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Hero Without Blood or Tear Chapter 20

Chapter 20 - Nightmare to Demon Lords (2)

Translator: Unowngollem

After causing all the ruckus in the Abbess’ chamber, we headed to the Order’s most secretive sealed underground vault. Margherita guided from the front.

“Marie, where are we going?”

It was already fairly deep underground, but it seemed there was even more way to go.

“A seal is always bound to be deep underground.”

The reason I followed her down was due to Margherita’s strong insistence in the first place. She stressed that she needed to repay me for helping the Order and her.

“You’ll find out when you’re there.”

I gained much by coming to the Fortress Convent of the Order. I advanced to the highest ranking necromancy class and even unlocked a quest to gain the Empire’s strongest person in south-west as a companion. On top of that, the promise of support from the Sisterhood, Walpurgis and Angela’s trust and goodwill was just a bonus.

From my perspective, I couldn’t wish for more. I tried to be modest but Margherita didn’t budge. According to her own words, the best compensation was a material one.

If she could give me something ok, that was fine as well, but there was a problem.

Most items in this convent were holy objects. Divine sword, divine armour, divine crown, divine clothe, so on and so forth. It was an endless parade of “divine” after the other.

For someone who has his foot in necromancy like me, they weren’t useful. Nothing prevented me from using them, but there was also no reason for me to go through the debuff. That was the story behind coming down so deep underground. Margherita laughed out boisterously, forgetting she was ill not too long ago.

“Muhaha! It’s ingenious the more I think about it! I can give an evil object sealed long time ago to a person tainted by evil! It’s a reward and I can clean out the trash at the same time.”


I think I just heard something I can’t let pass.

“You’re giving a cursed object to a cursed person? What are you going to do if I get consumed completely by evil?”

When I raised an objection, Margherita stopped, and spoke while sticking out her rather ineffectual chest.

“Valler, I don’t think you’re someone so weak. If you are, then you’re not suitable to rip open a new one for Pejamut, so go back home now. I will contact you after finding a way to undo the curse.”

“Uh, you should try not to say “rip open a new one” as a nun.”

“It’ll be fine. What’s the worst that could happen? I’ll just have to return to the secular world. Fine with me since I can get married then.”

No, if you do that, your life as a nun is over.

“And I managed to meet a fine man as well.”

Margherita glanced over at me and smiled with her eyes. But it was a joke no matter who looked at it. Even as she was glancing at me, she constantly peeked at Walpurgis.However, the naive young lady took the bait.

“Sister Marie, please just keep to guiding the way.”

Walpurgis’ voice had edge to it. Margherita made exaggerated expression of being hurt.

“My goodness! She used to follow me around saying “Abbess”, but just because I joked with her man now she calls me “Sister Marie”! Goodness gracious! It’s no use raising a daughter.”

Walpurgis reacted sensitively to those sentences.

“W, who, whose man are you talking about! Mr. Valler is a guest, so do not be rude to him! No, before that, please realize you are an elder of the Order and maintain your manners!”

“Well, it didn’t look like my little angel had marked territory on him yet, but if we want to make it  come true…”

“P, please stop making a hole with fingers and poking at it with your index finger.”

Silent and solemn underground turned loud like a market square. All the statues of saints and angels here would think this situation as ridiculous if they could.

Margherita and Walpurgis’ shadow shined by magical lamp moved excitedly like a puppet show.

“Mr. Valler, I will lead the way. Ignore those two. They are a pair of dumb and dumber.”


The Protector of the Empire’s South-West and heir to Bavaria. The two women who are considered powerful figures were just dumb and dumber in the Order. The truth about heroes always were far from the stories.

“Now, this way.”

Only person you could rely on was granny Angela. I abandoned the dumb and dumber and followed after her. After descending for five more minutes, there was a stoic door that was surely the seal no matter who looked at it.

“In here.”

Angela put her palm on the handle and light flashed from the door. The door opened heavily with a creak.


There were all manners of strange artifacts inside. Only common factor was that they were all unholy. Everything evil the Order had collected so far was in the sealed vault.

“There’s all kinds of stuff here.”

As I looked at an abnormal sword closely, Margherita answered instead of Angela.

“Leave that sword. It’s useless. Even though it’s sharp, it drives the wielder slowly insane.”

“Are you done with the argument?”

“Puha! What argument? I’m as friendly with the little angel as a fish with water.”

When I asked Walpurgis if that’s correct with my eyes, she turned away as if upset. Margherita became equally upset.

“That! That ungrateful girl! Does she know how much effort I put into raising her!”

Before another fight could break out, Angela threatened to kick both of them out.

Margherita coughed dryly and explained while looking around.

“There’s all manner of dangerous objects here. Valler, if you wished, I could give them all to you. However, most of them are useless objects filled with curse and malice.”

Margherita grasped my wrist and led me deeper inside.

“But there are occasionally decent artifacts. Of course, there is always the condition of having to overcome the darkness within. Now, that thing is it.”

What Margherita pointed at was a set of beautiful armour. It was black with intricate acid finish. It was a true master work with numerous assembled plates to maximize ability to move. That black shade also glistened the way it surpassed mere metal plates and looked like a piece of the night sky.

“Dwarf made.”

“You recognize it. This kind of skill is impossible except for a dwarf.”

“What’s the name? This kind of masterwork must have a name.”

“It’s called the “Cursed Birth”. The person who last wore it told me…”


“He said he was the 17th owner of the armour! And that everybody who wore it so far died. How about it? Wonderful isn’t it.”

I couldn’t imagine what about it was so wonderful, but Margherita must have had a reason to offer it. She must have thought it would complement the darkness within me.

“Don’t worry about it. No matter how strong this armour is, it’s nothing compared to the power inside you. You can suppress the dark power with stronger dark power.”

It meant the dead avatar’s power inside me was so strong that the curse inside the armour wouldn’t work. If that’s the case, I welcomed it.

I extended my hand to check out the item’s stats. And it was surprising. It was an S-class magic item. Not even heroes got S-class magic items right off the bat.


<Cursed Birth>

S-Class Magic Item

This perfect set of armour will ensure the owner weaker than it would die. The dwarf smith who made this armour sacrificed his friend to enchant the armour. It has been cursed ever since.

Defense +789
Life +654
Darkness +122

Strength +32

Curse Immunity - “Cursed Birth” nullifies any curse weaker than its strength.
Shadow Explosion - Creates explosion wave within 5 meter radius of the wearer.


The specs were insane.

But looking at it carefully, there were effects that lowered HP or charisma of the wearer and even a chance that tripled the damage taken.

That was why the wearers kept dying. But I was the “One Without Blood or Tear”. It was such a high class that curses like these were nothing.

“I accept it with all my thanks.”

“I’m glad it was to your liking. I will let you know if I find anything that may be of use to you.”

Margherita nodded satisfactorily after seeing that I am happy with the gift. It was strange that a clergy woman would offer a cursed item, but that just meant she was practical. I felt she would be a good comrade in a fight against demon lords to come.

“Valler, why don’t you stay at the convent a little more? I will cook your meals myself to repay you.”

“I appreciate the offer but there is somewhere I need to be in a hurry. I’ll return at later date.”

“Is that so. That can’t be helped.”

Margherita seemed to regret the fact I had to leave so early. But it couldn’t be helped since I needed to go hunt down Phillip.


Before the morning sun rose, while the sky was still blue, I left the Convent-Fortress of the Order.


Filly slowly galloped through the grass field wet with morning dew. She must have liked the wet sensation on her feet as she avoided the dirt road and kept walking through the grass. Beside me was Walpurgis on her unicorn to bid me farewell.

For some reason, there was depressed aura about her. I didn’t want to be seperated from this cute girl either. The time we spent together was too short.

We met on April 12th and departed on April 14th. It was mere two days. But there were many things that developed between us during that time.

“Thank you for seeing me all the way out here. Here seems like an appropriate place to say goodbye.”

“Valler, I will wait at the convent. Will you not come with me to Bavaria when you are done? I wish to repay you.”

I want to be together with her, too, but it was not meant to be yet. There were still many things to do before the great war erupted. I won’t be able to meet Walpurgis for a while.

“I’m sorry. I have things I need to do.”

Walpurgis nodded regretfully.

“I understand. I cannot stand in the way of a man with a mission. I understand you work with a sense of duty. I wish you luck.”

I was thankful she understood.

“Then we’ll meet again. Good luck to you as well.”

As I nodded and about to turn my horse around, Walpurgis called out to me.


She extended her hand from atop of her horse and grabbed the rein.

“Did you forget something?”

“No, but I think I need to be more honest with you, Valler.”


There wasn’t anything Walpurgis deceived me on. What was she talking about? Amidst my confusion, something unexpected happened. Walpurgis started untying the areas connected to her helm.

“Wha, my lady!”

I was surprised.

I was really surprised.

Walpurgis was a woman who would rather die than take off her helmet. Through all the time I spent with her, I’ve never seen what’s beneath that helmet. She never wanted to show it even after all the camaraderie we’ve built up.

But she was taking it off here? It was definitely not only because of her goodwill towards me. There were plenty of time I’ve built up deeper goodwill and friendship than now.


Instead of answering my question with many meanings, only sound of helmet coming off echoed.


Her blonde hair shining against morning sunlight flowed out like a waterfall.


There was suppose to be Q&A and when I will get around to setting regular release time. But circumstances have changed and I want to offer explanation for why this chapter was so later again. Several weeks ago, I explained in a post that I was delayed due to overwork situation and I expected it to be over roughly a week or two after the post. Well, after that I was informed that increased work situation would be extended.

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