Saturday, July 1, 2017

Knight's & Magic anime July 2nd!

The OP song is ユー&アイ (You & I),
Performed by: 大橋彩香
Lyrics by: 中村彼方
Composition: 秋浦智裕(onetrap)
But why onetrap? Not two traps? Who knows the logic behind Japanese naming convention. Here's the OP that is playing in the Promotion Video 2.

Wondering about the pacing and how far the story will go? Check out this link and the pictures in it.

Now onto translation news, my copy of the CN version of volume 5 will finally arrive next Wednesday.

I waited for it to be available through Tongli for a month, but up to now, it's still no go. I then ordered through Kinokuniya, and they informed me one month later... that they couldn't get the stock. But I checked their site again and they have stock? I don't know what's going on over there.

So I ordered through Kingstone, and it's available, albeit more expensive. The shipping cost is double the cost of the book. Will work on it when it's here, and the translation should be ready to publish in mid August.

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