Thursday, April 19, 2018

HWBT Delays & When it will continue

Hello Rockgollem here.

HWBT translation has been rather slow and intermittent for a fair amount of time now.

I simply do not have time at the moment to push out translations.

I have been and am currently extra busy and little overworked at the work. On average day I come home relatively late, eat dinner,  have roughly 1~2 hours for myself, then have to get ready for tomorrow and sleep.

While some people can translate extremely fast, I am unfortunately not one of those people.

I did not post this earlier because I did not know when I would be able to resume translation. I have reasonably hard date now.

The translation will resume on April 27th/28th (depending on your time zone).

Chapter 20 and Q&A will be there then.

(Also I am currently looking for other Korean translator to speed up translation + start up on another project. If you are interested, please email Sky to apply as translator.)

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