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Kami-sama no Game Chapter 2

The Two`s Thoughts

Warning: This novel contains illicit materials, R18 only
Translator: NoirX
Editor: Vysne, Deus ex-Machina, Rockgollem, Anon P
[1st Day of the Game, a little bit past 13:00]

「Alright, then~~, good luck everyone~~. Do your best to reveal your hideousness~~.」

Kami-sama`s innocent voice echoed throughout the room.

“Please wait a moment! There is something I would like to inquire!”

Including Kazuma, everyone was stunned and couldn't open their mouth. Amongst them, the youngest girl of the group was seeking permission to ask a question to Kami-sama.

「Okie~~. But it won`t be interesting if I give too many hints, so don’t ask too much~~.」
“Thank you very much. According to the rules, we need to use Life Points to consume food and water. When I came to this place, I discovered bathrooms in the other rooms; of course I don’t know if water comes out or not from there. But is consuming the water from those places considered a breach of the rules?”
「Of course it is~~. Other than the designated area, consumption of food and water  is considered a violation of the rules~~. I can see when you break the rules, so if you get caught prepare to suffer like you did earlier~~.」
“I apologize if I have offended you. I would like to ask one more question....”
「This is an exception, okay? You may speak」
“I don’t really want to think of this possibility; but, if I only think of surviving while not taking food and water, is a condition where you have almost starved to death treated as suicide?”
「Hmm~~, let`s see~~, any deaths other than suicide will  result in being revived~~I guess~~.」
“There`s a rule that forbids violence act towards the Male. What if there`s a killing between the Females?”
「You sure ask a lot~~, well I know what you’re trying to say~~. Let`s make it that all deaths other than deaths by Kami-sama will result in revival then~~.」
“.....I understand, and-”
「That’s enough~~. This is a game for Kami-sama to enjoy, finding out the rules by trial and error is the real thrill of the game~~. Well, if something is forbidden, Kami-sama will instantly give a penalty so you can confirm it then~~.」
「Fundamentally, Kami-sama won`t respond even if called. Alright then, good luck~~.」

Leaving those words behind, Kami-sama`s voice disappeared.

(Think, think...)

Kazuma was the next to recover after Kotoko. He understood they were trapped in the game for the next fifteen days. . His brain was spinning furiously thinking about rules of the game and building a plan to survive.

(.....First, this game really gives me an advantage. It would not be an exaggeration to say I`m holding their lives in my hands.)

Kazuma was not subject to the Life Points system, which was the important part for the Female side. To survive, the Female side needed to engage in sexual activity with him. It would not be a mistake to say that after Kami-sama, Kazuma possessed the  highest authority. An administrator.

(But…’s not wise to act cocky because of this)

The female side had their resources limited, they even had to engage in sexual activity with a stranger. They might feel cornered and turn desperate, there`s also the possibility of the girls teaming up to oppose him. He would be killed if three females died after all.

(What’s more…..this girl is creepy)

Kazuma glanced sideways at Kotoko.

Kotoko put her hand on her chin, she was also deep in thought like Kazuma. She was the first to recover among the group even though everyone was older than her. She even raised questions to Kami-sama right after experiencing that kind of cruelty.

(In the first place, what do I want to do? Kokoro…..I have to protect Kokoro at all cost)

Kazuma didn’t want to die. But more importantly, he didn’t want to let his cousin die. Even though they were cousins, with 10 years of difference between them, she was more like a little sister to him. There was a time when he even changed her diapers. She also treated him as her older brother.Even though this was an unforeseen circumstance, it was his responsibility to protect Kokoro. If something were to happen to her here he wouldn't be able to face his uncle and aunt. To Kokoro, Kazuma is her only relative, her guardian.

Kazuma started to think of a plan that would protect Kokoro at all costs.

(Regarding sexual activity with Kokoro…..let`s leave that aside for now. But, if I were to prioritize Kokoro…..)

Kazuma thought in his mind it was roughly possible to keep six people alive; however, to realize this, Kazuma`s ejaculation and the Female side starving were both burdens they would need to shoulder..

(Additionally, I have decided to prioritize Kokoro. It’s not like I’m in the middle of puberty and can ejaculate six to seven times everyday? No, it`s impossible…..)

Because there's a physical limit to how many times he can ejaculate, it’s extremely difficult for the continued survival of six people.

(If it`s not possible for everyone to survive,I also can't let three girls die)

At this point, Kazuma was weighing his good conscience against his and Kokoro`s survival.

If it's possible, limit the sacrifice to one or in the worst case two people while minimizing conflict with the Female side. Not breaking the girls` will to live; while at the same time,getting along well enough with everyone so he can keep himself and Kokoro alive. This was the course of action Kazuma decided on.

(I need to make them want to live; but, not everyone can survive… that case)

―――While Kazuma was spinning his brain, Kotoko was also deep in thought.

(It can't be helped and I just need to accept this. But I can't afford to die either.)

Kotoko calculated quickly.

(Presently, with 7P, even without drinking or eating, I can only survive for 3 days at best. In that case, point replenishment is unavoidable)

If they only took water and food every three days, for everyone to survive they needed 135P.

(I don't know how many times a gentleman can ejaculate in a day, but...)

For Kotoko who only had theoretical knowledge of sexual activity, there was simply no way for her to know how many times an adult man could ejaculate a day. Even so, using the upper limit of 7P that can be provided by Kazuma, he could only provide 105P in the span of 15 days.

(We're lacking 30P to simply survive…… even a meal every 3 days couldn't be realized)

To compensate for the lacking points, there wasn't any other way than having Kazuma go beyond the 7P limit.

(.....No, in the first place, there's no guarantee that Kiriyama-sama can stably provide 7P and even if he can, to survive 3 days without food and water, is something everyone here has never experienced. I also don't have confidence that I can bear with it)

Even if they could go over the limit once, it would be a calculation which relied on that being repeated 5 more times.

(It's not realistic at all)

There, Kotoko came up with a way for her to survive.

(It will be realistically achievable if five people go down to three…...there are two ways)

The first was to add herself to Kazuma's protection targets on the basis that someone would be sacrificed. The other way was for her to deplete three other girls` points and thus kill Kazuma.

(Whichever option I take, sleeping with that person will be a given)

Kotoko glanced sideways at Kazuma.

She felt repulsion towards sexual activity. This was a given. To sleep with a guy she just met, she wouldn’t possibly agree with it. Experience with a male aside, she didn't even have any romantic experience. But, she wouldn’t be able to survive if she didn't do it. Since she had decided to survive, she had to give up on that.

(There's no helping it, I need to get into Kiriyama-sama`s protection range)

She made a swift decision in the middle of this messy situation.

Kazuma`s intuition was spot on.

Let alone her chastity, this girl would not even hesitate to drive others to their death. She`s a girl who would pursue her own interests cold-heartedly.

(Being his protection target holds the lesser risks…..In the first place, the rules of this game gives the male side a huge advantage…)

There was no mistaking that her life was in Kazuma’s hands..

(Even so, I still need some insurance…..In that case)

Without exchanging any words, both Kazuma and Kotoko had the same understanding.

(It`s necessary for someone to die early)
(Someone needs to die as early as possible)

Kazuma wanted the girls to think “I want to live”, so he wanted to spread fear by showing them what the 3 hours of excruciating pain before death looked like. On the other hand, Kotoko wanted to decrease the number of people consuming points and at the same time enter under Kazuma’s protection. She also wanted to kill Kazuma as an insurance plan.  


As always, the place was wrapped in silence. The people other than Kazuma and Kotoko were still staring blankly at the monitor. For now, wanting to move the situation somehow, Kazuma called out to everyone in the room.

“Everyone, this isn't really a good situation. But to cooperate well and survive, first, let's start by introducing ourselves to each other.”
“I agree, we haven't properly introduced ourselves yet. It would be a good idea to know each other before we proceed.”

In reply to Kazuma who proposed  a discussion, Kotoko followed up in agreement.

(As I thought, this girl has already regained her composure. It would be best not to think lightly of her simply because of her age.)

Kazuma once again strengthened his guard of her.

The others sat down on the sofa as prompted by the other two.

“Then I will start. My name is Kiriyama Kazuma, 27 years old. I work at a printing company as a normal salaryman. I know I shouldn't be saying this, but in order to survive, everyone needs to engage in sexual activity with me. I know this is hard to accept. Let me apologize beforehand, I`m very sorry. The one sitting on my right side is my cousin Kokoro. Let`s do introductions by going around counterclockwise….Kokoro-chan, introduce yourself.”

Prompted by Kazuma, Kokoro stood up.

“My name is Kiriyama Kokoro, I`m 17 years old and in my second year of high school. I`m Onii-chan`s cousin. We were about to go watch movies; but instead, we ended up here after opening the front entrance door…..I'm sorry, but I can't think of anything else for now.”

Kokoro bowed her head and sat back on her place. Kotoko who was on her right, next stood up.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Enjouji Kotoko. I am 14 years old and a second year in middle school. I am very confused by the current situation. But, I wish to cooperate with everyone and overcome this crisis…...From what I see, I am the youngest here. I am pleased to make your acquaintance.”

(She`s so in control of herself. The way she speaks sounded like an upper-class girl)

Kotoko folded her waist and sat back soundlessly.

Mitsuki, who sat on Kotoko`s right side stood up next. She was the one who had a hole opened in her stomach and crying out earlier.Now she was beginning to regain control of her emotions.

“I`m Isurugi Mitsuki, 23 years old and a fifth year student in medical school. This ridiculous situation does not have human rights or anything, but let`s all work together. Besides myself of course, I`m sure no one wants to die here.”

(.....She looks prideful)

A little overwhelming, that's the impression that Kazuma got seeing Mizuki`s greeting.

It might be because she was a medical school student, an elite aura was seeping out from her. Her introduction implied that cooperating was a standard matter of course.

Next, Yuriko who sat on Mitsuki`s right side stood up.

“Ah…, I….am very confused…..why is this happening…..someone help me…..”

Even though Yuriko was standing, she was in an unstable mental state. Kazuma, who couldn't stand seeing it called out to her.

“Please calm down, everyone here, ah…..I can't say that I'm in the same situation; but being kidnapped, and then confined here…..on that regard we are the same. It`s a shame but, after being shown that kind of supernatural power, we cannot rely on help from the outside. Which is why we need to know each other and build a relationship of trust between us. It`s okay to take your time, please tell us about yourself.”

“.....Okay, my name is Makishima Yuriko. I'm 30 years old and a housewife…..I was preparing breakfast when I suddenly got here…..I don't know what to do anymore, I'm sorry…..I am the oldest here; yet, I'm so distracted like this…..”
“It`s fine. It`s alright to be shaken. Thank you very much.”

Yuriko sat down slowly prompted by Kazuma. The last person, Moe, started talking without standing up.

“It`s my turn, right? Name is Mizushima Moe, a second year in highschool and classmate of Kokoro-chin~. It`s so scary, but it`ll be fine if we have sex with Onii-san, right? If that's the case then there`s no problem. Obaa-san don`t be a scaredy cat like that, it'll all be fine~.”

Moe introduced herself while laughing without a shred of tension. The other five people, including Yuriko who was called Obaa-san, showed an amazed expression.

“Moe-san, the situation isn't that simple, you know? We cannot freely eat and drink, you know? Do you really understand?”
“Hn? You can eat if you suck Onii-san’s penis, right?”
“.....You're fine with that?”
“It`s not like I want to do it, you know? But I`ll die if I don`t, so of course I’ll do it.”

Mitsuki, amazed with Moe`s response, ended the conversation and faced the other four people.

“I would like to analyze the current situation, is it okay?”

Everyone nodded wordlessly. Mitsuki took a notebook and a pen out from her breast pocket and started explaining.

“The most important thing is Life Points. Every female will lose 2P on each passing day.”

Daily Points : 5 people × 15 days × 2P = 150P

“Next is food. As a temporary measure, we will assume we only need to consume water and food once every 3 days.”

Points needed for food : 5 people × 4 meals = 20P

“And then, every female has 7P as starting point.”

Points possessed first time  : 7P × 5 people = 35P

“Deducting the points above, it will be like this.”

Total Points needed : 150P - 20P 35P = 135P

“At the very least, we will need 135P. On the other hand, it will be the points that can be supplied by Kiriyama-san. Because it is decided that each day he can supply up to 7P, I will calculate on the assumption that he will supply the maximum points every day.”

Daily upper limit: 7P × 15 days = 105P

“Bringing it all together, it will be like this.”

105P (Points that can be supplied) 135P (Points that are needed) = -30P

“As you can see, even on the assumption of 1 meal per 3 days, we are still lacking 30P. In that case, Kiriyama-san needs to go over the maximum daily limit 2 times everyday. I only have knowledge on the level of doctor`s apprentice…..But even from that knowledge, food aside, if water is also limited to once per three days, I don't think everyone could hold up. Of course, this is different from individual to individual, but there will definitely be people who will not be able to endure it. If that happens, even an additional 2 times more than the daily limit will not be sufficient. We're also doing it with our mouth, which we don't really want to do, surely Kiriyama-san will also bear with it, no?”

(This girl, what the hell is she saying?)

Kazuma was astonished by Mitsuki`s speech. From his viewpoint, it looked like he was told that it was naturally his obligation to keep all of the girls alive, and at the same time to ejaculate  more than 6 times per day for 15 days.

(She should have known that supplying points from one man alone is practically impossible…..)

With just the upper limit of 7P, fellattio would be 2P, and sex 3P. With just fellatio it would require 4 times ejaculation, while if you mix it with anal or vaginal sex, it would only require 3 times. Even just supplying the upper point limit one time ejaculation will make a difference. Doing it for 15 days which means 15 extra ejaculations, was not simply something that Kazuma could just agree with.

In addition, to aquire points after it reaches the daily upper limit, it was limited to vaginal ejaculation. Mitsuki was contradicting herself, saying one meal every three days would be hard to endure, while asserting they just need to do it with their mouth.

Whatever the case, Kazuma couldn't simply agree with the demand of going over the upper limit.

(With this situation alone, I can understand what she's saying. But to supply more than 8P per day, you can’t avoid having sex, you know? I don’t know whether it’s on purpose or not, but she’s overlooking that)

“You know, Onee-san? I`m stupid so I don’t know about difficult calculations. But I know that to supply more than 8P you need to have sex, you know? Even someone like me knows something like that, there’s no way that someone smart like Onee-san wouldn’t know, right?”
“.....T, that`s…”
“You`re a doctor`s apprentice, right? Of course you know, right?”
“I…..I`m not good with guys…..It’s scary! I can’t have sex with guys!”
“Onee-san a yuri? In that case, why don’t you just die?”
“I`m not! You, how irresponsible!”

Although Mitsuki got flared up by Moe`s blunt words, the surrounding`s atmosphere was cold.

“I have to sympathize with Mitsuki-san to be left in this kind of situation despite not being able to stand guys. Saying that, it will look presumptuous, but doing sexual activity is something that we can’t avoid. If we`re aiming for survival, that is something which we need to accept.”
“That sort of thing, aren’t you just being proud because you can have sex openly!?”
“It`s not like that…..I will also be killed if three girls die…..Even without that, I also hope everyone will survive safely.”

Kotoko also added to Kazuma`s words.

“I can also understand what Isurugi-sama is saying, but we’re currently existences being kept alive by Kiriyama-sama. I won’t say that we should be happy with it, but shouldn’t we at least respect Kiriyama-sama? About having sex, it`s because the situation had become like this that I have prepared myself. I would advise Mitsuki-sama to revise your way of thinking.”

(.....Although she said they shouldn’t be happy about it, she sure sounded happy.)

It could only be taken as something to be happy about by Kazuma. If it wasn’t this kind of situation, it would simply look like a young girl bravely saying her opinion to someone older. But in this case, it simply sounded like blatant flattery.

“What `bout Obaa-san and Kokoro-chin? Will you have sex with Onii-san?”

The two who were asked by Moe were confused.

“I…..having sex with Onii-chan…..I don’t know!”

Kokoro was looking downward while shaking restlessly all this time.

“Why is this happening…..Akira-san please help me…..”

Yuirko was covering her face while repeatedly muttering miserably.

“Ha~~~~~h, this isn’t helping.”

Moe sighed exaggeratedly. She looked like she had given up on them, then she stood and rubbed herself against Kazuma while pulling his arm.

“I`ll have sex with Onii-san~. For ejaculating inside…..the situation's like this so it can’t be helped!.....I’ll do it with my mouth, so let’s go there, okay~?”

Moe was hugging Kazuma while urging him to have sex.

(This girl, she must be used doing this kind of stuff huh)

Kazuma could feel the abundance of experience from Moe`s aggressive action. At the same time, he also thought that this action wasn't something she had considered deeply. Like what the person said, her actions weren’t something that had been thought through with proper simulation of the future. He concluded that her actions stemmed from her na├»vely thinking she would survive if she did it.

“Wait! Stop right there!”
“What is it~? Onee-san is yuri, right? Then it’s fine, isn’t it?”
“I told you I`m not! In any case, as I`ve said before, there are limited amount of Points! Who, when, how many Points, how it’s done…..we need to decide on such local rules first.”

“.....Onee-san, if you don`t throw away that kind of thinking, you won’t be able to survive, you know?”

(Eh…..? I thought this girl is simple short-minded. Could I be mistaken…..?)

Kazuma originally thought of Moe as a simple short-minded high school student…..No, in fact her actions were short-minded, but he had an impression that Moe instinctively knew what to do.

(Saying that, at this rate, I would just be dragged around in this situation. If I want to make my move, it should be now)

“Moe-chan, wait a moment. I would like to say something to everyone.”
“Hn? Let them be, let’s just enjoy ourselves~?”

Kazuma grabbed Moe`s shoulder who was trying to forcefully take him away and sat her beside him.

“I can understand what Isurugi-san is saying. But, I have to say this clearly to everyone first.”

Everyone paid attention to Kazuma`s words. He left a short opening then clearly stated.

“During this Game, I will put my cousin Kokoro as my first priority. As her relative and her guardian, I will not budge on this. Given this situation, I don’t know whether everyone can understand or not, but I feel like I need to say it.”

(.....How`s that?)

To Kazuma, this kind of statement would be the cause of discordance. But, since it would be found out sooner or later when he actually prioritized Kokoro, he chose to cast away his concern and stated it outright. In that case, he didn’t know whether it would be effective or not, but he thought that using “blood relative” as an excuse would not direct the hostility at Kokoro, but it would be towards himself. That was the reason why he chose to say this kind of statement. To add it up, he wanted to see the reaction from the female`s side, so that he can get a clear picture of every person.

(.....I see)


Kotoko, who he was being the most alert of, nodded with mild expression as if this was within her expectation.


Mitsuki wanted to say something. But it might be because she understood the reasoning of that statement that she couldn’t bring herself to say anything.


Yuriko, instead of raising objection, made a despaired expression which that alone took her all to do.

“Isn’t it unfair to prioritize Kokoro-chin?”

Only Moe who puffed her cheeks and asserted with an unsatisfied face.

“Kokoro-chan, be quiet. As I`ve said before, I have a responsibility to her…...Moe-chan, sorry but this is something I decided. It doesn’t have anything to do with Kokoro-chan`s will and it`s final.”

Moe backed down, thinking that she couldn’t overthrow Kazuma`s words.

“So it`s like that. I’ll be prioritizing her right away. Kokoro-chan, let`s go.”
“Eh…..Wa…..wait! Onii-chan!”

Kazuma took Kokoro`s arm, left the other four people and headed for the room they were in the first time.


[1st Day of the Game. Noon. Life Points situation]

Kiriyama Kokoro □□□■■■■■■■
Enjouji Kotoko □□□■■■■■■■
Mizushima Moe □□□■■■■■■■
Isurugi Mitsuki □□□■■■■■■■
Makishima Yuriko □□□■■■■■■■

<Rules of the Game>
  • Female side will be granted 7P at the beginning of the game as their Life Points. Male side will not be given any Life Points.
  • The maximum limit of Life Points that can be gained are 10P. Points that go over the maximum limit won`t be counted.
  • With each passing day at 10 a.m, the Female side each will lose 2P.
  • Male side can supplement points by 2 ways; Mouth ejaculation for 2P and Vaginal/Anal ejaculation for 3P.
  • The upper limit of Life Points that can be supplemented by Male side will be 7P per day.
  • After going over the 7P daily limit. On demand from the Male side, every vaginal ejaculation will be given 1P.
  • By using 1P, the Refuge Area can be used for 2 hours.
  • There are food and water available inside the Refuge Area. You cannot bring them out.
  • Any kind of violent act towards the Male side is forbidden.
  • Once the time goes beyond 10 a.m and someone has 0P. They will experience an excruciating pain for 3 hours and die afterwards.
  • A suicide will result in Kami-sama forcefully reviving the person back.
  • 3 Female deaths will result in the death of the Male. At that point, all the surviving Females will be released.
  • If you manage to survive for 15 days, all survivors will be released.

  • Male side possess a Wild Card. The contents of the Wild Card will be revealed on the 8th day.
  • If Kami-sama feels bored, the rules will be changed♪


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