Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Konosuba season 2 BD 1 bonus game

Credits to the anons on 4chan and translator-kun who posted his work on pastebin

Here's how to get the game:
Step 1: Go to this Google Drive folder by clicking here.
NEW* Mirror link here
Alternate Mirror link by Hiro
Step 2: Copy it to your drive.
Step 3: Download from your drive.

Step 4: Unzip and run the KONOSUBA program.
(Optional steps for English subs)
Step 5: Open the folder that was created (filename might look gibberish to you), go to DATA folder, then FONT folder.
Step 6: Replace the dial.dat in that folder with the one in the zip file
(End of optional steps)

Step 7: Run the KONOSUBA program in the folder that was created.

Q: I can't download from your google doc.
A: Try again from step 1.

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