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Overlord Volume 4 Prologue

Volume 4 - The Lizardmen Heroes

Translators: Ferro, Exct
Editors/Proofreaders: Namorax, Ghoststsaker, Skythewood, JcqC, Sene9ty

"Welcome back, Ainz-sama."

Returning to his own room after half a month, Albedo’s next words drained all the strength from his body.

"Would you like to have something to eat? Would you like to have a bath? Or would you like to have… me?"

For a moment, Ainz thought he could see multiple heart shapes fluttering behind Albedo’s body

"...What are you doing"

"I’m playing newlyweds, Ainz-sama. I heard that there is no better way of welcoming back a husband who went out on a work trip with the family pet. How was it?"

He finally understood why no one welcomed him back at the surface this time. This man who had never dated before, let alone married, was just about to calmly reply "I don't know", but immediately swallowed those words. His pride as a man did not allow him to show weakness. Besides, how was one supposed to answer a question like ‘How was it?’?

Although he had no self-confidence... why not reply with a knowing attitude for a guaranteed flawless response.

"It was very charming, Albedo."

"That’s wonderful!"" Albedo’s smile showed how delighted she was.

Being assaulted by Albedo’s bewitching smile, Ainz sat down slowly and prepared to deal with business.

He felt like there was a snake slowly crawling up his back.

It was probably due to the animalistic desire flashing in Albedo's golden eyes that he felt that way. If he were to jokingly answer "I want you", she would immediately use it as a pretext to descend like a carnivorous beast on him. Somehow, the words "reverse rape" appeared in his mind.

His sexual appetite was effectively non-existent, but the small remaining amount still made itself known at the smell emitted by Albedo. His desire to know what would happen next was spurred on by curiosity and the thought that no harm would be done.

Stop it, you idiot.

It wasn’t because of strong self-control that he ignored Albedo’s feelings, it was more like resignedly telling himself that it would be impossible for a human skeleton.

Before coming to this world, he had jokingly changed Albedo's settings to "be madly in love" with him. Because of that, he felt as if he was taking advantage of her feelings that way and thus he was unable to take even a single step forward to accept her feelings

But I can’t do anything about the thing I have lost… A purely platonic relationship would not progress smoothly… That’s why I am afraid of taking the next step.

These were the thoughts of Ainz, who had never gotten into a relationship with a member of the opposite sex before.

Besides, from a certain point of view, the NPCs his comrades had created were like children. To tarnish that kind of important things would make him feel very awkward.

I’m so stupid. This isn’t what I should be thinking of.


Because Albedo suddenly let out her voice, the light in Ainz’ eye sockets became brighter.

"Wha-What is it!? Albedo! What happened?"

"Forgive me. A newlywed wife definitely has to be wearing the Final battle attire (naked apron) to receive the husband."

Finishing her words, Albedo’s red face looked down at her skirt, saying:

“With your permission, I’ll change immediately.”

While stealing glances at him, she added with a bashful, yet still discernable voice: “ front of Ainz-sama…."

"....Ah, yes.... um, seriously…. haa~~~, Albedo stop joking around, and let us begin the organisational meeting and exchange information."

"Yes, as you command."

Ainz forced himself to place the regretful—— for reasons unknown—— Albedo’s inexplicable effort at the back of his mind and slumped into his chair. He then tossed three leather bags onto the table. Toward Albedo, who’d already changed from a newlywed bride back to an outstanding secretary, he said:

“First of all, take this currency obtained in Re-Lantier and use it for various experiments.”

The three bags all had different sizes, with the largest one bulging enough to be able to stand. Inside of them were the gold, silver and copper coins Ainz had earned as an adventurer.

"As you command, this money will be used for Nazarick’s defense systems, as well as experiments on the summoning systems for minions."

"See to it. Furthermore, confirm at once whether or not these can be used for the manufacturing of magic scrolls and other items."

The gold obtained in the game YGGDRASIL wasn't just used to buy items, it was also used for many other things: to cover the administration fees for a Guild’s base-defense systems and the costs for automatically summoning servants of level 30 or higher, as a medium to launch certain spells, to pay the manufacturing costs of items and even as a price for the revival of dead NPCs.

It had already been confirmed there were no problems using YGGDRASIL's gold coins in this world. However, they still needed to find out if this world's currency could also be used to cover their expenses, especially if it was possible to use silver and copper coins —— since gold coins were the only currency in YGGDRASIL.

It wouldn’t be the slightest exaggeration to say that these experiments could affect Nazarick’s fate. If the currency obtained in this world could be used in the same way as in YGGDRASIL, then future operation policies would be affected, notably regarding the importance attributed to coins.

Depending on the situation, the priority given to obtaining coins would increase. On the other hand, if the currency of this world couldn’t be used, then the money in the treasure room would become the final lifeline and any pointless spending would have to be curbed.

"Now about Clementine ——"

Saying the name of the woman’s missing corpse, Ainz made a face as if he’d bitten a bug.

Because of Ainz’ mistake, this woman who learned much precious information had probably been revived. The disquieting sensation that she was probably disseminating her information was slowly accumulating.

The number of possible enemies were many, yet information regarding them was scarce. In contrast, the information on this side had already been leaked.

It would be best if the targets receiving the information were original guild members, but… being that lucky would simply be wishful thinking. Our future actions should be taken with more caution. Still, what should be done about the identity of Momon?

Momon will probably be suspect, but it would be a waste to immediately abandon an identity in the middle of elevating its fame. The fact that Ainz and Momon were the same person should not have been leaked yet.

There’s no choice but to adapt to future developments.

Unable to think of an answer, Ainz put the subject to the side to avoid pondering on futile questions.

"Order Pandora’s Actor to throw one of that woman’s swords into the treasure room’s Shredder to see what happens."


Albedo’s question reminded Ainz of the machine’s real name.

"Exchange Box. It allows people with Merchant abilities to appraise items of higher value. Order Pandora’s Actor to make use of Nearani-san’s appearance to use his special ability."

While looking at Albedo, who signaled her understanding by lowering her head, Ainz put the parchment on the table.

"There is another thing. This is the world map obtained from Re-Lantier."

"Is this….it?"

Albedos softly pursed her eyebrows, the reason was simple. This map was way too roughly made.

"I understand your dissatisfaction. This is only a map of the surrounding, it shows only a portion of this world. Moreover the measures are inconsistent and many landmarks are left unmarked."

There were many examples of information that Ainz had obtained from the President of the Magic Association in Re-Lantier that were not shown on the map, such as the locations of the Centaur tribes in the grassland, the Scorpionmen’s nest in the desert, the Dwarf country’s mountains, etc.. In all, this map was only useful for humans.

The reliability of a dubious map was low, but better maps would cost more money and time to map; and there were no better ones available.

These were the words of Magicians’ Guild’s President, Theo Rakesheer, who was very close to Ainz, so it should be the truth.

Obtaining a map of such a degree was already an unreasonable request, as could be seen from his attitude.

"I understand. Then I shall have copies made and distributed to each Floor Guardian."

"Very good, before that let me explain."

Ainz pointed to the middle area where minute details were inscribed around the area.

"This is Re-Lantier, and here is the Great Tomb of Nazarick."

The finger moved from the middle toward the northeast, near the enormous forest that were the surroundings of Nazarick. This could be ascertained from the terrain.

"Here is the Azellerisia Mountain range, the border between the Kingdom of Re-Estize and the Baharuth Empire. Starting from the southern tip and revolving around the mountain range, this large area is Tove Forest. And between the southern tip of the mountain range and Tove forest is a river that flows into a ladle shaped lake. Ainz pointed to the southern side of the lake.

"This are the Great Wetlands, the location of the Lizardmen’s village."

Confirming Albedo’s nod, Ainz continued to explain.

"The following is from the Magicans’ Guild President’s explanation about the surrounding countries. To the Kingdom’s northwest is an area with a great number of mountain ranges where many races of demi-humans have formed the Confederation of Yagrande. Caution should be taken toward the five, or maybe, seven headed dragon acting as one of the representatives. And to the Kingdom’s southwest is a country known as the Holy Kingdom. It’s marked haphazardly on the map, but the country’s border is protected by a wall, the 10,000 Mile Great Wall. It guards against the Wilderness, where many demi-humans are in constant dispute."

"That’s where Demiurge was sent before."

"That’s right. On the other side of the Wilderness is the Slane Theocracy, a possible enemy we must caution against."

"Is this line the border?"

Albedo used her marble white hand to point at an encircling line.

"Most likely. Truthfully speaking, this border doesn't say much. It’s very rough. Look here, to the Northeast of the Empire lies a number of countries. Together they form the Nations Alliance, they also seem to include demi-human cities. The Southwest of the Empire has many canyons forming a giant array of Stela. Countless caves house a group of humans who raises Wyverns. Their tribes lives right here.”

Summarizing Ainz’ words, this area seems to be similar to Wulingyuan, but actual situation wasn’t very clear.


In YGGDRASIL, flying dragons could be summoned by those with the cavalry job who had reached the late thirties levels, and there was no similar evidence in this world of riding monsters.

"It’s like this...ordinarily they can be said to be extremely powerful. Nonetheless, for the Great Tomb of Nazarick, they are not so useful for invading… and then below this, to the east of this giant lake——we reach the edge of the map."

Ainz pointed at the table surface beyond the map.

"There seems to be a country here that is called the Dragon King Country."


"Correct. It is a country that was created by a powerful dragon in the past. This country’s royalty has also inherited dragon blood… whether it is true or not is doubtful… well, that’s the extent of the map’s explanation."

If it were the world where Ainz went by the name of Satoru Suzuki, this layer of gold plating would probably be a sham. However in this world, the possibility of it being true was much higher.

"Then Ainz-sama, the countries we ought to be alert against are the Slane Theocracy, and the Confederation of Yagrande?"

Ainz folded his arms and let out a "Uhn" noise.

To the degree of talking about countries, and because there currently was no view that could be made due to the lack of intelligence, towards this response Albedo slowly lowered her head.

"Very sorry, this country right now also needs to be an alert factor."

"... Correct. Even if there is no big deal about this country, it is also possible for an alarmingly powerful individual to exist."

The person who used a World-Class item on Shalltear, and the like.

Even if these thoughts were unspoken, it seemed to have been transferred to Albedo.

Ainz then respectively pointed at the areas south and east beyond the map.

"Towards the east there is a city called the Sea City, towards the south there is another city created by the one name Eight Desire King, it’s the city you must be most wary of. Eight Desire King’s City … is a floating city in the desert."

"Floating city?"

"This is merely hearsay, and may not be accurate, but there is a metropolis below the floating city. As if the floating city can generate an unlimited amount of water, the metropolis is entirely surrounded by a magic enchantment, such that people cannot imagine it is in a desert."

Albedo’s eyes turned frosty, and several words were whispered.

"Would you like to have servants carry out some forced reconnaissance?"

"There is no need to take such a risk. Even if the World-Class item users arrived here, before understanding their combat prowess, it is also necessary to confront them with a smile… how is Shalltear’s condition?"

"Regarding the resurrection, physically there is no problem, except..."

"Your speech is hesitant. Is it something that will make me upset?"

"Ah! Extremely sorry for this. Actually mentally she is a little disturbed.”

"... Did the effects of mental dominance still remain? Even with the resurrection after death is it unable to dispel the effect of the World-Class item?"

"No, not like that… because of showing hostility and battling with Ainz-sama, deep down she considered this to be an unforgivable sin."

Ainz was momentarily confused.

That was entirely Ainz’ mistake, Shalltear committed no wrong. She was already told this several times.

"Please forgive my rudeness of objecting to Ainz-sama’s decision."

Ainz nodded towards Albedo who had a sincere expression.

"I think it’s best if there are some punishment."

The fire in Ainza eye sockets darkened, he opened his mouth, but closed it immediately because the person in front of him still had words to say.

"......[Carrot and stick] is a well known idiom. If Ainz-sama were to mete out punishment, then the guilt in Shalltear’s heart will disappear, on the other hand, without punishment the negative feelings in her heart won’t go away."

So it is, it is true that there can’t be reward without punishment, the two must both exist to hold reason.

Regarding the parts though, to what degree to punish and to what degree to forgive, these are all decided by Ainz. If it was the usual, everything would simply be forgiven by Ainz.

On the other hand, even though it’d be slightly hard on Shalltear, but this is a good educative opportunity.

".....I get it, let’s give Shalltear some punishment."

"That’s right, this way will be best, also please forgive my impudence."

"What are you saying. To propose your viewpoint like earlier is what I need. When I am out of ideas, proposing ideas like you did just now is exactly what you should do for your duty as The Great Tomb of Nazarick’s Floor Guardian Overseer."

"Thank you very much!"

With red cheeks and wet eyes, the world class beauty lowered her head toward Ainz. Getting embarrassed over her heartfelt words, Ainz waved as reply.

"Therefore, (we) shall go do work. The matter here will rely on thee."

"Yes! Leave it to me! In Ainz-sama’s absence, I will take the responsibility and manage properly."

On the way, Ainz heard a little bit of a wifely tone mixed up in there but he ignored it, because Albedo’s words were not finished.

"However, Ainz-sama must take care, the World-class item user who brainwashed Shalltear might attack here."


Returning to this room, Ainz let out a displeased sound for the first time.

"If they were to come, easily repelling them… cannot be done. Rest assured, Albedo. If we encounter an unknown assailant, I will treat retreating as priority, and even have servants prepared to serve as shields."

Ainz slowly looked towards the ceiling, imagining the presence of alarms which should have been there.

The hostile World-Class item user, players who may or may not exist, and vestiges of players who existed in the past of course would not necessarily appear as an enemy. However matters concerning safety should not be handled carelessly, therefore preparations ought to be made with regards to the worst case scenario.

"The first consideration is that before the enemy’s true identity is confirmed, operations must be as covert as possible. However, it is also necessary to place bait to lure prey… how should such a scheme be carried out?"

Albedo slightly lowered her eyesight, but from this reaction Ainz already anticipated the result.

"The report from Cocytus has not yet been received. Entoma’s report was within the expected range, and the battle begun much closer to the destination, so the report was prepared in advance."

"So it’s like this… although this is not the desired outcome, the important thing is what we can gain from it."

"I am relieved that you think that way."

"Good. Although I wish to head over there to witness it personally, my adventurer work has regrettably piled up and I am unable to go. However I still wish to know of the condition of the battle, therefore video record the battle between the lizard men and the army of the Great Tomb of Nazarick."


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      Compared to the original Japanese you can see where STW's translation is rushed, or obviously translated from an existing translation that may or may not be accurate. It's a lot of work to make it actually good.

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