Sunday, February 26, 2017

Recruiting fellow hunte- no I mean writers, editors and artists!

Posted by: CEObrainz aka Ainz (Discord)

Hello, before you dismiss this as something not worth your time check it out because it may likely affect you in the future.’s nothing scary to that degree but it’s still somewhat important.

As some may know I’m a writer and editor for this blog, I’ve also done some less than successful translation projects (if you see me in Discord ask about it, trust me it’s a funny story).

I want to bring to your attention an initiative that I’m working on with a few others.

The Number of Light Novel style books from western sources is abysmally low, I mean it’s honestly hard to find that many works beside a few worth checking out (myself not included). However, we do want to change that notion.

We want to take the idea of self-published Light Novel style books in the west a step further by developing a system where we can publish under the same banner whilst maintaining a certain level of quality.

Using a peer-review system that's often seen in Academics we'll help enhance each other’s works whilst providing ample access to editors and artists that are within our contact list, amongst other boring managerial things that you likely don’t care for.

But the idea is to eventually publish in places such as Amazon, we'll take it slow for now with Web Novel projects to build a base (so to speak). We'll also use this as an opportunity to help teach those that are perhaps "weaker" in certain aspects of editing/writing in the hope that the output of viable Novels in the future is much higher.


If you have any writing ability or have a story you wish to spread this is your opportunity. Work with us to help develop your story, writing style and overall ability.


Not the fanciest of positions but certainly a needed one, we’re looking for trustworthy editors to help the proofreading process. The more experience you have the better, though none is needed.

Note: We’re not planning on taking many editors, we’d prefer more authors.


If you have the ability to draw and want to see your content in books (one day in the future) than we might be the place for you.

Some important things you may want to know:

·         Anything sold will have the majority of proceedings go directly to the creator, depending on the structure of the arrangement at the time.
·         Artists will similarly be compensated for any material sold with their artwork, though rates will vary.
·         A Light Novel style book doesn’t necessarily mean using honorifics such as (Ainz-Sama instead of Lord Ainz). We want to offer a full range of styles and allow the author to dictate the level of “authenticity” they wish to use. Of course all novels will indeed require illustrations which is why we consider them Light Novels.

Contact us!

If you are interested or know anyone suitable that could join our growing group, please join our Discord and follow the instructions:

Thanks for taking the time to read this message and I hope you look forward to reading our content in the future!

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