Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Future of novel translations: Paywall (2)

Thank you everyone for your comments, they are really eye opening and I learned a lot from them.
I have looked through the comments, and summarized them below;

Getting money involved causes problems2
Prefers translators who is doing it out of passion, not money1
Will never subscribe to paid translation2
paying is an issue1
the hidden amount on patreon seems sketchy1
Not paying the author puts me off1
I believe you won't change!1
Paywall users are criminals!1
Patreon is fine7
Paywall for early access is fine4
Paying encourages translations1
Your translation is not low quality!1
There's a patreon group who raises money to hire professional translators!1
That last picture... imma saving it1
Why you drop 'x' series2
Up to you2
Let the readers mine bitcoin for you1
From your comments, it seems that I should use Patreon tiers to gives early access, then release the posts free of charge on my blog.
Will follow your advice and set my patreon up now. Cooking with Wild Game will resume on 3rd February 2018.

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