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Hero Without Blood or Tear Chapter 19

Chapter 19 - Nightmare to Demon Lords (1)

Translator: Sickgollem
Editor: Deux Ex Machina, Perditor

I arrived at the Abbess’ chamber. When I entered, a small girl sat up from her bed. 


This girl who looked only 12 years old was the Abbess Margherita. I wasn’t too surprised because I’ve seen all kinds of people in this world. Those who received power of divine beings came in all sizes and shapes. 

She probably hadn’t aged since she was a child. Only she would know her true age. 

“You are Valler?”

Abbess Margherita’s initial impression was sharp, but she was beautiful like a pretty doll. Her clear eyes were especially impressionable. I could feel her many years of devotion. 

“Yes. I am Valler from Spandau.”

“Thank you for coming. Please forgive my rudeness of meeting you on bed.”

Margherita bowed deeply. 

“There’s no need for it, Abbess.”

“Valler, I truly thank you for your deeds. However, you can send back the curse whenever you wish to. It is not something you need to solve.”

Margherita was talking about if I couldn’t seal the curse. But I swayed my head.

“I will find a way. You don’t need to worry.”

“I shall also give my utmost effort to find a solution.”

Margherita looked at me from on top of her bed and sighed.

“Ha… How shall I ever repay this debt? It is a sizeable debt that cannot easily be repaid.”

“It was for the good of the Empire. Please stand as you have so far as the bulwark of humanity.”

So far, the conversation was going as planned. She was a pretty 12 year old girl on the outside, but carried aura and dignity befitting an Abbess. I was more than satisfied. The Abbess of the Order of Sisters of Walpurgis was a prominent position. 

Even Prince Electors couldn’t do as they wished against the Abbess. How could I not feel smug when someone like that owes me one. 

But. When the Abbess’ expression turned mischievous as if she was done putting on a front, I started to get a bad feeling. 

“Hmm… Well, I think I spoke like a true Abbess.”

The aura of a proper and devout clergywoman disappeared and a rather scampish attitude emanated. Angela, who was sitting beside, interjected.

“Please try to see it through since you were trying to act proper. Mr. Valler here is an outsider. To treat him like the nuns here would be problematic. Are you also not in his debt?”

Margherita lay down sideway like a rascal and ignored Angela’s advice.

“Angela, I’m still thankful even if I’m not being formal. I am very thankful indeed. If possible, I would even give him my purity.”


Her answer even made Angela shout. 

“I know, I know. It’s not like it’d be fun with this childish body.”

“You know that is not what I meant!”

“Alright, fine. You’re still young but too rigid in every matter, Angela.”

I smiled bitterly at the scene of a small child calling a wrinkled old woman young. That meant Margherita was at least 100 years old.

“Valler, truly, if it was up to me, I would even offer you my body. However, I am promised to god. So how about Walpurgis instead? She’s incredible in many ways.”


It was Walpurgis’ turn to shout this time. I think I was starting to figure out this Abbess’ character. I could only imagine how she’d be like if she wasn’t still recovering. 

I glanced sideways to find Angela burying her face into her hands with a sigh and Walpurgis attempting to stop Angela from making a circle with one hand and motioning her index finger on the other hand going in and out of the circle. 

“Please maintain some semblance of class, Abbess. And next time, don’t just eat or open anything you come across!”

Margherita only scratched her ears at Walpurgis’ concerned advice. 

“I only got unlucky this time. Don’t lecture me.”


Margherita slapped Walpurgis’ buttocks dismissively.

“Kya! Abbess!”

“Why are you yelling at someone who’s sick? Speaking of which, did your butt get larger?”

Ah thank you for telling me such juicy info.


Angela, who had been waiting patiently finally pinched the Abbess’ cheeks and pulled at them.

“You are ruining the Order’s reputation!”

“Uwaah! It hurts! It’s too much!”

“You are the one who is acting too much Abbess!”

They bickered for a while then Margherita laughed.

“Hahaha. Isn’t this better?”


“This is much better than being gloomy.”

“... Abbes…”

“We’ve already gone through too much sadness. We will be gloomy no longer.”

Margherita jumped down from her bed with a short shout.


She was only wearing a thin nightgown. Angela hurriedly tried to help her put something on in surprise, but Margherita refused.

“It’s too hot. This is fine.”

“You cannot be dressed like that in front of a man!”

“It doesn’t matter. It’s not like he’d be excited with looking at such a childlike body.”

Margherita stood in front of me. A beautiful girl was looking up at me with a serious face.


“Yes, Abbess.”

“I wish to cry for you. It is my honest feeling. I am so sorry, yet I am also so thankful that I could bawl my eyes out.”

“That’s how you feel?”

“Indeed. I don’t know what you think of me… No, perhaps it wasn’t the best first impression, but I am still the Abbess. I am more conscientious than others. To have someone who took the curse instead of me stand in front of me… my heart cannot stand it.”

I could feel the desperate truth in her words.

“I am sorry for joking this and that about my body in front of you. However, I promise you that I will do anything that is within my power for you. On my honour and my name.”

Her small hands grasped mine tightly.

“I swear now. I will do anything to find a way to undo that curse on you. I will swear my every being to save you.”


“Call me Marie. That is my nickname.”

“How can I dare call the Abbes…”

“If you do not call me by that name, I will not talk to you.”

I glanced over sideway and found Angela telling me with her eyes that the Abbess was stubborn. It couldn’t be helped. 


“Hohoho. It sounds like a music to my ears, Valler. I’ve heard that you are devoted to fighting the demon lords.”

“That’s correct.”

“Then I will dedicate the rest of my life to help you achieve that goal. Send for me and I will gladly help you.”

After speaking, Margherita took off a ring and handed it to Angela. It was the seal of the Abbess. 

“Abbess, this is!”

“I pass the position of Abbess to you, Angela. Starting today, you are the Abbess.”

Angela’s eyes went round at the unexpected turn of events.

“No, Abbess! The Order needs your strength, now more than ever!”

“Don’t cry like a child! I know better than anyone, Angela. You can fulfil this position better than me. I do not plan to take no as an answer. Starting today, I will work to undo Valler’s curse. I will also start training to defeat Pejamut, so it will be difficult for me to sit as the Abbess.”

Margherita was determined to go through with her decision. It was a rather sickly face at the moment, but her eyes showed burning determination on the inside. 

“I do not plan to repeat myself. I have a made a decision and you will follow that decision! This is my last order as the Abbess.”

Since Abbess was this determined, Angela couldn’t help the situation. She politely received the ring. 

“I understand, Sister Margherita.”

“I leave it in your care, Abbess.”

Margherita hugged Angela tightly and stood confidently in front of me. 

“Valler, my life is yours now. You have given everything for me, so I will give my everything for you.”

From her standpoint, I took the curse and my soul was being held hostage by a dark power. So she was planning to use all her power to help save me in repayment. 

“Valler, grow your strength. The moment will come. Then, we’ll ice that wretched Pejamut together.”

There was some rather informal word choice for an Abbess. Ice him?

“When you decide to strike at Pejamut, I will be there with you.”

A system message popped up with her words.

<New subquest, “Margherita’s Story” is revealed>
<You can add “Margherita of Storm and Massacre” as your companion once you reach Lv. 60>
<She will never betray you. She is devoted to you with all her life>

W, what? Was she a companion character as well?

I’ve never came across her, so I couldn’t hide my surprise. Plus, for the strongest person in the south-west of the Empire to offer to be my companion!

It was amazing. Once I hit level 60, I could easily smash Pejamut with her. Speaking of which, what kind of clergyperson has the title of “Storm and Massacre”? 

I felt uneasy. While I was shuddering secretly at the ominous feeling, Margherita, who was wearing only a thin nightgown, placed her hands on her waist and laughed. 

“Good! Hahaha! Now that I’ve thrown that annoying Abbess position out of the way, it’s time to kill every single demon.”

This scene made her look like Satan’s doll rather than a clergy woman. 

I suppose that’s that. But the story would change dramatically now that the unnaturally strong Abbess Margherita survived. Furthermore, she swore to help me in my fight against demon lords. Who knew what the future held now.

There was one thing that was certain though. The days where Pejamut could sleep easy were no more. If the Abbess of the Order of the Sisters of Walpurgis swore to kill me, I wouldn’t be able to sleep comfortably either.

If you thought nuns were weak, that was a huge misconception.

The twin sword swordsmanship of the Order of Sisters of Walpurgis was one of the strongest sword style of the Empire. On top of that, Margherita’s near endless holy power essentially turned her into a demon slaughtering machine. 

The one blessed by the Goddess, the Abbess of the Order, didn’t have measurable holy power. She had infinity symbol instead of any number. She was not human. She was a machine. She shredded demons like a chicken nugget machine. 

Only people who witnessed her could know the terror. She was frightening even to her allies. Furthermore, mercy from the Order of Sisters of Walpurgis only extended to humans and humanoid species. There was none for demons. 

If I remember correctly, towards the late game, it was this order which orchestrated the burying of eighty thousand orc, ogre, naga and other demons alive. 

“I’ll finally be getting some exercise. Angela! Where are the dual swords I made from the bones of that red dragon rampaging around the Teor Mountains? 

“In the storage.”

“Can you bring it here quick? I need to sharpen it up prettily. Prettily sharpened swords chop prettilly.”

I felt absolutely certain this pretty looking girl was a Satanic doll. 

Translator Note: Q&A next week. Includes why I was so late, projects on horizon and etc.

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