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Hero Without Blood or Tear Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - Lady Templar Walpurgis (4)

Translator: Lupusreginagollem
Editor: Perditor, Deus Ex Machina

“Let’s see.”

The first loot was an item which is integral to any fantasy genre games: additional inventory.

“Magic Zipper.”

When you open the zipper while holding it midair, a magical space which you can place items in appears. Zippers didn’t exist in this world, but the only exception was this magic zipper. It was a unique item of sort. I took a wooden board to lay everything in the zipper out .



Gold coins and gemstones poured out. He was a rich man befitting his status as a high ranking officer in the demon lord’s army. I would need to appraise them further to be sure but there were at least 2,000 florins in here. It was a fair amount of capital to work with. There were also two potions in there.
(TL: Florin is gold coins originating from Florence, Italy that was the dominant currency of Europe from roughly mid-1200s to mid-1500s. Even after the end of its dominance, many European countries utilized and emulated Florin style currency until late modern era.

-Healing Potion
-Fortification Potion

They were both something which would come in handy in a pinch. I decided not to sell them and protected them like treasures.

“Another one.”

I found another magic item. It was a Moving Rope. It was a magic rope that, like a snake, moved on its own and could be used for a variety of purposes such as tying up prisoners.

There were also rumours that nobles in the capitals used it for sexual purposes. It was an  extremely functional item no matter the purpose.


The last items were a deadly poison and the antidote for it. I recognized them because I had come into contact with a variety of valuable goods before.

-Poison Dragon Furguma’s Teeth Venom
-Poison Dragon Furguma’s Teeth Venom Antidote

This was one of the top five most deadly poisons in the game. It was exorbitant to boot. This was because it was strong enough to kill even heros.

Why did Hessax have something like this?

Furguma’s poison always linked back to the most insidious kinds of political intrigues. In previous playthroughs, someone high profile died every time I ran into it.

Was Hessax planning on assassinating his own lord, Pejamut? I was curious about the truth but dead men tell no tales.

The poison and the antidote were assets no matter how you looked at them. There were always uses for items like these. I could easily sell them as well. If I remember correctly, they were worth a small castle. Today’s greatest loot was the poison.

That was it for items. I took Hessax’s mace and armour and placed them into the Magic Zipper. Those two were fairly pricey enchanted pieces of equipment as well.

Hessax was a big guy, so I wouldn’t be able to use them. Selling them to something like an ogre was suitable. I knew about this world all too well.

I knew where an ogre, smart enough to trade, and in need of enchanted equipment lived. After finishing up over here, I planned to drop by for a visit. I opened my character screen after sifting through all the items. I’ve been looking forward to this.

Just as expected, I had levelled up twice from killing Hessax.


Monster Hunter (Lv. 30 -> 32)

HP: 520 -> 570
MP: 0

Strength: 158 -> 187
Intelligence: 34 -> 39
Dexterity: 212 -> 233
Constitution: 230
Charisma: 67 -> 70

Achievement Point + 3,000!


They were reasonably satisfactory stats.


A light moan sounded behind me. Walpurgis seemed to be about to wake up.

“Lady Walpurgis!”


“Please wake up.”

She started regaining consciousness after I talked to her several times.

“... Where?”

“Don’t you remember?”


Walpurgis tried to jolt up but screamed out in pain.


“Your injuries are severe. You should rest.”

“... What happened?”

When she asked how she recovered when she was only moments ago at death’s doorstep, I raised the empty healing potion bottle up to her.

“It’s the one you gave me. I’m happy that I could use it to save you.”


Walpurgis seemed to remember giving me the healing potion. That was very much like Walpurgis. It’s good to give out rewards but she should keep at least one for herself.

Her selflessness was part of her charm but sometimes it was sometimes frustrating to watch her. It couldn’t be fixed either because she was just born that way.

Her earnestness was often the cause of her death as well. Thinking of her deaths made me feel a little depressed but all was good. I managed to save her this time after all.

“Valler, risking your life to save me in and of itself is a courageous act but you used something so valuable to save me. What a wonderful man you are…”

Walpurgis’ voice was trembling. I swayed my head.

“This potion was originally yours.”

“That is not a sufficient reason. You could have lived comfortably in a large mansion if you sold that potion.

She looked quite emotional. It was a rare sight to see such a perfect warrior, who always controlled her emotions, to be this emotional.

It was probably because she still had girlish sentiments left. When Walpurgis finished growing as a perfect knight, this kind of cute side of her disappeared too.

After she finishes maturing emotionally and fully proficient in swordsmanship, she becomes a shining avatar of chivalry like a hero in fairy tales. Walpurgis reminded me of a beautiful sword.

I was just happy that such a future for her wasn’t gone.

“It’s simply your own noble heart that saved you.”

At my words, Walpurgis let out a light voice.


Something definitely flashed through her mind. Perhaps something was being put together in her thought. I could have inadvertently triggered the process of completely developing Walpurgis as a knight. It would be an honour if that was indeed the case.

“You didn’t discriminate because I was a simple mercenary and even worried for me. If my lady didn’t give that healing potion, how could I have saved you?”

“No! I owe you a great debt once again.”

Walpurgis thanked me repeatedly. It actually felt refreshing since I had never seen her like this.

“Valler, I owe my life to you for today. If ever you should need help at a later date, I shall aid you even if it costs me my life.”

“Your words alone reassure me.”

I showed my appreciation before suggesting to quickly get away from this place.

“It’d be best to take care of the corpses as well. Nothing good can happen from staying here any longer.”

We stacked the corpses laying around into a pile on top of Hessax. Then we placed tree branches and poured oil onto the pile.

“I never expected his highness to act like so.”

Walpurgis spoke in a confused tone.

“Don’t worry, I will make him pay for his actions.”

This was not a joke. I planned to find him and kill him in a couple of days.

“Valler, Philip is no ordinary man. Do not do anything rash. There will be plenty of opportunities down the road. I do not plan on pretending today did not happen either.”

Walpurgis was enraged at his betrayal as well. And why shouldn’t she be? She defended Philip to the end but all he did was shoot her and run away by himself.

Considering Walpurgis’ personality, all he needed to do was ask. Just until a few hours ago, she believed Philip was someone who was worthy of fighting and dying for. She would have gladly sacrificed herself for him.

“I believed he would be the hope to strike back against the demon lords. It seems I was short sighted. Ha...”

That was how it was suppose to be. I wondered why everything changed so much.

“At least you’ve found out about his real self. It would’ve been a bigger problem if you found out later.”

I lighted the corpses on fire. The pyre burned bright. It smelled horrible but looked agreeable.

“Either way, I’m sorry I don’t know what happened to your unicorn. I couldn’t keep track of it during the fight. I’m sorry.”

“Ah! There is no need for you to worry. Valler, you do not seem to know about unicorns.”


“Unicorns are divine beasts. It simply returned to the divine realm after being shot. It will return in several days after it has recovered. It has happened several times already.”

Then I didn’t need to worry about it. Still, that was really convenient to have. Sometimes horses died more easily in the chaos of the battle than humans.

On top of that, recovering on its own after being injured? This was definitely over powered. Still, it was of no use for me to covet it. Unicorns didn’t follow anyone who wasn’t a pure virgin. A dark and twisted man like me could never even hope to try to ride it.

“Where are you planning to go now? I’ll give you a ride.”

I brought over Filly whom I had hidden. She was quite happy to see the horse that belonged to her until not too long ago.

“You look like you’re happy to see your former owner too, Filly.”

“Goodness, Valler. I know she is a mare but you named such a fine war horse “Filly”?”

“In my eyes, she’s as cute as a filly.”

Filly’s coat was as soft as silk and her eyes glistened like gems. I really liked her.

“It was a right decision to give her to you.”

“Hahaha. So where to now?”

I already had a rough estimation of where she wanted to go. She probably didn’t want to go back to Bavaria right away. Because the convent for the Order of Sisters of Walpurgis, which she belonged to, was just a day’s ride from here.

“I wish to head to the vicinity of Rheinfelden.”
(TL: There are two Rheinfelden. One in Germany and one in Switzerland. They used to be one city, but was divided and split between the two countries by Napoleon.)

“To the Walpurgis Convent?”

Walpurgis nodded.

“It is only a day’s ride away so I will count on you. When I return to Bavaria at a later date, I shall prepare a fitting reward. If you will accept, I shall even grant you the title of baron.”

Walpurgis was the successor to Bavaria. It meant she was the future head of one of the most powerful families in the entirety of the Empire. Giving out the title of baron was not an issue for her.

“An elevation into nobility isn’t fitting for a commoner like me, my lady.”

“Do not talk like that. Valler, you are a warrior more virtuous than any nobles I have seen.”

“You praise me too much. We’ll postpone this talk to a later date.”

I wanted to get there on my own but there was no reason to refuse something that was offered freely.

“It is my honour to escort someone as awe-inspiring as my lady to Rheinfelden.”

“Ha! You are certainly versed in flattery. You may have a smooth tongue, but save it for a beautiful lady than someone like I.”

“Whoever said that beauty was only for the face, my lady?”

Walpurgis punched me lightly.

“Hmph, I should have known.”


We’ve saved each other’s life. Thanks to that, we became close even though we haven’t known each other for very long. Speaking of which, I needed to calculate something. If we set out now, we would arrive at the convent by midday. Then I needed to come back to hunt Philip after a little rest.

I apologized in my heart to Walpurgis but it was something I needed to do alone. This was going to be dirty work. From my experience playing as the Iron Prince-Elector, he would run away to the safe house designated as one of the rally points. He would stay there for four days.

There was still a window of opportunity. But, the longer I wait, the more of Philip’s retinues and soldiers would find their way back to him. It was best to be quick.

“Then please, hop on.”

“Thank you, Valler.”

There was another goal in travelling to the Walpurgis Convent besides taking her there. There’s a divine relic in the convent that’s unknown to outsiders. I planned to demand it in return for saving Walpurgis.

Walpurgis is the future of the Order of Sisters of Walpurgis. It was worth trying since I saved her.  

That relic was “Angel’s Heart”.

It was a SS-class magic item that gave the character another life. In a world so prevalent with death, it was one of the most valuable items I needed to get my hands on it quickly. The one guarding the item now was the Abbess of the Order of Sisters of Walpurgis, Angela.

“Lady Walpurgis, may I be granted an audience with the Abbess once we reach the convent?”

“That will not be difficult. She is certain to express her gratitude if she hears you have saved me.”

Her name was Angela, if I remembered correctly. Would I really be able to get the Angel’s Heart? I might not have enough achievement points.

I saved Walpurgis and there wasn’t going to be an opportunity like this again in the future. If she remained apprehensive about giving me the Angel’s Heart, I just needed to hand over a couple pieces of juicy information. The Order of Sisters of Walpurgis despised the Demon Lord Pejamut.

I just needed to drop some intel on Pejamut. If I died, it was over. I needed to have a contingency plan no matter what.


I hurried Filly to head to Rheinfelden.

Everything was settled. As I looked up in the sky, those fluffy clouds hanging in the clear sky reminded me of Walpurgis’ white chest. How could I phrase it… They were large and beautiful…

“Ah, Valler.”

Walpurgis talked to me from behind.


“I appreciate you healing me, but does that mean you r.. r, removed my chest armour?”

Walpurgis asked in a trembling and shy voice that didn’t suit her. Then I started sweating profusely after realizing the implications of a man undressing a young woman of 16 years of age.

What kind of excuse did I need to make up?
It felt like I was going to suffocate.


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