God, is this … truly what you have been hoping for?


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