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Gamers Volume 1 Epilogue and Extra Story

Translator: Skythewood
Editors: Deus Ex-machina, Perditor

It had been two weeks since the founding of the ‘Gamers Hobby Group’.

Today, I attended the Group’s activity after school as usual, then went home for dinner with my family of four. I then idle my mind in my room, and browsed the websites I usually frequent.

In the end, there wasn’t much progress in all sorts of ways.

We started the ‘Gamers Hobby Group’, but the truth was, Chiaki and I still fight all the time. And for some reasons, Tendo-san didn’t join the Group, which was a pity. If only she was around, Chiaki and I would settle down more…

Don’t Tendo-san like Uehara-san?

I didn’t understand why she didn’t join the Group, but my heart will ache whenever I thought about this, so I decided not to delve too deep.

There was still a distance between Aguri-san and Uehara-san. Or rather, I feel there was a gulf between Uehara-san and me too. He didn’t make any obvious strange moves… But I could feel the distance between us, and he seemed to be observing me.

And so, Aguri-san and I had lots of complaint session and reflection session, and would visit that family restaurant every other day to vent. But fortunately, thanks to Aguri-san’s help, I don’t feel that flustered when I speak to someone for the first time anymore, and I could converse with Tendo-san when I met her. But for some reasons, Tendo-san stammers a lot, so we still couldn’t hold a smooth conversation… I need to work even harder.

Oh right, the only proper progress in these two weeks would be Chiaki finishing her game. The time needed to make free games varies, but she was considerably fast. Was Chiaki unexpectedly talented? I didn’t want to acknowledge that though.

In the end, Chiaki went in the direction of making her work ‘acceptable by most people’. But she had a look of accomplishment on her face when she said that. No matter what type of work it was, maybe it would be good enough if one put their effort into it… Sigh, I wasn’t a creator anyway, so I wouldn’t know.

However, there was one thing I couldn’t accept, that would be Chiaki refusing to reveal her internet handle to me. She seemed to hope that I would never get to play it in my lifetime. But she seemed to have told Uehara-san, which made me so vexed… I would find out sooner or later.

── As I recalled these things aimlessly while I surf the net, my eyes fell on the rare news of a certain blog posting new content. It was the blog of NOBE. From the content, it seemed to be a notification that he completed his latest game.

"Oh, awesome!"

I immediately downloaded it to try. I actually planned to play another game on my game console, but that can wait.

In the game, NOBE’s game was a short AVG (adventure game) that could be completed in two hours. Surprisingly, there wasn’t any super development, and despite being short, the content was properly executed.

But because of that, it lacked the usual taste of NOBE.

After reaching the ending, I read the ‘afterword’ that appeared as the ending credit and went to NOBEs blog. I opened the comments section that remained empty.

After tidying my thoughts, I left a short message as usual.

<I saw a new side of NOBE this time. This game is interesting and well made too! Thank you! - Yamasan!>

After writing that, I posted my comment. My comments were usually short. I considered writing a long passage on my thoughts in the beginning, but as the words started accumulating, I feel it was starting to drift from my true feelings. Hence, I decided that conveying the message that the ‘game was very enjoyable’ would be enough. And of course, I didn’t hope for any reply, I was just expressing my thanks for getting to play an interesting game.

I stopped what I was doing, took a bath, brushed my teeth and got ready to turn in.

After rousing my computer from sleep mode, NOBE’s blog was still open.

Without thinking too much, I pressed the refresh page button to check for any posting about his next work… And──

Hmm? The comments section… have two messages?

The blog didn’t have any new content, but I noticed two comments on the latest post. It was probably someone else sharing their thoughts, I opened the comment section with a relaxed mood.

I then saw──

<Thank you for your support all this while. - NOBE>

── A short and simple message on it.

"…… I should be thanking you."

I felt my heart warming… to be frank, I felt touched, but I didn’t write a reply and closed the window quietly.

Strange? I think I saw those words somewhere before… Well, never mind.

For no particular reason, I felt like sleeping early tonight. I got onto my bed after turning off the computer.

When I closed my eyes, the screen from NOBE’s latest game appeared before me.

Speaking of which, NOBE’s style changed a lot this time.

His usual style that was too unique, cocky and introvert changed drastically.

There was a huge cast of characters, each with their clear personality and viewpoint. They would some time activate their powers through portable consoles and devolve into intensive fights. But everything was resolved with a happy ending. That was a heartwarming game──

── A masterpiece named ‘Gamers’.
But the characters appearing in the game seemed to be inserts of people around me recently, that surprised me. And there are elements of ‘MOE’ this time too, although it’s just a little. As expected of ‘NOBE’, her taste just hit the right spot.

I felt very blissed after playing a great game.

In my sleepy mind, the smiles of Uehara-san, Chiaki, Tendo-san and Aguri appeared.

My everyday life… is becoming lively...

Even now, I still felt this was incredible.

There was nothing harder for me to accept than a main character who likes a normal peaceful life.

This thought of mine remained unchanged even after this hectic month.

I would question what was so average about a guy so popular with beauties, and I wasn’t that noble in spirit to cherish my old life that was boring and never changing with the perspective that ‘peace is great’.

However… If I had to say what changed in my heart, there would be just one point.

I── Amano Keita, 16 years old.

The fact was, my urge to go to another world had gradually dwindled.

How strange… In the past, I will fantasize about a faraway world before I sleep. But recently… I realized I had been thinking about ‘tomorrow’.

Grabbing the edge of the blanket, I curled my body. What appeared in my mind wasn’t a fantasy world, but Uehara-san, Tendo-san, Aguri-san…… and I guess Chiaki’s smile.

… Since things turned out like this in this world, I had to admit even if it vexed me.

I admit that my everyday life right now… well, felt really charming.

Eh, despite that, compared to harem main characters, such a daily life is still incredibly shabby. I had a new male friend, a person I admire, and started cheering for the girlfriend of my friend. On top of that… ah, there’s seaweed too.

In the end, there was just one person I could call a friend with confidence. Even though I got to know more girls… My relationship was only to that extent. I didn’t have a girlfriend.

In conclusion, gauging from the average normie scale of having several friends and a lover, I wasn’t doing that great, and might even be beneath the curve. Honestly speaking, I was still alone after school was out, and would even wander around campus out of boredom.

But no matter what others think, to me──

Tomorrow… who would I… chat about games with… how exciting...

── I finally got the blissful daily life that made me shed tears of joy.

And so──

And so, the story that I want to tell──

Went against the preference I have for tales, and was rather regrettable.

After going about all this, in the end.

The story still started with an average main character being chatted up by a beautiful girl──

── This was a story about games, a touching tale that pulls on your heartstrings.

Volume 1 Extra Story
Tendo Karen and Detrimental Upgrade

Tendo-san’s elegant day BEFORE

Tendo Karen got up very early in the morning.

Jogging, morning study, club self training. Making full use of the conducive environment in the morning to increase her concentration, she could improve herself efficiently.

But on the other hand, Tendo groomed herself very quick and simply. Others might not know, but she was the type who didn’t pay too much attention to her appearance. She paid the minimum attention to her dressing, and felt it was her personality on the inside that was the most important.

After reaching school early, Tendo would focus on socializing with her classmates. Because her belief was to give her all in doing the things that could only be done at a particular time.

Tendo not only interact with her classmates after class, she would take the initiative to help the teacher. Instead of trying to score points in giving a good impression, this only happened because she value the unique experience she could get from performing this task. Instead of chatting idly with her friends in the classroom, she thinks taking action would be more efficient use of her time.

For her, afternoon recess was a troubling time. For some reasons, she didn’t like being tied down after school, so afternoon recess had a high chance of becoming ‘confession rejection time’.

Tendo had gotten used to being confessed to, but the heartache from turning down the goodwill of others still bit at her. Even so, in order to share the pain of the other party, even just for a tiny bit, the most sincere thing she could do was look at the other party in the eye and reject them clearly.

And so, after she attended all her classes, the time after school was the most blissful moment for Tendo.

Although Tendo Karen didn’t inform this to most people around her, she was a member of the Gamers Club.

That wasn’t a serene place where you could play games leisurely, but a venue for people to grind their video game skills with each other. Tendo loved the serious competitive atmosphere that was ever present in there.

After partaking for an average of two hours in club activities, Tendo would head home, study and review her homework, relax by collecting gaming news. After her preparation for the next day of school, she would turn in early to prepare herself for the next day.

And so, Tendo Karen’s day would proceed without pause elegantly.

… Originally, she should be spending her days like this.

Until she met him.

Tendo-san’s elegant day AFTER

Tendo Karen got up very early in the morning.

Jogging, morning study, club self training. Making full use of the conducive environment in the morning to increase her concentration, she could improve herself efficiently… However──


She omitted the jogging and self training (basically, playing video games) part.

The reason was… she couldn’t get out of bed. It wasn’t because she wanted to sleep. It was the opposite.

Because… She was covering her face with her blanket, and rolling around with her eyes wide open.

W-W-Why did I dream about Amano-kun!? A-And the c-content is so shameless… After all, t-that sort of scenario…!

Tendo Karen relive the scenes of her dream and kept rolling around while fluttering her legs for several times… In a sense, this might burn more calories than jogging.

In the end, she rolled around for almost an hour after waking up before she composed herself. She then groomed herself very quick and simply… Not.

S-Strange. The way my fringe looked bothers me… Ah, I need to trim my lashes… Should I change my lipstick… Hmm? A-Ara, it’s already this late!

Despite spending much more time on her makeup, she still managed to reach her school at about the same time as usual, and started socializing with her classmates… After a few superficial words, she wandered to the entrance of Class F although she didn’t need to pass by that area for any reason.

… Is Amano-kun here yet? … He’s not here. Really, how can he not come to school earlier, Amano-kun is always like this. I-It’s not because I want to see his face sooner. As a fellow game enthusiast, we should promote a healthy way of interaction… Ah, I-I don’t mean interaction in that sense. I mean our interaction through gaming──

“Huh… Why is Tendo-san wandering outside our class in a daze every morning recently?”

“W-Who knows? There must be a deep reason behind this. She is Tendo-san after all.”

“That’s right. She is Tendo-san after all…”

Probably because Tendo Karen had always been prominent, she didn’t realize that there were many obviously curious gazes falling on her as she wasted loads of her morning’s time away.

However, her actions would suddenly end when a certain student ── Amano Keita reaches school. When he reached, he would naturally catch sight of Tendo, and muster his courage:

"Ah, Tendo-sa──"

Halfway through his greeting, Tendo Karen would turn and walk towards Class A, as if she was emphasizing that she ‘didn’t notice Amano-kun at all’. So the two of them never greet each other. By the way, Amano would be deflated; Tendo would blush; and Uehara would smile deviously in a great mood whenever he saw this. This scene would repeat itself every time. When class was over, Tendo would not just chat with her classmates, she would take the initiative to help her teacher.

“Eh… Tendo-san? I appreciate your help in carrying the teaching materials, but these need to go to the chemistry lab…”

“Yes, I understand. Leave it to me, teacher.”

“Hmm… Alright… Erm, Tendo-san? That’s not even the long way there, it’s the completely opposite direction…”

“It will be fine, Sensei. I will pass by Class F and make sure the items are delivered. (all smiles)”

“Huh? That’s great… Well, why do you have to pass by Class F…”

“I will make sure the items are delivered, don’t worry. (all smiles)”

“Ah, right. Thank you.”

… And so, Tendo Karen continued to help her teacher earnestly. Instead of trying to score points in giving a good impression, this only happened because she value the unique experience she could get from performing this task… By the way, the unique experience here include ‘she could pretend to be over encumbered by the teaching materials, so she could slow down and look at a certain background character type loner gamer boy from through the door of Class F’. To be honest, that was ninety percent of the reason.

After that would be afternoon recess, which was a troubling time for her. Because afternoon recess had a high chance of becoming ‘confession rejection time’, and she was becoming worse at this as time goes by. The reason was…

“Why… Why won’t you go out with me!? As expected… as expected, someone like me can’t match up to you right!?”

The words of a boy from her same grade resounded at the back of the school campus. It was as good as their first meeting, but Tendo responded calmly and: “No, that’s not it. There are no main reasons. First of all, sorry, I don’t know you very well. And of course, I think we could still be friends in the future. There is another reason why I can’t date you, because I don’t have any──"

Desire to date a boy── When Tendo was about to finish her usual speech, the boy pressed her unexpectedly:

“Could it be… you have someone you like, Tendo-san!?"


The sudden question made Tendo Karen’s brain freeze. No, if it was the usual her, she would dismiss it with a smile and say: “No, that’s not it.” and then explain she didn’t want to date anyone right now. However, now…

For some reasons, she seemed different from the famous Tendo Karen… Her face was beet red, demeanour flustered, head bowed low as she gave a muffled and incoherent reply while covering her mouth.

“Hmm? N-No, I don’t have anyone I like, y-you idiot, how could that, be. N-N-No, that’s not it, I don’t have, don’t have any intention of dating… anyone…… Ah! I-I am not! I am not fantasizing about dating someone and feeling so blissed!”

“? Hmm? W-What? Erm… Sorry, what did you just say…? What do you think after hearing my confession…?”

“Ah, I totally don’t want to accept. Zero willingness.”

“How harsh!”

“Ah, I misspoke, sorry! W-Weird, I-I usually won’t turn people down so cruelly, please don’t misunderstand. Ah, but I really can’t date you──"

And so, when Tendo Karen turns down confessions in recent time, it would somehow end in a mess. For her, afternoon recess was much more troubling than before.

But after she attended all her classes, the time after school was the most blissful moment for Tendo── that used to be true.

"…Tendo? Tendo!"


The hot babe game maniac Oiso Nina of the Gamers Club── usually addressed as Nina-senpai called out to her, and Tendo Karen reacted with a start. She then realized the fighting game character she was controlling had lost a perfect defeat.

Oiso said to the dazed Tendo worriedly:

“You seem to be spacing out a lot recently… Are you okay?”

“Ah, yes, sorry… Recently, I will get lost in thought without realizing it. What’s wrong with me…?”

“Well, it’s fine since your health is fine… Then, what do you usually think about?”

“... Well, I couldn’t find anything in common… Eh, bits of unrelated memories would flash through my mind…”

“Oh~~ For example?”

“Well… Even though Nina-senpai is amazing, you definitely couldn’t find what they have in common…”

After her opening disclaimer, Tendo Karen started recounting with a serious but troubled manner.

“For example, the first time I chatted up Amano-kun at the game shop; or when I invited Amano-kun to the Gamers Club; and the time I went to Amano-kun’s class; and when I got invited to Amano-kun’s Gamers Hobby Group; and how Amano-kun is alone in class today too; it would be great if Amano-kun comes to school earlier; and why won’t Amano-kun join the Gamers Club? How maddening; and what exactly is Amano-kun’s relationship with those girls around him? Also, the thing I recalled the most was the scene when I run into Amano-kun praising our club strongly when he was leaving for home from the arcade. These scenes kept replaying in my mind.… Fufu."


"… Sigh. Ah~~ even thinking about this way, I couldn’t make sense of them. Right, Nina-senpai? I had been wondering what these things have in common── hmm strange? Nina-senpai, where are you going!? Why do you have the look of not being able to take it anymore!? Wait, only the two of us are here today, where do you want to go… Ugh, hey~~ Senpai!”

That was why, even her Gamers Club activities wasn’t going too well.

After club activities was over, Tendo would head home, study and review her homework, relax by collecting gaming news. After her preparation for the next day of school, she would turn in early to prepare herself for the next day. And so...

Will Amano-kun stop by the Gamers Club tomorrow? … Ah, i-it wouldn’t improve the quality of the Gamers Club even if he comes, and I don’t really hope for him to come! Eh, b-but if he does come, I wouldn’t be against that. Yes, in that case, I will lay the foundation of his gaming skills for him… Fufu… Fufufufu…

After she fell asleep while thinking about all this, she would naturally dream about Amano Keita acting out a scene that made her face blush and her heart race… Which led to her rolling around in bed the next morning.

And so, today, Tendo Karen──

Spent the day elegantly in a different sense from the past.

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