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Hero Without Blood or Tear Chapter 18

Chapter 18 - One Crouching by the Grave (2)

Translator: OverlordS2gollem
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“Fine, I’ll tell you the truth.”

The One Crouching by the Grave had managed to hide himself from the world for a long time. He was naturally quite sensitive a human not only knew he existed, but had summoned him as well.

“I’ve read the Canon of Seven Evils.”

The Canon? That book should be hidden! How did you read it?

That was a difficult question to answer.

I said how did you read it?

One Crouching by the Grave urged me harshly when I hesitated to answer. He looked like he was about to snatch away the nuns’ souls at any moment but now wasn’t the time to panic.

Right now, Struggling Death was the one holding the Canon of Seven Evils. But, someone appeared who claimed to have read the book. From One Crouching by the Grave’s point of view, Struggling Death would be extremely suspicious.

Furthermore, in the later part of the story, One Crouching by the Grave and Struggling Death were on bad terms with each other. They had allied due to necessity, but ultimately worked against each other in most things.

The one who received power from One Crouching by the Grave, the top class necromancer “One Without Blood or Tear” attacked the demon lords serving Struggling Death as well.

I needed to play them against each other.

There was nothing better than for these mysterious beings to turn on each other and bloody themselves. There were risks associated with deceptions like this but now wasn’t the time to be picky.

For me to get out of this situation, I needed to frame someone else. I steeled my resolve.

“Struggling Death showed me.”


Its voice was filled with anger. However, he had already anticipated my answer. The moment Canon of Seven Evils came up, Struggling Death would have been a prime suspect in One Crouching by the Grave’s mind.

Why did he show you the Canon of Seven Evils!

The dark aura around me started to boil like magma.

“How would I know? I only know what’s written in there; I used the knowledge when I came across your dead avatar.”

I masterfully lied and led him on.

“I’m probably not the only one he showed it to. I believe he also showed it to several sages around the Empire for a price…”

That flippant fool….

It seemed One Crouching by the Grave believed everything I was saying. Or rather, his mind was already made up when he asked me.

To be fair it’s difficult to claim I masterfully deceived him. I only fanned the long seated mistrust between the two of them.

These beings live for a long time so they did not care much about a single event. Even the quickest of plans they devise extend well over hundreds of years.

Betrayals like this must have happened numerously in the past and the only thing I had done was add a small piece on top of a large tower of distrust built over time.

However, there was such a thing as a limit. Built over time, even a small thing could reach the limit.

Fine. I will no longer tolerate that fool.

The Canon of Seven Evils was just that limit. Finally, the cumulation of thousands of years of events matured in front of me.

The time and situation is early but that is no obstacle. Meeting you in a place like this, I consider it a karma and destiny that even I could not foresee.


Great darkness filled with malice gathered from all directions. My teeth chattered and I felt as if I was standing naked on ice in the middle of a blizzard.

I allow you to use my power! But you must carry out a task.

“That’s what I wanted all along. What task is it?”

Kill all the demon lords serving Struggling Death.

Demon lords were chess pieces of the Princes of Darkness. Princes of Darkness wishing to intervene in the world used demon lords to carry out their will. They were the true power pulling the strings from the shadows.

Most demon lords work towards their ambition without even knowing who they are being controlled by. The heroes are the same. The heroes are gods’ chess pieces and fight without knowing who their true enemy is.  

One Crouching by the Grave started his plot against Struggling Death and I became one of the chess pieces in that game.

Being one of the mysterious beings’ chosen is the opportunity of a lifetime. I would become king of the undead soon. Then, I would fight for One Crouching by the Grave.

I wouldn’t fight wholeheartedly of course. Thanks to the player’s protection, even a Prince of Darkness couldn’t bind my soul. I would betray him if necessary in the future.


Rank 5. Demon Lord of Emptiness, Kulak.

Rank 7. Demon Lord of Dark Sky, Parja.

Rank 14. Demon Lord of Gluttony and Greed, Herjamok.

Rank 17. Demon Lord of Nightmare and Illusion, Amur.

Kill these four. For they are being aided by Struggling Death.

I learned something I didn’t expect. I knew Rank 7 Parja and Rank 14 Herjamok received their power from Struggling Death but I didn’t know about Rank 5 Kulak and Rank 17 Amur.

From where I stood, I had planned to eliminate the demon lords anyway, the condition was acceptable. The only thing which changed was now there is bigger focus on the ones serving Struggling Death.

Not a bad deal.
No, it was a great deal.

“I swear it.”

The darkness exploded when I agreed and swallowed me up.


That was it.

<You died.>

But I will rise again from death.


How long has it been?

I was still groggy but I could feel my consciousness returning. It felt like right before waking up from sleep. My head spun like a kaleidoscope and just as I was about to reach the epitome of confusion, my eyes opened.

“Haaa--- Haaa---”

I was soaked in sweat. Was everything a nightmare? I couldn’t remember anything… Then I remembered I died.

“Ah… my…”

I could recall everything.


My body shuddered in relief that I was resurrected due to the Angel’s Heart. A sigh of relief came out naturally.

I looked around and saw a clean bed. From the way the dark sky was slowly brightening up, it must be daybreak. I immediately opened my stat page. If I was successful, I would have a new class.


One Without Blood or Tear (Level 1)

Those clear letters were telling me all about the result. My chest warmed up. I started as a commoner and now obtained one of the best classes.


My body shuddered subconsciously. My stats were up by a significant amount due to the new job as well.


HP: 570 -> 880
MP: 0 -> 550
Darkness: 0 -> 320

Renown: 80 (A Well Known Rookie)

Strength: 187 ->232
Intelligence: 39 -> 139
Agility: 233 -> 250
Constitution: 230 -> 240
Charisma: 70 -> 178

Summon Undead (S Class)

Achievement Point +50,000


There was huge boost to stats overall.

Getting MP was good development as well. 550 MP was roughly about the level of an intermediate mage. Now I could use spells if I learned them.

Something I didn’t see before was the “Darkness”. This was something only demon lords receiving powers from Princes of Darkness had. But thanks to the dead husk of the avatar, I now had one as well.

I concentrated the power of darkness into my hand for a moment.


Pitch dark flame climbed up my wrist and dissipated with black smoke on the tip of my finger. It was the power of darkness. I managed to obtain demonkin’s power as a human.

There was even the S-class skill, <Summon Undead>. I would only be able to summon things like skeletons in the beginning; but if I raise the proficiency, I could probably raise a monster like the bone dragon.

Should I make my personal guards vampires? Might as well fill it up with all those beautiful female vampires… Since there are many beautiful femme fatale vampires...

Furthermore, summoning undead was just a first tier skill for One Without Blood or Tear. There were far greater things to come. My expectations were high.


The door opened. A nun carrying a jug of water and a plate entered and seemed surprised to see me up.


She ran over immediately and jumped into my embrace. It was Walpurgis wearing a nun’s habit with a mask.

“Valler! You woke! Why did you do something so reckless! You fool!”

“It seems everything went well since I woke.”

“That is correct. Everything went as you planned. Ah! I must catch you up first.”

Walpurgis explained what happened while I was out cold. She said that the Abbess survived the curse and recovered for the most part.

“The Abbess could not hide her surprise at your sacrifice. She did not think there was someone brave enough to take on the curse for the peace of the Empire’s south-west. She said that the Order would do everything in its power to repay you.”

Of course. That’s how it should be. I did go through the trouble after all.

“Valler, I am thankful you saved the Abbess. But my heart still aches. What will you do with this curse…”

I replied to her depressed voice with a cheery voice of my own. If Walpurgis was sad, even I would get sad as well.

“Please think of me often. It would be an honour for my lady to keep me in your heart.”


Walpurgis pinched my side.

“You! Now you are starting to sound like a bon vivant. Answer me! Are you keeping a woman hidden from me?
“No. What woman are you even talking about.”

I replied excitedly but her response was enthusiastic.

“Is, is that so?”

She really sounded happy.

“So there is no someone… That is good…”

“It’s a good thing?”

“N, no! Pay no attention to what I said! I shall be taking care of you for the rest of your life in any case. B, because of the curse!”

A sound of dry cough came amidst our conversation.

“Hm. Walpurgis, your relationship is your own as you are a secular nun but please do not forget this is a convent.”


Angela’s sudden appearance made Walpurgis jump while still hugging me. She let me go and bowed her head. Personally, I felt empty for something very bouncy stopped pressuring my chest.

“Mr. Valler, have you recovered fully?”

“Yes. It didn’t take very long.”

“That is quite fortunate. On behalf of the Order, I thank you once again.”

“No, I’m sorry the convent has to lodge a cursed person.”

“Please do not say that. Whether you are cursed or not, the Order will always welcome you, Mr. Valler.”

She didn’t seem to be the type to come just for pleasantries so I asked her what the matter was. She replied the Abbess wished to see me.

“She instructed me to escort you to her once you awake. The proper etiquette would have been to come see you herself, but she asks for your understanding due to her condition.”

I would be fine because I died and revived; however, she would take a long time to recover. It would be difficult for her to move for at least one or two months.

“Of course, someone who’s healthy should go. I’ll go right away.”

“She wishes to discuss this incident and demon lord Pejamut.”

Good. I stood on my feet. I planned to go meet Pejamut after leaving the convent, so more information was better.

But why was I planning to meet Pejamut?

It was simple. I planned to sell out Iron Prince-Elector Philip to him. I would tell them where Philip is hiding and hunt him down with their help.

I would take my revenge on that bastard and also get rewards from the demon lord. It was two birds with one stone. Plus, this wasn’t a bad opportunity to get familiar with Pejamut.

The conclusion I came to with all my past experiences is that even demon lords have their uses.

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