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Hero Without Blood or Tear 17

Chapter 17 - One Crouching by the Grave (1)

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Editor: Deus Ex Machina, Perditor

There was an uproar as I mentioned the Angel’s Heart. I explained calmly to Angela, who was having an adverse reaction.

“There are two ways to solve the curse. To find a new sacrifice for it to move onto or for the host to accept it.”

“So the Angel’s Heart is of no use.”

Angela probably planned to use the Angel’s Heart as a last resort. Still, it was no use to revive the Abbess if the curse wasn’t solved in the first place.

“Correct. Even if we use the Angel’s Heart, it’s impossible for the Abbess to accept that power.”

The Abbess’ divine power and that husk’s power could only clash with each other.

“So I will transfer that curse onto me.”

“You are saying that you will become the sacrifice?”

“I’m different than the Abbess. Since I don’t have any divine power, I can sacrifice the Angel’s Heart to accept that power. I will seal that darkness within my own body.”

Angela told me I couldn’t do that.

“Why are you thinking about such a sacrifice. Do you understand what you are saying? That is a curse you will bear all your life… no even cursing your own soul as well.”

It wasn’t wrong but it wasn’t right either. For some it was curse, and for some it was a blessing.

“I don’t plan on living with the curse all my life either. I’ve read the Canon of Seven Evils and have learned much about the darkness. I’m confident that I can find a way to remove the curse and seal that power away in the future.”

“How can you be so confident that you will be able to?”

“Of course, the Order must help me as well. It’s not something that one man can accomplish by himself. If you can remember my sacrifice and help me, we can overcome it together.”

“However, I cannot let an innocent bystander to become involved in this! Even if the Abbess’ life hangs in the balance.”

For Angela, due to her upright personality, it was a difficult proposition to accept. So I emphasized the greater good.

“Please reconsider. The Abbess is the bulwark guarding the Empire’s south-west. If she falls, then people are sure to lose heart.”

The south-west would become a mess. After the Iron Prince-Elector retreats, his uncle Friedrich only looked after himself. Since the Abbess passed away as well, it was only natural what would happen.

Many humans were massacred or sold away as slaves. If the Abbess survives, she could prevent such future from coming true.

“Still, I cannot agree to this, Valler!”

Walpurgis sternly opposed the idea.

“Lady Walpurgis, you know this decision isn’t just for the Abbess. You know this better than anyone.”

I kept greater good as the justification, but I stood to benefit the most from this. Not only would I gain the avatar’s powers, but the Order would owe me one as well.

If I wanted the south-west of the Empire to remain stable, the Order’s help was necessary. I knew it was sly to pretend to be a victim when I gain everything I wanted and then some more.

Getting the avatar’s power and having the Order of Sisters of Walpurgis’ support wasn’t something I could shy away from. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I’m thankful for your concern for me, but please think of the common folks who will suffer.”

Angela, who was standing like a rock just before, showed tears.

“Such a selfless and wise person… you are truly worthy of canonization.”

It wasn’t just her. Other nuns in the room were also deeply saddened as well.


When they were thinking about me with such pure thoughts, I felt guilty. I felt like a vampire exposed to sunlight. It wasn’t like I was scamming the Order. It was mutually beneficial trade for both of us.

They would have their Abbess back. I would gain that power and support of the Order. The south-west of the Empire would have its peace. And Pejamut would get a big middle finger to his plan.

Multiple birds with a single stone.

It was a win-win all around.

“Valler! Please, reconsider!”

But it seemed convincing Walpurgis was the challenge. She was genuinely concerned. I smiled to show that I was fine with it.

“When I become cursed, it would be hard finding someone to marry. I guess you just need to take responsibility and marry me, my lady.”

“How can you joke in a situation like this! You!”

I tried to ease the situation, but she became genuinely upset. Others pretended to be in prayer to let us talk between ourselves.

“I’m sorry to make you worry. But I’m really thankful that you think so highly of me.”

“You want me to take responsibility? Ha, very well! You can live with someone as ugly as I now! Sob..”

I didn’t know how to react at the way Walpurgis was barely holding back from crying. Who else in this world would care about me as much as her.

I hugged her lightly. Even though she was wearing her armour, she couldn’t feel warmer in my embrace.

“Didn’t you say you may be ugly, but you have one of the best figures in the Empire? I would become the happiest man in the world on the first night.”

“Idiot! Other sisters can hear you!”

Walpurgis flinched as she didn’t expect me to say something like that and pushed me away. But others have already heard it all.


One of the elders coughed loudly. She looked flustered despite being a fairly aged nun. Several others were fanning away with their hand.


Walpurgis was hitting me in frustration. I simply smiled and clapped my hands.


The atmosphere changed.

“Prioress Angela, please bring me the Angel’s Heart. I will save the Abbess.”

“... You will truly go through with this?”

I nodded in response. Angela acquiesced since this was the only way.


I started the ritual as soon as the Angel’s Heart arrived. Looking closely, the Abbess was in worse shape than I thought.

There was a large black hole in her stomach and ugly spider legs-like darkness sprouted out from there. But this was only a husk of a long dead avatar. If everyone followed the rules, there wouldn’t be much danger.

“Please remain silent.”

I alerted everyone around me and breathed in deep to prepare myself. Then I read out the chants from the Canon of Seven Evils.

“One who harvests the dead stars.”

“One who tirelessly tortures souls looking for their rest.”

“The king of gravekeepers crouching by the grave.”

The air changed as I chanted down verse after verse. Deep mist-like darkness settled and divine light started to fade away.

The temperature turned like chilly mid-winter and the cold dug into the very bones.


An unimaginable and incomprehensible supernatural being started approaching from incalculable distance away. Breathing became harder and dizziness started to overtake me. However, I bit my lips and endured.

Then, The One Crouching by the Grave talked to me through his dead avatar.

Who dares call out to me.

He only spoke, but there was a shock like a mace hitting my chest.


How would a mere mortal reach out to me? My very existence is a closely guarded secret. This has been the second time in the eternity of existence that a mortal has called upon me.

It was not a good situation from the get go. I could feel The One Crouching by the Grave’s anger from the way he spoke. Was there a problem if I summoned him early in the game? Maybe he wanted to keep his existence hidden for a bit longer, but was angry because I summoned him.

If everything went as he planned, he would show up towards the second half of the game. Maybe I messed up his plan. I didn’t know the details, but this was definitely different from my experience. The ritual probably wouldn’t end as well as it did last time.

“I am Vallerstedt Valler. I called upon you because I desire the dead avatar’s power.”

A scathing laughter ensued after I stated my intention.

What? Kuhahaha! Something like you! You dare want my power! The one who weave between the constellations to harvest stars’ death?

I instinctively knew the ritual would fail if it kept going like this. The One Crouching by the Grave would annihilate me himself right now if he could.

Only his consciousness has arrived here from a far away place, so he couldn’t exert physical power. However, it was possible for him to grab the summoner’s soul and punish it with eternal pain.

A mere worm is not worth my time. You will pay for not knowing your own position and calling upon power a being like you shouldn’t even name.

The One Crouching by the Grave extended his spider-like legs to grab my soul.


The nuns watching screamed. I was surprised as well at the fact his personality was violent and impatient. However, I stood my ground.

There was one rule that even divine beings couldn’t breach.

The player’s soul cannot be tampered with.

I wasn’t someone in this world, but a player. And players received several perks which bends this world’s rules.

One of them was that mind-altering magic didn’t work on players. It was because there would be an issue if there was something happening to the mind of the player in the real world. The soul being unable to be tampered with fell within same category.

What? I cannot grab your soul?

While trying to stomp me out like a bug, he couldn’t hide his surprise. His spider-like legs fell on me like a guillotine several times after as well.

Clang! Kaang!

But it bounced back with white sparks every time. Now the supernatural being was definitely taken aback.

You, what are you? It is unnatural that you know my name in the first place.

The One Crouching by the Grave started showing interest towards me.

A mortal cannot resist my powers. This fact stands like the fact that an iron ore is hard and there is no exception…

I had no intention to sate his curiosity. How would I even explain I’m a player in the first place.

“That’s not important. Hand over the husk’s power to me and disappear. That is why I summoned you here.”

But the opponent was not so easy. He wasn’t co-operative either.

Silence! Confess how you have learned of my existence! Or I shall shred apart the soul of everyone here! I do not know why I cannot touch your soul, but they will not be so lucky!

The spider-like legs extended out in all direction and hovered above the nuns’ head. He was prepared to strike down and rip out their soul at any moment.

Now speak, unique yet foolish one.

Cold sweat ran down my back. I predicted as much, but he was an even more difficult opponent than I had thought.

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