Demon Sword Master of the Holy Sword Academy

Demon Sword Master of the Holy Sword Academy

Author: Yū Shimizu (志瑞 祐)
Illustrations: Asagi Tosaka (遠坂 あさぎ)
Publisher: MF Bunko J
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He looks like a kid on the outside, but is actually the Demon Lord on the inside!? Attending a sword and fantasy academy with the big sisters!

Leonis who is the strongest in the world, sealed himself before the impending decisive battle.

But when he woke up 1000 years later, he turned back into a ten years old boy!

「Why!?」「Why are you trapped here? It's fine now, big sister will protect you.」

Leonis gets protected by the beautiful young girl Lyselia, a student from the 〈Holy Sword Academy〉, and is surprised by the completely different world.

The unknown enemy 〈Void〉, 〈Seventh Tactical City〉, and the special ability in the form of weapons——〈Holy Swords〉.

He is troubled by the unfamiliar terms, but stilled enrolled in the 〈Holy Sword Academy〉.

In this world where sorcery has been lost, the story between the strongest Demon Lord and the beautiful girls, and their demon sword and holy sword makes its debut!

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