Saturday, May 23, 2015

Please refer to Google Docs for the release tonight

Overlord have always been release on two places, this blog and googledocs
Something came up, so I won't be available to post it to this blog tonight.

The guys will post in the chatbox when the release is ready.
Please refer to the googledocs link here.

I will post the release onto the blog about 10 hours after release.

Edit: posted onto this blog @


  1. cool, thank you for the chapter

  2. It stares into my soul

  3. Dammit!! Why did I scroll down gwaahh?!! That image is going to hunt my every dreams now argghh!!!!

  4. The true lizardman hero

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  6. guys i cant fine it were is in googledocs

  7. I can't find the new chapter

  8. where to find new chapter? i can't find it in the gdocs

  9. I wonder what alarms sound at 7:21 and 19:19. And Food Wars has shown us that the best possible grade for beef is A5, how come they have A7? What kind of godly food is that?

    Some corrections:

    Where it says that Aura used a rolled up paper as a microphone, wouldn't it be a megaphone, instead? A microphone needs speakers, a megahone is a single piece. And it's easier to picture someone using a rolled up paper as a megaphone.
    Also, Japanese kana tables go in the order A-I-U-E-O, so that would mean that either there are only 3 groups or that it's following the Iroha ordering system and there are 24 groups (out of a maximum possible of 47).

  10. is me maybe the chapter is missing or is halve chapter

    1. They divide it in parts in order to translate it according to the POV of each part. It's just that the length of the part with this POV was unuasually short. It happens.

  11. Thank you for the chapter... a bit short tho