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Hero Without Blood or Tear Chapter 9&10

Chapter 9 - Earning A Gifted Person’s Goodwill (3)

Translator: Rockthewood
Editor: Perditor, Deus Ex Machina

“It certainly is tiring to deal with commoners. You treat them well even for a little and they forget their place.”

Phillip murmured loudly enough for me to hear before turning his horse to leave. His guards and retinues all followed.

“What would an ignorant sellsword know, your royal highness.”
“I know that you worry about your army as if you were their father, your royal highness. There is no flaw in it, you need not worry.”

The Prince-Elector was surrounding himself with sycophants. It seemed he wouldn’t last long even if he does manage to win today.    

“It is a shame. Your advice was truly out of a concern for the army.”

Walpurgis, who remained by my side, was trying to apologize for Phillip’s behaviour.

“It can’t be helped. Thank you for helping me earlier.”

Her family, the Prince-Elector of Bavaria, was closely related with Phillip, the Prince-Elector of Palatinate. It was because both of their families belonged to the House of Wittelsbach.
(TL Note: House of Wittelsbach, along with Luxembourg and Habsburg were the 3 most powerful families in the Holy Roman Empire, until the rise of Prussia.)

The reason why Phillip treated her so respectfully was not only due to her strength. It was because while she was in his army, he could expect a helping hand from the mighty Prince-Elector of Bavaria. There was no noble who was unaware of this fact in this army.

That was why she could help me out like that, but it wasn’t without a burden for her either. I was really grateful to her.

“I simply did what I had to do. It may not be enough as an apology, but take this.”

“This is?”

I was surprised with what Walpurgis handed to me: a glass vial filled with golden liquid. It was a healing potion. Healing potions were extremely valuable in this world. The golden liquid in the vial was more expensive than its equivalent weight in gold. To have one of those was like having a spare life.

“I can’t take something so valuable. It’s not something you should apologize for either.”

“That is not the entire reason I give this to you. I am the representing noble for Bavaria. It is only natural to reward those who achieved a feat.”

She was probably minding the fact I wasn’t fully healed when giving me the potion. However, I knew of a better opportunity to use it than on myself.

“I accept wholeheartedly.”

“Is there nothing else you wish for? If it is something within my power, I shall make it so.”

Walpurgis’ kindness towards me probably stemmed from her belief that I didn’t receive proper treatment matching the magnitude of my achievement. She was a fair and just person, so she probably wanted to make up for Phillip treating me with contempt.

“If so, I would like a horse and a barrel of gunpowder.”

“A horse?”
She enthusiastically handed a horse to me when I explained I wanted to be a cavalryman in the future.

“This child is the horse I use as my spare. However, it never had the opportunity to excel because Mira is so sturdy. So I award it to thee.”

“Mira” was the name of the unicorn she rode.

“Is it alright to receive such a fine horse?”
I didn’t want much beyond any old spare horse lying around, but I never expected to get one of her own. The way its brown hair glistened revealed it was an excellent horse.

“I believe you are fully qualified, Valler. Now, roam the battlefield together with this child.”

I conveyed my deep and sincere thanks to her.

“Do you wish to become a dragoon? Even so, it would be difficult to carry a barrel of gunpowder with you wherever you go.”

“Ah, it’s for the others. Arquebusiers from Wittenweier area arrived today, but it looked like they won’t be able to participate today’s battle because of lack of gunpowder. A barrel would go a long way to help them.”

Walpurgis nodded at my words and wrote out an order allowing the requisition of a barrel of gunpowder.

“Take it to the Prince-Elector of Bavaria’s quartermaster.”

“Thank you for your generosity.”

Becoming a cavalryman or giving the gunpowder to arquebusiers was all an excuse. The real reason I wanted a horse and gunpowder was to save Walpurgis today.

It wasn’t decided whether the story would flow towards her being killed, but I planned to prevent it to the best of my ability.

Her generosity and kind heart would be what saves her today. I couldn’t guarantee I would save her, but I would at least try my best.

“The battle rages on still, so we shall part here. We shall meet each other again at a later date if fate would have it, Valler.”

“I wish the best of luck for you, Lady Templar Walpurgis.”

We went our respective ways after the farewell.

I hopped onto my new horse.


The horse neighed for a little bit, but it soon obeyed. It was a gentle and well trained horse. I already knew how to ride and was raring to go. That was when someone called out to me.


It was Johann Tserclaes von Tilly. It was a perfect opportunity. I was planning on talking to him first. Tilly looked like a handsome and dignified elderly gentleman in his black armour.

Nicknamed “The Monk in Armour”, he was the greatest general in the faction of humans opposed to the demon lords. Count Tilly went through both glory and disgrace in the great war.

Defeating the Demon Lord Mannsfeld and Demon Lord Halberstadt would be considered his greatest achievement. However, he would be defeated by Demon Lord Wallenstein and subsequently meet a tragic end.

Tilly and Wallenstein’s military skills were comparable to each other, but Tilly did not possess the political skills of his rival. Wallenstein pressured Tilly from outside the battlefield and grasped victory in the end.

Tilly would become a field marshal and rise to be the hope of humanity after defeating powerful demon lords one after the other, but lose in front of the great evil called Wallenstein.

“Yes, general?”

He smiled warmly when I replied politely. He was quite strict in trainings and battles but was actually a kind person.

“I am a guest advisor under the Iron Prince-Elector, Johann Tserclaes von Tilly.”

Unlike from when I was playing, he was a guest advisor to the Iron Prince-Elector. But he didn’t seem particularly valued.

“My name is Vallerstadter Valler.”

“A pleasure. I called you over because I wanted to have a talk with you.”

“Will it be alright in the middle of a battle?”

I looked over to the battle still raging on. Countless regiments and their colours were advancing towards the demon lord’s army. Tilly’s eyes glinted for a moment when he saw that but took on a gloomy expression.

“Fufu, an old man like me has no place there.”

It was a perfect sentence describing his situation. When the great war broke out and his name became renown he was over 60 years old. He would roughly be in his mid-fifties right now. In any case, Tilly looked like someone who was unimportant. All he had under him were a few cavalryman as well.

“Talented retinues which glitter like the stars surround his royal highness, so there isn’t much of a place for an old man like me.”

I could figure out his situation from those words. An honourable man like him would be shunned by the sycophants.

“Perhaps glittering like stars at flattery.”

Tilly laughed loudly when I pointed it out.

“What? Hahaha! Your tongue seems to be as sharp as your sword.”

It was incomprehensible. Why would anyone take Tilly as a guest advisor and give him a cold shoulder. In terms of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, he was someone like Zhou Yu.

He was someone to hold on to at all cost, but that foolish Phillip didn’t recognize the gem hiding in plain sight.

I planned to bring Tilly into my service. To be fair, it wasn’t possible at this moment. Even if he was getting a cold shoulder, he was still a general. On the other hand I was still a common soldier, so I wasn’t in any position to bring anyone into my service.

However, once I make it big in the future, I would definitely seek him out. In a harsh world like this, I needed help from all kinds of talented people to win. First Walpurgis, and now Tilly, I was really lucky. It was like meeting Zhao Zilong and Zhou Yu all in one day.

“But why do you take interest in someone as lowly as me, general.”

“It’s because you are quite versed in military affairs unlike a normal mercenary. That hill is suspicious to me as well. No, that is not the only thing that seemed suspicious today. I carefully advised the Prince-Elector earlier, but it was no use. I suppose that was to be expected of an old guest advisor who has fallen out of favour. Haha.”

The way Tilly looked at me with pride was akin to how a teacher would look at a talented student. This was troubling. That genius general probably mistook me for someone with great intellect.

Sweat poured down my back.

“You overpraise me.”

“What over praising. Still…”

Tilly’s gaze turned sharp in a moment.

“Wasn’t there something you couldn’t tell truthfully to his royal highness?”

“... I don’t understand.”

Tilly smiled when I feigned ignorance.

“You said you analyzed the previous battles. Then you would recognize his pattern as well.”


“Was Pejamut’s pattern just an ambush?”

I felt the pressure. Dodging his question here seemed difficult. If I lied here, he would be disappointed in me.

“... no. There’s betrayal as well. Breaking down the enemy camp is the tactic he truly favours. Unlike what’s known, Pejamut is someone who scares easily. Without ambush and betrayal, he would never take to the field.”

“A perfect answer! Hahaha! Now I finally meet someone whom I can talk freely with.”

He leaned closer to me before speaking in lower tone.

“I’ve seen whom you were glancing at earlier.”


There was no getting past him. Tilly noticed I was intently looking at the Iron Prince-Elector’s uncle, Friedrich, and figured everything out already. I knew he was a genius, but this was hair raising. Honestly, I almost wanted to offer for him to sit down and have a discussion.

“Don’t worry, it is not to interrogate you. I am simply glad there is someone who shares the same depth of understanding as I.”

Tilly probably couldn’t bring it up as well. It looked like Tilly was planning to get as far away from the battlefield at the earliest opportunity as well.


“It was wise to not bring up the man you suspected.”

Tilly nodded a couple of times and looked at me.

“It is a natural suspicion for anyone who can see the big picture.”

“... is that so.”

There was no reason to hold back now since i came this far. Furthermore, Tilly wasn’t someone who would secretly inform on others. I spoke freely about what I thought.

“His royal highness lost his father at an early age. Because his royal highness was so young at the time, Count Friedrich ruled the Palatinate as the regent.”

I explained all the details I knew on the subject.

“He was faithful to his role as the regent at first, however Count Friedrich became greedy towards the position of Prince-Elector. After careful planning, he tried to adopt his nephew, who would naturally assume the position when he comes of age.”

It was a breach of all protocols. Naturally, objections flew his way.

“He broke the Imperial Law due to his ambition. Eventually, it was annulled with objections from his majesty, the Emperor and other Prince-Electors. But it isn’t difficult to see his ambition has been there since long ago.”

Tilly became truly surprised at my words.

“H, how! How do you know all of that? It is something that only few people know now.”

The general’s eyes widened as he never anticipated me to bring up that hidden story. Some time has passed since then and the fact the Emperor and Prince-Electors interfered with the adoption was a little known secret. It was natural for Tilly to show such reaction.
“Perhaps, are you a bastard of a noble house? You may be working as a mercenary, but you know the affairs of the nobility well. Your etiquettes in front of his royal highness was immaculate as well.”

The misunderstanding was getting bigger. Well, I suppose it was only natural for Tilly to come to that conclusion since he didn’t know I played as the Iron Prince-Elector in the past and learned all about the situation and etiquettes.

His gaze on me deepened.

“Extraordinary… Simply extraordinary. Why would a son of an honoured family work as a mere mercenary. Your talent is that of a general.”

I couldn’t think of a response. I decided to give a vague answer.

“Everyone has a circumstance.”

Those words probably deepened his misunderstanding. Tilly closed his eyes and stroked his beard. He was in deep contemplation. Moments later, he spoke to me.

“I do not know your situation, but if you ever decide to choose a career in military, come find me.”

I accepted his proposal without thinking. This general with high status told me he himself would open a path for me in the military. I never planned to join, but an opportunity to raise my status opened up either way.

I was happy with Tilly’s goodwill.

“I’m truly grateful you took interest in someone lacking and lowly as me.”

“You are a fascinating person and I wish to talk more, but let us meet again at a later date since the battle continues. May god bless you.”

With that, my short meeting with Tilly was over. I didn’t know anything else, but I knew I left a deep impression on him. That was enough.

I turned my horse around.

Now, it was time to go prepare to save Walpurgis. It would be difficult for the Philip I saw today to win. If I used the entire barrel of gunpowder, I could make an amazing trap.

“Bang! And watch the fireworks.”

It would be a grand day if all went well. I couldn’t hide my excitement at the thought of saving Walpurgis and taking out one of key figures in the demon lord’s army.


Chapter 10 - Lady Templar Walpurgis (1)

I hurried my horse over to the healing house. It was to bid farewell to Sergeant Schultz and other injured comrades. They were already lying down on the wagon and ready to head to Wittenweier.

“You’re finally here. We’ve been waiting.”

Sergeant Schultz greeted me with enthusiasm though he didn’t yet look fully recovered.

“Let’s go. I think I want a mug of beer.”

Marx, who was lying beside Sergeant Schultz, swayed his head.

“Sergeant, you’re full of holes, but you’re still looking for beer.”

“What did you say!”

I felt relieved at the way they were bickering with each other. One wrong move and they would have been part of the corpses lying around on the battlefield. But they were arguing over here. Being alive was a precious thing.

“I’m sorry but I won’t be able to accompany you. Go ahead to the city first. I have something to do first. I’ll catch up with you at Wittenweier.”

Sergeant Schultz quieted down for a moment and spoke with a worried expression on his face.

“Take care of yourself. We’ll be waiting.”

“It’s just a simple business.”

“If it’s a simple business, then why do you need an entire barrel of gunpowder?”


There was no fooling someone so experienced. I smiled bitterly at Sergeant Schultz.

“There won’t be much of a problem. I’ll see you again at Wittenweier.”

I bowed slightly and turned my horse around. Marx and Telmann shouted from behind.

“Squad Leader! We’ll be waiting!”
“We’ll go for a mug together at a beer hall!”

I raised my hand slightly instead of a reply and sped up the horse. There was a lot to do if I wanted to save Walpurgis. I needed to hurry.


Where I was headed to was the “Deep Forest” roughly three kilometers to the left of the current battlefield. I’ve played as the Iron Prince-Elector in the past, so I knew what would happen all too well. I was planning with the assumption that today’s battle would end in defeat.

That was how disappointing Phillip was to me. In the original story, if he was defeated, it would serve as an opportunity to mature and develop himself. When he returned, he befitted the description “hero of the century”.

However, his actions today made me question if he would indeed turn out to be so. I couldn’t shake off the feelings of suspicion, but I also couldn’t abandon all hope as he was a guardian character.

“Here we go.”

I arrived at Deep Forest. To shake off his pursuers, Phillip would escape this way. Then, the demon lord’s force would catch up to him in this forest. That was the crossroad between life and death for Walpurgis. I was moving to intervene at just the right moment.

It was a storyline I experienced many times so I knew where the battle would take place in the forest. I planned to lay a trap ahead of time.

“It’ll be a big one.”

The gunpowder barrel was heavy. But there would be enough firepower.

“Let’s go, Filly.”

I named the horse Walpurgis gave me Filly.



Philip roared while swinging his sword. Now was finally the moment to take down a demon lord with his own hands. Though he usually put on airs and pretended to be a big shot, it was impossible to hide his excitement at the moment.

“Take that!”

Hidden swordsmanship passed down only to the head of the Electorate of Palatinate, der Mondschatten Schwert (Moonlight Swordsmanship), rained at Pejamut. Pejamut howled and retreated in pain at the mysterious moonlight skill.


Pejamut kneeled on one leg while his black blood oozed out. The Iron Prince-Elector Philip’s eyes filled with joy at the sight.

This is only the beginning of an epic. Die, demon lord. I’ll rise above with your corpse as a stepping stone.

Philip was renown as a genius child throughout the Empire, but today was his proper debut stage. And he was about to defeat the infamous rank 12 demon lord, Pejamut. How could he not be happy.

“Kuggh… they say there is a young dragon in Palatinate, and you certainly live up to the name. I cannot hide my surprise.”

“Pejamut! Look at this hill! I shall raise your gravestone here.”

Ecstasy at the apparent victory came out along with his words. However, Pejamut only cackled wickedly.

“Kukuku… young Prince-Elector, you certainly are talented, but you have a long way to go. Many things are hidden behind that brightness of your youth. Many things like your impulsiveness and your inexperience.”

“What? Hahaha! But you shall die at the hand of this inexperienced youth.”

Philip laughed loudly. However, he still felt uneasy at Pejamut’s words. He pretended to be full of confidence but decided to kill Pejamut quickly.

That was when a loud roar came from the left flank.


Along with a ground shaking roar, the human forces that occupied the important hill to the left were being pushed back. It was because the demon lord’s army laying in ambush beyond the hill poured out.

The Prince-Elector’s army was falling back at every turn at the unexpected assault. Philip remembered the mercenary while looking at that scene.

Was he right all along?

Philip felt nauseous. However, he was confident. He could overcome this kind of trick with his leadership.

“Pejamut! Is that all! Your hidden trick? Hahaha! I will cut off your head now and remedy the situation! You think something like this would…”


The confident Philip lost his words at Pejamut’s sinister laughter. It was because he instinctively felt danger. Pejamut smiled at the sight of Philip frozen in place.

“Now you truly look like a youth. A youth has two faces. A confident and invincible face and a face of despair after realizing the difference between ideal and reality. Kukuku. I am someone who is twisted, so I prefer the latter.”


Philip used Moonlight Swordsmanship again, but Pejamut was different this time around. He casted magical barrier with skilled proficiency and blocked all attacks. Then Pejamut licked the drops of blood flowing through his torn clothes.

“I can bear losing this insignificant amount of blood. Especially if it means I can make our talented and handsome young dragon overconfident. Also, I am someone who is more thorough than you believe.”

“What ridiculousness are you trying to spout again?”

“Kuhuhu. I sincerely hope you fix that habit of screaming when you are cornered. It only uses up strength and achieves nothing. If you wish to win, become cold and calculating.”

Pejamut tapped his own forehead with a finger as if telling Phillip to use his head.

“Well, that is not what is important. I am more of a coward than I may appear. So I am never satisfied with only a single trick.”

That meant something else was prepared.

“It appears to be the time. Now, look over there.”

Pejamut extended his hand to point. There were ten regiments lead by Philip’s uncle Friedrich standing there. Philip felt relieved at the sight.

“Even if you try to somehow use my uncle’s weakness, it will not work! He is more experienced than you realize, so he will not be…”

Buuuung! Buun! Buun!

The sound of horns rang out. The sound with regular interval was probably a signal carrying some meaning. However, there was no such military arrangement Philip arranged.

“W, what?”

Just as he could not grasp what was going on around him, he heard his uncle’s voice. Despite the distance, it was clear and loud.

“Honourable soldiers of the Empire take heed! Prince-Elector Philip has plotted rebellion against the most gracious his majesty the Emperor! Thus, his majesty has ordered me to quell the rebel!”

Philip was at a loss of words with what his uncle was saying. At first, he couldn’t understand what was being said. But when his uncle’s forces started attacking his army along with the demon lord’s, he felt like he was going crazy.

“His majesty has already ratified a peace treaty with Demon Lord Pejamut. However, the wicked Prince-Elector Philip has broken this decree and started this war to bring chaos to the Empire! Thus, I shall work together with the demon lord’s army to conquer the rebels! Follow with your utmost loyalty to the Emperor!”


Philip shouted in frustration. Friedrich looked like he reacted for a moment, but turned away.

“Why that senile old fool!”

Philip’s hands started to shake. Pejamut laughed gladly at the sight.

“Indeed. You were correct that your uncle would not fall into a trap. However, have you ever considered your uncle would be the trap?”

“Pejamut! Kuaah!”

Philip rushed to Pejamut and struck with all his rage. But he could not last several exchanges with Pejamut’s overwhelming might. Pejamut was one of highest ranking magic-martial arts master, proficient at both magic and martial art.


Philip’s flashy sword broke with a loud noise.


Philip coughed up blood at the shock. Pejamut did not miss a beat and sneered at the sight.

“Hmph! Regret that you are not wielding Palatinate’s heirloom the masterfully crafted sword, Ljubljana. Well, I suppose I know why you did not bring it. You were not satisfied with how plain it looked. That is why you brought that garbage encrusted with gold instead! Kuhahaha!”

Pejamut’s words turned into contemptful scorn.

“If you had brought Ljubljana, even I would not be able to finish you off so easily! The way you brought some flashy sword, you are like a woman going out to a ball.”

Pejamut appeared to want to deliver the finishing blow and used his unique skill, “Hand of Death”. Black blood oozing with poison dripped from the tip of his fingers.

A single hit from the skill would cause a person to die a painful death while oozing black blood from all over the body. Since there was no cure, many people cursed Pejamut for such a merciless attack.

“Regret your own vanity!”

Just as he was about to finish off Philip, Walpurgis, who was dealing with the demon lord’s retinues, jumped in.


Walpurgis crossed her twin swords to block Pejamut’s hand. She realized now would be her only chance and used her secret skill.


Blinding holy aura radiated out and assaulted Pejamut. Walpurgis was a sister of the Convent of Walpurga. She was a secular nun, so she could roam the battlefield swinging her swords, but the fact that she was a devout clergywoman didn’t change.

Since she poured out all her divine power in a moment the damage to the demon lord belonging to darkness was immense.


Pejamut howled in pain and retreated. His entire body was covered in burns from the holy aura. Unfortunately, Walpurgis didn’t have enough divine power left in her to finish off Pejamut. She convinced Philip that now was the moment to escape.

“Guards! Protect his royal highness! Retreat! I shall open the way!”

Hoffenheim was filled with hellscape of killing and being killed. On top of that, pursuers from the demon lord’s army was closing right behind. They needed to find an escape route fast.

That was when she saw a forest not too far away. It was already too late to reorganize the army. The men were scattering in all direction and Philip was dazed out of his mind as well. There was no hesitation. Walpurgis gritted her teeth and headed towards the forest.

“Drive your horses as hard as you can if you wish to see tomorrow!”

Walpurgis raced ahead. Never anticipating what would happen in that forest in her wildest dream.

TL Note: This double release is courtesy of no release last week. 

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