Sunday, March 4, 2018

I want to apologize

I didn't know what I expected when I made that poll. That readers will choose something in the middle instead of the two extremes? Anyway, that was retarded of me, so I want to apologize for the existence of that poll.

In short, the sum of the poll numbers in patreon and this blog is leaning towards carrying on Food until its done.

Fig.1 Altina's pure and innocent smile

However, there is another way. I can work overtime and translate Altina V13 while keeping up the usual Food translation schedule. It will be stressful and I can't keep that up for long, but it's an option.

And to be fair to both sides, I should make Early Access for Altina available on patreon, albeit for a month or so. But the patreon is kind of set up exclusively for Food, so I'm not sure how to squeeze Altina in. Or I can make another patreon, but... no thanks.

Looks like I have painted myself into a corner, and working overtime is one way of solving this. Will need to figure this out. Suggestions are welcomed. Again, sorry for any undue stress I have caused you.

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